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Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman claims that British men are some of the least romantic in the world following a study he conducted of 6,500 men and women all over the world。根据对全球6500个男性和女性的调查,心理学家理查德。怀斯曼教授称英国男人是世界上最不浪漫的人。He found that they are less likely to pay compliments,be inspired to write love poetry or take their loved ones away forsurprise holidays than their foreign counterparts, instead believingsexy lingerie and expensive gifts are the way to a woman#39;s heart。他发现,与国外的同行相比,英国男人不擅长讲恭维的话、写情诗或者带自己的爱人去度一个令人耳目一新的假期,相反,他们认为性感的内衣和昂贵的礼物是得女人欢心的方法。;Contrary to what many men believe, you do not have to spend largesums of money to woo a woman – it really is the thought that counts,;Prof Wiseman said。“与许多人认为的相反,你不必花费大量的金钱来吸引女——. 重要的是真心实意”,怀斯曼教授说。The following are the ten best ways to woo her:以下是10个最好的讨好她的方法:1. Cover her eyes and lead her to a lovely surprise1. 遮住她的双眼,并给他一个惊喜;2. Whisk her away somewhere exciting for the weekend2. 在周末,兴奋的带她飞奔去某一个地方;3. Write a song or poem about her3. 写一首关于她的歌或诗;4. Tell her that she is the most wonderful woman you have ever met4. 告诉她她是你见过的最美妙的女性;5. Run her a relaxing bath after she has had a bad day at work5. 当某一天她工作的很糟糕的时候,带她去完全放松的洗一个澡;6. Send her a romantic text or email, or leave a loving note around the house6. 给她发一份很浪漫的邮件,或者在她房子的周围留下一张充满爱意的字条;7. Wake her up with breakfast in bed7. 叫她起床吃早餐;8. Offer her a coat when she is cold8. 当她冷的时候,把外套给她;9. Send her a bouquet of flowers, or a box of chocolates at work9. 在她工作的时候,送她一束鲜花或者一盒巧克力;10. Make her a compilation of her favourite music10. 给她放她最喜欢的音乐。 /201402/277424LYON: A 33-year-old French man was sent to prison after phoning andtexting his ex-girlfriend 21,807 times, admitting that, with hindsight,;it was stupid;.里昂:法国一名33岁男子因通过电话和短信骚扰前女友21807次而被捕,他后来承认说:“这种行为很愚蠢”。The unnamed defendant, who had made the calls to demand the woman thank him forfixing up their flat, was given a 10-month sentence — six months ofwhich was suspended — and a 1,000-euro (,300) fine.这名未透露姓名的被告数次打电话要求前女友感谢他修理了他们的公寓,这名男子已获10个月监禁以及1000欧元(1300美元)罚款——其中有6个月是缓期执行。 He will also have to undergo psychiatric treatment and is barred from allcontact with the woman he harassed, lawyers in the case told AFP.该案例的律师们对法新社说,他还将接受精神病治疗并被限制同前女友进行任何联系。The defendant, who comes from Rhone insouthern France,had aly accepted responsibility for the barrage of phone calls and textmessages over a 10-month period, and had accepted an earlier demand to ceasecontact with his ex.这名被告来自法国南部的罗纳河,他已经为自己10个月来频繁通过电话和短信骚扰女友造成的后果承担责任,他也接受了之前要求他停止与前女友联系的判决。He had been hospitalised in the past for depression, and struggled to cope whenhis girlfriend broke off their relationship in 2011. He demanded compensationfor work he had carried out in their apartment.他过去有因抑郁症而入院的病史,他努力应对着2011年女友提出与他分手的事实。但他要求女友补偿他为修理公寓所作的努力。;At the time, my logic was that untilshe returns the money ... or at least says thank you, I would not stop thecalls,; he told the court in Lyon.她对里昂的法院说,“那时候,我想的就是在她把钱还我。。。或至少对我说谢谢之前,我是不会停住给她打电话的”。The calls kept coming -- averaging morethan 73 per day. ;She tried to block her line, but he phoned herparents instead and her workplace,; said Manuella Spee, lawyer for thevictim, a 32-year-old teacher who was also not named.电话持续打进来——平均每天超过73个。受害者的律师Manuella Spee说,“她试图让他联系不到她,但他改成向她的父母和她的工作地点打电话”。Manuella Spee是一名32岁的教师,姓名未详。It was only when she finally said thank you, during a meeting organised by amediator, that the harassment stopped. He has not contacted her since.直到前女友在调停者组织的会议上对他道了谢,他才停止了骚扰。此后,他再没联系过前女友。I tell myself, with hindsight, that it wasstupid,; he told the court yesterday.他昨天在法庭上说,“后来,我对自己说这样做很愚蠢”。He said he wanted to return to school to train to be a legal assistant, andadded that he had a ;passion for writing;.他说自己想要重返学校接受成为法律助理的培训,他还说,他有“写作的热情” /201410/333621With its notoriously smoggy skies, Beijing seems to launch a new initiative to reduce air pollution almost every week.在北京灰蒙蒙的天空已经“闻名遐迩”之际,该城市似乎每周都要推出一项减少空气污染的新措施。Last week, local authorities said they wanted to build wind tunnels to funnel wind through the streets and blow away the bad air. This week, the state-run People#39;s Daily reported plans to spend .7 billion in the next five years to reduce air pollution. That spending will go toward measures that reduce air pollution from coal-fired power plants, vehicles, and industrial facilities. Such measures include building waste-gas treatment facilities, installing emissions-reduction technology at factories and power plants and using cleaner alternative fuels, it said.当地有关部门上周称,他们想建立风道,引导风从大街小巷通过并吹散雾霾。官方媒体《人民日报》本周则报道称,北京市计划5年内斥资77亿美元以减少大气污染;这些资金将用于燃煤、机动车排放、工业等方面的污染防治措施,具体包括建设废气处理设施、对工厂和电厂进行低排放术改造和采用清洁燃料替代燃煤。It#39;s an uphill battle, with some scientists concluding that China#39;s air quality is continuing to get worse despite such efforts. Environmental authorities recently said Beijing#39;s air quality won#39;t drop to healthy levels until 2030. Other cities across the country face similar challenges.这是一场苦战,一些科学家得出结论称,尽管采取了这类措施,但中国的空气质量将继续恶化。环保部门最近称,北京的空气质量达标要等到2030年。中国其他城市也面临着类似的挑战。That#39;s grim news. But if you can#39;t avoid the air pollution, at least you can try and avoid the times when it#39;s at its worst. Last week, China Real Time did the math to figure out the best months for air quality in Beijing and Shanghai. This week, we#39;ve crunched more numbers to determine the worst (and best) hours for residents to be outdoors in both cities.这是个不幸的消息。但如果你无法避免空气污染,至少你可以尝试躲开污染最严重的时期。上周,《中国实时报》栏目(China Real Time)算出了北京和上海空气质量最佳的月份。本周,我们调用了更多数据,确定了两个城市居民户外活动的最糟(以及最好)的时段。The results show that Beijing#39;s air improves during the day, but gets worse at night. In Beijing, air quality is at its best between noon and 4 p.m., when the average concentration of PM2.5 -- particles measuring less than 2.5 microns in length -- falls to around 87 micrograms per cubic meter. By contrast, between 7 p.m. and 3 a.m., PM2.5 levels rise to as high as 113 micrograms per cubic meter.计算结果显示,北京的空气质量在白天会好转,晚上会恶化。在北京,空气质量最好的时间是中午到下午4点,平均PM2.5(直径小于2.5微米的颗粒物)浓度降至每立方米87微克。与之相比的是,下午7点到凌晨3点,PM2.5水平升至每立方米113微克之高。Shanghai#39;s air gets worse after rush hour. The city#39;s air is cleanest during the early morning and late afternoon, when PM2.5 levels fall to 53 micrograms per cubic meter or lower. After the morning and evening rush hour, PM2.5 levels rise to as high as 59 micrograms per cubic meter.上海空气质量在交通高峰期过后会下降。这个城市的空气是在大早上和临近傍晚最干净,PM2.5水平降至不超过每立方53微克。在早晚高峰过后,PM2.5水平会升至每立方米59微克。Why does Beijing#39;s air quality get worse at night? Antony Chen, an associate research professor at the Desert Research Institute in Nevada, notes that Beijing#39;s air quality is mainly influenced by the difference in temperature between night and day.北京的空气质量为什么会在夜间变差?内华达州沙漠研究所(Desert Research Institute)的副教授Antony Chen指出,北京的空气质量主要受到昼夜温差的影响。Mr. Chen says PM2.5 gets trapped in the cooler air near the surface in the evenings, which accounts for the higher concentrations at night. When the sun comes out, the air heats up and rises, which leads to lower concentrations in the day, he says.Chen说,傍晚的时候,接近地表的空气温度较低,PM2.5在这样的空气里无法扩散,这就是为什么在夜里PM2.5的浓度会更高。他说,等到太阳一出来,空气温度上升后上行,所以白天PM2.5的浓度较低。#39;The warm layer of air wants to go up, and the cold air wants to go down, and there basically becomes circulation, movement and turbulence,#39; Mr. Chen says.Chen说,暖空气会往上走,冷空气会向下走,由此形成对流、空气运动和湍流。By contrast, Shanghai#39;s temperature is more constant, thanks to its proximity to the ocean, says Mr. Chen. With fewer temperature swings during the day, he says, Shanghai#39;s air pollution patterns are more impacted by factors such as vehicle emissions.Chen说,相比之下,上海的昼夜温差因为近海的缘故变化较小。他说,由于白天上海的温度变化更小,所以当地空气污染模式受机动车尾气排放等因素的影响更大。Based on data from the U.S. State Department, the average PM2.5 concentration over a 24-hour period is about 99 micrograms per cubic meter in Beijing and 56 micrograms per cubic meter in Shanghai. That means Shanghai#39;s air is on average about 40% better than Beijing#39;s. (The U.S. State Department cautions that such data is not complete, as the ings come from a single monitoring station that was installed in Beijing in 2008 and in Shanghai in 2011.)根据美国国务院的数据,北京24小时PM2.5平均浓度大约为每立方米99微克,上海是56微克。这表明上海的空气质量平均而言比北京好40%。(美国国务院称,上述数据并不全面,因为数据只来自2008年在北京设立、2011年在上海设立的单一监测站。)But no matter the time of day, neither city has anything approaching clean air. Air quality in both Beijing and Shanghai falls far short of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency#39;s recommended PM2.5 limit of 35 micrograms per cubic meter for a 24-hour period. High concentrations of PM2.5 increases risks for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as lung cancer, according to the World Health Organization.但无论是一天中的哪个时段,这两个城市的空气都算不上干净。美国国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency)建议的24小时PM2.5均值上限为每立方米35微克,北京和上海的空气质量都差得远。根据世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)的说法,高浓度PM2.5会增加罹患心血管、呼吸系统疾病以及肺癌的风险。 /201407/310820The Claim: Laboring in a tub of water helps relax expectant mothers, significantly relieving the pain of childbirth. 主张:水中分娩能帮助产妇放松,显著减轻生产时的疼痛。The Verdict: A review of 11 trials, encompassing 3,146 women, published by the Cochrane Collaboration, a global network of scientists and clinicians, concludes that laboring in a tub during the first stage of labor reduces the need for epidural anesthesia. But the safety of staying in a tub during the birthing stage hasn#39;t been established -- prompting some doctors to urge caution. 定论:面向科学家和临床医师的全球性网络Cochrane协作网(Cochrane Collaboration)发表的一项文献回顾,对覆盖3,146名女性的 11项试验进行了考察,得出的结论是,第一产程在水中生产可减少使用硬膜外麻醉的必要性。不过,在胎儿娩出阶段待在水中的安全性尚未得到确——因此一些医生告诫人们要保持谨慎。Sitting in water during labor, sometimes called hydrotherapy, can promote relaxation, improve blood flow and reduce swelling, according to scientific literature. Tubs -- with or without massaging jets -- are available at many birthing centers and some hospitals. For home births, women can use a bathtub or rent a birthing tub for about 0 to 0. 科学文献显示,坐在水中生产(有时被称为水疗分娩)能够帮助产妇放松,促进血液循环并减轻肿胀。水缸(有些带喷嘴,有些没有)许多分娩中心都有提供,一些医院也会提供。如果在家中生产,产妇可以使用浴缸,或者租用分娩缸,费用在200到300美元左右。Typically the water is heated to body temperature, says Jenna Shaw-Battista, director of the Nurse-Midwifery Education Program at the University of California, San Francisco. The tub is filled to cover the belly and sometimes as high as the chest, Dr. Shaw-Battista says. Clothing is optional, she adds, and many women wear a sports bra or a hospital gown. 加州大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)的护理和助产教育项目(Nurse-Midwifery Education Program)主管詹娜·肖-巴蒂斯塔(Jenna Shaw-Battista)表示,水一般会加热至体温。肖-巴蒂斯塔士说,缸内的水会没过腹部,有时甚至会齐胸。她补充称,穿不穿衣可以自己选择,许多女性会穿运动文胸或者医院的病号。The scientific literature supports claims that hydrotherapy offers pain relief and relaxation -- and may even shorten labor. But some clinicians draw the line at giving birth underwater. 水疗分娩能减轻疼痛并帮助产妇放松——甚至有可能缩短产程,这些说法都得到科学文献的持。但一些临床医师在实践中却与水中分娩保持着距离。In a joint opinion published this month, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics, said that due to reports of newborn drownings, near drownings, and infection described in medical literature, the procedure should remain #39;experimental#39; and be performed only in the context of clinical trials. 美国妇产科医师协会(American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)和美国儿科学会(American Academy of Pediatrics)本月发布联合意见称,鉴于医学文献中有新生儿溺亡、溺水和感染相关报告,水中分娩仍然应该是“实验性的”,只能在临床试验背景下施行。In theory, in a water birth the baby is brought to the surface safely before it takes its first gasp. But if a baby is experiencing distress -- for example if the umbilical cord is crimped -- it may gasp earlier and #39;that#39;s all you need to get water in the lungs or to swallow that water into the stomach,#39; says Tonse N.K. Raju, chief of the pregnancy and perinatology branch at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda, Md., and a liaison to the committee that issued the opinion. Another concern, he says, is that tub water can easily get contaminated with bacteria. 从理论上说,水下分娩的婴儿在开始呼吸之前就已经被安全地带到水面上了。但马里兰州贝塞斯达(Bethesda)的美国国家儿童健康与人类发育研究所(National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)妊娠和围产期学分部主管、负责与发布上述意见的委员会进行联络的通斯·拉朱(N·K· Tonse N.K. Raju)表示,如果婴儿出现窘迫(比如说脐带缠绕过紧),则有可能会提前呼吸,“这就很容易导致肺部呛水,或者把水咽进胃里”。他说,另一担忧是,缸内的水很容易被细菌污染。Problems are rare, Dr. Raju says. And the doctors#39; concerns are based not on large randomized trials but on individual case reports, which some midwives say is a flawed approach as births on land can also have complications. So far, a number of observational studies of water births in low-risk women -- including a 1999 British report of 4,032 water deliveries -- have found no higher newborn mortality than a birth out of water. In data released last week by the American Association of Birth Centers, a trade group for free-standing birth centers, there were no infant deaths in 3,998 water births conducted at 79 centers over four years. And 1.5% of babies delivered underwater needed to be transferred to a hospital for observation or treatment, compared with 2.8% delivered on land. 拉朱士说,这些问题很罕见。另外,医生的担忧也并非基于大规模随机试验,而是基于个案报告,一些助产士认为,这种研究方法是存在缺陷的,因为普通分娩一样会有并发症。 到目前为止,许多针对低危产妇水中分娩的观察性研究(包括1999年英国一项覆盖4,032例水中分娩的报告)发现,水中分娩的新生儿死亡率并不比非水中分娩的死亡率高。代表独立分娩中心的行业组织美国分娩中心联合会(American Association of Birth Centers)近期发布的数据显示,79家分娩中心在四年中施行的3,998 例水中分娩未出现一例新生儿死亡事件。另外,有1.5%的水中分娩婴儿需要被转至医院接受观察或治疗,而非水中分娩的婴儿比例为2.8%。 The data, which the association hopes to publish, reflects that centers steer women likely to have complicated deliveries away from water birth, says the association#39;s director, Lesley Rathbun. Even if a water birth is planned, during labor the baby#39;s heartbeat is carefully monitored and if there#39;s any suggestion of distress, #39;we#39;re going to get the woman out of the tub#39; before delivery, she says. 美国分娩中心联合会主管莱斯莉·拉思本(Lesley Rathbun)表示,这些数据(该联合会希望发表相关数据)反映出,分娩中心会建议高危产妇不要在水中分娩。她说,即使水中分娩是按计划进行的,分娩过程中也会进行细致的胎心监护,如果有任何窘迫征兆,“我们会在胎儿娩出之前让产妇离开水缸”。 /201404/293277

Chinese trains are divided according to their speed into various classes, identified with different letters and numbers. The letters refer to different classes:中国的火车根据各自的时速分为不同等级,以车票前的首字母或数字进行区分。火车票首字母分为以下几个等级:G – High-Speed Electric Multiple s (EMU) TrainG字头列车:高铁,全称“高速动车组列车”This is the fastest running for long distance in China, the top speed of which could reach 350km/h. Currently, the G-train could finish the 1,068-kilometers Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway in 3 hours, the 301-kilometers Shanghai-Nanjing High-Speed Railway in 73 minutes and the 458-kilometers Zhengzhou-Xian High-Speed Railway in 2 hours.中国长途客运速度最快的火车,时速350公里/小时。目前,从武汉到广州1068公里才不到3小时,从上海到南京的301公里只要73分钟,郑州到西安458公里不到2小时。 /201312/269274

Whether you sport geeky chic opticals or oversized aviators, you’re advocating eyewear trends – perhaps unknowingly. True, glasses help us to see, and protect our precious eyes from the sun’s glare. But most importantly, they are everyone’s favorite accessory.无论你戴的是时尚别致的光学眼镜还是超大尺寸的飞行员太阳镜,你都在引领眼镜的流行趋势——也许你还毫无察觉。的确,眼镜有助于我们看得更清楚,保护我们珍贵的双眼免受太阳光的刺激。然而更重要的是,眼镜是每个人都喜欢的配饰。This week, fashion forecaster Stylesight hosted its annual Eyewear Product amp; Trend Review for spring/summer 2014. The event featured a wide range of imaginative new optical and sunglass products from designers across the globe. There are four major trends to watch for in the coming months. Here’s the rundown:本周,时尚趋势预测机构 Stylesight进行了一年一度的2014春夏眼镜产品及流行趋势展望。在本次活动中,来自世界各地的设计师呈现了各种富有想象力的新款光学眼镜和太阳镜。在未来几个月,我们将看到四个主要流行趋势。请看下面的简介:The Instagram Look1.Instagram风格This style, inspired by the latest craze in social media, has a 1970s appeal. For sunwear, rosy tinted lenses from O’Neill (Driftwood), SPY (Bleeker) and Ferragamo (SF691SL) give wearers a filtered view of the world. Similarly, Carerra (82S), Maui Jim (H287), and Lanvin (SLN586) offer products with gold-tinted lenses, which make for a sepia-like effect.这种风格的设计灵感来自社交媒体的最新热潮,具有20世纪70年代的韵味。在太阳镜方面,眼镜品牌 Superdry 的“浮木”(Driftwood)、 SPY的“布莱克尔”(Bleeker)和菲格拉慕(Ferragamo)的SF691SL都使用了玫瑰色渐变镜片,为佩戴者提供了良好的透光效果。同样,Carerra 的82S, 毛伊吉姆(Maui Jim)的H287和朗万( Lanvin)的SLN586都使用了金色渐变的镜片,为佩戴者打造了棕褐色的视觉效果。In both optical and sunwear, materials and silhouettes are reminiscent of yesteryear too. O’Neill offers shades with understated wooden frames, while tortoise print makes a comeback with designs from Original Penguin (The Pinner), Robert Graham (Princeton), Max Studio (122) and Karl Lagerfeld (KL809S). Soft, bubbly shapes from Judith Leiber (JL1674) and Icon Eyewear (30310) round out these throwback designs.在光学眼镜和太阳镜领域,材质和轮廓的设计都让人回想起昔日的复古风格。O’Neill 品牌推出了低调的木质框架,而柏林企鹅(Original Penguin) 的“扣针”(The Pinner)、罗伯特?格雷厄姆(Robert Graham)的“普林斯顿”(Princeton)、麦克斯公司(Max Studio )的122款和卡尔?拉格菲尔德(Karl Lagerfeld )的KL809S都再次推出了玳瑁镜架。朱迪思?雷伯(Judith Leiber )的JL1674和 Icon Eyewear 的30310款采用了柔和的泡沫型轮廓,全面回归复古设计风格。The Mathematical Look2.数学风格This trend is most concerned with angular cuts and neutral colors. Marni’s triangular lenses and Chloe’s (CE638SL) hexagonal ones emphasize geometric shapes. Prada (PR09QS), Optic Nerve (Kincaid) and Emporio Armani (EA4021) place high emphasis on the brow bar. Designs by Balmain (BL1018) have an industrial appeal, with simplistic contours.这种流行风格更侧重棱角分明的轮廓和中性色调。玛尼(Marni)的三角形镜片和克罗伊(Chloe)CE638SL的六角形镜片都强调几何形状的特点。普拉达(Prada)的PR 09Qs、Optic Nerve 的“金凯德”(Kincaid)和安普里奥?阿玛尼( Emporio Armani )的EA4021都特别强调眉框的设计。巴尔曼(Balmain)BL1018的设计师用简单的轮廓体现出工业魅力。XOXO (Aspire), Frost (Fizzy) and Roberto Cavalli (RC797S) use arithmetical frame prints to make statements. Black and white patterns bring stunning sophistication to designs from Face A Face (Artie2), Jimmy Crystal (JCS601) and Randy Jackson (RJ3016) – yes, that Randy Jackson. Matte finishes from Lotho and Dsquared2 (DQ0134) drive home the point that a lack of shine does not mean a lack of elegance.XOXO的“渴望”(Aspire)、弗罗斯特(Frost)的“泡沫”( Fizzy)和罗伯特?卡沃利(Roberto Cavalli)的RC797S都使用数学主题的框架来表达设计思想。有些品牌使用黑色和白色的样式,把令人惊叹的巧妙创意融入设计中,比如Face A Face的“阿蒂2”( Artie2)、吉米?克里斯特尔(Jimmy Crystal)的 JCS601和兰迪?杰克逊(Randy Jackson)的RJ3016——没错,就是那个兰迪?杰克逊。法国品牌Lotho和Dsquared2的DQ0134采用了磨砂表面的框架,旨在强调一点:不闪耀并不意味着缺少优雅的风格。The Aquatic Look3.海洋风格Inspired by the ocean, this trend features vibrant blues, turquoises and teals. Frames from Vera Wang (Asuka), Icon Eyewear (75364), Kaenon (602) and Michael Stars (Iconic Stylist) draw upon these watery hues. Designers such as Scott Harris (V-25) and Prodesign (4134) pioneer the floating lens effect, using partially clear frames and minimalism. Cloudy sea glass-textured frames from Superdry (Comets), Vera Wang (Chrysanthe), and Corrine McCormack (Zooey) bring the oceanic look home.这种流行风格的设计灵感来自海洋,设计元素包括充满活力的深浅不一的蓝、绿松石和水鸭。从王薇薇(Vera Wang)的“飞鸟”(Asuka)、Icon Eyewear 的75364款、 Kaenon 的602款到迈克尔明星(Michael Stars )的“标志设计师”(Iconic Stylist),这些产品都采用了清新的海洋色调。Scott Harris (V-25) 、 Prodesign(4134)等眼镜品牌的设计师率先打造了浮动镜片效果,采用了半透明的框架和极简主义风格的设计。Superdry的“彗星”(Comets)、王薇薇的“菊花”(Chrysanthe)和科瑞恩?麦科马克(Corrine McCormack)的“佐伊”(Zooey)都使用了云海玻璃质感的眼镜框架,让人感受到海洋的清新气息。The Garden Look4.花园风格In the fourth and final look for the upcoming season, earthy greens and vibrant pinks, demonstrated by Valentino (V681S) and Mui Mui (VMU07M), are evocative of spring foliage. Dolce amp; Gabbana (DG4190), Jonathan Paul (Ikara) and Lafont (Naiade) offer new floral prints too. House of Holland and Robert Graham (Calvin) push the fantasy look to an extreme with saturated, mirrored lenses.花园风格是下一季第四个也是最后一个流行趋势,华伦天奴(Valentino)的 V681S 和Mui Mui的VMU07M 采用质朴的绿色和充满活力的粉红色框架,唤起人们对春日树叶的美好回忆。杜嘉班纳(Dolce amp;Gabbana)的DG4190、乔纳森?保罗(Jonathan Paul)的“伊卡拉”(Ikara)和拉芳特(Lafont)的“娜雅”(Naiade)都设计了全新的花卉图案。荷兰屋(House of Holland)和罗伯特?格雷厄姆(Robert Graham)的“卡尔文”(Calvin)都用色饱和的反射式镜片将梦幻色的效果推向了极致。Products by Frost (Papillon) and Lafont (Nec Plus Ultra) feature whimsical butterfly-shaped silhouettes. Floral embellishments from designers like Caviar (5594) make this look dazzlingly exotic. In the spirit of modernism, Cinzia Designs (Twinkle), Alexander McQueen, (AMQ4239S) Kate Spade and others, adorn their frames with sparkles and studs.弗罗斯特的“蝴蝶”(Papillon)和拉芳特的Nec Plus Ultra都采用造型奇特的蝴蝶型轮廓。设计师为Caviar 的5594款装饰了花卉图案,让这款眼镜看起来具有令人炫目的异国情调。Cinzia Designs的“闪烁”( Twinkle)、亚历山大?麦昆(Alexander McQueen)的AMQ4239S、Kate Spade和其他品牌都遵循了现代主义的设计理念,在眼镜框架上装饰了亮片和饰钉。 /201311/265696

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