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I#39;m 13 years old and lately I#39;ve been angry a lot. Anything will make me mad, and when I do get mad I usually go into a rage. Is this normal and is there anything I can do to get rid of this anger?“我今年13岁,近来常常感到容易愤怒。几乎任何事都能让我发狂,而一旦陷入这种状态就会继而开始暴怒。这样算正常吗?我要怎么做才能远离这种情绪呢?”Our emotions, like our bodies, can go through some crazy and unfamiliar changes during adolescence. Feeling angry from time to time is a normal part of this. Everyone experiences mood swings during their teenage years, and these emotions may be so strong that they catch us by surprise.和我们的身体相似,在青少年期,我们的情绪也会经历一些大的,特别的变化。时常感到容易发脾气也算是这些变化中的一部分。每个人在青少年时期都会经历情绪的波动,有时候这种波动很大,甚至让我们自己都感到吃惊。There are ways you can try to manage anger. First, try to mentally back away from your anger and figure out if anything in particular is making you mad. Sure, the hormones of puberty may be playing a part, but are other things in your life causing you to feel like this? Maybe you#39;re under more stress at school or perhaps your family is going through difficult changes, like a move or divorce.有些方法可以试着去管理好我们的情绪。首先,试着从心理提醒自己不要发怒,并且理出是否有某些特殊的事情让你愤怒。当然,青春期的荷尔蒙变化也可能导致这样,但是是否生活中确实有某件事情导致你变得烦躁,易怒?比如可能是来自学校的压力或者家庭里正经历着一些困难(搬迁或父母的离异)让你这样。Sometimes, it#39;s not one thing but a lot of little things leading to frustration. Although you may not recognize what#39;s making you mad at exactly the moment you feel like exploding, taking time to evaluate things can help you learn to manage those emotions.有些时候可能并不是单独的一件事,而是许多事导致你感到很沮丧。虽然在你正处于情绪失控当时并不能及时发现原因,但花点时间分析下可能的原因会帮助你更好地管理自己的情绪。Try to deal with what#39;s causing you to be angry. If pressures at school or home are mounting, talk them over with a parent or another adult. Learning when and how to calm down can be very useful for people of any age. Working off some of that negative energy in constructive ways, like exercising or writing in a journal, also can help.然后,再试着去面对,处理导致你恼火的事情。如果来自学校或家庭的压力在不断增加,那么试着和父母或者其他成年人谈谈。学会何时及怎么使自己能够冷静下来对于正在发怒的人来说非常有用。也可以通过一些有益的途径来排解那些消极的情绪,比如锻炼,写写日记,都不错。   If you feel like you#39;re angry a lot of the time or are having trouble controlling your anger, talk to a doctor or counselor.如果你觉得自己大多数时间都处于发怒的状态中或者在控制情绪方面有困难,那么可以和医生或者心理顾问多交流下。 /201208/195565

男人和女人来自不同的星球,同一句话在他们口中也有着不同的含义:1.;Nothing, forget it;1.;没什么,算了吧!;Female:You better figure out what you did wrong.女人:你最好自己搞清楚到底做错了什么。Male:Just quit talking about it, jesus.男人:我勒个去,拜托就别提这事儿了。2.;Are you tired?;2.;你累吗?;Female:Please don#39;t go to sleep. I love talking to you.女人:别去睡觉,我喜欢跟你聊天。Male:Genuinely curious as to whether or not you are sleepy.男人:他真的只是很好奇你是不是很困。3.;I#39;m cold.;3.;我很冷。;Female:Get a blanket and cuddle with me.女人:去拿条毯子来,抱着我让我取暖。Male:There#39;s pretty cold. I should probably get a blanket or some shit.男人:真的挺冷的。我得去拿条毯子或是别的啥。4.;Leave me alone.;4.;别管我。;Female:Please don#39;t go.女人:别走,别离开我。Male:Get out of my fucking face.男人:滚开,离我远点儿!5.;I love you.;5.;我爱你。;Female:Tell me you do more.女人:告诉我你爱我爱得更多。Male:I love you just that I don#39;t expect a stupid fucking response.男人:你知道我爱你就够了,别给我来个蠢透了的烂回答。 /201208/197046

He’s rich, single and most importantly, he’s not cheap, but despite all these qualities, 47-year-old Larry Greenfield can’t seem to find a suitable life partner. In the last 12 years he has spent around ,000 on matchmaking services, has been on 250 blind dates, but he has yet to find a wife.他富有而单身,更重要的是他不小气。可是尽管有着非常好的条件,47岁的拉里·格林菲尔德似乎找不到一个合适的人生伴侣。在过去的12年里,他已经在婚介务上花费了大约65000美元,历经250次相亲却仍然没有找到一个妻子。Larry sounds like a really unlucky guy, but according to the New York Post and Yahoo Shine, he’s apparently just really picky. ;His problem is he’s a six and he wanted tens,; Maureen Tara Nelson, one of his former matchmakers told Shine. He would pick out his dates according to their photos and profiles, but at the end he’d always say there was no chemistry.拉里听上去像是个相当倒霉的人,不过据纽约邮报和雅虎Shine频道的报道,他显然就是非常挑剔。“他的问题在于好高骛远,”他的前一任媒人莫林·泰拉·纳尔逊这样告诉雅虎Shine的记者。他会根据照片和材料选择约会对象,但是到头来他总会说没有感觉。The Post also paints out the retired Wall Street trader as very detail-oriented: he wants a woman who is slim, Jewish, funny, and a non-alpha (isn’t interested in a career). That’s apparently a very rare breed in New York. ”He thinks because he’s wealthy he could get a beautiful women, but what he doesn’t realize is that beautiful women in New York are also aly successful,” Nelson said.邮报记者也形容说这位退休的华尔街交易员是个非常注重细节的人:他希望找一个苗条、有趣的犹太人,而且要没什么才学的(对事业没有兴趣)。这种人选在纽约显然 非常罕见。“他觉得自己非常富有,因此应该得到一个漂亮的女人,但他没有意识到纽约的漂亮女人也已经是事业有成了。” 纳尔逊说道。In his first interview with the New York Post, Larry sounded like a man who was honestly looking for love.在拉里第一次接受纽约邮报采访时,他听上去像是一个诚心寻求真爱的男子。“I’d trade it all in for a white picket fence, two kids, a dog. And you can have it all!” the ex-securities trader said. “I’m not a bad guy. I haven’t been to prison. It’s just a very frustrating thing.”“我宁愿拿一切来换一个热炕头,一双孩子和一条。你可以拿走一切!” 这个前券交易员说道,“我不是一个坏人,我没有蹲过牢狱。但事情就是这么无奈。”He admits he focused on his job in his early years, thinking he’d first get the career and then the girl. But it just didn’t work out the way he planned it. But, after some of the six matchmakers he used in the last few years started spilling the beans, Larry came out as a guy looking for perfection.他承认早些年专注于自己的工作,认为应该先有事业再找妻子。但事情并不按他的计划进行。不过,过去这几年他曾聘用过六个媒人,当中终于有人说漏了嘴,拉里看来是一个寻求完美的人。“He would always come back with some minor, minor thing that the person wasn’t perfect,” Maureen Tara Nelson remembers, which made he drop him as a client after a year.“他总是回来反馈一些非常小非常小的问题来说明那个人不够完美,” 莫林·泰拉·纳尔逊回忆说,这也导致一年后他放弃了这位顾客。But Larry has one more chance – Janis Spindel of Serious Matchmaking. “Men are picky. It’s in their DNA. They want the four B’s — beauty, brains, body and balance,” Spindel said, adding Greenfield is no different. “Larry wants a normal girl who’s in her thirties who wants to be his wife, who will be a sweet and loving wife and mom. I told him I will not take money from him until I have her.” Who knows, maybe the 251st time is a charm.不过拉里还有一个机会,著名婚介网站Janis Spindel of Serious Matchmaking 可能会帮他找到意中人。“男人都很挑剔。这是他们的基因决定的,他们希望能符合四个B:beauty(美貌),brains(头脑),body(身材)和balance(平衡),” 该网站创始人斯宾德尔这样说道,她还补充说格林菲尔德跟别的男人没有什么不同。“拉里希望能找到一个普通的女人,大约30岁左右,愿意成为他的妻子,并且能够做到一个温柔可人的妻子和母亲。我向他保在他找到妻子前是不会收费的。” 谁知道呢?或许第251次约会奇迹就会发生? /201210/204892

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