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自贡市第三人民医院看儿童口腔牙病牙周炎牙龈炎价格成都牙齿矫正诊所成都最好的美容冠医院 Finn arrives late for the studio recording. When he finally arrives, why does Li say that a woman from the marketing department fancies him?芬恩在录制节目时迟到了。他到了以后,为什么莉说市场部的一位女性喜欢他?Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Li: Welcome to The English We Speak, Im Li. Ive got a word connected to love to teach you today... But wheres Finn? Ill call his mobile.莉:欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是莉。今天我要跟大家讲解一个与爱情有关的词汇……可是芬恩去哪里了?我打他手机看看。(Phone ringing as Finn comes in breathless)(芬恩上气不接下气的走进演播室时,手机响了)Finn: Hi Li. Sorry Im late. I just couldnt get away.芬恩:嗨,莉。抱歉我迟到了。我刚才无法脱身。Li: Oh! Finn, there you are. You couldnt get away, from what?莉:哦!芬恩,你终于来了。你因为什么无法脱身?Finn: You know I gave a presentation at lunch time about our new Shakespeare series?芬恩:我在午饭时间就B推出的莎士比亚新剧集进行了介绍,你知道吧?Li: Yeah, but that finished over an hour ago.莉:知道,不过那在一个小时前就应该结束了。Finn: Yeah, yeah I know. But this woman from the marketing department kept asking me questions. You know, she said she loves Shakespeare.芬恩:对,是这样。可是市场部的一名女性一直在问我问题。她说她非常喜欢莎士比亚。Li: Was anyone else there?莉:那儿还有其他人吗?Finn: No, it was just the two of us. I tried to get away but she kept asking more and more questions.芬恩:没有,就我们两个人。我一直尝试脱身,可是她问的问题越来越多。Li: Oh dear Finn, I think it might be you that she fancies, not Shakespeare.莉:哦天哪,芬恩,我想她喜欢的不是莎士比亚,她喜欢的是你。Finn: Oh, you think so? Oh, and actually, that is a good word to learn. If you fancy someone, you find them physically attractive.芬恩:哦,你是这么想的?这是要学习一下的词。如果你喜欢某人,意思是你认为他们的外表很有吸引力。Li: Yes, thats a good definition. Lets hear some examples:莉:对,这个解释不错。我们来听些例句:Examples例句Look at the figure-hugging clothes youre wearing, Betty. Is there someone you fancy at the party?贝蒂,看看你穿的这件紧身衣。派对上有没有人迷上你?Hes a lovely guy. Were really good friends. Actually, I fancy him a little…他很可爱。我们是很好的朋友。其实我有点喜欢他……Li: So if you fancy someone, you want to go out with them, dont you?莉:如果你喜欢某人,那你就会想和那个人出去约会,是不是?Finn: Yes, you do. Actually, that woman at the Shakespeare presentation was very nice… You know, interesting, pretty…芬恩:是这样的。实际上,我在莎士比亚新剧介绍会上见到的那名女性人很好……她风趣又漂亮……Li: It sounds like you fancy her as well, dont you, Finn?莉:听起来你也喜欢她,是不是,芬恩?Finn: Well, I think she fancies me more. Look at this!芬恩:嗯,我想她喜欢我更多一些。看看这个!Li: Wow! Did she give you this box of chocolates?莉:哇!她送了你这盒巧克力吗?Finn: Yes, nice isn’t it? Do you fancy one?芬恩:对,她很好,是不是?你想吃一颗吗?Li: Of course! But lets say goodbye before we go.莉:当然想!不过我们先和听众说再见吧。Finn and Li: Bye!芬恩和莉:再见! 译文属 /201512/41638413. The negotiation proved to be successful.谈判最后得到了成功。还能这样说:The negotiation was a big success.The negotiation was rounded off.应用:prove of great value 明很有价值;prove up to the hilt 充分明14. No date has been set for further negotiations.没有确定下次谈判日期。还能这样说:The date for further negotiations is not sure.We havent agreed on a fixed date for next negotiation.应用:go out of date 过时的,废弃的,不再流行的;to date 迄今,到目前为止;bear the date 注明日期;keep a date 赴约;date back to 自某时代至今15. If you have any problems about the details, please let me know.如果你对细节有任何疑问,请告知我。还能这样说:Are there any questions about the details? Im always at your service.Do you have any problems about the details? You can ask me.应用:let by 让……过去;let off dissent 发泄不满;let in for 使陷入,引起麻烦;let us say 比如,例如;let sb. into ones secret 让某人知道其秘密;let sb. in the act 让某人参加此项行动16. Nothing wrong will happen, so long as the quality of your article is good.只要商品质量可靠,就不会有问题。还能这样说:Everyting will be OK if you can ensure the quality.If the quality is good, everything will be OK.应用:before long 不久以后;for long 很久;at the longest 至多,最长;go a long way 很成功;go a long way towards sth. 对某事大有裨益;happy as the day is long 非常快乐17. We shall be able to better satisfy our customers quantitatively.我们相信能在数量上更好地使客户满意。还能这样说:We can make our customers satisfied with quantity.The quantity we offer can satisfy our customers.应用:be better than ones word 做的多于所许诺的;a better part of 过半;had better 最好,应该;better oneself 自求上进,赚更多的钱 /201503/363160成都全瓷牙美容冠多少钱

甘孜藏族自治州智牙价格Language Points1.sweet tooth2.pull ones leg3.have something on your mind4.big-hearted5.nose for something6.bug someone7.someone is a chicken /201610/471020温江区妇幼保健院单颗缺失多颗缺失半口缺失价格 Have you seen the new Robert Neare movie?你看了罗伯特.尼迪洛的新电影吗?Is that the animated one?是那部动画片吗?Yeah, its really good.是啊,那部片子很好看。I dont really like cartoons.我不太喜欢看卡通。Really? I love them! Theyre so cute!是吗?我爱死了!它们实在好可爱!I find them boring. I prefer gangster movies.我觉得它们很无聊。我宁可去看帮派电影。Oh, yeah? I really dont like gangster movies. I dont like on screen violence.是哦? 我不太喜欢帮派电影,因为我不喜欢银幕暴力。Whats your favorite movie?你最喜欢什么电影?I think The Business Godfather is the best one. You?我觉得最棒的是《The Business Godfather》。你呢?Part 1 or 2?第一部还是第二部?Actually Part 2 is better.说实话,第二部比较好。Yes, I agree.没错,我同意。Part 3 is terrible. Randy Gracias is in it, right?第三部就很差了,蓝迪.格瑞西斯出演了,对吧?Yes, thats right, and it was made in Rome. Its not so good.对,没错,而且它是在罗马拍摄,只是拍得不怎么样。You know it took ages to make, and was behind schedule and over budget.你知道,它可是拍了好久,进度落后又超出预算。Really?是吗?Yes. And they had problems with the cast.是啊,而且他们的演员也有问题。Most of them didnt like the star, and the male and female leads had an off-screen romance.大部分人都不喜欢那个明星,而且男女主角又闹出戏外排闻。The female lead got pregnant, which made shooting the movie difficult.结果女主角怀了,而这也提高了电影拍摄的难度。I also heard that the director and cameraman kept fighting.我还听说,导演和摄影师从头吵到尾。Wow. It must be so difficult to make a move, actually, if you think about it: so many people to manage, and so many things to organize.哇,说真的,拍电影一定很难。你想想看,有这么多人要管理,又有这么多事要安排。Yes. My company is financing a movie at the moment.是啊.我公司目前就在出资拍电影。Really?真的吗?Yes, a low budget art house movie, but our CEO believes in supporting the arts.真的,是一部低预算的艺术电影,可是我们老板认为要持艺术。Oh. so do I.噢,我有同感。 /201604/438467成都镶烤瓷牙哪家医院最好的

成都市武侯区人民医院冷光美白治疗多少钱 Language PointsKeep your hair on!Dont lose your temper.Calm down!Take it easy!Dont let it get to you.Turn the other cheek.Dont get your knickers in a twist! /201603/428491宜宾市妇幼保健院牙科成都新桥口腔医院牙科



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