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If Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Barry Diller and Jeff Bezos all got together for a closed-door meeting at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, people in the U.S. would take notice.如果Facebook创始人扎克伯克(Mark Zuckerberg)、谷歌CEO施密特(Eric Schmidt)、互联网巨头迪勒(Barry Diller)和亚马逊创始人贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)齐聚一堂,在西雅图的亚马逊总部开闭门会议,美国人一定会加以关注。So it’s no surprise that when the leaders of some of China’s biggest tech and media companies ─ including Baidu Tencent Holdings, Youku -Tudou, TCl and Dalian Wanda Group ─ gathered on Friday for a closed-door meeting with the leader of Alibaba Group at the company’s Hangzhou headquarters, speculation sp across the Chinese Internet.因此,上周五中国几家最大的科技和媒体公司的领袖与阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)掌门在杭州阿里巴巴总部召开闭门会议时,中国互联网上出现了各种猜测也就不足为奇了。这些公司包括百度(Baidu)、腾讯(Tencent Holdings)、优酷土豆(Youku-Tudou)、TCI和大连万达集团(Dalian Wanda Group)。The buzz began when one brave soul, claiming to be an employee at Alibaba, posted photos on Sina Corp. SINA +1.89%’s popular microblog Weibo of the executives and the room where they would meet.这场喧闹始于一位自称阿里巴巴员工的勇敢者在新浪(Sina Corp.)微上发布上述公司领袖的照片,以及他们开会的房间。A person at the offices confirmed with China Real Time that a number of executives arrived at the office on Friday afternoon, including Baidu Chief Executive Robin Li and Tencent Chief Executive Pony Ma.一名办公室人员向“中国实时报”记者实,上周五下午有多位高管抵达办公室,其中包括百度CEO李彦宏(Robin Li)和腾讯CEO马化腾(Pony Ma)。Alibaba spokesman John Spelich said the company does not comment on internal meeting schedules.阿里巴巴发言人斯比利奇(John Spelich)说,公司对内部会议安排不予置评。As in the U.S., it’s unclear just how common meetings like this are, but China’s tech executives do see each other publicly at conferences and there are a number of clubs and government meetings that bring executives together.与在美国一样,人们不清楚这样的会议有多常见,不过中国科技行业高管确实经常在各种会议上见面,同时也有众多俱乐部和政府会议让他们聚在一起。Last year, in a bid to add more Internet industry leaders to China’s annual national legislature, the government assembled a group of key Internet executives in a series of meetings to trade ideas about industry regulation and make recommendations about who among them should go to the congress, which wrapped up in Beijing last week.去年,为了让更多的互联网行业领袖进入中国的年度人大会议,政府组织互联网行业的一群重要人物召开了一系列会议,交流对于行业监管的看法,并就谁应当参加人大会议提出建议。人大会议不久前刚刚在北京闭幕。An interview last year with Alibaba Chief Executive Jack Ma took place in a Park Hyatt Hotel conference room reserved for the China Entrepreneur Club, a nonprofit organization of China’s 50 most influential business leaders. Other members include Wang Shi, chairman of China Vanke Co., a major property developer, and Li Shufu, chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., which owns Volvo.去年,在中国企业家俱乐部于柏悦酒店(Park Hyatt Hotel)预定的会议室内,阿里巴巴CEO马云曾接受采访。这个俱乐部是中国50位最有影响力的商界领袖组成的非营利组织。俱乐部的其他成员包括大型地产开发商万科(China Vanke Co.)的董事长王石,还有浙江吉利控股集团(Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co.)的董事长李书福。吉利拥有沃尔沃(Volvo)。Nonetheless a big meeting between Chinese Internet leaders causes an even bigger stir than might a meeting of other business leaders, mostly because as with Facebook FB -0.04% and Google GOOG -0.12%, the products these businesses have created are used so constantly by the general populace.然而,相比其他商业领袖,中国互联网领袖的大规模会议引发的轰动更大。主要原因在于,跟Facebook和谷歌一样,这些企业创造的产品被大众使用的频率太高了。Though it’s unlikely much will get out about just what the leaders talked about, the prevailing opinion in Chinese media for now is that the meeting is nothing unusual. A number of outlets wrote that the meeting was a get-together of the “Huaxia Alumni Society,” a group of major business leaders who studied at either the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business or the Chinese Europe International Business School. According to media reports, the meetings rotate between the offices of each of the members, and this time it was Mr. Ma’s.虽然这些人商谈的内容不太可能会传出来,但中国媒体目前普遍认为,这次会议没什么特别的。几家媒体说,会议是“华夏同学会”组织的聚会,这个同学会的成员是曾在长江商学院(Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business)或中欧国际工商学院(Chinese Europe International Business School)学习的重要商界领袖。据媒体报道,聚会在同学会成员的办公地点轮流举行,这一次是由马云做东。Given that it’s a Friday night, perhaps more interesting than what was said at the meeting will be what spot they hit up afterwards. One thing is for sure, if the public is around, photos of where they go next will emerge.鉴于会议时间是上周五晚上,或许人们更感兴趣的不是会上说了些什么,而是他们在会后去了什么地方。有一点是肯定的,如果周围有公众的话,他们去了哪里肯定会有照片。 /201303/232278。

Writing for the B, the novelist Will Self recently claimed that young people are becoming more and more nostalgic. The Internet has a lot to do with this, he suggested.小说家威尔#8226;塞尔夫近日在其为B所撰写的一篇文章中称,年轻人的怀旧情结日益浓厚。他表示这一现象与互联网有很大的关系。It is certainly true that the Internet has changed the past and will continue to do so, but are young people really more nostalgic?的确,互联网已改变了过去,今后也仍将如此,但年轻人是不是真的越来越怀旧了呢?History is an array of invisible events, hidden in darkness. Archaeological evidence and the written language were previously our only insights into what once happened. The invention of the printing press was a major milestone in our ability to engage with history.历史是掩身黑暗之中的一系列无形事件的集合。考古发现与文字曾是我们洞察历史的唯一渠道。印刷术的发明成为我们与历史“对话”的一座重要里程碑。The Internet, though, appears to be set to surpass even that. A millennium from now, we will no longer be forced to interpret strange languages in order to comprehend our world–the Internet will provide a window into the past, consisting of tiny units of digital data.然而,互联网似乎后来者居上。一千年以后,我们将不再为了了解自己身处的世界而被迫解释那些陌生语言——到那时,互联网将提供一个窥知过去的窗口,历史则由微小的数据信息组成。Even just a few years from now we will be surrounded by the first generation of adults who grew up with the Internet. The majority of these individual lives will be eternalized online.甚至只需短短几年之后,我们周围将尽是伴随互联网成长起来的第一代人。其中大多数人的生活将会被完全记录在互联网上因而得以永久保存。A recent advertisement for Google Chrome showed a series of important events in a child’s life, each one belonging to a different part of the Internet – the first steps on YouTube; birthday e-mails; Facebook photos of teenage parties. The message was clear: a life can now be fully expressed through the Internet.谷歌Chrome浏览器的最新广告展示了一个孩子生活中的一系列重大事件,每件事都关乎互联网的方方面面——YouTube上,孩子学会走路后迈出第一步的视频;邮件中的电子生日贺卡,Facebook上年轻人聚会的照片。这一切所传达出的信息显而易见:生活完全可以在互联网上全部展现。This, of course, has a significant effect on how we remember things. Online, major events and experiences can be about–and with , watched–again and again. Computers and the Internet, rather than offering something new, combine all our technological means of artificial memory–text, sound and image–to create a synthesis that can recall memories more intensely than anything before.毫无疑问,这对我们的记忆方式产生了重大的影响。重要的事件与经历都能在网上以图文或视频的形式反复看到。电脑与互联网并非提供给我们新鲜的事物,而是融合了文字、声音、图像等人工记忆的所有技术手段,共同创造出一种前所未有的,更加强烈地唤起我们记忆的综合体。Some have suggested that this trend is making young people more nostalgic and more continually engaged in their own past. Through blogging and social networking, the Internet allows young people to retain their own past and also visit others’ pasts.有人认为这一趋势正使得年轻人变得愈加怀旧,与自己的过去联系更加紧密。通过客和社交网络,互联网提供了一个年轻人保存自己过去并造访别人过去的机会。Nostalgia, though, is not quite the same thing as caring about the past. In fact, nostalgia is more about our own reconstruction of the past than anything else. Yet the Internet makes nostalgia more difficult to feel. It does the work of constructing the past for us, meaning that our imaginations play a considerably smaller role.可怀旧并不等同于守旧。事实上,怀旧更多的是对我们自身过去的一种重建。而互联网令人难以感觉到这种怀旧情怀。它代替我们塑造了我们的过去,这意味着我们的想象力在其中所扮演的角色没那么重要了。Those dependent on the Internet are not more nostalgic, but less. The Internet has the potential to undo the mysteries of the past.“网络依赖”并不能加深这种怀旧情怀,反而会弱化它。互联网可能会破坏过去的那份神秘感。When John Keats, a 19th century English poet, described Isaac Newton’s science, he bemoaned the ability of physics to demystify beauty and “unweave the rainbow”. The Internet, perhaps, will be the unweaver of the great, unexplored landscape of the past. As a result, we will imagine less of the past.十九世纪英国诗人约翰#8226;济慈在描述艾萨克#8226;牛顿的科学时,为物理学破解了美丽事物的奥秘和“拆散了虹”而惋惜。(译者注:济慈曾经抱怨:“牛顿把虹所有的诗意都破坏了。虹在他眼里只不过是光谱的排列而已。”“拆散了虹”一句出自济慈的诗《莱米亚》,诗中对科学进行了非难。)。或许网络将揭开历史中那些重要的未知领域的神秘面纱。但这将导致我们对于过去越来越缺乏想象。Perhaps nostalgia is most fully contained in those elements of the past that are retrospectively unreal, created by our imaginations.也许,怀旧情怀大都蕴含于我们对历史元素的虚幻追溯之中,全凭想象使然。The poet T.S. Eliot once asked: “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”诗人T.S#8226;艾略特曾问道:“遗失在知识中的智慧到哪里去了?又要遗失在信息中的知识又到哪里去了?”Nostalgia is a kind of ancient, irrational wisdom, and the Internet, with its floods of information, threatens to drown it.怀旧是一种古老而感性的智慧,而它很可能会被网络时代的信息洪流所吞噬。 /201301/222572。

The attached chart, created from exclusive Alibaba Web usage data by Creative Strategies‘ Ben Bajarin, shows Apple taking charge of its own iPhone sales in the world’s largest mobile phone market.上图为咨询公司Creative Strategies的本#8226;巴佳林根据阿里巴巴网站(Alibaba Web)独家使用数据制作的图表。图表显示,在全球最大的手机市场,苹果公司(Apple)终于掌控了iPhone手机的销售。The blue (iPhone 4) and green (iPhone 4S) lines represent devices that were likely purchased secondhand or through China’s powerful grey market.对于iPhone 4(蓝色线)和iPhone 4S(绿色线),中国消费者主要通过二手市场或强大的灰色市场购买。Today, the dominant iPhone is the iPhone 5S — a phone that was probably purchased new, according to Bajarin, in a perfectly orderly fashion.巴佳林表示,目前市场上主流的iPhone手机成了iPhone 5S,中国消费者以购买新机为主,购买方式也变得井然有序。Things have come a long way since the reseller riots at the launch of the iPhone 4S in Beijing.iPhone 4S在北京上市时曾出现“黄牛”骚乱事件。如今,情况已有很大改观。“This is a monumental moment for Apple in the region,” writes Bajarin. “The iPhone being available now on most major network providers in China is a help. The 5s running on the China Mobile 4G network, which they are pushing pretty hard, plus the fact the iPhone 5s is the most recent device, is a help.”巴佳林写道:“这是苹果在中国的一个里程碑。中国几家大型网络供应商现在同时出售iPhone手机,这对iPhone新机的销售起到极大的推动作用。iPhone 5S持中国移动(China Mobile)4G网络,并得到了大力推广,也促使5S成苹果最畅销手机。”“I remain entirely convinced,” he concludes, “that Apple is in full control of their destiny in the region.”他总结道:“我完全相信,苹果已经彻底掌控了其在中国市场的命运。” /201408/324870。