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Is it really? Well, according to Dr. Mao over at Yahoo Health, this is quite true. He also presents some practical things that we could all do to help the environment and be healthier at the same time. Seeing as we have just recently celebrated Earth Day, this topic is quite appropriate, don’t you think? Let’s take a look at some of Dr. Mao’s suggestions.Less Plastic, More HealthLightweight, durable and versatile, plastic is everywhere in our modern world; this is bad news for the environment and our health.He lists down a lot of things at home which are made of plastic. This prompted me to look through some of my things and he is right! Heck, even this laptop I am using has a lot of plastic parts. So what’s bad about plastic?According to Dr. Mao, “many plastics release vinyl chloride and other harmful estrogen-like substances that can lead to cancer, birth defects, hormonal imbalance, and lung and liver disease.”He might be right or he might be overstating things a bit but it wouldn’t hurt to use less plastic.Some practical suggestions? Instead of using plastic containers as the default, why not use glass ones instead? I also like the wooden and ceramic variations as well.Let’s look at a few more things next time. 这是真的吗? 好,通过毛士在雅虎健康网上说的,这的确是真的,他也举了几个我们能够做的实际事情保护环境,同时这些事情更有益于健康.鉴于我们刚刚庆祝的地球日 ,这个话题是比较合适的,你不觉得吗?让我们看看毛士的一些建议吧.少一点塑料,多一点健康。轻便,耐用以及多功能的塑料在现代社会随处可见,这对我们的环境和健康非常不利。他列举了一些在家使用的塑料制品。这促使我审视一些我的东西,我发现他说的对!令我来气的是我的笔记本电脑也用了许多的塑料零件。那么,关于塑料有什么不好呢?毛士说许多的塑料能释放氯乙烯和其他的有害的的雌性激素,人吃了能够致癌,导致出生缺陷,激素不平衡以及肺病和肝。他说的也许对或者是夸张了一点,但这并不对少用塑料的人造成伤害。还有其他的一些实际的建议吗?,既然不用塑料容器是默认,为什么不用玻璃代替呢?我同样喜欢木制的和陶瓷替代品。 /200806/42591

A long distance relationship is a trial of patience for two people in love. I've had my share of them due to my job commitments and at this stage in time, university degree requirement. In this article I will share several ideas on ways to not only sustain a pre-existing relationship but also develop it further.I am assuming that you two have aly been in a relationship for a reasonable amount of time. Your time together is precious and sacred and both of you appreciate the fact that among thousands of people out there, the two of you chose to be together. I assume here that there are no lies, that both are committed to the relationship.Truth is, your biggest enemy is time. But at the same time, time squandered is a waste. For example, you spend all your life pining away for your partner hundreds or thousands of miles away when the thing that needs doing - your job, your degree, your life - is put on hold. Stop. You might say, "Well, its all part of the fun isn't it? Staying up late, listening to silly soppy songs on radio, re-ing old letters. Where's the harm in that?" Frankly, ma'am, a little is alright but a lot is way out of context.Balance is the key to maintaining sanity in a long distance relationship. True, you may love him/her. But if you spend all your time focusing on how much you miss him/her, it will affect your moods and just make you a duller person.On with the list of of Ten Ideas to Sustain A Long Distance RelationshipHave DVD Fridays/WeekendsThe idea is that even though you're apart, it wouldn't hurt to synchronize watching a movie rental together. At least, after the movie, you can have a chat about the movie. Whether you liked it or not, or whether you identified with this or that character. At the very least, it's a conversation topic.Work on a Common Project.A friend of mine works in Beijing while his wife is in the US. They're engaged and working hard towards securing their future. They've just bought a home and are thinking of decorating it. Other than actually buying stuff and shipping it home (which can be extremely expensive!), whip out that Cameraphone, snap pics, put a price to it and post it on Flickr or set up a blog. Now both of you are engaged in the search of fantasy furniture pieces!Share the Same DreamMy gay friend and his partner are fitness buffs. They had this crazy idea of doing the 100km marathon. The thing is, one of them's going away to the States for his studies and will periodically at the end of the year for his winter break. So I told them, why not train separately, but aim for a common end point. End of the year come back and race together. How about keeping a couple's training journal?Skype amp; MSNThe key ingredient for any great relationship is COMMUNICATION. Instantaneous if possible, delayed at best. Skype offers anybody with a fast broadband connection and decent CPU processor speed the opportunity to call anybody on the internet for FREE. If you can't talk, use MSN messenger or any dozens of competing Instant Messaging services to keep in touch and focused. There's now no excuse to communicate if calls are FREE and messages are Instantaneous!Stay Grounded and FocusedI can't emphasize this enough. Most people who arrive in a new city suddenly find themselves surrounded by new things to do, new people to meet etc. With that comes the temptation to try something new. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, or so they tell me. RESIST. Tell yourself, that you are in a perfectly good relationship and that you shouldn't put yourself in a compromising position. Life shouldn't be an episode of "Sex in the City". That kind of life leaves you depleted and hollow. Before one of you leave, get a set of commitment rings/studs/bracelet - anything. It doesn't have to be flashy but it is a token, a reminder that you carry in your heart, his/her heart. Mean it when you give it to him/her.Remember Your Anniversaries and FirstsNeglect it at your cost, but if you forget an anniversary, woe betide you... Write it down, print it out, tattoo it onto your brain, but make sure you remember your anniversaries and birthdays. Why? Well, with a little planning, that event can become focal points for the year. Something to look forward to. You could even surprise him/her with gifts sent by post. Ebay.com has lots of stuff on offer, so make full use of it. Everyone loves getting something special in the mail.Keep A JournalWhat doesn't get written down, will not be remembered. You're both young, enterprising adults with lives of your own. Keep track of your thoughts and emotional development. Keep track of your dreams and hopes. Doodle, scribble, inscribe your memory in a special way so that you may share it. The point is that sometimes Life moves so fast, you forget who you were or why you are with the person. A journal acts as a reminder.Pay Attention To Each Other's Needs For SleepDifference in time zone, jet lag, lack of morning coffee - are frequently cited reasons as to why you're especially grouchy. Both partners need to be mindful that people get tired and need rest. When you agree to communicate choose a reasonable timing. Something that you're both comfortable with. 8pm in Hong Kong is 12pm in Britain. That's reasonable. When I was 8 hours ahead of my girl when she was visiting her family in UK, I came up with a table to remind myself of the time in UK, each time she logged on. I shared this with her and as much as possible we talked only when it was reasonable for us to do so.Use GoogleMaps To Visualize The Space Between YouIt's a fun exercise to help crystallize the distance that separates the two of you. Go to GoogleMaps type in your address and then type in your partner's address. Create a composite map of how you'll be getting home if you were to walk the entire distance using satellite photos.Finally, TrustThe most important thing in a relationship is Trust. Trust that your partner will do the right thing. Trust that you will do the right thing. Be aware that pitfalls await for any couple, and that he/she can cheat at any point in time and space because, really at the end of the day, its their choice. What we can do as partners of lovers who are abroad is be the best personthat we can be.I hope this write up will be of use to all lovers out there living under the tyranny of distance. Trust me on this, LDRs are worth having. There's an old adage that goes, "Absence only makes the heart grow fonder" and the old-fuddy-duddy in me wants to believe in that. Till next time! /200804/35246


  In April a group of Finnish farmers outfitted a spindly black drone with a remote-controlled chainsaw and filmed it decapitating snowmen. They called it “Killer Drone.” More formally it was a DJI S1000.四月,一群芬兰农民装备了一架细长黑色、带有遥控电锯的无人机并拍摄下它砍下雪人头部的画面。他们称呼它为“凶手无人机”。更正式的称呼为大疆S1000。This spring marine biologists flew a drone over the Sea of Cortez to capture samples of the fluid sprayed from the blowholes of blue whales. They called it “SnotBot.” It was a DJI Inspire 1.这个春季,海洋生物学家们驾驶一架无人机飞越加利福尼亚湾,采集从蓝鲸头顶的呼吸孔喷射出的液体标本。他们称它为“鼻涕机器人”。这架无人机是大疆Inspire 1。In March 2015 two men in Ottawa equipped a sleek white drone with Roman candle fireworks and sprinted away shirtless as the machine fired spark-spewing projectiles. They called it “Roman Candle Attack Drone 2.0.” It was a DJI Phantom 2.2015年三月,两个男人在渥太华装备了一架有光泽的白色、带有罗马烛光烟花的无人机并在这架机器发射喷射火花的弹丸时裸奔。他们称它为“罗马烛光袭击无人机2.0”.这架无人机是大疆 Phantom 2。DJI which stands for Da-Jiang Innovations is a midsize company based in Shenzhen China and it essentially put recreational drone-flying on the map. Fans call it the “Apple of drones” and for good reason — the company owns 70% of the consumer drone market analysts say. As of March it was valued at about billion. It may be the first Chinese company to create and then dominate a hot new class of consumer electronics.DIJ代表大疆创新科技有限公司,这是一家中等规模的中国深圳公司,它从本质上使无人机飞行摆上台面。粉丝们称呼它为“无人机中的苹果”,而这是有原因的——据专家称这家公司占据70%无人机消费市场份额。截至三月它的估价约8亿美金。它可能是头一家创造并配着一个热门新兴消费电子工业种类的中国公司。As China’s decades-long investment and exports-driven “economic miracle” comes to an end the Chinese government is attempting to boost innovation to keep the country’s economy afloat. Officials are investing billions of yuan in gleaming new office parks university engineering programs and start-up incubators.当中国数十年投资和出口驱动的“经济奇迹”结束,中国政府正尝试促进创新来维持国家免于经济困难。行政官员投资了上亿人民币在闪亮的新办公楼区、大学工程项目和创新启动孵化器上。 /201607/453123。


  China on Tuesday released images of a Mars probe and rover which the country plans to send to the Red Planet within five years.上周二,中国发布了火星探测器和火星车的图片,并计划在五年内将其发射到火星上。China plans to send a spacecraft to orbit Mars, make a landing, and deploy a rover in July or August 2020, said Zhang Rongqiao, chief architect of the Mars mission at a press conference in Beijing. ;The challenges we face are unprecedented.;在北京召开的一场发布会上,火星探测任务的总工程师张荣桥表示,中国计划在2020年七月或八月发射飞船,在火星着陆并部署火星车。而我们面临的挑战前所未有。According to Ye Peijian, one of China#39;s leading aerospace experts and a consultant to the program, the 2020 mission will be launched on a Long March-5 carrier rocket from the Wenchang space launch center in south China#39;s Hainan province.中国领先航空航天专家、项目顾问叶培建表示,2020年实施的这项任务,将在海南文昌航空发射中心发射的长征5号运载火箭上完成。The lander will separate from the orbiter at the end of a journey of around seven months and touch down in a low latitude area in the northern hemisphere of Mars where the rover will explore the surface.着陆器将在为期7个月左右的行程结束时分离环绕器,之后火星车会降到火星北半球低纬度地区,开始探索火星表面。Images displayed at press conference showed a device with six wheels, powered by four solar panels, two more than the rover sent to the moon.根据在发布会上展示的图片显示,该火星车有六个轮子,由四个太阳能板驱动,要比“玉兔”多两个。Weighing around 200 kilograms, it is designed to operate for three Martian months, according to Sun Zezhou, chief designer of the probe.据火星探测器的总设计师孙泽洲介绍,火星车重达200多千克,预计可在火星上工作三个月。The probe, for its part, will carry 13 payloads including a remote sensing camera and a ground penetrating radar which could be used to study the soil, environment, and atmosphere of Mars, as well as the planet#39;s physical fields, the distribution of water and ice, and its inner structure.火星车将携带包括遥感相机和探地雷达在内的13个装备。这些装备不仅能研究火星土壤、环境和空气,还能探测火星的物理场、水资源分布和火星的内部结构。 /201608/463779

  The vibe on the Huawei campus, sp out across two square miles in the city of Shenzhen, north of Hong Kong, is more state-owned enterprise than Silicon Valley.华为(Huawei)总部坐落在香港以北的深圳市,整个园区占地两平方英里。这里的氛围有点硅谷的感觉,但更像是一家国有企业。Workers clock in at 8.30am (dawdlers are sent an email), lights are dimmed at noon and noisy printing of documents prohibited until 2pm, so they can pull out cots and snooze.员工在早上8点半上班(迟到的人会收到一封电子邮件),中午灯光调得很暗,下午1点半之前不允许有打印文件的噪声,好让大家可以拿出折叠床小睡一会儿。The Chinese telecoms giant’s views on the bottom line betray a similarly collectivist bent: Huawei “does not pursue high profitability; we share our profits with our customers and industry partners”, it says.这家电信设备巨头对利润的看法,同样折射出一种集体主义倾向:该公司表示,华为“不追求高利润,我们与客户和行业合作伙伴共享利润”。Yet there is an intriguing blend here of high-growth tech behemoth and a socialist indifference to making money.然而,华为身上体现出一种耐人寻味的混合特质:它既是一家高增长的科技巨头,又抱着一种不在乎赚不赚钱的社会主义情怀。The mixture has produced success for a company that brought in Rmb521.6bn (.6bn) in sales last year. At the same time, as revenues jumped 32 per cent, net profits barely budged, whittling margins back to 7 per cent.正是这种混合特质成就了华为,去年该公司销售额高达5216亿元人民币(合756亿美元)。在营收大增32%的同时,净利润却是没什么变化,利润率回落至7%。Its handsets are the third most popular globally, trailing just Apple and Samsung, and are now ranked top in China, according to the IDC research firm — overtaking shipments of its nearest rival Oppo in the first quarter, with a 20 per cent share. On the enterprise side, its network infrastructure equipment is used by telecoms carriers across much of the globe, pummelling Ericsson and the Alcatel-Lucent-bolstered Nokia.研究公司IDC的数据显示,以市场占有率来看,华为的手机位居全球第三,仅落后于苹果(Apple)和三星(Samsung);在中国国内目前排在第一位,今年第一季度其出货量超过实力最接近的对手Oppo,市场占有率达20%。在企业业务方面,华为的网络基建设备被全球许多地区的电信运营商所采用,大挫爱立信(Ericsson)以及收购了阿尔卡特-朗讯(Alcatel-Lucent)的诺基亚(Nokia)。But the US, rattled at the prospect of entrusting its communications network to a company founded by a former People’s Liberation Army officer and with what it sees as state links, remains a holdout here.不过,华为在这块业务领域仍被美国拒之门外。该公司是由一名中国人民解放军(PLA)的前军官创办的,而且在美国看来,华为与中国政府之间牵扯不清,因而美国不放心由这样一家公司来承建本国的通信网络。So great are American concerns that when Japan’s SoftBank bought Sprint Nextel in 2013, it had to pledge not to use equipment made by the employee-owned Chinese company and rip out Huawei kit used by Clearwire, a data network operator being acquired by Sprint.就因为美国顾虑重重,2013年日本的软银(SoftBank)收购Sprint Nextel时,只得承诺不使用华为的设备——尽管华为是一家员工持股的公司——并将淘汰Sprint当时正在收购的数据网络运营商Clearwire所使用的华为设备。That did not please Masayoshi Son, according to a person close to the Japanese group’s founder. He was an early fan of Huawei telecoms gear, figuring any supplier to China’s massive carriers would achieve pricing advantages wrought by massive economies of scale.一名接近软银创始人孙正义(Masayoshi Son)的人士表示,这种安排并不合孙正义的心意。作为华为电信设备的一名早期粉丝,孙正义认为,中国电信运营商一律体量庞大,任何为它们供应设备的企业都可享受到巨大规模经济带来的定价优势。Undeterred, Huawei’s sights are firmly set on the global stage. It is building out from handsets and network kit into new business lines, including cloud services, for which it is hiring about 2,000 people this year, while rolling out portable radio masts in congested areas. This month, it is set to expand in the beleaguered PC market with a new laptop, undeterred by slumping sales and the demise of smaller players.华为毫不气馁,依然坚定地把目光投向全球舞台。除了手机和网络设备业务,华为又在开辟新的业务线,其中云务业务计划今年招聘大约2000名员工,同时推出在人流密集地区使用的可携带无线基站。华为没有被个人电脑市场销量下滑、一些较小厂商出局的现实吓倒,还寻求在这个当前低迷的市场扩张,并定于本月发布一款新笔记本电脑。“On the smartphone side, the volumes look great,” says David McQueen, research director at ABI Research, who attended Huawei’s recent analyst meeting in Shenzhen, the fishing village turned tech metropolis across the border from Hong Kong. “They need to bring it up another notch to really catch up with Apple and Samsung in the next generation.”“在智能手机方面,华为的销量看起来非常大,”ABI研究中心(ABI Research)研究总监戴维?麦奎因(David McQueen)说,他参加了华为近日在深圳举行的分析师会议。“未来一代人时间里,他们需要更上一层楼,才能真正追赶上苹果和三星。”The handset division, contributing roughly a quarter of revenues, probably lost money last year, on the back of slashed prices and ramped-up marketing spend, reckons Richard Windsor, founder of research consultancy Radio Free Mobile.研究咨询公司Radio Free Mobile的创始人理查德?温莎(Richard Windsor)推测,由于降价和营销费用增加的缘故,为集团贡献约三分之一营收的华为手机业务去年很可能亏损了。But beyond the paternalistic platitudes, Huawei has taken a tougher stance. Founder and deputy chairman Ren Zhengfei, in an internal memo published by Reuters, railed against unproductive staff.但是,除了家长式的老生常谈以外,华为也采取了更严厉的作风。在由路透(Reuters)发布的一份内部备忘录里,华为创始人、副董事长任正非训斥了工作不力的下属。Speaking at this month’s analyst conference, Shao Yang, president of strategy marketing at the consumer business group, said the company would slim down its handset model portfolio — which currently runs to 22 — and get out of smaller countries where it cannot gain big market share.华为消费者业务首席战略官邵洋在本月的分析师会议上发表讲话时透露,该公司打算精简手机产品线(目前有22款产品),并撤出其无法夺得大片市场的较小国家。Some advocate tougher action for the unit, which remains part of Huawei only because an abortive auction in 2008 failed to attract enough bidders. Mr Windsor suggests a tie-up with an internet titan such as Baidu or Tencent to help plug its service gap in China, and increasing the marketing of its lower-priced Honor brand in developed markets.有些人主张对该部门采取更严厉的做法。其实2008年时华为就打算处置该业务并举行了拍卖,只是因为未能吸引到足够多的投标企业而流拍。温莎建议其与百度(Baidu)或腾讯(Tecent)之类的互联网巨头携手合作,以弥补自身在国内务领域的短板,同时在发达市场大力营销低端的荣耀(Honor)品牌。But for now, “Huawei does not have the stomach or the resources to wade through the rivers of red ink that it will take to knock Samsung off its perch,” he wrote in a note to clients.但就目前而言,“华为既没有意愿也没有资源来解决赤字,也就无法击败三星,”他在给客户的一份报告中写道。Others point to weaknesses elsewhere in the global footprint, including south-east Asia and India. Winning share in India means spending big, says Neil Shah, director at Counterpoint Technology Market Research, noting that rivals such as Oppo and Vivo are shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars on Bollywood and cricket sponsorships.还有人指出,在包括东南亚和印度在内的其他地区,华为的海外扩张脚步显得乏力。对位科技市场研究(Counterpoint Technology Market Research)的董事尼尔?沙阿(Neil Shah)指出,要想在印度夺取市场份额就得烧钱,比如说华为的竞争对手OPPO和vivo在宝莱坞和板球赞助方面已经投了数亿美元。For its part, Huawei concedes there is scope to build a stronger ecosystem. “I think we need to learn from Apple,” says Mr Shao. “The business is like a tree: components are the roots, devices the tree trunks and data, payments, content aggregation the branches.”华为自己承认还有空间打造更强健的生态系统。邵洋表示:“我认为我们需要向苹果学习。把整个业务当作一棵树:零部件是树根,设备是树干,数据、付、内容聚合是树枝。”At the roots, it is manufacturing more sophisticated chips in-house; for the branches there is private cloud storage — where more than 40m photos a day are being uploaded — and mobile payments. It is also looking to beef up offerings.在“树根”方面,华为自己正在生产更精密的芯片。在“树枝”方面,华为提供私人云存储务(每天通过该务上传的照片超过4000万张)和移动付务。此外,华为还在寻求加强视频务。Huawei Pay is another catch-up step, tapping into a .5tn business that is dominated by Alibaba and Tencent. But for now, it is tiny and can only be used mainly on transport; even the coffee shop on campus accepts only its rivals’ payments.推出Huawei Pay也是一项追赶的措施,希望打进有5.5万亿美元规模、已被阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和腾讯(Tencent)占据主导地位的移动付市场。但眼下华为这项业务规模还很小,并且主要在交通工具上使用,即便是华为园区的咖啡店也只接受竞争对手的付务。Similarly, Huawei has nearly 200m consumers using its domestic cloud. But this is far from a profitable business line in China: Alibaba, the internet group that has the biggest market share, lost on every 0 of sales of cloud services last year. Tencent, also chasing a slice of the markets, took on a contract from one provincial government for one fen (Rmb0.01).目前已有近2亿用户在使用华为在国内的云务,但在中国这项业务距离实现盈利还很遥远。拿市场份额最大的阿里巴巴来说,去年该公司的云务每销售出100美元就要亏损5美元。同样想从这个市场分一杯羹的腾讯曾以1分钱价格拿下一个地方政府的订单。But all the talk about the cloud, radio masts and enterprise is at the heart of the tensions at Huawei, says Mr Shah. A common theme at their investor days is that discussions about smartphones are confined to only 2-3 per cent of the time.不过,沙阿表示,在华为内部,所有这些有关云务、无线基站及企业业务的讨论是引发紧张的核心因素。在投资者日,有关智能手机的讨论向来只能占2%到3%的时间。“This shows the rotating CEOs never see consumer as a huge part of the business,” he says. “There’s some mismatch between what the consumer business is trying to drive fast and what the overall leadership team has focused on.”沙阿表示:“这表明历任轮值CEO从来不把消费者业务看作整体业务中的一个重头戏。消费者业务部门试图快速取得进展,他们的目标与上面的领导团队所关注的东西并不对应。”Current chief executive Eric Xu certainly shows little love for the consumer business. In another business contradiction that typifies the dichotomies within Huawei, he abruptly dismissed the smartwatch in a Gerald Ratner moment — undeterred that he led a company that made them.目前轮值的首席执行官徐直军(Eric Xu)就显得对消费者业务无感。他曾突兀地表现得不把智能手表放在眼里,一点不考虑他所领导的公司自己在生产这类产品,简直就是杰拉尔德?拉特纳(Gerald Ratner,是一位曾因嘲笑自己企业的产品而导致企业业务一蹶不振的首席执行官——译者注)化身,这是在公司业务上的又一个矛盾行为,体现了华为内部的分歧。“I’m not a man who wears watches,” he said.” And I’ve never been optimistic about this market.”当时他说:“我这人不戴表,也从不看好这个市场。” /201705/508846


  China has about one billion waste cell phones, with the recovery rate being only about 2 percent, reported jjckb.cn.据《经济参考网》报道,我国约有10亿部废弃手机,回收率不足2%。A man surnamed Fang in Shanghai recently sold two old cell phones at the price of six yuan (about 1 US dollar) to a recycling store. The two phones had cost him nearly 2,000 yuan (about 291 dollars).近日,上海一位姓方的男士以6元的价格(折合约1美元)将两台旧手机卖给了一家回收店。而这两台手机在他买的时候花了他将近2000元(折合约291美元)。;It is as cheap as recyclable rubbish, but I have no choice as there is no use for me;, said Fang.方先生说道;“这就像回收的垃圾一样便宜,但是我没有别的选择,因为我用不到了。”Many would rather keep their waste cellphones instead of recycling them, as the old gadgets are not worth very much.由于旧手机不太值钱,许多人宁愿留着自己的废弃手机,也不愿将其回收处理。According to data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, 560m cellphones were sold on the Chinese mainland in 2016.根据中国信息通信研究院公布的数据,2016年,中国大陆手机市场出货量5.6亿部。It is predicted that the number of new phones is equal to the number of waste ones, and 400m to 500m will be replaced per year.据推测,销售多少新机就会产生多少旧机,每年被淘汰的手机数量将达4亿至5亿部。;The recovery rate in China is only 1% to 2%, much lower than Western countries, so we still need to educate people. People are also afraid of information disclosure if they sell their waste cellphones to recycle stores,; said Zheng Fujiang, president of an online recycling company.某互联网回收企业总裁郑甫江表示:“我国手机回收率只有1%到2%,远低于西方国家,因此我们仍需培养人们的回收意识。人们还担心将废弃手机卖给回收店会导致信息泄露。” /201703/495664。

  A jealous British husband who accused his wife of having an affair with a workmate took the ultimate online revenge -- by placing her for sale on eBay.BEIJING, May 16 (Xinhuanet) -- A jealous British husband who accused his wife of having an affair with a workmate took the ultimate online revenge -- by placing her for sale on eBay.Paul Osborn, 44, evicted his wife of 24 years, Sharon, from their marital home, then advertised her on the internet site for sale, The Sun reported Thursday."I started checking her emails and I realized the rumors were true," he said. "They had been discussing their sex life together and making plans for the future. I was absolutely destroyed. I gathered all her stuff in bags and dumped it in the drive."Osborn told The Sun he initially agreed to take his wife back but decided more drastic measures were needed after he again became suspicious. He created an eBay auction offering his "cheating, lying, adulterous slag of a wife" to the highest bidder. Bids reached more than 1 million U.S. dollars.Sharon Osborn denies cheating on her husband and has filed a police complaint against him for harassment, the newspaper report said.Three weeks ago, Sharon pleaded for Paul to take her back. She moved back in, but two weeks later, Paul was again convinced she was cheating.Paul said: "In a fit of rage I put the advert on eBay. I later took it off because I realised it wasn't the right thing to do. I was just so angry."But Sharon had aly made a complaint to police who today confirmed they were investigating, saying: "Statements have been taken from two people." 北京,5月16(新华网)--一个妒火焚心的英国丈夫曾起诉他的妻子跟一个同事有染,他采取了终极的网上报复--将妻子发到易趣网上出售。保罗奥斯伯恩,44岁, 将他24岁的妻子莎朗逐出他们的婚姻生活,然后在网站上登出广告出售她,太阳报于周二报道。“我开始查看她的电子邮件并且意识到留言是真的,”他说,“他们一直一起讨论他们的性生活并且为将来做打算。这彻底毁了我,我把她所有的东西都装到袋子里然后倾倒在街上。”奥斯伯恩告诉太阳报,他起先同意接纳他的妻子,但是在他再次起疑心时,决定采取更加极端的措施。他在易趣上发起竞拍,将他的“爱欺骗撒谎,不贞的妻子”卖给出价最高的人。出价达到了一百多万美元。莎朗奥斯伯恩否认欺骗了他的丈夫,并且向警方提起指控,控告他的骚扰行为,本报报道说。三周千,莎朗恳求保罗再次接纳她。她搬回去住了,但是两周之后,保罗再次信她在欺骗他。保罗说:“在一阵愤怒之后,我在易趣上留言了。之后我将它取消了因为我意识到这样做不对。我只是非常生气。”但是莎朗已经向警方提起控诉,确信今天他们正在调查,她说:“已经从两个人处取得了陈述”。 /200805/39779

  Why Coal May Burn More BrightlyThe International Energy Agency painted a tough energy outlook for coming years, with tightening oil supplies and a surge in global-warming emissions as China and India burn more coal to power their booming economies.国际能源署(International Energy Agency)为今后几年的能源市场描绘了一幅暗淡的图景。它预计石油供应将吃紧,而中国、印度等国煤炭消耗量增加将导致全球温室气体排放量进一步上升。The industrialized world's energy watchdog also predicted fast-growing China will displace the U.S. as both the world's biggest polluter this year and the largest energy consumer by 2010, based on current trends.IEA还预计,经济高速发展的中国今年将取代美国,成为全球最大的污染物排放国,并且从目前趋势看,中国将在2010年后成为最大的能源消耗国。The Paris-based group, in its annual forecast, said a number of factors, including the soaring cost of oil, will contribute to a boom in coal. Aging and less-productive oil fields and resistance among major oil exporters to build spare oil capacity will make crude oil and natural gas more expensive and prompt developing countries to turn increasingly to the world's dirtiest fossil fuel.总部位于巴黎的IEA在其年度报告中表示,油价飙升等众多因素将继续刺激煤炭的使用。油田的长期开采和产量下降以及主要石油出口国不愿增加新产能等因素将进一步推高原油和天然气价格,促使发展中国家更多地转向煤炭这种全球污染最严重的化石燃料。The annual World Energy Outlook, released as U.S. benchmark crude rose 20 cents to .90 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange trading Wednesday morning, also details a continued surge in oil demand that could result in a serious supply crunch around 2015. The agency, which acts as an energy think tank funded by the world's 26 most-advanced economies, portrays a world that by 2030 will be consuming 55% more energy than it is now, with almost half of the growth because of soaring demand in China and India. While oil will remain the world's largest source of energy in terms of metric tons of oil equivalent, at 32%, coal's share is expected to jump to 28%, up from 25% now, contributing to a 57% increase in carbon emissions.IEA 在其年度报告《世界能源展望》(World Energy Outlook)中还详细论述了石油需求的继续增长可能会在2015年前后带来严重的供应问题。报告预计,到2030年,全球能源消耗量将比目前增加 55%,其中约有一半的增长来自中国和印度。尽管从吨油当量指标来看,届时石油仍将是全球最大的能源来源,所占比重为32%,但煤炭的比重预计将从目前的 25%上升到28%,在碳排放增加量中占到57%。Barring unforeseen changes in government policy to reduce oil consumption, the IEA predicts that world-wide oil demand will hit 116 million barrels a day by 2030, up from about 85 million barrels a day now. Electricity use will nearly double, with most of the globe's new plants burning coal.IEA预计,除非各国政府采取措施抑制石油消费,否则全球石油消耗量将在2030年达到每天1.16亿桶,远高于目前的约8,500万桶。全球的大多数新工厂都将使用煤炭,用电量将增加近一倍。For nearly all economies, the tough question is on the supply side. The IEA foresees a boost in production from new fields in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, but warns that 'it is very uncertain' whether these new sources 'will be sufficient to compensate for the decline in output at existing fields' in the Middle East and among other big producers such as Russia, Mexico and Venezuela.对几乎所有经济体来说,他们都面临着供应面的严峻考验。IEA预计,中东尤其是沙特阿拉伯的新油田产量将会增加,但该组织警告说,很不确定这是否能够补偿中东和俄罗斯、墨西哥及委内瑞拉等石油生产大国现有油田产量的下降。The resulting pinch in supply could result in 'an abrupt escalation in oil prices' around 2015, an event the agency said 'cannot be ruled out.' The dramatic rise in oil prices to nearly 0 a barrel from about in early January has invigorated debate over whether oil prices will go far higher in coming years, or will taper off from a spike that some critics insist is largely driven by speculation.由此带来的供应面的紧张可能导致油价在2015年前后大幅上涨,IEA表示不能排除这种可能性。今年以来,国际油价已从年初的每桶50美元左右飙升至目前的近100美元,今后几年油价将继续上扬还是会冲高回落成了人们争论的问题。一些人士坚持认为,目前油价的上涨主要是由投机行为推动的。The IEA bluntly says consumers and governments globally are doing too little to improve energy-supply security and to cut pollution. Even under the most optimistic assumptions, global carbon emissions -- the main culprit blamed for global warming -- will be 25% higher in 2030 from today's levels.IEA坦率地表示,全球的消费者和政府所作甚少,不足以加强能源供应安全和降低污染。即使按照最乐观的假设,到2030年时全球的碳排放量也将比目前水平增加25%。'The pathway we're on is not sustainable' both for the health of the environment and for securing stable energy supplies in the future, IEA Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka told journalists in London. 'Time is running out.'IEA执行干事田中伸男(Nobuo Tanaka)在伦敦向记者表示,无论从环保角度还是保持未来能源供应稳定的角度看,我们目前的做法都是不可持续的。时机正在一点点丧失。China and India are setting the tone of global energy markets with the size of their populations, each over one billion, and double-digit economic growth rates. The IEA predicts that the two Asian countries combined will import more oil in 2030 than Japan and the U.S. do today. China and India also will account for 80% of the growth in coal consumption over the next two decades, with China tapping abundant domestic supplies but India having to import more of what it needs.中国和印度正在全球能源市场扮演着越来越重要的角色,两国的人口数量都超过10亿,经济增长率都在两位数以上。IEA预计,这两个亚洲国家到2030年的石油进口总量将超过目前日本和美国的进口量之和。在今后20年中,全球新增煤炭消费量将有80%来自中国和印度,中国有着充足的国内供应,而印度则需要进口更多煤炭。While the IEA focused its most recent outlook on China and India, it also forecast booming demand in the Middle East. Oil use there is expected to hit 7.9 million barrels a day by 2015, more than twice the predicted demand in India.尽管IEA在报告中重点关注了中国和印度市场,但它预计中东地区的需求也将增长。预计2015年时,中东地区的原油消耗量将达到每天790万桶,是印度预期需求量的两倍以上。Although China is taking measures to mitigate global-warming emissions, the Asian giant is to become the world's biggest polluter this year in absolute terms and the largest energy consumer, ahead of the U.S., shortly after 2010, based on current trends, according to the IEA outlook. On a per-capita-emissions basis, the U.S. is expected to remain the world's biggest greenhouse gas producer over the next two decades.尽管中国正在采取措施减少污染物的排放,但IEA在报告中预测,照目前趋势发展,以绝对值衡量,中国今年将成为全球最大的污染排放国,并在2010年之后不久取代美国成为最大的能源消耗国。按人均排放量统计,预计美国在今后20年仍将是全球最大的温室气体排放国。Renewable energy sources such as solar will grow in use in certain areas, like the U.K., but the current logistical challenges and costs of using and developing them mean all renewable energy sources will remain a fraction of total energy use globally in 2030 at about 10%, unchanged from today.太阳能等可再生能源在英国等一些国家将得到更广泛的使用,但目前的物流难题及应用和开发成本意味着,到2030年时,全球的所有可再生能源在全部能源中所占比例仍将保持在目前的10%左右。The IEA says improved energy efficiency, technical improvements for burning coal more cleanly, and building more nuclear power plants, which emit almost no carbon emissions, are some of the responses consumers and governments must take to ease energy-supply concerns and to cut carbon gases.IEA表示,提高能源效率、发展清洁煤炭技术及建设更多的核电站是消费者和政府必须采取的缓解能源供应紧张和减少温室气体排放的对策。Such measures are critical because finding new oil and gas supplies around the world is getting far more expensive and unpredictable even though state-run and publicly traded energy companies are sinking hundreds of billions of dollars into exploration efforts. Part of the oil and gas supply problem in the years ahead also stems from a more disciplined approach by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to increasing spare oil-production capacity. The 12-nation producer group says it is spending more than 0 billion currently on new projects, but it doesn't want to be stuck with too much capacity down the road in case demand falters, which would then squeeze oil prices.这些措施至关重要,因为尽管国有和上市能源公司在勘探上投入了数千亿美元,但在全球范围内寻找新油气田的成本越来越高,难度也越来越大。近年来油气供应紧张的原因之一还在于石油输出国组织(OPEC,简称:欧佩克)在增加新产能问题上采取了比较保守的做法。欧佩克表示,目前已投资1,000多亿美元用于新项目建设,但为了防止需求下降并进而打击油价,它并不想大规模提高产能。OPEC is expected to supply just over half the world's oil supply by 2030, compared with about 40% today, as non-OPEC production falls.随着非欧佩克国家产量的下降,到2030年时,估计欧佩克在全球石油供应中所占的比例将超过50%,高于目前的约40%。 /200808/45864


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