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1. What if the avalanche happened?要是发生雪崩怎么办?还能这样说:What can we do if the avalanche took place?What if an avalanche came up?谚语:He who seize the right moment is the right man.谁把握机会,谁就赢。2. There is so little snow this year, so the sports association made snow with machine to create ski slope for the ski contest.今年降雪少,因此运动协会人工降雪为此次滑雪比赛建造场地。还能这样说:The sports association founded a ski slope with a artificial snow for the ski competition, for it snowed little this year.In order to found a ski slope for the ski match, the sports association made snow with machine, because there was little snow this year.应用:(as) white as snow 雪白,极白;be snowed in (over) 被大雪封住;被花言巧语蒙蔽住3. Learning skiing is as easy as shelling peas.学滑雪轻而易举。还能这样说:It is a piece of cake to learn skiing.Learning skiing has no sweat.应用:all of a sweat (in a sweat) 满身大汗;焦急万分;非常害怕4. Skiing is an exciting game.滑雪是一项刺激的运动。还能这样说:It is very exciting to go skiing.Going skiing is very exciting.谚语:A good book is a good friend.好书如挚友。 /201312/271064

13. Sorry, I have to go to class now.不好意思,我得去上课了。还能这样说:I am sorry, but Im going to attend classes.Sorry, I have to take lessons right now.应用:get a class 毕业考试优等;in clas 在上课中;in the same class 同一类型的,同等的;take a class of 担任……班的教师14. If you have no other things, you may hang up the phone.如果你没有其他事,你就可以挂电话了。还能这样说:If you have told me what you want, you can end the conversation.You can ring off if you dont have other business.应用:Ill be hanged!真想不到!会有这种事!15. I feel tired now. What about making a call another day?我很累了,明天再打好吗?还能这样说:I get tired right now. Could we contact another day?I am exhaused at this moment. Do you mind calling back another day?应用:be tired out 累得要死,累极了;feel tired 觉得疲倦;be tired of 厌倦16. She burst into tears after hanging up the phone.电话结束时她突然哭了起来。还能这样说:She cried loudly when she rang off.She couldnt help crying outright when she ended the conversation.应用:go burst 失败;be bursting to do 渴望,急着要做;at one burst 一阵,一口气,一举17. See you tonight.晚上见。还能这样说:See you this evening.See you in the evening.谚语:Outsiders see more than insiders.当局者迷,旁观者清。 /201304/237008

What Iadmireis not what you have, but what you are.我所羡慕的不是你所拥有的东西,而是你的为人。 /201205/181682

Todd: So, Hello!托德:你好!Gabrielle: Hi!加布里埃尔:你好!Todd: Can you say your name please?托德:请问你叫什么名字?Gabrielle: Gabrielle:加布里埃尔:加布里埃尔。Todd: Gabrielle. Now, Gabrielle you talked to us last year.托德:加布里埃尔,我们去年曾经谈过。Gabrielle:Thats right!加布里埃尔:没错!Todd: And you said that youre from Christchurch?托德:你说你来自克赖斯特彻奇?Gabrielle: Uh-huh, from Christchurch in New Zealand.加布里埃尔:嗯,我来自新西兰的克赖斯特彻奇。Todd: OK, can you talk about your city?托德:好,你能谈谈你所在的城市吗?Gabrielle: Absolutely! Absolutely! Well, Christchurch I guess compared to Japan is pretty small, but for New Zealand its quite a big city. I think its a great place. Yeah, weve got the beach, the mountains, yeah so city center and nature, really close.加布里埃尔:当然可以!当然!嗯,和日本比的话,克赖斯特彻奇非常小,但是克赖斯特彻奇在新西兰是个大城市。我认为那是个很棒的地方。我们那里有海滩,有高山,市中心和大自然非常近。Todd: Sounds nice! How many people live in Christchurch?托德:听起来不错!克赖斯特彻奇有多少人口?Gabrielle: Oh, thats a good question. Gosh! Were certainly not up to a million! I guess about 600,000 people.加布里埃尔:哦,这是个好问题。天哪!不到1百万人!我猜大概60万人吧。Todd: Wow, thats it! Just 6!托德:哇!就只有60万!Gabrielle: Thats it. Big city in New Zealand!加布里埃尔:对。那是新西兰的大城市!Todd: Wow! So theres three big cities in New Zealand!托德:哇!新西兰有三个大城市!Gabrielle: Thats right! Thats right! Were probably the second or third biggest city.加布里埃尔:没错!对!克赖斯特彻奇可能是第二大或者是第三大城市。Todd: Uh, whats the transportation like?托德:哦,那里的交通怎么样?Gabrielle: Well, I use my bike usually or a car. We certainly dont have the trains like Tokyo, but theres a bus system. Its not too bad, but most Kiwis have cars. Yeah, more convenient.加布里埃尔:嗯,我通常是骑自行车或是开车出行。我们没有东京这样的火车系统,但是有公交车系统。还不算太坏,但是大部分新西兰人都有车。这样更方便。Todd: OK, now can I ask you about costs?托德:好,我能问问你那里的开销吗?Gabrielle: Sure! Sure!加布里埃尔:当然!当然!Todd: OK, and you can say Japanese yen prices.托德:好,你可以用日元来表示。Gabrielle: Yeah! Yeah!加布里埃尔:好的!好!Todd: How much is an apartment? A one bedroom apartment, downtown?托德:一间公寓要多少钱?市中心一间卧室公寓的价钱?Gabrielle: Well, to be honest we dont have that style. Weve got plenty of space so we usually rent a house which has three bedrooms and a garden, for example, and much cheaper, much, much cheaper. Im just trying to convert.加布里埃尔:嗯,说实话,我们那里没有这种类型的公寓。那里有很多空间,所以通常我们会租有三间卧室和花园的房子,而且比日本便宜很多,非常便宜。我正在努力换算。Todd: Three bedrooms and a garden!托德:三间卧室和一个花园!Gabrielle: Yeah! And often we go ;flatting; which means we share the house with maybe a couple of friends, probably pay about, I was paying a week for my room so, oh, sorry my conversion rate is not working too quickly at the moment.加布里埃尔:对!而且一般我们会合租公寓,就是和几个朋友一起租公寓,我租的房间一周大概要付80美元,抱歉,目前我汇率的换算不是很熟练。Todd: Thats really cheap though!托德:那真是很便宜!Gabrielle: Its incredibly cheap. Yeah, much, much cheaper! Much bigger!加布里埃尔:便宜得令人难以置信。对,比这里便宜很多,便宜非常多!Todd: Wow! sounds like a nice place! OK, how much is, New Zealand prices OK, how much is a loaf of b?托德:哇!听起来是个很棒的地方!好,新西兰面包卖多少钱?Gabrielle: A loaf of b! To get the good b, probably about .50 a loaf, yeah, so, maybe about, oh sorry, my conversions not working, Ive been in Tokyo for too long!加布里埃尔:一块面包!要买好面包,大概要2.5美元,抱歉,我现在没有换算出来。我来日本的时间太长了!Todd: How about a movie ticket?托德:电影票的价格呢?Gabrielle: A movie ticket would be about , so its much cheaper than here. Yeah, definitely!加布里埃尔:一张电影票大概要13美元,比这里便宜很多。对,绝对是!Todd: And bus fare!托德:公交车费呢?Gabrielle: Bus fare, a dollar fifty, two dollars for one way.加布里埃尔:公交车单程费用大概1.5美元或2美元。Todd: How about if youre going to buy your friend a sweater, a nice sweater, how much would that cost?托德:那如果你要是给朋友买毛衣,一件不错的毛衣要多少钱?Gabrielle: Well, I like the good outdoor brand sweaters so I would probably say about but an everyday sweater you could get about New Zealand. Yeah.加布里埃尔:嗯,我喜欢户外毛衣品牌,那大概要50美元,不过在新西兰普通的毛衣大概是15美元。对。Todd: OK, Wow! Sounds like a great place. Oh, and last one, the weather, when is the best time of year to visit?托德:哇!听起来真是个好地方。最后一个问题,天气,一年中什么时候是去新西兰旅游的最佳时节?Gabrielle: Oh, summer, definitely.加布里埃尔:绝对是夏季。Todd: So thats December?托德:那就是12月吗?Gabrielle: Yeah, so were going into summer now so December to February, but we have four seasons in one day, so you can count on all weather even within summer. Yeah! Yeah!加布里埃尔:对,现在是我们国家的夏季,12月至2月是夏季,不过我们那里可以在一天内体验到四种季节,所以即使在夏天你也可以体验到所有天气。没错!Todd: Do you have a really bad month to go, where the weather is not nice?托德:那有没有最不适宜旅行的月份呢?什么时候天气不好?Gabrielle: Yeah, usually June, July, it probably rains the most, but we still get gorgeous sunny days in the winter so, yeah theres not really any bad time.加布里埃尔:有,通常一月和七月是雨水最多的月份,但是在冬季也会有阳光灿烂的天气,所以,实际上并不算不适宜的时间。Todd: Oh, sounds nice! Thanks Gabrielle!托德:哦,听起来真好!谢谢你,加布里埃尔!Gabrielle: No problem!加布里埃尔:不客气。 /201404/284375

Bingo是谁?黑头发黄皮肤也能说道地美语?Bingo来了!让Bingo带你轻松拥有舌尖上的美语!每周二:场景的词汇和表达;每周四:美语口语小词;每周六:发音和语调。今天我们来学习春节请客吃饭的表达。 /201403/278482

安慰与体贴1. 词组句型不幸的unlucky, unfortunatesentence patterns:He always seems to be unlucky at cards.I was unfortunate to lose my bike.It was unfortunate for you having missed that party.She is unlucky to fail in that examination.赤字in the red, deficitsentence patterns:I am in the red now.He made me get into the red.The budget deficit is a big problem in that country.2. 多种表达Can I give you a hand?What can I do for you?Is there anything that I can do for you?Dont worry.Its unecessary to worry about.There is nothing to worry about.Theres no need to worry about.Try not to worry about it.Dont mind.Never mind.Dont worry.Everything can get better.Everything will be fine.Everything is ok.Everything is all right.Everything is in order.It happens.It happens to most of us.It happens to everyone.What bad luck!How unlucky!How unfortunate!Thats too bad!What a shame!Bummer!Theres nothing to worry about.Theres nothing to feel discouraged about.Dont concern yourself.Dont let it upset you.Dont be upset.Dont take it so much to heart. /201208/196886

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