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四川省做洗牙大概用多少钱成都不带牙套怎么矫正牙齿Topped with red tomato, white mozzarella and green basil, The Margherita, one of the pillars in the Neapolitan pizza family, was designed to bring to mind the colors of the Italian national flag.那不勒斯披萨家族的当家之作——玛格丽特披萨,以红番茄、白干酪、和绿色的罗勒为馅料。这种馅料的颜色搭配旨在让人联想到意大利国旗。Italy, the birthplace of Neapolitan pizza, has been trying to draw the world’s attention to its fading pizza culture. Xinhua News Agency reported that Italy has filed an application requesting to put this pizza on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List.意大利正是那不勒斯披萨的发源地。在那里,日渐衰退的披萨文化正在努力引起全世界的关注。据新华社报道,意大利已经提出申请,希望将那不勒斯披萨列入联合国教科文组织非物质文化遗产。Naples, located in Italy’s south, supposedly invented the dish back in the 1700s. With its unique artistic value as well as its cultural heritage, the Neapolitan not only sets the standard for what a good pizza is, but also represents the pizza culture of Italy.那不勒斯坐落在意大利南部,据推测,其披萨的制作历史可追溯到18世纪。那不勒斯人民凭借独特的艺术美感和文化传承,不仅为好披萨定下了标准,更代表了意大利披萨文化。Hand-crafted art出自双手的艺术As chefs the world over focus on artisanal cooking, the culinary skills behind the Neapolitan pizza have gained even greater value and distinction.由于世界各地的厨师十分关注手工艺烹饪,那不勒斯披萨的烹饪技巧因此更具价值,也备受赞誉。Unlike with most mass-produced pizzas, preparing a Neapolitan requires pizza makers follow an exact formula and be skillful in spinning the pizza dough. Additionally, pizza makers should include natural Neapolitan yeast and extra virgin olive oil in the dough preparation process.不同于批量生产的披萨,制作那不勒斯披萨需要遵循精准的配方,要想用手将披萨饼胚在半空中旋转起来也要掌握特殊的技巧。此外,披萨饼师傅还需要天然的那不勒斯酵母与特级初榨橄榄油来发面和面。To ensure their products are quality, pizza makers bake their pies in ovens fired by oak wood to bake dough that has fermented for 24 hours, ensuring each Neapolitan pizza has an elastic, crispy and tender crust and aromatic toppings.为了确保披萨的质量,师傅们将生面团发酵24小时后再放入烤箱,并用橡木火烘焙。这样,每一个那不勒斯披萨才能面饼筋道、外皮酥脆香嫩,馅料芳香可口。Pizza culture披萨文化Immigrants brought Italian pizza to US shores in the late 19th century. Since then, it has gradually turned into a fast-food business staple.十九世纪晚期,意大利披萨随着移民传入北美。自此,渐渐走上了快餐主食的道路。Last year the B estimated that there were more than 40 million Americans who consumed pizza on any given day. But there are fundamental differences between Italian pizza and its better-known American counterpart.据B去年的估算,在美国,披萨每天的购买量已超过四千万人次。但意式披萨与这种大家熟知的美式披萨有着天壤之别。“You have to bear in mind that while in the majority of Italy this [pizza] is an artisanal product, in the US it is more related to ‘junk food’,” European nutritionist Giuseppe Russolillo told the B.欧洲营养学家朱塞佩#8226;鲁索利洛在接受B采访时表示:“大家应该知道大多数意大利披萨都是手工艺作品,而美国的披萨往往是‘垃圾食品’”。Italians view their pizza as a national icon and source of pride. For some, being a pizza maker isn’t frowned upon, but something to be celebrated.意大利人将披萨视为他们的国家标志和骄傲。对一些人来说,成为一名披萨饼师傅没什么不好,而且还更值得庆祝。“In Italy, when you say, ‘Hey, I am a pizza maker,’ it’s a job that’s very respected and very well-paid,” pizza chef Graziano Bertuzzo told NPR. Whereas in the US, he says, it is more common to see “a 17-year-old boy going to a local pizza shop and slapping an apron on and throwing some sauce and cheese on a pizza”.正如披萨厨师格拉齐亚诺#8226;贝尔图左在接受NPR采访时所说:“在意大利,如果你说,‘嗨,我是一名披萨饼师傅,’ 那你正在做着一份受人尊敬且收入颇丰的工作。而在美国,你在披萨店里更常见的是那些拍拍围裙,把果酱和干酪扔在披萨上的十七岁大男孩。” /201506/381501大邑县牙齿修复去哪里医院好 What is a virus?病毒是什么?Influenza. Ebola. The common cold. HIV/AIDS. Measles.流行性感冒,埃拉病毒,普通感冒,艾滋病毒,麻疹。Viruses cause these diseases - and many more. Some are serious. Others, not so much. For better or worse, viruses are part of life.病毒会导致上述疾病,或者更多。有些很严重,有些则不然。不论怎样,病毒都是我们生活中的一部分。It surprises many people to learn that viruses ;live; in us but aren#39;t technically alive. Viruses can replicate only inside the cells of their host. A host can be an animal, plant, bacterium or fungus.要知道病毒虽然寄居在我们身上并不意味着它就是活的,这可能会令很多人大吃一惊。病毒仅在宿主的细胞内进行复制。它的宿主可能是动物、植物,也可能是细菌、真菌等等。Viruses are sometimes confused with another family of germs: bacteria. But viruses are much, much smaller. Think of a virus as a tiny package jacketed in a protein covering. Inside is either DNA or RNA. Each molecule serves as an instruction book. Its genetic information provides instructions that tell a cell what to make and when to make it.通常我们会把病毒与它的另一个家庭成员-细菌混淆,其区别就是病毒小得多多了。病毒身穿蛋白质外套,内含脱氧核糖核酸或核糖核酸。每一个分子充当着一本说明书。其遗传信息为细胞提供指导,告诉他们什么时候该做什么。When a virus infects a cell, it sends that cell a simple message: Make more viruses.当病毒侵入细胞内时,它会给该细胞发送一个简单的信号:复制更多的病毒!In that sense, this virus is a hijacker. It breaks into a cell. Then it makes the cell do its bidding. Eventually, that host cell dies, spewing new viruses to attack more cells. That is how viruses sicken a host.在这个意义上,病毒就变成了一名劫持犯,它闯入细胞,迫使其按指令行事。最终宿主细胞死掉,吐出新病毒攻击更多细胞,这就是病毒入侵细胞的整个过程。(By the way, a computer virus isn#39;t a real virus. It#39;s a type of software, meaning computer instructions. Like a real virus, however, a computer virus can infect - and even hijack - its host computer.)(顺便提一下,电脑病毒不是真正的病毒,他是一种软件,一种计算机指令。然而与真实病菌类似的是,电脑病毒也会入侵主机内部并将其劫持。)The body can rid itself of many viruses on its own. Other viruses may present too big a challenge. Medicines to treat viruses exist. Called antivirals, they work in different ways. Some, for example, block the entry of a virus into a host cell. Others interrupt the virus as it attempts to copy itself.身体可以自行清除许多病毒,但有些病毒表现的像一个巨大挑战。能对抗病毒的药物是存在的,叫做抗病毒药。他们以不同的方式起作用,比如有的会阻止病毒侵入宿主细胞内。有的会中断病毒复制。In general, viruses can be hard to treat. That#39;s because they live inside your cells, which shelter them from medicines. (It#39;s also important to note that antibiotics don#39;t work on viruses.)总之,病毒很难对付,那是因为它们寄生在你的细胞内部,增加了药物使用困难。(还需注意的是抗生素可能不会对病毒起什么作用) /201506/380719A homeless man is fast becoming an internet sensation with his blog of life on the streets of Moscow, it#39;s reported.据报道,一个流浪汉将自己在莫斯科街头的生活制作成视频客后,迅速成为网络热点。Yevgeny Yakut moved to the Russian capital in search of a better life, but soon found himself one of the many homeless people in a city known for its housing shortage and high cost of living. But he thinks he#39;s found a way out. ;I was warming myself in a railway station, when I saw a television report on bloggers making money through advertising,; he tells the TV channel Moscow 360. A young passer-by got chatting to him about the idea, and agreed to be Mr Yakut#39;s cameraman, using a smartphone to record his friend#39;s wittily stoic accounts of the daily struggle to ;find food, a place to sleep, and keep out of the way of the police;.为了寻求更好的生活,尤金·雅库特搬到了俄罗斯首都莫斯科,但不久后他便发现,在莫斯科这样一个以住房紧张和生活成本高而闻名的城市,还有很多和自己一样的流浪汉。不过,他认为自己已经找到出路。他对莫斯科360电视频道表示,“我在一个火车站里取暖的时候,看到了一个关于主通过广告赚钱的电视报道,”一个年轻的路人和他聊起了这个想法,并同意做他的摄影师,用智能手机记录下他日常奋斗的诙谐故事——“觅食,找地方睡觉,还要避让警察”。Mr Yakut shows viewers how he deals with everyday life without a home in central Moscow.雅库特先生向观众呈现了在莫斯科市中心无家可归的他是如何度过每一天的。They upload the regular reports to YouTube, where Mr Yakut is hoping to attract enough subscribers to interest advertisers in his channel. So far, the pair have racked up more than 18,000 subscribers - around half of those since Russian media began reporting his story - and more than 450,000 views.他们定期将视频上传至YouTube,雅库特先生希望借此吸引足够的订阅者,这样就会有广告商有兴趣在他的频道投放广告了。截至目前,他们已经获得了超过1.8万名订阅者,其中有一半左右是在俄罗斯媒体开始报道他的故事后开始关注的,其视频播放量已超过45万。In one Mr Yakut points out free shuttle bus services that he, and others in his position, can use to get around. He also shows viewers the best place he has found to wash and shave - a modern shopping centre bathroom - and how to make use of the items other Muscovites have discarded in the city#39;s bins.在一个视频里,雅库特先生说,他们流浪汉可以通过乘坐免费巴士四处走走。他也向观众展示了他找到的最适合洗漱和刮胡子的地方——一个现代购物中心的卫生间,同时也告诉观众如何把其他莫斯科人扔到垃圾桶的物品利用起来。The popularity of the pair#39;s YouTube channel has impressed -marketer Kirill Kalashnikov, who tells Moscow 360 that with some professional help, ;this could be turned into a million subscribers within a year;. In the meantime, Mr Yakut says supporters can make donations via a Moscow drain pipe, where he hides his cache of dollars in a deposit box fashioned from a soft-drink bottle.他们在YouTube频道上取得的成功让视频营销人员基里尔·卡拉什尼科夫印象深刻,卡拉什尼科夫对莫斯科360频道表示,通过一些专业帮助,“他们的频道可以在一年之内拥有百万订阅者。”同时,雅库特先生说,持者可以通过莫斯科一条排水管给他捐款 ,他在那里放了一个用饮料瓶改造的储蓄盒,里面藏着他攒的美元。 /201506/383228郫县妇幼保健院口腔美容科

甘孜藏族自治州牙科医院哪家好It seems like only yesterday that Beijing had its much-ballyhooed “coming out” party — the 2008 Summer Olympics — but things don’t slow down much in China’s frenetic capital. Aly, the city is eyeing another Olympics bid (it’s one of two finalists for the 2022 Winter Games) and planning a billion airport that is expected to be among the busiest in the world when it opens in 2019. And yet compared with China’s other vertical megacities, Beijing is still a traditionalist at heart. The city may have fantastic new sculptural monuments designed by Zaha Hadid and Rem Koolhaas, but to truly understand Beijing, one has to delve into the remaining hutong neighborhoods — traditional alleyways lined with courtyard homes — and smell the sweet potatoes roasting on coal fires in the winter.喧闹一时的2008年夏季奥运会堪称北京的“登场派对”, 令人记忆犹新,其后,中国狂热的都城亦未曾放慢步伐。这座城市已在进行另一场奥运会申办(它是2022年冬季奥运会的两个终选城市之一),计划投入130亿美元修建新机场,2019年建成后预计会成为世界上最繁忙的机场之一。不过与其他高楼耸立的中国大城市相比,北京从本质上仍是传统的。这座城市虽然拥有扎哈·哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)和雷姆·库哈斯(Rem Koolhaas)等建筑师设计的充满想象力和雕刻感的新大楼,但是要想真正理解它,就必须一头钻进留存下来的胡同里,在这些两边都是四合院的古老小巷里,闻一闻冬日路边碳烤红薯的香味。1. Beads and Incense | 4 p.m.1. 佛珠和香火 | 下午4点In the new Beijing of star-architect towers and gleaming Porsches, the Lama Temple (also known as Yonghe Temple) stands as a reminder of a less material and more spiritual time. Built as a prince’s home in the 17th century, the complex was gradually transformed into a lamasery and is today one of the most active — and colorful — Buddhist temples in the city. Beijingers pray amid gnarled pine trees with burning joss sticks held aloft and shopping bags slung over wrists, while monks offer quiet blessings of beads brought by visitors in hidden corners. Outside the lovely gingko-lined entrance are shops crammed with Buddhist trinkets and incense, the sounds of Tibetan music floating down the street. Admission is 25 renminbi, or about at the rate of 6 renminbi to the dollar.在充满明星建筑师设计的大楼和闪亮保时捷的新北京,雍和宫让我们想起那个不那么物质、更注重精神的时代。这个建筑群建于17世纪,最初是一位皇子的宅邸,后来逐步改建成一座喇嘛庙,如今它是北京香火最旺、最华美的佛寺之一。北京人在长满节瘤的松树间祈祷,高举着点燃的香,手腕上挂着购物袋;在隐蔽的角落里,僧人们为游客带来的佛珠开光。入口两侧种着秀美的银杏树,门外有很多店铺,里面摆满佛教用品和香,藏族乐曲在街上飘荡。门票25元,按照1美元兑换6元人民币的汇率计算,约合4美元。2. Beijing Brews | 6 p.m.2. 北京精酿啤酒 | 下午6点The traditional hutongs around the Lama Temple are a fantastic place to soak up Beijing street life. Avoid overly gentrified Nanluoguxiang, a crowded strip of T-shirt and snack shops, and head instead to the maze of alleys around quieter Baochao Hutong to the west. Here, locals gather for nightly mah-jongg games and sip beer at dumpling shops beneath gray-tiled rooftops sprouting tufts of grass. Grab a pint yourself in the tree-shaded courtyard at Great Leap Brewing, a pioneer in Beijing’s craft beer scene that makes unique ales like Iron Buddha Blonde, infused with tea from the mountains of Fujian province (40 renminbi). Continue the hutong pub crawl at nearby Slow Boat Brewery Taproom, which was opened a little over two years ago by a pair of Americans and has more than a dozen unpasteurized beers on tap, such as Helmsman’s Honey Ale (40 renminbi) brewed with honey from local bee farms.雍和宫附近的老胡同是感受北京街头生活的绝佳去处。不要去改造一新的南锣鼓巷,那条狭长的街道异常拥挤,两旁大多是T恤店和小吃店。还是去西边更安静的宝钞胡同吧,附近的胡同如迷宫一般。本地人晚上聚在一起打麻将,在饺子店里喝啤酒,屋顶的灰瓦上长着一簇簇青草。不妨在大跃啤酒屋绿树成荫的院子里喝上一杯啤酒。此处堪称北京精酿啤酒界的先锋,酿制独特的麦芽啤酒,比如加入福建武夷山铁观音的金色铁观音啤酒(40元)。继续胡同酒吧漫步,便可来到附近的悠航鲜啤屋,它是一对美国夫妇两年前开的,供应十几种未经高温消毒的桶装啤酒,比如用当地养蜂场的蜂蜜酿制的舵手悠航蜜酿(40元)。3. The Spice Is Right | 8 p.m.3. 这里的辣味最正宗 | 晚上8点It’s brightly lit and raucous and if you come too late, the indifferent servers may begin stacking chairs around you as you finish your meal. Beijing may have more refined Sichuan restaurants these days, but Chuan Ban has retained a loyal following among locals because of its authentically mouth-numbing food — to be expected of a restaurant run by the Sichuan provincial government. The novel-length contains some perplexing dishes like Spicy Duck Lips, but there are safer standouts like mapo doufu (cubes of tofu swimming in crimson chile oil and smothered in ground Sichuan peppercorns; 18 renminbi) and stir-fried shrimp balls heaped with ground pork, preserved vegetables and diced chiles (78 renminbi).这里灯光明亮,人声鼎沸。如果你来得太晚,没等你吃完,冷漠的务员可能已经开始收拾周围的桌椅。如今,北京可能有更精致的川菜馆,但是川办仍在当地人中拥有忠实拥趸,因为这里是四川省政府经营的餐馆,人们有理由期待它提供最正宗的麻辣食物 。超长的菜单上有一些令人迷惑的菜肴,比如香辣鸭唇,但也有一些更安全的美味,比如麻婆豆腐(豆腐块浸泡在深红色辣椒油和四川豆瓣酱里;18元)和芽菜炒虾球(78元)。4. Gentle Gentrification | 11 a.m.4. 温和的改造 | 上午11点While many of Beijing’s hutongs have been demolished over the years, others have been leveled and replaced with prettified versions of their former selves, turning neighborhoods into theme parks. The Dashilar neighborhood, one of the oldest in Beijing, is following a different path, with architects and designers leading a more sustainable gentrification process to try to retain the fabric of the community. One former factory in a 1950s Art Deco building has been gorgeously renovated into a cafe, Spoonful of Sugar, that serves organic coffee from Yunnan province and chocolates infused with fiery Chinese er guo tou liquor. Down the lane, check out the Ubi Gallery for handmade designer jewelry and Chinese ceramics, and the Li+U Workshop for handsome leather bags and wallets, made right there in the store.经过这么多年,北京的很多胡同都被拆除了,还有些胡同被拆除后,在原址上盖起了新的美化版,附近区域也变成了主题公园。大栅栏是北京最古老的区域之一,它的改造模式与众不同,建筑师和设计师们主导着更具可持续性的改造过程,努力保持社区的质感。壹勺子糖咖啡馆由一座20世纪50年代装饰艺术风格的建筑改造而来,这里本来是个工厂。这家咖啡馆供应云南有机咖啡和加入浓烈二锅头的巧克力。沿着胡同,你能找到Ubi艺廊(Ubi Gallery),这里有手工制作的高档珠宝和中国瓷器,还有Li+U工坊(Li+U Workshop),这里的漂亮皮包和钱夹都是在店里制作的。5. Fit for a King | 1 p.m.5. 炸酱面大王 | 下午1点As the name suggests, Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodle King does one thing really well: zha jiang mian, a hand-pulled wheat noodle dish that’s just as evocative of Beijing as roast duck or hearty dumplings. So popular is this local chain that the lunch rush can feel manic: Waiters dash up and down stairs shouting orders and numbers of guests, while diners crowd around wooden tables slurping bowls of noodles topped with shredded cucumber and radish, bean sprouts and a tangy sauce made with minced pork and fermented soybean paste. It’s not only tasty, but lunch for two will set you back only 36 renminbi.店如其名,老北京炸酱面大王的炸酱面真的很棒。炸酱面是一种手工面条,和烤鸭、营养丰富的饺子一样,也是北京的标志性食物。这个连锁店的生意太好了,午餐时分的场面简直有点疯狂:务员在楼梯上跑上跑下,大喊客人的订餐和编号,食客们挤在木桌子边狼吞虎咽,面条上放着黄瓜条、萝卜丝、豆芽,以及用肉丁和甜面酱做的浓香肉酱。它不仅美味,而且便宜——两个人吃一顿午餐只需36元。6. Suburban Cool | 3 p.m.6. 郊区的艺术酷地 | 下午3点The sprawling 798 Art District is still the hub of Beijing’s contemporary art scene, although the last decade has brought commercialization in the way of souvenir shops, boutiques and cafes, distracting from the galleries. Head farther afield — literally in the dusty suburbs beyond the Fifth Ring Road — to see experimental art in less-crowded spaces. Designed by the provocative Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, the Three Shadows Photography Art Center, a stark, gray brick and concrete space, is said to be the first gallery in China devoted to photography, exhibiting works that, at times, explore the grittier side of modern Chinese life (free admission). At the new Red Brick Art Museum, near an outlet mall in the countryside, the focus is on and installation works — think of charred New Zealand milk cartons as a comment on China’s food safety concerns — though the real draw may be the tranquil Chinese garden and angular, modernist red brick building itself (20 renminbi).不断扩张的798艺术区仍是北京当代艺术图景的中心,不过,过去十年的商业化让这里出现了很多纪念品店、装精品店和咖啡馆,它们抢走了画廊的一些风头。往郊外走,一直走到五环外尘土飞扬的郊区,去不那么拥挤的展览空间看看实验艺术。三影堂摄影艺术中心由容易引发争议的中国艺术家艾未未设计,它是一个朴实的灰砖混凝土建筑,据说是中国第一个专门的摄影作品画廊,有时会展示探索现代中国生活现实一面的照片(免费参观)。新开的红砖美术馆靠近郊区的一个名牌折扣购物中心,它专注于视频和装置作品——烧焦的新西兰牛奶纸盒代表着对中国食品安全的担忧——不过也许真正吸引人的是安静的中式花园和棱角分明的现代主义红砖建筑本身(20元)。7. Duck Dressed Up | 8 p.m.7. 精心制作的烤鸭 | 晚上8点Duck devotees face a tough choice in Beijing — with so much kao ya (roast duck) to choose from, how to pick the right place? Duck de Chine succeeds in elevating the dish to a higher plane. Set in a renovated factory with exposed beams and elegant red lanterns, this is the kind of place that has Bollinger on ice and a gong to announce the arrival of your bird. There’s even an art to preparing the duck: First, it’s crisped in an oven with date wood to enhance the flavor, then carved tableside and wrapped expertly in a pancake with a swirl of house-made tian mian jiang (sweet bean sauce) and radish, celery and leek slivers. Fortunately, the high production value doesn’t come with steep prices — a whole duck costs just 268 renminbi. Reservations are a must for a table and duck; it takes over an hour to cook.烤鸭爱好者在北京面临着一个艰难的选择——有太多做烤鸭的餐馆,怎样才能找到合适的呢?全鸭季成功地把这道菜提升到了更高水平。店铺由工厂改造而来,房梁露在外面,悬挂着优雅的红灯笼,这里供应冰镇堡林爵香槟(Bollinger),上菜时会敲一下锣。在这里,做烤鸭简直是一种艺术:首先将鸭子放在炉中,用枣木将皮烤脆,以增进其风味;然后在餐桌边切开鸭肉,将其和自制甜面酱、萝卜丝、芹菜丝、葱丝一起卷入薄饼。幸运的是,这里堪称物美价廉——一整只烤鸭才268元。必须提前预约才能订到桌位和烤鸭。要花一个多小时才能烤好。8. Hutong Hooch | 10 p.m.8. 胡同烈酒 | 晚上10点Before a government-enforced austerity drive killed all the fun, banquets in China used to be riotous affairs fueled by copious shots of the blinding grain alcohol baijiu. With baijiu producers now seeking new markets, the liquor has moved from the banquet table to the low-lit cocktail bar. At Capital Spirits, a hutong speakeasy with antique wooden furniture and no sign on the door, a mostly young crowd sips shot glasses of the rocket fuel from a that varies by strength (from the lighter, rice-based Guilin Sanhua to the 106-proof Maotai Prince) and flavor (the bar infuses its own pomegranate, garlic and Sichuan peppercorn baijius.) An “intro flight” of four types is 40 renminbi. The ultimate challenge is the intimidating Five Snake Liquor (20 renminbi per glass) — a baijiu containing, yes, five dead snakes that’s supposedly good for arthritis and male virility.在政府厉行节俭、扼杀乐趣之前,中国的宴会一度是杯筹交错的场合,一杯杯烈性白酒穿肠而过。现在白酒厂家正在寻找新市场,白酒离开宴会桌边,来到灯光昏暗的鸡尾酒吧。首都酒坊是胡同里的一个地下酒吧,里面摆着复古木家具,门上没有招牌。顾客大多是年轻人,他们用小酒杯一杯接一杯地啜饮这种烈酒。这里的菜单按照酒精度数(从度数较低的米香型桂林三花酒到53度茅台王子酒)和口味(这家酒吧自己酿制了一种含有石榴、大蒜和花椒的白酒)分类。“入门组”包含四种酒,价格是40元。终极挑战是吓人的五蛇酒(20元一杯)——没错,这种白酒里泡有五种死蛇,据说能壮阳,治疗关节炎。9. Parks and Recreation | 8 a.m.9. 公园和消遣 | 上午8点The Forbidden City, the former imperial palace at the center of Beijing, can feel overwhelming with the sheer number of courtyards and rooms, not to mention the pushy tourists. A far more peaceful alternative on the weekend is the imperial family’s former country escape, the Summer Palace (30 renminbi admission). Yes, the park gets its fair share of tour groups and Jazzercising grannies, but it’s easy to ditch the crowds by hiking the pine-shaded hill behind the palace and taking in the view of the lake below. As you wander, follow the sounds of music; you might find a choir of hundreds in their Sunday finest belting out patriotic Communist tunes with a brass band, or a Peking Opera soloist performing in a pagoda for an audience of one.提到北京市中心的故宫,光是想想众多院落和房间就让人望而生畏,更别提推来挤去的游客。周末,还不如去旧时的皇家别墅——颐和园(门票30元),这里要安静得多。是的,这个公园也有不少旅游团和跳广场舞的大妈,但是你可以躲开人群,到宫殿后面松柏成荫的小山上漫步,一览山脚下的湖景。漫步时,跟随音乐的声音,你也许能找到几百人的合唱团,他们身着周末盛装,在铜管乐队的伴奏下高唱共产主义爱国歌曲,或者你能在宝塔里找到京剧独唱者,做此人唯一的听众。10. Designer Dumplings | 1 p.m.10. 高档饺子 | 下午1点The Opposite House hotel, with its green glass facade and soaring atrium draped in steel mesh, exemplifies the bold new architectural aesthetic taking root in Beijing. While staying at the hotel might be pricey (rooms start at 1,850 renminbi per night), the dim sum at Jing Yaa Tang restaurant (118 renminbi per person) is a real bargain. Feast on fluffy barbecued pork buns, pan-fried turnip cakes and homemade walnut milk (it tastes like a sweet soup) and then take in the Japanese architect Kego Kuma’s futuristic design in the lobby-cum-gallery space. The showstopper is a 19-foot-tall, 5,000-plus-drawer modern take on a traditional apothecary cabinet — a fitting symbol of how the traditional continues to influence the new in a city with thousands of years of history.瑜舍酒店的正面是绿色玻璃幕墙,高高的中庭里悬挂着钢丝网,这表明大胆的新建筑审美正在北京扎根。在这家酒店住店可能过于昂贵(一晚房价1850元起),但是京雅堂的点心自助餐很是超值(每位118元)。先尽情享用松软的叉烧包、煎萝卜糕和自制核桃露(喝起来像甜汤),然后在兼作画廊的大堂里欣赏日本建筑师隈研吾的未来主义设计。最精的是一个有5000多个抽屉的19英尺高现代版中药柜——这恰好说明,传统仍在影响这座有几千年历史的城市。Beijing saw a plethora of new hotels open for the 2008 Summer Olympics, so finding good deals is possible even in the peak travel times in the spring and fall.为了迎接2008年夏季奥运会,北京修建了太多新酒店,所以即使在春秋旅游旺季也有可能找到划算的房间。The 222-room Fairmont Beijing, opened in 2010, has excellent English-speaking service and is conveniently located a short taxi ride from the Forbidden City, Sanlitun and the Temple of Heaven. The top-of-the-line Gold Rooms offer great views from the skybridge on the 20th floor and 24-karat-gold rain showerheads. (8 Yong’an DongliCQ, fairmont.com/beijing; doubles from 1,250 renminbi)2010年开业的华彬费尔蒙酒店有222个房间,提供很好的英语务,地理位置优越,离故宫、三里屯和天坛都不太远。顶级金尊房可以让你在20层的天桥上欣赏极佳景观,莲蓬头是24K金的(永安东里,fairmont.com/beijing;双人房1250元)。Set in a former factory inside the 798 Arts District, the 30-room Grace Hotel has more of a boutique feel, with a glass of sparkling wine at check-in, rooms with high ceilings and wooden floors, and brightly colored artworks on the walls. (Jiuxianqiao Lu, 2 Hao Yuan, 798 Art District, 706 Hou Jie, No. 1, gracehotels.com; from 792 renminbi).格瑞斯酒店在798艺术区,由工厂改造而来,有30个房间。它更具一种精品酒店的感觉,入住时给你奉上一杯起泡酒,房间的天花板很高,有木地板,墙上挂着颜色鲜艳的艺术品(酒仙桥路2号院798艺术区706后街1号,gracehotels.com;792元起)。 /201503/363288阿坝藏族芜族自治州牙科医院 渠县人民医院牙科

成都口腔医院种牙 When the British say ;I hear what you say. ; They mean ;I disagree and do not want to discuss it further.; But what others understand is ;He accepts my point of view.;当英国人说“我听到你所说的了”时,他们的意思是“我不同意也不想就其做进一步讨论”,而其他人却理解成了“他接受了我的观点”。When the British say ;With the greatest respect... ; They mean ;I think you are an idiot.; But what others understand is ;He is listening to me.;当英国人说“出于最大的尊重…”时,他们的意思是“我觉得你太二了”,而其他人却理解成了“他正听我说话呢”。When the British say ;That#39;s not bad. ; They mean ;That#39;s good.; But what others understand is ;That#39;s poor.;当英国人说“不算太糟”时,他们的意思是“太好了”,而其他人却理解成了“太差了”。When the British say ;That is a very brave proposal. ; They mean ;You are insane.; But what others understand is ;He thinks I have courage.;当英国人说“那真是一个非常有勇气的提议”时,他们的意思是“你真是疯了”,而其他人却理解成了“他觉得我很有胆识”。When the British say ;Quite good. ; They mean ;A bit disappointing.; But what others understand is ;Quite good.;当英国人说“很不错哦”时,他们的意思是“有点小失望”,而其他人却理解成了“真心不错”。When the British say ;I would suggest... ; They mean ;Do it or be prepared to justify yourself.; But what others understand is ;Think about the idea, but do what you like.;当英国人说“我想建议的是……”时,他们的意思是“去实践或者做好准备明你自己”,而其他人却理解成了“考虑一下他的点子,但还是做我想做的”。When the British say ;Oh, incidentally / by the way... ; They mean ;The primary purpose of our discussion is...; But what others understand is ;That is not very important.;当英国人说“顺便说一句……”时,他们的意思是“我们讨论的最根本目的是……”,而其他人却理解成了“接下来的话不是非常重要”。When the British say ;I was a bit disappointed that... ; They mean ;I am annoyed that...; But what others understand is ;It doesn#39;t really matter.;当英国人说“我对……有点小失望”时,他们的意思是“我对……很恼火”,而其他人却理解成了“无伤大雅”。When the British say ;Very interesting. ; They mean ;That is clearly nonsense.; But what others understand is ;They are impressed.;当英国人说“非常有意思啊”时,他们的意思是“那明显是瞎扯淡”,而其他人却理解成了“那真是让人印象深刻”。When the British say ;I#39;ll bear it in mind. ; They mean ;I#39;ve forgotten it aly.; But what others understand is ;They will probably do it.;当英国人说“我刻在脑子里了”时,他们的意思是“我已经不记得了”,而其他人却理解成了“他们大概会去做的吧”。When the British say ;I#39;m sure it#39;s my fault. ; They mean ;It#39;s your fault.; But what others understand is ;Why do they think it was their fault?;当英国人说“我确定是我错了”时,他们的意思是“那其实是你的错”,而其他人却理解成了“为什么他们会觉得是他们的错呢?”When the British say ;You must come for dinner. ; They mean ;It#39;s not an invitation, I#39;m just being polite.; But what others understand is ;I will get an invitation soon.;当英国人说“你一定要来赴宴”时,他们的意思是“那绝不是什么邀请,我只不过想礼貌一些”,而其他人却理解成了“马上我就会收到一个邀请了”。When the British say ;I almost agree. ; They mean ;I don#39;t agree at all.; But what others understand is ;He#39;s not far from agreement.;当英国人说“我基本同意”时,他们的意思是“我一点儿都不同意”,而其他人却理解成了“他真的是非常非常同意啊”。When the British say ;I only have a few minor comments. ; They mean ;Please re-write completely.; But what others understand is ;He has found a few typos.;当英国人说“我只是有一点儿建议”时,他们的意思是“请从头到尾地重写一份吧”,而其他人却理解成了“他只不过发现了一些言语错误”。When the British say ;Could we consider some other options?; They mean ;I don#39;t like your idea.; But what others understand is ;They have not yet decided.;当英国人说“我们可以再考虑一些其他的选择吗?”时,他们的意思是“我着实不喜欢你的点子”,而其他人却理解成了“他们还没有决定下来吧”。 /201507/386178眉山市妇幼保健院牙齿正畸镶牙龅牙智牙怎么样好吗成都新桥医院烤瓷牙好不好



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