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【视频欣赏】【听力文本】No matter what your shape, take the terror out of swimsuit shopping with these tips for different types.You Will NeedTime to shop Patience And an eye for your own beauty Step 1: Set aside time(确定时间)Set aside at least an hour to try on a variety of suits. You might be surprised by what works best, so don’t reject any style outright.Step 2: If pear-shaped(梨型身材)If you’re pear-shaped—your bottom is bigger than your top—separates are a good choice. Strapless or halter tops in fun prints can be paired with a solid bottom. This draws attention to shoulders and away from hips and thighs.Steer clear of boy shorts if you’re pear-shaped. They tend to make hips look wider.Step 3: If apple-shaped(苹果型身材)Apple-shaped gals—those with thicker waists and some tummy—can give the illusion of a slimmer midsection in a control one-piece with shirring around the waist. If you prefer a two-piece, try retro high-waisted bikini bottoms.Step 4: If top heavy(臀部很丰满)If you have a full bust, make sure you’re properly supported—you might need underwire, fuller straps, and extra claps. A suit or bikini bottoms with a decorative element—like bows or ties—on the hips will create the impression of an hour-glass figure.Step 5: If long torso(躯体很长的话)Break up a long torso with a patterned bikini. Skip the solid-color one-pieces, which will make short legs look even shorter.Step 6: If short(个头很小)Height-challenged? A one-piece in a solid color with a plunging neckline will lengthen the body. A high-cut leg is also a flattering option.If you’re pale-skinned, consider getting a fake tan the day before you try on swimwear—it will help your body look thinner and more toned, making the process more enjoyable.Step 7: If uncurvy(没有曲线)Athletic and boyish bodies can benefit from a push-up bikini top, which helps create curves. Ruffles and frills around the bust and hips also will add fullness, and boy shorts will make hips look curvier.Step 8: Celebrate(庆祝)Admire your new suit, and give yourself a pat on the back for your perseverance. Now go out there and celebrate the sun, the surf, and your own beautiful body! Article/201003/98787

Mao#39;s first concern was to feed the Chinese people毛主席首先关心的是中国人的吃饭问题by turning as much land as possible将尽可能多的土地over to grain production转化为耕地destroying non-cereal crops清除了非谷类作物and uprooting fruit trees in the process并将成行的果树连根拔起A campaign to eliminate crop-raiding sparrows backfired一场歼灭麻雀的战役导致了恰恰相反的结果when insect-eating birds were also targeted捕食昆虫的鸟竟然也成为了攻击对象causing an increase in insect pests病虫害在所难免Efforts to make China self-reliant in steel自力更生大炼钢铁的结果resulted in 10% of the country#39;s forests being felled导致了百分之十的森林被砍伐to feed the furnaces在熔炉中焚烧殆尽This had a profound impact on China#39;s environment除四害 大炼钢铁对中国的环境造成了巨大的影响with effects in some cases lasting until the present day其中有些影响一直持续至今Mao#39;s policy towards the countryside毛主席关于农村的政策has been described in the phrase一言以蔽之:;man must conquer nature;;人定胜天;quite different from the ancient concept完全有别于古老观念中所述的of harmonious co-existence with nature人与自然和谐相处As modern China engages with the outside world由于现代中国与外部世界的交流更加频繁which of this attitude seems likely to prevail这种观点似乎占据了主导地位To find the answers为了找到we#39;ll travel to far reaches of the heartland我们的旅途将深入到中国的心脏地带to see how its traditional cultures and unique creatures去了解一下哪儿的传统文化以及独特的生物are faring today在今天的处境 /201209/198537

  原汁原味情景喜剧,配有中文字幕,让你在欢笑中学英语。 Article/201112/164699

  All-natural beauty products are hard to come by and can be expensive. Concoct your very own blend of herbs to get rid of oil and dirt naturally.所有天然美容产品都非常难以获得,也非常昂贵。自己用香草调制天然去除油污的化妆水吧。Step 1 Boil liquid1.煮沸液体Pour water and witch hazel into a saucepan and bring it to a full boil over medium heat.向平底锅中加入水和金缕梅,中火煮至完全沸腾。Step 2 Remove from heat and add herbs2.除火,加入香草Remove the water mixture from heat and pour in the nettle, add chamomile, calendula, comfrey, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender. Allow to sit for 2 to 3 hours.把刚刚煮沸的混合溶液从火上取下来,倒入水壶中,加入甘菊,金盏草,紫草,桉树,薄荷和薰衣草。静置两到三个小时。You should be able to find all of the herbs at your local natural foods or health store. Call to make sure they have everything you need before heading out.所有香草都可以在当地的健康食品或健康商店购买。在出发之前先打电话确认他们有你要的所有材料。Step 3 Strain3.过滤Strain the liquid to remove all herbs -- you may need to strain more than once.将液体过滤,除掉所有香草——你可能需要多过滤几次。Cheesecloth or a mesh sieve will give the best results when straining.过滤的时候使用粗纱布或筛子的效果最好。Step 4 Add lemons and steep4.加入柠檬浸泡Add the lemon peels to the liquid and reheat to a full boil. Remove from heat and allow to steep for 2 to 3 hours.向液体中加入柠檬削片,重新加热至完全沸腾。从火上取下来,浸泡两到三个小时。Step 5 Remove lemons add potassium5.除掉柠檬,加入山梨酸钾Remove the lemon skins from the liquid and stir in the potassium sorbate. The potassium acts as a preservative.将柠檬碎屑从液体中取出来,加入山梨酸钾搅拌。山梨酸钾可以发挥防腐剂的作用。Step 6 Pour into a bottle6.倒入瓶子中Pour the liquid into a sterile bottle and put it on your bathroom counter for easy access. Use it to remove oils and give your skin a beautiful healthy glow.将液体倒入无菌瓶中,放在浴室柜子上,方便拿取。用来去油,让皮肤散发自然健康光泽效果非常好。In ;The Tale of Peter Rabbit,; Peter Rabbit#39;s mother prepared him a tea made with chamomile to calm him down after visiting Mr. McGregor#39;s garden.在《彼特兔的故事》中,彼特兔参观了McGregor先生的花园后,彼特兔的妈妈为它准备了用甘菊炮制的茶水,让它平静下来。 Article/201301/223250。

  Steps步骤Step 1 Choose hat选好帽子Get yourself a loose-fitting hat, preferably one with elastic banding. You should be able to fit a finger between the head and the hat.选择一款松快一点儿的帽子,或者帽檐内侧有一圈围带的帽子。最合适的大小是脑袋和帽子间有一指宽的富裕。Tip: Opt for a fleece or cotton hat. Though not as warm as other materials, they don#39;t flatten hair the way heavier fabrics do. Plus cotton hats don#39;t generate the static electricity that causes flyaway hair.小贴士:选择羊毛或棉质帽子。虽然这两种材质不如其他材质的帽子暖和,但是它们质地轻薄,不会把头发压塌。另外,棉质帽子和头发擦不会产生静电。Step 2 Have dry hair头发干爽Make sure your hair is completely dry before putting on your hat.戴帽子前确保头发是完全干爽的。Tip: If your hair is long enough, twist the top into a pin curl and secure it with a bobby pin, then lift your hair into a loose top-of-the-head ponytail.小贴士:如果你的头发足够长,在头顶输个小发髻,用夹子固定好,再将剩余的头发梳成马尾塞到帽子里。Step 3 Rejuvenate hair唤醒秀发When you remove your hat, shake your hair loose and rub a tiny amount of hair gel between your hands. Run your fingers through your hair to rejuvenate it.当你拿掉帽子时,将头发抓散,涂抹少量发胶,用手指分别插入头发梳松头发,恢复头发弹性。Step 4 Push hair up提高帽子After putting on your hat, reach inside and push the hair up from your crown to make sure it#39;s not pressed flat against your head.戴上帽子后,把手伸进帽子,把帽子略微抬高,确保帽子没有压住你的脑袋。Step 5 Prep hair前提准备Before putting on your hat, spritz the inside with hair spray or rub it with an unscented dryer sheet to prevent static.戴帽子前喷点儿头发定型剂或用无味干燥剂轻柔擦头发。Fact: The average female head size is 22.5 inches around, and the average male head is a quarter inch larger.小常识:女性帽子的平均尺码是22.5英寸,男性的比女性略大0.25英寸。You Will Need你需要A loose-fitting hat宽松一点儿的帽子Dry hair头发干爽Hairspray or an unscented dryer sheet头发定型剂或无味干燥剂Hair gel发胶The ability to make a top knot (optional)梳辫子 Article/201209/199220

  行动主义者卡罗琳;凯西以披露一个惊人的事实开始,讲述了她非凡的人生(无剧透)。在这一挑战认知的演讲中,凯西要我们所有人超越那些我们也许会认为存在的限制. Article/201203/173718The woolly bear caterpillar does not need the warmth from flowers灯蛾毛虫却不需要花朵的温暖to kick-start its spring.就能迅速迎来它们的春天It#39;s always the first insect to appear after the snow retreats它向来是积雪融化后第一个出现的昆虫and the story of how it does so is truly astonishing.它为做到这一点所付出的努力令人惊异At the start of spring,春季伊始the caterpillar eats as fast as it can,毛虫就拼了命地吃as indeed it must, for this far north, the season will be brief.它必须这么做 因为北极的春季转瞬即逝The days shorten only too soon,白昼很快就会变短but the caterpillar has not yet毛虫却还没有got enough reserves to transform itself into a moth.足够的储备来转化成蛾It can#39;t leave the Arctic, for it can#39;t fly,它还不能离开北极 因为它无法飞行so it settles down beneath a rock.所以只好在一块岩石下面躲了起来The sun#39;s warmth rapidly dwindles.太阳的热度迅速褪去Beneath the rock, the caterpillar is out of the wind,岩石虽能为毛虫挡风遮雪but the cold penetrates deep into the ground.但严寒仍蔓延至地下Soon, its heart stops beating.很快 它的心跳停止了It ceases to breathe, and its body starts to freeze--也停止了呼吸 身体开始结冰first its gut, then its blood.先是内脏 接着是血液 /201211/207672

  There was excitement across the world amongst fans of Britain#39;s royal family on Monday, with the announcement that Prince William and his wife Catherine are expecting their first child.这个周一,有一个令所有英国王室迷兴奋不已的消息,那就是王室宣布威廉王子和凯特王妃正在期待他们的第一个孩子降生。St. James#39;s Palace said on Monday that the Duchess of Cambridge—formerly known as Kate Middleton—has a severe form of morning sickness and is currently in a London hospital.圣詹姆斯宫在周一宣布剑桥公爵夫人,即凯特王妃,晨呕严重,目前正在伦敦医院住院观察。 The pregnancy is in its ;very early stages,; with the 30-year-old duchess expected to stay in the hospital for several days. Cabinet Office officials have said that whether boy or girl, the child will be next in line behind William in the line of succession to the throne.据诊断,凯特王妃正处在怀初期,这位30岁的母亲将在医院观察几天。内阁官员表示,无论此次威廉王子与凯特王妃所生为男婴还是女婴,孩子都将是继威廉王子之后的王位继承人。 Article/201212/212203Stretching is an important part of exercise. Not only does it help to keep your body flexible but it also works in the recovery of your muscles after a workout. This film will show you the correct way to stretch.拉伸是一种重要的锻炼方法。它不仅能使你的身体更舒展,而且也可用作恢复性的训练方法。本期视频将向你展示正确的拉伸方法。Step 1: Exercise 11.锻炼1Sit on the mat with your feet in front of you and arms down the side of the body.坐在垫子上,腿伸直,胳膊放在身体两侧。Stretch your arms out in front of you and hold onto one hand with the other. Breathe at a normal and regular pace and hold this position for about 10 to 15 seconds.双手合并向前伸展,保持平稳的呼吸节奏然后保持这个姿势10-15秒。Step 2: Exercise 22.锻炼2Stretch your arms out above your head and hold onto one hand with the other. Hold this position once again for 10 to 15 seconds.两手合抱向头部伸展,保持这个姿势10-15秒。Step 3: Exercise 33.锻炼3Place your hands behind your back and hold them together. Move your hands backwards and upwards holding them in that position. Carry on breathing regularly as you stretch. This stretches the shoulder muscles. Do this for 10 seconds双手放在背后,两手合并之后向上抬起,保持这个姿势并使呼吸平稳。这个动作主要锻炼肩部肌肉。持续10秒。Step 4: Exercise 44.锻炼4Stretch your legs out in front of the body with you feet together. Stretch your arms towards your feet and take hold of your ankles, if you can. Pull your body down towards your feet so that you feel the stretch in the back of the legs. Only go down as far as you can. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds.双脚并拢伸直,双手向前伸,同时尽量不弯曲膝盖。身体向前伸展时能明显感到腿部后面肌肉的拉伸感。上身要尽可能的低,保持这个姿势10-15秒。Step 5: Exercise 55.锻炼5Keep one leg stretched out in front of you, and the other leg bent with sole of the foot facing the opposite knee.一条腿伸直,另一条腿蜷缩。Stretch out your arms towards your feet and take hold of your ankle, or go as far as you can. Pull your body down towards your feet so that you feel the stretch in the back of the leg. Hold for 10 seconds.双手向伸直的那条腿的方向伸展,同时要保持膝盖不弯曲。上身随着胳膊向前伸同时向下压低。同样坚持10秒钟。Keep both shoulders square of the outstretched leg and do not lock out the knee joint. Repeat the stretch on the opposite leg and then repeat exercise number 4.保持双肩与伸直的腿之间呈直角。此后换另一条腿,重复4次。Step 6: Exercise 66.方法6Lie on your side supported by your arm and with your free arm take hold of your opposite leg. Pull your foot into your backside, bring your knee backwards and push your hip forward. Stretch for 10-15 seconds and repeat on other side.侧躺,用上面那条胳膊将同一侧的腿向后拉。伸展10-15秒然后换另一条腿。Step 7: Exercise 77.方法7Move onto your hands and knees, extend one leg with the weight on the ball of your foot, lift your other leg off the ground and rest it on the back of your heel. Keep your leg straight and push your heel to the floor - feeling the stretch on your calf muscle. Hold for 10-15 seconds and then repeat on the other leg to finish the workout.两手和两只脚脚尖着地,将一只脚放在另一只脚的脚后跟上,然后保持撑腿伸直,试着使脚跟着地,能明显感觉到小腿肌肉的拉伸。保持10-15秒钟,然后换另一条腿。Thanks for watching How To Perform A Stretching Routine To Improve Your Flexibility谢谢收看本期“身体柔韧性训练”节目。 /201208/197465


  In this VideoJug film, international personal trainer Dan Roberts explains what you need to do if you want to get a physique like Kate Middleton#39;s. Dan demonstrates how to use the rowing machine, one of Kate#39;s favorite machines in order to improve your body shape. Dan also outlines the other methods Kate employs to keep her body looking athletic and healthy.本期视频汇中私人教练丹·罗伯特将会告诉你如何才能获得像米德尔顿一样令人羡慕的体型。罗伯特会通过演示划船机的使用来给身体塑形,同时也会告诉大家米德尔顿平时所用的训练方法。In this , I#39;m going to talk about how to get a Kate Middleton body. Now Kate Middleton, she eats well, she trains every day for an hour apparently and she loves sport, she cycles, she does yoga, she runs and she also does a lot of rowing. Rowing is a great cardiovascular and toning exercise and now I#39;m going to demonstrate correct form for using a gym rowing machine.在这里与大家一起分享米德尔顿体型塑造方法。米德尔顿每天吃的很好,而且都会锻炼一小时,练呼啦圈,跑步,也从事划船运动。划船是一项有益身心健康的运动,我先来演示一遍正确的划桨姿势。So, sit firmly on the seat, strap your feet in. The key thing here, lift up tall, you always want your back straight so I#39;m tilting forward, I#39;m not crunching up forward. Extend your legs, arms follow.端坐,把脚固定好。窍门是:身体向后时,你会保持背部挺直。这样的话,将座椅向前倾,你的腿就会伸直,胳膊也会随之舒展。Legs first, arms follow, you#39;ll notice it#39;s a very controlled movement. Now, what#39;s great about the way Kate Middleton trains, she mixes all different sports and training systems together and that#39;s a really, really positive and scientifically correct way of getting fit. Now in terms of looking like Kate#39;s body, there are three kind of things which gave her, her look.首先是腿,其次是胳膊,你会发现这种运动能完全受你自己控制。现在,凯特·米德尔顿的训练方式之所以有效,在于她混合所有不同的运动和训练系统在一起,这是一个非常非常积极和科学正确的方式,能让人变得健康。现在就看起来像凯特的身体,有三种东西使她看起来身形美妙。One is good genetics, she#39;s 5#39;7;, 5#39; 6;, a lot of that is to do with who her parents are. Next, she eats very well, she doesn#39;t drink, she doesn#39;t smoke and she eats a high protein, low carb diet from what we hear. Lastly, she trains every day, she mixes her training up, she trains hard.一个是基因好。她5英尺7英寸的身高得益于父母。其次,饮食健康。她不喝酒,不抽烟,吃高蛋白、低碳水化合物食物。最后她每天锻炼,并且很勤奋。That#39;s why she has a very athletic healthy-looking physique. And there#39;s a few tips on how to get a body like Kate Middleton. .这就是为什么她既有运动员一般苗条的体型,又有健康的色泽。以上是关于体型塑造的几点建议。Thanks for watching How To Get A Kate Middleton Body.谢谢收看本期“性感身材从何来”节目。 /201208/195148。


  中国馆建筑外观以“东方之冠,鼎盛中华,天下粮仓,富庶百姓”的构思主题,表达中国文化的精神与气质。中国馆区由国家馆、各省区市联合馆等组成,国家馆居中升起、层叠出挑,成为凝聚中国元素、象征中国精神的雕塑感造型主体——东方之冠。Expo roof gardens of China PavilionVisitors to the Shanghai Expo can enjoy roof gardens at the China Pavilion this May. The concept comes from the Jiuzhou Scenic Area of Yuanmingyuan, or the Old Summer Palace. The Scenic Area from the Qing Dynasty is believed to be the concentration of half the culture of the dynasty.Around the China pavilion, are provincial pavilions. They represent the essential core cultures of each province. Now the roofs will be equally marvelous. Roof gardens of over 30 thousand square meters have been designed here.There are 8 provincial halls. 8 different kinds of geographic areas will be built on them, wetland, mountains, forests and desert. Along with the main building, they represent China's vast tracts of land. Designers say they're so big they could lower the temperature at the expo by 3 degree Celsius.They've gone to great lengths to create them.Su Shouliang, Director of Gardening of China Pavilion, said, "It's windier on the roof than on the ground. So to prevent the trees on the roof from falling down, we figured out a way to fix them onto the ground. And in order to reduce the weight of the gardens, we used plastic materials for the main body of the fake mountains, and then covered them with earth."In order to enable visitors to enjoy the view from various angles, a pool has been created in the northeast part of the area. So when visitors walk there, they can see the reflection from the gardens on the water's surface. Article/201001/94425


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