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How Often Should You Switch Jobs?With unemployment at a 26-year high as the grinding downturn wears on, many people are being forced into job changes─if they're lucky enough to find new jobs. But for those still employed and managing their careers, there's a perennial question: How often should you change jobs?During the recent boom, it was common to hear advice that frequent jobs changes were the way to take advantage of the fast-moving economy, maximize personal opportunities and use leverage to get pay raises. Long over were the days of professional loyalty employees to employers, and vice versa when people clocked life-long careers at the same company. The career adviser and blogger Penelope Trunk, for example, counseled her ers in 2007 that 'staying in one job forever is today's recipe for career suicide.''At the beginning of one's career, it is nearly impossible to find something right without trying a bunch of options,' Ms. Trunk wrote. 'After that, you will experience more personal growth from changing jobs frequently than staying in one job for extended periods of time. And if you change jobs frequently you build an adaptable skill set and a wide network which are the keys to being able to find a job whenever you need to.'All of that advice might well remain apt today, but the recession has changed the calculus for many workers. Alison Green, a staffing manager at a nonprofit, wrote earlier this year in a guest post on a U.S. News amp; World Report blog that a clear-eyed assessment of the possible downsides is crucial in changing jobs in this environment.'Obviously, it would be silly to say people should never change jobs in a bad economy,' Ms. Green wrote. 'Maybe you can find your dream job, or a way out of a career sinkhole, or a financial windfall. But if there was ever a time to proceed with some extra caution and not leap rashly, it's now.'Indeed, in more recent advice on her blog, Penelope Trunk answers the question 'How can I change careers without taking a pay cut?' this way: 'You cannot change careers without taking a pay cut. It is childish to ask this question. So stop asking it. Instead, live below your means so you are not a slave to your career choice.'Ultimately, as with so many aspects of the juggle, it's all about determining what works best for you. For my part, I've worked here at the Journal for about nine years, albeit in three different positions. In that time, my wife has had five stints at four organizations. While no situation is perfect, we're both fulfilled and growing professionally.What's your take on the right pace of job or career changes? Have your views changed with the downturn? How often have you switched positions, either within the same company or at different employers? /09/84057。

Part 3 Conversations第三部分 会话练习1.Id like to rent a car.1.我想租车Victor: Id like to rent a car.维克多:我想租一辆车Car Rental: May I see your driver license, please?租车行:请出示你的驾照好吗?Victor: Here is my international driver license. What kinds of cars do you have?维克多:我的国际驾照在这里你们都有什么车?Car Rental: We have Honda, Citroen and Toyota. Which make and model do you prefer?租车行:我们有本田、雪铁龙和丰田的车你想要哪一种?Victor: Ill take the Citroen C. What is the rate the car per day?维克多:那我要租雪铁龙C租金一天多少?Car Rental: The price is 60 euro per day. Do you want insurance?租车行:一天60欧元你要不要保险?Victor: Full coverage, please.维克多:我要加全险Car Rental: That an extra euro a day.租车行:那一天要多加欧元Victor: Do I have to fill up when I check in?维克多:我还车的时候需要把油加满吗?Car Rental: Yes.租车行:是的.The car isnt running smoothly..车子开起来不太顺Anna: The car isnt running smoothly. Id like to have a look at it.安娜:车子开起来不大对劲我想检查一下Victor: What the matter with it?维克多:出了什么毛病?Anna: Im not sure. It could be the tires. Let stop here.安娜:不清楚有可能是轮胎出问题,我们先在这里停一下Victor: How about the tires?维克多:轮胎怎么样?Anna: Nothing serious. The right one needs some air.安娜:没什么大问题右边轮胎需要充气 393。

话题 确认机票确认机票是非常关键的,特别是在电子商务盛行的今天,如果是网上订票,一定要在正规的旅游网站或航空网站上订票,严格照步骤进行,如果是电话预订,预订后最好致电确认机票日期和航班英语情景会话A: Reservation Center, Global Airlines. Can I help you?A:全球航空公司订座中心能帮您吗?B: Yes. Im coming to confirm my ticker.B:是的,我来电确认机票A: May I have your name,please?A:请问您叫什么名字?B: My name is Li Lin, In fact,I have a reservation on Flight No.9 London, leaving New York at :00 p.m. tomorrow. Now Id like to make a change of my travel schedule. Is it possible to change my booking to the day after tomorrow?B:我叫李林我事先已订了明天飞往伦敦的9次航班机票,下午点离开纽约可现在我想改变一下旅行日程能不能将我的订票改到后天?A:Certainly, madam.A:当然可以,太太B: Do you have a seat available on the same flight the day after tomorrow?B:后天同次航班有座吗?A: Yes,madam.You are reconfirmed on Flight No. 9 London, leaving New York at :00 p,m. on October 5.A:有,太太,您已重新确认月5H飞往伦敦的9次航班机票,离开纽约的时间为下午点钟其他常用英语口语表达May I have your passport and ticket confirmation number, please?请给我您的护照和机票确认码好吗?Do I have to confirm my plane reservation?我必须确认我预订的机票吗?If you confirm ticket as soon as, notify us immediately你们的机票一经确认,立即通知我们Flight ticket is confirmed in the ticket center.确认机票南票务中心完成Id like to re-confirm my ticket.我想再确认一次我的机票You should confirm your tickets 7 hours bee you leave Paris.你们应该在离开巴黎前7小时确认机票常用英语词汇表达notify 通知confirm 确认travel schedule 旅行日程reservation 预订ticket center 票务中心reconfirm 重新确认 8。

U.S., Russia Set Arms Treaty Goals摘要:美国总统奥巴马和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫周一达成框架协议,将把双方的战略核武器削减至多三分之一,但他们还面临着一系列困扰双边关系的棘手问题需要解决。U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev reached a framework agreement Monday to cut their strategic nuclear arsenals by as much as a third, but they left open a host of issues vexing U.S.-Russian relations.The two heads of state had a 'very useful and very open, businesslike conversation' -- as Mr. Medvedev put it -- on issues from Iran to Georgia to missile defense. Still, after a four-hour session, the leaders made it clear Mr. Obama has work to do to smooth over tensions when he delivers what aides call a major speech Tuesday to the Russian people on democracy, open society and the two countries' difficult relationship.'We've had some frank discussions, and there are some areas where we still disagree,' Mr. Obama said, singling out Georgia, where tensions remain high after last year's war. As the presidents met Monday, Russian troops, tanks and warplanes conducted massive live-fire exercises just across the border from Georgia.Still, the summit met the U.S. goal of fixing numerical targets for a nuclear arms reduction treaty that negotiators hope to conclude by Dec. 5. That is when the governing Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty expires. Under the agreement, deployed nuclear warheads targeted at each country would be reduced to between 1,500 and 1,675 over seven years from the current ceiling of 2,200. The cut is in line with negotiators' initial targets.Nuclear weapons delivery systems would be reduced to between 500 and 1,100 from the current ceiling of 1,600. That wide gap reflects continued division over four U.S. Trident submarines, the entire U.S. B-1 bomber fleet and dozens of B-52s that have been either converted to release conventional weapons use or mothballed. The Russians want such 'phantom' nuclear delivery systems counted under the treaty's ceiling, further limiting active U.S. nuclear weapons launchers. Washington wants them ignored. /07/76776。

The ed Nations says a boat evacuating as many as 150 Rohingya Muslim refugees has capsized off the coast of western Burma, as tens of thousands scramble to leave low-lying refugee camps in preparation for an incoming cyclone.联合国说,一艘疏散多50名罗兴亚穆斯林难民的船只在缅甸西部海岸外海倾覆。与此同时,成千上万的人为了躲避即将登陆的飓风,正匆忙逃离低洼地区的难民营。The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said Tuesday a boat towing two other boats struck rocks near Pauktaw township in Burmas Rakhine state. It said an unknown number of people were missing, with many feared dead.联合国人道事务协调办公室星期二说,一艘拖着另外两只船的船在缅甸的诺开邦帕科塔乌镇触礁后翻覆,失踪人数不详,但很多人恐怕已经丧生。The incident happened Monday, as the refugees were being moved to what the U.N. office called ;other Muslim host communities; in that part of Burma.这次事件发生在星期一,当时这些难民们正被运往联合国办公室所说的缅甸那个地区的“其他穆斯林社区”。Aid agencies continue to warn of a possible humanitarian disaster that could result from heavy flooding and mudslides when tropical Cyclone Mahasen hits the coast of western Burma and Bangladesh late Wednesday.救援机构继续警告说,在热带飓风“马哈森”星期三晚间登陆缅甸西部海岸和孟加拉国时,特大洪水和泥石流可能会引发人道主义灾难。Most at risk are the tens of thousands of people, mostly Rohingya Muslims, living in squalid refugee camps in flood-prone areas of Rakhine. They were displaced following Buddhist-Muslim violence last year that killed nearly 200 people.目前处境最危险的是居住在诺开邦洪水易发地区肮脏难民营的成千上万的难民,其中大多数是罗兴亚穆斯林。这些人在去年导致近200人丧生的佛教徒和穆斯林的暴力事件后无家可归。来 /201305/239861。

第一句:Im in trouble.我有麻烦了A: What up?怎么了?B: Im in trouble. My car has broken down.我有麻烦了,我的车坏了第二句:I am in a fix.我陷入困境了A: I am in a fix.我陷入困境了B: What the matter?怎么了?A: My car was running out of gas, but there is no gas, but there is no gas station around here.我的车快没有油了,可这儿附近没有加油站B: Let ask the pass-by cars help.让我们求助过往车辆吧陷入困境的相关表达法还有:Im stock. 我卡住了如若进一步表示事情的难办,则可以说:That difficult. 那太难了或者说:That too tough. 太难办了I have to give it up. 我不得不放弃 03。

必背句型:A:The death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.死刑减成终身监禁B:The life imprisonment is not satisfactory.终身监禁不能令人满意The life imprisonment is far from being satisfactory.终身监禁不能令人满意The life imprisonment is not to our satisfaction.终身监禁不能令人满意The fragrance is not satisfactory.香味不能令人满意延伸阅读:A:He wants to extent the time to solve it.他想要延长时间来解决B:It was a waste of eft.那只是白费力气That a waste of time.那只是白费力气My eft was wasted.我的努力白费了All my eft went down the drain.我所有的努力都白费了 69。