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川北医学院附属医院看补牙镶牙四环素牙怎么样好吗四川省齿科医院哪家好The English We Speak是英国B电台为英语学习者量身打造的一档英语学习节目本期节目中,两位主持人被坑了一会爹,让我们跟随录音看看是怎么一回事儿William: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. I'm William.Yang Li: And I'm Yang Li.William: You look very pleased today Li.Yang Li: Well, I should be. I've just won a prize!William: Wow, great! What did you win?Yang Li: I don't know yet. I ate this bar of chocolate and it told me to phone a number to find out my prize.William: Oh wow, cool. Let's call them.Yang Li: OK.Welcome to the Choccy Choc Chocolate prize hotline. Please hold to find what amazing prize you've won.Yang Li: Wow, this is exciting!Welcome to the Choccy Choc Chocolate prize hotline. Please hold to find what amazing prize you've won.William: Hmmm.Welcome to the Choccy Choc Chocolate prize hotline. Please hold to find what amazing prize you've won.Yang Li: It can't be long now...William: Li, can I see that chocolate wrapper?Yang Li: OK. What does it say?William: It says "Calls to this line are charged at a minute"!Yang Li: What?! No way! Well, shall we hang up?William: I should think so! What a swizz.Hangs upYang Li: A swizz?William: Yes, a swizz. A swizz is a scheme that tricks people to make money. Like this company is making you call an expensive phone line – it's a swizz.Yang Li: I see.William: We might say "What a swizz", or "That's a bit of a swizz".Yang Li: So, how do we spell this word, swizz?William: Well you know, I'm not too sure. I've seen it spelled S.W.I.Z.Z. but I've also seen S.W.I.Z.Yang Li: You mean you don't know how to spell it? But this is B Learning English! We should know how to spell it. What a swizz!William: Ha ha. Yeah, I'm sorry! But that's just the way English is sometimes, it's always changing! At least you know -Phone ringsYang Li: Oh! Hello?Choc Person: Hello, is that Yang Li?Yang Li: Yes.Choc Person: We have a missed call from you. Just ringing to say you've won a prize!Yang Li: Wow, what is it?Choc Person: You need to ring this number to find out. 00 3 …Yang Li: Ha! What a swizz. Bye.William: Bye. 赏析: 听完这段录音,才发现,原来这种坑爹的电话骗局也不仅仅是中国的特色,英国同样有而且用的是同样的伎俩,用一行一般人不会注意到的小字标明“拨打此电话英镑每分钟”主持人把这种“设套骗人钱财的人”叫做“a swizz”比较有意思的是,录音中的骗子竟然还回拨了过来,还想多骗一次,不过我想,应该没人会连续上两次当吧 主持人已经记不清Swizz的拼写了,说也有可能是swiz, 因为英语是在不停变化的,就像这部分赏析中出现的“坑爹”,两年之前,在汉语中也是没有的,我认为我们应该学习与时俱进的、当下英美人正在使用的、不断更新的英语 记住,天生怎么会掉馅饼,没人会无缘无故送你人民币,当真碰到这种“好事”,也请多长个心眼,因为电话那头就有一个swizz在一边笑话你,一边数钱四川省第五人民医院冷光美白治疗多少钱 Springer spaniel Ruby is Britain most successful money detection dog. She detected .5m pounds of illicit cash in the five years she has been a detector dog.史宾格犬;鲁比;是英国最成功的嗅钱犬,在役的五年时间里,她总共截获了万英镑的违禁现金The six-year-old works at Heathrow Airport, where she has made hundreds of finds. Her largest single haul was 0,000 pounds in cash and banker drafts in hand-luggage heading Thailand.6岁的鲁比在英国伦敦希思罗机场工作,在这里,她成功;破案;数百起其中,截获的最大单笔金额是一名赴泰乘客手提行李中的万英镑现金和汇票Even royalty is not immune to her smelling powers, and she was caught instinctively sniffing the Queen handbag during a visit to the Home Office in November.即使是对皇室,这只母犬也毫不;徇私;去年月鲁比前往内政部做客时,还本能地嗅了嗅英国女王伊丽莎白二世的手提包Ruby record-breaking success during her five-year career is a huge boost to Britain crackdown on money smuggling in the fight against terror.在她的五年职业生涯当中,鲁比创纪录般的成功对于英国对抗恐怖、镇压走私来说是有巨大的推动作用Ruby specialises in detecting the scent of ink on banknotes, which is much harder than sniffing drugs or explosives because the smell of money varies more.Ruby非常擅长检测涂在钞票上油墨的香味由于钱币味道的不同,所以这与嗅探毒品、爆炸物相比要困难许多During a ten-hour shift she will check around four flights, which carry thousands of pieces of luggage and up to 580 people.鲁比”能一口气在机场工作小时,并嗅探大约个航班的580名旅客及上千件行李When she finds a scent, Ruby will freeze at its strongest point, pointing at it with her nose.当她发现疑点时,就会立时停下身子,用鼻子直指可疑物品Her handler, Border ce officer Dave Bellingham, 38, said: he is brilliant, a very, very special dog. She really enthusiastic her work. To her, it is a game, like hide-and-seek ... But she so good at finding it.38岁的“鲁比”训练员戴夫·贝林厄姆自豪地说:“她是一只聪明、特别的,而且相当热爱工作对她来说,这是一个捉迷藏的游戏……而她总能找到!” 03成都镶牙哪种比较好

成都地包天矫正A model with six-inch long facial hair has become the youngest woman in the world to have a full beard, according to the Guinness World Records.根据吉尼斯世界纪录显示,一位长有6英寸长胡子的模特,成为了世界上最年轻的长胡子的女性Harnaam Kaur, , from Slough, Berkshire, said it was ;humbling; to be included.今年岁的哈纳姆·卡吾尔来自英国伯克郡斯劳,她表示对自己进入吉尼斯纪录感到“诚惶诚恐”The girl expressed her excitement on her Facebook page with a picture holding the award and a message stating ;I can now proudly announce that I am a Guiness world record book holder!;这位女孩在自己的脸书主页上表达了自己激动的心情,她上传了一张自己获奖的照片,并配文道:“我现在要骄傲地宣布,我是吉尼斯世界纪录书的获得者!”Ms Kaur has polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal condition that can result in the growth of excess facial hair.卡吾尔患多囊卵巢综合征,这种荷尔蒙的变化会导致身体长出过多的毛发However, the young damsel refuses to take it as something not normal and is proud of it.尽管如此,这位年轻的女子并没有把这视为奇怪的事情,相反对其感到很自豪In March she became the first female with a beard to walk the runway at London Fashion Week.年3月,她成为第一位在伦敦时装周上走秀的长胡子的女性 66763平昌县人民医院看儿童口腔牙病牙周炎牙龈炎价格 导购口语:Can I interest you in these smart silk scarves?我能向您介绍这些真丝围巾吗?Tremendous work and eft have gone into every one. It is not only ornamental, but also useful.每一条均是精工细作,不仅装饰性强,而且很实用This wool makes up into a warm shawl.这种羊毛制成的围巾很暖和 语句:Can I interest you in…直译就是“我能让你在……感兴趣吗?”,也就是说“我能向您介绍……吗?”是一个很应景的句型;silk scarves真丝围巾;tremendous work and eft精工细作;make up into编织成 情景再现:What kind of glove would you like best? Wool, leather, or fur?您喜欢什么样的手套,绒绒的,皮革的还是毛皮的?Rich-colored silk scarves can serve as good presents.真丝围巾,色丰富,送礼佳品This scarf is excellent and the style is smart.这条围巾质量特别好,而且样式很时髦 198成都正畸牙齿

绵阳市404医院口腔美容科 第一句:Id like to make a plane reservation to Shanghai, China.我想预定一个去中国上海的机位A: Good morning, Chinese Airlines. Domestic reservations. Can I help you?早上好中国航空公司国内航班预订处我能帮您吗?B: Yes. Id like to make a plane reservation to Shanghai tomorrow.是的,我想预定一张明天去上海的机票第二句:Id like to get a seat on a flight to Amsterdam.我想订一张飞往阿姆斯特丹的机票A: Good afternoon, Swiss Airlines. International reservations. May I help you?下午好,瑞士航空公司,国际航班预订处我能帮您吗?B: Yes, Id like to get a seat on a flight to Amsterdam tomorrow.是的,我想订一张明天飞往阿姆斯特丹的机票A: Just a moment, please. Ill check you.请稍等,我给您查一下预定机票的相关表达法:Ill treat myself to a business-class ticket.我想为自己订张商务舱的票Id like to reserve a ticket the flight from Tokyo to London.我想预定一张从东京到伦敦的机票I want to reserve a flight to China.我想订张飞往中国的机票 193380成都市第六人民医院治疗种植牙要多少钱四川哪家医院补牙效果最好



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