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成都牙齿矫正医院哪家好四川省补牙需要多少钱Hawaii Graphic Artist Brings Cultural Awareness to New Olympic Stamp华裔艺术家设计美国京奥纪念邮票 The ed States Postal Service has issued a new stamp to commemorate the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. It was designed by a graphic artist from Hawaii. Clarence Lee may not be a household name, but his stamps are recognized around the world.  美国邮政总局近日发行庆祝2008年北京奥运的新邮票。这套邮票是由一位夏威夷的绘图艺术家设计的。这位艺术家虽然不能算是家喻户晓,可是他设计的邮票却享誉全球。It's just before noon, and business is bustling at this Honolulu post office. Jane Yee is buying a sheet of Olympic Games stamps. "The colors are beautiful and it shows the gymnasts in action," she says, explaining why she likes the stamp. She's also pleased to discover that Clarence Lee, one of Hawaii's best-known graphic designers, created it.  正午时分,檀香山一家邮局里业务非常繁忙。顾客余珍购买了一整版的奥运纪念邮票:“我觉得这邮票真的很棒,我很喜欢。它的颜色很漂亮,展示了动态的体操运动员。我觉得这邮票真的很好看。”余女士也惊喜地发现,这张邮票是夏威夷著名艺术设计师克拉伦斯.李的作品。它以鲜红的色描绘出一名跳跃中的体操选手。The stamp depicts a leaping gymnast, in bright red. Lee says it honors the spirit of the Games. "It was just so energetic and appealing, and it's very athletic in motion." Illustrator Katie Doka provided the artwork on the stamp.  克拉伦斯.李说,选择红色是为了弘扬奥运精神:“这个画面充满了活力,打动人心,富有动感。同时,我还有一位插图画家帮助我处理邮票上的图案,她是来自俄勒冈州的凯蒂.多卡。我利用她的才华,完成了跳跃的女体操选手的图像。”This isn't the first time Lee has created a stamp. In 1992, the U.S. Postal Service asked him to design a New Year stamp to honor Chinese Americans. Looking ahead to the Year of the Rooster, Lee knew what he wanted to do. His rooster stamp was very popular, bringing in more than -million in sales, not just in the U.S., but also in China.  克拉伦斯.李可不是头一次设计邮票。美国邮政总局在1992年就请他设计了一套以华裔美国人为主题的新年邮票。那时鸡年就要到了,李知道他该怎么做。他说,他的鸡年邮票不仅在美国很受欢迎,在中国也深受喜爱:“据我所知,那套邮票一共卖出了500万美元,美国邮政总局很吃惊。Lee says there are some 20 million stamp collectors in China. "This was the first [U.S.] stamp with a Chinese character on it, Chinese artwork, paper cut artwork. It was very colorful. And so they were buying up all these stamps because it had a Chinese theme."  由于这是第一套印有中国文字,并且以中国剪纸艺术为题材的美国邮票,他们推广得很成功。这套邮票色明亮,因为它带有中国主题,所以销售一空。我想, 美国邮政总局当初也并不知道,中国有两千万集邮爱好者。”Because the rooster stamp sold so well, the Postal Service commissioned Lee to design a Lunar New Year series of 12 stamps. Lee, who was born in the Year of the Dog, has his own favorite – the Boar. "It's just flying through the air and it seems happy and it seems very active."  因为鸡年邮票销售得那么好,美国邮政总局委托李再为他们设计一套12属性的邮票。他说:“我喜欢猪年邮票, 因为它在空中飞翔,看来快乐生动。”Supportive family nurtured Lee's passion for art Over the years, Clarence Lee has spoken to stamp collectors in major U.S. cities and in China. He often shares how the stamps have given him a chance to honor his parents.  这些年来,克拉伦斯.李在美国和中国的主要城市,向集邮爱好者讲话。他常告诉大家,邮票设计让他有机会表达对父母的敬重。他的母亲是夏威夷的华裔美国人。父亲来自中国。Lee's mother was a Chinese-American from Hawaii and his father emigrated from China. "I'm sure everybody else has a story like that," he says, "ancestors that had braved coming across the ocean and making a life that's better for their children and their children's children."  他说:“ 我的父亲来自中国,他经常感到惊恐,也许是因为他离开中国,再也没有见到他双亲的缘故。他从中国直接来到夏威夷,然后就在一家屠宰店工作。他养育我们,使我们的生活改善。”Lee's father worked in a butcher shop, and was able to send his son to a private school and to Yale University, where he studied design. Lee discovered his passion for art when he was still a child, and credits his parents with nurturing his talent. "I remember my father getting butcher paper, that was a pink, waxy butcher paper, and he would bring it home for me, sheets and sheets of it. And I would just sit on the floor and just start drawing."  李年幼的时候,就已经对艺术产生了兴趣。他将自己的艺术成就,归功于双亲的培养:“我记得父亲带回来一些屠宰店用的纸,他把那些粉红色又好像涂了腊的纸给我,我就坐在地板上开始画。画图一向是我的爱好。”Today, Lee is internationally recognized for his designs, which often incorporate a sense of cultural awareness. He has created eye-catching logos for major companies in Hawaii and around the world, as well as posters and brochures for special events.  今天,李已经因为他的邮票设计而扬名国际。他的设计经常包含着文化的元素。他也为夏威夷和世界各地的大公司,创造过引人注目的商标图案,以及特殊活动的文宣海报。In 1994, Lee designed America's first joint-issue stamp with China. The two-stamp set featured a black-necked crane and a whooping crane.  1994年,他设计了第一套美国和中国联合发行的邮票。这一套两张的邮票的特色是一只黑颈鹤和另一只呼叫中的鹤。Designing world peace on a postage stamp When asked what stamp he'd design today if he could pick any theme, Lee didn't hesitate. "I would think it would be world peace, which is not something that's happening this day and age."  记者问他,如果他现在又要设计一套邮票的话,他会选用什么主题?他毫不犹豫地回答:“我会选择世界和平,这不会是在今天和我们这一时代中出现的事。”He recalls doing a series of posters for the 40th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. "I enjoyed doing that project. But it was based on world peace and something we need all to share."  “我还记得我为纪念广岛轰炸四十周年所设计的一系列海报。我很喜欢那个设计。它是为了世界和平,是我们需要共同分享的。”Now in his 70s, Clarence Lee continues to design and create art. He is still amazed that his smallest projects – postage stamps – have become his biggest claim to fame. 克拉伦斯今年已经七十开外,他继续从事艺术设计和创作。使他感到惊奇的是,让他名扬四海的作品,竟然是他最小的设计--邮票。200807/44779什邡市中医院瓷嵌体的费用 Daniel Radcliffe started making movie magic as Harry Potter, believe it or not, 5 years ago. Since then moviegoers and Harry Potter fans alike have watched Daniel grow up right before their eyes on the big screen. Well the 4th installment of the Harry Potter series tells us the story of Harry's battle against older rivals in a Tri-Wizard Tournament, a confrontation with his nemesis Lord Voldemort, and his first crush.I was just wondering if maybe you want to go to the ball with me. Oh, uhm, Harry, I'm, I am sorry ,but someone's aly asked me.Ok, yeah, great, fine, no problem.Oh Daniel Radcliffe,good morning. Good,morning. Daniel, nice to see you again.Nice to see you too.Great to have you here and we are also excited we have three big Harry Potter fans. This is Morrisa who is ten, Emma who is 9. And then we have Luke , who is 7 years old. and they are gonna be able to ask some questions of you. But first it's my turn. Is that ok, you guys?Yeah.This is kinda cool, isn't it? Sitting next to Daniel slash Harry Potter. So first of all ,let me ask you about, about this movie, because as with the book, this is probably darker than ones in the past, this is rated PG 13, Oh, kinda whacks just drop. PG 13 rather than PG. How do you think Harry Potter fans will respond to that? Are you worried about alienating some of the younger fans, Daniel?Not really, I mean, the thing is, let me just get it, PG13 means that they can't see without an adult, right? Right.Yes yes, parental guidance is recommended for kids over 13, right? um under 13 rather.I mean with kids in England, this thing is, if you are under 12, you have to have a parent with you. So ultimately some of the parents I think, some kids, you know, at the age of 5, 6 or 7 will be able to cope with it fine. I'm sure you look pretty tough. I am sure you will be fine .(and to my friends around this side of the table?)and then some kids may be there, absolutely, we are all tough, we are all tough on this table. But some, there'll be some kids who, may be ten, he wouldn't be quite so resilient, and may be slightly more sensitive. I was a very sensitive child and I got scared in Jamangee, so you know I would've been frightened about that. It is a scary film. I think, you know that the hard-core Harry potter fans would have been really really angry I think if we hadn't got a PG 13 because it would've meant, we wouldn't if ....Right,it is dark and it should be dark in a movie version.Exactly. The book is dark. We've just been frightful for that.Tell me a little, I mean, your characters. It's so fun for me because I was interviewing you when you first came on board as Harry Potter. And it is fun to watch all of you:Rupert and Emma and you kinda grow up before our eyes. It is a way is that tough for you at all, Daniel, because now you are 16 years old.Yeah. You were how old when you began this odyssey?1111.Yeah.So as people watch you mature, is it a challenge for you or is it , I guess it must be perfectly fine because Harry matures during the course of the books.Yeah. Not, I mean it's not in a way and actually I am slightly older than Harry is in the films of view. I am 16. When I started the fourthfilm, I was 14 but now I am 16, so it's given me quite a clear perspective on the characters so I can look back what I was like when I was 14, 'cause you know, you changed a lot from 14 to 16. So I can look back on how I was then use some of that for most of the objective view.Are you going through some of the things that Harry 's going through?I mean obviously...No, not quite, it's horrible.I mean, well, he is interested in girls then... Oh! yes, obviously. Yeah, of course. but you know, any, you know, it's, I would be, you know, it is a, yeah, I think any boy goes through....Are you thinking about girls and you are flustered?Yeah, I know, you see, you frowned me but any boy who goes through 11 to 16 goes through a load of changes that Harry goes through. I mean, obviously, you know, Harry has a lot harder, or everyone else does in the world pretty much, because he has to, you know, people confront him and try to kill him.I took my girls and I think this movie's visually just so sensational and gorgeous and it was a bit scary but I thought it was fantastic.( How old,14?)9. Well, My 14 -year-old, has a total crush on you, so she is like.... Sorry Ellinor. She is at school. Thank for it. (Oh, yeah.)My 9-year-old actually tolerated it quite well (Oh, quite cool). But, enough about me and my kids. Morrisa what is your question for Daniel?Well in the graveyard in the 4th book. That is a pretty scary scene, do you ever get scared when you are making the movies?Well, you see, normally, it 's fine. Because normally you always see the crews there, and you're always reminding yourself that it's just a film, but Ralph Fiennes, he is the man who plays Voldemort in the film , has his mad scary eyes.(Oh, I know he is really creepy.) and sort of draw you into his eyes, and just make you think that this is just you and him ,and he is going to try to murder you, so it is very very scary.And Emma we are almost out of time, I like, Emma signed outside, it's said," Daniel inspires me!" Oh, that's so...What is your question? Roll quickly.Oh, like, did you have fun with the new actors that were in the other movies?Yeah, it was great having, because, it keeps it so, you know, it keeps the film fresh, and keeps it so.. you know, it is just when you people come on board, like when you drag your old levin/liven and everything out, so, it is no, it is great fun.Well, looking you, we're gonna talk to him about, Daniel about the tree, the willow, and how that was made. (All right.)but you will have to do that during the commercial. Is that ok?Ok!All right, Look! you guys. I'll still be here tell you everything. Exactly! Well, Daniel Radcliffe, so great to see you,(Thank you so much. Good seeing you.) and thanks so much for coming by, and kids thank you for your assistance this morning. By the way Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire opens in the theater a week from Friday.200807/44957Ill order us a beer shall I?我来点瓶啤酒,好吗?Id prefer an orange juice please.我更想喝橙汁。Oh really? OK then.真的吗?好吧。Err, Garcon. Je mappelle un beer et citron juice thing. Au revoir!(错误的法语)No Tom!不是的,汤姆!Pardon, Je voudrais une grande biere et du juice dorange sil vous plait.劳驾,请给我们一大杯啤酒和一杯橙汁。Oui Madame.好的,女士。Well, she likes you!她喜欢你。Well, actually everyone likes you Anna.事实上,大家都喜欢你,安娜。I like you because…我喜欢你,因为……I like you too Tom but dont you think I should call Paul and update him on whats going on… keep him in the picture?我也喜欢你,汤姆,但你不认为我该给保罗打电话告知他最新的进度吗?I dunno. Lets just enjoy this moment shall we?我不知道,让我们好好享受这一刻吧?And besides, hell be at his biscuit appreciation class by now.另外,他现在正在上他的饼干欣赏课呢。No. I would be happier just to call him.不,我想给他打电话更好一些。Could I borrow your mobile phone please?我能借你的手机用用吗?My battery has run out.我的没电了。Yeah sure. Youll find his number under Attila the Hun.当然,他电话号码的名字是匈奴王阿提拉。Attila the Hun?匈奴王阿提拉?Just my little joke!只是我的一个小笑话!Cheeky! But hold on… what am I going to say to him?厚脸皮!但稍等,我要跟他说什么? /201705/507584金牛区牙髓炎什么价格

都江堰口腔医院哪家最好China Selling Oil Equipment to Africa非洲石油展销会中国厂家引人注目China depends on Africa for roughly one-third of its imported oil. And, many Chinese companies also see Africa as a lucrative market to sell oil drilling equipment. Several Chinese firms are attending this year's oil industry convention, underway in South Africa.  中国大约三分之一的进口石油来自非洲,与此同时,很多中国公司也把非洲作为销售石油设备的丰厚市场。在会议期间举行的展销会上,来自中国的厂家格外引人注目。There are roughly 200 vendors at this year's Oil Africa conference and trade show. On the exhibit floor, you can buy everything from oil-proof work boots to off-shore oil rigs. Nestled between the established companies from Texas and the Middle East, are some newcomers. 大约有200家参展商参加今年的非洲石油大会和贸易展销会。在展览大厅,从石油工人穿的工作靴到海上石油钻塔,各种产品琳琅满目,不胜枚举。在那些历史悠久、名声远扬的跨国公司展台之间,还有一些新的厂家,其中不少是来自中国的公司。Tina Zheng: "My company name is Xi'an Fengyang Petroleum Equipments, which is located in the center of China."  蒂娜.郑说:“我们公司是位于中国中部的西安凤阳石油设备有限公司。”Amy Zhang: "Our company name is Hilong Group. We sell the drill pipe."  艾米.张说,“我们是海隆石油工业集团,我们经营钻杆。”About a dozen Chinese companies are competing here to sell oil field equipment. Sales representative Pang Ling says her company has found quick success.  大约十几家中国公司在这里竞售他们的石油开采设备。销售人员庞玲说,她的公司收获不小。" Africa is a good market for us, because we have just entered into this market and we have many rigs now," Pang said.  庞玲说:“非洲是我们的一个好市场,因为我们刚进入非洲市场,我们现在可以提供很多钻井平台。”Sales representative James Yan says China 's share of the African market is small but growing.  销售代表詹姆斯.阎说,中国在非洲市场的占有率还不大,但正在不断增长。"At this moment it's not big enough, but in the future we have the confidence," Yan said. 他说:“目前我们占有的市场份额还不大,但我们对未来充满信心。”The surging demand for oil is creating a growing market for drilling and production equipment. And, according to Zhao Zhiming, president of China 's petrochemical industry association, Chinese vendors offer something others cannot.  国际市场对石油的需求剧增,钻井和生产设备市场也跟着水涨船高。中国石油和石油化工设备工业协会秘书长赵志明说,中国厂商出售的产品填补了其它厂商的不足。"China can provide a very good price which is very competitive in all of Africa," Zhao said.  赵志明说:“中国能给买家提供很好的价格,在整个非洲地区,这方面的竞争都很激烈。”Cost is a key component in developing Africa 's oil resources. Eduardo Lopez of the International Energy Agency told delegates at this conference that competition in the oil business is fueling a spike in equipment prices.  开发非洲石油资源,成本是个关键因素。国际能源机构的洛佩兹对出席会议的代表们说,石油行业的竞争引发了石油设备价格的窜升。"It has become so difficult to get access to engineers, to platforms to drilling rigs and whatnot. That's a considerable challenge across the industry," Lopez said. "It's really difficult to deal with these ever-rising costs."  洛佩兹说:“雇用工程师、购买钻井平台等已经变得非常困难。这对整个石油开采行业都是一个巨大挑战,应对这些日益上涨的成本的确非常困难。”But not everyone thinks cheaper Chinese imports are the best solution. South Africa Minister of Minerals and Energy Buyelwa Sonjica would like Africa rely on its own oil equipment industry.  但是,并非所有的人都认为中国的廉价产品是最佳的解决办法。南非矿产和能源部长松吉卡希望非洲能依靠自己的石油设备工业。"I would like to encourage all the oil and gas producing countries to endeavor to promote locally owned and controlled companies," Sonjica said. "The second wave of development should now focus on the growth and development of small and medium enterprises that support the oil companies operating on the continent."  松吉卡说:“我希望鼓励所有生产石油和天然气的国家努力推广当地人经营和掌控的公司。下一波开发的重点要放在中小企业的成长和发展上,让他们来持那些在非洲大陆上运营的石油公司。”Still, the Chinese industry is growing fast. In 2005, it supplied 0 million of oil field equipment to more than 50 countries, worldwide. 不过,中国工业正在迅速发展。2005年,中国向世界50多个国家提供了8亿美元的石油开采设备。200803/31229都江堰市妇幼保健院直丝弓自锁隐形矫正多少钱 Anna? Is everything all right? Yes.安娜?一些都还好吗? 是的。Whats the matter?怎么了?Paul says I need to w w w work on my telephone manner.保罗说我需要改进我的电话谈话技巧。Well I was a bit concerned about it myself.我自己也有点担心这个。And I think Tom actually mentioned it to Paul.我想汤姆其实对保罗说过了。But, look, Ill help you if you like.但是如果你愿意的话,我可以帮你。Im a bit of an expert on the phone.我在打电话上算是个专家了。Ill give you some lessons. Oh thank you.我可以多教教你。 谢谢。Come in early tomorrow morning, before the others get here and well practise.明早在其他人来之前先到这里,我们来练习一下。Thank you Denise, thats very kind.谢谢你,丹尼斯,你真好。Wow! Denise is actually being nice to Anna. Amazing!丹尼斯对安娜很不错,太神奇了!Although from what Ive heard of Denise on the phone, shes only ever gossiping with friends.尽管我听丹尼斯打电话时只是在跟朋友们聊八卦。Paul was very gentle and polite in the way he explained to Anna there was a problem and that she needed to improve some things.保罗向安娜解释问题并告知她需要改进的方式很委婉、有礼貌。He used these phrases: Im a little bit concerned about...他用了这些表达:我对……有点担心。You need to work on...你需要改进……Perhaps you should think about...也许你该想想……Lets see if Denise manages to teach Anna anything useful next time. Until then!让我们看看丹尼斯是否教给安娜一些有用的东西。下次见! /201701/483837温江区妇幼保健院单颗缺失多颗缺失半口缺失价格

成都冷光美白治疗多少钱 US Envoy Arrives in North Korea, Hoping to Break Stalemate美特使抵平壤期说北韩履行承诺 Washington's main envoy on the North Korean nuclear issue is in Pyongyang, aiming to convince leaders there not to reverse promises they made last year. If the talks fail, the stage could be set for the North to produce more material that can be used for nuclear weapons.美国北韩核问题特使抵达平壤,希望能够说北韩领导人不要违背他们去年所作的承诺。 如果会谈失败,北韩可能会生产更多用于制造核武器的材料。U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill made the short drive Wednesday from Seoul to South Korea's heavily armed border with North Korea, headed for a rare visit to Pyongyang.美国国务院助理国务卿希尔星期三从首尔驱车前往和北韩接壤的重兵把守的边境线,准备对平壤进行一次不同寻常的访问。Hill has been the point man in six-nation negotiations aimed at getting rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons capabilities. He says Pyongyang's recent moves to eject international inspectors and resume activity at its main nuclear reactor have dealt a serious blow to the process.希尔是北韩无核化六方会谈的关键人物。他说,平壤最近驱逐国际核查人员以及恢复其主要核反应堆的作法都对和谈进程造成了严重的打击。"What they've been doing obviously goes counter the spirit of what we've been trying to accomplish... so I would say we're in a very difficult, very tough phase of the negotiation," he said.希尔说:“他们的所作所为显然和我们努力要实现的目标背道而驰,因此我认为我们正处于非常艰难的谈判阶段。”Before leaving the South, Hill told reporters he wants to persuade North Korea to fulfill its promise to set up verification for the nuclear declaration it made earlier this year. American and South Korean officials say the North offered clear verbal assurances at Beijing talks, last year, it would agree to a verification system in line with usual international practices - such as surprise visits by international inspectors to nuclear sites.希尔离开首尔之前对媒体表示,他希望说北韩恪守承诺,为今年稍早公布的核清单建立核查机制。美国和韩国官员说,北韩去年在北京曾做出明确的口头承诺,将接受符合国际惯例的核查机制,其中包括国际核查人员对核设施的突然检查等。Hill says he understands the North is reluctant to follow through, but says the process cannot move forward without a verification agreement.希尔表示,他了解北韩不情愿接受核查,但是没有核查机制,去核过程就无法向前推进。"It's not to say that we're going to have anything verified. The verification will actually take place later on," he said. "But we need to know what the rules of the road are for verification."希尔说:“这并不是说我们就要检查所有的东西,其实核查还要稍后才会进行。但是我们需要知道核查的规则是什么。”In August, President Bush cited the North's delay on a verification agreement when he decided not to remove North Korea from a State Department list of nations suspected of sponsoring terrorism. North Korea has maintained the verification issue is separate from the American promise to remove it from the terror list. 今年8月,布什总统决定不将北韩从国务院列出的持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名,原因就是北韩拖延就核查机制达成协议。北韩则坚持说,核查问题跟美国将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上除名的承诺是两回事。South Korea's Yonhap news agency es an unnamed South Korean government source as saying there are signs of activity near the site of North Korea's 2006 underground nuclear test. The source in the report speculates North Korea may be trying to repair the site - possibly for a followup test - and says the South is monitoring the activity closely.韩国联合通讯社引述没有透露姓名的官方消息人士的话说,在接近北韩2006年地下核试验的地点,又出现了活动迹象,估计北韩可能在试图修复这个地方,有可能是为了继续进行核试验。这位消息人士说,韩国正在严密监视有关活动。200810/51428南充市第四人民医院半口全口种植牙多少钱泸州镶牙去哪里医院好



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