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A device being presented as evidence at a trial in a Pakistani court blew up after the judge asked a police officer to show how it worked.在巴基斯坦法庭一案件审判过程当中,法官命庭警展示应该如何使用一呈堂物,但是随即该装置却突然爆炸了At least two people were injured, including the policeman, in the blast at an anti-terrorism court in the city of Karachi.这起爆炸发生在卡拉奇市的一处反恐怖主义法庭内,目前已经至少造成包括当事庭警在内的名人员受伤Some reports say the device was a grenade taken from the defendant. Police later said it was just a detonator with an explosive element that should have been defused.有报道指出,那份爆炸的物是从被告那里收缴而来的手榴弹不过随后警方表示,该物不过是一枚本应已被拆除爆炸物质的雷管The incident took place on Monday at the trial of a man accused of extortion and of carrying out a number of grenade attacks.事故在周一发生的时候,法庭正在审理一起案件,控告一名男子涉嫌敲诈勒索及数起炸弹袭击The device presented in court was at the request of the defence. Judge Shakil Haider then asked how it worked. A part of the device was pulled from it and it exploded, throwing the judge off his chair.应辩护方要求,法院当庭出示收缴物法官沙基勒·海尔德随后询问庭警该物应如何使用庭警把物的一部分拔了出来,随后就发生了爆炸而该法官则受到了严重惊吓Senior police official Jamil Ahmed said that explosives around the detonator had been made harmless, but added: ;We are investigating as to how the detonator was brought to the court without being defused.;高级警官贾米·艾哈迈德表示,雷管事先已经做了无害化处理但他又补充说道:“我们正在调查为什么雷管没有被拆除就带进了法庭” 37893。

  • We know you love and review it too! So we share our cool facts about Potteriana right now.我们知道你很喜爱这个电影,而且也会时不时会看!所以,我们在这里向哈利波特影迷们分享个剧情幕后的真相1.The least successful Harry Potter film made million more than the most successful Twilight movie…1.最不成功的《哈利·波特电影比最成功的《暮光之城电影多赚了9000万美元……Sorry, Edward and Bella, you cannot be compared to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.抱歉,爱德华和贝拉,你们无法与哈利、罗恩和赫敏相比.Every Harry Potter movie is on the list of top 50 highest grossing films of all time..每一部《哈利·波特电影的票房都高居最高票房前50名电影榜单上And this fact is not surprising anyone.这一事实并不令人惊讶3.J.K.Rowling wrote the final chapter of the last Harry Potter book in omething like 1990, seven years bee the release of the 1st book.3.J.K.罗琳写的最后一本《哈利·波特系列的最后一章大约在1990年代,而第一本《哈利·波特小说7年后才发表Many fans didnt like the ending of the story, by the way.另外,很多粉丝都不喜欢故事的结局.Moaning Myrtle, in the Harry Potter series is actually a 6-year-old woman! The actress Shirley Henderson who played the ghost .in the bathroom was actually 6 in real life.在《哈利·波特系列丛书中,哭泣的桃金娘实际是个6岁的女人!而女演员雪莉·亨德森在扮演这个浴室里的鬼魂时,她的年龄刚好是6岁5.Harry Potter is now years old.Good news: in an upcoming story of J.K.Rowling the beloved -year-old characters ree to win new evil.5.哈利·波特现在岁了好消息:在J.K.罗琳的下一个故事中,讲述的是岁的人重聚战胜新邪恶6.J.K.Rowling says the idea of Harry Potter just ;strolled into her head; during a four-hour train delay.That why be grateful any moments of your life even those when you have to wait…6.J.K.罗琳说《哈利·波特的;灵感迸发;于一次四个小时的火车延误这就是为什么我们要感激生活的时时刻刻,即使是那些等待的时刻也要懂得感激……7.In the Harry Potter movie, Ron Patronus is a Jack Russell terrier, which are known to chase otters – Hermoine Patronus is an otter.It just so cute!7.在《哈利·波特电影中,罗恩的守护神是杰克罗素梗,众所周知它会追逐水獭而赫敏的守护神是一只水獭这真是太可爱了!8.J.K.Rowling wrote an alternative ending to the Harry Potter series.8.罗琳为《哈利·波特系列写过另一个结局The author herself wanted Harry Potter to be together with Hermione in the end of the story.作者本人在故事的结局中曾经想要哈利·波特与赫敏在一起9.Daniel Radcliffe broke more than 80 wands while filming the Harry Potter movies because he would use them as drumsticks.9.丹尼尔·雷德克里夫在拍摄《哈利·波特这部电影期间,用坏了80多根魔杖,因为他把魔杖当鼓槌来敲Well, he could buy all the wands of the universe to replace them after all…好吧,他想买下全宇宙的魔杖也是可以的…….Daniel Radcliffe was nicknamed ;Harry Puffer; by his ;Harry Potter; co-stars having the so-called ;-a-day cigarette habit;..丹尼尔·雷德克里夫有着;每天根香烟;的习惯,被《哈利·波特的其他联合主演取绰号;哈利·烟鬼;They trully worried about his health.他们确实很担心他的健康 755。
  • Transfer the trademark 商标转让A: Good morning, Mr. Li. Ive come to discuss the trademark transfer with you.早上好,李先生我今天来是和你商讨商标转让的事的B: Is that so?是吗?A: Yes, since the plant installation consists of your equipment, we hope to use your trademark.是的,由于我们工厂是用你们的设备装备起来的,所以我们希望用你们的商标B: As you know, our trademark is known all over the world.你知道,我们的商标在世界上声誉很好A: Then how much will you ask it?那么你们要价多少?B: $ 55,000.5.5万美金A: That too high a price! Would you please cut it by 30%?这个价太高了你们能降低30%吗?B: I am afraid we cant accept that.恐怕我方不能接受这个价格A: But the price you asked is too high; would you cut it a little bit our good partnershipake?但是你要的价实在太高了,鉴于我们之间良好的合作,你能在稍微降点价吗?B: In that case, the lowest price we can accept is $ 50,000.那样的话,我们能接受的最大价格就是5万美金了A: OK, well discuss about the price and let you know when we make a decision.好吧,我回去再讨论一下这个价位,有决定了就通知您;consist of;是;由;;构成的;意思,例如:The factory consists of 5 parts.(这个工厂由五个部分组成); the sake of;是;看在;;的份上的;意思,例如: god sake the sake of god(看在上帝的份上) 783。
  • 5.The Crossed Fingers5.交叉手指When you want to wish someone good luck, youll often tell them, ;Ill keep my fingers crossed; that they get the promotion, are pregnant or win the lottery. The gesture is made by crossing your middle finger over your pointer. If you really, really want to wish someone good luck, you might tell them youll cross all of your fingers and your toes, too. That is, if you live in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. or Australia.当你想要祝别人好运时,你总是说:“我会把手指交叉为你祝福的”,而这样的好事一般是获得升职、怀或中票要做这个手势,需要交叉中指和食指如果你真心诚意地想要祝福别人,你或许可以告诉他们,你会交叉你所有的指头,包括你的脚趾不过,前提是你得生活在美国,加拿大,英国或是澳大利亚If you happen to be a resident of Vietnam, however, youll view crossed fingers as a vulgar symbol female genitalia. Even worse is if another person crosses his fingers just (or at) you. Then, it an especially shocking and horrid offense. Crossed fingers are an ancient European superstition. Originally, the person locked fingers with another to m a cross (an X, like the Scottish cross of St. Andrew) and wish good luck. Later, the custom devolved to just one person crossing his or her fingers. And now most of the time we dont even cross fingers, but just say we will.不过,如果你碰巧住在越南,你就会视交叉手指为暗指女性私处的下流动作尤其当别人专门对你交叉手指时,事态就更为糟糕,这样的冒犯会令人感到震惊和不齿交叉手指始于古代欧洲的迷信传统起初,人们与他人交叉手指来形成一个十字(做出X的形状,就像苏格兰圣安德鲁教堂的十字架)并希望获得好运之后,这个习惯演变成为一个人交叉自己的手指如今,大部分时候我们不再交叉手指了,不过还是先假设这个习惯仍然存在吧.The Outward Hand.手掌外翻;Talk to the hand. (Cause the face aint listening.); This popular American phrase began in the 1990s, and was accompanied by a gesture — thrusting out your hand toward another, with fingers sp and the palm out. While only mildly rude in the U.S., the gesture is very nasty and even confrontational in other lands.“你还是和我的手说话吧(毕竟我可懒得理你)”这个短语在上个世纪九十年代于美国风靡一时,并且产生了伴随手势:把手甩向对方,手指展开,掌心外翻在美国,这个手势委婉地表示了冒犯,但在其他国家,它却尤为下令人厌恶,甚至充满了挑衅的意味It most popularly associated with Greece, where it called the moutza. Those who give the moutza often accompany the gesture by saying, ;Na!; which means, ;Here you go!; Supposedly the gesture has its roots in ancient Byzantium, where people shamed criminals by scooping up cinders (moutzos) in their hands and then rubbing them on the offenders faces. Some say dirt or feces also were used. In addition to Greece, the gesture is unwelcome in parts of Africa and in Pakistan. While the Japanese dont employ the moutza, they have a very similar gesture with the thumb tucked in. Incidentally, the moutza basic meaning is an aggressive, ;To hell with you!; or something stronger.最为普遍的看法是,这个手势与希腊颇有渊源,其在当地被称为“moutza”做出这个手势的人们往往同时大喊一声“喏!”,表示“走你!”据推测,这个动作起源于旧时的拜占庭,当时的居民们用双手舀起一捧煤渣(希腊语“moutzos”),并将其涂在犯罪者的面部以示羞辱有说法认为灰尘和排泄物也在使用之列除了希腊,这个手势在非洲的局部地区和巴基斯坦也是不被接受的尽管日本人不使用“moutza”,但他们有一个拇指内扣的手势与之十分类似“Moutza”手势的直接含义攻击性十足,代表“去死吧”甚至要更为粗鲁3.The earm Jerk3.前臂上举When you think of it, Americans use of ;the finger; to deeply degrade someone is a pretty small, meek hand gesture, considering the hefty insult it supposed to convey. The European earm jerk, in contrast, is a much meatier gesture.如果你觉得,美国人的竖中指的动作,相比其所意图传达的侮辱性而言实在是毫无震慑力,那么与之相对的欧洲式的前臂上举动作则实在得多了First you take your right hand and make a tight fist. Then you jerk your right earm up as you slap the bicep cefully with your left hand. Southern European males, including those in France, who call it the bras dhonneur, use the earm jerk as a crude, phallic way to flip someone the bird. It can also indicate sentiments such as, ;Im better than you are,; ;Get lost, loser!; or ;Up yours, buddy!; In Brazil, the gesture is known as the banana, although its meaning is the same. Men in Britain and Germany sometimes make the earm jerk as a rude way of indicating theyre lusting after a particular woman, although theyd never make the gesture at the woman.要做出这个动作,首先,伸出你的右手并紧握成拳,而后在右前臂上举的同时,左手猛力拍击肱二头肌欧洲南部的男性,包括法国男人们(他们称这个动作为“bras d’honneur”)习惯于用这个带有性暗示的下流动作来代替竖中指同时,这个动作也可以表达诸如“我比你强”,“滚开,傻X!”或是“一边凉快去,伙计!”在巴西,这个手势暗示着男性生殖器,不过适用范围和欧洲相同英国和德国男性会用这个手势来低俗地表示对某一位女性的垂涎,尽管当着女人的面他们可从不敢这么做.The Cutis.“Cutis”手势Of all the hand gestures discussed thus far, the cutis seems the silliest. Of course, that just to Western sensibilities. Primarily used in India and Pakistan, the hand sign is made by putting the tip of your thumb in your mouth with the rest of your fingers standing straight up. (Some people do it with the fingers curled in.) Once you make the gesture, you flick your thumb out of your mouth while crying out, ;Cutta!; (;Screw you!;) This gesture is not only an insult to you, but to your entire family — sort of like saying you and your family all suck — hence its severity. One of the more notable uses of the cutis was by Shoaib Akhtar, considered the fastest bowler in cricket history. Akhtar gave the cutis in Melbourne during a rain delay in the test series against Australia.“Cutis”手势应该是目前上榜的手势中最愚不可及的一个了不过的确,这个评判只是基于西方人的认知标准这个手势最初起源于印度和巴基斯坦,人们用嘴含住大拇指前端,竖起剩下的四根手指(有些人偏好把四根手指内扣),并且在喊出“Cutta!(去你的!)”同时把大拇指弹出因为这个手势不仅对个人产生了侮辱,还顺带牵连了受辱者的全家,相当于咒骂“你全家都不是东西!”,性质才尤为恶劣这一手势在历史上最令人哗然的使用记录由阿伊布·阿卡塔所创造,他被认为是板球史上最快的投球手他在年的国际板球锦标赛上做出了这个手势,当时,墨尔本对阵澳大利亚的比赛因降雨而被迫中断1.The Thumbs-Up1.竖大拇指Thumbs down on the thumbs-up sign when youre traveling. This seemingly-innocuous gesture that means, ;Great! I like it! All right!; in the U.S. has pretty awful meanings elsewhere. In the Middle East, example, it means up your butt, fella. (Or worse.) Many, if not most, Latin Americans find it offensive, as do citizens of West Africa, Greece, Russia, Sardinia, the south of Italy, Australia, the Philippines and many Islamic nations. Phew! That a lot of thumbs-up haters. The gesture may have been popularized during World War II, when American pilots flashed the sign to their grounds crews to indicate they were good to go. But scholars believe it actually originated in ancient Rome when crowds used the ;thumbs-up; sign to mean a gladiator should be speared or hid their thumbs if he should be spared. (Notice the negative meaning?) If you simply cant stop using this sign, know that youll be all right in Germany and certain areas of Japan, where the thumbs-up sign simply indicates the number one.在四处旅行时乱竖大拇指可不是个好主意这个对美国人而言代表着“哇塞!牛逼啊!我喜欢!”的手势,看起来毫无攻击性,但却可能是别处的禁忌动作比如,在中东地区,竖大拇指意味着“滚一边去,伙计”或更甚尽管不是绝对现象,但大多数的拉美人都视竖拇指为一种冒犯,在西非、希腊、俄罗斯、撒丁岛、澳大利亚、菲律宾和意大利南部及众多伊斯兰国家,情况也是如此嘿,看来这个手势的反对党可不在少数有说法认为这个手势在二战期间风靡开来,因为当时美军飞行员向地面机组人员竖起大拇指,来表示已准备就绪不过,学者们坚信该动作起源于古罗马时期那时,人们竖起拇指来表决一名角斗士是否该被标投死,当拇指收起时,这名战士则可以被赦免(注意看了,这含义可大不相同)如果你实在情难自禁地想要竖起大拇指,那么只要你在德国或是日本的特定地区都大可不必担心,因为在当地这个手势意味着“你是最棒的”翻译:张韵可 审校:Shrsvbeiftnkvdc 前十网 6990。
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