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点击此处下载音频嗨!大家好!欢迎来到广播学口语。Andy向大家问好。Andy今天向大家介绍的两个句子是:Stop rolling in the aisles.和Donlsquo;t burst a blood vessel. 还等什么,赶快来搭乘我们的音乐快车吧!(音乐)音乐快车第一站到了:Stop rolling in the aisles. roll作动词有卷起,翻滚的意思。而aisle这个词读音比较特殊,需要注意。这个词是走廊通道的意思。那么roll in the aisle是说在走廊里打滚吗?这恐怕是生病了吧?哈哈!其实这句话的意思是捧腹大笑.One night Andy fell onto the floor while sleeping in bed。The next day I told this to my friend and he even rolled in the aisles that he could not speak a word!(一天夜里,Andy在睡梦中摔到了地上。第二天把故事讲给朋友时,他竟笑得说不出话来!)岂有此理!不过这种事也不止Andy一个人经历过。那位朋友的女友也有过同样的遭遇。可当Andy同样幸灾乐祸的大笑时,他却急了,;Stop rolling in the aisles!Is that so funny?I rsquo;ve never known you are such a guy!;(别笑了!有那么可笑吗?真不知道你是这样的人!)(音乐)有人对Andy这样无理,Andy自然不高兴。But donlsquo;t burst a blood vessel. 这就是我们下面学习的句子。burst是指爆炸或突然爆发, blood自然不必说。而 vessel本意是容器,管道。这里 blood vessel是指血管。所以 burst a blood vessel直译为血管爆裂。你知道吗?有研究表明,人生气的时候,血压升高,会有一部分血管爆裂。所以这句话的意思就是别太动怒了。Andy正怒气冲天的时候,朋友突然换了笑脸,;Donrsquo;t burst a blood vessel!Ilsquo;m pulling your leg!I also canrsquo;t help laughing when I heard this !;(别生那么大气,我在和你开玩笑!我听说这件事的时候也是忍不住哈哈大笑。)Those who are hot-tempered are easily to burst a blood vessel,but Andy isnrsquo;t. Andy is a gentleman and will keep my temper whaterever happens.(那些急性子的人很容易勃然大怒,但Andy不会。Andy是个绅士,无论发生了什么都会保持仪态。(音乐)大喜亦或大悲都是健康的杀手,Andy希望你和我一样,在任何情况下都保持仪态,不骄不燥。好了,今天就到这里吧,再见吧! /200605/7294。

  • They crave people who have the courage to take crave on tough problems the determination to build long-term on, 这个领导者必须具备面对棘手难题的勇气,建立长期解决方案的决心,同时还要有同情怜悯之心,能成为带领大家的中心。solutions, and compassion to bring people with them. You, must appeal to their optimism and not their fear.因此,你们必须激发他们的乐观精神,而非恐惧之心。To do that you must be both great and good. 要想做到这样,你们首先妾有能力,再者要仁慈。We need, you to compete to be your best, while maintaining your authenticity and sense of service. 你们需要通过竞争让自己变得最棒,同时还要保持真我和务意识。Your life journey should have three principles:你的人生旅程需要遵循以下三个原则:Live with passion.富有地去生活!Live with purpose.有目的地去生活!Live for others.为他人去生活!People are afraid. They need new leaders. the energy and optimism from you to triumph over the cynics. 人们都心有惧怕。他们需要新的领导者。他们需要你们给他们带来能量,带来乐观精神,去战胜愤世嫉俗。They need you to be Our Greatest Generation.他们需要你们成为最伟大的一代!201610/470373。
  • 即学即用英语会话词典C部分:转换话题 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15100。
  • 11.The Business Logic of Sustainability11.为何商业可以做到可持续Hawken fulfilled business and industry, leading humankind away from the abyss. Because with continued unchecked decline of the biosphere, a very dear person is at risk here. Frankly, an unacceptable risk. Who is that person? Not you. Not I. But let me introduce you to the one who is most at risk here. And I myself met this person in the early days of this mountain climb. On a Tuesday morning in March of 1996 I was talking to people, as I did at every opportunity back then. Bringing them along and often not knowing whether I was connecting. But about five days later back in Atlanta, I received an email from Glenn Thomas, one of my people in the California meeting. He was sending me an original poem that he had composed after our Tuesday morning together. And when I it, it was one of the most uplifting moments of my life. Because it told me, by God, one person got it. Here is what Glenn wrote. And here is that person, most at risk. Please meet ;Tomorrows Child;.给业界老大带来冲击,也有望带领人类走出深渊,因为我们过去长期地从生物界掠夺,已经有人在遭受危险了,并且是不可接受的危险。那个人是谁?不是你。也不是我。让我告诉你谁是最大的受害者吧。我在攀登这一高峰的早期就遇到了这个人。1996年3月一个星期二的早晨,我和人们交谈,那时候我经常这么傲。我会把我的想法告诉他们,那时候也不知道自己是在创建新的联系。回到亚特兰大后的第五天我收到了来自葛莱·托马斯的电子邮件,在加州的一次会上见过他。他给我友来了自己写的一首诗,那是他在周二见面之后写的。我读完那首诗,顿时感觉那是我一生中难得的喜悦一刻。那首诗告诉我,有人体会到这个道理了。这就是Glenn所写的内容“他就是那个正在面临最大危险的人,请读《明日的孩子》”。;Without a name, an unseen face, and knowing not your time or place, Tomorrows child, though yet unborn, I met you first last Tuesday morn.“没有名字、没有面孔、不知哪里出生、不知何日降临·明日的孩子,虽然尚未降生,上个周二的早晨,我遇到了你。A wise friend introduced us two. And through his sobering point of view I saw a day that you would see, a day for you but not for me.智者为我们引荐了对方,透过他那沉重的观点,我看到了你也能看到的一天,那属于你,不属于我。Knowing you has changed my thinking. For I never had an inkling that perhaps the things I do might someday, somehow threaten you.因为你改变了我的思考,我从没有想到我所做的,也许有一天,会伤害你。Tomorrows child, my daughter, son, Im afraid Ive just begun to think of you and of your good, though always having known I should.明日的孩子,我的女儿,我的儿子,我这才开始想到你,以及你该享有的好生活。虽然我知道,我更早就该开始想。Begin, I will.我会开始。The way the cost of what I squander, what is lost, if ever I forget that you wiU someday come and live here too.;我总是在想,我所浪费的、我所丢失的,我却忘记了有一天,你也会降生,也会生活在这里。”201705/508336。
  • 选自电影:Jane Eyre《简爱》I Have As Much Soul As You 我们的精神是同等的 同名小说是经典,这部电影也是经典,下面的对白更是经典中的经典!大学时代的女生把这部电影列为必修课,熄灯后还在心中玩味,作为鼓励自己的座右铭。其实爱情原本如此,真诚与尊严最重要,若你拥有了这两种品质,真爱就不远了。百年过去了,可简爱的话犹响在耳边,不朽啊!单词通缉令1.rather ad. 更确切地说2.Thornfield 桑费尔德,主人公罗切斯特居住的庄园3.attach to 使依恋4.part vi. 分开;分离5.as soon as… 一……就……6.summon vt. 召唤;召集7.be destined to 命定的;注定的8.queer a. 奇怪的;奇特的9.with regard to 关于……; 对于……10. rib n. 肋骨11. inextricably ad. 逃不掉地12. knot vi. 打结; (使)纠缠13. situate v. 使位于; 使处于14. corresponding a. 符合的;一致的15. frame n. 体格16. cord n. 细绳; 粗线17. snap v.咬断;拉断18. notion n.观念;想法19. inwardly ad.在内部;内里20. necessity n.必须;必然21. obscure a.无名的;微贱的22. plain a.(相貌)平常的;丑的23. unearthly a.非尘世的;神秘的24. flesh n.肉25. mock vt.嘲弄Jane: I thought you’d gone.Rochester: I changed my mind or 1)rather the Ingram family changed their’s. Why are you crying?Jane: I was thinking about having to leave 2)Thornfield. Rochester: You’ve become quite 3)attached to that foolish little Adele, haven’t you? To that simple old Fairfax. You’d be sorry to 4)part with them.Jane: Yes, sir!Rochester: It’s always the way in this life. 5)As sooner as have you got settled in a pleasant resting place, you’re 6)summoned to move on. Jane: I told you, sir, I shall be y when the order comes.Rochester: It has come now!Jane: Then it’s settled?Rochester: All settled! Even about your future situation.Jane: You’ve found a place for me?Rochester: Yes, Jane, I have...er... the west of Ireland. You’ll like Ireland, I think. There are such warm-hearted people there.Jane: It’s a long way off, sir.Rochester: From what, Jane?Jane: From England and from Thornfield.Rochester: Well?Jane: And from you, sir.Rochester: Yes, Jane, it’s a long way. When you get there, I shall probably never see you again. We’ve been good friends, Jane, haven’t we?Jane: Yes, sir.Rochester: Even good friends may be forced to part. Let’s make the most of what time has left us. Let us sit here in peace. Even though we should 7)be destined never to sit here again. Sometimes I have a 8)queer feeling 9)with regard to you, Jane. Especially when you’re near me as now. As if I had a string somewhere under my left 10)rib. Tightly and 11)inextricably 12)knotted to a similar string 13)situated in a 14)corresponding corner of your little 15)frame. And if we should have to be parted, that 16)cord of communion would be 17)snapped. Kind of a nervous 18)notion I should take to bleeding 19)inwardly. As for you, you’d forget me.Jane: That I never will, sir. You know that. I see the 20)necessity of going, but it’s like looking on the necessity of death.Rochester: Where do you see that necessity?Jane: In your bride.Rochester: What bride? I have no bride.Jane: But you will have!Rochester: Yes, I will. I will.Jane: You think I could stay here to become nothing to you? Do you think because I’m poor and 21)obscure and 22)plain that I’m soulless and heartless? I have as much soul as you and fully as much heart. And if God had gifted me with wealth and beauty, I should have made it as hard for you to leave me as it is now for me to leave you. There, I’ve spoken my heart, now let me go.Rochester: Jane. Jane... you strange almost 23)unearthly thing. It is you that I love as my own 24)flesh.Jane: Don’t 25)mock...Rochester: I’m over with Blanche. It’s you I want. Answer me, Jane, quickly. Say: “Edward, I’ll marry you.” Say it, Jane. Say it!Jane: I want to your face.Rochester: Read quickly. Say, “Edward, I’ll marry you.”Jane: Edward, I’ll marry you.Rochester: God pardon me. 简:我以为你已经走了。罗切斯特:我改主意了。或者说英格拉姆家改主意了。你怎么哭了?简:我在想,我要离开桑菲尔德了。罗切斯特:你很有些离不开那个小傻瓜阿黛勒了,是吗?还有那个头脑简单的老费尔法克斯太太。你因为要离开她们而伤心。简:是的,先生!罗切斯特:生活总是这样,你刚到一个令人愉快的休憩地,又有什么原因让你前行了。简:我告诉过你,先生,我会随时准备接受您对我的吩咐。罗切斯特:现在已经来了。简:决定了?罗切斯特:一切都定下来了。你将来的位置也定下来了。简:你给我找了个地方?罗切斯特:是的,简,我已经……唔……西爱尔兰。我想,你会喜欢爱尔兰,那儿的人都很热心。简:路很远,先生。罗切斯特:离哪儿远,简?简:离英国和桑菲尔德。罗切斯特:哦?简:还有你,先生。罗切斯特:对,简,是很远。你一旦到那,也许我再也见不到你了。我们已经是好朋友了,是吗,简?简:是,先生。罗切斯特:好朋友也会不得不分离。让我们好好利用剩下的时间。让我们在这儿安安静静坐一会儿,以后再也不会一起坐在这儿了。有时候我对你有一种奇怪的感觉,简。尤其是象你现在这样靠近我的时候。彷佛我左肋下的哪个地方有根弦,跟你那小小身躯里同样地方一根同样的弦难舍难分地紧紧纠结在一起。我们一旦分离,这根弦就会绷断。我有个奇怪的感觉,那时我体内会血流不止。至于你呢,你会把我忘得一干二净。简:我决不会,先生。你知道,我看出非离别不可,可这就象看到了非死不可一样。罗切斯特:你从哪儿看出非这样不可呢?简:你的新娘。罗切斯特:我的新娘?我没有新娘。简:但你会有!罗切斯特:对,我会,我会。简:你以为我会留下来,做一个对你来说无足轻重的人吗?你以为,就因为我穷、低微、不美,我就没有心,没有灵魂吗?我也有一颗心,我们的精神是同等的。如果上帝赐于我美貌与财富的话,我也会让你难以离开我,就象我现在难以离开你一样。好了,我已经说出了我的心里话,让我走。罗切斯特:简,简,你这小古怪,几乎不象人世中间的小东西。我爱你就象爱我自己。简:别嘲笑……罗切斯特:我和布兰奇结束了,你才是我想要的。回答我,简,快说,说:“爱德华,我愿意嫁给你!”说,简,快说!简:我想看清你的脸!罗切斯特:快点说。说:“爱德华,我愿意嫁给你!”简:爱德华,我愿意嫁给你。罗切斯特:上帝饶恕我。句子模仿秀这是一个句型,两个句子用or rather分割,意思是“更确切地说”,例如:It was late Monday night or rather early Tuesday morning.学习指导复读三遍,熟练复读时间推荐为3秒钟。句子模仿秀这个句子简洁明了,汉语中也有相当的表达。在生活中用起来会显得很地道,耐人回味。学习指导复读背诵,熟练背诵时间推荐为2秒钟。句子模仿秀千古流传的经典句子,不要错过。学习指导复读模仿、背诵。最佳背诵10秒。 /200603/5364。
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