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2018年10月19日 22:29:02

Reaction from around the world to the retirement of Cuban President Fidel Castro has been mixed and cautious. 世界各国对古巴国务委员会主席卡斯特罗退休一事的反映既复杂又谨慎。Fidel Castro's retirement formally ends the rule of the world's longest-serving leader. But it is hardly unexpected; the 81-year-old Mr. Castro has not been seen in public for more than a year and a half, and he recently wrote that he would not "cling to power." 卡斯特罗正式退休结束了这位世界上任职最长的领导人的统治。但这是可以预计到的,81岁的卡斯特罗已经一年多没有在公众场合露面,他最近写信说,他不会再紧握大权。For more than four decades, U.S. policy has stood in opposition to Mr. Castro's communist rule. Yet there was no hint of triumphant jubilation in President Bush's voice as he reacted to news that the long-standing U.S. nemesis is stepping down.  40多年来,美国的政策一直是反对卡斯特罗的共产主义统治。但是当布什总统听到美国长久以来的宿敌下台的消息时,他的声音中没有流露出得意之情。Mr. Bush seemed focused on Cuba's road ahead as he spoke during a visit to Rwanda. "I believe that the change from Fidel Castro ought to begin a period of democratic transition," he said. "The first step, of course, will be for people [Cuban dissidents] put in these prisons to be let out." 布什在访问卢旺达期间发表讲话,对古巴的未来表示关注。他说:“我认为卡斯特罗的改变应该会开始一个民主过渡时期。当然了,第一步将是被关押的古巴异议人士获得释放。” The president added that the political transition in Cuba should lead to genuinely free and fair elections. 布什总统补充说,古巴的政治过渡应该通向真正自由公正的选举。U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte was asked if the end of Fidel Castro's rule would prompt an end to the decades-old U.S. trade embargo of Cuba. Mr. Negroponte said he cannot imagine that happening anytime soon. 美国副国务卿内格罗蓬特被问及卡斯特罗的统治结束是否会推动美国结束对古巴实施了几十年的贸易禁令。内格罗蓬特说,他无法想象不久的未来会结束贸易禁令。Elsewhere, a European Union spokesman John Clancy is ed as saying the bloc will encourage a peaceful transition to pluralistic democracy in Cuba, and is willing to engage with Cuba in constructive dialogue to that end. 在其它地方,欧盟一位发言人被引述说,欧盟将鼓励古巴和平过渡到多元化民主,而且欧盟愿意同古巴进行合作,就实现多元化民主进行建设性的对话。Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen says Fidel Castro will not be missed, while Sweden's foreign minister Carl Bildt says Mr. Castro's departure marks the end of an era that began with freedom and ended with oppression. 丹麦首相拉斯穆森说,卡斯特罗不会被人怀念。瑞典外交大臣说,卡斯特罗的离开标志着一个时代的结束,这个时代以自由开始,以压迫结束。But a spokesman for Vietnam's foreign ministry praised Mr. Castro as a great friend, comrade, and very close brother, while the leader of Russia's Communist Party hailed him as a fantastic political leader who hosted high the flag of freedom. 但是越南外交部的一位发言人说,卡斯特罗是一个很好的朋友、同志、非常亲密的兄弟。俄罗斯共产党主席把卡斯特罗称赞为高举着自由旗帜的一位极好的政治领导人。Mr. Castro's younger brother, Raul, temporarily took the reins of power in 2006 when the elder Castro underwent emergency gastrointestinal surgery, and many Cuba-watchers expect Raul Castro will succeed his brother as president. 2006年卡斯特罗进行紧急肠道手术的时候,他的弟弟劳尔.卡斯特罗暂时主政。许多古巴观察人士都预计,劳尔.卡斯特罗会接替他哥哥担任古巴国务委员会主席的职务。Spanish foreign ministry officials are ed as saying they believe Raul's ascension to power will allow him to undertake reforms on the island. Raul Castro has spoken of economic liberalization and pursuing a possible thaw in relations with the ed States. 有消息援引西班牙外交部官员的话说,他们认为劳尔.卡斯特罗掌权将允许他在古巴进行改革。劳尔.卡斯特罗曾经谈到要进行经济改革开放,并努力寻求同美国改善关系。Some dissidents in Cuba appear cautiously optimistic about the future. Eloy Gutierrez-Menoyo, a former Cuban exile, says he has hope that economic and political change can be accomplished without destabilization. 古巴一些异议人士对未来持谨慎乐观态度。曾经流亡海外的古巴人蒙诺尤说,他希望经济和政治变革能够在政局平稳的情况下实现。The dissident says that any change in Cuba will be positive, mainly if people understand that democracy comes from diversity.  这位异议人士说,如果人们理解民主是来自多元化的话,古巴的任何变化都将是积极的。200802/27652郫县儿童口腔价格彭州市人民医院口腔美容科1 商品检验3句英文任你选Shall we take up the question of inspection today?今天我们来讨论商品的检验问题吧。How should we define the inspection rights?商检的权力怎样加以明确呢?Im worried that there might be some disputes over the results of inspection.我担心对商检的结果会发生争议。半个句型要记牢take up(讨论,谈起)Tip:take up用法很多,可以表示;开始从事;如 He took up Spanish while in Spain. (当他在西班牙的时候,他开始学习西班牙语。) ; ;吸收(液体);溶解(固体);如Blotting -paper takes up ink. (吸墨纸吸收墨水。 ),还有;占据,接受,拿起,改小;等用法,例句中是讨论的意思,相当于 go down to,不过 go down to中的 to是介词,后面接v-ing形式。 /201604/434132成都附近牙科诊所

成都市牙齿矫正哪家最便宜凉山彝族自治州第一人民医院半口全口种植牙多少钱1 商品介绍3句英文任你选Our products are well thought of in the ed Stated.我们的产品在美国市场很受欢迎。Its a revolutionary new product weve just developed.这是我们刚刚开发的创新产品。These products are of the best quality and excellently made too.这些产品质量上乘,而且制造精细。半个句型要记牢be well thought of (被给予很高的评价)Tip:是 think well of的被动语态,其中 well可用 highly替换。这句话还可以说 Buyers all have high comments on it. (所有的客户对它的评价都很高)。另外,买方要求买方介绍产品,可以说 Could you give me some idea about your products? (可以介绍一下你们的产品?) /201604/434100US Warns Iran Time Running Out for Nuclear Deal 美官员警告伊朗尽快回应奖励建议 U.S. officials are warning Iran that time is running out for Tehran to respond to proposals by the EU and the Security Council to resolve the nuclear stand-off. Iran was given two weeks to reply before risking yet another round of sanctions. 美国官员警告伊朗说,伊朗对欧盟和联合国安理会解决核对峙建议做出回应的时间已经不多了。伊朗有两个星期的时间做出回应,否则将面临另一轮制裁的危险。U.S. officials say it's time Iran offers a serious response to EU and U.N. proposals. 美国官员说,现在是伊朗对欧盟和联合国的建议做出认真回应的时候了。The latest package of incentives was discussed July 19 in Geneva, in a closed door meeting that represented Iran, the five permanent members of the Security Council, (the P5), Germany and the European Union. Taking part for the first time was a senior American envoy, Undersecretary of State William Burns. 伊朗和联合国安理会五个常任理事国以及德国和欧盟的代表7月19号在日内瓦举行闭门会议,讨论了最新奖励建议。美国国务次卿伯恩斯首次参加了会议。Greg Schulte is the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. in Vienna and the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA. Speaking with VOA in London, Ambassador Schulte said Iran's response at that meeting turned into a "meandering lesson in Iranian history and culture".  美国驻联合国维也纳机构以及国际原子能机构代表舒尔特大使在伦敦接受采访时说,伊朗在那次会议上做出的反应是进行“伊朗的历史和文化的说教”。"We weren't there for a lesson," he said. "The P5 was there to see if Iran was willing to negotiate seriously." 舒尔特说:“我们不是去上课的。五个常任理事国代表参加会议,是为了解伊朗是否愿意认真谈判。”On the table were a series of proposals delivered to the Iranians by EU foreign policy chief, Javier Solana in June. 会谈内容包括欧盟外交政策专员索拉纳6月提出的一系列建议。Schulte outlined some of the proposals.  舒尔特大使扼要介绍这些建议说:"We have offered Iran's leaders a very generous package that would give them access to state of the art technology for nuclear power plants, that would give them assurances of fuel supply, that would address some of the security issues that they've raised, that would allow for cooperation in areas of common interest like fighting against narcotics," he said. "And, we've looked for a way to get them into those negotiations and we said we would be there." “我们向伊朗领导人提出了一套非常慷慨的建议,能让他们得到建造核电站的先进技术,能让他们得到燃料供给,能解决他们提出的一些安全问题,还能在打击毒品等共同利益领域开展合作。”A way to entice the Iranians into negotiating is the freeze-for-freeze offer, meaning Iran would freeze its uranium enrichment at current levels and the U.N. and EU would freeze their current levels of sanctions. This period would last six weeks, to build confidence and allow for more substantive negotiations to begin. 吸引伊朗参加谈判的一个方法是以冻结换冻结的建议,即伊朗冻结目前规模的浓缩铀活动,联合国与欧盟然后冻结目前规模的制裁。这个阶段将延续六个星期,以建立信心,并开始更加实质性的谈判。The bottom line demand remains, however that Iran must actually suspend the enrichment of uranium, the nuclear fuel source that can be used for generating energy, but also for making nuclear weapons. 然而,最基本的要求仍然是伊朗必须真正终止浓缩铀活动。浓缩铀既可用来发电,又可用来制造核武器。The ed States has said it would not negotiate directly with the Iranians until they suspend uranium enrichment. So, the presence of Undersecretary Burns at the Geneva meeting was widely seen as a shift in U.S. policy.  美国说过,除非伊朗终止浓缩铀,否则美国不会同伊朗人直接谈判。所以,美国国务次卿伯恩斯出席日内瓦会议,被普遍视为是美国政策的转变。Not so, insists Schulte.  但舒尔特不这样认为。"The reason why Undersecretary Burns went to this meeting was not a change in U.S. policy, but was rather to send a strong signal," he said. "It was to send a signal that we backed -- we supported the package that was put on the table." 舒尔特说:“国务次卿伯恩斯出席会议的原因,不是美国政策发生了变化,而是发出强烈的信号,也就是我们持现在的这些建议。”Iran was given two weeks to respond to the latest proposals or face further sanctions. 伊朗有两个星期的时间来对这些最新建议做出回应,否则就会面临进一步制裁。The ed States, the U.N. and the EU have aly imposed a series of sanctions on Iran and are threatening more. 美国、联合国与欧盟已经对伊朗实施了一系列制裁,并威胁说会进一步制裁。Iranian leaders continue to say they will not suspend uranium enrichment and on Wednesday President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insisted Iran would continue its nuclear program. And yet Iran says it is y to talk. 伊朗领导人继续说,他们不会终止浓缩铀。伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德星期三坚持说,伊朗会继续发展核计划,但伊朗准备会谈。Many believe Iran is simply buying time, especially given the upcoming presidential election in the ed States and a change in administration. 很多人相信伊朗仅仅是在拖延时间,特别是因为美国即将举行总统选举并组成新的政府。That would be a waste of time, says Schulte. "If they try to outwait us, if they try to just buy time, they're only going to buy continued sanctions and more sanctions," he said. "And, whoever goes into the White House on January 21st is not going to look favorably at an Iran that has spent six more months violating Security Council resolutions." 舒尔特认为这是浪费时间。舒尔特说:“如果他们试图跟我们耗时间,试图拖延时间,那他们只能受到新的制裁。不管谁在明年1月21号入主白宫,都不会对花六个月时间违犯安理会制裁的伊朗有什么好印象。”Iran has all along said it wants to develop nuclear power for peaceful means, to provide energy. However, many in the international community believe Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons. 伊朗一直在说,希望和平发展核能,目的是发电。然而,国际社会很多人都相信,伊朗希望研制核武器。200807/44905成都种植牙大概价格ADB Predicts Slowdown in Growth, Sharp Rise in Inflation for Asia亚行预测亚洲国际经济增长将放缓The Asian Development Bank predicts that developing economies in Asia will see slower growth and rising inflation in the coming year. The bank says high oil and food prices and a prolonged slowdown in industrial countries are casting a shadow on the economic outlook. 亚洲开发预测,今后一年,亚洲发展中国家经济增长速度将放缓,通货膨胀率将升高。亚行说,高企的石油价格和食品价格以及工业化国家经济持续低迷,为亚洲经济前景蒙上了一层阴影。The Asian Development Bank says risks to Asian economies are much higher today than it had predicted in its annual outlook in April. Ifzal Ali, the ADB's chief economist, says one of the biggest risks arises from uncertainties about how long the financial crisis in the ed States will last. 亚洲开发说,和今年4月发布的年度经济前景预测相比,亚洲经济现在面临的风险要高得多。亚行首席经济学家伊夫扎勒.阿里指出,最大的风险之一来自于人们不能确定美国的金融危机会持续多长时间。Speaking in Hong Kong on Tuesday, he said the turmoil on Wall Street in the past two days has added to the uncertainty. 阿里星期二在香港发表谈话时说,华尔街过去两天来的动荡更强化了这种不确定因素。"And higher levels of uncertainty means greater volatility and this will of course impact on levels of both business confidence and consumer confidence," said Ali.  阿里说:“更大的不确定性意味着更大的动荡,这当然会对企业和消费者的信心产生影响。”Stock markets around the world have tumbled since the news late Sunday that the U.S. investment company Lehman Brothers would file for bankruptcy and that other financial firms faced massive problems. The ADB says growth across developing Asia will slow to 7.5 percent this year and 7.2 percent next year - down from a record nine percent rate in 2007. Inflation is predicted to reach 7.8 percent in the region this year.  亚洲开发说,亚洲发展中国家的经济增长今年会放缓到7.5%,明年为7.2%,都低于2007年创记录的9%。亚洲地区通货膨胀预计今年将达到7.8% 。The outlook is clouded by persistently high oil and food prices. The non-profit lender forecasts that the recent drop in oil prices will be short lived and that prices generally will remain above 0 a barrel until at least 2020. And even though prices of food staples such as rice have fallen to more sustainable levels in recent months, the ADB says the problem is far from over as demand grows and supplies remain tight. 经济前景受到持续走高的石油和食品价格的影响。亚行预测说,最近石油价格的下跌只是临时性的, 至少在2020年之前,石油价格会保持在每桶100美元以上。虽然主要粮食价格如大米价格最近几个月已经下降到一个可以维持的水平,但是亚行说,问题还远远没有的到解决,因为需求还在增加,供给仍然紧张。The situation is made worse by economic downturns in the ed States and Europe, the main buyers of Asian goods. Most exports from the region are doing badly - be it garments, toys or computers.  美国和欧洲经济的下滑使亚洲地区的形势更加严峻,因为美欧是亚洲产品的主要购买方。不论是装、玩具还是电脑,亚洲多数出口商业绩不佳。For years, many international investors bet that robust growth in Asian economies would shelter them from weakness in the U.S. and Europe. Ali says that gamble has not paid off. 多年来,很多国际投资者都将赌注下在增长强劲的亚洲经济上,期盼以此来免受美欧经济疲软的影响。但分析人士阿里说,这笔赌注还没见收效。"What happens in New York and London spills over into Asia within hours," he said. "One point that I would like to make loud and clear: the myth of decoupling has been exploded in the last eight months!" 他说:“纽约和伦敦的混乱几个小时就影响到了亚洲。有一点我要大声讲清楚:过去8个月来那种(可以与美欧经济)分离的迷思已经破裂了!”Ali says there are a number of short-term policies governments in the region need to implement to ride out the storm. They include bringing inflation to heel and phasing out unsustainable subsidies for fuel, fertilizer and food. He says developing countries in Asia need to sacrifice growth now to avoid entrenched inflation. 阿里说,亚洲国家政府可以采取一些短期政策来度过这场风暴。这些政策包括抑制通货膨胀,逐步取消对石油、化肥和食品的补贴。他说,亚洲发展中国家需要牺牲发展进度,防止陷入通货膨胀。200809/48955武侯区整牙多少钱

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