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眼看春节将至,大家都忙着买票回家团聚。朝夕相处的朋友、同事都要暂别,临走的时候别忘了互相告别哦。  I'll miss you.  我会想你的.  I wish I could go with you.  我真希望能和你在一起. /201003/99086M: oh, Sam! Is this your dog?S: it's Cindy, you know that. Hey, Cindy, say hello to Maria.M: Cindy, you're so cute.S: she is also very naughty. By the way, do you have a dog, Maria?M: I have a little white cat.S: Oh, a cat? Come on.M: yes, cats are always gentle. and they don't need a lot of space since they're small.S: but I think they're dull, aren't they?M: not at all. They're quiet most of the time.But they can be every bit as affectionate as dogs.S: well, cats are certainly more independent.M: absolutely. Believe it or not, I found my cat by a garbage can around my neighborhood two years ago.S: oh, really? so you just took home a stray cat?M: yes. It was starving and looking for something to eat when I saw it.S: Poor cat.M: now we get along very well. It makes me feel that I'm someone special. /12/93453Come 差不多是我们开始学英语时就学到的词,有关come 的妙用我们也曾经介绍一二。今天再给大家来介绍几个关于come 的片语。 1. Come on to 对……轻薄;吃豆腐 虽说世界上正人君子还是占多数,不过猥琐下流的男人也不少,这种人就喜欢利用一切机会吃女生的豆腐。Come on to 这个片语就是“Make sexual advances 对……轻薄;吃豆腐”的意思: Tanya slapped Bill after he came on to her. Tanya在Bill对她轻薄之后打了他一巴掌。 She reported her boss for coming on to her. 她老板轻薄她,被她告发了。 2.Come easily 易如反掌 想形容一件事情很容易做到,我们中文里有“易如反掌”这个词,英文里可以用come easily 来表达: Languages come easily to some people. 语言学习对有些人来说易如反掌。 3. Come again你说什么/再说一遍 听不清别人的话,想让他再说一遍,我们通常可以说“Pardon?(注意一定是升调)” ,“Would you repeat it?”等等。Come again 也可以用来表示这个意思: Come again? I didn't quite understand what you said. 你说什么?你刚说的话我不明白。 Come again 还有质疑别人说的话的意思,想想看,当你质疑别人的话时,是不是也常说“你说什么”? 4.Come clean全盘托出,招供 当你把一件事情向某个人全盘托出的时候,就是come clean了,这个表达法还可以用来描述罪犯“招供”: If you come clean about what happened I will promise to keep it to myself. 发生了什么事,你都告诉我,我保不会对别人讲的。 The criminal decided to come clean. 罪犯决定供出事实。 /200801/25106

李华和Larry到夏威夷渡假,假期结束后,坐飞机回家。今天我们要学两个常用语: right up ones alley和out of the question。LH: Larry, 我这次玩儿的真高兴! 躺在沙滩上,懒洋洋地晒太阳,这种日子我永远也过不厌。L: Yeah, I had a great time too. I love relaxing vacations on the beach, and eating fresh seafood every night for dinner makes it even better.LH: 不过Larry, 虽然夏威夷的风光很美,但我也喜欢去一些有人文特色的地方,比如逛逛物馆,看看历史风情。L: Well then, for our next vacation we can go to Paris! It sounds right up your alley.LH: Paris sounds right up my alley? 你这话是什么意思啊?L: You can say that something is right up your alley if it is perfectly suited to you.LH: 哦,right up ones alley, 就是指正合某人的口味。 你是说,巴黎是艺术、文化、还有历史之都,所以去巴黎旅行一定特别符合我的兴趣。L: Right! Here is another example. Roger loves to argue all the time, so I think a career as a lawyer would be right up his alley.LH: 可不,对于那些喜欢争辩的人来说,当律师最适合,如果做顾务,得天天跟人吵架。对了,Larry, 咱们这趟班机上会播什么电影啊?我爱看喜剧。L: Theyre going to play the new Jim Carrey movie, so I think that should be right up your alley.LH: 要播Jim Carey的喜剧,太好了,正合我意!L: Im not really interested in watching a movie right now. I think ing a book might be more up my alley.LH: 你想看书?那我就自己看电影吧!对了,待会儿空过来你帮我拿副耳机。L: Sure, but you know you have to pay for them.LH: 耳机还要钱? 下次旅游,我不坐飞机了!L: Well then, it sounds like the train might be right up your alley.******LH: Larry, 我觉得好难受啊,飞机的座椅怎么这么窄,坐得真不舒! 唉,航空公司的务越来越差了!L: Youre right, the airlines have really been reducing the quality of service to save money.LH: 是啊。现在飞机上的吃的和饮料都要钱,托运行李也要钱,不知道以后会不会连随身行李都要交钱。L: That would have sounded crazy a few years ago, but today its not out of the question.LH: Out of the question? 这是什么意思?L: When you think that something is totally impossible, you can say that it is out of the question.LH: 哦,out of the question, 就是绝不可能。 你是说,放在几年前,没人会想到随身行李也可能收钱,可是现在,这已经不是不可能的事儿了。L: Thats exactly right, how about the time my friend Amy asked to borrow my new car. But since she got in three accidents in the past month, I told her it was out of the question.LH: 哦,因为Amy开车老出事,所以你绝不会把自己的车借给她开。L: Exactly.LH: 这倒让我想起来,你什么时候把你那辆破车扔了,换辆新车开开啊?你那旧车说不定那天在路上开着一半就散架了。L: Well, I just spent all my money on this Hawaii vacation, so buying a new car is out of the question for right now.LH: 这样的话,你不如骑车上班。省钱,还能锻练身体。L: I dont think so. My office is really far away, so biking there every day is out of the question.LH: 哦,对啊,你公司离家太远了,骑车要累死了。你想过换工作么?找个离家近的。L: I have, but the company I work at now is pretty good.LH: 可是,如果能找一个又好又离家近的工作,不是更好么?L: Well I guess youre right. Its not totally out of the question.LH: 啊,不知不觉,已经飞过一大半的旅程了。你说这趟飞机能准点抵达,而且不弄丢乘客的行李么?L: Now that, Lihua, is totally out of the question!今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是 right up ones alley, 表示正合某人的口味。另一个是out of the question, 意思是绝不可能。 /201202/172976

59. Intelligence And EducationThe man is a space scientist. 这个人是太空科学家。to make a public speech 发表演说to learn about words in dictionary 用词典学习单词great painter 伟大的画家sightseeing 观光I believe my son is a genius. 我的(未来的)儿子想必是个天才。The author of these books is a great writer. 这些书的作者是位伟大的作家。to speed- 速读to live in the library 过着研究的生活to teach how to drive a car 教人驾驶汽车He is studying the ecology of ameba. 他在研究阿米巴(一种线性变形虫)的生态。The man is a piano accompanist. 这个人是钢琴伴奏者。She is singing in practice. 她在练习唱歌。violinist 小提琴演奏家to conduct an orchestra 指挥交响乐scholar 学者He has majored in biology. 他专供生物学。He studied quite a lot. 他非常用功。Teacher. He is teaching. 老师。正在教书。Pupil. He is studying. 学生。正在学习。to type a term paper 用打字机打期末报告The target shooting requires the power of concentration. 射击需要集中精神。 /200803/31825

北京市政府上周向社会发布“北京精神”表述语。“爱国、创新、包容、厚德”正式成为“北京精神”表述语。短短8个字,高度浓缩着北京市民对这个城市忠诚的热爱。北京精神表述 Patriotism, innovation, inclusion and social morals - according to a new poll, this group of words is what residents in the capital feel best sums up this bustling metropolis. “爱国、创新、包容、厚德”——这是首都市民在最近的调查中选出的最能概括这个大都市的一组词。 上文报道中的patriotism, innovation, inclusion and social morals(爱国、创新、包容、厚德)就是北京市民票选出的Beijing spirit(北京精神)。“北京精神”活动是为了发扬socialist core values(社会主义核心价值观)。 其中,inclusiveness(包容性)是价值体系的主体部分,因为北京是one of the most inclusive cities in the world(世界上最具包容性的城市之一);而体现honesty(诚实)和integrity(正直)的social morals(道德品质)则是首都市民主体素质的体现。政府对价值观的建设将有助于增强我国的soft power(软实力)。 /201111/160121

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