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成都镶个烤瓷牙多少钱成都瑞尔齿科洗牙多少钱成都市新桥牙科牙齿正畸矫正价格 If someone says, ;I can#39;t watch a Bruce Lee film;,如果某人不喜欢李小龙的电影then I can#39;t talk to#39;em.那我和他就完全没有共同语言Bruce Lee is a worldwide fighting icon.李小龙是功夫的代名词He was a 130-something-pound lethal weapon.他简直就是一个重约六十公斤的致命凶器Bruce and his fighting style changed the game.布鲁斯和他的技击风格影响了整个世界In the beginning I had no intention that what I was practicing,一开始我没有明确意识到我在钻研什么and what I am still practicing now, would lead to this.更别说我研习的武术所带来的成就了Bruce Lee, Bob Dylan, Ali,李小龙 鲍勃·迪伦阿里Jay-Z, Tiger, Kobe, Jordan.Jay-z 老虎 科比 乔丹They all have the same spirit.他们都有着永不输的特质No stunt coordinator coordinated his shit.他的武打不需要特技指导He did it himself.全由他本人编排The guy you see in Bruce#39;s films is the way Bruce was in person.李小龙在电影中所展现的就是他本人的个性He could lose his temper.他可是个暴脾气Bruce Lee is my idol. Wha-aa!李小龙是我的偶像He was directing, writing, acting.他集导演 编剧 表演于一身I don#39;t even look at him as being Asian.在我看来 他不只是亚洲人He#39;s like Bruce Lee. He is my idol.因为他是李小龙 我的偶像When you think of Bruce Lee,李小龙留给后人的印象you don#39;t think about the Asian karate guy.不仅仅是一个亚洲的武道家You think about a legacy.更是一座武术界的里程碑 Article/201310/262915If you don#39;t pack on those extra pounds in winter, you won#39;t have to struggle to lose them again in the spring. Save yourself the hassle and stay trim year-round with these proven methods.如果寒冷的冬季没有累积很多脂肪,春天来临时你也不必绞尽脑汁减肥了。根据以下百试不爽的方法,让自己摆脱烦恼,一整年都保持苗条身姿。You Will Need你需要Journal日记Daily exercise每天锻炼Weekly weigh-ins每周称体重Tangible rewards真实的奖励Healthy diet健康的饮食Sun exposure (optional)晒太阳(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Keep a journal1.记日记Keep a journal with all the tricks that helped you successfully lose weight in warm weather, like eating more fruit and salads and exercising, and adapt them for winter.记录温暖天气让你成功减肥的所有方法,比如多吃蔬果和蔬菜沙拉,运动,应用在冬季寒冷的天气里。Step 2 Exercise daily2.每天运动Exercise daily for 60 minutes. It#39;s okay to break it up into smaller increments; park further from your destination and walk briskly, take the stairs, or hop on a tmill.每天锻炼60分钟,可以分割成比较短的时间段。把车停在离目的地比较远的地方,轻快地散步,爬楼梯,或者跳上跑步机。Getting out in the sun, even if it#39;s very cold, will give your mood a natural boost that you may be getting from fatty snacks.多出去晒晒太阳,即使非常寒冷的天气,这样可以天然地改善情绪,让你避免吃高脂肪的零食。Step 3 Get on the scale3.称体重Weigh yourself at least once a week to keep weight from creeping up on you.每周至少测量一次体重,避免体重增加。Step 4 Journal your thoughts4.记录自己的想法Write down the pros and cons of how you felt physically, mentally, and spiritually before you lost the weight and after. You#39;ll begin to focus on the benefits of losing weight -- such as fitting into all your old clothing and having more energy-- which will keep you motivated.记录减肥前后自己身体,思想和精神上的细节。你将会开始集中在减肥的益处方面——比如以前穿不上的衣又可以穿了,也有更多精力了,这样可以让你更有动力。Reward yourself with little gifts when you reach incremental goals.当你达到某个目标时,奖励自己一点小礼物。Step 5 Eat right5.正确的饮食Practice portion control and eat a balanced diet of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Consuming slightly more protein and less fat may help you feel satisfied and curb weight gain. Now when spring rolls around, you can dust off that old bathing suit and wear it proudly.练习分量控制,食用蛋白质,脂肪和碳水化合物均衡的饮食。摄入较多蛋白质,较少脂肪可以帮你感到满足,也可以抑制体重增加。现在,当春季来临的时候,你可以拿出以前的泳衣,自豪地穿上了。One study found that Americans only gain about a pound during the winter holiday season but that the extra weight accumulates through the years and may be a major factor in obesity later in life.一项研究发现,美国人在冬季假期的体重只会增加大约1磅,但是多余的体重会在全年累积,可能也是晚年肥胖的主要因素。视频听力由。 /201310/260893都江堰种植牙多少钱

成都到牙科洗牙多少钱成都新桥看补牙镶牙四环素牙怎么样好吗 Watch the VideoJug guide to boosting self-esteem. We provide you with advice on overcoming self-doubt and learning to think more positively.观看VideoJug这段视频,学习如何增强自尊。我们为您提供了克缺少自信的建议,学习如何更加乐观地的思考。Step 1: What is low self esteem? 1.何为自尊不足Self esteem is the opinion you have of yourself. This is not constant. Your self esteem can go up and down depending on the things that are happening in your life.自尊是你对自己的看法。这并不是一成不变的。你的自尊会随着生活中发生的事情而起伏不平。A major influence on self esteem is the type of childhood you had. The relationships you#39;ve had with your parents, and others, and the amount of praise and encouragement you received from them will have had a big effect.自尊的一个重要影响因素就是你的童年。与父母和他人之间的关系,从他们那里得到的赞扬和鼓励影响非常大。Any type of abusive relationship, whether it is physical or psychological abuse, will invariably have an impact on a person#39;s self esteem.任何类型的虐待,如论是身体上的还是心理上的虐待,都会对一个人的自尊产生一定的影响。Step 2: Don#39;t be so hard on yourself2.不要苛求自己Try not to focus on things that have happened or that you might have done wrong in the past. Holding onto guilt and regret over long periods doesn#39;t achieve anything. Try to let go of these feelings, rather than criticising yourself and being negative about yourself.不要耿耿于怀于已经发生的事情或者过去可能做错的事情。长期被愧疚和遗憾束缚不会有任何好处。努力释放这些感觉,而不是不断自我批评,自我否定。Step 3: Be positive3.积极乐观Try to focus as much as possible on your achievements, and your talents, even if they#39;re small. If you#39;re good at something, keep doing it, and try to forget about what you perceive are your weaknesses. Also try to stretch yourself by giving yourself new challenges and goals, so that you can feel a sense of achievement when you reach them.尽可能多地集中在自己取得的成绩,自己的智慧方面,即使是非常小的成绩。如果你擅长某件事,坚持下去,尽量忘记自己认为的弱点。不断给自己设立新的挑战和目标来提升自己,这样当你达到这些目标的时候会很有成就感。It can also be helpful to have a positive role model, someone whose qualities you admire. Surround yourself with positive people, and try to enjoy a social life with people who make you feel good about yourself.有一个各方面都让你钦佩的人做正面偶像也非常有帮助。让自己置身于积极乐观的人周围,与认可你的人结交,享受社交生活。Step 4: Reward yourself4.奖励自己A good way to feel better about yourself is to set achievable goals, and then reward yourself when you reach them.Treat yourself to things you really enjoy and make you feel good, like a massage or a nice meal.自我感觉更好的一个好方法就是设立切实可行的目标,然后达到目标之后奖励自己。奖赏自己非常喜欢的东西,让自己感到高兴,例如或大餐。Acknowledge that you deserve to be good to yourself.要认识到,对自己好是非常值得的。Step 5: Your health5.你的健康Your body and mind are very closely linked and so one will affect the other. So if you#39;re sick or run-down you are less likely to feel good about yourself.身体和思想是紧密相连,相互影响的。如果你生病或感到疲惫,就不可能自我感觉良好。Eat a healthy, balanced diet, but don#39;t beat yourself up if you don#39;t always stick to it. Also, try to exercise regularly, and take up activities that help you relax - yoga, pilates and meditation are good for this.享用健康平衡的饮食,但是如果不能长期坚持,也不要强迫自己。尝试经常锻炼,学习一些能帮助你放松的活动——瑜伽,普拉提和冥想都是不错的选择。Remember, high self esteem doesn#39;t just happen automatically. But by staying positive, and nurturing yourself, you can end up feeling great about who you are. Good luck!记住,很强的自尊并不是与生俱来的。但是保持积极乐观,自我提升,你会自我感觉越来越好。祝你好运!Thanks for watching How To Boost Your Self Esteem.感谢观看“如何增强自尊”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201309/256685新津县牙套去哪里医院好

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