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四川牙齿矫正医院成都泰坤堂看牙套整牙补牙洗牙价格Dolphin saves the whalesA dolphin called Moko makes headlines - and possibly history - by apparently saving two stranded whales A dolphin called Moko has made headlines, and possibly history by apparently saving two stranded whales. The pair of pygmy whales, a mother and child were stranded on the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island. Rescuers struggled for an hour and a half to get the whales back into the water, only to see them beached another four times and were starting to contemplate euthanasia. (It) was about to give up, and usually when that happens, the whales will stay on the beach, and we have to take the strays away from the situation. Entered Moko who approached the whales, leading them along the beach, and through a channel out to open sea. She came directly to where we were and established contact, and immediately those two whales seemed to relax. The speculation Moko responded to the whales' distress calls. She did in a few minutes work, we actually being totally in a fit-to-fit doing over an hour and a half. Moko's well-known to the locals and anecdotal evidence abounds of dolphin's protecting people lost at sea. But dolphin's helping other marine life, it's virtually unheard of ...200810/54445宜宾市第一人民医院看牙齿不齐牙齿美白多少钱 Iran's Nuclear Chief says IAEA Head 'Biased'伊朗核机构负责人称天野之弥“有偏见”It was another day of bullhorn diplomacy by Iran's top nuclear officials, who appear to be struggling to halt momentum for a new round of international sanctions. The head of Iran's atomic energy agency, Ali Akbar Salehi, began the day by calling IAEA chief Yukiya Amano "biased." 这又是伊朗高级核事务官员显示强硬外交态度的一天,他们似乎在竭力阻止新一轮国际制裁的趋势。在这一天开始之际,伊朗的原子能机构负责人萨利希指责国际原子能机构总干事天野之弥“存在偏见”。Salehi added that Iran hopes that Amano will change his approach. 萨利希补充说,伊朗希望天野之弥能改变他的态度。The remarks coincide with a meeting of the IAEA board in Vienna, which began Monday, in which Amano complained that Tehran "has not provided the agency with the necessary cooperation," and that he could "not confirm that all nuclear material in Iran is [being used] in peaceful activities."与此同时,刚巧国际原子能机构在维也纳召开董事会议。这次会议从星期一开始,天野之弥在会上指责德黑兰“没有给国际原子能机构提供必要的配合”,他“不能确定伊朗所有的核材料会被用于和平活动。”Amano's report to the IAEA board also stressed that Tehran may be working to develop a nuclear warhead, and its recent decision to enrich uranium to the 20-percent level could, in theory, give it the material needed to produce an atomic bomb.天野之弥向国际原子能机构董事会汇报时还强调说,德黑兰可能正在研制一枚核弹头,而其最近决定将铀提纯到20%的浓度,这从理论上说给伊朗提供了制造一枚原子弹所需的材料。Iran has repeatedly insisted that its nuclear program is intended for peaceful civilian purposes, but the West suspects it is covertly working to produce nuclear weapons.伊朗一再坚持自己的核项目只是出于和平的民用目的,但西方国家怀疑伊朗正在秘密制造核武器。Iran's Ambassador to the IAEA, Ali Asgar Soltaniyah, added his voice to the diplomatic debate Tuesday, insisting Iran has been cooperating in good faith with the IAEA.伊朗驻国际原子能机构的代表苏丹尼耶在星期二的外交辩论中发言,坚称伊朗一直坦诚地与该机构进行配合。201003/97736成都装一颗钴铬烤瓷牙多少钱

成都华西医院超声波洗牙好不好Dale Aden has been farming most of his life, just like his father, and his father’s father. "I am a third generation farmer on this land." His land is in Okabena, Minnesota, right along the Okabena creek, where for many years, Aden watched helplessly as the creek flooded its banks and soaked his crops. "In wet years, this crop all drowns out. And when you lose your crop, it, basically it takes another five years to pay for that one, that one year that we have lost. After the losses took their toll, Aden had an epiphany of thoughts--why not stop farming the marginal land and set it aside for wildlife? "I thought it as a legacy, I would do this, put it back to where it should be better than where we found it. Aden heard about a conservation program called Reinvest in Minnesota or RIM, that would pay him to return some of his farmland to its natural state. The RIM program encourages farmers to keep farming their productive land but sell the marginal land that’s susceptible to soil and water erosion. Aden planted trees and shrubs. And here a friend is planting prairie grass that will soon provide cover for animals. "There, you see, she’s taking her head out of there." Aden also made dozens of birdhouses like this one for a pair of tree swallows that will soon get a lot more crowded when these eggs hatch. "They are community of 5 , 6 or 7. " Aden broke drainage tiles and let his farmland return to wetland. "Up to about 3 years ago, this is all farmed. It's hard to believe now, but it was all farmed. Corn and soybean rotation as what it was across the road here it was the same way. 3 years ago it was all farmland."Here’s a look at Aden’s crop a few years ago. Here’s that same spot today, a wetland with a thriving wildlife population. These days the sound of tractors on the Aden family farm has been replaced by a different sound. "As I call it music, I guess, wildlife music, is just wonderful to hear." And Aden is happy to sit back and listen. "I couldn’t be happier for the way it’s turned out."epiphany: A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization200810/54340成都口腔医院看牙齿不齐牙齿美白多少钱 Older cultures like the Babylonians used a marker of some sort to designate the space where no number goes, such as what comes between six and nine in the number six hundred and nine. The Greeks even used a round figure similar to the modern zero. It wasn’t until the Indian mathematicians got a hold of zero that people started thinking of it as a number that could be used as more than a placeholder for other numbers. It sounds weird, but that was a major step forward in mathematics!【生词注释】Babylonian n.巴比伦人marker 标记designate vt.指定mathematician n.数学家placeholder n.占位符weird adj.奇怪古文化比如巴比伦人用某种标记来指定没有数字的位置,比如数字609,6和9之间的数字位置。古希腊人用一个类似现代0的圆形数字来表示。直到印度数学家发明了0,人们才开始思考0对于其他数字来说不只可以用作一个占位符。听起来很奇怪,但那是数学界一个重要的进步。201111/160731成都363医院瓷嵌体的费用

泸州地包天隐形矫正多少钱B News with David Austin.Ten suspected Russian spies currently appearing in a New York court have entered guilty pleas. The ten men and women were arrested in the ed States last week on suspicion of running a long-term spy ring. From outside the court in New York, Madeleine Morris has just sent this report.To a courtroom packed with supporters, family members, lawyers and media, the five men and five women pleaded guilty to acting as agents for Russia. It emerged they had reached a plea agreement, but their admission of guilt, a more serious charge of money laundering, was dropped. There was a glimpse of the life that now awaits the ten when they are immediately returned to the country they tried to provide information to. The lawyer for one defendant, Vicky Pelaez, said Russian officials had promised her a lifetime monthly payment of 2,000 dollars, free housing, and all-expenses-paid visits from her children. It's unclear if the other nine people were given a similar deal.And within the past few minutes, the judge in the case of the ten Russian agents has ordered all of them to be deported and, in an apparent swap, a US prosecutor told the New York judge that the Russian government had agreed to release prisoners held in Russia.The authorities in Iran have announced that a woman convicted of adultery will not be stoned to death. But it's not clear whether they have lifted the death sentence against her. John Line reports.Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, an Iranian woman in her forties, was convicted of adultery and, according to her lawyer, sentenced to death by stoning. The lawyer, who has a long record of fighting against the practice, said he feared that she could be executed at anytime. The news prompted a growing international campaign, with British ministers describing the punishment as medieval. The Iranian Embassy in London has not exactly denied any of that, but it has now said that she's not going to be stoned to death and warned of false news.The B has learnt that football's governing body FIFA will make changes to its refereeing system for the next World Cup. The organization has long resisted such changes, but several bad decisions in this World Cup, in particular a disallowed goal for England against Germany, have increased the pressure for reform. FIFA's Secretary General Jerome Valcke told the B it was considering adding two extra assistants to help referees."If for the referee at the end to have an additional four eyes, with these two additional assistant referees plus the goal line technology gives him the feeling of the comfort that eases life and work, and duty will be easier to perform, why not then?"A prominent Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas has ended a long hunger strike after the government said it would release 52 political prisoners. Mr. Farinas began refusing food four months ago to demand the release of jailed dissidents who were ill. Last week, doctors who'd been feeding him intravenously said that he was close to death.World News from the B.Thousands of Israelis have been holding a rally in Jerusalem at the end of a 12-day march for the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit who's been held captive in the Gaza Strip for four years. His family and their supporters want their government to agree a prisoners swap with Hamas which controls Gaza. Israel says it's agreed in principle to release 1,000 Palestinian prisoners.The Palestinian authority has called on President Obama to end tax breaks for American donations to illegal Israeli settlements built on the occupied West Bank. An official statement said stopping such exemptions would be more in line with the declared American policy of considering the settlements an obstacle to peace. Hardy reports.The Palestinian demand came shortly after the American newspaper, the New York Times, revealed that 40 local organizations have channelled millions of dollars to Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank over the past decade. Some of the money, the paper said, went to settlements regarded as illegal even under Israeli law. According to the paper, the money goes mostly to schools and synagogues, which is legal according to the American tax legislation. But some of it, according to the New York Times, has also paid for what it described as "legally questionable commodities", such as bullet-proof vests and other military gear.The US government has told BP to provide detailed plans for its latest efforts to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The official heading the US response to the crisis, Thad Allen, wrote to BP asking to be given the information after they meet for talks on Friday.The aid agency Medicins Sans Frontieres says there's growing anger and frustration in Haiti at the slow pace of reconstruction six months after the devastating earthquake there. MSF said there was a staggering gap between the promises of help in the first weeks after the disaster and the dire reality on the ground half a year later. That's the latest B News.背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108641 Amanda: Im so exhausted, Mike. Ive been shopping in gazillion department stores with my mom throughout the week. Were planning on renovating our house, so were looking for everything from new furniture to curtains and carpets for all the rooms.我很疲惫,整周我和妈妈逛了无数的百货商店,我们打算装修屋子,所以从新家具到窗帘,还有所有房间的地毯,我们都在寻找。Mike: That sounds like a tough task! Have you decided how youre going to decorate your room? You need to come up with a new concept instead of the girly pink and purple color scheme you have right now.听上去是个艰巨的工作。你决定如何装饰你的房间吗?你得想出一个新概念来替代现在的女孩气的粉色和紫色。Amanda: Well, we decided to focus on the living room first. My mom wants beige upholstery for the sofas and matching carpets. Were also going to rearrange the furniture to maximize the use of space.我们决定先集中精力装修起居室。我妈妈想要黄色的室内装潢来搭配沙发和相配的地毯。我们还将重新安排家具来尽可能地节省空间。Mike: I remember we hired an interior designer to help us out. She had a great eye for color and came up with some creative ideas for our house. Why dont you do that? Im sure itll make the whole process easier, and youll feel less stressed out.我想起我们曾雇过一个国内的设计师来帮助我们。她对颜色有着很不一般的眼光,并想出了装修房租的创意想法。你为什么不那样做呢?我相信那会使装个过程更加容易,你也不会感到压力那么大。Amanda: Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. In the meantime, I need some help carrying a few boxes home.谢谢你的意见,Mike. 还有,我需要有人帮忙将一些盒子抬回家。Mike: Uh, Id love to help, but I just remembered something urgent that I have to finish. See you later, Amanda!我愿意帮忙,但我刚想起有些紧急的事必须去做。再见,Amanda!201111/161482成都种牙要多少钱成都二次矫正牙齿



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