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宜昌什么医院可以查精子宜都市第一医院治疗早泄多少钱宜昌市中心医院治疗阳痿多少钱 Shinzo Abe on Friday declined to issue his own clear apology for Japan’s wartime actions, as the prime minister maintained the forms of past statements of remorse but sharply changed their context.安倍晋Shinzo Abe)周五拒绝发表自己对日本战时行为的明确道歉,这位日本首相在形式上保留了日本政府过去有关反省的声明,但大幅改变了相关背景。In a landmark statement on the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in the second world war, Mr Abe said he upheld past apologies but reframed them in a more nationalist narrative about resistance to western colonialism.在纪念日本二战投0周年的里程碑式谈话中,安倍表示维持过去的道歉,但将其重新组织成更具民族主义色的有关抵抗西方殖民主义的表述。By repeating crucial phrases used by past Japanese prime ministers, such as “colonial ruleand “aggression Mr Abe may have done enough to avoid a sharp backlash from former enemies in China and South Korea.安倍重复了历任日本首相使用过的关键措辞,比如“殖民统治”和“侵略”,这样一来或许足以避免日本在中国和韩国曾经的敌人剧烈反弹。However, he also signalled to his right-wing base that Japan’s interpretation of history is not settled, and the country does not intend to keep apologising forever. “We must not let our children, grandchildren, and even further generations to come, who have nothing to do with that war, be predestined to apologise,the prime minister said.然而,安倍也向右翼群体表示,日本对历史的解释还没有定,日本不打算永远道歉。他说:“与战争没有任何关系的我们的子孙,以及以后的世代,不应背负继续谢罪的宿命。”Speaking at his official residence in Tokyo, Mr Abe delivered his statement much longer than those on the 50th and 60th anniversaries calmly and without great emotion.安倍在东京首相官邸发表谈话时,平静而没有流露强烈的情绪,谈话篇幅比日本投降50周年0周年时的谈话长许多。“I bow my head deeply before the souls of all those who perished both at home and abroad,he said. “I express my feelings of profound grief and my eternal, sincere condolences.”他说:“我向日本国内外所有死难者的亡灵深鞠躬。我在此表示痛惜和永远诚挚的哀悼。”When it came to apology or culpability, however, Mr Abe often spoke in generalities. “Incident, aggression, war we shall never again resort to any form of threat,he said. “We shall abandon colonial rule forever.”然而,在道歉和认罪问题上,安倍经常是泛泛地表态。“事变,侵略,战争。再也不能将武力恐吓和行使作为解决国际争端的手段,”他说。“世界应该彻底告别殖民统治。”China and South Korea, both deeply suspicious of a prime minister they regard as an unrepentant nationalist, had demanded a clear apology. But rather than make one himself, Mr Abe chose to uphold those of the past.中国和韩国都对他们眼中这位不思悔改的民族主义日本首相深感怀疑,要求日本明确地道歉。但是,安倍本人并未做出自己的道歉,而是选择维持历届日本政府的道歉。“Japan has repeatedly expressed the feelings of deep remorse and heartfelt apology for its actions during the war,he said. “Such positions articulated by the previous cabinets will remain unshakeable in the future.”“我国对过去那场大战中的行为,反复表达了深刻的反省和由衷的歉意,”他说。“历代内阁的立场在今后也不会动摇。”Mr Abe started his statement by describing the “vast colonies possessed mainly by western powersand how Japan’s victory in the Russo-Japanese War had encouraged subject peoples to resist colonial rule an anti-colonial narrative that is important to how nationalists view Japan’s history.安倍谈话一开篇,首先描绘了“主要被西方强国占据的广大殖民地”,以及日本在日俄战争中的胜利是如何激励受压迫的人民抵抗殖民统治的——这种反殖民表述对民族主义者如何看待日本历史非常重要。Mr Abe did not refer to the suffering of “comfort womenwho were forced into prostitution by Japan’s army during the war, but he did make a fresh acknowledgment of the sexual violence that accompanied the war.安倍没有提及“慰安妇”遭受的苦难,但他的确第一次承认二战中发生的性暴力。在二战期间,“慰安妇”被强虏进日本军队提供性务。“We will engrave in our hearts the past, when the dignity and honour of many women were severely injured during wars in the 20th century,he said.“我们将把过去铭记在心,不能忘记0世纪的战争里尊严与名誉被深深伤害的女性们,”他说。Thousands of women from Korea, China and the Philippines were forced into sexual slavery in Japanese military brothels during the second world war.在二战期间,数以千计来自朝鲜、中国和菲律宾的女性被迫成为了日军的性奴隶。来 /201508/393315宜昌市中心人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

宜昌市妇保医院有治疗前列腺炎吗宜昌口碑好的男科医院 Chinas top legislature has debated repealing the crime of sex with underage prostitutes and reclassifying it as rape, which would face a tougher punishment.中国最高立法机关已经就是否取消嫖宿幼女罪而定性为强奸罪进行审议,一旦成立,将面临更为严重的处罚。The National Peoples Congress (NPC) Standing Committee deliberated the draft amendment to the Criminal Law as its six-day bimonthly legislative session started on Monday.全国人民代表大会常务委员会从周一开始对刑法修正草案)进行每两月一次每次为期六天的立法会议。Under the current law, people who have sex with prostitutes less than 14 years old face a maximum of 15 years in prison, while those convicted of raping a child may face death sentence.根据现行法律,与不4岁的幼女发生性行为最高面5年的监禁,而被判犯有强奸幼女罪则可能面临死刑。Legal professionals have been questioning whether to scrap the crime of sex with underage prostitutes since it was written into the Criminal Law in 1997.1997年刑法修订时,嫖宿幼女罪被写入刑法成为了单独的刑法罪名,自此法律专业人士一直质疑是否应该取消嫖宿幼女罪。Legislature has carried out multiple investigations on the issue and consulted academics and specialists.立法机构在这个问题向有关学者和专家进行了多方考和咨询;There is no need to define such a crime. Having sex with minors should be considered rape, no matter who she is and what she does,; said Jia Chunmei, a prosecutor from North Chinas Hebei province and an NPC deputy, during a legislative session last August.“嫖宿幼女罪应该废除。只要是与未成年人发生关系就应当定为强奸无论她是做什这样才能确保刑法对幼女实行无歧视(差别)的保护。”身为检察官的贾春梅作为河北省全国人大代在去月的立法会议提出该建议。。The conflicting provisions have helped offenders escape harsher punishment, as they have argued that the underage girl has consented and was paid, Jia said.在贾春梅看来,“该法规的争议之处给罪犯以可乘之机,使其逃避了更为严厉的处罚,因为在他们看来,是在受害者同意并且给付金钱的情况下发生的关系。Gu Yongzhong, an expert with All China Lawyers Association, said having sex with underage prostitutes was extremely vile that should be firmly cracked down upon.中华全国律师协会的法律专家顾永忠表示,与未成年女性发生性关系的行为非常恶劣,应该坚决打击,予以严惩。Although establishing the crime of sex with underage prostitutes is to increase the protection of minors, in practice, it caused more controversy as lighter penalties were imposed on the crime which brought complaints from families of victims, Gu said.虽然初衷是为了加大对未成年的保护,但在司法实践许多嫖宿幼女案被害人和家长对该罪名都非常不满,抱怨对罪犯处罚过轻,因此引发了极大争议,顾永忠说。Especially when the criminals who had sex with underage prostitutes were government officials, the public reacted strongly to the lenient sentence instead of tougher punishment when sentenced as rape, Lao Dongyan, associate professor of the Tsinghua University Law School.清华大学法学院的副教授劳东燕表示,当与未成年女性发生性关系的对象是政府官员时,公众反应尤为强烈,认为应该按强奸罪论处进行严厉处罚而不是予以轻判。Moreover, the crime imposed stigma on young girls who might engage in forced prostitution, but as victims of the crime, ;prostitutes; forever became the label of the girls.此外,嫖宿幼女罪给受害幼女贴上了“卖淫女”标签,这无疑是对她们的侮辱。虽然是犯罪的受害但“”一词却永远成为女孩身上的标签。Lao proposed separating ;rape of minors; into its own law, in order to stress the protection of young girls, adding that lawmakers have responded to the publics calls while considering if to abolish the crime.劳东燕提出,为了加强对年轻女孩的保护,应当将“嫖宿幼女”当作强奸罪定罪,并称立法者已对公众的要求进行回应,考虑是否应当废除“嫖宿幼女罪”。In a high-profile case in , eight people, including four government officials and a teacher, were jailed for terms ranging from seven years to life for child rape in Southwest Chinas Guizhou province.年发生在中国西南部的贵州省一个案件备受关在本案中包括四名政府官员和一名教师在内的八人因强奸幼儿被处以七年有期徒刑至无期徒刑不等。Yuan Ronghui, an unemployed woman who abetted and forced 10 schoolgirls into prostitution in Xishui county from October 2007 to June 2008, received a life term handed down by local court.0070月到2008月期在一名叫袁蓉晖(化名)的失业妇女威逼利诱下,浠水县10名在校女生开始卖淫。最终袁蓉晖被当地法院判处无期徒刑。Yuan offered her own apartment as a venue for the rapes, after her two teenage accomplices abducted schoolgirls, three under the age of 14, from a primary school and three junior high schools, the court heard.法院审理时发现袁蓉晖(化名)伙同两名十几岁的青少年诱拐了六名在校女生后,便将自己的住所当做卖淫场所。六名女生中三名是高中生,另外三名则为小学生,年龄尚不满十四岁。Seven other people were jailed for terms of seven to 14 years after being convicted of child-rape.与本案有关的其余7人因被指控强奸儿童而被判处7年至14年有期徒刑。来 /201508/395995当阳市人民中妇幼保健医院男科专家

点军区人民中妇幼保健医院治疗早泄多少钱 Russia is finding that empire building can be a painful business. 俄罗斯正发现,建立帝国是一件痛苦的事情。The economy was aly slipping before the whole Ukrainian crisis hit. Now its being battered even more. A weakening currency has pushed up inflation, triggering yet another central bank rate hike. At the same time sanctions, sharply tightening credit conditions and capital outflows are pushing Russia into recession. 相关阅读专题:乌克兰危机在乌克兰危机全面爆发前,俄罗斯经济就已处在滑坡中,目前的情形更是雪上加霜。卢布的不断走软推升了俄罗斯通货膨胀,促使该国央行再度加息。与此同时,西方国家实施的制裁、信贷条件的大幅收紧以及资本的外流正将俄罗斯推向衰退深渊。Standard amp; Poors cut Russias credit rating to one notch above junk on Friday morning citing concerns about capital outflows. The ruble, which had aly been suffering with other emerging market currencies on the global liquidity implications about the Federal Reserves decision to trim its asset purchase program, started losing ground heavily once Ukrainian tensions bubbled up earlier this year. Russians involvement--its annexation of Crimea and the threat of doing the same with Ukraines Russian-speaking east and south--triggered western sanctions. These, in turn, accelerated domestic nervousness about the economy, speeding capital flight. 标准普尔(Standard amp; Poors)周五以担忧资本外流为由将俄罗斯信用评级下调至仅较垃圾级高一档的水平。美国联邦储备委员会(Federal Reserve)收缩资产购买计划的决定对全球流动性的影响已经令卢布等新兴市场货币承压,而在今年早些时候乌克兰紧张局势升级后,卢布更是开始大幅走低。俄罗斯对克里米亚的吞并以及对乌克兰其他俄罗斯族裔聚集地区的虎视眈眈已促使西方对其实施制裁。这进而又加重了俄罗斯国内民众对本国经济的不安,加剧了资本外流。The Russian central bank responded by putting up its key interest rate to 7% from 5.5% in March, in what was originally meant to be a temporary measure, to be unwound by the summer. But on Friday it hiked again, to 7.5%, and made clear higher rates were no longer temporary. 为抑制资本流出,俄罗斯央行在今年3月份将基准利率由5.5%上调%。这原本应是一项临时性举措,按计划会在夏季结束前解除。但周五,该行再度加息,将利率调高至7.5%,同时明确表示加息不再是临时之举。这将成为已举步维艰的俄罗斯经济面临的一个严重问题。Thatll be a significant problem for an economy aly struggling to grow. Between 2000 and the financial crisis, the Russian economy expanded an average of 7% a year. It rebounded smartly after a hefty decline in 2008, but by 2013, it only grew 1.3%. And it appears to have contracted in the first quarter, according to estimates by Capital Economics, a London-based consultancy. Russias manufacturing purchasing managers index pointed to contraction for the fifth successive month in April, while the composite index, which includes both services and manufacturing dropped to a 58-month low. 2000年至金融危机爆发前,俄罗斯经济年均增长率%。在2008年经济增速急剧放缓后曾大幅反弹,但2013年仅增长1.3%。据伦敦咨询机构凯投宏观(Capital Economics)预测,第一季度俄罗斯经济有所萎缩月份俄罗斯制造业采购经理人指PMI)连续第五个月显示行业活动收缩,与此同时,包括务业和制造业的综合PMI降至58个月低点。Coupled with expectations Russia will be further isolated on the international state, with the possibility of more and wider sanctions, its no wonder capital outflows are accelerating. The Russian central bank estimates outflows of more than billion during the first three months of the year, the largest quarterly total since the depth of the financial crisis. 再考虑到西方可能对俄罗斯实施更多、更广泛的制裁,从而使后者在国际上进一步被孤立,资本流出俄罗斯的速度无疑会加快。俄罗斯央行估计,今年第一季度资本流出该国的规模超00亿美元,为金融危机高峰以来资本外流规模最大的一个季度。This outflow has registered in Russias asset markets--Russian equities are down some 22% in dollar terms since the start of the year. 资本外流的影响已经在俄罗斯资产市场得到体现。以美元计算,俄罗斯股市今年以来累计下跌2%。Theres a complex, symbiotic relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the countrys oligarchs. He might be their patron and protector. But as they find their wealth and privileges eroded by sanctions, Mr. Putin could yet find himself thrown into the position of Englands King John facing the barons at Runnymede, where the kings once unlimited powers were curtailed by the Magna Carta. Alternatively, Russia could slip further into Soviet-style repression. 俄罗斯总统普京(Vladimir Putin)与该国政治寡头之间存在复杂的共生关系。普京可能是这些政治寡头的保护者。不过,随着这些政治寡头发现自己的财富和特权被制裁举措侵蚀,普京可能面临当初英国国王约John)在兰尼米德遇到的局面,约翰在当地迫于贵族的压力签署了《大宪章Magna Carta),使自身曾经巨大无比的权力受到限制。但也可能出现的另一种情况是,俄罗斯进一步转向苏联时期那种高压管制模式。来 /201404/292164宜昌治疗早泄权威湖北省宜昌男科电话



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