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成都暴牙矫正四川新桥口腔医院治疗拔牙多少钱越吃还能越瘦。你相信吗? Want to lose weight? Eat more. As a general rule, you should never allow yourself to become hungry. Just like feeling thirsty means that you've waited too long and the earliest signs of dehydration are setting in, being hungry means that you've waited too long to eat since your last meal and your body is in need of nourishment. Allowing this to happen time and time again will slow your metabolism down, down, d-o-w-n ... Does this, then, mean that it's okay to eat Burger King or Taco Bell five or six times per day? Believe me, I'm right there with you—I wish it did. But of course it doesn't。 What it means is that if you eat 5 to 6 small, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day, you will lose weight over time. a Framingham Nutrition Study has found that women who consume 400 more calories per day and eat healthier are two-and-a-half times less likely to have an excess of abdominal fat than women who take in fewer calories but consume more saturated fat and less fiber。 想减肥吗?多吃点就行了。有一条普遍准则说,你永远不要让自己饿着。感到渴了,表示你已经等了好久,而且已经出现了脱水的前兆;感到饿了,表示距离你上顿吃东西已经过了很久,你的身体需要营养了。如果放任这种情况一次次出现,你的新陈代谢会越来越慢,越来越慢…… 这是不是说,我们可以每天吃五六餐汉堡王(Burger King)或者Taco Bell(一种墨西哥玉米卷,跟KFC一样是连锁店)?相信我吧,我已经试过了——我希望可以这么吃。但实际上不可以。 这样做才是正确的:每天吃五六顿量不大却健康的正餐或小吃,这样过一段时间,你就能瘦下来。一项Framingham营养研究发现,每天摄取400多卡路里且饮食健康的女性,与每天摄取更少卡路里但多饱和脂肪少纤维的女性相比,后者腹部肥胖的几率比前者多2.5倍。 所以,少食多餐,少脂肪多纤维,越吃就能越苗条! /201110/158184成都四环素牙冷光美白多少钱 Aries (March 21 - April 19) Love is a big theme for your vacation this summer. Find the love of your life while walking through the cobblestone streets of a Mediterranean island or while hiking a mountain. If you’re aly attached, plan something action oriented with your partner. Sitting on a beach all day won’t fulfill you as much as you might think it would.爱情是白羊座在这个夏天的主题。 当你穿越地中海鹅卵石路时或是爬山徒步旅行时,会找到生命中的真爱。如果你已经有伴侣了,那就和她/他一起计划些户外活动。整天坐在海滩上不会像想象中那样让你满足。Taurus (April 20 - May 20) For maximum relaxation this summer, your best bet is to enjoy a spiritual retreat or spa in the middle of the woods. Get a massage and leave your cell phone at home. Use this time to reflect, review, and meditate. Consider a getaway music, art, or yoga camp for adults where you can let your creativity soar without feeling burdened by the responsibilities of daily life.今夏,金牛座的最大乐趣就是抛开一切,享受一次精神spa。 享受一次,将手机留在家里。利用这段清闲时光去思考,回顾和计划。考虑下来点旅行音乐,艺术或是瑜伽,那样你能释放出创造力而不是被日常生活的责任所累。Gemini (May 21 - June 20) You don’t have to go far from home to reap the rewards of a wonderful vacation this summer. For you, a series of short road trips will be much more fulfilling than using all your vacation days in one large block. Book fancy hotel rooms in nearby cities and treat yourself and your friends or family to shows, expensive dinners, museums, and educational tours. You’ll have a ball!你不必远离家来感受快乐假期。 对双子座来说,短途旅行比长途跋涉更能带来奇妙的假期体验。 在附近城市预定舒适的房间。或是请你朋友,家人和你一起去看展览,享受下昂贵的晚餐,去物馆,或来次教育旅行。你会玩得很开心。Cancer (June 21 - July 22) This summer won’t be truly fulfilling for you unless you spend a good chunk of it with your extended family. The third week in June through the third week in July is best for large family reunions and parties. Even if you have to travel a long distance, go by car and elongate the trip by visiting lakes, rivers, and seaside towns along the way.如果你不来次家庭聚会,这个假期对于你来说就不完整。家庭聚会会让巨蟹座感到无比满足。 六月的第3个星期最适合举办家庭聚会和开party。即使你必须进行长途旅行,也可以乘车去,沿路参看下湖泊,河流和海边城镇,来让你的旅途更加丰富多。Leo (July 23 - August 22) Your best bet is to go someplace sunny and hot! Buy new bathing suits and fly to a tropical destination. Let the sun recharge your battery while you lay on your beach towel and enjoy your favorite drink. Bring your loved ones along but keep the group size small.阳光明媚的热带海滨是狮子座的理想度假胜地。 买些游泳衣,去一个热带地方。当你躺在沙滩上喝着美味的饮料,让阳光来给你冲下电。可以带你喜欢的人一起去,但不要带太多人。Virgo (August 23 - September 22) You have been penny-pinching all year to save up for something special. Now is the time to break the piggy bank and splurge on yourself. Do something that gets you out of your usual element and invokes your curious nature. Plan a retreat that is far removed from your normal life in order to get in touch with your true soul.直勤俭持家的处女座可以挥霍一把了,为什么不打破常规来调动一下你的精灵古怪。 计划次和平时生活截然不同的活动,让你与心灵来次真正的接触。 /201209/199262遂宁市妇幼保健院治疗瓷贴面美容冠种植牙价格

成都中山医院看冷光牙齿好吗成都医学院第一附属医院黄黑牙烟渍牙价格 泸州市妇幼保健院洗牙洁牙窝沟封闭蛀牙龋齿怎么样好吗

凉山彝族自治州瓷嵌体去哪里医院好 1. Just add water.1. 想降温?加点水Soak a t-shirt in the sink, wring it out, put it on and sit in a chair that lets air through to you in front of a fan.将T恤浸泡在水中,拧干后穿在身上,坐在能透风的椅子上吹风扇。2. Sweat it out.2. 多出汗Water vapor produced by sweating actually takes heat away from your body. The best thing to do is to put your sweaty self in the path of a cool breeze or fan.出汗时的水蒸气能将体内的热量带出来,最好是大汗淋漓的站在通风处。3. Dress for the heat.3. 穿衣之道Wear natural fabrics (cotton, silk, linen) rather than artificial fibers.尽量穿棉、丝、亚麻等自然纤维材质的衣,不穿人造纤维。Wear Light Colors: Darker colors will absorb the sun#39;s rays and be warmer than light or white clothing, which reflects light and heat.穿浅色衣:深色衣会吸收太阳射线,浅色和白色衣能够将光和热反射出去,因此深色衣比浅、白色衣的吸热度高。Cover Up: Covering up may actually keep you cooler, especially if the heat is low in humidity. By protecting your skin from the sun beating down, you#39;ll also shade your skin. Be sure your clothing is natural fabrics, and loose.注意遮盖:适当遮盖会让你更凉快,尤其是当天气热,湿度却较低时。遮盖能让你的皮肤免受太阳直射。当然,记得衣最好是自然纤维并且要宽松哦。4. Go downstairs.4. 下楼去乘凉Warm air is less dense than cooler air so it ends up layered on top of the downward moving cooler air. Make your way to the basement or lower level. It will be cooler there.热空气比冷空气密度小,因此热空气总在冷空气上方。去地下室或者较低的地方吧,那里会更凉快。5. Keep the air flowing.5. 保持空气流通In the evening, open windows and use fans to create a cross-breeze, circulating cooler evening/night air through the rooms. As soon as the sun hits the building the next morning, close all windows and keep doors and windows closed throughout the day until it is cooler outside than it is inside. Leaving kitchen cabinets open all night helps too; if you leave them closed, they store the heat.在晚上,打开窗户或者用风扇让空气保持对流,让凉快的晚风能够穿过房子。次日清晨,当太阳直射房子的时候,一整个白天都关闭所有门窗,直到室外比室内凉快后再通风。夜间把厨房的橱柜全部打开,否则关闭的橱柜里也会储存一些热量。6. Turn off electrical heat sources.6. 切断电热源Turn off the stove or other sources of heat. Turn off your lamps, as well as your computer when you#39;re not using it. Turn off your TV.关掉炉子等热源。关掉所有不用的灯、电脑、和电视。7. Eat spicy food.7. 辣味食物It#39;s not a coincidence that many people in hotter regions of the world eat spicy food. Spicy (hot to the taste) food increases perspiration which cools the body as it evaporates. It also can cause an endorphin rush that is quite pleasant and might make you forget about the heat.很多生活在炎热地区的人都吃辛辣的食物,这不只是个巧合。辛辣的食物能够促进排汗,随着汗液蒸发,身体也就凉快下来了。此外,辛辣食物还会促进脑内啡的分泌,让你产生快感,忘掉炎热。8. Think cool.8. 冥想降温Read books about climbing Mount Everest, visiting Norway, or watch ;Ice Age;, or ;The Day After Tomorrow;. You might not be physically cooler, but if your mind envisions a cold environment, you might feel a bit cooler.去读读关于登珠峰、游挪威的书,看看《冰河世纪》、《后天》这样的电影。这样也许你的身体不会感到凉快,但是因为大脑在联想凉爽的环境,所以你也许会感觉到少许凉意吧。9. Sit still.9. 静坐Do not try to fan yourself because it can make you hotter. Trying to move while feeling hot can make you feel hotter.不要自己给自己扇风,因为只会越扇越热。当你感到热时,做任何动作只会让你更热。10. Cool as a cucumber!10. 像黄瓜一样清凉Slice a thin piece of cold cucumber and stick it in the middle of your forehead! This feels fantastic on a hot day and works almost immediately!大热天里,切一片薄薄的黄瓜贴在额头中心,很快你就会有很爽的感觉! /201205/184756遵义市妇幼保健院地包天牙齿前突价格大邑县妇幼保健院地包天牙齿前突价格



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