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Todd: Hey Leath! Do you want to go ahead and talk about the story you were going to say?嗨,利思!你接下来要讲一个故事吗?Leath: OK, um, yeah, this was about, Id say a year and a half ago and it was in Harare, the capital, where my mom lives. I was on holiday back home seeing my mom and anyway its a Sunday morning and I was in the shower, got up pretty late, it must have been about half ten, and all of a sudden my mom burst into the shower and said,; Leath, Leath, theres a snake, theres a snake in the kitchen.; And so I thought, ;Ah, what kind of snake would this be; cause we live in the capital, residential area, almost high-rise. Well, not high rise, but residential area. And so I put a towel around my waist and walked bad-temperedly throught to the kitchen. Um, attached to the kitchen weve got this little courtyard, where we set out to have morning coffee and breakfast. Its tiled and leads onto a small garden. And so I walked out onto the courtyard and there was a seven foot Egyptian cobra! Wow. I was really, really blow away because I know a bit about snakes and I know that a bite from an Egyptian cobra in a country where antidote isnt ily available is almost certainly fatal. And, there we were, mom and I, with a seven foot Egyptian cobra slithering between the courtyard and our kitchen. And, eventually, we trapped it in the courtyard and I went to fetch guys who work for national parks. National parks are the guys who kind of look after animal problems within the city, and, uh, brought them around, and we were hoping that they were going to catch it because Zimbabwe isnt so rich at the moment and stuff like that. They dont have the facilities to keep caught animals so unless its endangered they just shoot it, so the guy shot our seven foot cobra.好的,这个故事发生在一年半前津巴布韦的首都哈拉雷,我妈妈住的地方。那时我放假回家去看我妈妈。一个周日的早上,我起得很晚,大概是10点半,正在我冲澡的时候,我妈妈突然冲进来大喊“利思,利思,有条蛇,厨房有条蛇。”当时我就在想那是什么样的蛇,因为我们住在首都的住宅区,基本都是高楼大厦。虽然不全是高楼,但起码那是住宅区。我在腰间系了一条毛巾,心情不爽地走到了厨房。厨房外有一个小院子,我们早上都在那里喝咖啡吃早餐。院子外面通向一个小花园。我们穿过厨房走进小院子,那儿有一只7英尺长的埃及眼镜蛇!我真的被吓到了,因为我对蛇有一些了解,我知道在一个解毒剂并不常见的国家,埃及眼镜蛇是致命的。只有我和我妈,还有一只在小院和厨房间来回滑行的埃及眼镜蛇。最后我们在小院里设陷阱抓住了蛇,我联系叫来了国家公园的工作人员。他们是负责动物相关问题的专业人士。我把他们带来希望它们能把这只埃及响尾蛇抓走,因为津巴布韦还那时候还买不起这种动物。但他们没有抓走野生动物的相关部门,除非是威胁到居民生命,他们会把动物射杀,所以那名工作人员举杀死了这只7英尺长的眼镜蛇。Todd: Oh, they shot it, uh!他们向蛇射击!Leath: Yeah, and we had to bury it out back.后来我们埋葬了那条蛇。Todd: Really, well, still Im glad, you just didnt want to be bitten or anything.真的吗,我很高兴你没有被咬一口之类的。Leath: No, no. No way.那可没门。Todd: What a story!真是个好故事!注:译文属原创,,。 /201210/204229。

林书豪在你心中是什么样的形象呢?是篮球狂人,还是哈佛牛人?其实,他也是一个普通的大男孩。他喜欢弹钢琴,更爱台湾美食,每次回台湾的时候,必定会去夜市吃小吃。 /201409/324517。

Rob: Whats happened Vera? You dont look very happy.罗伯:发生了什么维拉?你看起来不太高兴。Vera: Of course Im not happy. Ive just the email you sent saying if I dont come to the studio soon you are going to present the programme by yourself…维拉:我当然不高兴了。我刚看到了你发给我的邮件,说如果我一会不到演播厅来你就要自己录节目了。Rob: Thats right.罗伯:对啊。Vera: And then you wrote: ;With my beautiful voice, nobody will miss yours.; Thats a horrible thing to say, Rob!维拉:然后你说:“我的声音这么美丽,没人会想念你的声音。”这话说得很糟糕,罗伯!Rob: Well, it would be horrible if it was a serious message. But havent you noticed my emoticon at the end of the message?罗伯:如果这是一篇严肃的邮件的话的确很糟糕。但是你注意到我邮件最后的表情符号了吗?Vera: Emoticon? I have the message printed out here… Yes, I can see here in the email that you typed a colon, followed by a hyphen and a closing bracket. And when I look at it sideways I can see… a smiley face… :-) Its an emoticon! It was a joke after all!维拉:表情符号?我把邮件打印出来了...是的,我看到邮件里你打了一个冒号,接着是一个连字符,然后是一个右括号。然后当我从一旁看的话就能看到一个笑脸...这是个表情符号!原来是个玩笑!Rob: Yes. Emoticons were created precisely for this purpose, to avoid misunderstandings like the one weve just had. I wrote my message as a joke and you took it seriously.罗伯:是的。表情符号的创造就是这个目的,避免像我们刚才那样的误会。我写的邮件是个玩笑而你却认真了。Vera: I recently that emoticons were created 30 years ago by a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Emoticon is a combination of the words emotional and icon.维拉:我最近看到表情符号是在30年前由一个匹兹堡的卡耐基梅隆大学的教授发明的。表情符号是“表情”和“符号”这两个词结合拼成的。Rob: And indicates if a message is serious or a joke. When you speak, you can express if youre serious about what you are saying but sometimes it is difficult to achieve that on paper. Listen to some verbal examples.罗伯:它暗示一条消息究竟是严肃的还是开玩笑的。当你说话时,你可以表达出你对所说的话是否是严肃的但是有时在书面上很难达到这个目的。听一些口头上的例子吧。“I dont like going to the cinema with you. You always fall asleep and end up snoring loudly.”我不喜欢和你一起去电影院。你总是睡着然后大声打呼。“I dont like going to the cinema with you. You always fall asleep and end up snoring loudly!”我不喜欢和你一起去电影院。你总是睡着然后大声打呼!Vera: When you say something, you can convey the spirit with the tone of your voice. But sometimes it is not clear when it is written.维拉:当你叙述某事时,你可以用声音的腔调来传达精髓。但是有时写下来就不清楚了。Rob: But its good to point out that emoticons are still an informal sort of message. It might not look good if you use them in a message to your boss or include them in your CV.罗伯:但是必须指出表情符号仍然是一种不正式的信息。它如果用在给你的老板或在你的简历里就不太好了。Vera: Thats indeed a good thing to keep in mind. We should be careful when using emoticons.维拉:这的确是一件需要记住的事。我们应该谨慎使用这些表情符号。Rob: Emoticons have become so popular that there are over a hundred of them. Some with a proper round yellow face.罗伯:表情符号已经非常流行了,它们有超过100多种。有些有黄色的圆脸。Vera: Now that our misunderstanding has been sorted out, we should go out and celebrate! The 30th anniversary of the emoticon is a good excuse for some coffee and cake.维拉:既然我们的误解消除了,我们应该出去庆祝一下!表情符号发明的30周年纪念是个喝咖啡吃蛋糕的好借口。Rob: And lets celebrate our friendship too. A friendship saved by an emoticon – a smiley face in fact. Bye.罗伯:我们还要庆祝一下我们的友谊。一份被表情符号拯救的友谊——事实上是一个笑脸。再见。Vera: Bye.维拉:再见。Rob: And Vera, your voice is very beautiful, by the way.罗伯:还有维拉,顺便说一句,你的声音很美。Vera: And so is yours, Rob. You should be a singer.维拉:你的也是,罗伯。你应该当个歌手。Rob: And so should you, Vera. Your voice is so melodic…罗伯:你也应该,维拉。你的嗓音很有韵律...Rob: Beautiful!罗伯:太美了! /201402/276592。

今天我们要讲两个由hair这个词发展而来的习惯用语,大家一定早就知道hair是头发。我们要学的第一个习惯用语是: win by a hair。 Win意思是赢得。我们常说“细如发丝。”头发在日常所见各物中也许算是最细的了,所以你一定能想象如发丝那点宽度有多么细微。习惯用语win by a hair就出自这里。我们听个例子来体会win by a hair含义是什么。这段话在说争州长职位的竞选。其中的对手势均力敌,票数非常接近。例句-1:It was as close as an election could be. A million people voted and the candidate I voted for won by only 350 votes. She only won by a hair but that still makes her our new governor.他说:这次选举竞争空前激烈,有一百多万人投票。他选的侯选人仅仅领先三百五十票而赢得胜利,当上了州长。领先票数三百五十和总票数一百多万相比是微乎其微的,所以他说,won by a hair,意思是以毫厘之差取得险胜。******既然有人以毫厘之差取胜,就必然有人失之毫厘。这就是我们要学的第二个习惯用语: lose by a hair。我们来听个例子。说话人的女儿Nancy在全州中学田径锦标赛中参加四百米赛跑。我们来听听比赛的结果是什么。例句-2:Nancy ran faster than ever before but she lost by a hair. She and the other runner had the same time, but the judges thought the other girl was just a hair in front.他说:Nancy比以往任何时候都跑得更快,但是她以毫厘之差败北。她和另一名选手跑完全程的时间完全相同,但是裁判认为那个人比Nancy领先一线的距离。Nancy仅仅比对手落后了一丝一毫,所以lose by a hair意思是以毫厘之差失败。有好几个习惯用语都表示类似的意思。例如: lose by a whisker。 Whisker是胡须,胡须和头发相比所差无几,可想而知lose by a whisker和lose by a hair意思一样。还有两个来自赛马的习惯用语也有同样的意义。它们是lose by a nose和photo finish。 Lose by a nose原指赛马到达终点线时仅以一鼻之差而失利。Photo finish原来是赛马前后不分上下,肉眼难以判断,所以裁判必须根据马匹跑完全程那一霎那间摄下的照片才能决定胜负。******我们再学个带有hair这个词的习惯用语: hair-raising。 Hair-raising和中国俗语“寒毛直竖”很相像。据说巨大的恐惧能使人体的毛发或者猫身上的毛往上竖立起来。这也许就是这个习惯用语的出典。我们听个例子,但是先得学个生词: cub。 Cub是食肉动物的幼仔。在我们的例子里指小熊仔。例句-3:My daughter and her boyfriend had a hair-raising time hiking in the mountains -- they met a black bear with her cub. But they stopped, stayed quiet and finally the bears went away slowly without bothering them.他说:他女儿和男朋友在山里徒步旅行时跟带小熊的黑熊狭路相逢。这可真是段令人毛骨悚然的经历。他们当时停下脚步,屏息静气,黑熊终于慢步走开了,没打扰他们。可以想象他俩和熊对峙的那段经历有多可怕,所以这段话里的hair-raising就是令人毛骨悚然的。******Hair-raising常用来描绘万分惊险的处境。我们再听个例子,这回说的是遇上龙卷风时的险境。当龙卷风刮起的时候,会有漏斗状乌云直压地面。乌云随即挟带着旋风横扫大地,风速高达每小时二百公里,所到之处危及生命财产。例句-4:It was hair-raising! There was a terrible rushing sound, the windows blew in and I saw tree-limbs sailing by. I heard loud bangs and crashes -- I thought my house would blow away!他说:这真是惊险万分。随着那可怕的冲击声,窗户都被刮下来掉进屋里。我看到屋外飞过的树干,又听到震耳欲聋的碰撞击毁的声音。我想我那房子也要被刮走了。这里的hair-raising意思也是万分惊险可怕的。 /201407/308960。

Bingo是谁?黑头发黄皮肤也能说道地美语?Bingo来了!让Bingo带你轻松拥有舌尖上的美语!每周二:场景的词汇和表达;每周四:美语口语小词;每周六:发音和语调。今天我们来学习常见单词结尾发音技巧。 /201403/276070。