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成都市仁济医院纯钛烤瓷牙怎么样成都氟斑牙美白要好多钱Divorce insurance离婚保险I do conditions apply我愿意申请条件Ending a marriage is horrid. Insurance might ease the pain离婚是可怕的,保险可能缓和痛苦DIVORCE, like any other risk, can be priced and packaged.离婚,像其他任何冒险投资一样,可以标价与打包。With half of all marriages doomed to fail, even the moderately hardheaded may be interested in ways of mitigating the danger.由于所有的婚姻中,一半都注定失败,甚至温和的不感情用事者也可能对减少危险的方法感兴趣。So hopes AR, a German-based insurance firm.所以,像德国保险公司AR所希望的那样。From September it will offer a kind of divorce insurance that will pay out if English prenuptial agreements are subject to a legal challenge.从九月开始,它将提供一种离婚保险,它将为那些受法律挑战配的英国婚前协定付费。Such policies are aly common in some continental European countries such as Germany and Spain, and are offered by some American employers as a perk.像这样的策略在欧洲大陆国家,例如德国和西班牙,已是正常,同样一些美国雇主也会将此作为额外津贴发给员工。But they are so far unknown in Britain, chiefly because prenuptial agreements have had little legal force in English law Scotlands legal system is separate.然而,到目前为止,这些策略在英国还是不被人知的,主要是因为这些婚前协议在英国法律苏格兰法律除外面前是几乎没有法律效力的。Judges have traditionally given much greater weight to circumstances at the end of the marriage than to any agreements made at the start.传统上,比起婚前的任何协议,法官们对婚姻结束时的事项给予了更多的重视。That changed in October last year, when a Supreme Court ruling upheld a German heiresss prenup against a challenge from her ex-husband, who claimed he hadnt realised that it was unfairly one-sided when he signed it.去年十月这种情况改变了,当最高法院规定持德国的一名女继承人的婚前协议而反对她前夫的质疑。The Law Commission, which helps Parliament tidy up legislation, is currently looking into a statutory framework for prenuptial agreements.她前夫声称他在签署婚前协议时他没有意识到这是不公正的片面的。帮助国会修整法规的法律委员会,当前正在为婚前协议寻找法律框架。The new insurance is hedged with conditions.新的保险受到各种条件的束缚。It starts paying out if the prenup is challenged in court—so the companys profit will come from making that unlikely.如果婚前协议在法庭中受到质疑,公司则开始为顾客赔偿,因此公司只有使这种情况不要发生才能盈利。Only solicitors vetted by the insurers can draft the deals;the prenups must be updated regularly and when circumstances alter through childbirth, inheritance or changes in earning power, for example.只有通过审查的初级律师才能起草协议;当客观环境发生变化的时候比如孩子出生,继承或赚钱能力的改变,婚前协议必须定期地升级。So far two legal firms have signed up: the upmarket Mishcon de Reya, and Prolegal, a commercially minded new entrant。到目前为止,只有两家法律公司签署了合同:高级的Mishcon de Reya和一个商业上有思想的新参与者Prolegal。The cover will range from £50,000 to £500,000, says AR, with annual premiums from £500, depending on the scope of the policy and the priciness of the lawyers.AR说费用将会从5万欧元到50万欧元,年度保险费从500欧元起。这取决于保险单的范围和律师的费用。The bare-bones version is simply an indemnity for the cost of a challenge to the prenup; elaborate policies will include other expenses such as mediation and, if that fails, the cost of a contested divorce.大体的描述就是对婚前协议受质疑的花费而提供的一个简单赔偿;详细的策略将包含其他费用,比如调停,以及如果调停失败后纷争离婚的花费。Unlike those for car insurance, the premiums are flat rates: the libidinous will pay the same as the uxorious.与那些车险不同的是,保险费是统一费用:好色者与溺爱妻子者将会付出同样的代价。But an American divorce-insurance company, SafeGuard, is planning a more ambitious product that will pay a big bonus to those who stay married for 25 years.但是,名叫安全保卫的一家美国离婚保险公司,正计划一项更有野心的产品,会为那些结婚25年的人付一大笔红利。Sounds like a nice wedding present.听起来像一件不错的结婚礼物。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201303/228976四川全瓷牙哪里好 IF CALIFORNIA were not aly so famous for Silicon Valley and Hollywood, it might be renowned for the cluster of water-technology firms in its San Diego County. The reverse-osmosis (RO) spiral module, the trick that underpins turning sea- and waste-water into potable stuff, was patented in San Diego in 1964. Today dozens of firms in the area supply many of the world’s roughly 13,000 RO plants in places from the Persian Gulf and Israel to Australia, China, Singapore and Spain.如果加利福利亚的出名不是因为硅谷和好莱坞,那么圣地亚哥大量的水处理公司也许会让它声名在外。反渗透膜元件1964在圣地亚哥被申请专利,该设备是将海水和废水转化为可饮用水的基础。当今全球约有13000家反渗透厂,它们分布在从波斯湾、以色列到澳大利亚、中国、新加坡和西班牙的地方。而其中的大多数厂商从圣地亚哥的水处理公司引进技术和设备。Southern California itself, however, has not so far been a big user of its own technology. This is surprising, given that the whole American south-west confronts a water problem. But there is at least now a growing consensus that the existing infrastructure, consisting of vast aqueducts that carry water from the Sacramento Delta in the north and the Colorado River in the east, will not suffice as the climate gets warmer and the population increases. In places such as San Diego, which has measly and brackish groundwater and currently imports 90% of its water, the answer must be greater conservation, as much reuse as possible, with most of the rest coming from the sea.然而到目前为止,南加州自身对水处理技术的运用并不广泛。这让人感觉到很惊讶,因为整个美国西南地区面临水资源匮乏问题。至少大家都逐渐认识到:随着气候变暖和人口增加,现存的基础设施(包括大量从北部的沙加緬度三角洲、东部的科罗拉多河铺设到西南地区的输水管道)将难以满足用水需求。圣地亚哥拥有的地下水储量既少,盐份又高,如今其90%的用水需从外地引入。在像圣地亚哥这样的地方,其对策是尽可能的节约用水、循环利用,而剩余不足的部份则大多从海洋中获取。 The first part, conservation, is hardly controversial any more. San Diego today uses less water with a larger population than it did in 1989, the year water consumption peaked. The second part, water recycling, has been a harder sell, because of what the industry calls the yuck factor. It doesn’t help that Americans still use the term “toilet-to-tap” for recycling, even though properly treated sewage is nowadays completely clean. Singapore made its programme acceptable in part by rebranding it as NEWater. But even the Singaporeans cannot recycle all their waste-water.首先,节约用水已被广泛认同。圣地亚哥如今人口增加了,耗水量却比1989年(耗水量最高的一年)少。其次,水循环利用很难被广泛接受,其原因在于业内所称的“恶心之物”。美国人民称水循环为“马桶-水龙头”,即使被恰当处理的污水十分干净,其也难去除人们的恶心之感。新加坡使其在理论上被接受,部分原因在于它把处理过的污水称为新生水。但是,即使是新加坡人也不能循环利用所有的废水。This is where desalination comes in. A firm appropriately called Poseidon Resources is now close to building the biggest desalination plant in America behind a power station by the beach in Carlsbad. The power plant sucks in 304m gallons of seawater a day for cooling in any case, so Poseidon plans to divert 104m gallons a day through its osmotic membranes.海水淡化技术就因此出现了。恰如其名,Poseidon Resources公司将在美国修建最大的海水淡化厂,其厂址位于卡尔斯巴德的海滩附近的发电站后面。发电站每日总会吸取30400万加仑海水用于冷却,因此Poseidon计划每日用渗透膜淡化10400万加仑海水。Fondling a pipe of membranes (they are rolled like toilet paper but the size of a cannon), Poseidon’s Peter MacLaggan explains the scale: if water molecules were blown up to the size of tennis balls, salt molecules would be softballs (roughly 50% bigger in diameter), viruses would be trucks, and bacteria would be the size of power plants. From the 104m daily gallons, 50m gallons of pure H2O will come out at one end and brine at the other, to be fed back into the power station’s discharge, and then into the ocean.渗透膜如同卫生纸一样卷起来的,但却有大炮那么大。Poseidon的Peter MacLaggan一边摸着渗透膜一边解释道:如果水分子胀大到乒乓球大小,盐分子有垒球大(在直径上大约长50%),病毒有卡车那么大,细菌有发电厂那么大。在每天处理的10400万加仑海水中,有5000万加仑的纯水从渗透膜一端流出,然后在其另一端变成浓盐水,最终由发电厂的排放系统流回海里。Lots of people like the idea. Once fully running in 2015 the plant could produce 10% of the region’s water. And there are plans for more desalination plants. Inland Californians, Arizonans, Nevadans and others would need to take much less water from the endangered Colorado River.很多人赞同这种想法。到2015年,一旦Poseidon全部投入运行,其可以提供该地区用水的10%。而且有许多厂准备加入海水淡化处理队伍。加利福利亚内陆、亚利桑那州、内华达州和其它地方从日渐干涸的科罗拉多河中抽取的水将越来越少。But a few people hate it a lot. Environmentalists are suing Poseidon every step of the way. Joe Geever of the Surfrider Foundation says desalination uses too much energy and that Poseidon’s plant would kill too much marine life, including fish such as the goby and the garibaldi, which unfortunately happens to be California’s state marine fish. He understands that there is a role for desalination, he says, but would rather not have it right there, right now, and on this scale.但是也有一些人极不赞同。环境保护者正在起诉Poseidon海水淡化方式的每一步骤。冲浪协会的Joe Geever说:“海水淡化耗费太多的能源,而且Poseidon会伤害许多海洋动物诸如虾虎鱼、海金鱼之类的鱼类,而后者恰好是加州的海洋鱼。”他说,他知道海水淡化的重要性,但是相对于其来带的利弊,他宁愿加州此刻没有这么大规模的海水淡化厂。201204/177102大邑县洗牙多少钱

广元市第九人民医院口腔美容中心广安市人民医院牙科 Fish ad鱼的招亲广告Today were looking at fish singles ads, lets see—single fish female seeks good father to help with eggs. Come on, dont be serious. Fish dont place ad in a paper, plus I thought a common assumption in biology is that reproductive behavior conflicts with parenting behavior, since more energy animals spent on parenting, the less energy it has to spend on courting and mating. So wouldnt the female fish be more likely to fall for a good wooer.今天我们来看看鱼的招亲广告——单身雌鱼在寻找能帮助产卵的优良雄鱼。你不是说真的吧?鱼不可能登广告,而且生物学上有一个常见的假设——繁殖与育儿行为相冲突。由于在育儿方面花了更多精力,在求爱和交配上剩的精力就少了。所以雌鱼难道不会选择一个更好的求爱者吗?Actually I hope. Scientists documented what is known as parental courtship behavior in the lab. Thats when an animal shows off its parenting skills to attract a mate. Really? Yep. University of Florida Researchers studied the sand goby, a small fish native to the European coast that is among the twenty percent of fish species that exhibit parenting behavior.我希望如此。科学家记录下了实验室内所谓的亲代求偶行为。这时动物展示它们的育儿技巧来求偶。佛罗里达大学的研究人员对沙鰕虎鱼,一种生于欧洲海岸的小鱼进行了研究。有20%的鱼类表现出育儿行为,沙鰕虎鱼属其中之一。Sand gobies nest under sea shells, and the males not only defend the nests, but also hollow them out. Then, once the eggs are laid, they use their pectoral fins to fan them, creating a current of oxygenated water that helps the eggs mature.沙鰕虎鱼在海螺壳下筑巢。雄性沙鰕虎鱼不仅要护巢,还要让它空无一物。产下卵后,它们会用胸鳍扇风,制造一股充满氧气的水,助卵成熟。Ok, but dont they also nibble on their eggs? They do indeed. But heres the interesting thing. The scientists observed that when there were female sand gobies around, the males spent less time nibbling and more time fanning their eggs and working on their nests. Show off. This was especially true for sand gobies with larger nests, maybe because bigger nests provide room for additional mating. And do the female sand gobies fall for these fatherly types? Thats the next question researchers trying to answer.但它们也要吃自己的宝宝吗?的确是。但有一个非常有趣的现象。科学家观察发现,当附近有雌沙鰕虎鱼时,雄沙鰕虎鱼花更少时间咬它们,而花更多时间给宝宝扇风,或者筑巢。这是卖弄。这种现象对有较大巢穴的雄沙鰕虎鱼而言更是如此,也许是因为巢越大,交配的空间越大。那么雌沙鰕虎鱼会为这种充满父爱型的动心吗?这是研究人员接下来要探索的问题了。 /201208/193980成都矫正龅牙医院

成都新蒲全瓷烤瓷牙多少钱 Its Thursday May 26th, Im Wilson Tang and its time to get loaded.今天是5月26日,周四,我是Wilson Tang,是时候接收今天的最新资讯了。Google is expected to unveil plans turn smartphones into electronic wallets at a press conference here in NewYork. The new service is expected to be called Google wallet. And its based on a technology called NFC, or near field communications. NFC is a short range of encrypted wireless system that will let users swipe their phones in other gadgets over a payment terminal similar to smart card technology found in some debt and credit cards.谷歌将在纽约举办新闻发布会,公布开发智能手机电子钱包应用的计划。这项新务名字将定为“谷歌钱包”。这款应用将依靠NFC,也就是近距离通信技术来实现。NFC通过短距离的无线加密系统,在类似于智能卡片的付终端机器上轻轻一刷手机,就能进行付和查询。Forbes is reporting that Facebook and music server Spotify are teaming up. The companies are expected to unveil a new music streaming service available right in users Facebook feeds. The sofeware will run in background and give users access to Spotifys music library with one major caveat. No access in the US. Well, thats because Spotify itself has yet to secure American music streaming rights.福布斯报道,脸谱网和音乐试听软件Spotify联手了。这两家公司将公布一款新的音乐媒体务器,用户将可以在脸谱网页面上应用。有了这款软件,用户可以在浏览脸谱网的同时聆听背景音乐,同时还能通过提示进入到Spotify的音乐图书馆。但Spotify的务目前尚未登陆美国,这是因为Spotify还未得到美国流媒体音乐务权。Yesterday, we reported that Apple has released an instruction on how to get rid of the rogue anti-virus malware program Mac Defender. In the meantime, hackers have been hardworked on a new version of the software that wont require users to type in their administrator passwords to install and infect machines. These basic defenses kept the program from sping, but to protect yourself, turn off options like open safe files after downloading in Safari.昨天我们报道了苹果公司发布了一款抵御流氓病毒恶意软件的程序Mac Defender。与此同时,黑客们也加班加点创造出了不用用户输入用户名和密码登录就能攻击用户电脑的新版本病毒。而这款基本的防病毒软件只是防止传播病毒,为了你自己的电脑着想,还是用Safari浏览器下载安全文件的好。Sonys playstation network is slowly starting to come back to life, but the company is finally started to offer identity protection to its users affected by the massive breach of data. PS member should start to receive emails with instruction and an activation code for a year of protection for the demix all clear ID+ plan. The offer is good for all American PS and Qriocity services but must be activiated before June 28th. The plan offers up to a million dollars of protection.索尼游戏机playstation未来将推出Life务,但受到之前用户信息泄露的影响,索尼现在开始为用户提供身份保护信息。PS游戏机用户在未来一年内会收到一封来自索尼公司的邮件,内容包括使用说明和激活密码以实施保密计划。这项务将面向PS和Qriocity用户开展,但用户必须在6月28日前激活账号。预计此项计划将耗资1百万。On the subject of the gaming, a company called Envision is coming out with the Androib-based game console, called EVO2. The company is making developer units available today and says that all other units will be available in the fall of this year. The console itself runs a 1.2 G hertz processor, a modified version of android2.2, and would come with a TV remote and game controller. Envision says that the console will run for 249 dollars and you can reserve one today.游戏界一家名叫Envision的公司将推出一款运行安卓系统的游戏机——EVO2。这家公司正在对其进行研发,并将于今天秋天开始发售。这款游戏机配置有1.2 G赫兹处理器,运行修正版的安卓2.2系统,并配有一个电视遥控器和游戏手柄。Envision公司表示这款游戏机将售价249美元,现在已经开始预订了。One more title that will not become to the EVO2 in the near future though, its a sequel to the popular Modern Warfare series. Activision has announced that Call of Duty Modern Warefare 3 will be available on Nov. 8th this year on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game looks pretty sharp to our eyes and we expect men across the country to drop their interestes in their girlfriends and life for the next few months after the release.最后一条消息与即将出炉的EV02无关,而是关于畅销游戏《现代战争》的续集的。美国动视公司宣布《现代战争3:使命召唤》将于今年11月8日在Playstation 3,Xbox 360以及PC电脑上发售。这款游戏视觉效果极佳,估计在这款游戏发售后的几个月里,男人都会把对女朋友和生活的热情放到一边专心攻略游戏了。Those are your headlines for today. Im Wilson Tang and this wraps up you week of getting loaded. Well see you on Monday.以上就是今天的头条,我是Wilson Tang,您已经了解了本周的所有资讯。我们周一再见。teaming up 联手注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/210317新都区地包天什么价格雅安口腔医院排名



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