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四川省第四人民医院看冷光洁白洁牙多少钱青白江区妇幼保健院牙科Children love to play with new toys but hate disruption to their routines. These traits persist in adult life: innovation is ily adopted when it is incorporated in new gadgets but innovation that involves doing things differently is resisted.儿童喜欢玩新玩具,但讨厌习惯被打断。这些特性在成年后会一直保持下去:如果把创新融入新玩意中,人们很乐意接受,但涉及改变做事方式的创新,人们就会抵触。Look around a university. At a super#173;ficial level, modern information technology has changed everything. Most activities — communication, scheduling and presentations — are conducted electronically. At a deeper level, nothing at all has changed. The course structures, materials and the methods of pedagogy remain essentially the same.到一所大学四处转转。从表面看,现代信息技术已改变了一切。大多数活动——沟通、排课表和做报告——都是以电子方式完成的。但在更深层次上,一切都没有改变。课程结构、教材和教学法本质上还是老样子。As Richard Nelson, the economist of innovation, has pointed out while American children are much healthier than they once were they are not much better at learning to . Innovation that comes in a pill or injection is easily adopted: innovation that manages a process better is not.正如创新经济学家理查德#8226;纳尔逊(Richard Nelson)所指出的那样,当今的美国儿童比过去的儿童健康得多,但他们学习阅读的能力并不比过去强太多。以药丸或注射形式出现的创新很容易被接受,优化流程的创新则不然。It has always been so. Anaesthetics were developed in the mid-19th century and soon all surgeons were using them. However, when a Viennese physician discovered that the most important thing surgeons could do to keep their patients alive, especially those who were newborn infants, was to wash their hands, the profession resisted the innovation for half a century.情况一直是如此。麻醉剂是19世纪中期开发出来的,不久之后所有外科医生都开始使用麻醉剂。然而,当一位维也纳内科医生发现,要保住病人、尤其是新生儿的性命,外科医生所能做的最重要的事是洗手时,医疗界抵制这项创新的时间长达半个世纪。While doctors would ily experiment with new chemicals, they fought any acknowledgment that their procedures were defective.尽管医生们愿意试验新的化学制剂,但他们竭力拒绝承认自己的治疗程序存在瑕疵。Authors and editors use computers and software to write and compile, and eers are everywhere. Yet any suggestion that these developments imply a different and diminished role for publishers and booksellers is fiercely resisted, both by these businesses and by authors and ers.如今,写手和编辑使用电脑和软件进行写作和编辑,电子阅览器已无处不在。不过,任何人只要提及这些进展意味着出版商和书商的角色被改变和削弱,都会受到这两者以及作者和读者的强烈抵制。Airlines place orders for the latest models but established carriers find it hard to adapt to the market challenges set by low-cost carriers. Their response has been to set up distinct subsidiaries to implement[APE?] the new business model. Yet Delta’s Song was sung only briefly and British Airways’ Go went.航空公司会订购最新型的飞机,但老牌航空公司发现很难针对低价航空公司引发的市场竞争做出调整。它们的对策是设立完全不同的子公司,来执行新的业务模式。不过,达美航空(Delta)的Song只维持了很短时间,而英国航空(British Airways)的Go也已成过去式。Since even babies are more suspicious of new ways of doing things than of new toys, we might seek evolutionary explanations. But why would our ancestors have been more y to hunt new prey, or adopt new tools, than to adapt routines? Perhaps innovations incorporated in physical items are more plainly beneficial than process innovations. It is hard to argue that a smartphone is not an improvement on an instrument with a large rotary dial tethered to a desk.[DO WE FULLY ANSWER THIS QUESTION?]既然就连婴儿对新的做事方式也比对新玩具更怀疑,我们或许可以去寻找进化上的解释。但是,为何相对于调整习惯,我们的祖先更乐于捕捉新猎物或使用新工具呢?或许是,相对于流程创新,融入实物中的创新带来的好处更加一目了然。我们很难主张,相对于被电线固定在桌上、带着很大拨号盘的旧式电话,智能手机不是一种改进。Some gadgets that look like improvements are not: three-dimensional cameras meet a need we do not seem to have, and airships and supersonic passenger jets turned out to be a bust. These blind alleys in product innovation are sufficiently rare that they stand out in business and technological history.有些玩意儿看上去有改进,实际上并无改进:3D立体相机满足的是一项我们似乎并不存在的需求,飞艇和超音速客机后来被明是个失败。这些走进死胡同的产品创新罕见到了能在商业与科技史上占据突出地位。A low-cost airline, however, is not superior to a full-service one but rather the provider of a product better adapted to the needs of modern passengers. Establishing a new routine requires time and practice, and many new routines do not represent improvements; witness the fate of the majority of business re-engineering exercises. While transformational chief executives and management consultants chafe at the resistance they encounter, the problem is not just the lethargy of subordinates and the scale of their personal investment in established processes. It is often well-founded doubt as to whether the “change agents” actually know what they are doing. Political leaders, who seek office by claiming that everything their predecessors are doing is wrong, are even more frequently the advocates of useless process reorganisation.然而,不是说低价航空公司优于全业务航空公司,而是说它们提供了一种更符合现代乘客需求的产品。形成新习惯需要时间和实践,而许多新习惯不代表改进;看一看大多数业务流程改造的命运吧。尽管心向革新的首席执行官和管理顾问对遭遇的抵制感到恼火,但问题不仅仅在于下属们的慵懒懈怠以及他们对既定流程已投入个人努力的大小。人们常常有充分理由怀疑“改革推动者”是否真了解自己在做什么。有些政治领导人宣称前任所做一切都是错的,希望借此上台,他们倡导的流程改革甚至更可能是毫无用处的。So we are right to view such novelties with suspicion. And the behaviour of our children suggests this well-founded scepticism towards those who would re-engineer our routines has become hard wired in human responses.所以,我们以怀疑眼光看待此类奇思异想是正确的。我们的孩子的行为表明,对于那些想要改造我们习惯的人报以正当的怀疑,已经深深地植入了人类的反应心理中了。 /201503/365375成都市妇女儿童中心医院单颗缺失多颗缺失半口缺失价格 Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires ever- being only 8 days too old to hold the title. Everyone knows who he is and what he has done for the Internet with the invention and wildfire sp of his social networking site, Facebook. Yet, he remains one of the most controversial figures in Silicon Valley, constantly under fire from allegations ranging from the theft of the idea for Facebook to privacy concerns. Zuckerberg has been an advocate of technology since he was 10 years old and both the mission and actions of Facebook have demonstrated this with the purchases of some of the coolest companies in tech to a new initiative to bring the Internet to the entire world. Despite being the infamous founder of the world#39;s largest social networking site, there are a lot of things people don#39;t know about Mark Zuckerberg, and as Zuckerberg himself will tell you, David Fincher#39;s Oscar winning film The Social Network has not helped the matter.Here are ten things you should know about Mark Zuckerberg:众所周知,马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)曾是全球最年轻的亿万富翁之一。虽然他的这一头衔只保持了8天就被更加年轻的成功者所取代。只要提及他的名字,定是无人不知、无人不晓。他所创立的网络社交平台——脸书(Facebook),更是风靡全球。即便这样,他仍然是硅谷(Silicon Valley)最饱受争议的人物之一,不断被指控其创立的脸书存在盗窃隐私等问题。扎克伯格十岁时就已成为一个实打实的;技术控;,脸书优越的运行程序明了他的;编程;能力。一些业内顶尖的技术导向型企业都选择购买脸书的版权,试图将这一互联网革新产品推广至世界的各个角落。尽管扎克伯格是一个;臭名昭著;的世界上最大的社交网站的创始人,可我们对他依然知之甚少。正如扎克伯格自己说的那样,很多事情就连大卫·芬奇(David Fincher)的奥斯卡获奖影片——《社交网络》(The Social Network)也没有铺开讲明。关于扎克伯格,我们还需知道以下十件事。10.Zuckerberg Is a Private Person Who Wants to Make the World a More Open Place10.扎克伯格只是一个普通人,他只是单纯地想让整个世界的沟通变得更加开放Zuckerberg gives very few interviews and considers himself to be a private person. But, his job has increasingly required that he do large events and speak on stage. Zuckerberg is often criticized after these events because he is not the showman that other tech giants are. For instance, he doesn#39;t have the calm, collected manner of the late Steve Jobs, nor does he have the crazed enthusiasm of Microsoft#39;s Steve Ballmer. Some have complained that Zuckerberg is a ;robot; and that he has been ;overprogrammed.; Interviewers have described him as speaking as though it were an instant message with few words and a flat voice. When asked if he is the same person on stage that he is with his friends, he agrees and says that he is indeed the same awkward person wherever he is.扎克伯格很少接受采访,因为他一直都觉得自己只是一个普通人。但是,他的工作属性需要他参加各式各样的大型活动,并在各式各样的舞台上发表讲话。扎克伯格毕竟不像别的科技巨头那样,有艺人般的表达技巧,每每活动结束,他都会被众人批评表达欠佳。怎么说呢,他没有史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)那样淡定的心态,也没有微软(Microsoft)史蒂夫.·鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)的狂热态度。就像有的人抱怨的那样——扎克伯格的表现力简直太;程序化了;,活脱脱一个;机器人;!采访者评价他说话:语调平淡,寥寥数语。有人就表示疑惑,扎克伯格在舞台上讲话是这样,难道他和他的朋友私下聊天也是这样说话吗?事实上,扎克伯格承认自己无论在哪、同谁交流,都是这样一个尴尬的人。The release of the film ;The Social Network; did not improve Zuckerberg#39;s public image. After the release of the film, which is supposed to be based on the events surrounding the foundation of Facebook, Zuckerberg described the film as ;kind of hurtful.; He insists that both the writer, Aaron Sorkin, and the director, David Fincher, embellished his life to create a more interesting film. In reality, coding is not glamorous and Zuckerberg did not create Facebook to spite a girlfriend after a break up. In fact, he was aly dating his future wife at the time. Zuckerberg has said that his goal was never to make Facebook cool because he does not consider himself a cool person nor does he try to be. What he wants is for Facebook to be useful.电影《社交网络》的上映并没有对扎克伯格的公众印象有什么改善。这部围绕着脸书的创立所展开的电影上映之后,扎克伯格称这部电影对他来说就是;一种伤害;。他坚信,不论是编剧艾伦·索尔金(Aaron Sorkin),还是导演大卫·芬奇,都在不同程度上为了描绘自己想要塑造的故事而美化了他的人生。然而现实中,编程这件事并不像电影中那样华丽精,扎克伯格本人也没有在分手后创建脸书用以中伤其前女友。事实上,那个时候的他已经在同未来的妻子甜蜜约会了。扎克伯格曾表示,他从不认为自己是一个天赋异禀的名人,也并不想成为这样的人,所以他也从没想过让脸书变得如此火爆,他只是单纯地想让脸书变成一个对大众有用的社交平台而已。9.Zuckerberg Dropped out of Harvard to Devote His Time to Facebook9.扎克伯格为了创立脸书,选择了从哈佛辍学Zuckerberg was Harvard material. His application listed speaking five languages and he had an education in classics which he enjoyed. He was approached by both Microsoft and AOL while he was still in high school, and he is often described as having a brilliant and focused mind. Zuckerberg was accepted by Harvard to join the graduating class of 2006 to study psychology, which fascinated him. Zuckerberg insisted that he would finish college before his sister having no intentions of dropping out. When he arrived at Harvard, he found that programming was more interesting than his classes and he admits to having a rather scarce studying schedule.扎克伯格是哈佛大学的一名高材生。他的申请材料上罗列着他所掌握的五种语言以及他酷爱且接受过的古典教育。他还在读高中的时候,就经常被别人夸奖拥有一颗;杰出且敏锐;的大脑,小小年纪便收到了来自微软和美国在线的工作邀请。2006年,扎克伯格被哈佛大学录取,且加入毕业班学习他朝思暮想的心理学课程。扎克伯格说到,如果当时他的不同意他辍学,那么他一定会继续完成自己的大学课业。在哈佛学习时,他发现编程比他的心理学课程有意思得多,于是他开始疯狂地逃心理学课,旁听学习编程知识。Zuckerberg admits that most people in his life thought he would drop out of school long before he actually did. Although he wasn#39;t sure at the time that Facebook would become a viable company, his visit to Palo Alto inspired him to see where his coding mind might take him. While in Palo Alto, his first big investor wrote him a big check, insisting that Zuckerberg would drop out of school, even if Zuckerberg himself didn#39;t know it yet. His parents also always knew he would not finish college. But, Zuckerberg is not an advocate of leaving post-secondary education behind. He insists that it is a time for young people to explore their minds and develop new hobbies and interests.扎克伯格说到,他身边的大部分人都以为他会更早地从哈佛辍学,然而事实却有违众愿。那个时候,他并不确定脸书会在日后变成一个有巨大发展前景的公司,直到访问帕洛阿尔托市(Palo Alto)时他才受到启发——他的编程思维一定会引领他走向成功。在帕洛阿尔托市,扎克伯格人生中的第一个大东家给他开了一张巨额票,在扎克伯格自身都没有意识到时,这个大东家便笃定他一定会从哈佛退学。其实,他的父母也知道,扎克伯格想必是不会顺利从大学毕业了。但值得肯定的是,扎克伯格并不是;辍学;行为的倡导者。他认为大学时光在人生中占据十分重要的地位——年轻的我们有充足的时间探索自己的爱好和兴趣,进行头脑风暴。Other famous dropouts include Michael Dell of Dell, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple, Larry Page of Google, Evan Williams of Twitter, David Karp of Tumblr (who dropped out of high school at 14!) All of these guys are billionaires, some several times over, and all of them have had a dramatic impact on both the tech industry as programmers and the world as philanthropists.当然,还有很多我们所熟知的名人都没有完成他们自己的学业,比如迈克尔·戴尔(Michael Dell, DELL品牌)、比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates,微软)、史蒂夫·乔布斯(苹果)、拉里·佩奇(Larry Page,谷歌)、埃文·威廉姆斯(Evan Williams,推特)、大卫·卡普(David Karp,汤乐)等,他们最终都变成了亿万富翁。作为程序员,他们在高新技术产业上取得了重大成功。而作为慈善家,他们也为世界范围内的慈善事业做出了巨大的贡献。8.Mark Zuckerberg Insists That There Needs to Be More Women in Technology8.马克·扎克伯格坚持认为更多的女性需要加入科技行业He says that young women should be encouraged to do computer science by older women in the industry, but at the same time, there are not enough women in the industry to do so. It is a vicious cycle but Zuckerberg insists that tech companies need to do better because more diverse companies do greater things. Facebook has started a program that pays for their female employees to freeze their eggs should they want to delay plans to have a family to further their careers at the company. Women would no longer have to leave at critical moments in their careers to have children or care for their families. This program benefits both Facebook and its employees. Facebook is not alone in this uncommon movement, either. Apple has also announced a similar program for it#39;s employees. Facebook and LinkedIn have also announced a collaborative initiative to boost the number of women studying engineering and computer science. The initiative includes both mentoring and support programs at colleges across the country.他认为这一行业中年长的女性应该鼓励年轻女性参与到计算机科学中,但事实上并没有多少人这样做。这是一个恶性循环。扎克伯格强调,随着更多不同的公司做出了更好的东西,技术导向型企业必须更胜一筹。如果女职员们愿意为了在公司获得长远发展而推迟建立家庭,脸书将为其承担冰冻卵细胞的费用,这样她们就可以不用因为照顾家人或怀而在关键时刻离开岗位。这样对脸书及其员工都有好处。不只是脸书,苹果公司也为其员工提供了类似务。脸书和人际关系网(Linkedln)也宣布要合作进行一项创新,旨在增加学习工程与计算机科学的女性人数。它还会为全国大学生提供指导与持。Facebook is home to Chief Operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, who is worth .1 billion and is one of the wealthiest women in technology. In 2013, Sandberg published her book, ;Lean In,; in which she described some of her personal experiences to encourage women to pursue the top positions in their fields. Her book launched international conversation about women in positions in power.对脸书首席运营官(Chief Operating officer)——雪莉·桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg)而言,脸书像是自己的家。她的身价已达110万美元,是技术领域最富有的女性之一。2013年,桑德伯格出版了《向前一步》(Lean In)一书,通过讲述一些个人经历来鼓舞女性在各自行业里获得最高职位。她的书引起了全球女性高管的热议。审校:围巾 校对:Candy 旭旭 /201507/386313Airbnb has opened its site to Cuba, making it one of the first US companies to open shop on the island since the dramatic thaw in tensions between Washington and Havana last year.空中食宿(Airbnb)向古巴开放了它的网站,成为自美国与古巴两国关系解冻以来,首家在古巴展开业务的美国企业之一。After five decades of hostility, estrangement, and economic sanctions between the two countries, tourism to Cuba — historically dominated by Canadians and Europeans — is set to spike after President Barack Obama loosened travel restrictions in January.在两国间经历了50年的敌对、疏远和经济制裁之后,今年1月,美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)放宽了对美国人赴古巴的旅游限制。这一措施的出台,会令古巴的外国游客出现激增。传统上去到古巴的游客以加拿大人和欧洲人为主。Airbnb expects “significant demand” for Cuban rentals from Americans. US user searches for Cuba on Airbnb’s site have jumped 70 per cent since January, the company said.空中食宿预计,美国人在古巴租房的需求将是巨大的。自1月以来,美国用户在其网站搜索古巴的次数已跃升了70%。The online house-rental start-up now allows licensed American travellers to book rooms at more than 1,000 listings across Cuba, many featuring ornate colonial design and cheap prices: the average rental in Havana costs per night.目前,通过这家在线租房初创企业,得到许可的美国游客能预定遍布古巴的逾1000间房舍的房间。其中许多房间不仅拥有华丽的殖民时代设计,价格也十分低廉:哈瓦那的平均租金为每晚42美元。“For over 50 years, Cuba has been out of reach for most Americans” said Nathan Blecharczyk, Airbnb’s co-founder. “When we founded Airbnb#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;our dream was to help create a world where you could belong anywhere#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.”空中食宿共同创始人内森#8226;布莱沙奇克(Nathan Blecharczyk)表示:“在超过50年的时间里,古巴对多数美国人来说一直可望而不可及。在创建空中食宿时……我们的梦想就是帮助人们打造一个处处是我家的世界……”Airbnb’s “sharing economy” business model makes Cuba a potential sweet spot. It does not face some of the roadblocks for traditional American hotels, who would have to buy property and hire employees to operate on the island.对于空中食宿的“分享经济”业务模式来说,古巴或将是一个绝佳的运营环境。这一模式可以避开传统美国酒店营运商去古巴开展业务会遭遇到的障碍,包括需要买地,还需要聘用员工。Rather, the bn company has soared in popularity as the middleman for people who want to rent out a spare room in their home.相比之下,市值130亿美元的空中食宿在古巴的人气已急剧上升,那些想要出租家中多余房间的人们将它视作中间人。Still, limited internet and phone access in Cuba poses a problem for Airbnb, whose booking system operates entirely online. Only five per cent of Cubans have home access to the internet and less than a fifth have mobile phones, according to US officials.不过,古巴上网和打电话的条件都十分有限,这对整个预订系统都在网上的空中食宿是个大问题。美国官方数据显示,可在家中上网的古巴人只占5%,而拥有移动电话的则不到五分之一。To enter this unplugged community, Airbnb has tapped into a local network of private home-stays — casas particulares — who have dominated the Cuban tourism industry for decades and make up a sizeable income for locals in an otherwise isolated, sluggish economy.此外,由于古巴经济开放的节奏十分缓慢,外国企业仍受制于当地监管规定及美国的制裁举措。官方统计的数字显示,自东欧剧变以来,在古巴设立的外国企业中,六成已关门大吉。 /201504/368562四川成都市牙列不齐双颌前突多少钱

成都做美牙冠要多少钱Chinese telecoms group Huawei would invest more in Europe if it were treated like a European company by regulators, according to its chief executive.华为(Huawei)首席执行官表示,如果监管机构能像对待欧洲企业那样对待华为的话,这家中国电信设备供应商会在欧洲做出更多投资。Guo Ping, the deputy chairman and one of three executives who helm the company on a rotating basis, said that an anti-dumping investigation by the European Commission into Huawei and Chinese handset maker ZTE had made the group “uncomfortable” and “feel very uncertain”.华为副董事长、3位轮值CEO之一郭平表示,欧盟委员会(European Commission)对华为以及中国手机制造商中兴通讯(ZTE)展开的反倾销调查,使该集团“不舒”,“感觉很不确定”。Huawei has invested heavily in Europe over the past decade and employs 9,900 people across the continent, including 1,200 in research and development.过去十年,华为在欧洲大举投资,在整个欧洲大陆雇佣了9900名员工,其中研发方面有1200人。“We are here not to see Europe as a market,” said Mr Guo. “We want to do Ramp;D here. We want to do our procurement here. We want to become a European company.”“我们在这里并不是把欧洲视为一个市场,”郭平称,“我们希望在这里进行研发。我们希望在这里做采购。我们希望成为一家欧洲企业。”He said that this investment could be stepped up if the company received fairer treatment from regulators.他称,如果监管机构能更公平地对待华为的话,该公司将加大投资。“If we can be given a fair opportunity to participate like other European companies, that would be an encouragement to us,” he said.“如果我们能得到一个公平的机会,像其他欧洲企业一样参与市场的话,那会鼓励我们,”他称。Last year, the European Commission dropped a long-running complaint against Huawei and ZTE, over claims they were flooding the European market with underpriced goods. “The process was very uncomfortable; it made us feel very uncertain,” said Mr Guo.去年,欧盟委员会放弃了一宗针对华为和中兴的持续已久的申诉,申诉内容是这两家公司在欧洲市场倾销定价偏低的商品。“这个过程让人感觉非常不舒;它让我们感觉很不确定,”郭平称。The EU faces increasing scrutiny over the way that it treats non-European companies. This year, US President Barack Obama accused European regulators of protectionism for the way they were treating Silicon Valley groups.欧盟在对待非欧洲企业的方式上正受到越来越多的关注。今年,美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)指责欧洲监管机构对待硅谷集团的方式在本质上是保护主义。Huawei itself has faced persistent criticism from US diplomats and trade officials, who claim it has close links with the Chinese government — which Huawei denies — and poses a security risk.华为本身面对着美国外交人士及贸易官员持续不断的指责,后者声称华为与中国政府关系紧密(华为对此予以否认),构成安全风险。Mr Guo said: “There is concern about network security in the US. That is understandable. But that needs to be dealt with together by suppliers, customers and the government.”郭平称:“美国对网络安全存在担忧。这是可以理解的。但是这个问题需要供应商、客户和政府来共同解决。” /201505/374461资阳市第四人民医院半口全口种植牙多少钱 成都舌侧隐形多少钱

邛崃氟斑牙多少钱 At billion, Uber has become more valuable more quickly than any other start-up we’ve seen in recent years — faster than Facebook FB 2.03% , Google GOOG 0.43% , Amazon.com AMZN 0.50% and Salesforce.com CRM 0.29% , according to our analysis of VC-backed start-ups founded since Uber was created in 2009. Earlier this month when the taxi service announced a round of financing that gave it a billion valuation at 5.93 years old, Uber set itself apart. At the same stage, Facebook was valued at about billion, while Google was just over billion.打车应用务公司Uber目前估值已经达到410亿美元。我们发现这家公司自2009年成立以来,是由风投持的初创型企业中增值最快的一家,超过了Facebook、谷歌(Google)、亚马逊(Amazon.com)和云计算务供应商Salesforce.com。本月早些时候Uber宣布了新一轮融资消息,公司估值在成立5.93年后达到410亿美元,在市场中脱颖而出。在同一阶段,Facebook的估值约为320亿美元,谷歌的估值则刚刚超过30亿美元。Uber’s valuation does not guarantee it will be the next long-term superstar. But if the company can use its rapidly rising valuation to accelerate its expansion, it has a real shot at both beating its competitor, Lyft, and growing beyond personal transportation. Further, it can expand it’s services — potentially to delivery, logistics, other adjacent markets. To be sure, Uber is facing an ever increasing amount of challenges, from legal battles with local governments, to bad PR for the way it portrays women, all of which could hamper its growth and damage its brand. Additionally competitors like Lyft are nipping at its heals and more will surely come as the market for smart-phone powered point-to-point transportation expands. Despite these problems, Uber’s lead is so large and its value has grown so quickly, it would have to stumble badly to lose the battle for supremecy in this new space.但这样的估值并不能保Uber成为下一个持久的超级巨星。但如果该公司能将快速攀升的价值用于提高扩张速度,它就真的有可能击败竞争对手Lyft,并将业务延伸到个人交通领域之外。Uber可以进一步将其范围扩大到快递、物流以及其他相关市场。当然,Uber面临的挑战也与日俱增,比如和地方政府的法律纠纷,再比如涉嫌不尊重女性的糟糕公关,所有这些都可能对其发展和品牌产生不利影响。此外,Lyft等对手正在奋起直追;而且,随着基于智能手机的点对点(P2P)交通务市场继续扩大,必将出现更多竞争者。不过,虽然存在这些问题,但在如此巨大的领先优势和增速之下,除非Uber犯下大错误,才会在这个新兴领域的王者争夺战中落败。This comes amid the development of two important trends. First, among all VC-backed technology start-ups created since 2009, the rate at which their values have risen is three times faster today compared to just a decade ago. This increase in “time to market cap”, the measures how quickly companies increase in value, has become a major advantage for modern startups as they are able to build massive financial war chests at speeds never seen before. With this latest financing Uber has become the time to market cap champ.伴随Uber成长的有两大趋势。首先,就所有2009年以来成立并且获得风投持的科技初创公司来说,其价值上升速度与10年前相比快了三倍。作为衡量公司价值增速的指标,“市值形成速度(time to market cap)”的提升已经成为现代初创企业的一项主要优势,因为它们可以用前所未有的速度筹集到巨额资金。最新一轮融资过后,Uber已经在这场速度较量中成为冠军。What’s more, it appears that new markets are being dominated by one company, especially in tech. Uber’s latest valuation is partly driven by how quickly the company is expanding abroad, but it also reflects demand for a growing global market for on-demand transportation, and Uber’s dominance in this category for years to come.其次,新兴的市场看来都由一家公司主导,特别是在科技领域。Uber最新估值提升的部分动力来自该公司在海外的迅速扩张,但这也体现了全球按需交通务市场的不断扩张和由此带来的需求,以及今后几年Uber在这个领域的统治地位。We like to call Uber a “Category King” — companies that define, develop and dominate new markets. Airbnb is doing that in on-demand rentals. Salesforce.com did it in cloud-based CRM. Of the 80 or so billion companies founded since 2000, half are Category Kings. They are more valuable than all the other companies in their categories combined. These firms routinely take more than 70% of the total available market cap of their market.我们倾向于把Uber称为“细分类之王”,即那些定义了一个全新市场,并大力开拓,占据市场主导地位的公司。Airbnb就在按需租房领域扮演着这样的角色。在基于云技术的客户关系管理务市场,Salesforce.com也是如此。2000年以来成立而且市值达到10亿美元的公司有80家左右,其中一半都是“细分类之王”。它们的价值超过了本领域其他公司的价值之和,而且往往占据所在市场中所有公司总市值的70%以上。Uber is clearly being valued as the king of a new category that stretches way beyond taxi rides. Investors see potential in on-demand delivery from Uber vehicles, for instance. Unless Uber screws up, its competitors, such as Lyft and Sidecar, will fade into the background. If Uber truly proves to be the Category King in a vastly expanding new category, it’s record valuation will seem rational.显然,人们在评估Uber的价值时,认为其所统领的新领域将远远超越出租车务。举例来说,投资者就看到了Uber车辆的按需递送的潜力。除非Uber自毁前程,否则Lyft和Sidecar这样的竞争对手就只能生活在其阴影之中。如果Uber能明自己在一个大范围扩张的新领域居于王者之位,该公司创纪录的估值就应该属于合理水平。Al Ramadan, Christopher Lochhead and Dave Peterson are co-founding partners at Play Bigger Advisors, a San Francisco-based firm that coaches technology executives to build market-leading companies. Neither the firm or its partners have investments in Uber, Lyft, Google, Amazon.com or Salesforce.com.本文作者艾尔o拉马丹、克里斯托弗o罗克海德和戴夫o彼得森是Play Bigger Advisors公司联合创始人。这家总部位于旧金山的咨询机构致力于指导科技公司高管如何打造市场领先的公司。该公司和这三位合伙人均未向Uber、Lyft、亚马逊或Salesforce.com投资。(财富中文网) /201412/349390成华区补牙价格四川省牙齿美白多少钱



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