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宜昌哪家医院引产比较好的医院兴山县前列腺炎多少钱LOS ANGELES - Is this movie cursed? 洛杉矶报道——这部电影是受到了诅咒吗? Exactly one week after the mass shooting at a theater in Aurora, Colorado, a small fire at a midnight screening of ;The Dark Knight Rises; in a city near Guadalajara, Mexico ced more than 800 moviegoers to evacuate the theater complex early Friday. 美国丹佛奥罗拉蝙蝠侠首映击事件一个星期以后,上周五在墨西哥瓜达拉哈拉的《蝙蝠侠3:黑暗骑士崛起首映,电影院突然失火,800名观众被紧急疏散 No one was injured after a trash receptacle caught fire in the lobby of a Cinepolis theater in Zapopan. 火灾由墨西哥影院休息处室的垃圾堆引起,无人伤亡 A newspaper in Mexico City said fire inspectors were investigating the cause and did not immediately exclude arson. The fire was quickly contained and everyone was evacuated in an orderly manner. 墨西哥城当地报纸报称火警调查员正在调查火灾起因,不排除有人故意纵火的可能火情迅速得到控制,每位观众都井然有序的被疏散出去 Warner Bros. canceled both the premiere of ;The Dark Knight Rises; in Mexico City and press events earlier this week, which actors Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon Levitt were slated to attend. 这周华纳兄弟已经取消《蝙蝠侠3的了墨西哥映礼和原本定好有克里斯蒂安·贝尔、安妮海瑟薇以及约瑟夫·高登·莱维特出席的新闻发布会 Meanwhile, the composer who wrote the music the film has penned a song dedicated to the Aurora shooting victims. 同时,电影插曲的作曲者也亲自为丹佛击案的受害者谱写了一首歌 Hans Zimmer posted the track ;Aurora; on his Facebook page Friday, saying he recorded the song in London after the shooting. 汉斯·季默上周五在他的Facebook首页公开了这首歌曲,说在击案之后,他随即在伦敦录制了该首歌曲 1973宜昌那家医院看不孕不育好 Hot-headed North Korean protests over disrespectful portrayals of their leaders are hardly a new phenomenon. In a world where even an online meme could be taken as a slight against its “supreme dignity”, even Pyongyang’s only mal ally, China, has been subject to censorship demands. So, to understand why The Interview has triggered such a strong and sustained rhetorical response from the North Koreans — who called it an “act of war” — it pays to look back at a history strewn with assassination attempts.朝鲜急躁地对冒犯他们领袖的影片发出抗议算不上什么新鲜事在一个网络搞笑图片也可能被视为冒犯“最高领导人尊严”的世界里,即便是来自朝鲜的唯一正式盟友——中国的影片也需接受审查,要明白影片《刺杀金正恩(The Interview)为何让朝鲜人在言辞上做出如此激烈而持久的反应——朝鲜人将该影片称为“战争行为”——就得回过头来看一看历史上金氏家族遭到的多次暗杀North Koreans believe the west has long been seized with the desire to assassinate the Kims or put them in the dock war crimes. Someone rolled a grenade at Kim Il Sung, grandfather of present leader Kim Jong Un, soon after he arrived in Pyongyang from exile in the Soviet Union in 195; even today, state media extols a Russian who saved the young leader’s life. The Americans tried to kill the original North Korean dictator with huge bombs nicknamed “Tarzan” in 1950, having received intelligence about his whereabouts in the country’s extreme north. About a decade ago, Kim Jong Il, Kim Il Sung and father of the current leader, escaped a huge explosion on a train journey to the northwest of his country; and he went underground weeks on end while the US was trying to “decapitate” the Iraqi leadership with bunker-busting mions in .朝鲜人相信,西方一直热衷于暗杀金氏家族领导人,或者以犯下战争罪为由起诉他们朝鲜现任领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Un)的祖父金日成(Kim Il-sung)在195年结束苏联流亡回到平壤后不久,就被人扔了一颗手榴弹,但被一位俄罗斯人所救即便是在今天,朝鲜官方媒体仍在盛赞这位俄罗斯人1950年,美国人获悉金日成在朝鲜极北地区行踪的情报之后,曾试图用绰号“泰山”(Tarzan)的巨型炸弹杀死这位朝鲜的首位独裁者大约十年前,金日成的儿子、金正恩的父亲金正日(Kim Jong-il)在坐火车前往朝鲜西北部的旅途中逃过一场大爆炸;他在地下一连躲了好几个星期——而在年,美国就在试图用地堡炸弹将伊拉克领导人“斩首”Kim Jong Un surely knows he is unlikely to be ousted by the ballot — virtually impossible a man “elected” with more than 99 per cent of the vote — but may yet be removed by the bullet. Just a year ago, state media practically ruptured with venom at an attempted coup within the royal family. Kim Jong Un has been needled not yet undertaking any state visits, but he barely even travels in his own country, preferring the security of Pyongyang with its deep tunnels dug during the pounding of the capital during the Korean war.金正恩肯定知道,他不太可能被投票赶下台——对一个以超过99%的选票“当选”的人来说,这几乎是不可能的——但还是可能被子弹干掉就在一年前,朝鲜官方媒体对金氏家族内部的一场未遂政变进行了近乎恶毒的批判金正恩因迄今还未进行任何国事访问而感到不快,但他在自己的国家里也很少旅行,他更喜欢平壤的安全感,这里有朝鲜战争期间平壤遭受轰炸时深挖的地道The Kim family and its state defenders are probably feeling particularly sensitive because of the shadow of possible international indictments. Michael Kirby, chairman of the Commission of Inquiry of the UN into North Korean human rights, wrote to Kim Jong Un to inm him he could be called to The Hague trial as the man ultimately responsible a system of gulags.由于可能在国际社会遭受起诉,金氏家族及其政权捍卫者大概尤为敏感联合国(UN)朝鲜人权状况调查委员会主席迈克尔#86;柯比(Michael Kirby)在写给金正恩的信中警告称,他可能会因为对一个集中营系统负有最终责任而受到海牙国际刑事法院审判While it may look as though the UN is seeking to hold Kim Jong Un responsible decades of abuse overseen by his predecessors, it is not exactly advocating violent overthrow. Yet North Korean citizens are urged to believe that the ultimate end of the COI report is armed intervention. They are closely attached to a “social system” that serves to support the “Baekdu bloodline” — a reference to the mountain that is the mythical site of Kim Jong Il’s birth and its years in the political wilderness in the 1930s. These are the founding myths that now underpin Kim Jong Un’s main claim to power.尽管看起来联合国正寻求让金正恩为其前任过去几十年的暴政负责,但实际上它并非提倡暴力推翻朝鲜政权然而金氏家族极力让朝鲜民众相信,联合国调查委员会报告的最终目的是武装干涉朝鲜民众与拥护“白头山血统”的“社会体系”密不可分——白头山是宣传中金日成的神秘出生地,以及上世纪30年代政治征战的地方这些基础神话如今成为金正恩主张权力的主要依据The bloodline itself is the obstacle to replacing a North Korean leader in any scenario short of total collapse: he or she would need to be replaced with a close relative, not a bureaucratic colleague. Zhang Liangui, a leading Chinese commentator on Korean affairs, recently described the state’s obsession with family heritage as more redolent of feudalism than socialism. “Does this look at all Marxist to you?” he asked indignantly.血统本身就是替换朝鲜领导人的障碍,除非朝鲜政权彻底崩溃:朝鲜领导人将必须由近亲、而非其他官员接替中国著名的朝鲜事务员张连贵最近表示,朝鲜政权痴迷于家族传承让人想起了封建主义而非社会主义他愤慨地问道:“你们觉得这还像马克思主义吗?”Any attempt to go after the North Korean leadership in public, however trivial or light-hearted, will theree merit the strongest possible public response. After all, this is a country that has mulated nothing less than a nuclear deterrent, or “a treasured sword”, as it is known, to protect its leaders’ claims to legitimacy and state power. Whether or not it was behind the cyberattack on Sony, the country has won a momentary victory Kim Jong Un’s fictionalised dignity as the leader of a sovereign state.,任何公开将矛头对准朝鲜领导人的举动,无论多么微不足道或是为了,都会引发朝鲜极为激烈的公众反应毕竟,为了保护其领导人对执政合法性和国家政权的主张,朝鲜甚至祭出核威慑,即所谓的“宝剑”无论它是否是索尼(Sony)网络袭击事件的幕后黑手,朝鲜已经赢得了暂时的胜利——维护了金正恩作为主权国家领导人的虚无缥缈的尊严The writer is a lecturer in Chinese history at Leeds university and editor of SinoNK.com本文作者是利兹大学(Leeds University)中国史讲师,同时也是SinoNK.com主编 35当阳市人民中妇幼保健医院男科挂号

宜昌治疗前列腺增生的专科医院The past few years have been particularly busy Daniel Wu.吴彦祖(Daniel Wu)过去几年一直特别忙The Hong Kong-based actor, who has more than 60 films under his belt, has starred in a string of hits that include Dont Go Breaking My Heart and Overheard . (Sequels to both are due release this year.) He also found roles in a pair of American movies-- The Man With the Iron Fists with Russell Crowe, and last year science-fiction suspense drama Europa Report.这位在香港打拼、已经拍了60多部电影的演员在一系列卖座影片中担纲主角,包括《单身男女(Dont Go Breaking My Heart)和《窃听风云(Overheard )(这两部影片的续集将在今年上映)他还参演了两部美国电影,分别是年罗素#539;克罗(Russell Crowe)主演的《铁拳男子(The Man With the Iron Fists)和去年上映的科幻悬疑片《欧罗巴报告(Europa Report)In his latest film, the thriller Control, Mr. Wu plays an insurance salesman under the deadly grip of a mysterious blackmailer. The film, which had a run in China late last year, will open in Hong Kong on Jan. .在他最新主演的惊悚片《控制(Control)中,吴彦祖扮演一个被神秘人物要挟不得不铤而走险的保险推销员这部影片去年年底在中国内地上映后十分叫座,1月日将登陆香港院线Control is a collaboration between Diversion Pictures, the company he set up with business partner Stephen Fung, and several other production houses, including mainland China studio Huayi Brothers Media Corp. With Diversion, which struck a multi-picture deal with Huayi, Mr. Wu hopes to widen China movie industry beyond the well-worn genres of romantic dramas and martial-arts epics.《控制由突围电影制片公司(Diversion Pictures,简称:突围电影)与内地华谊兄弟传媒股份有限公司(Huayi Brothers Media Corp.,简称:华谊兄弟)和其他几家制作公司联合出品突围电影是吴彦祖与商业伙伴冯德伦(Stephen Fung)共同成立的电影制作公司,与华谊兄弟签订了多部影片的合作协议,吴彦祖希望通过该公司拓宽中国电影业的视野,不再囿于老套的浪漫爱情片和武打片The 3-D two-parter Tai Chi Zero and Tai Chi Hero, both halves directed by Mr. Fung and released in , attempted to shake up the martial-arts genre with rock music and treet-fighter-esque CGI.年上映的由冯德伦执导的3D影片《太极1:从零开始(Tai Chi Zero)和《太极:英雄崛起(Tai Chi Hero)就试图用摇滚乐和“街霸”等元素来颠覆传统的武打类型片Were just tired of what we see going wrong with the industry, Mr. Wu says. We want to have a little bit of influence and just do things differently.吴彦祖说:我们厌倦了这个行业的一些问题,希望发挥一点影响力,做点不一样的事The 39-year-old Calinia-born actor spoke with the Journal about going from outsider to insider in Hong Kong, the challenges of working in the U.S., and his 7-month-old daughter. Edited excerpts:39岁的吴彦祖出生在加拿大他跟《华尔街日报记者谈到了自己在香港从一个“外人”变成“自己人”的经历,谈到他在美国拍片时遇到的挑战,还有他七个月大的女儿下面是编辑过的采访片段:How does Control fit into your career?问:你是怎么接拍《控制这部戏的?The thing that attracted me to the script was that it film noir. Ive always been attracted to those kinds of films and never really got a chance to [do one]. We decided to produce it because we felt that this genre hasnt been done much in Asia, and that exactly what the concept of our company is--to do stuff differently from everyone else.答:这是一部黑色电影,我在看剧本的时候就被这点吸引住了我一直对这种类型的电影着迷,但从没有机会出演我们决定制作这部电影,因为我们觉得这种类型片在亚洲还不多,这也正是我们公司的理念所在──做跟别人不一样的东西Why is that important to you?问:为什么这对你很重要?What were really tired of is, once one genre hits--like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon--[then] years everyone is doing period martial-arts movies and trying to chase that dream. First of all, that doesnt measure success. Secondly, youre constantly chasing a ghost. You eventually end up killing the genre, and I think a healthy industry is one that has many different types of genres, like the [U.S.]. I think that the problem with Asia right now--the industry is sort of just starting in China as a commercial industry--is that no one understands what commercial film is really about.答:我们很厌倦盲目跟风,比方说《卧虎藏龙(Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)成功了,紧接着十年大家都来拍古装武打片,都想复制这个成功首先,这不是成功的标准,其次,你是在追一个虚无的东西,最终会断送这种类型片我认为,一个健康的电影产业要有很多不同的类型片,就像美国那样我觉得现在亚洲电影的问题是,没人真正了解商业电影到底是什么中国商业电影也才刚起步Even now?问:现在依然如此?Yes, I still think so. And what theyre judging it off of is their very short history of successes and then trying to chase those down. I think that a really terrible way to lead an industry. You have a billion-person audience [in China], and there are going to be different tastes. There plenty of room to hit niche audiences, and I think that fine.答:我是这么认为的他们只看到短暂的利益,然后就一路拍下去我觉得这是一种很差劲的发展方式,中国有亿观众,会有不同的口味,有很多机会可以抓住某一部分观众,这样就可以了So what your strategy?问:那么你的策略是什么?What we did with Tai Chi Zero and Tai Chi Hero was break down the martial-arts genre and make it younger, hipper and kind of cooler the younger kids. Were not trying to satisfy 5-year-olds to 80-year-olds. Were trying to satisfy a certain market. [Film companies] should start branching out. That what Diversion wants to do and that why Control came to our hands to produce. I think were going to keep going in that direction, trying to do newer, fresher stuff Chinese audiences.答:我们对《太极1从零开始和《太极英雄崛起采取的策略是打破武术片的固定模式,让它更年轻、更潮、更酷,符合年轻孩子们的口味我们并非试图满足从5岁到80岁的所有年龄群体我们迎合的是一个特定的市场电影公司应当开始细分这是突围电影公司希望做到的,也是《控制这部影片让我们来制作的原因我觉得我们会继续朝这个方向前行,努力为中国观众制作更加新鲜新奇的内容Does the Hong Kong film industry view you as an outsider because youre American?问:鉴于你的美籍身份,香港电影行业是否将你视为“外人”?I think I felt that way probably midway through my career, but that what Im really grateful --being here today I still think is a miracle. This kid--who didnt know how to act, who didnt know how to speak Cantonese--was given a chance. I am so grateful and indebted to this Hong Kong industry giving me everything that I have today.答:我觉得可能在我职业生涯中期有这种感觉,但我对此真的心怀感激──我仍觉得今天能来到这里是个奇迹这个不懂表演、不会说粤语的孩子得到了一个机会我非常感谢香港电影行业给了我现在所拥有的一切When did you feel like you were an insider?问:你是什么时候觉得自己成了“自己人”的?I would say by the eighth, ninth, th year, I finally felt like I was part of the family--at least that how I was treated. Even going to China they think of me as a Hong Kong actor. I really feel that Hong Kong is my home, and Hong Kong is my identity as an actor.我觉得是在第八年到第年的时候,我终于觉得自己成为这个大家庭的一员──至少那是我所受到的待遇甚至去中国内地时,他们也认为我是香港演员我真的觉得香港是我的家,也是我作为演员的标签Are you able to position yourself as a bridge between China and Hollywood?问:你能否让自己成为连接中国和好莱坞的桥梁?In some ways our Diversion Pictures is meant to be a bridge. [Huayi Brothers] also wants us to be exploring co-productions with America and China. The reason they chose us is because, obviously, our English is very good and we were both educated in the West, but we understand the Chinese film industry. There been a lot of frustration with Hollywood producers trying to maneuver around the Chinese system and vice versa.答:在某种意义上,我们的突围影业希望成为桥梁华谊兄弟也希望我们探索美中合作制片他们选择我们的一个明显原因是,我们的英文都很好,而且都曾接受过西方教育,但同时我们也了解中国电影行业好莱坞制片公司试图适应中国的体系时遇到过很多挫折,反过来也是一样Youve expressed an interest in pursuing more work in the U.S. Why?问:你曾经表示有兴趣在美国拍摄更多影片为什么?After working on Europa I found it incredibly freeing to speak English in a film, so it kind of sparked an interest in me as an artist to improve my acting. But I understand Hollywood still hasnt--how do you say it?--moved on in terms of how they view Asian-Americans or Asians in general--or Asian males, particularly. I really dislike the fact that Asian males are constantly emasculated, whether it American TV or films. You see it all the time, and it so weird that they dont see sexuality in Asian men.答:出演了《欧罗巴报告之后,我发现在影片中说英语极其自在,在某种程度上激发了我作为演员提升表演功力的兴趣但我深知,好莱坞看待亚裔美国人或整体的亚洲人的眼光并没有什么改变,尤其是亚洲男性我真的很讨厌亚洲男性角色总显得柔弱的事实,无论是美国的电视还是电影都是如此你总能看到这样的情形,他们看不到亚洲男性的男子气概,这太奇怪了So what are the prospects?问:未来的前景如何呢?I think there are a lot more opporties now. It changing, especially with TV.答:我觉得现在有更多的机会情形正在变化,尤其是电视方面In many ways, American television is more innovative and edgier than movies. Would you consider doing it?问:在很多方面,美国电视行业比电影更具创新性、更先进你会考虑拍电视吗?Ive been thinking about that, too. I think television has definitely opened up a lot, and I would consider that as well. The good drama now is on TV. American movies are all X-Men and Iron Man--all these big, giant tent-pole movies. I understand what happening, because mature audiences dont have time to go to the movie theater. Theyd rather pull up a show and watch it whenever they want, and that going along with how the industry is changing in general and how people are consuming media.答:我也在考虑这方面我觉得电视肯定是开放了很多,我也会考虑拍电视现在的好剧本都是电视剧本美国电影全都是《X战警(X-Men)和《钢铁侠(Iron Men)这种成系列的大片我明白是怎么回事,因为成熟的观众没时间去电影院他们宁愿找一个电视节目,不管什么时候想看就能看,与这种情况同时出现的是整个行业正在发生的变化,以及人们现在消费媒体的方式You turn 0 this year. Is that a milestone or just a number?问:你今年就0岁了这是个里程碑还是仅仅只是个数字?Just a number--having my kid was a milestone. Things like that really change you.答:仅仅是个数字──我的孩子出生才是里程碑那样的事情才会真正让你改变 9湖北宜昌治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好 宜昌男健医院男科泌尿科

宜昌男健医院彩超预约电话Heroes truly do emerge in troubled times. Recent 3-D disaster film “San Andreas” is an epic, so to speak, about individualistic heroism in an unexpected disaster.英雄出乱世,最近的3D灾难大片《末日崩塌就堪称一部意外之难中关于个人英雄主义的“史诗”When Calinia is hit by a series of record-breaking earthquakes, Ray Gaines (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), chief pilot of the Los Angeles Fire Department, sets out in a helicopter to rescue his estranged wife Emma (Carla Gugino) and daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario). In the process, he ends up pulling his family, which is on the verge of divorce, back together again.影片讲述了加利福尼亚遭受史上最强烈地震时,洛杉矶消防部首席飞行员雷#86;盖恩斯(“巨石”道恩#86;强森 饰)驾驶直升机救出日渐疏远的妻子艾玛(卡拉#86;古奇诺 饰)和女儿布莱克(亚历珊德拉#86;达达里奥 饰)的故事同样被“营救”的,还有盖恩斯在面临离婚危机的家庭US wrestler-turned-actor The Rock is obviously a perfect choice to play savior in this thriller. With his towering physique, the action star radiates a sense of security. Just a look is enough to give audiences the impression that he’s the man to save the day.拳击手出身的美国演员巨石强森无疑是这部惊心动魄灾难片男主的最佳人选这位动作戏明星身体素质极佳,无处不给人以安全感作为观众,仅凭印象也觉得他担当得起化险为夷的重任Matched with his strength is Gaines’ authoritative competence. The hero showcases fancy flying and driving skills, with an emergency crash-landing after his plane’s engine breaks down being especially stunning.与强壮的强森相匹配的还有影片中盖恩斯专业的人设:教科书般优秀的飞行与驾驶技术;影片中飞机引擎熄火时紧急迫降的一幕更是令人叹为观止Gaines has bravery to spare, but he’s pretty selfish with it. When the gigantic earthquake rocks Calinian cities from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the rescue helicopter pilot seems to get that he is called to work to rescue more than just his daughter.虽然盖恩斯勇气过人,但他却不是个无私之人当加州大地震波及了从洛杉矶到旧金山的诸多城市之时,这位消防飞行员却只记得营救自家女儿And don’t be misled by the film’s Chinese name— there’s neither doomsday, nor a story about people trying to leave behind seeds a future renaissance of the human race – but only a dysphoric father who’s employing every means available to him to rescue his family.你也不要被这部电影的中文名误导,因为片中既没有世界末日,也没有为了人类未来的重生而想方设法留下后代这样的戏码影片中只有一个陷入恐慌的父亲不顾一切拯救自己妻女的故事He lends a hand to few others along his journey, at one point merely telling a helpless group to hide under the cover of a stadium. Gaines delivers as a perfect father, but he’s little beyond that.当然,他也曾顺手帮助过几个路人,不过仅限于告诉一群走投无路的人去躲在体育场旁边避难罢了盖恩斯是一个完美的父亲,仅仅如此Canadian-born director Brad Peyton sought to integrate family dynamics into a thriller, and with San Andreas that’s what he’s done. The director says in a production featurette that his movie is“grounded, real and emotional” compared to other disaster films.影片导演——来自加拿大的布拉德#86;佩顿一直想要将家庭矛盾融入惊心动魄的灾难片之中,《末日崩塌正是这样的结果在关于电影制作的一个短片中,他曾表示,比之其他的灾难片,这部电影更加“真实、感人、接地气” But in putting so much emphasis on reing the Gaines family, Peyton got to bring something new to the disaster film genre.虽然,佩顿浓墨重地讲述了盖恩斯一家重归于好的故事,却也让电影落入灾难片的俗套In fact, if you look closely you’ll find traces of other films within this one. An old couple sharing a last hug and kiss reminds me of a similar scene in “Titanic” (1997).事实上,仔细看你就会发现其他电影的痕迹一对老夫妇最后拥吻的场景与1997年的《泰坦尼克号如出一辙The scene during which Gaines flies a plane through a collapsing building is adventurous and exciting, sure, but a similar set piece was aly pulled off in “ ”().盖恩斯驾驶飞机惊险重重、勾人心弦飞过坍塌建筑物时的场景,又将我们带回了年的《Eleven years ago, memorable global warming doomsday flick The Day After Tomorrow asked viewers to question their part in the balance between man and nature. San Andreas egoes the armchair philosophy, instead focusing almost exclusively on the hero himself.年前关于全球变暖的末日影片《后天在观众中引发了人与自然和谐相处的讨论,《末日崩塌却似乎将这样的思辨哲学忘得一干二净,只是局限于表现英雄主人公There may be nothing surprising or new here, but superb visual effects make San Andreas a fantastic feast the eyes. That’s all there is to see here, and that’s enough.虽然惊喜与亮点不多,但《末日崩塌依旧拥有一流的视觉效果,定能令你一饱眼福就这一点而言,也已足够 386 Those pesky paparazzi get everywhere! And as these aerial pictures prove, no celebrity is safe from press intrusion. Even if you happen to be one of the hottest power couples in the world. But wait, surely there something awry - not least because the wedding in question hasnt actually happened yet.相信布拉德皮特和安吉丽娜茱莉这对好莱坞最受瞩目的情侣的结婚照肯定是各大仔队梦寐以求的,这不,就有人抢得先机,但是仔细看看他们的照片,觉不觉得有点怪异呢?一起看看到底是怎么回事吧!No, things are not quite as they appear. What seems, at first glace, to be the ultimate paparazzi scoop, is actually an elaborate set-up by maverick artist Alison Jackson. Jackson is known her reimaginings of iconic events in which actors play the leading roles. Her most notable coup to date was perhaps a 300-image spoof take on the wedding of Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge. And now the artist has turned her camera on the impending marriage of Hollywood couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.事情并不是你看到的那样,这原来是特立独行的艺术家Alison Jackson玩的小把戏,Alison将明星曾经扮演过的角色剧照拼接起来,制作了这些图片剑桥公爵和公爵夫人可能是最常被恶搞的对象,如今焦点又指向了好莱坞最炙手可热的情侣,布拉德·皮特和安吉丽娜·朱莉 18355宜昌人民医院看不孕不育宜昌查不孕



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