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四川大学华西医院治疗牙周疾病牙周炎多少钱四川省哪家补牙最好这早莎朗·斯通的原话: Sharon Stone made a not so smart statement while on the red carpet in Cannes. She was asked if she had heard about the disaster that hit China recently, and her answer was: "Of course I have. Well you know at first I thought I'm not happy with the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans….and I've been concerned with should we have the Olympics because they're not being nice to the Dalai Lama who's a good friend of mine. And then all this earthquake and stuff happened and I thought, 'Is that Karma, when you're not nice and the bad things happen to you?'" Well that's one way of looking at things, Sharon. Although, we don't think most people agree with that way of thinking. She tried redeeming her comment afterwards but you can't take what you said back. Dear Ms. Sharon Stone,This is writing from an ordinary Chinese actor, who took part in the Festival for his film “Half Water Half Blaze” in Canna. I was extraordinary scandalized at your “Nemesis” saying about Wenchuan earthquake happened in our country several days ago.Wenchuan earthquake brings the vastness disastrousness to all Chinese people. There are thousands of life got killed in a minute, and millions of people become destitute and homeless. It’s such a very unusual tragedy even in the whole world. People of disaster areas get huge support, encourage and reinforcement from people all over the world with feeling and conscience.There’re many people in China who likes you and your films, they do respect you as well. But your saying about Wenchuan earthquake really hurts those people extraordinarily, not only Chinese but also Americans who care and support people of disaster areas.However, whatever your extreme and unwisdom saying comes from, there’s one thing we can be quite sure enough that you are devoid of humanity. There’re something else besides your grace and exquisite acting skill on the silver screen, and your beautiful face, that is your venomed and vanished conscience heart.I condemn you strongly on behalf of all Chinese actors and actress who were in Canna. Also we require you to take your irresponsible and extreme saying back, meanwhile make apology to all Chinese people.Huinan ZhaoMay 26, 2008cannes尊敬的莎朗斯通女士:我是中国的一位普通演员,本次因为自己参演的电影《一半是海水\一半是火焰》展映来到戛纳,在这里我非常震惊的听到您有关我国汶川大地震的“报应”言论。汶川大地震已经给中国人民带来了异常惨重的损失,数万生命转瞬即逝,百万群众流离失所。如此惨重的灾难,在全世界范围内都是极为罕见。全球华人,全世界有良知和悲悯之心的人们都给予了灾区人民巨大的持、鼓励、援助。作为一位有着世界影响力的影坛明星,许多中国人都异常的喜爱您的电影,并给予您本人应有的尊重和敬意。但是您关于我国汶川大地震的“报应”言论,却极大的伤害了我们,更加刺痛了所有为灾区奉献爱心的人民,其中也包括美国人民。由此我得出结论,不论您的言论从何而来,因何而来,在人的立场上,您缺乏基本的人性关爱。在您优雅,精湛的银幕表演下面,有着非常恶毒,几近泯灭天良的本质。对此我代表在戛纳的所有华人演员对您和您的言论进行最强烈的谴责,并要求您收回那些不负责人的言论,同时向中国人民致歉。赵会南2008年5月26日 戛纳 /200805/40452成都在线口腔科咨询 富翁vs美女征婚派对将在上海登场Matchmaking party targets millionairesA matchmaking party organized by www.915915.com.cn will be held on November 25. Amatchmakingparty aimed at pairing up millionaire men with beautiful women will be held on a ship on Shanghai's Huangpu River on November 25.All of the male participants must have assets worth at least 2 million yuan (US0,000), and all the women must be good-looking and desirable, said Xu Tianli, the event's organizer and the owner of www.915915.com.cn, a matchmaking website."Actually, half of the men who registered for the event have more than 200 million yuan (US million) worth of assets," Xu said."They have all come here in search of a serious relationship."More than 20 men have signed up to take part in the event.Xu said his website provided matchmaking services only to the country's elite. He said that at least 3,000 millionaires throughout the country have signed up as members."Rich men are normally very busy, and most of the women they meet are there for work or business, which these men consider to be unsuitable for relationships," Xu said."Every man has certain criteria for his future wife. What these rich men want is a woman who is a bit more than normal," he added.One of the millionaires taking part, who identified himself only by his surname Sun, said he is looking for a woman who is good looking and has a nice personality. Sun, 34, said he had more than 4 million yuan (US0,000) and owned a logistics business."Appearance is most important to me, and I don't want to a woman who only wants to marry me for money," he said.The website has selected nearly 30 out of the more than 1,000 female applicants who applied to take part in the cruise.Xu said that some millionaire women had also entered the event. 一场富翁vs美女的征婚派对将于本月25日在上海黄浦江的一艘游船上举行。据这个活动的组织者、钻石王老五征婚网的总裁徐天力介绍,参加此次活动的男嘉宾必须拥有价值至少200万元人民币的资产,而女嘉宾则必须漂亮迷人。徐总说:"实际上,报名的男嘉宾中有一半人的资产都在200万以上。"“他们都想在这找到一个真正的爱人。”目前已有20多位富翁报了名。徐总说,钻石王老五征婚网主要为社会精英提供征婚务。目前全国至少有3000位单身富翁注册了网站的会员。他说:“有钱人通常都很忙,他们觉得在工作中或生意场上的遇到的女性大多不适合做伴侣。”“每个男人都有自己的择偶标准。这些富翁比较青睐特别一点的女性。”其中有一位姓孙的富翁说,他想找一位长的漂亮、性格温柔的女性。这位孙先生今年34岁,是一家物流公司的老板,个人资产超过400万元人民币。他说:“对方的相貌是我最看重的。我也不想找一个为了钱而愿意嫁给我的女性。”钻石王老五征婚网从1000位报名的女性中挑选出了近30位参加这个活动。徐总说,入选者中还有一些女富翁。 Vocabulary:matchmaking:做媒 /200803/32941金堂县种植牙多少钱

成都牙科医院钴铬烤瓷牙套费用贵不贵Season of conception tied to school performanceThe time of year a womanconceivesmay influence the future academic performance of her child, according to research reported this week at the Pediatric Academic Societies' annual meeting.When researchers linked standardized test scores of 1,667,391 Indiana students in grades 3 through 10 with the month in which each student had been conceived, they found that children conceived May through August scored significantly lower on math and language tests than children conceived during other months of the year.The correlation between test scores and conception season held regardless of race, gender, and grade level.Why might this be? According to Dr. Paul Winchester of Indiana University School of Medicine who led the study, the evidence points to environmental pesticides, used most often in the summer months, as a possible player.The lower test scores correlated with higher levels of pesticides and nitrates in the surface water (nearby streams and other bodies of water) during that same time period, he told Reuters Health."Exposure to pesticides and nitrates can alter the hormonal milieu of the pregnant mother and the developing fetal brain," Winchester explained in a statement. For example, past research has linked exposure to pesticides and nitrates to low thyroid hormone levels ("hypothyroidism") in pregnant women and hypothyroidism in pregnancy has been tied to lower intelligence test scores in offspring.While the current findings do not prove that pesticides and nitrates contribute to lower test scores, "they strongly support such a hypothesis," Winchester said."A priori there should be no reasons particularly why the month of conception should change your (test) scores," he added in an interview, "and yet from our chain of evidence our hypothesis was that if pesticides do alter the friendly environment of the developing fetus than that might be reflected in lower scores. And unfortunately that's what we found.""There is something going on" and it needs to be studied further, Winchester concluded.在本周举行的"儿科学术协会年会"上,一项研究报告称,母亲怀的月份可能会影响孩子以后的学业成绩。研究人员对印地安那州1,667,391名3到10年级学生的统一考试成绩和他们的受月份进行了相关分析。结果发现,与其它月份受的孩子相比,5月至8月受的孩子的数学和语言成绩要低得多。考试成绩与受季节这一相互关系不受种族、性别和年级的影响。该如何解释这一结论?本研究的带头人、印第安纳大学医学院的保罗·温彻斯特士说,罪魁祸首有可能是空气中的杀虫剂,这些杀虫剂在夏季使用得比较多。他在接受路透社健康部的采访时说,考试低分与地表水(附近的小溪和其它水体)中含量过高的杀虫剂和硝酸盐有关。温彻斯特解释说,"接触杀虫剂和硝酸盐会使妇体内的荷尔蒙环境发生改变,从而影响胎儿的大脑发育。"比如,以往的研究发现,妇体内甲状腺激素含量低(甲状腺机能减退)与接触杀虫剂和硝酸盐有关,而怀期间甲状腺机能减退又与孩子智商低有关。尽管目前的研究不能明杀虫剂和硝酸盐导致考试低分,但是,温彻斯特说,"它们为这一假设提供了有力的持。"他在采访中补充道,"我们是这样推理的,既然没有特别的原因来解释受的月份影响考试成绩这件事,那么根据一系列的据,我们假设如果杀虫剂确实影响胎儿成长的良好环境,那么这种影响也许会导致考试低分。不幸的是,这正是我们通过研究发现的。"温彻斯特最后总结到,"这其中还有一些影响因素"有待进一步的研究。Vocabulary:conceive: To become pregnant(怀)hypothyroidism: 甲状腺机能减退 /200808/46430达州根管治疗氟斑牙去哪里医院好 安妮斯顿:健康生活从瑜伽开始Aniston adopts clean-living lifestyleJennifer Aniston is embarking on a new healthy lifestyle and has cut out cigarettes and eliminated caffeine from her diet.Aniston has expressed her new-found love of yoga is responsible for her efforts to make changes in other areas of her life.And pals are convinced shemeans businessafter watching the 38-year-old in action on pal Courtney Cox's TV drama Dirt recently.Dirt actress Laura Allen, who spent time with Cox and Aniston on the set, tells American publication Us Weekly, "Jen was doing a total cleansing."(She) did a lot of yoga to stop smoking. Between takes, it would have been tempting to go outside and have a cigarette."Instead, Jen was clinging to Courteney. She said how hard it was."In addition to resisting the temptation to indulge in smoking, Aniston also managed to refrain from caffeine.Allen adds, "I had aDiet Cokeon-set and she was really craving for it!"(Agencies)日前,珍妮弗·安妮斯顿开始了一种全新的健康生活方式,香烟、咖啡因饮料通通戒掉。安妮斯顿表示,她最近迷上的瑜伽有助于她改掉生活中的一些不良习惯。这位38岁的女星最近在好友科特尼·考克斯的新剧《丑闻》中客串了一把,安妮斯顿的好友们看到她在拍摄过程中的种种表现后,才相信她不是说着玩的。与考克斯和安妮斯顿同时参与此剧拍摄的女演员劳拉·艾伦向《美国周刊》透露,“珍妮弗正在彻底'净化'她的生活。”“为了戒烟,她经常做瑜伽。照理说,场间休息时出去抽根烟应该是很爽的。”“但珍妮弗却一直粘着考特尼。她说,这真是太难为她了。”除了克制烟瘾外,安妮斯顿还试图戒掉咖啡因饮料。艾伦说,“一次我在拍摄现场喝无糖可乐,把她给馋坏了!”Vocabulary: mean business : 当真的diet coke : 无糖可乐 /200803/31587四川成都冷光美白牙齿的价格

成都全瓷牙牙桩多少钱一项最新的全球调查显示,男人因金钱而快乐,而女人的快乐感更多地源于友情以及与孩子、同事和老板的关系。这项由尼尔森全球营销信息公司开展的在线调查共有来自超过51个国家的28153人参加。调查结果显示,面临目前的全球经济衰退和金融市场的动荡,很多人开始提醒自己金钱并不能买到快乐。这项于今年四月开展的“尼尔森快乐感大调查”表明,在参与调查的51个国家中,有48个国家的女性比该国的男性快乐,只有巴西、南非和越南例外。尼尔森公司消费者调查部副经理布鲁斯#8226;保罗在声明中称:“由于女性的快乐感更多地取决于非经济因素,所以她们的快乐感不易受到经济危机的影响。这或许可以解释为什么从全球范围来看女性的快乐感总体高于男性。”日本女性的快乐感比男性高15%,在被调查国家中差距最大。同时女性对未来更加乐观,对未来六个月快乐感的预期也超过男性。此外,调查发现,女性对性生活的满意度更高。日本和新西兰的男性和女性对性生活的满意度差距最大。健康给男性带来的快乐感总体高于女性,这在南非尤其突出。而在埃及正好相反,女性从健康中获得的快乐感大大高于男性。从全球范围来看,男性从心理健康中获得的快乐更多。比利时、韩国、墨西哥、挪威、西班牙、埃及和以色列的调查结果都反映了这一趋势。调查表明,从全球范围来看,个人经济状况、心理健康和工作/事业是三大主要的快乐之源。而与伴侣的关系是否和睦对于快乐感也至关重要。Vocabulary: grapple with:抓住;扭打(例句:He has been grappling with the problem for a long time. 长期以来他一直努力解决这个问题.)volatile: Tending to vary often or widely, as in price(易波动的,不稳定的:易于经常或大幅度变化的,如价格) /200812/58539 摘要:美国对小学一年级到12年级的孩子实行强制性义务教育,孩子们必须在学校里读完12年,或者至少要到16岁。公立学校的的确确是免费的:不收书本费,不收音乐课费用,不收体育课费用。In the US we have free compulsory public education for all children from grade 1 to grade 12. Children must stay in school through grade 12, or at least until they are 16. Public schooling is truly free: no book fees, no music fees, no athletic fees. Books are handed out at the beginning of the school year and must be returned at the end. Most schools supply paper, pencils, erasers, calculators, computers, art supplies and musical instruments.I have been a primary-school teacher for over 30 years. I teach English in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to pupils who are members of racial minorities. Currently I work with Haitian immigrant children who do not speak English when they enter school. Their families come from a country where violence is all too common. Haitian schools are often closed; indeed, in the past ten years, there has not been a single complete school year. Grinding poverty results in a very low level of literacy. Parents seldom have funds for books, paper or pencils. When the children of such families arrive in the US, they are woefully unprepared to compete with their middle-class agemates. How should we teachers help them to learn, especially to learn English?We surround the child with spoken English, encouraging them to use any words they pick up and ignoring all mistakes. We books aloud, ask questions and constantly encourage responses. A child may start with one word, for examplewater, but by day 3 he can say, "Me water," and by day 5, "I want water." Language grows from small beginnings as the teacher constantly prods the child to use single words and to make longer utterances as he learns. When the child is using English, we do not correct errors in pronunciation. We see such mistakes as the act of practicing a new skill. By trying out his new English skills, the pupil will improve on his own. If he is corrected each time, he will become reluctant to keep trying. We do not teach English by having the students memorize words. Instead we start by teaching phonics, which is the study of the sounds that letters make. Phonics provides children with a code: pupils learn individual letter sounds and then learn how letters work in groups. As students progress in phonics, they can new words on their own because they know how individual letters probably sound.English-speaking students are also taught phonics, but phonics is particularly important for second-language learners. We start teaching the sounds of the alphabet to pupils unable to speak English from the very first day they set foot in the classroom, no matter how few English words they know.I was amazed to find that primary-school teachers in China do not use phonics in teaching children how to . It seems a gargantuan task to teach a pupil to memorize every word he needs to know, much as if the child were being asked to shovel a huge pile of sand, with the shovel shut away. Phonics is a code that unlocks word construction. It empowers the child to learn by putting small pieces together.Right now I am learning Chinese and am happy to discover that the vocabulary is not too difficult. Having learned dong, nan, xi and men, suddenly I can build six or seven words: dongmen, ximen, nanmen, xinanmen. Phonic knowledge operates quite similarly. Suppose I teach a child an, ran, man, can. I then can teach and,stand, land, band. Give the child her, der-, -ing and un- and he can build or recognize under, then understand, and finally understanding. Phonics teaches word families such as cat, bat, fat, flat. Later on we might build catty, batting, fatter, flatten. These words do not need to be memorized because they are built up from small phonic units that children can use in many different combinations. This is a constructionist approach to learning: the children are given the phonic tools to construct and sound out new words by themselves. Test results show that my students make from one to three years' progress within one school year. Our immigrant children, members of racial minorities, are beginning to close the enormous gap in achievement between minority and majority students. /200905/69542西南医院直丝弓自锁隐形矫正多少钱成都哪里的牙科医院最好



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