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大邑县妇幼保健院看牙套整牙补牙洗牙价格广元市中心医院单颗缺失多颗缺失半口缺失价格Move over, Miami. Here comes Shanghai.让一让,迈阿密。上海来了。Buoyed by the explosive growth of the cruise industry in China, the world’s two largest cruise operators, Royal Caribbean RCL 6.47% and Carnival CCL 6.08% are redoubling their presence there.受中国游轮行业的爆炸式增长影响,全球两大游轮公司——皇家加勒比和嘉年华正在对中国业务成倍地加码。Carnival, which on Friday raised its 2015 profit forecast on the strength of better than expected advance bookings, expects the overall number of outbound cruise passengers from China to hit the 1 million market for the first time in 2015, and serve almost half of those.上周五,嘉年华提高了2015年利润预测,原因是游轮预定情况好于预期。该公司预计,2015年乘游轮出境的中国游客数量将首次达到100万人次,而该公司将为其中几乎一半的游客提供务。China remains a much smaller market for the cruising industry than the ed States or Europe, but interest in taking to the seas as a middle-class vacation option is surging in China, and buoying the whole industry.和美国或欧洲相比,中国的游轮市场要小得多。但中国中产家庭对乘游轮度假的兴趣正在急剧上升,并且推动着整个行业的不断增长。“China presents the next great frontier for cruising,” Carnival CEO Arnold Donald told Wall Street analysts. “It’s just a matter of time before China becomes the largest cruise market in the world.”嘉年华首席执行官阿诺德o唐纳德对华尔街分析师表示:“对游轮业来说,中国是下一个等待开发的关键市场,它成为世界上最大的游轮市场只是时间问题。”According to data from the ed Nations World Tourism Organization, the total number of trips abroad by Chinese citizens rose about 10% to 109 million in 2014, with spending up about 17%. And more of that is going to cruises: the number of cruise passengers originating from China rose 79% between 2012 and 2014.联合国世界旅游组织提供的数据显示,2014年中国的出境游客总数增长了10%左右,达到1.09亿人次;中国游客的境外出也上升了约17%。同时,越来越多的中国游客开始选择乘坐游轮。2012-2014年,搭乘游轮旅游的中国游客数量增加了79%。Carnival currently has four ships based in China. The company recently signed a memorandum with state-owned China Merchants Group to look into forming two joint ventures that will build cruise ports and ships.目前,嘉年华在中国投放了四条游轮。该公司最近和招商局集团签署了备忘录,内容是设立两家合资公司,分别从事游轮码头建设和游轮制造。Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean said earlier this week that Tianjin, a city of 10 million about 100 miles from Beijing, will be the new home for its third Quantum-class ship (those with the most bells and whistles like space observation decks) starting in April 2016. It will be the fifth China-based ship in the company’s fleet and its first to be based in China from the get-go. Last year, Royal Caribbean decided to redeploy its newest ship, the 4,200-passenger Quantum of the Seas, to Shanghai year-round as of this spring, after only six months cruising New York-Caribbean trips.与此同时,皇家加勒比本周早些时候表示,从2016年4月份开始,该公司第三条量子级游轮(这种游轮拥有巨大的观光甲板等许多奢华设施)将以天津为母港,后者有1000万人口,距北京约100英里(约161公里)。这将是该公司投放中国市场的第五条游轮,也是第一条一下水就部署在中国的游轮。去年,皇家加勒比决定将可容纳4200名乘客的海洋量子号重新部署到上海。这是该公司的最新游轮,此前只在纽约-加勒比航线上航行过六个月,今后它将常驻上海。To funnel more Chinese passengers to its ships, Royal Caribbean is looking for partnerships with local travel companies. In the fall, it struck a deal with Chinese online travel company Ctrip, which is the biggest seller of its cruises there.为了让更多中国游客登上自己的游轮,皇家加勒比正打算和中国旅行社合作。去年秋天,该公司和携程网达成协议,后者是皇家加勒比在中国的最大销售代理。And to make it clear to the China government, whose cooperation Royal Caribbean and its rivals need to get more infrastructure that lets large ships dock in various cities, that its plans to keep investing in China. Royal Caribbean said this week it is looking into building Chinese dry dock facilities and developing logistics centers to supply its ships deployed in the region. It is also considering programs that would bring thousands of North American vacationers to visit China by cruising.中国政府正在和皇家加勒比及其竞争对手合作,而这需要增设基础设施,以便大型游轮停靠在中国的各个城市。为向中国政府表明自己计划不断在中国投资,皇家加勒比本周表示,该公司正着眼于在中国建立干船坞和物流中心,以便为自己部署在中国的游轮提供务。同时,该公司正在考虑推出新旅游项目,目的是让数以千计的北美游客乘游轮来中国旅游。While China is still Royal Caribbean’s No. 3 market, after the U.S. and Europe, it is clear executives see the Middle Kingdom as a major growth engine.虽然中国仍是皇家加勒比的第三大市场,排在美国和欧洲之后,但该公司显然已将中国视为主要增长引擎。“Potential growth here is greater than the U.S. market,” Michael Bayley, president and chief executive of Royal Caribbean’s international operations, told the Wall Street Journal in Beijing earlier this week.最近,皇家加勒比总裁兼CEO迈克尔o贝利在北京接受《华尔街日报》采访时表示:“中国市场的增长潜力超过美国。” /201504/367996成都钛金烤瓷牙多少钱 The Use of the Decimal System十进制的使用According to the oracle inscription shown on tortoiseshells or animal bones,Chinese people in the Shang Dynasty was aly able to use 13 words-one,two,three,four, flue,six, seven,eight, nine,ten,hundred,thousand,and ten thousand-to denote any number within 100,000.However,the largest number that can be found is 30,000. The notions of odd,even,and multiple also appeared on the oracle inscriptions.据甲骨卜辞记载,商代的人们已经学会用一、二、三、四、五、六、七、八、九、十、百、千、万这13个单字记十万以内的任何数字,但是现在能够实的当时最大的数字是三万。甲骨卜辞中还有奇数、偶数和倍数的概念。An example of how the ancient Chinese used the decimal system may be seen in an inscription from the thirteenth century ,in which “547 days” is written “five hundred plus four decades plus seven of days.”The Chinese wrote with characters instead of an alphabet. In the Western alphabet, when writing out numbers greater than nine,new words are used(for example,ten,eleven,and so on ).With Chi-nese characters,ten is ten-blank and eleven is ten-one(zero was left as a blank space:405 is “four blank five”).This was much easier than inventing a new char-acter for each number. Having a decimal system from the beginning was a big ad-vantage in making mathematical advances. The first evidence of decimals in Europe is in a Spanish manuscript of AD 976.根据公元前13世纪的甲骨文记载,“547天”被写作“500天加40天再加7天”,从此例可以看出中国古人是如何使用十进制的。和别的语言不同,汉语用的是文字而不是字母。西方语言在记载大于9的数字时,使用新词(例如10,11,等)。汉语中,10为十,11为十一(零留作空位:405为“四百零五”),较西方语言中每个数字以一个单词来对应而言,这种写法容易得多。中国古人从最初就使用十进制进行运算,就数学发展而言,存在很大优势。而在欧洲,有关十进制的最早记载是在公元976年的一份西班牙手稿中。The decimal system,as a very important invention by the Chinese,boasts great significance in world mathematic history. Joseph Needham(1900一1995),a famous scientific historian who specialized in Chinese sciences,noted that it was virtually impossible for human beings to have a unified world without the decimal system,and the Chinese numeral system in the Shang Dynasty was basically more advanced and scientific than that of contemporary Babylon and Egypt.十进制是中国人民的一项杰出创造,在世界数学史上有重要意义。著名的英国科学史学家李约瑟教授曾对中国商代记数法予以很高的评价,“如果没有这种十进制,就几乎不可能出现我们现在这个统一化的世界了”。李约瑟说,“总的说来,商代的数字系统比同一时代的古巴比伦和古埃及更为先进更为科学。” /201512/410693成都第三人民医院纯钛烤瓷牙怎么样

蒲江县美牙冠价格Barack Obama has declared cyber threats from abroad a “national emergency”, as he took action to impose sanctions on overseas actors engaging in cyber attacks that threaten the US’s national security or economic health.美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)宣布来自国外的网络威胁是“国家紧急状态”,他采取行动,对发动网络攻击、危及美国国家安全或经济健康的海外行为主体实施制裁。The US president’s executive order gives his government new powers to #173;target significant cyber threats that affect critical infrastructure, disrupt the availability of websites or networks, or steal trade secrets or financial information, such as large troves of credit card data.美国总统的行政命令赋予其政府新的权力,打击那些影响了关键基础设施、扰乱网站或网络的可用性、窃取商业机密或财务信息(比如大量信用卡数据)的严重网络威胁。US officials declined to name potential targets of the new sanctions but said, as an example, that the executive order could be used against individual hackers hired by companies or countries.美国官员不愿指明新制裁的可能目标,但表示举例来说,该行政命令可被用于打击受公司或国家雇佣的个体黑客。The US has aly ratcheted up its response to cyber breaches, imposing additional sanctions in January on agencies and officials in North Korea, which it blamed for the breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment last year. In May 2014, it indicted five Chinese soldiers for hacking into six US companies.美国已经逐步加大了针对网络侵入的回应力度,今年1月美国向朝鲜的机构和官员施加额外制裁,指责他们要对去年索尼影视(Sony Pictures Entertainment)受到的网络攻击负责。2014年5月,美国对5名中国军人提出刑事罪名,称其非法侵入6家美国公司的计算机系统。It is unclear whether the new authority will be used in cases that could raise political tensions, such as sanctions against Chinese officials.目前还不清楚这项新的权力会不会被用于可能引发政治紧张的情况,比如对中国官员施加制裁。The new authority closes gaps that have posed a challenge to US law enforcement, such as cyber threats from countries that do not have extradition treaties with the US, lack strong cyber security laws or turn a blind eye to such attacks.这项新的权力弥补了对美国执法部门构成挑战的空白,比如网络威胁的发源地国家与美国没有引渡条约,缺乏强有力的网络安全法律,或者对此类攻击视而不见。The US hopes the executive order will encourage other countries to consider such sanctions, said Michael Daniel, special assistant to the president and cyber security co-ordinator. Potential punishments include freezing assets under US jurisdiction, such as bank accounts, and prohibiting US citizens or entities from engaging in transactions with those under sanctions.美国总统特别助理兼网络安全协调员迈克尔#8226;丹尼尔(Michael Daniel)表示,美国希望这项行政命令将鼓励其他国家考虑此类制裁。可能的惩罚包括冻结在美国管辖范围的资产,如账户,以及禁止美国公民或实体与受制裁目标进行交易。A spate of devastating cyber breaches at JPMorgan Chase, Target, health insurer Anthem and others has prompted the Obama administration to encourage more information sharing on cyber threats between government agencies and with the private sector.根大通(JPMorgan Chase)、Target公司、医疗保险公司Anthem等企业接连遭到的破坏性网络攻击,促使奥巴马政府鼓励政府机构与私营部门分享更多网络威胁信息。Legislation that would encourage such exchanges is again being considered in Congress. Similar bills have stalled in the past because of privacy concerns but lawmakers are hoping recent hack attacks will give new momentum to the proposals.美国国会正再次考虑关于鼓励此类信息交流的立法。出于隐私担忧,过去类似法案曾不了了之,但立法者们希望近期的网络攻击将给予相关提案新的动力。“Cyber threats pose one of the most serious economic and national security challenges to the ed States, and my administration is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to confront them,” Mr Obama said in a statement.奥巴马在一份声明中表示:“网络威胁对美国经济和国家安全构成最严重的挑战之一,我的政府正在推行一项综合策略来应对这些威胁。”Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder of cyber security firm CrowdStrike, said he was optimistic the new sanctions would “raise the cost to our cyber adversaries and establish a more effective deterrent framework to punish actors”.网络安全公司CrowdStrike的联合创始人德米特里#8226;阿尔佩罗维奇(Dmitri Alperovitch)表示,他看好新的制裁措施,它们将“增加我们的网络对手的成本,建立一个更有效的威慑框架来惩罚那些行为主体。” /201504/368046成都假牙种植需要多少钱 Lenovo, the largest seller of personal computers, is spurning what Yang Yuanqing, chairman and chief executive, has described as the “so-called new business model” of content-subsidised hardware that has taken China by storm, and will stick with devices.全球最大的个人计算机销售商联想(Lenovo),正在摒弃被其董事长兼首席执行官杨元庆称为用内容补贴设备的“所谓的新业务模式”,将专注于设备。Speaking yesterday, Mr Yang said Lenovo — which has made the jump into smartphones — would focus on developing devices with voice recognition.杨元庆昨日在发表讲话时表示,已大举进军智能手机业务的联想,将致力于研发具有语音识别功能的设备。The strategy, designed to carry the company into the post-smartphone era, is a test of Lenovo’s ability to evolve from its roots as the grandfather of China tech — it was founded in 1984 — to a landscape ruled by nimbler, rapidly developing rivals.该战略旨在将联想带入后智能手机时代,它将考验创建于1984年的联想作为中国科技行业一家元老级公司,能否适应由更灵活和快速发展的竞争对手主导的环境?Upstart Xiaomi, for example, last year became the largest seller of smartphones in China, based on a savvy internet-first marketing strategy and using content to sell phones.例如,借助精明的互联网优先营销策略,并利用内容来销售手机,手机新贵小米去年成为中国智能手机销量最高的公司。Lenovo executives privately chafe at the comparison, but the numbers illustrate the new order. Based on its last funding round, Xiaomi is worth bn — roughly three times Lenovo’s market capitalisation — despite the fact that it has less than one-third of the PC maker’s sales.联想高管私下里对这种对比感到不满,但数据揭示了新秩序。按照最近一轮的融资,小米的估值达到450亿美元,差不多是联想市值的3倍,尽管其销售额不足联想的三分之一。“We’re going to show the world that innovation still matters,” Mr Yang said in an interview with the Financial Times at Lenovo’s inaugural Tech World expo in Beijing, where it unveiled a new logo.联想在北京举行了首届“联想科技创新大会”(Lenovo Tech World),并在会上发布了新的标识。杨元庆在会上接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示:“我们将向全世界表明,创新仍至关重要。”“This is particularly important in China, where all the players are just focusing on the so-called new business model, to use the content and services to subsidise hardware.“它在中国尤其重要。在中国,所有公司只是聚焦于所谓的新业务模式,使用内容和务来补贴硬件。”“We will tell the market and the world that this is not the only thing you should be focusing on. We should still focus on innovation, we should still focus on technology.”“我们将告诉市场乃至世界,这不是你应该聚焦的唯一事情。我们仍应该聚焦于创新,我们仍应该聚焦于技术”。Lenovo, which announced results last week, missed fiscal-year profit targets on the back of softening smartphone sales, and took its first tentative steps into the new era when it launched its first “wearable” internet device, a fitness band, in January.联想上周发布了财报,由于智能手机销售不佳,该公司未能实现本财年的利润目标。联想在今年1月发布了一款智能腕带,这是其首款“可穿戴”互联网设备,从而向这个新时代试探性地迈出了第一步。However, Mr Yang is candid regarding the fact that the company is still considering how best to tackle the new era following the smartphone boom of the past few years.然而,杨元庆坦承,经过过去几年的智能手机蓬勃发展,该公司仍在考虑如何最好地应对这个新时代。He was also short on specifics about timing and nature of devices, but cited a five-pronged “smart connectivity” strategy focusing on voice-activated devices, services and access to personal data.他也没有透露推出新款设备的时机和性质,但指出了致力于语音操作设备、务以及个人数据获取的5点“智能互联”战略。Many smartphone makers have begun to emulate the Xiaomi model, as have content producers. Lenovo’s -streaming company LeTV launched smartphones based on the principle of hardware being a content “gateway”.许多智能手机制造商开始效仿小米模式,内容制作商同样如此。联想旗下的视频流公司乐视(LeTV)基于硬件是内容“门户”的原则推出智能手机。Mr Yang cited Amazon’s foray into the device business, as well as Google Nexus phones, to support his scepticism.杨元庆以亚马逊(Amazon)进军设备业务以及谷歌(Google)推出Nexus手机来表明自己的怀疑是合理的。“I don’t think that by now that model [Xiaomi’s] is a proven model,” he said. “They’re still a smartphone company. They’re not a content company.”他说:“我认为到现在为止(小米的)那种模式还不是经过验的模式。它们仍是一家智能手机公司,它们不是内容公司。”He added that Lenovo had learned some lessons.他补充称,联想已汲取了一些教训。“When the internet becomes more and more popular, we must pay attention to how to leverage the internet to transform our business model. Lenovo is definitely also working on that.“当互联网越来越流行的时候,我们必须重视如何利用互联网转变我们的业务模式。联想肯定也在这方面努力。”“Obviously we think the people need both the device and the content, but different companies have different expertise and should focus on different things.#8201;“显然,我们认为人们既需要设备,也需要内容,但不同的公司有不同的专长,理应致力于不同的事情。”“We should definitely focus on the devices and co-operate with content and service providers to ensure that our customers have the best experience.”“我们当然应该致力于设备,并与内容和务提供商合作,以确保我们的客户有最佳的体验。” /201506/378121自贡种植牙哪家医院好

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