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原味人文风情:Think of all the hundreds of things I could do with my time if I#39;m not thinking about clothes.想想我可以拿我的时间去做的好几百件事,如果我不用思考要穿什么衣的话。Steve Jobs had, you know, his famous black turtleneck and his jeans, his mom jeans.史提夫·贾伯斯穿,你知道,他著名的黑色高领跟牛仔裤,他的老妈裤。For Mark Zuckerburg, it#39;s a cardigan and a T-shirt.马克·祖克柏的话,就是一件开襟毛衣和一件 T 恤。Yeah, maybe that#39;s the right idea.对啊,或许那才是对的想法。Yeah! A work uniform.对!一套工作制。I would describe my work uniform as ;business lady who can get things done.;我会形容我的工作制为「可以完成事情的上班女郎」。I would call my style ;PJ-businesslike-ish.;我会称我的造型为「上班睡衣风」。It#39;s very ;ninjaesque-power; outfit.那是非常「忍者力量般」的穿著。I#39;m really digging the work uniform.我真的非常喜欢我的工作制。I spent a good part of my day just pulling down my skirt, hoping it doesn#39;t ride up.我光整理裙子就花掉一天大半时间,希望它不要一直往上跑。I have two of the same outfit.我有两套同样的衣。I wear each one for two days and then throw it in the wash.我每一套穿两天后就把它丢去洗。No one said anything to me; no one#39;s noticed anything. I have no complaints.没有人跟我说什么;没有人注意到任何不同。我没有抱怨。I#39;ve also been switching up the cardigan, which gives me a little bit of a change.我有换外面那件开襟毛衣,这样给我一点点改变的感觉。I have definitely been able to focus on other things, especially in the mornings.我肯定能专注于其它事情,尤其是早上的时间。I#39;m getting a little tired of this outfit, but so far, so good. Jeanie has turned this into a challenge now.我有一点厌倦这套穿着,但目前都还好。珍妮已经把这变成一个挑战了。It#39;s not just one week—we#39;re gonna see who can go the longest without changing their outfit. Um...and I think I#39;ll win.这不只是一个礼拜而已--我们要看谁能撑最久不换衣。嗯...我觉得我会赢。I think, um, Justine is gonna lose.我觉得,嗯,贾丝汀会输。Because I haven#39;t been doing this in the most hygienic fashion, I haven#39;t been washing my shirt every single day...因为我不是以最卫生的方式在参加这个挑战,我没有每天洗衣...It is getting a little bit uncomfortable.这开始让人有点不舒了。I use deodorant, so B.O. hasn#39;t been that big of an issue. But it is something I#39;m worried about.我用体香剂,所以体味不是那么严重的问题。但那是件我满担心的事情。You can ask any of your Asian friends, but we don#39;t really sweat that much in our armpits. And we don#39;t have to wear deodorant.你可以问你任何一个亚洲朋友,不过我们的腋下不会留那么多汗。我们也就不需用体香剂。My boyfriend likes my smell, so he hasn#39;t been complaining about that.我男友喜欢我的味道,所以他没有抱怨这点。Men can wear the same thing to work every day—no one really notices or cares.男人可以每天穿一样去上班--没有人真的注意到或在意。But women have something different expected of them.但对女人就有不同期待。I feel like women are expected to spend more time on what they#39;re wearing and on their makeup and on their hair.我觉得女人好像被期待要花更多时间去想要穿什么跟化妆还有发型。It#39;s Day 5, and I am totally sick of this outfit.今天是第五天,我已经完全厌倦这身装。I just looked at what I have, and it was stinky and gross. And I didn#39;t wanna put it on.我刚刚看我有什么可以穿,都又臭又恶心。我根本不想穿它。I actually really like wearing one outfit all the time.我其实很喜欢一直穿同样的衣。I don#39;t care if people are starting to notice that I#39;m wearing the same thing every day.我不在乎别人是否开始注意到我每天都穿一样。So I won the Work Uniform Challenge by a day.所以我以一天之差赢得「工作制挑战」。Congratulations. I think that this is, like, a concept that could actually potentially catch on as long as people are accepting of people wearing the same thing every day.恭喜。我觉得这像是一个确实有潜力会流行起来的概念,只要人们能接受大家每天都穿一样。 Article/201611/477399

新东方英语900句 Lesson 10:Past activitiesCore Sentences1.What did you do last Saturday?2.Pills went to the cham to work out yesteday.3.Dans stayed up watching the world cup last night and over slept this morning.4.I running to an old friend of mine on the street this morning. She didn't recognize me.5.There were before he got this job.6.Where is John? John was here a minute ago.7.Jodie invited some friends to visit her new hourse.8.Yesterday, we had a good time at David's birthday party.9.Professor Smith retired two years ago.10.Mary used to be a diplomat, but now she works in a company.11.Mr. Couper started a company at the age of twenty-eight.12.I majored in finance when I was in college.13.John returned to his hometown five years later.14.I told you so.Dialog ExcerciseNumber one Memories of the pastJerry and his wife Lin came to the bar when they matched thirty years ago.Jerry:I used to come here a lot. It was so fun at the time.Lin:I met you twice here.And you invited me to dance.Jerry:But you did not recognized me, until I bought you a drink.Lin: Speaking of drinks, the beers just like water. They are not as fun as before.Jerry:Sure, this bar was a good palce when we were young.Number two Yesterday Once More.'A:Mary, I was superised to your .B:Why, because I lost myself. I feel so bad.Actually not,You are doing the best in the company.You have a stable customer group.You get higher and higher salary, and you have just become the manager.You are promising, I hope you can think it over.A:Shall I put it this way. Two years ago, When I just came here, I really enjoy the job.I enjoyed trading with my customers. unerstanding their needs, and offerring the bestservices and I dreamed for the position I have now.The challendge, the salary, the travellingall the time, I really wanted to be what I am. But I used to live in a happy family. Every weekend I had time to share with my wife and my kids. I was crasy about soccer and I had time to stay upfor the games. See now, I'm too busy for always.The kids don't love me as before, my wife is unhappy to , . Now I want to be what I was.news:/s/B:I see, you are really stressed. I had similar experence.When I was just raised to your position. How about to take several days off and take a trip with your family.See me after that. /200604/5855

Young entrepreneur Henry Ford has created a new kind of car.青年企业家亨利·福特创造了一种新型汽车But in order to sell it he needs to get permission from the association of licensed automobile manufacturers, also known as ALAM.但是要出售的话 他需要获得授权汽车制造商协会的许可 协会简称ALAMALAM owns the patent on the automobile giving them complete control over who can manufacture and sell cars.ALAM拥有汽车专利 对谁能生产和销售汽车拥有完全控制权They are, in a sense, a giant car monopoly and Ford#39;s future now rests in their hands.从某种意义上说 他们是一个汽车巨头垄断 福特的未来就掌握在他们手中Thank you Mr. Ford. We#39;ll be in touch.谢谢你 福特先生 我们会联系你的Thank you, gentleman.谢谢你 先生Ford is hopeful he#39;ll be approved by ALAM, allowing him to start his own business and to pursue his dream for the future of the car industry.福特希望他会获得ALAM的批准 这样他就可以开始自己的事业 追求他对未来汽车行业的梦想When Ford entered the automobile business people didn#39;t drive their own cars, they had drivers. And so cars were seen as this luxury item.福特开始进入汽车行业时 人们不是自己开车 而是请司机开 所以汽车被看作是奢侈品Ford#39;s insight was that cars could be an every day item. They could be very utilitarian so that it was within the reach of ordinary people.福特意料到汽车会是件日常用品 实用性会很强 普通人都能拥有Ford has spent years developing his car for the common man.福特已经花费数年时间开发普通人能用的汽车He builds his first model at the age of 33 and calls it the quadricyle.他在33岁的时候制造出了第一个车型 他称之为四轮车But the vehicle is expensive to produce and prone to breaking down.但这种车型生产费用高而且容易坏Ford#39;s second attempt-- Model A--is much more suited to the needs of modern America.福特第二次尝试的结果 A型车 更适合现代美国的需要But he can#39;t begin selling it without permission from ALAM.但是没有ALAM的许可 他无法开展销售 Article/201607/454432

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