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成都镶牙去哪家医院好成都口腔科疾病If you#39;re the undisputed tablet market leader, how do you one-up yourself? Simple. With serious upgrades to the full-sized iPad and iPad Mini.如果你是平板电脑市场无可争辩的领导者,你会如何超越自我,继续领先对手呢?很简单,下大力气升级全尺寸iPad和iPad Mini。This Tuesday, Apple (AAPL) introduced the iPad Air, a redesigned full-sized tablet with 9.7-inch display that takes design cues from the iPad Mini, including diamond-cut chamfered edges and thinner vertical borders. The ;Air; moniker refers to the tablet#39;s newfound lightness: at 1 lb., it weighs .4 lbs less than its predecessor. (It#39;s also 20% thinner overall.) The iPad Air begins shipping on Nov. 1, starting at 9 for the 16-gigabyte WiFi version and 9 for the 16 GB version with 4G cellular network connectivity and going all the way up to 9 for a 128 GB version with 4G cellular network capability.本周二,苹果公司(Apple)推出了iPad Air。这是一款经过全新设计的全尺寸平板,屏幕尺寸为9.7英寸。它的设计灵感来自iPad Mini,这一点主要体现在钻石切割的斜边和更窄的竖边框上。“Air”这个名字主要是指这款平板所达到的全新轻薄水准:它重1磅,比上一代要轻0.4磅(也薄了20%)。iPad Air将于11月1日发售,16G的Wifi版起价为499美元,16G的4G版售价为629美元,128G的4G版售价则高达929美元。Up close, it looks how you#39;d expect: like the iPad Mini, only, well, bigger. But the lighter weight is immediately noticeable and welcome, bringing it within spitting distance of the iPad Mini#39;s .75 lb featherweight status. So users keen on this larger model will find it#39;s easier to hold for longer stints.近距离观察,它的外形完全符合大家的预期:它和iPad Mini很像,就是大了一点。但你马上就能感觉到它更轻,这会让它更受欢迎,也让它和重仅0.75磅的iPad Mini几乎不分伯仲。喜欢这款大尺寸的用户会发现它更方便握持,也能拿得更久了。The Air houses the A7 processor, the same chip found in the iPhone 5s, launched this September. With 64-bit architecture, Apple says iPad Air users can expect faster overall performance, but huge performance gains will become noticeable as more developers code apps specifically for it. Truth be told, the previous iPad, with its swift A6X processor, was no slouch, but everything on iOS 7 runs a tad smoother. Certainly, during my hands-on with the tablet, apps -- with the sole exception of Facebook -- launched faster.Air用的是A7处理器,和今年9月发布的iPhone5S处理器同款。苹果表示,凭借64位的架构,iPad Air用户可以享受到更快的整体性能,而随着更多开发者为这款处理器度身打造应用,它的性能将得到显著提升。说实话,老款iPad用的A6X处理器也不慢,只是iOS 7的应用跑得更快了。实际上,在我亲手把玩这台平板时,它的各种应用——除了Facebook外——确实运行得更快。The award for ;most improved; ought to go to this year#39;s iPad Mini, which ships in late November, beginning at 9 for the new iPad Mini with 16 GB and 9 for the iPad Mini 16 GB with 4G. Having spent months with first-gen model, I found much to like. (Indeed, 7 inches to me feels like the ideal tablet size.) But the Mini#39;s Achilles Heel was a low-resolution 1,024 by 768 display. On its own, the screen was adequate, but compared with recent iPhones, MacBook Pros, and the full-sized iPad, text and media appeared inferior and pixellated.不过,“大幅提升”奖应该颁给这次推出的iPad Mini,它将在11月下旬出货,16G版的起售价为399美元,16G的4G版售价为529美元。我入手第一代iPad Mini已经好几个月了,很喜欢它(我觉得7英寸是很理想的平板尺寸),但美中不足就是那块1024*768的屏幕。从它本身来说,这块屏也够了,但是跟最新款的iPhone、Macbook Pros和全尺寸的iPad一比,它的文本和视频显示就相形见绌,颗粒感太强了。That#39;s no longer the case. Now, it sports the same resolution as its larger sibling, but actually benefits from its smaller size. (If you found it hard to pick out pixels on the regular iPad, it should be even harder on the Mini, thanks to a higher pixel density.) In practice, everything appears just as you would expect: sharper, clearer and brighter.现在这种局面终于改观了。它拥有了和全尺寸平板分辨率一样的屏,但又更受益于较小的尺寸(如果你发现在全尺寸平板上比较难看出像素点,在Mini上就更难了,这主要是得益于它更高的像素密度)。实际使用中你会发现一切正如你所预期:更锐利、更清晰,也更明亮。If there was one surprise, it#39;s that Apple didn#39;t carry on the tradition of using last year#39;s parts in this year#39;s model. The Mini runs off the same A7 processor as the iPad Air and iPhone 5s. This translates to processor performance up to four times faster and graphics eight times as fast as last year#39;s model, according to Apple. And while we didn#39;t have enough time alone with a Mini to verify the veracity of the company#39;s claims, everything appeared to zip along just as quickly as the Air.如果说有什么惊喜的话,那就是苹果公司这次不再在新款产品中采用去年的零部件了。Mini采用了与iPad Air和iPhone 5s一样的A7处理器。据苹果称,这使它与老款相比处理器性能快四倍,图形处理能力快八倍。尽管我们没有足够的时间来验苹果这一说法,但Mini上的各种应用跑起来确实和Air一样快。 /201310/262664成都友谊医院治疗牙列不齐双颌前突怎么样好吗 In the music industry’s latest effort to make money from China, the Warner Music Group has signed an extensive licensing deal with Tencent, one of China’s biggest Internet businesses, the companies announced on Thursday.华纳音乐集团(Warner Music Group)和中国最大的互联网企业之一腾讯在周四宣布,双方签署了一项广泛的授权协议。这是音乐产业为从中国赚钱而做出的最新动作。Not long ago, Western record companies viewed China as a market largely ruined by piracy. But, in recent years, labels have struck several deals with Chinese Internet companies and mobile carriers to reduce piracy and license music legitimately, most prominently with the search giant Baidu in 2011.不久前,西方唱片公司认为,中国市场基本上被盗版毁了。但最近几年,唱片公司与中国互联网企业和移动运营商签署了多项协议,以减少盗版,合法地对音乐进行授权,其中最著名的是2011年与搜索巨头百度签订的协议。Still, those efforts have yielded little revenue. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, a trade group, recorded music sales in China brought just million in wholesale revenue last year, making the nation the 21st most valuable market in the world, below India and Denmark. By comparison, South Korea yielded 1 million last year and Japan billion, according to the federation.然而,这些举措产生的收益微乎其微。行业组织国际唱片业协会(International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)称,去年唱片业在中国取得的批发销售收入仅有8300万美元(约合5亿元人民币)。根据这个数字,中国在全世界最具价值市场的排名中居于第21位,名列印度和丹麦之后。与其形成对比的是,该协会的数据显示,韩国去年的音乐批发销售收入为2.11亿美元,日本为30亿美元。With its new deal, Warner — whose roster includes stars like Bruno Mars, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Linkin Park — will grant licenses for Tencent to use its music through Tencent’s various outlets online. Those include the QQ Music streaming service but may also lead to innovative uses like Warner’s music in Tencent’s hugely popular gaming and mobile messaging platforms, the companies said.根据新签订的协议,华纳将授权腾讯在各个在线平台使用自己的音乐。华纳旗下艺人包括布鲁诺·马尔斯(Bruno Mars)、红辣椒(Red Hot Chili Peppers)和林肯公园(Linkin Park)等明星。两家公司称,许可的平台包括流媒体务QQ音乐,但也可能会进行一些创新性的使用,如在腾讯广受欢迎的游戏和移动即时通讯平台上使用华纳的音乐。China, which has a population of 1.36 billion, has some 632 million Internet users, according to one recent study. Tencent says that its mobile messaging platform has 820 million active users in China.最近的一项调查显示,中国拥有13.6亿人口,互联网用户达6.32亿人。腾讯称,该公司的移动通讯平台在中国拥有8.2亿活跃用户。“In the end, China isn’t defined by the fact it’s currently an million market,” said Stu Bergen, the president of international recorded music at Warner. “It’s defined by the potential of having over 800 million people — more than twice the size of the U.S.— using Tencent’s Messenger platform and creating a legitimate, long-term, rational music ecosystem that encourages artistry and entrepreneurial investment.”“最终,中国的定位不会局限于目前价值8000万美元的市场规模,”华纳唱片国际业务总裁斯图·伯根(Stu Bergen)说。“而是在于它的潜力,这里有超过8亿人——美国人口的两倍多——使用腾讯的通讯平台,可以创造一个合法的、长期的、合理的音乐生态系统,鼓励艺术创作和企业投资。”The deal includes an unusual provision giving Tencent the right to distribute Warner’s catalog to “all legitimate local Chinese audio services,” the companies said, with the exception of mobile carriers, which are licensed by Warner Music China.两家公司透露,协议中一条罕有的条款授权腾讯向“中国所有合法的音频务”发行华纳的音乐,但移动运营商除外,后者获得了华纳音乐中国的授权。The licensing deal includes some revenue guarantees for Warner, which is controlled by the Russian-born billionaire Leonard Blavatnik. Other terms were not disclosed.该授权协议对华纳提供了一些收入保障,华纳公司目前归俄罗斯亿万富翁列昂纳德·布拉瓦特尼克(Leonard Blavatnik)所有。其他条款没有对外公布。Tencent, based in Shenzhen, China, is considered a major power in mobile gaming and messaging. Its parent company, Tencent Holdings, had .9 billion in revenue in 2013, and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of 0 billion.总部位于深圳的腾讯公司被认为是移动游戏及通讯方面的主导公司。其母公司腾讯控股2013年的收入达到了99亿美元,该公司在香港交易所(Hong Kong Stock Exchange)上市,市值达到1500亿美元。Warner’s deal with Tencent follows its purchase this year of Gold Typhoon, a Hong Kong-based label with popular acts throughout China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including the singers Kay Tse, David Tao and Khalil Fong.今年,华纳在与腾讯达成交易之前,收购了香港唱片公司金牌大风(Gold Typhoon),该公司的音乐作品在中国内地、香港和台湾非常受欢迎,比如歌手谢安琪(Kay Tse)、陶喆(David Tao)和方大同(Khalil Fong)。 /201411/342634中国人民解放军成都军区总医院牙髓炎氟斑牙牙齿美容怎么样好吗

四川即刻种植牙植骨全口缺失价格成都隐形牙 Tech geeks, rejoice! After the widesp disappointment last fall when we learned that the new iPhone would only be the 4S (what, we couldn#39;t make the jump all the way to 5?), Apple has finally announced the release of the iPhone 5. As promised, it boasts a new design and can do some new things. And it#39;s shiny. Which is all I really need to know to decide that I want one now. Anyone with me?科技迷们,欢呼吧!在失望情绪不断蔓延的去年秋天当我们得知新的iPhone将只是4S的时候(什么,我们不能一下子跳到iphone5?),苹果公司终于宣布iPhone5的发布。如所承诺的,它拥有全新的设计,可以做一些新的东西。同时它很闪亮。这就是我真正需要知道的全部并以此决定我现在就想要一部。有人跟我一起吗?According to CNN, Apple Vice President Philip Schiller introduced the iPhone 5 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon. ;It#39;s an absolute jewel,; he said.据CNN报道,苹果公司副总裁菲利普#8226;席勒星期三下午在旧金山Yerba Buena中心介绍iPhone 5时, “这是一个绝对的宝石,”他说。Let#39;s get down to the nitty gritty. What makes the new iPhone bigger (literally) and better than before?让我们来看看细节。是什么让新的iPhone更强大(字面上),比以前更好了呢?- The iPhone 5 is taller and slimmer (it#39;s 7.6 mm thick) than previous models. It is also 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S.iPhone 5比以前的型号更高,更薄(厚度为7.6毫米)。这是比iPhone4S还轻20%。- It has a four-inch, 136 x 640 pixel display that will allow you to view five rows of icons at once.它有一个4英寸,136×640像素的显示屏,将允许您一次查看五行图标。- It will be compatible with 4G LTE wireless networks on carriers including Verizon, ATamp;T, and Sprint (as well as a number of oversea networks).它将兼容4G LTE无线网络的运营商包括Verizon,AT&T和Sprint(以及一些海外网络)。- It is powered by the A6 chip, a new, smaller, and more potent chip.- 它配备A6芯片,一个新的,更小,更强大的芯片。- Major changes have been made to the camera and iSight. For those of you who know about technology (unlike me — I like shiny things), here#39;s what CNN says, ;The camera now has an 8 megapixel sensor, 3,264 x 2,448 pixel resolution with backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, five-element lens, f2.4 aperture, is 25 percent smaller and can take panoramic photos.; In layman#39;s terms, the camera can take better pictures.摄像头和iSight已做出了重大改变。对于你们这些了解技术的人(不像我 - 我喜欢闪亮的东西),这里CNN说道,“该相机现在有一个8万像素的传感器,3,264 x2,448像素的分辨率,背面照明,混合IR过滤器,五行镜头,F2.4光圈,小25%,可以拍摄全景照片。“通俗的说,相机可以拍到更好的图片。- The camera can now shoot in 1080p HD, and FaceTime works over 3G with iOS 6.现在的摄像机可以拍摄1080P高清,搭载iOS6的FaceTime超过了3G。- The iPhone 5 will also have a new dock connector, which is being called ;Lightning.; To use your old cord (which will from here on out be referred to as ;Thunderbolt;) Apple will release an adaptor.iPhone5也将有一个新的基座连接器,被称为“闪电”。为了使用旧线(它将会从此被称之为“霹雳”)苹果将推出一个适配器。- Apple claims the battery will last eight hours during 3G talk time and browsing, 10 hrs for Wi-Fi browsing and watching, 40 hrs playing music, and 225 hrs on standby.苹果公司声称,该电池将持续8个小时的3G通话和浏览,10个小时的Wi-Fi浏览和视频观看,40小时音乐播放和225小时待机时间。- Apple also confirmed that they will be replacing Google Maps with its own Maps app — which will be able to provide turn-by-turn navigation.苹果公司也实了他们将用自己的地图应用程序取代谷歌地图,这将能够提供轮流导航。- Siri has learned how to post on Facebook.Siri已经学会了如何在Facebook上发表。- It will come in black and white.它将会以黑白色面世。- The release date is September 21, so mark your calendars!发布日期是9月21日,在您的日历上做好标注吧!And did I mention that it#39;s shiny?我提到过它很闪亮吗? /201209/199539阿坝州第一人民医院治疗自锁陶瓷托槽矫正好吗

成都洁牙多少钱 Two years since a shudder in the Earth#39;s crust devastated Japan, the country#39;s scientists and engineers are still attempting to develop technologies to make Fukushima safe from radiation. But progress has been slow and—because of institutional failings—more advanced technologies have not been available to workers at the sire.日本遭受大地震重创之后已经过去了两年时间,该国的科学家和工程师仍然在尝试研发发更先进的技术,以保护福岛免受辐射侵害。不过由于研发进展缓慢,而且制度存在缺陷,当地的工人仍然无法采用更先进的技术。A country known as a technological superpower ultimately had to rely on low-tech methods during the disaster, including dumping water from the air to cool the raging reactors. High radiation levels prevented engineers from approaching critically damaged areas at the plant two years ago—and still does so today. Robots that some expected to be on call were conspicuously absent. The country faces a bill of between billion and .5 billion dollars to dismantle the Fukushima plant, and 40 years until it is safely decommissioned.日本虽以超级科技大国著称,但在这次灾难中为了冷却核反应堆温度,最终只能依靠空中泼水这类低技术含量的办法。两年前,强辐射让工程师无法进入核电站的关键损毁区域——今天依然如此。本以为能随时待命的机器人明显缺席了。日本需要花费10到25亿美元拆除福岛核电站,而要让它安全退役,还得花上40年。Only now are robots being developed that might be able to access the most contaminated areas within the shattered reactors#39; cores. So how did Japan, with the worlds#39; most ;advanced; robots (not to mention the biggest population of them), fail to deploy the machines that might have spared dangerous human toil?如今,有可能抵达位于反应堆核心的污染重灾区的,只有尚处于研发阶段的机器人。那么,拥有世界最先进机器人(更不用说机器人数量最多)的日本为何之前没能配置机器人,让工人免于从事如此危险的工作呢?;For a start,; says Dr. Masashi Goto who worked on designing containment vessels of Mark-1 reactors like those at Fukushima Daiichi, ;neither Japan#39;s nuclear power industry nor the government concede that an accident like this could ever happen. They have long held that all of Japan reactors are #39;absolutely safe.#39;; In other words, why prepare emergency backups or robots for the event of a quake-induced meltdown when the authorities denied such a thing could ever happen? Doing so would acknowledge a danger perpetually denied.后藤政志士曾参与设计了福岛第一核电站1号反应堆密闭壳。他说:“最初,日本核能工业和政府都不认为会发生这样的事故。他们长期以来的观点是,日本所有的反应堆都‘绝对安全’。换句话说,当局认为,地震根本不会导致反应堆熔毁,有必要事先准备紧急预案或者机器人吗?那样做就等于承认危险确实存在,而他们一直否认有任何危险。”;They said that accidents owing to earthquakes would be minimal,; adds Goto. ;As a consequence the companies involved in designed these reactors were told only to make #39;voluntary efforts to make the reactors#39; containment vessel quake proof.;后藤说:“他们称地震导致事故的可能性几乎为零。因此,参与设计核反应堆的公司被告知,并不强制要求该公司为核反应堆密闭壳做抗震处理,但可以自愿无偿进行。”Although TEPCO the firm that built and ran the reactors, and the authorities knew disaster response technology on hand was old, little was done to provide backups, such as robots, in the event of a meltdown. Cheap nuclear power was—and still is—too important to Japan#39;s economic competitiveness.尽管建造和运营反应堆的东京电力公司(TEPCO)和政府当局都知道现有的灾后应急技术陈旧过时,却在准备熔毁事故应急方案(例如机器人救援)时几乎无所作为。不论过去还是现在,廉价的核能对日本经济竞争力实在是太过重要了。Luckily, so far radiation released from Fukushima is only one tenth of Chernobyl#39;s. The Ukrainian plant blew its top, literally, and spewed, chimney like, nuclear fallout far and wide. Daiichi shutdown, Chernobyl did not. Enough safety protocols functioned to avert an even larger disaster, but the reactors remain unstable. Still, the fact is that no machine exists that can safely obtain proper ings from near the radioactive cores. ;It will be difficult to explain where the fuel is. We can#39;t get close enough for proper measurements,; admits Yoshinori Moriyama, of Japan#39;s nuclear watchdog NISA.幸运的是,到目前为止,福岛泄露的核辐射仅有切尔诺贝利核电站泄漏事故的十分之一。当年,那所乌克兰核电站的屋顶被掀翻,如烟囱一般将核微粒喷洒向四面八方。福岛核电站被关闭,切尔诺贝利核电站却没有。全面的安全协议发挥了作用,避免了更大的灾难,但是目前反应堆仍然不稳定。然而问题是,现在的机器仍然无法从附近的反应堆堆芯中安全地获取正确的数据。日本核能监察机构原子力安全保安院(NISA)的嘉点森山承认:“很难搞清楚燃料究竟在哪。我们无法靠近,开展测量工作。”At the centre of all this are the Daiichi workers—those unlucky enough to have the task, limited to a few moments at a time, of labouring inside the debris-strewn reactor buildings. With radiation high enough to sabotage electronics, American robots donated to the Daiichi plant have been missing in action, along with a Japanese robot dubbed Quince. Human labor for some of the most dangerous tasks has had to substitute.福岛核电站的工人则处在事件最中心——这些不走运的人承担了这项任务,每次只能在这些洒满残骸的核反应堆建筑中工作很短的时间。辐射强到可以干扰电子设备,所有捐赠给福岛核电站的美国机器人都在任务中失去了联系,一同失踪的还有一台名为“Quince”的日本机器人。因此,某些最危险的任务还是只能通过人力来完成。 /201303/231606南充市中医院牙齿矫正牙齿美白怎么样好吗成都全瓷牙手术要花多少钱




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