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This former advertising executive bears such a striking resemblance to US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton that she quit her job to work as a full-time lookalike.有人撞脸美国呼声很高的总统候选人希拉里,她原本为一个广告经理人,现在已经辞掉工作,全职仿希拉里。Clinton’s ’twin’, Teresa Barnwell, 61, earns thousands every month for impersonating the presumptive Democratic nominee.这个像希拉里双胞胎一样的人名叫邦威尔特丽莎,现年61岁,靠模仿极有可能胜出的民主党候选人希拉里月入数千。She stands to earn even more if the former Secretary of State defeats business mogul Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee for the Republicans, this November and becomes president.如果前国务卿在今年11月的总统选举中打败共和党候选人商业巨头唐纳德·特朗普她将赚取更多的钱。Barnwell said Clinton was ’really lovely’ when they meet at a book signing in Los Angeles in 1996邦威尔在1996年的签书会上遇见了希拉里并说她“非常可爱”Barnwell, from Palm Desert, California, was first told she looked identical to Clinton, when she was playing a slot machine more than 20 years ago.邦威尔来自于加利福尼亚州棕榈沙滩镇,她20年前玩的时候第一次被告诉说长得非常像希拉里。When Bill Clinton became the 42nd president in 1993, she was bombarded by people telling her she was the first lady’s doppelganger.当比尔克林顿在1993年成为美国第42任总统时,她就不断听到有人说她是第一夫人的翻版。Because they looked so much alike, she decided to quit her job in advertising 23 years ago and become a full-time Clinton impersonator.因为她们长得很像,她在23年前就决定辞去广告业的工作并全职做希拉里的模仿者。Barnwell was coached by Denise Bella Vlasis, a Madonna lookalike, to hone her craft after meeting on the set of a TV show.邦威尔的指导教练是丹尼斯贝拉弗拉西,这人长相酷似麦当娜。她们在一档电视节目认识后弗拉西就帮助邦威尔提高模仿演技。Vlasis, 52, said presidential lookalikes are probably the most requested and best paid impersonators.弗拉西现年52岁,她说相似于总统的人有最大的市场需求也是收入最高的模仿者。Clients love to have talents that are not only talented at the impression of the star, but they all hope the lookalike talent truly looks like the person they emulate,’ said Vlasis. ’I feel Teresa brings the energy, look and character of Hillary Clinton to each booking, she has this essence and energy which lookalike talents must have in order to portray a convincing performance.She does not just rely on her uncanny resemblance, she also does her homework to perfect her impression.’弗拉西说:“客户喜欢的人不只有明星,他们也非常期待模仿者极度相似于被模仿的人。我觉得特丽莎的能力、长相和性格都有希拉里的特点。她有作为模仿者可以进行说性表演的天生优势,也有这个能力做到这样。她不仅依靠她惊人相似的长相,她也为完善她的表演做功课。 /201607/454562Ding the thought of another session at the gym, or wishing you could painlessly work off that extra slice of cake without an exhausting run around the park? 还在害怕下一阶段的健身房锻炼?还在幻想无需去公园跑得精疲力尽就能轻易地甩掉那块额外的蛋糕带来的热量吗?Here’s the good news: it may be possible to ditch those excess calories without even noticing. 现在好消息来了:你可以在生活中不知不觉地减掉你的脂肪。‘While there’s no substitute for a workout to keep you healthy, your body burns a surprising number of calories as you go about your daily activities,’ says personal trainer and exercise guru Mark Healy. 权威私人健身教练马克#8226;希利说:“虽然锻炼对健康的保持作用无可替代,但是日常活动也能帮助你燃烧大量卡路里。”‘From shopping to washing and everything in between, if you’re too busy to hit the gym then it’s worth going about your daily tasks with gusto to help burn the maximum calories.’ “如果没时间去健身房的话,可以充满干劲地逛街洗衣,多做这些琐事也能帮你最大程度地燃烧卡路里。”So what else in your daily life can help you drop a dress size without working up a sweat? You’ll be surprised to discover how painless it can be. 所以生活中还有哪些方法能让你不出汗地瘦下一圈呢?你会惊讶地发现这些活动简直太轻松了。ENJOYING A SMOOCH 享受一个亲吻和拥抱Maybe you haven’t spent significant amounts of time kissing since you were a teenager, and these days you’d rather sleep than smooch. But if passion for your partner isn’t enough motivation, consider the fact that kissing and hugging can take inches off your waistline. 或许少年时没有太多拥吻的机会,现在的你宁愿睡觉也不愿意接吻了。但若两人之间的火花不够,不足以激起你想亲吻对方的冲动的话,那就把拥抱和亲吻的减肥功效当做动力吧。If it’s really passionate, according to health expert Professor Bryant Stamford of Hanover College, Indiana, a good snog can burn up to two calories a minute. 印第安纳州汉诺威学院的健康专家布莱恩特#8226;史丹佛教授表示,如果认真投入的话,一个美好的拥吻每分钟能燃烧两卡热量。‘Intimate contact increases oxytocin levels that help to reduce stress levels, blood pressure and heart disease, and can help you burn up to 60 calories every half hour,’ agrees Mark Healy. 马克#8226;希利表示赞同:“亲密接触能使催产素水平上升,由此缓解压力,降低血压和患心脏病的风险,同时每半小时可让你燃烧最多60卡热量。”So it might be worth greeting your partner with more than the usual brief, peck on the cheek. 所以别再像平常一样只是蜻蜓点水般地吻个脸颊表示问候吧,多花点时间与爱人亲密接触绝对值得。Calories burned per hour: Up to 120每小时燃烧热量:多达120卡Equivalent exercise: A 20 minute run 相当于锻炼:跑步20分钟TRYING ON CLOTHES 试衣Carting armfuls of clothes in and out of the changing room, struggling into tight polo necks and out of pencil skirts, marching determinedly from one shop to the next and back again - it’s just as exhausting as a trip to the gym and, hurrah, just as good for you. 抱着一堆衣进出试衣间,一会儿穿上紧圆领衣,一会儿脱下铅笔裙,乐此不疲地一家一家搜寻衣——这样的逛街之旅和在健身房累得死去活来有的一拼了,而且对你一样有好处。According to a recent survey by Debenhams, the average woman burns 385 calories looking for the perfect outfit, taking an average of 7,305 steps. 丹本汉(Debenhams,英国著名百货公司)近期的一份调查显示,女性要买到一件满意的衣平均要消耗385卡热量,走7305步路。‘You can burn up to 130 calories an hour on a shopping trip,’ says Healy. ‘All that contorting and pulling items on and off is good for stretching muscles and increasing blood flow, too.’ 希利说:“一次逛街每小时可消耗最多130卡热量。试衣不时地伸手弯腰的所有动作都有利于伸展肌肉,促进血液流通。”Calories burned per hour: Up to 130 每小时燃烧热量:多达130卡Equivalent exercise: 20 push-ups 相当于锻炼:20个俯卧撑COOKING DINNER 做一顿晚餐You probably do it every night without thinking about it. 你可能每天都做晚餐,但从未想到这也可以减肥吧。And while shoving a y meal in the microwave won’t burn much off, an hour’s chopping, lifting, stirring and blending will give you a decent mini-workout, plus the satisfaction that you’ve earned the meal you’re about to eat. 用微波炉做一顿简易晚餐并不能很好地减脂。切菜、端锅,搅拌食材,忙活一个小时才能相当于一次小锻炼,同时还满意地享受一顿美食。Chop root vegetables with a bit of enthusiasm, use a pestle and mortar to crush spices rather than an electric grinder, and do the washing-up yourself rather than languidly stacking the dishwasher. It all adds up to a very respectable 150-plus calories an hour. 积极地切根茎蔬菜,亲手用研钵捣碎食材而不是用研磨机,自己洗碗而不是懒懒地把碗碟堆在洗碗机里。这些工作每小时可帮助你燃烧150多卡热量。‘Cooking is an excellent way to burn off calories,’ says Healy. 希利说:“做饭是减脂的绝佳方式。”‘Rustling up your favourite meal not only gives your arms a big workout with all the lifting of heavy pans, chopping and stirring, but also encourages you to make things from scratch rather than ordering an unhealthy takeaway.’ 忙碌地准备一顿心爱的晚餐,拿各种沉甸甸的锅碗瓢盆,切菜,搅拌食材,这样不仅能很好地锻炼你的手臂,还能鼓励你享受自己动手的乐趣,而不是点一份不健康的外卖。Calories burned per hour: 150 to 240 每小时燃烧热量:150至240卡Equivalent exercise: A half-hour jog 相当于锻炼:半个小时的慢跑A SUPERMARKET DASH 一次购物之旅Just doing the weekly shop can burn calories faster than Jessica Ennis-Hill can say ‘heptathlon’. 每周一次的购物燃烧热量的速度比杰西卡#8226;恩尼斯希尔(Jessica Ennis-Hill,英国运动员)参加一次七项全能还快。As your trolley fills up, you’re effectively doing resistance training, firming up arms, legs and torso. Piling your trolley with heavy items first - tins, bottles and potatoes - intensifies the workout.当你推着满满的手推车时,你其实在做有效的阻力训练,让你的手脚和身体都更结实。在推车里先装更重的物品,比如说罐头、瓶子和土豆,能加强锻炼。‘Reaching and bending down to pick up products also activates a variety of muscles,’ says Mark Healy. 马克#8226;希利说:“伸手和弯腰去拿商品也能使很多肌肉得到锻炼。”Calories burned per hour: Up to 200 with a heavy shop 每小时燃烧热量:推重手推车逛街一次燃烧多达200卡Equivalent exercise: 40 minutes of badminton 相当于锻炼:打40分钟的羽毛球A LONG, HOT BATH 泡个热水澡Sinking gently into a hot bath is all about relaxing and singing along to Radio 2, not dieting, surely? 轻轻地泡进热水里,跟着收音机哼着小调,放松身体,你确定这不是在节食减肥?Not so: a Loughborough University study revealed that a steamy bath of 40c can melt away 140 calories (that’s a significant 7 percent of a daily allowance of 2,000), and that sitting in one for an hour causes an 80 percent increase in energy expenditure, lowering blood glucose levels as a result. 并不是如此:拉夫堡大学一项研究表明,泡一个40度的热水澡能消耗140卡热量(一天热量摄入为2000卡,这几乎占了全天的7%了),而且泡一个小时能多消耗80%的能量,同时降低血糖。‘Taking a hot bath not only relaxes muscles, but also stimulates the release of heat shock proteins,’ says Mark. These are proteins produced by cells under stressful conditions, which scientists think may divert glucose into muscles and away from the bloodstream. 马克说:“泡热水澡不仅能放松肌肉,还能刺激热休克蛋白的释放。”人在有压力时细胞会产生这种蛋白质,科学家们认为它们可以使葡萄糖远离血液,进入肌肉中。‘Coupled with activities such as exfoliating, scrubbing your back and shaving your legs, you could burn a significant number of calories just getting clean,’ he adds. 他补充道:“配合搓澡,擦背和刮腿毛等一系列动作,你在清洁身体的同时还燃烧了不少热量。”Calories burned per hour: Up to 140 每小时燃烧热量:多达140卡Equivalent exercise: 15 minutes’ vigorous swimming 相当于锻炼:15分钟的高强度游泳HAVING A GOOD LAUGH 开怀大笑It’s hard to believe that sitting in the cinema watching the Ab Fab movie could do you as much good as a post-work circuit of the gym, but laughter is a full-body experience that can leave you as exhausted as a tmill session. 令人难以置信的是,坐在电影院里看《绝对了不起》(Ab Fab,英国情景喜剧)完全可以达到下班后去一趟健身房的锻炼效果。但是笑是一项全身运动,它的累人指数可与在跑步机上跑一次步媲美。Research from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, published in the International Journal of Obesity, found that just 15 minutes of good, hard laughing a day will burn up to 40 calories - enough to drop 4 lb of excess weight a year.位于纳什维尔的范德比尔特大学在《国际肥胖期刊》上发表了一篇研究,研究发现每天15分钟的开怀大笑能燃烧40卡热量——足以让人每年瘦4磅。‘Laughing is the perfect way to give your abdominal muscles a real work out, second only to an intense session of crunches,’ says Mark. ‘It’s a brilliant way to relieve physical tension and stress, too, leaving you relaxed for up to 45 minutes.’ 马克说:“笑是锻炼腹肌的完美方式,其效果仅次于一组高强度的仰卧起坐。这也是一个缓解身体紧张与压力的绝好方法,可让人身心放松多达45分钟。”Try laughing little and often, whether it’s during a phone call with your best friend, or watching a DVD of your favourite comedian. 不管是在和好朋友打电话时还是看最喜欢的喜剧节目时,尽量多笑一笑吧。Calories burned per hour: Up to 160 每小时燃烧热量:多达160卡Equivalent exercise: Half an hour of physically demanding gardening 相当于锻炼:半小时劳累的花园清理工作 /201608/458386

It#39;s midday, and your phone#39;s battery is dangerously close to the 20 per cent mark.才过了半天,你的手机电池就已经岌岌可危,接近20%电量的标志。If you#39;re like the majority of people, that red icon will leave you feeling panicked, annoyed and hunting for a spare charger. LG has dubbed this condition #39;Low Battery Anxiety#39; and says that nearly 9 out of 10 people suffer from the fear of losing power on their phone.如果你和大多数人一样,那个红色的电量条会让你恐慌、抓狂,四处寻找备用电池。LG把这种状况戏称作“低电量焦虑”,据说差不多10个人当中就有9个人害怕手机没电。The company polled a random sample of more than 2,000 adult smartphone users in the US earlier this year. When it comes to choosing between hitting the gym or charging their smartphone, it found one in three people are likely to skip the gym. But millennials tend to have it worse – with 42 per cent likely to skip the gym when choosing between working out or charging their phone. Smartphone users will even #39;drop everything#39; (32 percent) and make a U-turn to head back home to charge their phone.LG今年早些时候在美国随机抽取样本,调查了2000位智能手机成年用户。当要求被调查者选择去健身房或者去给手机充电时,结果显示1/3的人会放弃健身。但千禧一代(1981年以后出生的人)更严重——从锻炼和充电中做选择时,42%的人会放弃健身。智能手机用户甚至会“抛下一切”(32%)调头回家给手机充电。- Asking a total stranger to charge their smartphone-请一位完全陌生的人帮手机充电- Arguing with a significant other or romantic interest because of unanswered calls or texts-与一位重要的人物或者有好感的爱慕对象争吵,只因为对方未接电话或未回信息- Ordering something at a bar or restaurant just to use their power outlet-仅仅为了使用酒吧或餐厅的电源插座就点餐- Secretly #39;borrowing#39; someone else#39;s charger-秘密地“借用”别人的充电器- Owning three or more smartphone charging cables-拥有三根或更多的智能手机充电线 /201606/448530


  Could a writing robot make novelists obsolete?机器人作家会让人类小说家失业吗?It might not happen anytime soon, but then again, it might. In Japan, a short novel co-written by an artificial intelligence program (its co-author is human) made it past the first stage of a literary contest, the Japan News reports.目前也许还不能,但未来可说不准。据日本新闻社报道,一篇由人工智能程序和人类作家合作完成的短篇小说在一项文学大赛中通过了第一轮筛选。The Nikkei Hoshi Shinichi Literary Award is named after Hoshi Shinichi, a Japanese science fiction author whose books include ;The Whimsical Robot; and ;Greetings from Outer Space.; Judges for the prize weren#39;t told which novels were written by humans and which were penned by human-computer teams.日本星新一文学奖是以日本科幻小说家星新一命名的一个奖项,该作家的作品包括《反复无常的机器人》、《来自外太空的问候》等。该奖的评委并不会被事先告知作品是由人类还是人机共创的。The award is unique in that it accepts entries from ;applicants who are not human beings (AI programs and others).; Novels co-written by humans and computers were submitted to the prize committee.该奖项的独特之处在于它接受那些非人类申请者(人工智能等)的参赛报名。奖项评审委员会接受了由人类和计算机共同完成的参赛作品。The Asahi Shimbun reports that one of four books co-written by an AI program made it past the first stage of the contest.日本朝日新闻消息称,4部由人类和人工智能共同完成的参赛作品中,有一部通过了第一轮筛选。Teams of writers worked with an AI program to create the cyborg novels. The level of human involvement in the novels was about 80%, one of the professors who worked on the project said.人类作家团队在有人工智能程序的参与下,创作这种半机械小说。一位参与此项目的教授表示,整部小说有80%左右的内容是由人类完成的。However, the computers did the hard work — actually writing the text.不过,计算机完成的20%是比较艰巨的那部分——即写出文本。Humans decided the plot and character details of the novel, then entered words and phrases from an existing novel into a computer, which was able to construct a new book using that information.人类作家构思小说情节和人物细节,然后把现有小说里的单词和短语输入电脑,确保这些信息能够构建一部新的作品。The prize committee didn#39;t disclose which of the four computer co-written entries advanced in the competition. The Japan News reports that one of the submitted books is titled ;The Day a Computer Writes a Novel,; which ends with the sentences ;I writhed with joy, which I experienced for the first time, and kept writing with excitement. The day a computer wrote a novel. The computer, placing priority on the pursuit of its own joy, stopped working for humans.;奖项评审委员会并没有透露哪四部“人机”合作作品在第一阶段胜出。据日本新闻社报道,有部名为《电脑开始写小说的那天》的作品在结尾处说到:“写作让我快乐,这是我之前从未体验过的,我也将继续带着兴奋写作。电脑写作的时代到了。我们电脑终于不用再为人类工作,而是要首先追寻自身的快乐。”Novelists probably shouldn#39;t worry about losing their jobs just yet. Although the novel made it past the first round, it didn#39;t win the award.人类小说家们现在还无需担心饭碗问题。虽然这些“人机”合作作品在第一轮筛选中脱颖而出,但绝不会夺冠。Still, the book impressed science-fiction novelist Satoshi Hase, who said, ;I was surprised at the work because it was a well-structured novel. But there are still some problems [to overcome] to win the prize, such as character descriptions.;不过,这本半机械小说还是引起了科幻小说家中本聪·哈泽的注意。他说:“这部小说结构的严谨令人震惊。但要想夺冠,它还需要在某些方面有所提高,比如人物描写。” /201603/434807。

  No judgement 不作评判People are more open with automated toolsbecause they believe computers don’t judge and thatthey’re more ethical, studies show.研究显示,人们更容易对自动化工具吐露心声,因为他们认为电脑不会对自己作出评判,并且认为电脑比人类更有道德。 26% of Canadian adults believed an unbiasedcomputer program would be more trustworthy and ethical than their workplaceleaders and mangers.加拿大温哥华的市场研究公司Intensions Consulting今年3月发布的一项研究显示,26%的加拿大成年人认为,没有偏见的电脑程序比职场领导者和管理者更值得信任,也更有道德。而在20至39岁的年轻群体中,这一比例更是高达31%。A study, released in March by Vancouver,Canada-based market research firm Intensions Consulting found that 26% ofCanadian adults believed an unbiased computer program would be more trustworthyand ethical than their workplace leaders and mangers. That number was evenhigher with younger adults —those aged 20 to 39 —at 31%.该研究还发现,26%的加拿大人更愿意让没有偏见的电脑程序负责筛选、招募以及评估他们的工作表现。该研究的联合作者、未来学家尼克·拜德明顿(Nick Badminton)在新闻稿中表示:“人们正在对人类管理人员失去信任,其实理应如此。你应该信任谁?是有个人偏见和观点的人类,还是充满理性且不偏不倚的(人工智能)?”The study also found that 26% of Canadianswould rather be screened, hired and have their job performance assessed by anunbiased computer program. Nick Badminton, a futurist and a co-author of thestudy, said in a release that “people are losing faith in human management, andrightly so. Who would you trust, a human with personal biases and opinions or arational and balanced (artificial intelligence)?”26%的加拿大成年人认为,没有偏见的电脑程序比职场领导者和管理者更值得信任,也更有道德。 Lucas’s research asks that same question, butin a mental health context. She’s examined whether or not people with post-traumaticstress disorder disclose more personal information to a robot – in her case avirtual bot that looks human – than an actual doctor.卢卡斯的研究也提出了相同的问题,但却是从心理健康的背景出发。她希望了解,与医生相比,创伤后应激障碍症患者是否会向机器人透露更多个人信息——她在研究中使用了像人类一样的虚拟机器人。The “virtual agent” that she helped createasks personal and probing questions, such as “Do you have any regrets?” and “Isthere anything you wish you didn’t remember?” In her study, participants weretold that they would either be talking to a computer or a human behind the scenes.这些由她参与设计的“虚拟代理”会询问一些探索性的个人问题,例如:“你有没有遗憾?”“有没有什么事情是你想要忘记的?”在她的研究中,有的参与者被告知其沟通对象是电脑,其他人则被告知在与人类沟通。In nearly every case, the people who weretold that they were taking to a computer revealed more details than the peoplewho thought they were talking to a human, Lucas said. She then asked theparticipants if they felt judged or if they were afraid that the human or thecomputer was going to negatively evaluate them. Those who thought they weretalking to a computer said no, the others said yes.卢卡斯表示,几乎在所有情况下,被告知与电脑沟通的参与者都会披露更多信息。她随后询问参与者,他们是否感觉自己被对方评判,或者是否担心屏幕后面的人或电脑会对自己作出负面评价。被告知与电脑沟通的人给出了否定回答,其他人则给出了肯定回答。 /201605/440830

  Just wanna let you know that the past 10 years have been one long experiment. 只是想让你知道,过去的10 十年是一个长时间的实验。I#39;m not a pusher and the drugs I#39;ve sold you are all placebos ... Interesting, right?I hope it makes it into my PHD! 我不是一个推销员,我卖给你的药物都是安慰剂。很有趣,对吧?我希望它能进入我的士课题中! /201606/449440Carbohydrates have largely been shunned by the health-conscious in recent years but certain kinds do not actually cause weight gain, research has indicated.研究表明:近年来,有健康意识的人很大程度上都避免摄入碳水化合物,但实际上有些碳水化合物并不会导致我们的体重增加。Known as resistant starches, they naturally occur in certain carbohydrate-rich foods such as beans and legumes, whole grains and even rice and potatoes.抗性淀粉存在于天然食品中,如大豆、豆类蔬菜、全谷物、甚至是大米和土豆等富含碳水化合物的食物当中。The Dukan and Atkins diets, both hugely popular, limit intake to little to no carbohydrates in their initial stages and have contributed to their bad reputation.Dukan和Atkins饮食减肥法十分火爆,在第一阶段对碳水化合物的摄入量有所限制,从很少到不摄入,因此声名不好。But consultant dietician Rebecca McManamon, from the British Dietetic Association, said carbs were an important part of our food intake and urged caution over reducing them too drastically.但英国饮食协会的咨询营养师Rebecca McManamon认为碳水化合物是食物摄入的重要一部分,并警告人们不要过多的减少碳水化合物的摄入量。;You will achieve weight loss in the short term but it is not sustainable,; she said.“短期内你的体重可能会减轻,但这并不是可持续的,”她说道。;Carbohydrates per se will not make us gain weight. Certain fibres that we get from carbohydrates can be of benefit to us.;“碳水化合物本身并不会让我们增重。我们从碳水化合物中获得的一些纤维素还能对我们有利。”Where people go wrong, Ms McManamon said, is with “portion distortion”.McManamon女士说道,人们理解错的是“配额失真”这个问题。“The portions that we are presented with in restaurants are often bigger than we require,” she explained.“通常,餐馆里所呈现给我们的碳水化合物比我们所需求的多很多,”她解释道。Resistant starches get their name because they resist digestion – and pass through our body differently to their refined counterparts.由于抗性淀粉拒绝消化,因为获得了名声——抗性淀粉流动到了我们的体内,流动方式与精制碳水化合物截然不同。Unripe bananas, some seeds and brown rice flour also contain them.未成熟的香蕉、一些种子以及糙米粉也含有抗性淀粉。Dietitian Sian Porter says carbohydrates are such a broad category and people should know that they are not all the same.营养师Sian Porter说道,碳水化合物是一个十分广泛的范畴,人们应该知道不是所有的碳水化合物都是一样的。She said: ;It is the type and quantity of carbohydrate in our diet that is important.她说道:“饮食中碳水化合物的种类和质量才是我们应该关注的重点。”;While we should reduce the amount of sugar in our diet, we should base our meals on starchy carbs. There is strong evidence that fibre, found in whole grain versions of starchy carbs for example, is good for our health.”“虽然我们应该减少饮食中糖的摄入,但我们的饮食也应该基于淀粉类碳化物。例如,已有据足以表明在全谷物类别淀粉类碳化物中发现的纤维对我们的身体健康十分有益。”According to the NHS, “about half of your daily calorie intake should come from starchy foods, fruit and vegetables”.根据英国国家医疗务体系的人员所述,“每天的卡路里摄入量应该有一半来自于淀粉类碳化物、水果和蔬菜”。Certain foods even develop resistant starches when left to cool – including pasta, potato and white rice.有些食物冷却后会自发形成抗性淀粉——包括意大利面、土豆和白米饭。Professor Paul Arciero, an expert in health and exercise sciences at New York#39;s Skidmore College, conducted a study into exploring resistant starches as a healthy food for people with type-2 diabetes.Paul Arciero是纽约斯基德莫尔学院健康和锻炼科学的专家,他开展了一项研究以探索对于2型糖尿病的人来说,淀粉类碳化物是否对他们有益。He told Time: “After you eat a meal that’s principally carbohydrate, the fact that your body can burn a greater percentage of fat as its energy source is very unusual.”他对《时代》杂志说道:“当你吃了一顿主要是碳水化合物的食物之后,因为其能量源非比寻常,因而事实上会燃烧体内更多的卡路里。”译文属 /201608/463380

  It seems odd to combine these two beloved interior themes. After all, the industrial style has a knack of exposing structures such as pipes and beams for a raw, unfinished look while the minimalist school of thought has the aim of burying excessive details for a clean and refined aesthetic. But because both themes strive to be fuss-free, the result of blending them can still be a home unlike any other. Here’s how to build a minimalist-industrial look.将这两种深爱的内部主题结合起来似乎有点奇怪。毕竟,工业风格的巧妙之处在于其展现出来的结构,例如管道和梁呈现出来的原始的、未完成的样子,然而极简抽象派艺术的目标是掩盖干净与精致美感的过分细节。但是因为两个主题尽量避免不伦不类,这两者的结合仍然能够呈现出与其他家装不同的风格。下面来看一下如何将家里装修成极简抽象派艺术与工业艺术相结合的样子。1. Go back to basics with your floor回归到楼层的基础元素A major feature of the industrial style is concrete screed flooring, better known as the material lining the ground of your HDB void deck and corridors. Rough on its own, it’s usually topped off with a concrete sealer to make its surface smoother and prevent dirt from being trapped in its pores while preserving the distressed look it’s valued for. The material is still relatively prone to wear and tear, so don’t be alarmed if you spot hairline cracks appearing over time.工业风格的一个主要特点就是混凝土的平整地面,一般都认为除了阳台和走廊之外,混凝土是铺在建屋发展局建造的房子地面的最好材料。混凝土本身很粗糙,混凝土的表面一般会铺上一层混凝土密封剂来使表面更加光滑,阻止尘埃堵塞在孔洞之中,还能保护其本身很重要的粗糙外观。这种材料相对还是比较容易磨损和开裂的,所以当你看到一段时间以后出现的裂缝的时候,也不要担心。2. Keep the tones neutral2.保持各种色调的中立A black and white colour scheme isn’t highly sought after just because of how timeless it is, but also because of how well it pairs with the understated appeal of minimalism. But don’t be afraid to create your own interpretation of the style with other colours – as long as the hues are kept neutral. In the example above, the white wall is playfully grinded into to create an ivory backdrop that’s in equal parts raw and nuanced. It’s further proof that the ideals of both styles can co-exist.黑白搭配的颜色并不是非常推荐的,只是因为这种颜色总是一成不变的,但也是因为这种色调与极简抽象派艺术推崇的低调朴素太一致了。但是也不要害怕用其他颜色来创造出自己喜爱的风格——只要元素控制在中等程度即可。在上述的例子中,白色的墙面上就像是孩子做游戏一样涂抹镶嵌成为乳白色的背景,这一背景的粗糙与微妙之处相对等。这就进一步明两种风格在理想状态下市可以共存的。 /201606/4517256. This sugary mess:这一堆乱糟糟的糖:;It takes talent to make a Pinterest-inspired cupcake turn out like what was made on the right. It was actually still raw, even after accidentally cooking it for 10 extra minutes, although it did explode everywhere.;“要把Pinterest网站上的纸杯蛋糕做成右图那样是需要天赋的,虽然炸得到处都是,但甚至在我意外多烤了10分钟之后它其实还是生的。”7. These burnt, giant, fluffy pancakes:这些烤糊的松软大薄饼:;We tried making those giant, fluffy pancakes with a rice cooker that we kept seeing on Pinterest. The edges became *slightly* burnt…;“我们试着用电饭煲做那种大的、松软的薄饼,我们一直在Pinterest网上看到做这个的,结果边‘有点’糊了……”8. These scary deviled-egg chicks:这些吓人的魔鬼蛋小鸡:;My mom tried to make deviled-egg chicks for Easter, as depicted in the first picture, but they turned out very wrong.;“我妈妈试着为复活节准备魔鬼蛋小鸡,就像第一幅图那样的,但结果却大相径庭。”9. These rainbow ;heart; cookies:虹“心形”饼干:;My girlfriend and I tried to make rainbow heart cookies. Instead, we made awkward pride flag cookies… Oops.;“女朋友和我试着做虹心形饼干,结果却做成了很丑的虹旗饼干……哎。”10. These, um, interesting macarons:这些是……嗯……有趣的马卡龙:;My wannabe French macarons.;“我差点就做成功的法式马卡龙。” /201606/451434



  Albert einstein is perhaps the world#39;s greatest scientist. The Nobel Prize winner, who solved the riddle of the photoelectric effect and proposed the general theory of relativity, died on April 18, 1955, aged 76 after laying the foundation of modern physics and changing mankind#39;s views on space, time, mass, and energy. But did you know he was obsessed by fried eggs? That#39;s one of 10 quirky things about the man behind the famous equation e mc 2 that we learn from the book einstein at Home, which will be published in english in May 2016 for the first time. The book contains five interviews conducted by scientist Friedrich Herneck with Herta Waldow, nee Schiefelbein, who was the live-in housekeeper of einstein in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district of Berlin for six years.阿尔伯特#8226;爱因斯坦可能是世界上最伟大的科学家。他是诺贝尔奖得主,破解了光电效应的谜题,提出了广义相对论,奠定了现代物理学的基础,改变了人类对空间、时间、质量和能量的认识。他于1955年4月18日逝世,享年76岁。但是,你知道他对煎蛋非常痴迷吗?我们也是从《爱因斯坦的家庭生活》这本书知道的。这个提出著名等式e mc 2的科学家有10个癖好,都收录在这本书中。此书的英文版将于2016年5月第一次出版。书中还收录了科学家弗里德里希#8226;赫尔内克对赫塔#8226;沃尔多(娘家姓席费尔拜因)女士的五次采访,沃尔多女士曾经在爱因斯坦位于柏林夏洛滕堡-威尔默斯多夫区的家中当了六年的住家管家。The mad hair came on the cheap凌乱的头发是省钱省出来的einstein#39;s second wife was his cousin elsa Loewenthal. elsa could not persuade einstein to pay for a barber so she would cut his hair herself. Waldow recalled: ;When his hair was too long, when it was beyond the pale, elsa would cut off his hair with scissors and he was willing to put up with it. As well as his disheveled hair, elsa also trimmed the great scientist#39;s moustache.爱因斯坦的第二任妻子是他的堂艾尔莎#8226;洛文塔尔。艾尔莎没法劝爱因斯坦,让他花钱找理发师理发,只能自己给他剪。沃尔多回忆说:“当他的头发长得太长,长得让人无法忍受时,艾尔莎就会拿剪子给他剪头发,他也愿意让她这么剪。除了修剪凌乱的头发,艾尔莎还会给这个大科学家刮胡子。He made his shoes last他的鞋寿命很长Penny-pinching seems to have been a thing in the einstein household - a seven-room apartment. Waldow, who was the housekeeper from 1927-1933, said that he was always short of cash and his wife was very penny pinching. He wore shoes with holes in them, even if they were no longer watertight. ;He would wear them until it was no longer possible.; She said his favourite footwear was sandals. No wonder he kept a sign up in his office in later life in Princeton that said: ;Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.;爱因斯坦住的公寓有七间屋子,节俭似乎是他家的主题。沃尔多在1927-1933年间在这里当管家,她说爱因斯坦手头总是很紧,他的妻子也非常节俭。他的鞋有破洞了,甚至都不防水了,他还在穿。“他要把它们穿到实在穿不了了为止。”她说他最喜欢穿的鞋就是凉鞋。怪不得他晚年在普林斯顿大学的办公室里挂着一句话:“不是所有有价值的都可以被计算,不是所有能计算的都有价值。”He really was an egghead (especially fried eggs )他真是鸡蛋(特别是炒鸡蛋)爱好者Waldow had to deliver fried eggs and scrambled eggs almost every day for his breakfast. There were eggs for breakfast, usually fried. There was also a lot of honey, which we bought by the pail, brought by a beekeeper. ;Herr Professor always ate fried eggs, at least two.; They bought their fresh eggs from an elderly Jewish man. ;Dear me, he was so grubby!; Waldow said. einstein also enjoyed mushrooms with his eggs. ;He would probably have eaten mushrooms three times a day, that#39;s how fond he was of them.;沃尔多几乎每天都给他送煎蛋和炒蛋当早餐。早餐的鸡蛋通常是煎的,里面还加了很多蜂蜜。蜂蜜是从一个养蜂人那里一桶一桶买来的。“教授先生总是吃煎蛋,一次至少吃两个。”他们的鲜鸡蛋是从一个老犹太人那里买的。“天呐,那个卖蜂蜜的可邋遢了!”沃尔多说,爱因斯坦还喜欢在鸡蛋里加蘑菇。“他几乎一天吃三顿蘑菇,他就是这么喜欢。” /201604/440182



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