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Economic Downturn Hits Charities Just about every sector of the economy and every household has been hit by the global economic downturn. But spare a thought for those who rely on charity to get by. The squeeze has spelt disaster for them too. Sara Merchant has more. Just when some people are most in need, others have less to give. In these lean times, greater numbers are relying on charity. But donations are getting harder to raise. Judy Nord hopes her card-making will some day raise money for charity. Her cancer diagnosis forced her to give up paid work. And when she’s not receiving treatment in hospital, she is at home, often worrying about how to survive on benefits of less than 60 pounds a week. The cost of living has risen sharply. And for the first time in her life, she is dependent on help from family and from charity. I saw a lot of people out there that really really do need that support. I wouldn’t have this roof over my head still, that, you know, that would have been gone, cause I just wouldn’t be able to afford the mortgage. I wouldn’t be able to afford the bills or anything. I don’t know. I don’t know where I’ll be. Charities are being squeezed in two ways-- demand for their services has increased by 72% in the last twelve months, but almost a third have suffered falls in donations. That means many charities are having to cut costs by making staff redundant. Gee, for the governments are bailing out the banks who have caused this problem, they need to think about the victims of recession and our work and therefore a financial package to support our work with the victims of recession is important. Corporate donations from the city are dwindling, and falling property prices mean the value of legacies is diminishing. It means there’s more pressure on individuals to be generous. Charity begins at home, I think, at the moment. (I think we will.)If we could afford it, we would donate it. I think I would volunteer as well in different ways than probably just giving money. I still give. You know, I give every month through like on direct debit, so now I don't get it affect me much at all. As tougher times threaten, charities just can’t afford to keep losing.Sara Merchant Sky News.参考中文翻译:经济体中的每一个部门和每一个家庭都受到经济低迷的冲击。但是想一下那些依靠慈善救济来生存的人。经济危机对他们也造成了巨大的灾难。Sara Merchant来报道详细内容。当一些人最需要帮助的时候,其他人却没有什么可以给予的。在这个困难的时候,更多的人需要救济,却更难得到捐赠。Judy Nord希望有一天她能够募集到慈善资金。她身患癌症,不得不放弃带薪工作。不在医院接受治疗的时候,她待在家里,一直担心依靠每周60英镑怎么生存。生活成本急剧上升。在她生命中第一次,她要依靠家庭和慈善救济的帮助。我看到许多人真的非常非常需要帮助。我也已经没有房子住了,你知道,房子会被收回的,因为我无力付抵押贷款。我没钱付账单和任何东西。我不知道,我不知道我今后该怎么办。慈善机构两天之内就变得资金薄弱,对慈善救济的需求在过去的12个月里增加了72%,但是几乎三分之一的慈善机构受到的捐赠减少。这意味着许多慈善机构要通过减少员工来削减成本。现在政府在拯救那些导致这些问题的,但是他们也需要考虑一下经济萧条的受害者,考虑一下我们的工作,然后出台一套财政方案来持经济萧条的受害者,这是非常重要的。该城市公司的捐赠减少,下降的财产价格意味这遗产的价值缩水。这导致个人面对这更大的压力,很难慷慨起来。我认为,目前救济要从家庭内部开始。(我认为我们会的。)如果我们能可以付的起,我们会捐赠的。我认为我会通过各种不同的途径来帮助别人,而不一定只是给钱。我现在仍然会捐赠。你知道,每个月我都直接通过借记卡捐钱,所以现在根本不会影响到我。随着形势更加严峻,慈善救济款越来越少。200812/57700Israeli Intel Says Iran Capable of Producing Nuclear Bomb以情报官员称伊朗有能力制造核弹  A top Israeli general says Iran is capable of producing a nuclear bomb. 以色列一名高级军官说,伊朗有能力制造核弹。Israel's military intelligence chief told the country's Cabinet that Iran has crossed the "technological threshold" of nuclear capability. Major-General Amos Yadlin said this does not mean that Iran actually has an atomic bomb, but that it has the expertise and materials needed to build one. 以色列军事情报机构负责人阿莫斯.亚德林少将对内阁官员说,伊朗在核能力领域已经跨越了“技术门槛”。他表示,这并不意味着伊朗实际拥有了一枚原子弹,而是掌握了制造原子弹的技术和材料。So how long would it take Iran to acquire the bomb? Israeli analyst Barry Rubin says time is running out.  至于伊朗需要多少时间获得核弹,以色列分析人士巴里.鲁宾认为,时间不会很长。"There is a big gap between material and bomb," said Barry Rubin. "But basically, people who are well-informed estimate that Iran will need between 15 months to over three years." 他说:“把材料变成炸弹,这中间有很大的距离。但是,基本上,知情者估计,伊朗大约需要15个月到3年多的时间。”Rubin says that is a significant timetable considering there is a new administration in Washington, and in a few weeks, there is due to be a new government in Israel. 鲁宾指出,这个时间表很重要,因为华盛顿现在有一个新政府,几个星期之后,以色列也将出现一个新政府。"We are entering a period in which we can assume that during the administration of this president of the ed States and during the term of this prime minister of Israel, Iran will obtain nuclear weapons and those governments will have to make major decisions," he said. 鲁宾说:“我们正在进入这样一个时期,也就是,在现任美国总统的任期内,在以色列新总理的任期内,伊朗将获得核武器,美国和以色列的政府将不得不做出重大决定。”Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. But Israel has grown increasingly alarmed about Iran's intentions since 2005, when the Iranian president threatened to wipe the Jewish state "off the map."  伊朗表示,自己的核计划是用于和平目的。但是自2005年伊朗总统威胁要把以色列这个犹太国家“从地图上抹掉”以来,以色列对伊朗的意图越来越警觉了。The intelligence report has raised fresh speculation about whether Israel will launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Nationalist leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who is forming the next Israeli government, has warned that Israel will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and that there is a military option. 情报报告使人们再次担心以色列是否会对伊朗的核设施采取先发制人的打击。民族主义领袖内塔尼亚胡正在组建下一届以色列政府,他曾经警告说,以色列将不允许伊朗获得核武器,以色列在这方面拥有军事选择。03/64181Wisconsin’s recall vote威斯康星州的罢免End of a fantasy幻想的终结A backlash against the state’s feisty conservatives fizzles out对本州暴躁保守派的反抗终于失败Aug 13th 2011 | FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN | from the print edition IN A neighbourhood of double garages and tightly cropped lawns, a woman stops her car in the middle of the road and leaps out to tell Randy Hopper, her state senator, how strongly she supports the reforms he and other Republicans legislators have championed in Wisconsin. There were not enough such voters to save Mr Hopper, who was turfed out of office in the middle of his term in a recall election this week. But there were enough of them to deny Democrats the majority they were seeking in the state Senate, and to dampen hopes on the left that aggrieved public-sector workers could restore their electoral fortunes nationwide next year.在有两个车库、草坪修剪非常整齐的街区,一位妇女将车停在马路中间,从车中走出来,告诉州参议员Randy Hopper,她是多么坚定地持他和其他共和党立法人拥护的威斯康星州的改革方案。像这样挽救Randy Hopper的选民并不多,本周的罢免选举中,Randy Hopper在任期内被扫地出门。但是否决民主党的选民到处都是,民主党是州参议院寻求的大多数,而且抑制左派希望,权利受损的公共部门的员工可以帮助民主党明年在全国范围重获多数选民持。In February the Republicans who control the state legislature had tried to push through a “budget repair” bill which aimed to reduce spending in part by severely restricting collective bargaining for the public sector. Government employees were to be stripped of any say in their benefits, while their pay, in future, would rise no faster than the consumer price index. The Democratic minority in the Senate, lacking the votes to block the bill, instead fled the state, depriving the chamber of a quorum. It was only after the Republicans worked out a parliamentary manoeuvre to get around the quorum requirement and pass the collective-bargaining reforms, three weeks later, that they returned, vowing to use every means at their disposal to avenge the Republican assault on labour.二月,控制州立法机构的共和党试图促成一项“预算修复”的法案,该法案是通过严格限制公共部门集体协商工资达到减少开的目的。政府公务员将被剥夺对福利的任何要求,而将来工资增长速度将没有消费者物价指数增长的快。参议院的民主党少数派缺乏阻止该法案的投票人数,反而离开了该州,使投票不能达到法定人数。三周后共和党采用议会策略绕过法定人数的要求,并且通过了集体协商工资改革。直到这时民主党才回来,发誓将使用一切手段报复共和党对劳工的剥削。201108/149655The famine sweeping southern Somalia is posing a painful challenge to humanitarian organizations. Children are dying by the thousands just a few kilometers from warehouses full of emergency food supplies. But the countryside is still a war zone controlled by an al-Qaida linked extremist group that restricts humanitarian access, and has killed aid workers.对于人道救援机构来说,索马里南部遭遇的饥荒是一个很大的挑战。问题不是缺乏紧急救援食品和物资,而是如何把这些食品和物资送到急需救援的大人和孩子的手上。一个和基地恐怖组织有关联的极端主义团伙目前仍然控制着索马里郊外;这个团伙对救援机构的行动,施加了很多的限制,一些救援人员甚至遭到了杀害。在这种形势下,就出现了救援物资到不了目的地的情况;以至于在救援物资囤积不远处、几公里以外,处在饥荒之中的儿童成百上千地死去的状况。The roads into Mogadishu are dotted with families streaming in from parched southern Somalia in hopes of saving their wafer-thin children from starvation. But even in the capital, the prospect of survival is little better.在去往索马里首都加迪沙的路上,到处可见来自南部旱灾灾区的大人和孩子。这些人拖家带口,到加迪沙,无非是希望让骨瘦如柴的孩子不至于饿死。不过,即便是到了加迪沙,存活的机率也不见得高到哪儿去。Twenty-six-year-old Hamsa Ali and her six children were part of a small community that packed their belongings and walked 20 days to get to Mogadishu. Fifteen died along the way, and now children weakened by malnutrition are dying of measles.26岁的海姆莎·阿里带着六个孩子,跟随其他人一道,卷了铺盖卷,走了20天的路,终于到了索马里首都加迪沙。路上,他们一行人当中,就死掉了15个;如今,到了加迪沙之后,营养不良的孩子,又有不少,正在被麻疹等疾病夺去生命。She said her three-year old boy became swollen, contracted measles and died a few days ago.海姆莎·阿里说,她的三岁的儿子得了麻疹几天前就这么死去的。Her group has taken refuge in the remains of an Italian-colonial-era church, but it offers little protection from the elements, and the crowded conditions invite disease. Officials say hastily-erected tent communities like this one are at the breaking point. New camps spring up every day. Some stocks of emergency food have arrived at a U.N. World Food Program warehouse in Mogadishu. More is on the way, and much more is needed, but the vexing question is how to get the food to people before they starve. 联合国下属的世界粮食项目在加迪沙设有一个专门存放紧急救援物资的仓库;一些救援食品刚刚被送到这里,而且更多的救援食品也已经在路上了。不过,救援人员目前面临的一大问题是,如何把这些物资送到那些需要的饥民手上,让他们活下来。201108/148964Instant FameShowbiz Tonight reports on how the hooker at the center of the Spitzer sex scandal is cashing in. I'm A.J. Hammer, welcome to the Showbiz Tonight Podcast. This is where we go inside the Hollywood's biggest stories. Right now call girl gone wild and not just any girl, the call girl, who brought down the governor of New York. There are startling new pictures of Ashley Dupre. As everyone including her, scrambles to cash in on her 15 minutes’ plus of fame. And Showbiz tonight's Brooke Anderson is looking into what a lot of people are asking: Is there anything wrong with that? She may be the most talked-about woman in America, who is not running for President. She is all over the newsstands. She's at the center of one of the juiciest stories of the year. Songs she's posted on Myspace have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. And she may soon appear on one of the biggest series in the country. "She's everywhere. Americans wanna know about this girl!" She's America's newest "it girl". Oh, and did we mention that she's a prostitute? Us Weekly has just revealed for the very first time exclusive photos of Ashley Alexander Dupre, the call girl who is the reason New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is now former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Sure, we may not see this new "it girl" throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game or hosting Saturday Night Live. But Us Weekly Ian Drew tells Nancy Grace now it's the time for Ashley Dupre to cash in.She can make anything, but she has to strike right now. But Showbiz tonight can tell you how is it that a prostitute can get such instant fame. "You cannot get away from Ashley Alexander Dupre,"Alicia Quarles of the Associated Press tells ShowBiz tonight offers are lining up for Dupre. "She's been offered sps in "Hustler" and "Penthouse", reportedly offered a vodka contract. Another amazing offer that Ashley Dupre got was from Joe Francis, "The Girls Gone Wild". The founder of Girls Gone Wild Joe Francis also made Ashley an offer, although he's turned out to be a bit premature. "He initially offered her a million dollars to do one of his tapes. Lo and behold he said ,'Wait a minute, I renege on the offer.' Because he's got plenty of footage of this girl." Apparently, in 2003, Ashley Dupre spent a week going wild on the Girls Gone Wild Bus. After the Spitzer's scandal broke, the Girls Gone Wild website started promoting this steamy . But questions about whether Ashley was 17 when the was shot had delayed its release. Ashley Dupre laid low after the Spitzer scandal, but some are troubled by her instant fame. "What kind of message are we sending to our youth, saying this girl who dropped out of high school, who went on the Girls Gone Wild bus, who slept with the governor of New York who's paid for it is now a superstar. This is kind of ridiculous." call girl: A prostitute catering to wealthy clientele, especially one who is contacted by telephone for an appointment.cash in on: To see (a chance) and profit by it; take advantage of (an opportunity or happening). it girl: An It girl or It-girl is a charming, sexy young woman who receives intense media coverage unrelated or disproportional to personal achievements. The reign of an "It girl" is usually temporary; some of the rising It girls will either become fully-fledged celebrities or their popularity will fade. The term "It boy", much less frequently used, is the male equivalent.Us Weekly: A celebrity magazine, originally founded in 1977 by The New York Times Company."Hustler" and "Penthouse": Names of two magazines which quite resemble "Playboy", kind of porno.Lo and behold: used to express wonder or surprise.renege: to not do something you have promised or agreed to do.02/61633

Find a job in this economy CNN Personal Finance Editor Gerri Willis explains how you can find a job during tough economic times. We're gonna make friends fast in this competitive job market. It's who you know, not what you know. 80% of jobs are obtained through networking. So, your first step should be to reach out to professional organizations in your industry. To find those, check out yahoo's directory at dir.yahoo.com. Another good option, here, your college's alumni directory. Find that if there're classmates who were working at the companies that you are interested in. Don't forget the social networking sites. Here're the list of social networking sites that could help you make your entry way into your next job. Brightfuse, facebook.com and linkedin.com. There are so many websites out there. So many ways you can search for both good and bad information on people that you might wanna hire, I mean, you can simply put in someone's name and google and get plenty of information available. That's right. That's right. But you know, as a person looking for the job, you gotta make sure that your image on the web is accurate and it highlights your best to work. Check out ziggs.com. We can post free professional profile on site. If a recruiter is looking for a job candidate on line, your name may just pop up the top of a web search. You will be sent an e-mail or alternative. Someone clicks and views on your page. Sometimes, your professional profiles are aly on line. And you may not even know it. Zoominfo.com scours the web. Press releases business websites for your professional info. If your profile is on this site, make sure all your information is correct and supplement and anything that's aly there. Companies may use these sites to pick out high quality job prospects. You know we've discussed that we don't have as many as the retailer giants hiring temporary work or part-time work during the holiday this year but still temporary work or freelance work is a real wise option. And it's a great way to make contacts in your feel while it may not be the ideal work situation. It will allow you to get more experience. Expand your resume. Here are some web resources to help you, sosogig.com, guru.com, project4hire.com. If you are into volunteering, check out idealist.org or volunteermatch.org. They're great websites. Of course, there are always the mistakes that can be made when you are doing the job search. What are some career consulters suggesting in terms of what you should do? Well, consulters are saying that some internet job sites like monster, hotjob. They are unlikely to help much. Sure, they're well-known. But everyone isn't broader. They are looking at those postings and posting on line. Next deal, sentence in the resume. That's more than the page long. The shorter and cleaner your resume looks, the better. Finally, don't forget who you're sending your resume to. Keep a list of names and contacts. After a few weeks, it's harder to remember exactly what you've applied, if you send out dozens of applications. And if you have any questions about finding a job or how you're coping with job loss, email me at gerri@cnn.com.参考中文翻译:在竞争日益激烈的就业市场,我们将会成为朋友。是你认识谁,而不是你知道什么事情。现在80%的工作是通过互联网获得的。所以,找工作的第一步是找到一个你所在行业的专业的组织。要想找到这样的组织,可以登录雅虎网址dir.yahoo.com。另外一个好的选择是你大学校友的指导,看一下是否有同学在你感兴趣的公司工作。同时也不要忘记一些社会务性的网址。下面列出这种类型的网址以作参考,可以帮助你更快的找到下一份工作。这些网址是Brightfuse, facebook.com and linkedin.com.实际上,现在有很多网站。可以有很多种途径来获得你想聘用的人的信息,好坏都有。我的意思是,你只需将某人的名字输入google搜索就可以找到足够的信息。这是正确的,绝对是正确的。但是,你知道,如果你要找到一份工作,你必须确保你上传到网上的信息是准确的,这些信息必须能最好的帮助你找到想要的工作。可以上ziggs.com查看相关资料。我们可以在网上免费投递专业的简历。如果招聘单位在网上寻找应聘人员,你的名字会弹出在搜索结果的顶端,他们可能会给你发出电子邮件或者其他选择。有人会点击并浏览你的网页。有时,你的简历已经上传在网上了。有一些专业的商业性网站发布了你的信息。如果你的简历发布在这种类型的网站上,确保信息是正确的和全面的。公司可能会功过这种类型的网站来选择应聘者。你知道,我们已经探讨过,今年假期零售巨头不会招聘以往那么多的临时工作或者兼职工作,但是临时工作和自由职业是明智的选择。如果工作环境不理想,必须考虑一下自己的感受,这会让你获得更多经验,充实你的简历。一下一些网站资源可以帮到你,sosogig.com, guru.com, project4hire.com。如果你想做志愿者,可以登录idealist.org or volunteermatch.org.这些网站都是不错的。当然,在找工作的过程中总会发生一些意外。关于你应该怎样做职业咨询师是怎样建议的呢?咨询师说,有一些招聘网站,比如monster, hotjob,这些网站的帮助不大。当然,这是众所周知的。但是并不是每个人都那么知识渊。他们会在网上寻找招聘职位。另外一点是,简历语言。简历最好不要超过一页。简历越简洁越好。最后,不要忘记你把简历投递给谁。记录下一些名字和联系方式名单。如果你发出了几十份简历,几周后,很难记得清楚你到底申请了哪些公司的职位。关于找工作如果你有什么问题,或者你怎样处理失业问题的,可以发送邮件到 gerri@cnn.com.200812/57968

Are Vitamins Necessary Dietician Nancy Clark says food is a better source of vitamins than pills Hello, I’m Elizabeth Vargas and welcome to 20/20 in touch. Trying to find a way to cut back on your spending, maybe you can save on all those vitamin supplements you’ve been buying. Doctor Tim Johnson has a new prescription for your physical and financial health. 24-year-old graduate student Ashley Mason is the picture of health. She does everything possible to stay that way. She watches her diet, exercises everyday. And she takes supplements to prevent health problem as she gets older.Stop wrinkles before they start. Take these pills before you get sick. And it all sounds like a very good idea to me.In fact, Ashley takes nearly a dozen different pills everyday.Every week, I sort them into this sorter.But Ashley is not a finale. Millions of people follow a regiment like this. Last year American spent 22.5 billion dollars on dietary supplements, hoping to buy a protection against the whole range of illnesses. This is what Ashley is counting on to keep her healthy. A multi-vitamin, fish oil, flaxseed oil, calcium, B-vitamins, magnesium, glucosamine and vitamin E. It’s expensive, but she believes it’s an investment in her health. It’s a lot of money for a graduate student to be paying every month for medication, while it’s not even really medication, I’m not sick.Physically, Ashley feels fine. It’s her pocketbook that hurts. A student on a tight budget, she's scraping together a thousand dollars a year for all her supplements. And since the manufactures don’t have to prove to consumers that any of this stuff actually works, 20/20 set out to see if taking all these pills is smart medicine.Doctor Eric Rimm of the Harvard School of Public Health says a simple multi-vitamin can provide a sort of safety net against the less-than-perfect diet.If you’re really on a generic mouthful vitamin which I think is probably enough for most people if you’re taking a supplement. The only thing where I would think there may be benefit would be taking from...er, will be taking vitamin D.Vitamin D, the so-called sunshine vitamin because it’s made when sunlight gets your skin.Every tissue and cell in your body needs vitamin D for maximum health.01/61367

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