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说我自己(Talk about me) --01 ::59 来源: 说我自己(Talk about me)  hello, my mame is ada. i am years old. i am a quiet girl. i study in lin pu no.1 primary school. my favourite food is ice cream. it’s sour. my favourite teacher is art teacher. my favourite class is art class. my favourite animal is squirrels. my favourite drink is juice. my favourite fruit is strawberries, because it’s sour.i am helpful at home. i can sweep the floor, cook the meals, clean the bedroom, water the flowers, empty the trash, set the table, make the bed, do the dishes, wash the clothes and put away the clothes.  can you be my friend ?。

Collecting Stamps Is My Hobby 集邮是我的爱好 -- 19:9: 来源: Collecting Stamps Is My Hobby 集邮是我的爱好  Everybody has his hobby, such as singing, dancing, photo-taking, drawing, ing or guita playing. My hobby is collecting stamps. Why? Because my favourite hobby gives me a lot of pleasure, and I can learn a lot about geography and history from stamps.  I have aly collected about 800 stamps since I was in Grade Two. Yesterday my uncle sent me a beautiful Canadian stamp from Montreal. I was too excited to sleep last night.  每人都有自己的爱好,例如:唱歌、跳舞、摄影、绘画、阅读或弹吉他我的爱好是集邮为什么?因为我的这个爱好给我许多乐趣,我从中学到许多地理、历史方面的知识  从我二年级起,我已经收集了约800枚邮票昨天我叔叔从蒙特利尔给我寄来一张漂亮的加拿大邮票,我兴奋得一夜未能入眠。

旅游英语词汇:游乐园 -- :18: 来源: 旅游英语词汇:游乐园游乐园amusement park ferris wheel 天轮 tower 塔 giant stride 旋转飞椅 monorail 单轨列车 entrance 入口 swinging boat 秋千船 money exchanger 换币处 coffee cup 咖啡杯 guide 导游 rest room 休息室 merry-go-round 旋转木马 excursion boat 观览艇 revolving boat 碰碰船 mini-train 小火车 track 铁轨 roller coaster 环滑车 go-cart 单座赛车 astrojet(proper noun) 旋转飞机 rotor 大转轮 mad-mouse (proper noun) 疯狂老鼠 旅游英语词汇。

《千钧一发经典台词 -- 3:6:00 来源:kekenet Jerome: I can’t believe you pulled this off. they’re sending you out there. Out there they send you, of all people. 我不敢相信你成功了. 他们要把你送到太空. 在那么多人中他们选中你. Vincent: Hate to think of you stuck alone in that room a year ..我不敢相信你要一个人呆在那房间一年…Jerome: Don’t think about it, anyway, the room I’m stuck in is bigger than your tin can. 别想了, 我呆的房间要比你的火箭大. Vincent: What are you gonna do?你将要做什么呢?Jerome: I have my books, I go places in my head. 我有书, 我在脑海中旅行.Vincent: I’d be happier if you had some company. 你如果有同伴的话我会更开心.Jerome: I have visitors.我有客人.Vincent: Yeah well, none that you don’t pay. Seriously, what are you going to do? 是啊, 但没有不要钱的. 说真的, 你将要做什么呢? Jerome: I’m going to finish this.我要把这杯喝完.Jerome: What’s Titan like this time of the year?Titan 在这个季节是什么样的? (Titan在这句话里指的是围绕旋转土星的卫星) Vincent: What’s it like? Titan is exactly like this…all the time… it’s got a cloud so thick that nobody knows what’s underneath. 它是什么样的? Titan永远就像这样. 它的云厚得让人看不清下面有什么 Jerome: Maybe there’s nothing there.可能里面什么都没有.Vincent: there’s something there. You should be going instead of me.那儿有东西. 你比我更应该过去.Jerome: Why is that?为什么?Vincent: Because up there, your legs wouldn’t matter. 因为在那边, 你的双腿不会有问题.Jerome: I’m scared of heights.我恐高. 经典台词 千钧。

疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第9课:我了解-- :7:36 I see. 用英语与别人沟通,最害怕的是鸡同鸭讲,所以想表示自己明白别人意思时,可以说:I understand.(我明白了),或用更通俗的说法:I see,都是‘我了解,我明白’的意思除此之外,也可以用I see what you mean. I get it. I get the picture. I get you. 都是相同的意思 对话 A: Darrell, how could you let Nigel sell all his shares and leave the company? You told me he would be your business partner life. B: It’s a long story. The long and the short of it is I’m in love with Annie. A: I see, but Annie is Nigel’s girlfriend. That’s so wrong of you. B: That’s why Nigel and I parted ways. If loving her is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 甲:达内尔,你怎么让奈哲尔出售所有股份而离开公司?你说过他会是你的终身生意伙伴 乙:说来话长,整个故事是因为我正和安妮谈恋爱 甲:我明白了,但安妮是奈哲尔的女朋友,你这样是不对的 乙:这正是我和奈哲尔拆伙的原因,假如爱她是错的,我也不想做对 要表示明白人家的意思,英文除了说:I see.,还有不少其它说法 首先,你可以用be(包括is、were等be的变体with somebody来说‘明白某人的话’,例如:(1) Are you with me?(你明白我的意思吗?) () I’m afraid I’m not with you. Could you explain again?(对不起,我不明白,可以再解释一次吗?)I’m with you. 即‘我明白了’ Get也可解作‘明白’,例如I get it.(我明白了),I get you.(我明白你的意思)等有时你会听见人家说:Don’t get me wrong,那是叫人 ‘不要误解我的意思’,例如:Don’t get me wrong. I say she’s beautiful, but that doesn’t mean I’m in love with her.(请不要误会,我说她美丽,不等于爱上了她)留意解作‘明白’的get不可用被动语态 (passive voice) I see take your point. 或 Point taken则多是用来说‘明白并接受人家的观点’,例如:I see your point. Our plan must be changed.(我明白你的看法我们必须改变计划) 此外还有I hear what you’re saying. 一语,也是说:‘我明白你的意思’,但一般有‘我不同意’含义,例如:I hear what you’re saying, but things are not as simple as that.(我明白你的意思,但事情不是那么简单)Understood、I know (what you mean)等,当然也是 ‘我明白’的意思。

留学英语口语:洗衣店 Laundry-- :6:3 NICK: Excuse me. ALICE: Yeah?NICK: I've never used this place bee.Can you give me some idea what I need to do?ALICE: You just put quarters in the machines. It's easy.NICK: Yes, but... well...ALICE: What?NICK: How do I use the machines?ALICE: What do you mean?These are the washing machines. Those big things over there are the dryers.NICK: I see. Do the machines have soap in them?ALICE: No, of course not. You have to put soap in. Did you bring your soap?NICK: No. I don't have soap. ALICE: Well, you can buy some from that vending machine over there.NICK: Thanks.NICK: Okay. I have my soap.ALICE: My God! You really bought a lot. Why do you need so much?NICK: I don't know. I want my clothes to be clean.ALICE: But you can't use so much.The machine won't be able to rinse the soap out.NICK: Oh. I guess I didn't know. I have never washed clothes bee.ALICE: What? Did you say you never washed clothes bee?NICK: Yes.ALICE: In your life? Are you kidding? Never?NICK: No. Never.ALICE: I can't believe it. How can that be? How old are you?NICK: I'm nineteen.ALICE: But how can you live nineteen years without ever washing clothes?NICK: My mother always did it.ALICE: Yes, my mother washed my clothes too.But when I was twelve, I started to wash clothes myself.NICK: I know about this fact.American children are more independent. They do more themselves.But I am from Taiwan. In Taiwan, children must study very hard.So the mother does everything the kids.The mother wants her kids to get very good grades at school.So I've never washed clothes bee. You shouldn't laugh at me it.ALICE: I'm not laughing at you. But let me ask you something?NICK: What?ALICE: How are you going to survive here?I mean, if you can't do anything yourself.If you can't cook, if you can't wash clothes, if you can't clean house.How can you live on your own?NICK: I don't know. It's hard. But I have to learn.ALICE: Well, I'll help you learn how to use these machines.NICK: Thanks. My name's Nick.ALICE: I'm Alice. I guess I'll have to be your mother today.NICK: Thanks, Mom. Thanks.尼克:对不起艾丽斯:怎么了?尼克:我从来没有来过这个地方你能给我一点建议我应该怎么做?艾丽斯:你只要把两毛五分的硬币投到机器里很简单尼克:对,但是……嗯……艾丽斯:什么?尼克:但我要如何使用这机器呢?艾丽斯:你的意思是什么?这些是洗衣机那些大家伙是干衣机尼克:我知道了,机器里有肥皂吗?艾丽斯:没有,当然没有你要加肥皂进去,你有带肥皂来吗?尼克:没有,我没有带肥皂艾丽斯:嗯,你可以到那边的贩卖机去买尼克:谢谢你尼克:好了,我有肥皂了艾丽斯:我的天!你真的买了很多你为什么需要那么多?尼克:我不知道,我要我的衣很干净艾丽斯:但你不能用那么多洗衣机没办法冲掉那么多的肥皂尼克:喔,我是不知道呀我从来没有洗过衣艾丽斯:什么?你说你从来没有洗过衣?尼克:对呀艾丽斯:在你一生中?你在开我玩笑吧?从来没有?尼克:没有从来没有艾丽斯:我没法相信那怎么可能?你几岁了?尼克:我十九岁艾丽斯:但为什么你活了十九年却从没有洗过衣呢?尼克:都是我妈帮我洗艾丽斯:是呀,我妈也帮我洗衣但我十二岁的时候,我开始自己洗衣尼克:我知道这个事实美国的孩子比较独立他们自己做很多事情但我是从台湾来的在台湾,孩子们必须很努力念书所以母亲就帮孩子做全部的事情母亲希望她的孩子在学校拿到很好的成绩所以我才从没有洗过衣,你不应该笑我艾丽斯:我没有笑你,但让我问你一件事?尼克:是什么?艾丽斯:那你要如何在这儿生存,我的意思是,如果你没办法自己做任何事你如果不能煮东西吃,不会洗衣,不会整理房子你要如何自己一个人生活?尼克:我不知道,是很难,但我一定要学艾丽斯:嗯,我会教你如何使用这些机器尼克:谢谢你,我叫做尼克艾丽斯:我是艾丽斯,我想今天我就当你妈好了尼克:谢谢你,妈谢谢。

旅游骗局警惕 --9 :: 来源: 旅游骗局警惕中国式一个礼仪友好之邦,但是你旅行时你依然需要警惕一些旅游骗局喜爱旅游的你,有没有亲身体验过类似的经验呢?欢迎和我们分享!China is a very eigner-friendly country when it comes to traveling but you still need to be alert potential travel scams and traps. What was the worst travel scam you've ever fallen ? You're welcome to share your story with us.futsanglung (UK)The two s as used in Mount Wutai.You order off a with low prices but when you question the cost at the end of the meal they produce a with inflated prices. To avoid this make them write the price on the order m and leave a copy on the table.This trick is carried out on both Chinese and eigners.vf8tcat (US)I am an American. Several years ago I was returning from a work trip in Thailand and decided to stop in Beijing a few days bee going on to Washington. I had never seen the Great Wall and wanted to have that experience.The tour was great. But afterwards the tour guide insisted on taking me to a small pottery plant. There a lady took me on another tour showing how craftsmen made hand-painted copper pottery. She then took me to the show room to see which item I wanted to buy. I hadn’t planned to buy anything. She applied some gentle but distinct pressure to buy “something”. Wanting to look like a respectful American I said what the heck and selected a small copper vase. It turned out to be about 5,00 yuan (0). I later discovered this to be a massive rip-off that was basically designed Westerners. They would never attempt to charge Chinese or other Asian countries this much.Dragons8 (Singapore)In Sanya, most traps belong to those with northern accents running restaurants, even the local also get cheated by them, using threats and strong arm tactics to harass customers to order their foods.When you ask the cost of a live fish in the tank, they just e a cut throat price and straight away kill the fish by throwing onto the floor. How can you bargain when the fish is aly dead?Mutuxingzhe (China)It's a horrified travel trap I've ever fallen . So please do not believe in those cheaper "beijing one day tour" that costs you less than 0 yuan. The guild is equal to a robber,a gangster. The post said the tour includes "badaling great wall", but they lead you to "jiayuguan", including"ming dynasty cemetery", but only let you see a glimpse through the bus window and always push you to buy, buy, buy and at the end of the trip, all passengers are pushed to a basement jam shopping center, and through a series of elaborate hoaxes, a so-called overseas eigner appeared, just said lots of bullshits to cheat you to buy jams when we bought something and go back to the bus,the guide disappeared,and slowly, we realized this is a hoax, but the bus driver just rudely said "I have no idea".Ratfink (Australia)I've had taxi drivers try to scam me in Africa, Italy, Hungary, Romania as well as China, Indonesia and the Philippines.The best thing to do is to find out what the average fare is and know the approximate route to be taken to get to major locations in a city. Have addresses written down in the local language and do your research online.I've never had problems with travel agents as I have used the same travel agent the past 35 years and she is ultra reliable and very much on the lookout scams from hotels and agencies.Cq (US)Last week, I was stopped by two women who asked me if I was American and if they could practice English with me. This took place in the shopping mall next to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I had heard of this scam bee, but they seemed sincere. They asked if we could have coffee so they could "practice English." I was suckered because I'm an ESL instructor!! Also, I was alone. I agreed, but instead of a coffee house, they headed down a sidestreet near the mall to a Chinese tea house.They ordered tea and wine the 3 of us. We chatted, but they were more interested in discussing me than themselves. Finally, it was time to pay. They produced a that listed each pot of tea at 750RMB! They passed the bill to me. The total bill was 3000RMB, or 0!It was obvious that they and the tea house were working together. They kept saying, just use your credit card. I realized by then it was a scam to bilk me on my credit card. Scared to death, I threw 300 RMB on the table and ran.Seneca (US)In China the discount is advertised in loud and shrill announcements, written and said out aloud on megaphones.In Yangshuo's West Street you can find beautifully-crafted chopsticks in a dedicated chopstick shop. There is no pricer rebate advertised but Chinese customers enquiring about them will be offered a percent reduction while laowai visitors are brushed off rudely with the claim there is no discount available. In isolated cases a 5 percent discount was grudgingly granted.NTM3 (UK)When I go to Beijing I never join any tours.It might get quite a bit more expensive, it is true, however, I have much more fun and enjoyment going by myself or with my family.Tour guides will take you to see the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, etc., let you see some hutongs and take you to some stores where they probably might have a commission depending on how much everyone buys. And you will finish your tour by eating the Quanjude duck. Everyone is happy and returns home.Beijing is much more than that. There are wonderful places where you can enjoy the typical food of Beijing, shows, shopping centers, etc. that unless you go by yourself you will never taste or see because the tour guides will never take you there.Bee joining a tour think twice.In , I took one taxi from Nanjing Road to Shanghai South Railway Station. The fare meter was moving faster than its normal pace. On the way I did not ask him about the pace of the fare meter. After reaching the station he asked me to pay RMB378 which was much more than the normal charge. When I disagree with his fare he even wanted to punch me. Then I called one police officer and explained him the case with my broken Chinese. After half an hour of high voltage drama police caught the Taxi driver. The police officer told me that the fare meter was fake one and the taxi driver did not have the license to drive a taxi in shanghai. Thanks to the Police officer. I was treated nicely. 旅游骗局警惕。

My hometown(我的家乡) --19 :: 来源: I am from ShenZhen. In spring ,the weather is warm and wet. I can play kite. In summer, the weather is hot and wet. I can swim in the swimming pool. In the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. I can play kite, too. In the winter, the weather is cold and dry. It never snow.     How about you?。

如何选择商务用餐--3 :35: Michael: Sir, I sure am glad to see you.Billy: Really? How may I be of service to you?Michael: You should select the appropriate food craft services to prepare the guests.Billy: Are we having a buffet this year?Michael: Yes sir, it is serving yourself, but you still need to decide what food to put on the banquet tables.Billy: So many choices. Can't I give the responsibility to someone else?Michael: No, sorry, you can't.Billy: It is lonely at the top.迈克尔:先生,见到你真的很高兴比利:是么?我能为您做点什么?更多信息请访问:http:www.en.com迈克尔:你可以去为客人选择合适的食物让食品配送公司去准备比利:我们今年有自助餐么?迈克尔:是的,先生,您可以根据自己的胃口选择,但您要决定餐桌该上哪些食品比利:选择太多了我能不能让别人来做这事儿呢?迈克尔:对不起,先生,不可以比利:高处不胜寒啊1) If you serve beer, you will be facilitating a causal atmosphere.) Finger food is also very casual.3) More elegant drinks include mixed drinks and Champaign.) Buffets, even small ones, allow the guests to help themselves.5) Your most important choice is picking a good craft service company to supply quality food and beverages.6) The boss must have the finally word about what food to serve. It is lonely at the top.1) 如果你提供的是啤酒,你为客人营造的是一种轻松、随意的气氛) 手抓食品也很轻松、随意3) 多提供一些高档酒包括鸡尾酒和香槟酒) 自助餐,即便是小规模也应让客人根据自己的喜好来选择食物5) 最重要的是你要找个好的食品配送公司来提供高质量的食物和饮料6) 老板必须拍板提供什么食品高处不胜寒啊Dialogue 对话Gordon: I sure am glad to see you.Molly : How can I help you?Gordon: If I want to facilitate a casual atmosphere at my company dinner, what food and beverages should I serve?Molly : Will you be hiring a craft service caterer?Gordon: No, I will be doing it all in house.Molly : Then I suggest you set up a buffet with appropriate finger food and draft beer.Gordon: What about non-drinkers?Molly : Non-drinkers like mineral water, a variety of juices and soft drinks.Gordon: Is that all?Molly : You have to decide if you want regular or paper plates.Gordon: Planning a business dinner is a hard work.Molly : This is only the tip of the iceberg. (The beginning)戈登:我真的很高兴见到你莫莉:我能为你做些什么?戈登:如果我想使公司晚餐随意些,我该为客人准备什么呢?莫莉:那你是不是要食品配送公司来做呢?戈登:不,我自己就能搞定了莫莉:那我就建议你举办自助餐再配上适当的手抓食品和生啤酒戈登:那些不喝酒的人怎么办?莫莉:不喝酒的人喜欢喝矿泉水、各种果汁和软饮料戈登:就这些么?莫莉:你还需要决定是用普通盘子还是用一次性纸盘子戈登:策划一个商务晚宴可真不是件容易的事啊莫莉:这还只是冰山一角呀(刚开始)。

泰山碧霞祠英文介绍 泰山碧霞祠英文导游词 --6 :5:00 来源: 泰山碧霞祠英文介绍 泰山碧霞祠英文导游词说到泰安,大家难免不会想到泰山泰山是中国五岳之首,在中国神话中,泰山即中国古代开天辟地的盘古的头部所化而去泰山旅游,则必去碧霞祠碧霞祠是泰山保存的最好的古老建筑,到现在都保留着明清时代的外貌风格  The city of Taian, is 0 meters above sea level. Most of the principal scenic spots and historical remains are clustered along an axis extending from the city to the top of the mountain. They are the result of a long historical Process, and are ingeniously placed in order to take advantage of the surrounding topography.   Chinese mythology has it that Mt.Tai was med from the head of PanGu, one of chinese creators.His four limbs med another four mountains. These five mountains are located in the East, West,South,North and the center of China. Mount Tai in the East is the one that is generally the most admired.   The Azure Cloud Temple is the best preserved old structure on Mt.Taishan, which still retains the style and appearance of the Ming an Qing dynasties. Its importance rests with its Good combination of architecture, painting, carving and est, an illustration of ancient Cinenese culture. It has a building area of 3900 square meters. According to records,it wasFirst built in of the Song Dynasty, and rebuilt in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Now it is a large ancient complex on the top of Mt. taishan.   The Azure Cloud Temple consists of large structures, such as the Main Hall, the Annexed Hall,the joss stick Hall, the Main Gate, the imperial Stele Pavillion, the Bell Tower and The Sacred Gate. The temple is divided by the main gate into two courtyards. The front counrtyard has three gates. On the Soouth Sacred Gate stand three dancing and singing roomsOver a fire floor where pilgrims burn Joss sticks. Facing the gate is a screen wall, inscribed four Chinese characters 万代瞻仰 meaning admiration by generations. Two annexed rooms extend notyhward to connect the East Sacred Gate and the West sacred Gate.   The main gate is the bound between the front courtyard and the rear courtyard. Inside the gate is the principal part of the Azyre Cloud Temple. In the center of the courtyard is the Joss stick pavilion, where enshrined is a bronze figurine of the aupreme Lord. On either side of the pavilion stands a huge stele. Besides the Azure Cloud Tem;le itself, the Buddha’s Halo is another miraculous phenomenon. Of the 8 historical sites under preservation on Mt. Taishan, the Azure Cloud Temple is the most important one.   A common saying goes that a mountain will be intelligent if there lives an immortal, no matter how high it is. Mt. Taishan is not only high but also intelligent. Rising abruptly and imposingly5 meters above sea level from a vast plain, Mt. Taishan became the holy land where emperors of different dynasties made their personal pilgrimages and held ssacrificiall ceremonies. StandjingOn the top of Mt. Taishan, the Azure Cloud Temple, the chief place where sacrificial ceremonies were made, is the highlight attraction on Mt.Taishan.   If you are tired you can have a rest here or take photos. mind you, in 5 minutes. who know the origin of BaoTu Spring, please think it over and I will tell you the reason after 5 minutes. 泰山碧霞祠英文导游词。