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More than two decades ago, a 10-year-old schoolgirl threw a bottle into the sea off the coast of Hull as she embarked on a family holiday, hoping to get a response from a stranger in a faraway land.20多年前的一个家庭假日里,一个10岁的女生在赫尔海湾抛下了一个漂流瓶,希望能得到远方陌生人的回信。Inside the bottle was a scrawled letter from Zoe Lemon, a youngster with a love of ;ballet, playing the flute and the piano;, who had just boarded a ferry bound for a holiday in Germany.漂流瓶里的那张字迹潦草的信是Zoe Lemon写的,她是一个喜爱“芭蕾、演奏竖笛和钢琴”的女生,她当时刚刚上轮船要去德国度假。She told her prospective recipients of her pet hamster and fish, both called Sparkle, and her parents who were both teachers.她告诉了收信人她的宠物是一只仓鼠和一条鱼,它们的名字都是Sparkle,还有她的父母都是教师。Miss Lemon, of Salford, Greater Manchester, soon forgot about her act of whimsy, eventually marrying and having a child herself.大曼彻斯特郡索尔福德市的Lemon,很快就忘了她的一时兴起之举,后来她嫁为人妇,也有了自己的孩子。But this Christmas she was staggered to receive a reply after 23 years.但是在今年圣诞,她惊讶地收到了23年后迟来的回信。It turned out to be a reply to her letter from Piet and Jacqueline Lateur from near Rotterdam. Mr Lateur was walking his dog in the Oosterschelde dykes, near where he and his wife live in Serooskerke, when he found the bottle with Zoe’s letter inside.原来这是鹿特丹市附近的Piet和Jacqueline Lateur夫妇寄来的回信。这对夫妇住在萨鲁斯科克,Lateur先生捡到Zoe的信时,他正在家附近的东斯尔德堤坝边遛。Mrs Averianov, 33, who works in a jewellery shop, said: #39;It’s been a bit crazy really. My parents came to visit on Christmas day and they had this letter from Europe addressed to my maiden name, Lemon.在珠宝店工作的33岁的Averianov女士说:“这真是太神奇了。我父母在圣诞那天来做客,他们带来了这封从欧洲寄来的信,收信人的名字用的是我的娘家姓Lemon。”Since receiving the letter, Mrs Averianov has been in contact with Mr Lateur via email and asked to see photographs of where the bottle was found.收到回信后,Averianov女士就开始与Lateur先生用电子邮件联系,并询问是否能让她看看发现漂流瓶的地方的照片。He told her: #39;I am keeping your little letter on my piano. I know you are no longer a little girl but you asked me to write you so I have.#39;他告诉她:“我把你的这封短信放在了我的钢琴上。我知道你已经不是一个小女孩了,但是你要求我给你回信,所以我就回了。”Mrs Averianov’s father, John Lemon, 68, had encouraged his daughter to throw the message into the sea on a family holiday and now she is considering doing the same for her five-year-old son Maksim.Averianov女士的父亲,68岁的John Lemon,在那次家庭假日里鼓励女儿向海里扔下漂流瓶,现在她也想为她5岁的儿子Maksim做同样的事。She said: #39;I’ll probably wait until he’s a bit older and can understand and write a letter, but maybe we’ll do it by attaching it to a balloon.#39;她说:“我可能要等到他再长大一点,直到他懂得怎么写一封信,但是我们也许会把信件绑在一个气球上。” /201401/271660

Happiness in the real world is largely the result of prioritizing what’s really important for you, going after those things, and not being too picky about everything else. Of course, when you’re talking about fantasizing, you can have it all, as we’ve seen previously when men are asked for the characteristics of their ideal woman.现实的快乐大部分源自对自己最重要东西的选择和追求,而不对其他的事过多挑剔。当然若是幻想,那你怎么想都可以。当男士被问及自己理想女性的特点时,情况就是如此。So when a men’s magazine in Japan recently published the results of a similar survey, we weren’t surprised that the compiled average of the physical parameters were pretty strict. What was shocking, though, was the response given by one man, whose image of the perfect female figure isn’t just largely unattainable, it’s downright unhealthy.所以当一本日本男士杂志最近发布了一项类似调查结果时,我们毫不惊讶得出的平均身材标准是多么的严格。其中,一位男士的回答特别令人惊讶,他心目中的完美女性身材不仅难以达到,而且是一种极其不健康的身材。Twitter user Junnai shared one page of the questionnaire’s results. This page, though, is all about the physical, and with a section unabashedly declaring that the best breasts have both elasticity and a well-defined shape, there’s obviously not a lot of self-censoring going on. There’s a tale of the tape for the perfect body, and the non-round numbers seem like a pretty clear indicator that the figures are averages, with a height of 157 centimeters, a weight of 44 kilograms, a D-cup bust, and waist and hip measurements of 59 and 81 centimeters, respectively.Junnai在推特上分享了一页调查问卷结果。但这页调查结果全部是关于身材的,并且还非常大胆地写道,最佳胸部既要有弹性又要形状好,显而易见,这个调查对结果并没有做太多的筛检。调查得出的完美身材数据十分具体,像是一个清晰的平均标准,要求如下:身高157厘米,体重44公斤,D罩杯,腰围和胸围分别为59厘米和81厘米。Somewhat harder to find, though, would be someone fitting the description one man gave of his ideal woman.然而,其中有一位男士对理想女性的要求比较难达到。152 centimeters isn’t that tiny by Japanese standards, but 37 kilograms? There are indeed certain things that’s a fine weight for. For example, if you’re an eighth-grade boy who’s just started lifting weights, a 37-kg bench press is a modest, yet decent, starting goal.根据日本标准,身高152厘米不算特别矮,但36公斤呢?理想体重还是应该有个度吧。36公斤大概是多少呢?一个8年级男孩可从37公斤开始练习举重,这对他来说不高也不低,较为合适。For a person, though, 37 kilograms probably means either your caloric intake or number of limbs is lower than it ordinarily should be. That or you’re some kind of bird-like creature built for flight and have hollow bones.但对一个人来说,37公斤的体重可能意味着你的卡路里摄入不足,或是你的肢体有些残缺,要不然你大概是某种空心骨头的鸟类生物吧。Not everyone who participated in the survey was so fixated on numbers, either. Directly to the right of the 32 kilogram comment sown above is another e from someone else saying, “As long as she has a slim waist I don’t really care about how many centimeters it is.”但也不是每一个受访者都拘泥于数字。32公斤那条左边的另一条就说道,“只要她腰部纤细,我不在意数字是多少。”We should also point out that the magazine either didn’t know or chose not to reveal the age of the respondents. It’s possible the guy looking for a 37-kilogram girl is still in junior high, and thus isn’t thinking in terms of full-grown women, we suppose. Of course, it’s also possible that he just doesn’t have enough experience with real women to know how far out of touch with reality his fantasy is.还需要指出的一点是,杂志并没有透露受访者的年龄,这也许是因为不知道,还有可能是有意选择不透露。我们猜想,梦想着37公斤理想女性的那位男士有可能还是一个初中生,因此并不是在说成年女性。当然也有可能是因为他缺乏与真实女性的交往经验,不知道幻想与现实差得有多远。 /201407/311664

DELHI, India — When the Ambassador car was born in 1957 to a newly independent India, it was the height of style and status. It was standard issue to senior civil servants and government officials; its possession implied status, and its ubiquity was a sign of an earlier, seemingly simpler India.印度德里——当1957年大使牌(Ambassador)轿车在新独立的印度诞生时,它代表着极致的风尚与地位。高级公务员和政府官员都统一配了这款车;它曾是身份的象征,而它的无所不在则让人想起往昔的那个似乎更简单的印度。The country’s highly protectionist economy also made it one of the few cars on the road, with a singular design that has often been compared to a bowler hat.印度严重的保护主义经济也让大使牌汽车成为路上少数的汽车品牌之一,这款车的单一设计常常被比作圆顶礼帽。But that icon of the Indian road may have reached the end of the line, pushed from its dominance by changing consumer tastes, an opening marketplace for automobiles and fierce competition. In May, the car’s manufacturer, Hindustan Motors announced that it would suspend production of its Ambassador, the final stage in a long decline.但这个印度马路上的标志性车型可能已经走到了尽头,由于消费者品味的不断变化、汽车市场日益开放,以及激烈的竞争,它的主导地位已不复存在。今年5月,大使牌汽车的制造商印度斯坦汽车公司(Hindustan Motors)宣布,将停止生产这种车型,其漫长的衰落过程进入了最后阶段。As far back as 1999, Hindustan Motors reported a .5 million loss from the lone plant in West Bengal, partly because of an outsized work force. In the year ending March 2014, just 2,200 Ambassadors were sold, according to Reuters. In the year ending September 2013, the company reported losses exceeding its net worth.早在1999年,印度斯坦汽车公司单从西孟加拉邦的一家工厂就录得了950万美元的亏损,这一定程度上是因为工人过多。据路透社(Reuters)报道,在2014年3月结束的财年,公司仅售出了2200辆大使牌汽车。在2013年9月结束的财年,公司录得的亏损超过了公司净值。In their statement announcing the shutdown, Hindustan Motors cited a “lack of demand” for the Ambassador and a shortage of funds, as well as “growing indiscipline” among factory workers at the West Bengal plant.在宣布停产的声明中,印度斯坦汽车公司给出的理由是需求不足和资金短缺,以及西孟加拉邦工厂的工人“越来越缺乏纪律性”。In the 1980s, Maruti introduced the Alto 800, an underpowered but inexpensive hatchback that brought car ownership to the masses. In the 1990s when the economy was liberalized, the Indian car market slowly opened up to faster, more convenient options.上世纪80年代,Maruti推出了Alto800车型,这款动力不足但价格低廉的掀背式轿车让普通人拥有了私家车。上世纪90年代的经济自由化之后,印度汽车市场慢慢向更快、更便捷的车型敞开了怀抱。“The death of the Ambassador may have formally been announced earlier last month, but in reality the Ambassador vanished from Indian roads 10 years ago,” said Siddharth Varadarajan, a journalist who owns three Ambassadors.“大使牌汽车的死讯可能是上个月早些时候正式宣布的,但事实上这款车10年前就从印度的马路上消失了,”印度记者西哈斯·瓦拉德拉简(Siddharth Varadarajan)说。他自己有三辆大使牌汽车。The virtual monopoly that Hindustan Motors possessed for decades, he said, was the car’s undoing.他说,印度斯坦汽车公司几十年来的垄断,是这款汽车遭到淘汰的原因。“There was never any incentive for Hindustan Motors to improve the product,” Mr. Varadarajan said. “They were a highly myopic company.”“印度斯坦汽车公司一直没有任何动力来改进产品,”瓦拉德拉简说,“这是一家极其短视的公司。”The company, however, has maintained that the halting of its production is temporary, and that the plant in West Bengal will eventually reopen.然而这家公司宣称,停产是暂时的,西孟加拉的工厂终将重新运转。It is the car of Nehruvian India, its white, be-curtained iteration the conveyance of dignitaries including, at times, the president.它是尼赫鲁时期印度的标志性车型,其车窗配有窗帘的白色款型曾是许多权贵的座驾,包括印度总统。In this sense, the Ambassador holds the singular distinction of being one of the few vehicles whose mention evokes power, elegance and something pleasingly retro, even as its manifestation, in the form of taxis and government vehicles in Kolkata and Delhi, often borders on disrepair.从这种意义上说,大使牌汽车的非凡之处在于,提起它来就让人联想起权力、优雅和赏心悦目的复古,而这样的汽车并不多。与此同时,目前仍在行使的大使牌汽车,主要是加尔各答和德里的出租车和政府车辆,经常破烂不堪。Drivers complain that pedals break off after a few thousand miles, that the air-conditioners malfunction. Some use turmeric to stop up holes in the radiator — anything to avoid servicing with expensive and increasingly rare parts. Many carry water bottles to cool off radiators that frequently overheat.司机们抱怨大使牌车的踏板在行驶了几千英里后会折断,以及车内的空调失灵。一些人用姜黄粉来堵住散热器上的窟窿——使用一切方法来避免使用昂贵和越发稀少的零件来维修汽车。许多人携带着水瓶,为经常过热的散热器降温。But the fondness for some drivers, whose cars took them through decades of India’s history, seems to overpower any inconvenience.但是一些司机已经驾驶着他们的车见了几十年的印度历史,他们对这款车的钟爱似乎战胜了任何不便。V. P. Verma, a retired engineer, parks his mint green Ambassador proudly outside his south Delhi home. He said the waiting list for the car when his father, a district administrative officer in Bihar, bought it in 1962 was five years.退休工程师V·P·维尔马(V. P. Verma)把他薄荷绿色的大使车骄傲地停在德里南部的家门外。他说,他的父亲,一名区政府官员,1962年购买了这辆车,当时的等待时间长达五年。“To possess an Ambassador in 1962 was like possessing an Audi in India now,” said Mr. Verma. “It was status, prestige.”“在1962年拥有一辆大使牌汽车,就像如今在印度拥有一辆奥迪一样,”维尔马说,“那是地位,是威望。”He recalled how they packed the entire family — 14 people — into the car on road trips between Darbhanga, a town in north Bihar, to Patna, its capital. Twenty years ago, the car took him and his wife on a 1,000-kilometer trip from Ranchi in present-day Jharkhand State, through Uttar Pradesh, up to the hills of Almora at the foot of the Himalayas, and did not break down once. Though friends have pressed him to replace it, it remains his only car.他回忆了他们全家——14个人——如何挤在车里,在比哈尔邦北部城镇达尔邦格阿和首府巴特那之间的公路上旅行。20年前,这辆车带着他和妻子完成了一次1000公里的旅行,从今天的贾坎德邦的兰契出发,途经北方邦,直到喜马拉雅山脚的阿尔莫拉山区,全程车子一次也没坏过。尽管朋友们催他换一辆车,但这仍然是他唯一的汽车。“It needs a face-lift now and then,” said his wife, Sabine Verma. “But its heart is still strong.”他的妻子萨比娜·维尔马(Sabine Verma)说,“它需要时不时整个容,但它的心脏仍然强壮。” /201407/309002

;McResource Line; — McDonald#39;s#39; employee-only resource and advice site — has been dispensing a hot mess of helpful tips in recent months: From advising workers to get a second job, to suggesting they sell their stuff for quick cash, to reminding them to tip their nannies and pool boys generously this holiday season.“McResource Line”是仅向麦当劳员工开放的资源与建议交流网站,近几个月来该网站发布了多条热门建议,包括鼓励员工找兼职,建议他们卖掉自己的东西换成现金,还提醒他们假期里要记得大方地给保姆及游泳池杂工小费。Its latest recommendation, however, may be its most useful yet: Lay off the fast food.但最近的一条也许是所有建议里面最有用的了:别吃快餐了。An image posted on the site labels a McDonald#39;s-like meal of hamburger, fries, and a coke as an ;unhealthy choice,; and warns employees against consuming such foods, which are ;almost always high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt.;在该网站发布的一张图片中,麦当劳式的汉堡、薯条及可乐的套餐被打上“非健康选择”的标签,称其“几乎都是高热量、高脂肪,糖份、盐份也非常高”,还呼吁员工不要吃此类食品。;It is hard to eat a healthy diet when you eat at fast-food restaurants often,; the site goes on to say. ;Many foods are cooked with a lot of fat, even if they are not trans fats. Many fast-food restaurants do not offer any lower-fat foods. And most fast food restaurants do not offer many fresh fruits and vegetables.;“如果你经常在快餐店里吃饭,那么你很难保持一个健康的饮食习惯。”该网站称。“在制作快餐时一般都会放很多动物油,尽管这些油并不是反式脂肪。大多快餐店一般没有低脂肪的食品,也没有什么新鲜的水果和蔬菜。”So what can employees do to eat healthier? For one thing — stay away from McDonald#39;s.所以员工们怎样才能吃得更健康呢?一个选择就是——远离麦当劳。;In general,; the site suggests, ;eat at places that offer a variety of salads, soups, and vegetables.;“一般来说,多去那些有多种沙拉、汤以及蔬菜的餐馆吃饭。” 该网站建议。None the less, the company said it was ;looking into the matter.;但麦当劳公司声称其将会“调查此事”。 /201312/270369

A woman got a dent in her car and took it in to the repair shop.The repairman decided to have a wee bit of fun. So he told her all she had to do was to take it home and blow in the tailpipe until the dent popped itself out.一位女士把车撞了一个坑,于是就去修车。修理工决定幽她一默。他告诉她,她只需把车开回家,然后从排气管里往车里吹气,直到凹陷处自己鼓起来。After 15 minutes of this, a lady - one of the woman#39;s friends came over and asked what she was doing.;I#39;m trying to pop out this dent, but it#39;s not really working.;;Duh you have to roll up the windows first!;这位女士如法操作了15分钟。这时,她的一位女性朋友来拜访她,并问她在做什么。“我正在试着让那个坑鼓起来,但这个办法似乎并不管用。”“嗯……你必须先把车窗摇上去!” /201309/255805

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