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Apply for a visa申请签A: I am going to America to attend a sales conference, so Id like to apply for a visitor visa.A: 我要去美国参加一次销售会议,所以我想申请一个商务签。B: OK, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?B: 好的,您不介意回答我一些问题吧?A: Not at all, go ahead.A: 不介意,您问吧。B: OK, first, may I have your name and birth date, please?B: 好的,首先您能告诉我您的姓名和出生年月日吗?A: Sure, I am Helena and I was born on April, 27th, 1981.A: 我叫海琳娜,出生于1981年4月27日。B: So, you just said you would attend a conference there, could you please tell me in detail what this conference is about and have you got the invitation?B: 那么您刚才说要去参加一个会议,您能不能详细说一下这次会议,还有您收到邀请函了吗?A: Of course. That is an annual sales conference held by Leech company of America, and we have much business with the company, so I was invited to the conference.A: 当然可以。这是一个由美国利奇公司举办的一次销售年会,我们和利奇公司有不少生意上的往来,所以我被邀请去参加此次会议。B: When do you prepare to depart?B: 您准备什么时候出发?A: I was planning to leave for America next month.A: 我是打算下个月出发。B: OK, we will make your visa finished as soon as possible.B: 好的,我们会尽快办好您的签。 /201602/428089I hope your idea takes wings.希望你的想法能够成真。take wings 直译就是:“插上翅膀”,汉语中也有为梦想插上翅膀这样的表达,意思是放飞自己的梦想,因为插上翅膀梦想就可以起飞翱翔了。所以这个习语的正确意思是:“起飞,成为现实”。因此,当美国人说;I hope your idea takes wings.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;I hope your idea will be fulfilled.;、;I hope your dream will come true.;。情景对白:Jane: Sir, I think the present job is not suitable for me. Ive decided to work as a teacher. Please accept my resignation.简:老板,我觉得目前这份工作不太适合我。我决定了要当一名教师,请接受我的辞呈。Boss: Fine, if you say so, I have to accept it. I hope your idea takes wings.老板:好吧,既然你这么说,我也就只好接受你的辞职,希望你的想法能够成真。搭配句积累:①Id like to quit and go abroad for further study.我想要辞职,并且去国外深造。②To be honest, I want to set up my own business.老实说,我想试着自己创业。③I want to change my working environment.我想换个工作环境。④I want to expand my horizon in a larger field.我想到更大的领域去拓展我的视野。单词:horizon n. 视野,眼界As your horizons expand, these new ideas can give a whole new meaning to life.随着眼界不断开阔,这些新观念会为生活赋予全新的意义。By embracing other cultures and genres, we actually broaden our horizons, rather than narrow any existing ones.通过接纳其他文化和体裁,我们实际上拓宽了领域,而不是让现有的范围变得狭窄。 /201309/254818Do you have rocks in your head?你脑袋进水了吗?have rocks in ones head字面意思是:“脑袋里有石头,”想想看脑袋被石头堵住了,人的思路就不清晰,脑袋就不好使了吧。这也就是汉语里面所说的:“缺心眼儿,脑袋进水了”,形容人傻乎乎的,缺乏判断力,思路不清晰。因此,当美国人说;Do you have rocks in your head?;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;You are so stupid.;、;You are such an idiot.;、;How can you be so silly?;。情景对白:Assistant: What do you think if I put Jenny and Jessie together in charge of the ad campaign?助理:你觉得我安排珍妮和杰西两人负责广告宣传怎么样?Benjamin: Do you have rocks in your head? There is bad blood between them. Dont you realize?本杰明:你脑袋进水了吗?她俩之间有嫌隙,你不知道吗?搭配句积累:①I think one super star is better than many unfamous models to endorse our product.我觉得一位超级巨星比一堆没名气的模特做产品代言要好。②Why couldnt we give our clients the lowest price to keep them?为什么我们不给客户最低价格来留住他们呢?③I have asked the manager to carry out the plan.我已经向经理申请执行这个项目。④I suggest increasing loan to relieve financial pressures.我建议增加贷款以缓解公司紧张的资金压力。单词:1. silly adj. 愚蠢的My best friend tells me that I am silly to be upset about this.我最好的朋友说我要是为这事而沮丧难过就真够傻的。I thought it would be silly to be too rude at that stage.我原本觉得在那个时候太粗鲁会很愚蠢。2. endorse vt. 代言The twins endorsed a line of household cleaning products.那对双胞胎为一系列家用清洁产品做广告。So I hear you are looking for a celebrity to endorse your product.听说你准备找一位明星作产品代言人。3. relieve vt. 减轻,缓解Drugs can relieve much of the pain.药物能够大大地缓解病痛。This should save her from boredom and will also relieve the pressure on you to keep her entertained.这能使她不会感到厌倦,而且也会减轻你的压力,不必总想着逗她开心。 /201303/230422第57期:广告营销What kind of advertising will you do for us?你能为我们做哪种广告?A:What kind of advertising will you do for us?A:你能为我们做哪种广告?B:Many kinds. We can announce your superior quality through mass media including radio,TV,or newspaper.B:种类多得很!我们可以通过广播、电视、报纸等大众传媒来提升您公 司的影响。How much must we pay for such advertising?做这些广告需要多少费用?A:How much must we pay for such advertising?A:做这些广告需要多少费用?B:Not very much. The cost depends on the media you’re using.B:不太多,成本依媒体而定。What about television commercials?电视广告如何?A:What about television commercials?A:电视广告如何?B:As we all know,of all the advertising media,TV is the most expensive but it attracts a large number of viewers.B:众所周知,在所有的广告媒体中,电视是最昂贵的,但它也能吸引大量 电视观众。With the company developing,more expensive media should be used.随着公司的发展,应当做些费用更贵的广告。A:With the company developing,more expensive media should be used.A:随着公司的发展,应当做些费用更_的广告。B:Ill think over your suggestion and discuss it with my sales department.B:我会考虑您的建议,并与销售部讨论一下。I’m so happy to tell you that the initial results are excellent.很高兴告诉您初步效果非常好。A:Im so happy to tell you that the initial results are excellent.A:很高兴告诉您初步效果非常好。B:I’m glad to hear that.B:听到这个我很高兴。initial (adj.)最初的What would it cost us if you created our ads?如果你为我们创意设计广告需要多少费用?A:What would it cost us if you created our ads?A:如果你为我们创意设计广告,需要多少费用?B:About £ 2000 per month.B:每月大约是 2000 英镑。What will it cost us to make some good magazine advertisements?在杂志上做好的广告要花多少费用?A:What will it cost us to make some good magazine advertisements?A:在杂志上做好的广告要花多少费用?B:That depends on if we go with color or black and white.B:这要取决于做色还是黑白的。They look very appealing.看上去很吸引人。A:Here are two advertisements Ive just created for you.A:这是我给你们设计的两份广告。B:Thank you. They look very appealing.B:谢谢。看上去很吸引人。Can you use your advertising to drum up some business?能否凭借你的广告来促进一下业务?A:Can you use your advertising to drum up some business?A:能否凭借你的广告来促进一下业务?B:Sure. Our extensive advertising has saved many firms from the verge of bankruptcy.B:没问题。我们做的广告很好,曾使好几家濒临破产的公司得以复生。drum up招徕,促进My biggest concern now is business promotion.我现在最关心的就是商业促销。A:My biggest concern now is business promotion.A:我现在最关心的就是商业促销。B:I think television is much more effective if it doesn’t matter for us to pay a little more money.B:我想如果我们不介意多付钱的话,电视是较有效的。What places can you recommend for fixing boards?你们建议在什么地方放广告牌?What is least expensive booth you have?你们最便宜的位置是哪些?A:What is least expensive booth you have?A:你们最便宜的位置是哪些?B:We have a few spaces left in the back for $ 1500.B:后段位置1500美元,还有几个位置空着。booth(n.)位置We may be constantly running ads in newspapers, popular magazines and trade journals.我们可以不断在报纸、畅销杂志及商业刊物上登广告。Will you please carry on ad for us in your paper for three days in succession?可否在贵报连续3天为我公司刊登一份广告?in succession接连地What are the advertising rates in the Sunday edition of your newspaper?你们报纸的星期曰版的广告价格是多少?I think it has an important part to play in production promotion.我认为广告对促进生产发挥了很重要的作用。Good advertising is vital to call attention to a product and introduce new products.好的广告对与唤起人们对产品的注意和介绍新产品是重要的。vital (adj.)重要的 /201503/364055

Im all ears.我洗耳恭听。be all ears 直译过来就是:“全都是耳朵”,是一种非正式用法,这个短语的正确意思是:“洗耳恭听”。因此,当美国人说;Im all ears.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;I will listen attentively.;、;I will listen with full attention.;、;Im waiting eagerly to hear it.;。情景对白:Boss: There is something wrong with the quarterly financial statement handed in this morning.老板:今天上午交过来的季度报名表存在些问题。Benjamin: Sorry, I did it in a hurry. Tell me the problem. I am all ears.本杰明:对不起,我做得有点匆忙,告诉我问题所在吧,我洗耳恭听。搭配句积累:①Why not put forward your suggestion now?为什么不现在就说出你的想法呢?②Can you tell me about your plan in detail?你能详细地告诉我你的计划吗?③So do you have any other idea about how to increase sales?那你对提高销售额有什么其他的建议吗?④Tell me why you think my plan is unpractical.你觉得我的方案不切实际,请告诉我为什么。单词:1. attentively adv. 聚精会神地The vast majority of the attentive audience applauded these sentiments...大多数聚精会神听讲的观众都对这些观点表示赞赏。He wishes the government would be more attentive to detail in their response.他希望政府的回应能更加关注细节。She listened attentively while I poured out my problems. 我倾吐心中的烦恼时,她一直在注意听。2. quarterly adj. 季度的The quarterly dividend is their cardinal goal, and quick fixes are the means to accomplish it.每个季度的分红是他们的主要目标,只要能最快地实现这个目标任何手段都成。Lead the quarterly budgeting process and the monthly cash flow reporting and forecasting.领导编制每一季度的预算以及定期的资金报告和预测。Income from the company so far, the outstanding performance of the quarterly was named outstanding staff.从入公司至今,由于业绩出色,每季被评为优秀员工。 /201307/246977

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