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成都哪里的口腔科好成都牙科医院隐形牙套价格36 In a hotel(2)第36课 在旅馆里(2)A traveler is checking into a hotel.一名旅客正在办理住宿登记。R: Heres your key. Check out time is 12 noon. If you want to stay until 6 p.m., its another half day. After that you have to pay for another night.接待员:这是您的钥匙。退房时间是中午12:OO。如果您想住到下午6:00,就得算另外半天的费用。6:30之后您得付另一个晚上的费用。T: Okay. When is your restaurant open?旅客:好的,你们的餐厅几点开?R: Its open from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.接待员:每天从早上6:30到晚上10:00。T: Okay, thank you. Which way to the room?旅客:好的,谢谢你。到房间的路怎么走?R: Its that way, on the second floor.接待员:在那边,二楼。T: Thanks.旅客:谢谢。 /201504/367472达州市中西医结合医院治疗地包天隐形矫正怎么样好吗 in a hurry 急忙地in a rush 匆匆忙忙地例句:Im in a hurry,so come to the point.我很忙,所以直说吧。he put on his clothes in a hurry.他匆忙地穿上衣。You make mistakes if you do things in a hurry.如果你匆匆忙忙做事,就会出差错。背景音乐:Joyce Jonathan—Je Ne Sais pas更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201607/455389成都市哪里看牙齿最好

成都中医药大学附属医院直丝弓自锁隐形矫正多少钱讲解文本:wear ones heart on ones sleeve 十分坦率 ,坦诚,表露感情She always wears her heart on her sleeve, everyone knows whats on her mind.她对感情从不掩饰,每个人都知道她在想什么。Its easy to get hurt, if you wear your heart on your sleeve.过于坦白自己的感情,难免让你受伤。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201703/495213川北医学院附属医院治疗地包天隐形矫正怎么样好吗 Maria: So Alex we were talking about what I would like to change about myself so I was wondering what would you like to change about, for example, appearance?玛丽亚:亚历克斯,我们之前聊了我想改变的地方,现在我想知道你想有什么改变,比如你想怎么改变你的外表?Alex: For me Ive actually had some fun changing my appearance in the past. I have had the craziest hair colors. At one point I was pink, purple and red at the same time. Everything at the same time. Ive done everything that I can think of, except green, I dont think green is an appropriate hair color, but I guess in the near future I think Id want to probably lose about five or six kilos, mainly not so much because of appearance but it will also help me live about ten years longer which would be lovely.亚历克斯:我以前很喜欢改变外表。我染过最疯狂的发色。我曾经把头发染成粉色、紫色和红色三个颜色。同时有这三种颜色。除了绿色,我尝试过我能想到的各种发色,因为我觉得绿色不太适合做发色,我想不久之后我可能会减掉五六公斤,主要原因并不是我想改变外表,而是这将帮助我多活十年,这多美好啊。Maria: As they say.玛丽亚:按俗话说。Alex: Yes, as they say. At the moment, you know Im going to the gym and trying to get that happen. I wish I was a little bit taller, honestly, just a little bit. Im probably the average height in Australia and I dont know I think being a bit taller would be good. Yeah, I think thats probably about it. Id also, you know everyone wants that body that you can go out to on the beach, right?亚历克斯:对,按俗话说。你知道现在我正在健身房锻炼,努力让自己瘦下来。说实话,我希望我的个子再高一些。在澳大利亚我的身高算平均水平,我想要是再高一些就好了。可能是因为在去海滩的时候,所有人都想要那种身材,对吧?Maria: The beach body?玛丽亚:沙滩身材?Alex: The beach body and have the abs. I dont think Ill ever get abs because my descendents, my lineage is French and Irish and theyre not really known for being abs types. If I was Brazilian, no problem, but the Irish in me makes me more probably rotund, lets say round, than anything else. More like a rugby player than a surfer.亚历克斯:沙滩身材,有腹肌。我想因为遗传原因,我可能练不出腹肌,我有法国和爱尔兰血统,他们并不是那种典型的腹肌身材。如果我有巴西血统,那肯定没问题,可是爱尔兰血统让我的身材是圆胖的。我看起来更像是橄榄球运动员,而不是冲浪运动员。Maria: You werent blessed with the red hair but you did get the physique.玛丽亚:你虽然没有遗传一头红发,但是你遗传了体格。Alex: Im kind of glad for not the red hair. People get teased for that.亚历克斯:其实没有遗传到红发,我是高兴的。人们经常因为红发而被嘲笑。Maria: I heard.玛丽亚:我听到过。Alex: Yeah.亚历克斯:对。Maria: Poor gingers. What about character, like what about your personality?玛丽亚:可怜的家伙。那性格呢,你的性格是怎样的?Alex: I wish that sometimes I had the, lets say the strength to cut some people out when they have become kind of a bit of a drag, lets say. I wish, sometimes I wish I wasnt so, like I could be a bit more sensible honestly. I can get very, very, very silly so and kind of take things that are not too seriously. School, you know, I find it very, very difficult to like keep going at like at a good pace. I tend to sort of flow in and out of being serious about that. I think steady would be a good thing, I think for me for that.亚历克斯:有时我希望我能有那种能力,当有人成为拖累的时候,我可以和他们断绝关系。说实话,有时我希望我能更理智一些。我的行为可能会非常非常愚蠢,对待事情不太认真。比如上学这件事,我发现很难调整好节奏。我有时会很认真,有时就不那么认真。我认为保持稳定是件好事,对我来说我希望能保持稳定。Maria: Yeah.玛丽亚:好。 译文属 /201610/471093成都拔智齿价钱

乐山市红十字会医院直丝弓自锁隐形矫正多少钱 Exercise 1-4:Sentence Intonation TestPause the CD and underline or highlight the words that you think should be stressed.Check Answer Key, beginning on page 193 1. Sam sees Bill. 11. He sees him. 2. She wants one. 12. Mary wants a car. 3. Betty likes English. 13. She likes it. 4. They play with them. 14. They eat some. 5. Children play with toys. 15. Len and Joe eat some pizza. 6. Bob and I call you and Bill. 16. We call you. 1. You and Bill the news. 17. You it. 8. It tells one. 18. The news tells a story. 9. Bernard works in a restaurant. 19. Mark lived in France. 10. He works in one. 20. He lived there. /201502/360212成都纯钛烤瓷牙价格成都透明陶瓷托槽牙套医院



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