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Israel on Sunday summoned ambassadors of countries that belong to the UN Security Council for a Christmas Day reprimand for their support of a resolution condemning Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian lands. 以色列周日召见联合国安理UN Security Council)成员国驻该国的大使,在圣诞日当天批评这些国家持一项谴责以色列在巴勒斯坦土地上建立非法定居点的决议。The UK was among the countries that saw its diplomats called into Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs on Sunday, David Quarrey, Britain’s ambassador to Israel, told the Financial Times. 英国驻以色列大使戴维.夸里(David Quarrey)告诉英国《金融时报》,英国外交官也在周日被以色列外交部召见的使节之列。With Mr Quarrey in the UK, British diplomat Tony Kay was summoned in his place.由于夸里恰好在英国,英国外交官托Tony Kay)代替他被召见。The ambassador of the US, which abstained in Friday’s vote, was not among the envoys summoned, the Israeli foreign ministry said, but those of countries who backed the resolution were. 以色列外交部表示,在上周五的表决中投弃权票的美国的大使不在被召见的使节之列,但是投票持了那项决议的国家的使节均被召见。The move came as Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled a visit to Israel by Volodymyr Groysman, his Ukrainian counterpart, and accused US President Barack Obama of disgraceful behaviour for failing to exercise the US veto. 以色列做出此举之际,该国总理本雅内塔尼亚Benjamin Netanyahu)取消了乌克兰总理弗拉基米格罗伊斯Volodymyr Groysman)访问以色列之行,并指责美国总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)未能行使美国否决权的可耻行为。Mr Groysman had due to arrive in Israel on Wednesday on his first official visit to the Jewish state. 格罗伊斯曼原定周三抵达以色列,对这个犹太国家展开他的首次正式访问。Israel will also suspend some of its funding to the UN, Mr Netanyahu said in a vituperative speech on Saturday evening, in which he warned of further diplomatic and economic retaliation against countries that opposed Israel in international bodies. 内塔尼亚胡上周六晚发表义愤填膺的讲话,称以色列还将暂停向联合国提供一部分资金,并警告说,将对那些在国际组织中反对以色列的国家进行进一步的外交和经济报复。The Israeli leader vowed to work with incoming US President Donald Trump and members of Congress to fight all-out war against this resolution,以色列领导人誓言与美国候任总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)和国会议员合作,对这项决议展开全面战争in his sharpest public attack ever on Mr Obama.他对奥巴马作出了历来最尖锐的公开抨击。The resolution that was passed at the UN yesterday is part of the swan song of the old world that is biased against Israel but, my friends, we are entering a new era, Mr Netanyahu said at a Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony. 联合国昨日通过的决议是对以色列不公的旧世界绝唱的一部分,但是,我的朋友们,我们正在进入一个新时代,内塔尼亚胡在光明节(Hanukkah)点蜡烛仪式上表示。And just as President-elect Trump said yesterday, it will happen much sooner than you think. 而正如当选总统特朗普昨日所说的,这个新时代将比你想象的更快到来。Speaking ahead of a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, Mr Netanyahu accused Mr Obama of orchestrating the UN resolution.内塔尼亚胡在周日举行每周内阁会议前指责奥巴马策划了那份联合国决议。From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, co-ordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed, he said.根据我方掌握的信息,我们毫不怀疑,奥巴马政府发起和持了这项决议,协调了决议措辞,还要求各方通过它,他说。However, a senior Obama administration official, speaking anonymously to Reuters on Friday, said that the US played no role in crafting or promoting the resolution, contrary to Israeli claims. 然而,奥巴马政府一名高级官员上周五以匿名方式对路透社(Reuters)发表谈话,称美国在制定或推动这项决议方面没有扮演任何角色,这与以色列的说法相反。Mr Netanyahu said: And, as I told [US secretary of state] John Kerry on Thursday, friends don’t take friends to the Security Council.内塔尼亚胡说:而且,正如我上周四对美国国务卿约克里(John Kerry)所说的,朋友不该把朋友送上安理会。The UN Security Council on Friday passed a resolution demanding that Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities, and calling on member states to distinguish between Israel and the territories, including East Jerusalem, that it occupied in the 1967 Six Day War. 联合国安理会上周五通过决议,要求以色列立即且完全停止一切定居点活动,并呼吁各成员国区分以色列和其占领的领土,包括以色列967年六日战争期间占领的东耶路撒冷。来 /201612/485732。

A BuzzFeed News analysis has identified the 50 fake news stories that attracted the most engagement on Facebook this year. Together they totaled 21.5 million likes, comments, and shares. Of these stories, 23 were about US politics, two were about women using their vaginas as murder weapons, and one was about a clown doll that actually was a person the whole time.一个由BuzzFeed News(译者注:类似今日头条的新闻搜集网站)所做的分析揭示了本年度Facebook上流传最广的50条假新闻。他们加起来大约150万次的点赞、及分享。在这些新闻里,23条和美国政治相关条关于女人用她们的阴道作为谋杀用的凶器,还条关于一个小丑娃娃其实一直都是个真人。BuzzFeed News defined “fake newsas news that was verifiably 00 percent falseand drawn from a list of 96 websites purposely created to disseminate false information.BuzzFeed News将“假新闻”定义为已经被验00%是假的”,并且列出6家喜欢传播这些虚假信息的网站。You can the full list of stories, but here are the top five:你可以点击此处浏览全部的假新闻,这里列出的是排名前五的假新闻:;Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools Nationwide;“奥巴马签署行政令禁止学校读效忠宣言”;Woman arrested for defecating on bossdesk after winning the lottery;“女子中后在老板桌上排便被捕”;Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump for President, Releases Statement;“教皇方济各公开宣称持特朗普”;Trump Offering Free One-Way Tickets to Africa amp; Mexico for Those Who Wanna Leave America;“特朗普为想要离开美国的公民提供非洲或墨西哥单程机票”;Cinnamon Roll Can Explodes Inside Man’s Butt During Shoplifting Incident;“肉桂卷会在人类屁股内爆炸”Notably, the domain name for the top fake news story of the year is “abcnews.com.co.In a November interview with The Verge, Professor Nicole A. Cooke of the University of IllinoisSchool of Information Sciences cited the slight modification of familiar domains as a particularly dangerous and common tactic for fake news sites. They make the source look reputable at first glance. The man who operates abcnews.com.co told The Washington Post that he believes his websites were a key factor in the election of Donald Trump.值得注意的是,本年度传播假消息之首的网站域名当属“abcnews.com.co.在十一月的一次Verge的采访中,伊利诺伊州大学信息科学学院的Nicole A. Cooke教授引用了一个假新闻网站上的消息,这个假新闻网站使用的是危险和普遍的策略,即域名和真网站看上去只有微小的区别。他们让消息源从第一眼看上去具备真实性。管理abcnews.com.co的人告诉华盛顿邮报,他相信他的网站在特朗普大选期间充当了一个重要的因素。And, at random, some other highlights from the list:我们再来看看名单里一些其他的亮点:;Florida man dies in meth-lab explosion after lighting farts on fire;“佛罗里达一男子在毒品实验室放屁引发火灾,后死于爆炸”;President Obama Confirms He Will Refuse To Leave Office If Trump Is Elected;“奥巴马总统实,如果特朗普当选他将拒绝离开白宫”Van Full Of Illegals Shows Up To Vote Clinton At SIX Polling Places, Still Think Voter Fraud Is A Myth?一群非法投票人在六个投票点出现给希拉里投票,你们还以为选民骗局是假的吗?;Man shoots off his own penis taking selfies with gun;“一男子持自拍时不小心把自己JJ射了”“Girl Infects 586 Men With HIV On Purpose, Plans On Infecting 2,000 More Before 2017 - TRENDING” “一艾滋病女子故意传播艾滋病86名男子,计划017年之前传000人以上”You might want to hope that people shared these articles as a joke. I want to hope that. But we can’t: the analysis points to a recent BuzzFeed and Ipsos Public Affairs poll which found that 75 percent of Americans (84 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of Democrats) were easily tricked by fake headlines. What a fantastic year for fact-checking and rational thought and Mark Zuckerberg’s self-awareness.你可能希望分享这些文章的人是出于开玩笑,我也是这么想的。但是我们不能:这个分析指出,通过一个近期的BuzzFeed和Ipsos的公众事务民调显示,75%的美国人4%的共和党人以1%的民主党人)很容易就被假新闻的标题所欺骗。这是关于真实性调查、理性思维、扎克伯格的自我意识的梦幻一年。来 /201701/487110。

China is fully prepared to export a full supply chain of high-speed railway technology, according to industry experts.据行业专家表示,中国已做好准备出口高铁技术全套供应链。China Railway Corp, the national rail operator, said exports of railway equipment and railway construction projects are proceeding well, and breakthroughs are being made in a number of projects overseas.国家铁路运营商中国铁路总公司表示,铁路设备出口和铁路建设项目正在顺利开展,大量海外项目都实现了突破。Among the projects, the first full-chain commission, the Jakarta to Bandung high-speed railway in Indonesia - which includes technology, design, construction, equipment manufacture, supply of resources, operations management and staff training - has been granted a construction permit and work is proceeding smoothly.在这些项目中,首个全链委员会--印尼雅加达至万隆高铁--包括了技术、设计、施工、设备制造、资源供应、运营管理和人员培训,已经获得了建设许可、工作进展顺利;Chinas railways have established a comprehensive and advanced technology system, which is able to provide overseas customers with solutions from many different perspectives, including financing, construction, operations, and research and development,; said Yang Zhongmin, the CRCs deputy chief engineer, who added that Chinas railway system is competitive in terms of technology and economy of use.中国铁路总公司副总工程师杨忠明表示:“中国的铁路已经建立起了完善、先进的技术系统,能够给海外客户从多种不同角度提供解决方案,包括融资、施工、运营、研究和开发。”他还表示,中国的铁路系统在技术和使用经济上很有竞争力。According to Yang, the nations railway equipment and infrastructure service businesses have entered markets in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.据杨忠明表示,中国的铁路设备和基础设施务企业已经打进了亚洲、欧洲、北美和非洲的市场。Last year, Joko Widodo, president of Indonesia, and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, rode Chinese-made bullet trains.去年,印尼总统佐科·维多多和马来西亚总理纳吉布·拉扎克乘坐了中国制造的子弹列车。Yang Hao, a professor of rail transportation management at Beijing Jiaotong University, said China has a major advantage in that it is able to export a full range of railway technology: ;For example, it is inconvenient to import the technology for the signaling system from one country and civil engineering technology from another.;北京交通大学铁路运输管理教授杨浩表示,中国在这方面的一个主要优点是可以出口全方位的铁路技术:“举例来说,从一个国家进口信号系统技术,从另一个国家进口土木工程技术很不方便。”来 /201701/489272。

China’s annual parliamentary session convenes this week amid a sombre mood that recalls the late 1990s: an era of economic ructions, rising debt, currency jitters and talk of mass lay-offs. 中国将在本周举行年度人大会议。当前的黯淡情绪令人回想起上世纪90年代末期:那是一个经济动荡、债务上升、汇率波动和大规模裁员成为讨论话题的时代Zhu Rongji, the economic tsar who helped steer the economy through that transformative period, was bold. On his watch 30m were laid off, hundreds of state-owned enterprises privatised and thousands more consigned to history. 当年驾驭中国经济渡过那个转型期的总理朱镕基十分果敢。在他主管经济期间,3000万人下岗,数以百计的国有企业私有化,还有数千家国企成为历史The National People’s Congress, which kicks off this weekend, will see whether China’s leaders are up to the task this time. Premier Li Keqiang has prepared the ground: overcapacity has become the mantra in recent months and in the past few days the Communist party has openly started to discuss lay-offs, up to 6m by some estimates. 本周末开幕的全国人大会议将表明中国领导人这一次能否担当重任。现任总理李克强已经作了铺垫:产能过剩在近几个月成为经常挂在嘴边的话题,近日共产党开始公开讨论裁员,有人估计下岗人数可能高00万“Li Keqiang is certainly trying to invoke those times because that was the last time there was a serious reform of state-owned enterprises but now we are such a different cycle,said Fraser Howie, a China financial markets expert and co-author of Red Capitalism. “Taking such tough action now with all the other issues in China is much, much harder.“李克强肯定是在试图让人回想起那个时代,因为那是上一次对国企推行认真的改革,但现在我们处于一个如此不同的周期,”研究中国金融市场的专家、曾与人合著《红色资本主义Red Capitalism)的侯Fraser Howie)表示。“在中国存在种种其他问题的情况下采取这样的严厉行动,难度大得多。Fifteen years later, China has come full circle. The SOEs that survived the purge of the 1990s were consolidated and flooded with investment. More than a decade of accelerated economic growth followed, but the same problems have resurfaced as the economy slows. 15年后的今天,中国已经转了整整一圈。在90年代的洗牌中幸存的国有企业进行了整合,获得了大量投资。此后迎来了持续10多年的加速经济增长,但随着经济放缓,相同的问题再度浮现In a sign lay-offs are no longer completely taboo, Beijing recently tweaked the way it measures unemployment. The official figure has been allowed to creep towards 5 per cent after decades of barely budging from 4 per cent. 突显裁员不再是绝对禁忌的一个迹象是,北京方面最近微调了其衡量失业率的方式。官方失业率在数十年徘徊%的水平后,已被允许向5%渐渐攀升Surveys indicate that real unemployment reached well over 20 per cent in many Chinese cities in the late 1990s. 调查显示0年代末中国许多城市的实际失业率达到远高于20%的水平“In addressing overcapacity we need to be particularly concerned about unemployment,Zhu Guangyao, vice-minister of finance, said this week. The cornerstone of Mr Li’s solution is a Rmb100bn (.2bn) fund to address job losses to be disbursed over two years. It will first target the steel and coal sectors, the most labour-intensive among the heavy industrial sectors. “在解决产能过剩方面,我们需要特别关注失业问题,”财政部副部长朱光耀本周表示。李克强的解决方案的基石是一000亿元人民币(52亿美元)的基金,它将在两年期间发放到位,帮助下岗工人。该基金将首先面向钢铁和煤炭行业,它们是劳动力最密集的两个重工业部门This time the labour ministry estimates 1.8m workers could lose jobs, while other estimates go as high as 6m. Steel lobbyists say up to 400,000 jobs could be lost, while just one state-owned coal producer, Longmay, said last autumn it would let 100,000 workers go. 据中国人力资源和社会保障部估计,这一次将80万工人下岗,而其他机构估计的下岗人数最高达00万。钢铁业游说团体表示,可能失去多0万工作岗位,同时只有一家国有煤炭生产企业——龙Longmay)在去年秋天表示,它将0万工人下岗Open discussion of lay-offs seems a deliberate strategy to evoke the late 1990s as a signal both to officials and common people that this government is as determined to address China’s problems as Mr Zhu’s. But in those days, economic restructuring was accompanied by China’s entry into the World Trade Organisation, which opened vast new markets. But now, China is the world’s biggest trader, and a tentative US recovery and weak Europe are buying less. 围绕裁员的公开讨论似乎是一个深思熟虑的战略,目的是唤起人们0年代末的记忆,从而向官员和普通人都发出信号:本届政府在应对中国的问题方面与当年的朱镕基一样坚定。然而,当年中国在经济重组的同时加入世界贸易组织(WTO),从而开辟了广阔的新市场。而现在,中国已经是世界最大贸易国家,而复苏不稳的美国和疲弱的欧洲减少了进口Talk of lay-offs may simply allow local governments to formalise the status of workers who have in effect been unemployed for months, with pay in arrears as mines and mills halt production. 有关裁员的谈论可能只是让地方政府正式确定实际上已经下岗好几个月的工人们的地位;随着矿山和钢厂停产,这些工人的工资被拖欠China’s much more diversified economy leaves some of them with more options, although the new jobs are unlikely to be in the most depressed regions. “The lay-off problem this time will not be as severe because society has more capacity to soak up the SOE lay-offs,says Hu Xingdou, an economist at Beijing Institute of Technology who tracks labour issues. 当今的中国经济多元化程度高得多,这使其中一些下岗工人面临较多选择,尽管新的就业机会不太可能在最低迷的地区出现。“这一次裁员问题不至于那么严重,因为社会有更多能力来吸收国企下岗工人,”北京理工大学经济学家、追踪劳工问题的胡星斗表示“The growth of the services industry will make up for the job losses.“务业的增长将弥补这些失业。The period from 1998 to 2001 saw mass worker demonstrations that forced China finally to implement a rudimentary social safety net, but corruption and the sorry state of many SOEs meant many former state workers lack adequate health coverage or pensions. The problem was particularly acute in the north-eastern rust belt, which is again one of the regions hardest hit in the current slowdown. 1998年至2001年期间,大规模工人示威迫使中国终于实施一个基本的社会安全网,但腐败和许多国企所处的糟糕状态意味着,许多原国企职工得不到足够的医保或养老金。这个问题在东北“锈带”尤为严重,在当前的经济放缓中,东北再度成为重灾区之一According to one steel industry insider privy to plans for the fund, Beijing will offer subsidies to SOEs willing to close some of their inefficient production lines. For all the brave talk of job losses and capacity cuts, it is not clear it is truly prepared to let companies fail. 根据一位了解前述基金相关计划的钢铁业内人士透露,北京方面将向愿意关闭一些低效率生产线的国有企业提供补贴。尽管有很多关于裁员和削减产能的果敢言论,尚不清楚北京是否真正准备让企业倒闭。来 /201603/430505。

The ed States and China have reached an agreement on a new U.N. Security Council draft resolution aimed at punishing North Korea, a Security Council diplomat told CNN on Wednesday. The resolution is going to be described as the toughest yet on Pyongyang.一位联合国安理会外交官上周三告诉记者,中国和美国已经就一项旨在制裁朝鲜的新联合国安理会决议草案达成一致意见。该决议将成为对朝鲜迄今为止最严厉的制裁。The text of the draft is not yet available but the document will likely be voted in by the full Security Council ;in a couple of days,; once other nations have an opportunity to weigh in on the language, according to the diplomat.该外交官透露,草案内容还未公布,但是文件很有可能在一两天内由全体安理会成员投票决定,其他国家都有一次机会权衡其措辞;There were a significant number of blockage points between the (ed States and China) ... but there is an agreement between those two countries,; the diplomat said.这名外交官说道:“中美之间有相当多的意见冲突,但是两国之间还是达成了一项共识。”In January, Pyongyang claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb in its fourth nuclear test.一月份,朝鲜宣布其第四次核试验中的氢弹测试成功。U.S. officials were initially skeptical of the claim, but later assessed that there may have been a partial, failed test of some type of components associated with a hydrogen bomb. Then on February 7, Pyongyang said it had successfully launched an Earth satellite into orbit via the long-range Kwangmyongsong carrier rocket. Both the test and the launch were carried out in defiance of international sanctions.起初,美国官员对此持怀疑态度,但在经过评估后,他们认为或许有部分失败氢弹关联部件的测试。之后的2日,朝鲜称其通过远程运载火箭光明星号成功发射了一颗人造地球卫星。氢弹试验和此次卫星发射都是对国际制裁的蔑视。Also Wednesday, National Security Adviser Susan Rice met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the White House.同样在周三,美国国家安全顾问苏珊·赖斯和中国外长王毅于白宫会面。They agreed ;on the importance of a strong and united international response to North Korea’s provocations, including through a U.N. Security Council Resolution that goes beyond previous resolutions,; a statement from National Security Council spokesman Ned Price. ;They agreed that they will not accept North Korea as a nuclear weapons state.;美国国安会发言人内德·普莱斯发表的声明表示,两国“就对朝鲜的挑衅行为须有强有力且团结一致的国际回应达成共识,其中包括通过一项比先前更严厉的联合国安理会协议。两国都表示,他们将不会接受朝鲜作为核武器国家的存在。”来 /201602/428629。