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成都全口种植牙收费广元市中心医院口腔修复口腔正畸怎么样好吗A construction firm based in Dubai has announced plans to build the world first 3D-printed skyscraper.迪拜一家建筑公司日前宣布,他们将建造世界上第一栋3D打印的天大厦The company, called Cazza, has confirmed that it will be erected in the ed Arab Emirates. It says it will use a new technique called ;crane printing; to create the building.这家名叫Cazza的公司,已经确认该大厦将被矗立在阿拉伯联合酋长国据悉,建造这栋大厦将会用到一种叫做“起重机打印”的新技术;When we first thought of implementing 3D printing technologies, we were mostly thinking of houses and low-rise buildings,; Cazza CEO Chris Kelsey told Construction Week Online.Cazza公司CEO克里斯·凯尔西向《建筑周刊透露:“我们最初考虑3D打印技术时,主要想的是低层建筑”;Developers kept asking us if it was possible to build a 3D printed skyscraper. This led us to begin researching how we could adapt the technologies taller structures.;“但开发商老是问我们能不能建一座3D打印的天大楼于是我们开始了研究如何改善3D打印技术以适应高层建筑的结构”Buildings have been 3D-printed bee, with the key benefits being low costs and speedy completion.之前使用3D打印技术建造的建筑,有一个关键性的优点就是低成本且高效率;Through our technologies, we will be able to build architecturally complex buildings at never-bee seen speeds,; added Mr Kelsey. ;It is all about economies of scale where the initial high technology costs will reduce as we enter the mass-production phase.;“通过我们的技术,我们将会以前所未见的速度建造从建筑学来看十分复杂的建筑,”克里斯补充道“当我们进入批量生产阶段时,初始的高科技科研的费用将会减少,这完全是由于规模经济的结果”Cazza is yet to disclose the building planned height or any commencement or completion dates, but the Encyclopedia Britannica describes a skyscraper as a building ;of unusual height, generally greater than 0 or 50 stories;.Cazza公司至今没有透露这栋建筑的计划高度或者任何开工与完工的数据,但是大不列颠百科全书将天大楼描述为一栋“拥有不寻常的高度,通常高于四十或五十层”的建筑 958雅安牙齿不齐牙齿美白价格 A joint venture of two Chinese companies has won the bid to build the world tallest twin towers in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, reports thepaper.cn.据《澎湃新闻报道,两家中国公司的合资企业已经赢得了在柬埔寨首都金边建立世界最高双子大厦的投标The twin towers will be 560 meters high with 3 floors.这座双子大厦高度将达到560米,共3层The bid amount is around .7 billion US dollars, and the duration of the contract is tentatively fixed at 60 months.据悉,投标总金额约为7亿美元,合同期限暂定为60个月According to a statement of the bid winner, the twin tower project will be located in a high-class area in the Phnom Penh city center.根据中标者的一份声明表示,该双子大厦项目将位于金边市中心的高级地区The project will include commercial areas, offices, residential areas, exhibition halls, hotels, as well as a -floor underground parking lot.该项目将包括商业区、办公室、住宅区、展厅、酒店,以及一个层的地下停车场It will span an area of over 1.5 million square meters and will be the largest world trade center in Southeast Asia.该双子大厦占地将超过0万平方米,将成为东南亚最大的世贸中心The current tallest twin towers in the world are the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has 88 floors and is 5 meters high.当前世界上最高的双子大厦位于马来西亚吉隆坡,共88层,高5米 90邛崃纯钛烤瓷牙怎么样

成都镶满口牙多少钱本文选自Desperate《绝望的主妇,欢迎大家来此做客Bree: How many nannies did you interview?Lynette: Ten. Ten! Each one more incompetent than the last. One actually asked me—here you go—if she was expected to change diapers.Bree: Oh, good nannies are so hard to find.Lynette: Yeah, that's why I was hoping to take advantage of your expertise.Bree: Oh, Lord, what do you want me to do?Lynette: All your rich friends have nannies. A-list nannies. I need to catch one—here you go—without their bosses.Bree: Why?Lynette: So I can poach me one.Bree: Lynette...Lynette: Look, at my old job, we didn't wait good people to come to us. We went out and raided other companies. I don't see why it should be different when you're hiring a nanny.Bree: I understand that good help is hard to find, but stealing a family's name is so...unseemly.Lynette: I'm not twisting anyone's arm. If I make a better offer, why shouldn't a qualified person reap the benefits? So come on ...where can I score some high grade nanny?重点讲解:a-list:adj. 最好的,极好的,一流的poach: vt. 挖走(人员等),盗用raid:vt. 突袭本意是“突然袭击,搜索”,在这里指Lynette的公司出其不意地到别的公司挖墙脚twist sb.'s arm:劝说,强迫,生拉硬拽,施加压力,采取强制手段reap the benefits:获得好处 770成都医学院第一附属医院黄黑牙烟渍牙价格 A: Could you help me?你能帮助吗?B: What happened?怎么了?A: Irsquo;m locked out of my apartment.我把自己锁在公寓外面了B: What did you do to lock yourself out?你做什么了把自己锁在公寓外面?A: I have no idea.我也不知道B: You donrsquo;t have your key?你没有钥匙吗?A: Itrsquo;s inside of my apartment.在我的公寓里面B: I have a key to your apartment.我有你公寓的钥匙A: Could I borrow it just a second?我能借用一会儿吗?B: All right. Bring it back when yoursquo;re done.好的一旦你用完就把要是还回来A: Great, thanks a lot.好的,谢谢你B: I hope yoursquo;ll be more careful next time.我希望你下次小心点成都烤瓷牙多少钱

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