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成都全瓷牙价钱多少绵阳市第二人民医院看即刻种植牙植骨全口缺失多少钱Just deserts沙漠Poor access to fresh food is a solvable health problem难于接近新鲜食品是一个可以解决的健康问题THE corner shop on South Honore and West 59th in Englewood is an uninviting sort of place. Those windows that are not bricked up are covered in heavy security grilles; the shopkeeper hides behind a Plexiglas wall. Most of what is on offer is either packaged or carbonated, and is always processed.在恩格尔伍德,南奥诺雷和西59街的拐角商店是个没有吸引力的地方。这些商店没有用砖堵住的窗户被厚重的铁栅栏保护着,店主藏在玻璃墙后面。它们销售的大多数食品是有包装的或者是加气的,都是加工过的。This part of Chicagorsquo;s South Side is in the heart of one of Americarsquo;s many food deserts. These are notable not for the absence of food, but for the kind of food available. Though crisps, sweets and doughnuts are easy to come by, an apple is a rare commodity. Yet all the evidence shows that poor access to quality food results in a higher risk of obesity, diabetes and cancer;and more avoidable deaths.芝加哥南部的这个地区是美国许多的食品荒漠之一。这些地方之所以著名,不是因为缺少某些食品,而是因为一些类型的食品可以得到。虽然炸薯片,糖果和油炸面圈饼很容易得到,但是苹果确实稀缺的农产品。所有据也明获取有质量的食品不足导致了还肥胖、糖尿病和癌症以及更多可避免的死亡疾病的几率升高。Although cynics might argue that the market gives people the food they deserve, research published this month in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests otherwise. During the 1990s, when the American government paid for around 1,800 women to move out of public housing, the women who had moved showed a 20% lower rate of obesity and diabetes than those who had not. In other words, their improved environment (which many assume would include better shops) led to their better health.尽管愤青们可能会争辩市场给顾客的食品是顾客应当得到的,但这几个月发表在《新英格兰药物杂志》上的调查研究却有不同的看法。上世纪90年代,美国政府斥资帮约1800名妇女搬离公共住房。调查显示,搬入新居的妇女得肥胖症和糖尿病的概率比未搬迁的妇女低80%。换句话说,改善的环境(包括更好的商店)是让她们的健康得以改善的重要原因。Research published this week by Mari Gallagher, an independent food researcher, suggests that the problem of food deserts may be relatively tractable. Over the past five years, thanks to the arrival of some new grocery stores, Chicagorsquo;s desert has shrunk by 40% to a mere 384,000 people. It sometimes takes only one shop to change things vastly for the better. For example, the Food-4-Less store in Englewood improved access to fresh food for almost 41,000 people, most of whom are black.独立的食品研究调查机构Mari Gallagher本周发表的调查表明,食荒的问题可能是相对温和的。在过去的五年中,多亏一些新型食品杂货店的降临,芝加哥地区的食荒已经缩减了40%,反影响384000居民。例如,Food-4-Less一家位于恩格尔伍德的商店就为将近41000户居民改善了新鲜食品的途径,并且,这些居民中的大多数都是黑人。This is all grist to the mills of Michelle Obama, Americarsquo;s first lady, and Rahm Emanuel, Chicagorsquo;s mayor, who appeared together at a South Side pharmacy on October 25th to promote access to fresh food. Both have been adept in their own ways at twisting the arms of retailers such as Walmart, SUPERVALU and Walgreens to open grocery stores in underserved areas.这对出现在芝加哥南部一家药店,允许药店销售新鲜食品的美国第一夫人米歇尔﹒奥巴马和市长拉姆?伊曼纽尔来说是有利的。两人都擅长于像沃尔玛、超价商店和沃尔格林这样的大零售商在不适合的地方开设零售店。Walgreens, a chain of almost 7,800 drug stores, now has a large selection of fresh food in ten ;food oasis; stores in Chicago. It has also promised that over the next five years it will provide more fresh food in 19 other sites in the city, most of them food deserts, and in 1,000 other stores across the country. This could make a big difference. The firmrsquo;s chief executive, Greg Wasson, says that two-thirds of all Americans live within three miles of one of his shops.沃尔格林,一家拥有接近7800家分店的连锁药店,现在已经在芝加哥的十家;食品绿洲;商店中拥有一个大的挑选。它还许诺在下一个五年,在城市其他19处有食品荒漠的地方和1000家遍布乡村的分店提供更多新鲜食品。这可以有很大地改变现状。公司的行政总裁格雷格?沃森说三分之二的美国人将要住在距他分店三英里的范围内。Moreover, the opening of a halfway decent grocery store is often the trigger for the arrival of other better-class shops in the area, which then spurs a local economic revival. This could go some way towards reversing a worrying trend pointed out by Ms Gallagher. She says that there tend to be more diet-related deaths in places where ;fringe; retailers accept food stamps. Fringe retailers, by her definition, are those shops that specialise in food high in salt, fat and sugar, plus non-food items such as fizzy drinks. The sad thing, as she points out, is that food stamps are supposed to protect the poor from malnutrition, not make them ill.此外,一个中途相当好的食品店的营业经常引起其他更好的上流商店在这里集聚,然后将刺激当地经济的复苏。这也可能朝着加拉格尔指出的一种令人担忧的反面趋势走一段路程。她说在一些边缘零售商接受食物标记的地方将会有更多与节食相关的死亡。用她的定义来说,边缘零售商就是那些特殊的高盐、高脂和高糖食物,还有一些像碳酸饮料这些不属于食物范畴的物品。正如她所说,令人伤心的食品标记本应是保护穷人,让他们远离营养不良,而不是让他们生病。Mrs Obama made a point of saying that nobody in government is telling anyone what they should, or should not, be eating. But good food does have to be available. As any parent can tell you, the fruit bowl always needs to be easier to reach than the cookie jar.奥巴马夫人曾强调政府里没人告诉任何人他们应该或者不应该吃什么,但好的食物总是有的。就像父母告诉你,果盘比饼干罐更接近健康。solvable adj.可以解决的carbonate v. 使变成碳酸盐commodity n.日用品move out 搬出; 开始行动pharmacy n. 药房, 配药学malnutrition n. 营养失调163393德阳市人民医院全瓷牙怎么样 The U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory is sending one robot where it has never gone before, a highly radioactive environment.The talon system robot is an ordinary commercially available robotic, but engineers at the INL are retro fitting it so it will be able to measure radiation levels where danger lurks.Director of the INL's science and engineering division David Miller said they want to use it so someone isn't put in the line of danger."There is a little phrase that you choose to use, if you use a robot when something is dull, dirty or dangerous."Some workers at the Fukushima plant have aly been exposed to high levels of radiation and burned.With camera's shielded from radiation, the robot will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the radioactive areas within the plant to help detect leaks.The INL has never had such a nuclear crisis so for them putting this robot in a highly radioactive environment is somewhat of an experiment. “We've used with these kinds of robots systems to do environmental measurements where there might have been an area inside a building or something that we wanted it to have some sort of surveys done but probably never at the kind of levels that we will be talking about now."With so many environmental clean-up projects, the INL's robotics program has been able to grow over the last two decades."So we developed the capabilities to again, send robots and other kind of measurement systems in the areas where we didn't want to put people at risk."【生词注释】radioactive adj. 放射性的talon n.爪, 手,爪状物retro n. 制动火箭lurk vi.潜藏radiation n.辐射shield v.保护; 庇护pinpoint v.准确地定位crisis n.危机 environmental adj.环境的; 有关环境的decade n.十年capability n.能力at risk 冒险201110/157882When I was about 12 years old, I remember at Christmas one year being ashamed of how much I liked it because of all the presents I got. It's a pretty complicated thought for a 12 year old kid but I had it. I've always liked presents though. People send me a lot of things and I wish they wouldn't but I can't help liking them. Look at this - just a few of the things that have come in recently: this is a bottle of some kind of sauce. Now it's probably very good and from some one who likes me but it could be very bad and from someone who hates me too, so I don't dare eat it. Someone sent me this sports whistle. Why would anyone send me a whistle? The package says it's made of solid brass. It's triple plated and it has an extra sharp tone. Well good for it. But I certainly wouldn't want a whistle that was only double plated and made of brass that wasn't solid. This goes under a door to keep the draft out. Someone's idea of what John McCain and Barack Obama look like. Not my idea of what either of them look like but what do I know? "The American Government In Action" - this is a game. I never cared much for games. There's enough to play with in real life. "The Baseball Dictionary." This book has a lot more than I want to know about baseball. I'm a football fan. Baseball is too caught up with numbers for me. This is a pair of socks; I don't know who they’re for. They come up over my knees. I don’t know what these two bags are for - why would I want two of them anyway? This is called Almond Orange Honey. Seems like a good idea and the bees are certainly done a good job, but I never liked honey. I said I liked fudge and that I never got any good fudge anymore - I haven't had any good fudge in years - so a lot of people sent me good fudge. And I guess it's good. I haven't eaten all if it yet. I said I shine my own shoes. The letter that came with this stuff says it brings leather back to life. Nice to think about bringing leather back to life isn't it? I'll see if this brings my shoes back to life. I just hope my shoes don't eat my fudge.07/78634新都区妇幼保健院口腔专科

新都区牙齿修复去哪里医院好It might be the cheeks flushing with embarrassment or a voice choking with emotion. Our physical reactions can reveal what we truly feel. And some think they can show when someone's lying.Typically when a person tells a lie, they begin to sweat. I'm sure we've all seen the 1940s and 50s interrogation movies where the person in the hot seat has a sweaty brow or a sweaty upper lip or perhaps sweat dripping down from their sideburns."All right, if you lean forward in the chair, put your arms up (in) front of you, like you're gonna dive into a swimming pool. Put this around your stomach. "Jack Trimarco uses physical sensations to probe for truth. His primary tool? The lie detector, or polygraph. "This cuff is just like the one of the doctor."Polygraph, its work's very similar to any other biofeedback instrument. It simply records deviations from a person's physiological norm, such as someone's blood pressure going up and then coming back down, or perhaps a decrease or an increase in pulse rate, or sweat pore activity."Are you sometimes known as Bobbie?""Yes."A polygraph examiner knows what to look for when questioning someone. "D o you intend to be completely truthful with me?""Yes." Any deviation from normal could signal deception. Our body can give us away. "And are you sure that I won't try to trick you on this test?""Yes." We may think we're being cool, but when we're stressed, our network of nerves starts to prepare our body for action as if it's under attack. It's a response that harks back to our ancient ancestors -- fight or flight. It starts by triggering your stress hormone -- adrenalin. Your heart rate increases to pump more blood to your muscles as if you were about to go into battle. Your breathing deepens as vital oxygen reaches your muscles. And you begin to sweat -- the body cools so that you won't overheat when rushed into action. The brain won't let us stop the survival strategy. These basic nervous functions are automatic. That's why a polygraph can often uncover a liar. 1. hot seat: (n., slang) 1. The electric chair used to cause death by electrocution in legal executions. (informal ) 2.A position in which you can easily get into trouble. e.g. A judge in a beauty contest is on the hot seat. 2. sideburns: pl.n.(复数名词)Growths of hair down the sides of a man's face in front of the ears, especially when worn with the rest of the beard shaved off. 连鬓胡子:在耳朵前面沿着脸侧部向下生长的毛发,尤指胡子刮去之后留下的残茬 3. hark back: To return to a previous point, as in a narrative. e.g. he keeps harking back to his music-hall days 4. adrenalin: [生化]肾上腺素5. rush sb into sth参考中文翻译:可能由于尴尬脸会变红,或者由于情绪激动声音会颤抖。我们的身体反应会揭示出我们的真实感受。有人说当有人撒谎时也可以体现出来。特别是当一个人说谎时,就会开始流汗。我确定我们都看过四五十年代的电影,当犯人坐在电椅上接受审讯时,总是会额头冒汗,或者上唇出汗,或者,汗珠从胡子上滴下来。“对,像坐在椅子上一样身体前倾,胳膊放在身前,就好像准备跳入游泳池中的动作。把这个放在胃部周围。”Jack Trimarco 利用身体的反应来探寻真相。他的主要工具是什么?测谎仪。“这就像是医生的探测仪一样的。”测谎仪的工作原理像其他的身体反馈仪器一样。它简单的记录某项身体指标的偏差,比如某人的血压突然升高然后回落,或者脉搏加快或者降低,或者汗腺活动。“你有时候是不是会被认作Bobbie?”“是的。”测谎仪检测者知道问某人问题时应该注意哪些方面。“你打算对我讲真话吗?”“是的。”身体反应的任何偏差都会发出欺骗信号。我们的身体会出卖我们。“你是否确信在这场测试中我不会戏弄你?”“是的。”或许我们认为自己很平静。但是当我们遇到压力时,我们的神经系统使你的身体处于准备好接受袭击的状态。这是可以追溯到我们的祖先的原始反应——还击或逃跑。它从触发你的压力荷尔蒙——肾上腺素开始。心率增加,向肌肉中泵入更多血液,就好象时刻准备战斗一样。呼吸加重,更多的氧气进入血液中。你开始流汗——体温下降,因此当你仓促行动的时候不会流汗过多。大脑不会让我们停止生存策略。这些基本的神经功能是无意识的。这就是测谎仪能找出说谎者的原因。200811/57317成都龅牙手术多少钱 If you havnt found yet, keep looking and dont settle, as was all matters of the heart you konw you will find it.如果你还没有找到,那就继续找,不要气馁,如果你全心全力,你知道你会找到的。Its revolution now fully set in emotion. Jobs issues challenge to the world.这是情感完全投入所带来的革命。而乔布斯现在则向世界发起了挑战。Death is very likely the single best invention of life. Its lifes change agent.死亡很有可能是生命最好的发明。这是生命转换的代理人。It clear out the all to make way for the new.死亡是为新生命的诞生所做的一种牺牲。When Steve Jobs give the commencement address at Stanford University in 2005.这是2005年史蒂夫;乔布斯在斯坦福大学毕业典礼上的讲话。He had to have suspected the ride was going to be over well before he would have liked.不管他喜不喜欢这个观点,他肯定会对这次旅行感到质疑。词语解释:1. revolution n. 革命2. invention n. 发明164634成都矫正牙齿的

四川省喷砂洁牙洁牙哪家医院最好的The Shaolin monks of China are famous for fighting skills and acrobatics, but above all, for their ability to somehow manage their senses. Does this really not hurt or do they just not mind the pain? To prepare themselves for their grueling acts, the monks use one of the oldest forms of pain control—meditation. “We have to focus 100 percent. We need willpower to channel our Qi, our spiritual energy. When we meditate, we channel this spiritual energy throughout our body.” Meditation starts by changing how the body works: The heart slows, pumping less blood; the muscles relax. Relaxed muscles means[1] less tension, which means less pain. But the strangest effect occurs in the brain. Astonishingly, although the brain is still alert, meditation lessens the emotional reaction to pain. It’s like turning down the volume. So when pain sensations hit, they have little effect. That’s how the monks can tolerate what for anyone else would be extraordinary pain. Vocabulary Mix:grueling: Physically or mentally demanding to the point of exhaustion.折磨的,使精疲力尽的:对生理或心理上的要求达到极限的。参考中文翻译:中国少林寺的和尚以格斗技能和杂技著称,但是最重要的是,他们控制自己感觉的能力。是真的不痛还是他们不在意这种疼痛呢?为了准备好迎接那些类似折磨的行为,那些和尚们应用最古老的方法来控制疼痛——冥想。“我们必须百分之百的集中注意力。我们需要自己的意志力来运气,我们的精神能量。当我们陷入冥想状态时,我们可以使我们的精神能量在体内贯穿。”冥想从改变人体的工作开始:心跳减慢,泵出更少的血液;肌肉放松。肌肉放松意味着紧张度减少,疼痛减少。但是最神奇的作用发生在大脑。令人惊讶的是,虽然大脑仍然是警觉的,冥想状态减轻了对疼痛的反应,就好象降低了音量。所以当疼痛来袭,基本上也起不到什么作用。这就是常人难以忍受的疼痛少林寺和尚却可以忍受的原因。单词注解:meditation 名词 沉思,默想;冥想 【宗】默念,默想 沉思录 200811/57260 Economists say World Financial Crisis Affecting Africa非洲暂未受世界金融危机重大冲击 The crisis in world financial and stock markets has not dramatically affected most African nations. But African economists say the continent could experience considerable repercussions as lending and investment abilities tighten in the industrialized world.世界金融市场和股票市场面临的危机到目前为止并没有给非洲各国带来重大的冲击。不过,当地的经济学家们表示,随著工业化国家借贷和投资能力日益紧缩,非洲地区也会受到相当大的影响。African economists note that African financial institutions have, so far, been spared the market-shaking collapses seen in the developed world.非洲地区的经济学家们指出,到目前为止,震撼了发达国家的一系列崩溃现象,还没有特别影响到非洲的金融体制。The head of Pan-African Capital Holdings in Johannesburg, Wiseman Nkuhlu, says this is because African banks have not engaged in high-risk lending as seen in the ed States and Europe.总部设在南非约翰内斯堡的泛非资本持有公司的负责人纳库鲁说, 这是因为非洲地区的没有像美国和欧洲地区的那样,从事各种高风险的借贷。"The markets of African countries are not as sophisticated as the markets in the U.S. and Europe, especially when it comes to the securitization of mortgage bonds which is behind this crisis," said Nkuhlu.他说:“非洲各国的市场机制没有美欧地区的市场那么纷繁复杂,特别是在直接造成这场危机的房屋贷款领域。”The failure of mortgage bonds, or housing loans, due to rising interest rates in Western nations sparked the crisis. 引发西方国家金融危机的根本原因是利率上涨导致借贷者无法偿还房屋贷款。Mortgage bonds are not common in most African nations. But Nkuhlu says the disruption they have caused may affect Africa's economic growth rate of five percent or more in many countries. 但是,房贷在大多数非洲国家并不普遍。不过,纳库鲁说,西方国家的金融危机可能影响到非洲许多国家保持的5%和更多的经济成长。"This crisis is of great concern because it may result in increased risk averseness on the part of banks and reduced [investment] flows to the region. The flows that have been responsible for the high levels of growth may actually decline if the crisis continues," he said.“这场危机很令人担忧,因为它可能带来的后果就是方面忌讳风险从而减少对这个地区的投资。推动这个地区高速发展的资金会随著危机的继续而下降。”The director of Ghana's Development Policy Institute, Nii Moi Thompson, agrees, saying the effects of the global crisis on Africa are likely to be indirect.加纳开发政策研究所主任尼-莫伊-汤姆逊也持有相同观点,认为全球危机对非洲的影响可能是间接的。"One of the more likely indirect effects is the decline in remittances to African countries as unemployment rises in North America, Europe and other places. Those Africans who live there and regularly send monies home are less likely to be in a position to send home these monies," he said.“更有可能出现的间接影响是,在北美、欧洲和其他地区失业率上升的时候,寄到非洲国家的汇款会下滑。居住在那些地区并且经常寄钱回家的人就不大有能力再往家里汇款了。”In addition, he says as Western governments try to pay for their billion-dollar rescue packages they might reduce foreign aid programs. Private humanitarian groups, facing a drop in donations, might have to do the same.汤姆逊另外补充说,当西方政府试图偿付数千亿美元的救市计划的同时,它们也可能会减少对外援助计划。而正面临捐款减少的民间人道组织,也可能采用相同的做法。Some experts worry that the crisis could delay large-scale agriculture and infrastructure projects and could even threaten social programs to improve health, education and sanitation. 有些专家担忧金融危机可能拖延大规模的农业以及基础建设计划,并甚至可能威胁到改善健康、教育以及卫生的社会计划。Nevertheless, the experts say there could be some positive effects. Thompson says interest rates will probably decline.不过,专家说这也可能有正面的影响。汤姆逊说利率可能会下降。"As part of the effort to survive the crisis, these Western governments will have to keep interest rates down. So if that leads to lower debt servicing then that will be better for us," he said.“作为渡过金融危机的一部分努力,西方政府将必须保持低利率。所以如果这导致了较低的债务,则将对我们有利。”Another benefit could be lower prices for petroleum, food and other basic goods due to a decline in demand.另一项利益可能是由于需求减少,导致石油、粮食以及其他基本商品的价格降低。South African economist Nkuhlu says he is optimistic that developed nations will remain committed to improving the quality of life in Africa.南非经济学家纳库鲁说,他对于发达国家将保持改善非洲人民生活品质的承诺,感到乐观。"The commitments and the relationship between the developed world and Africa in particular has matured, reached a point where the commitments are likely to be sustained even while under these difficult circumstances, possibly at slightly reduced levels," he said.纳库鲁说:“发达国家与非洲之间的承诺与关系,实质上已经成熟,并且已经达到即使在困难的情况之下,也只会有稍微减少的程度。”Thompson says other benefits from the crisis are the lessons to be learned, especially from the structural adjustment programs that sought to reduce government's role in the economy and encourage free market reforms. 汤姆逊说,金融危机带来的其他利益还有人们从当中学到的教训,尤其是在为了减少政府在经济中扮演的角色、以及鼓励自由市场改革所做的结构性调整计划方面。"The lessons are clear, that market forces can in fact be evil forces and it takes effective, responsive and competent institutions to contain them," he said. 他说:“这个教训很明显的是,市场力量事实上可能是邪恶的,并且需要有一个有效的、负责任的、并且有能力的机构来规范它们。”But he cautions against excessive moves to reassert government involvement in the economy.但他也反对政府过多介入经济。"We have been there before. But the problem was that we moved from one extreme to the other," he said. "There needs to be some sense of balance, some sense of moderation as to how far the markets should be allowed to go and how far the government can maintain some degree of oversight over the markets to ensure that they are productive without necessarily being destructive."汤姆逊说:“我们以前经历过这些。但问题是我们从一个极端转到另一个极端。在面对市场应该有多大的自由程度,以及政府应当对市场保持何种程度的监督方面,的确需要有一些平衡感、一些协调感,来保市场是有生产力的,而不一定具有毁灭性。”But the president of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, concluded that the crisis means little to the average African.但塞内加尔总统阿卜杜拉耶·瓦德,却得出金融危机对于一般非洲人并没有什么意义的结论。"Who cares if the bourgeois can no longer travel or live in comfort. The greatest menace to most Africans is hunger," he said. "The amount of investment needed to feed people and create jobs in Africa is a fraction of the money being spent on the global financial crisis."瓦德说:“谁在乎资产阶级再也不能舒适的旅行或居住。非洲人民最大的威胁是饥饿。”瓦德还说,能够在非洲喂饱人民并且创造工作机会的投资,跟拿来拯救全球金融危机的金钱相比,不过是九牛一毛。200810/52709成都洗牙那里好点眉山直丝弓自锁隐形矫正去哪里医院好



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