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成都美容冠多少一颗自贡市第七医院半口全口种植牙多少钱An architecture firm has proposed a dramatic roller coaster-inspired bridge to be built for the 2022 Winter Olympics in China.为了中国在2022年举办冬季奥运会,一家建筑公司已经提出了一个戏剧性从过山车获得灵感的桥梁设计方案。The 1482-foot-long lix is set to connect Beijing and nearby Zhangjiakou the two host cities of the game and is designed by Beijing-based company Penda reported by People#39;s Daily Online.据人民网报道,由一家名叫槃达的北京公司设计的全长1482英尺的桥梁,将连接北京和附近的张家口这两座主办城市。The firm said the shape of the bridge also resembles the Olympic rings and DNA.设计公司说,桥梁的形状也和奥林匹克五环以及DNA类似。Impressive: An architecture firm has proposed the dramatic bridge to be built for the 2022 Winter Olympics令人影响深刻:一家设计公司提出了为2022年冬奥会兴建的戏剧性的桥梁设计方案。Cutting-edge: The 1482-foot-long lix is designed by Penda an architecture company with offices in Beijing and Vienna前沿概念:1482英尺长的桥梁由在北京和维也纳设有办公地点的一家名叫槃达的建筑设计公司设计。Dramatic: Designers have taken inspiration from the shape of roller coasters the Olympic rings and even DNA戏剧性:设计师从过山车、奥林匹克五环甚至DNA获得外型的灵感。Environmental: The company claimed that the bridge would require five times less steel than a typical box girder bridge环保性:公司声称桥梁所需的钢材比传统的钢箱梁桥梁少用5倍的钢材。Penda which also have an office in Vienna has released a set of computer generated images showing the futuristic overpass which has a maximum span of 278 feet.槃达在维也纳也有办公室,他们提交了一套计算机生成的效果图,显示了最大跨度278英尺的未来主义的立交桥外观。A spokesman at company#39;s Beijing office surnamed Sun the design is her company#39;s own project.、北京办事处姓孙的发言人说,这项设计是她的公司自有的项目。(这句英文动词都没有,晕死)She added that they have not received a formal commission from the Chinese authority 她补充说,他们尚未得到中国有关部门的正式委托。Penda has named the striking traffic lix San Shan Bridge or Three Mountains Bridge after the bridge#39;s hilly surroundings as well as its three tall arches when it#39;s viewed from the side.槃达把这座引人注目的桥命名为“三山“(就是三座山的意思),因为桥梁四周环山,从侧面看,桥有三座高大的拱门。The bridge is set to span across the Gui River as a way to improve the overall transportation of the 2022 Winter Olympics which will be held between two big cities.这座桥将横跨整个妫河,作为改善2022年冬奥会整体交通的一种方式。冬奥会将在两个大城市之间举行。Chirs Precht co-founder of Penda said in a press release that each of the bridge#39;s six circular structures is like a bicycle#39;s wheel.槃达的联合创始人克里斯.布里奇特在一次新闻发布会上说,桥梁的6个圆环设计,每个都象自行车车轮。Mr Precht said the steel rings tilt toward each other in pairs while the deck and cables are the hub and spokes of the wheel. 布里奇特先生说,钢环成对向彼此倾斜,桥面和缆绳则是轮毂和轮辐。The bridge deck is suspended from the structure by high-strength steel-cables that connect to the arches in a cross-weaving way. 桥面由高强度的钢拉索悬吊在结构上,用一种交叉编织的方式连接到拱门上。The company also claims that the modern bridge would require five times less steel in its construction than a typical box girder bridge. 该公司还声称,这个现代桥梁需要的钢材比经典的箱梁桥所需钢材少五倍。 /201608/461540成都有什么好的口腔医院 After another night of illness and lack of sleep last winter, Sangita Vyas had reached her limit. 去年冬天,在又度过一个生病加上睡眠不足的夜晚后,桑吉塔.维亚斯(Sangita Vyas)到了极限,决定远离新德里及其空气中的有毒污染物。Ms Vyas, who runs an economic research institute, decided to abandon Delhi and its cloud of toxic pollution.维亚斯管理着一家经济研究所。Ms Vyas is at the forefront of a movement away from India’s smog-bound capital by an increasing number of middle-class professionals and expatriates. 越来越多的中产专业人士和外派员工选择离开被雾霾笼罩的印度首都,维亚斯是最早行动的人之一。And after the most polluted Diwali holiday of the past five years, experts are warning that the outward migration could soon start causing serious damage to the economy of the world’s third-largest city. 在最近5年里空气污染最严重的排灯节(Diwali)假期过后,专家们警告称,人口外迁可能很快开始给这个全球第三大城市的经济带来严重损害。I was sick all the time and I wasn’t able to sleep for the constant coughing, Ms Vyas told the Financial Times from her new base in the southern coastal state of Goa. 我那时一直生着病,夜里咳个不停,无法入睡,维亚斯告诉英国《金融时报》,她搬到了印度南部沿海的果阿邦。All five of her colleagues also decided to quit the city this year. 她在研究所里有5名同事,也都决定今年离开德里。The pollution was hurting our productivity and our happiness, she said.她表示:空气污染正在损害我们的工作效率和幸福感。Delhi, India’s political hub, has boomed along with the rest of the country in the past few years, with the capital region’s economy growing more than 8 per cent in real terms during 2014-15, the most recent year for which figures are available.作为印度的政治中心,德里近些年来与国内其他地区一样蓬勃发展,2014-2015年度(这是有此项数据的最近年度),首都地区的经济按实际值计算增长逾8%。But economists warn growth will start to slow if the city does not sort out its persistent pollution problem, 但经济学家警告称,如果不解决持续存在的空气污染问题,德里地区的经济增长将开始放缓。which last week led to particulate levels more than 30 times the safe limit recommended by the World Health Organisation. 上周,德里的颗粒物含量达到世界卫生组织(WHO)建议的安全阈值的30倍以上。Over the weekend, pollution in Delhi spiked again, causing Anil Madhav Dave, the country’s environment minister, to warn of an emergency situation, and Arvind Kejriwal, the city’s chief minister, to call Delhi a gas chamber.上周末,德里的空气污染水平再次飙升,印度环境部长阿尼尔.马达夫.戴夫(Anil Madhav Dave)为此宣布首都进入紧急状态,该市首席部长阿尔温德.凯杰里瓦尔(Arvind Kejriwal)则称德里成了毒气室。Mr Kejriwal on Sunday afternoon announced new measures to combat the pollution. 上周日下午,凯杰里瓦尔宣布了新的污染治理措施。Construction sites would be shut for the next five days, diesel generators would be banned for 10 days except in hospitals and in emergencies, the Badarpur coal-fired power plant would be closed for 10 days, schools would be shut for three days, and some roads would be vacuum cleaned. 建筑工地将停工5天,除医院和紧急机构外柴油发电机将被禁用10天,巴达尔普尔(Badarpur)燃煤发电站将关闭10天,学校停课3天,一些道路将利用吸尘器清扫。He also said he was considering bringing back a scheme restricting the use of private cars.他还表示,他正考虑再次出台限制私家车上路的措施。On Saturday night, the normally bustling cafés and bars of south Delhi’s Khan Market were unusually quiet. 上周六晚,德里南部Khan市场通常熙熙攘攘的咖啡馆和酒吧不同寻常的安静。One bar owner said: No one wants to go out in this smog.一位酒吧老板表示:没有人愿意在这种雾霾天出门。On Sunday several hundred people gathered in the city centre to protest about the government’s lack of action to improve the air quality. 上周日,数百人聚集在德里市中心,抗议政府在改善空气质量方面缺乏行动。Samar Shivdasani, one of the protesters, said he was in there in part because of the damage it was going to his outdoor sports business.抗议者萨马尔.希夫达萨尼(Samar Shivdasani)表示,他参加抗议的部分原因是空气污染影响他的户外运动生意。This is the worst I have ever seen it. 这是我看到过的最糟糕的天气。It is murder for business, he said. 这是对企业的谋杀,他表示,I’m seriously thinking of leaving the city — not for me, but for the kids.我正认真考虑离开这座城市——不为我自己,而是为了孩子们。Pravakar Sahoo, associate professor at the Institute of Economic Growth, said that many of the better-off are suffering and deciding to leave Delhi. 经济增长研究所(Institute of Economic Growth)副教授普拉瓦卡.萨胡(Pravakar Sahoo)表示,许多富人感到苦恼,决定离开德里。And for those that stay, productivity levels will be going down. 对于那些留下来的人而言,生产率水平将下滑。This is not good news for the Delhi economy.这对于德里经济而言不是个好消息。A World Bank report in 2013 estimated that the annual cost of air pollution in India amounted to more than bn — equivalent to 3 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product.世界(World Bank)2013年的一份报告估计,印度空气污染造成的年度成本超过400亿美元,相当于该国国内生产总值(GDP)的3%。The economic consequences of Delhi’s pollution are aly being seen in the property market — often a leading indicator of what will happen to the rest of the economy. 在德里地区,空气污染对经济的影响已经体现在了房地产市场上,该行业通常是预示其他经济领域未来表现的一个领先指标。In the past three years, property prices in Delhi have fallen 21.7 per cent, according to the MagicBricks property index. 根据房价指数MagicBricks,过去3年,德里房价下跌21.7%。And estate agents say the decline is accelerating.房地产中介机构表示,下跌趋势还在加快。Rents have really fallen in the last year — on average by more than 30 per cent, said Kajal Makhijani of Mak Realtors, a broker who works in particular with the expatriate community. 去年,房租实际上在下跌,平均跌幅达30%以上,专门为外派员工务的房地产经纪公司Mak Realtors的卡亚尔.马克哈尼(Kajal Makhijani)表示,Expats are getting really worried about the pollution and deciding not to come, or to work outside the city. 外派员工确实对污染状况感到担心,他们决定不到这里来,或者在德里以外工作。Recently we have seen those concerns start to be shared by Indians as well. 最近,我们看到一些印度人也开始产生了这种担忧。Local government officials are aware that the smog which descends each winter could become an economic problem as well as a health hazard.地方政府官员意识到,每年冬天出现的雾霾既是一个经济问题,也危害居民健康。If this continues people are going to be off sick and away from their jobs, said TK Joshi, director of the Delhi government’s Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health. 如果污染状况持续下去,人们会因生病请假或离职,德里政府职业和环境健康中心(Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health)主任TK.乔希(TK Joshi)表示,That will be significant across the whole population. 这将对所有人产生重大影响。This year Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s chief minister, temporarily imposed a scheme that banned cars from the roads on alternate days depending on their number plates, but this was a rare example of political action to tackle the problem. 今年,德里首席部长阿尔温德.凯杰里瓦尔曾暂时性实施私家车单双号限行措施,不过,为应对空气污染问题而采取政治行动是很少见的做法。A US study found Mr Kejriwal’s experiment reduced pollution from what it would otherwise have been, but it did not solve the overall problem. 美国一项研究发现,凯杰里瓦尔的试验性措施减少了污染,但没有触及整体问题。That is in part because cars make up only a quarter of the emissions of small particles. 一个原因是,空气中的细颗粒物只有四分之一是汽车排放造成的。Another quarter is the result of farmers burning crops in other states such as Punjab — an illegal practice that local and national governments seem powerless or reluctant to curb. 还有四分之一是旁遮普等邦的农民焚烧农作物所致,印度中央及地方政府似乎没有能力或者不愿采取措施遏制这种非法行为。But while air pollution is taking its toll on parts of Delhi’s economy, one area of business is thriving: air purification. 在空气污染对德里部分经济领域造成损害之际,有一门生意却很是兴隆:空气净化行业。Ms Vyas has moved away from Delhi, but her husband Jay Kannaiyan has stayed behind to run the Indian office of Smart Air, a rapidly growing start-up that sells relatively cheap purifiers. 维亚斯已搬离德里,但她的丈夫杰伊.坎内安(Jay Kannaiyan)却留在德里,经营Smart Air的印度办事处,这是一家发展迅速的初创企业,主要销售相对廉价的净化器。Speaking from his small workshop in South Delhi, Mr Kannaiyan explained he had been deluged with interest in the past week. 坎内安在他位于德里南部的小工厂里解释称,过去一周,人们的购买兴趣非常浓厚。Last year during the three-month winter season we sold 1,000 units. 去年冬季3个月里我们销售了1000台,In the first week of this season we have aly sold 300. 而今年冬季的头一周,我们就已销售了300台。This morning alone we have received 150 calls — so many that our main mobile phone died. 光是今天上午我们就接到了150通电话,电话太多了,我们最常用的一部手机都没电了。Last year we saw a real change in Delhi in terms of awareness of the problem. 去年我们在德里看到人们对这个问题的意识确确实实发生了变化,This year that has gone up even further.今年,人们的环境意识更强了。 /201611/476848How far would you go to show your religious faith? Some families in rural India — both Hindus and Muslims — are willing to let their babies be tossed off the roof of a shrine, to be caught in a stretched bedsheet about 30 feet below.为了展现对宗教信仰的虔诚,你会走多远?印度乡间的一些家庭——不论是印度教徒还是穆斯林——都乐于让他们的婴儿被人从一座神庙的屋顶抛下,再用一张摊开的床单在下方约30英尺(约合9.1米)处接住。The ritual, long popular in Maharashtra and Karnataka States, dates back almost 700 years, to a time when infant mortality was high, medical knowledge was scant and families had few places to turn for help.这种仪式在马哈拉施特拉邦和卡纳塔克邦流行已久,可以追溯到大约700年前。那时,婴儿的死亡率很高,医疗知识匮乏,人们求助无门。Legend has it that a saint advised people whose babies were dying to build a shrine and drop the ailing infants from the roof to show their trust in the almighty. When they did so, the story goes, the babies were miraculously cradled to safety in a hammock-like sheet that appeared in midair.相传有一位圣人建议家有濒死婴儿的人建一座神庙,再把病婴从屋顶抛下,用以展示他们对万能之神的信仰。据说当他们这样做的时候,半空中出现了一张吊床状的床单,奇迹般地把婴儿安全接住。From then on, prayers for the birth of a healthy baby in the region have included a promise to toss the baby as an offering to the god who granted the prayers. Villagers believe that the ritual brings the child long life and good luck, and maintain that it does no harm.从那时起,当地祈求生下健康宝宝的人便发愿,如果他们梦想成真,就把宝宝从屋顶抛下,作为对神的供奉。村民们认为这种仪式会给孩子带来长寿和好运,并且坚信它没有任何危害。The practice came under fire in 2009, when a widely circulated recorded at the Baba Umer Dargah, a shrine in Solapur, Maharashtra, prompted the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights to intervene. The commission investigated and ordered that the baby-tossing be stopped.这种做法在2009年遭到了抨击。当时,在马哈拉施特拉邦肖拉普尔一座名为巴巴乌默尔达加(Baba Umer Dargah)的神庙录制的一段视频广为流传,招致印度国家儿童权益保护委员会(National Commission for Protection of Child Rights)的介入。该委员会展开了调查,并勒令不得再举办抛婴仪式。“We do not support this superstitious practice,” said G. Mohanty, a media adviser at the commission. “It is against the interest of the children. They may be really scared, and nobody knows how it affects their psyche.”“我们不持这种迷信的做法,”该委员会媒体发言人G#8226;莫汉蒂(G. Mohanty)说。“它危害了相关儿童的利益。他们可能非常害怕,而且没人知道他们的心理会受到怎样的影响。”Officials say the practice is illegal under India’s children’s rights law, and the local police authorities in Solapur say they have not received any reports of baby-tossing since 2010. Even so, witnesses say it continues on a small scale in some villages, including in Mangasuli, where the Lord Khandoba, an avatar of Shiva, is worshiped by Hindus as the deity of the family.官员们说,根据印度的儿童权益法,这种做法是非法的;肖拉普尔当地警方表示,自从2010年起,他们就没再接到过关于抛婴的警情。尽管如此,仍有目击者称,一些村落里依然少量存在这种现象,其中包括曼阿苏里村,在那里,印度教徒把湿婆(Shiva)的化身勘都巴神(Lord Khandoba)当成家庭守护神来供奉。“The practice continues throughout the year, and babies are tossed within two months of being born, come rain or shine — it’s tradition,” said Javed Fardin Akhtar, a resident of the nearby city of Sangli who said he witnessed the ritual in Mangasuli in April.“这种仪式一年到头都在举行,婴儿出生不超过两个月便会被抛下屋顶,风雨无阻——这是一种传统,”曼阿苏里村附近城市桑格利的居民贾韦德#8226;法尔汉#8226;阿赫塔尔(Javed Fardin Akhtar)说。今年4月,他在曼阿苏里村亲眼目睹了抛婴仪式。Mr. Akhtar said that the actual tossing was done not by the parents, but by experienced devotees of the shrine. After one bounce on the bedsheet, the babies are swiftly returned to the arms of parents waiting anxiously in the cheering crowd below.阿赫塔尔说,把婴儿抛下屋顶的实际上并不是婴儿的双亲,而是神庙里经验丰富的虔诚信徒。落在床单上的婴儿被弹起来以后,会在人们的欢呼声中被迅速送回焦急等待的父母的怀抱。 /201608/457883成都钴铬合金烤瓷牙套哪里好

绵阳市第三人民医院口腔中心The growth rate of China’s migrant workforce has fallen to levels not seen since the depths of the global financial crisis.中国农民工总量增速已降至本次金融危机最严重时期以来最低水平。The total number of migrant workers rose 1.3 per cent in 2015 to 277.8m, the slowest rate since 2009 according to data available from the National Bureau of Statistics.据中国国家统计局公布的数据,2015年农民工总人数上升1.3%,至2.778亿人。这是2009年以来的最低增速。In 2014 the number of migrant workers had increased 1.9 per cent of 2014, on par with growth in 2009. But growth in China’s mobile workforce jumped to 5.4 per cent year-on-year in 2010, thanks in part to a major stimulus package that revved up economic activity through infrastructure projects and real estate development – and which has left a fraught legacy of overcapacity as the country attempts to transition toward a more services-oriented economy.2014年农民工总数增加了1.9%,与2009年增幅相当。但2010年农民工总数同比激增5.4%,部分原因是一项重大刺激计划,该计划通过基础设施项目和房地产开发推动经济活动。但随着中国试图转型成更以务业为导向的经济,该计划也留下了产能过剩这个令人担忧的遗产。Now China’s “migrant miracle” – in which cheap, mobile labour subsidized an export-driven manufacturing sector – is drawing to a close.中国的廉价流动劳动力曾对出口驱动型制造业有利好效应,但如今,这一“农民工奇迹”正接近尾声。Adding to downward pressure on the growth rate is a demographic downshift: the share of migrant workers above age 30 rose to 67.1 per cent last year, up from 57.6 per cent in 2010, according to the latest figures from the statistics bureau.同时,人口增速放慢也加大了农民工增速的下行压力。根据中国国家统计局最新数据,30岁以上农民比例去年攀升至67.1%,2010年为57.6%, /201605/441110绵竹市人民医院治疗人工植牙的费用 四川省种植牙|口碑最好的医院

成都装假牙好不好 The margin between victory and defeat on the sports field is often narrow. For German sportswear group Adidas, narrow margins are a problem off the field, too. Back in 2010, its business plan called for operating margins of 11 per cent by 2015. Full-year published on Thursday showed them at 6.5 per cent. Kasper Rorsted, who takes over as chief executive later this year, has plenty to do.在运动场上,胜利和失败之间的差距往往很小。对德国运动品牌阿迪达斯(Adidas)来说,运动场外的利润率太窄也是个问题。2010年,该品牌的商业计划要求到2015年实现11%的营业利润率。本周四发布的全年业绩报告显示实际只达到6.5%。将于今年晚些时候出任该公司首席执行官的罗思德(Kasper Rorsted)有好多工作要做。An obvious first move would be to sell the golf division, TaylorMade adidas-Golf, whose sales fell 13 per cent (at unchanged exchanges rates) during 2015. Its future is aly under review; based on the valuation of US-listed Callaway, TaylorMade could fetch perhaps 800m. However, while there are plenty of valid reasons to sell TaylorMade, it is only 5 per cent of sales so the effect of a disposal on margins would be limited. Selling Reebok, another underperformer, would have more impact, but Reebok’s sales and profits are at least growing and it is more integral to the group.第一步显然是出售其高尔夫用具子公司——阿迪达斯泰勒梅(TaylorMade)高尔夫,其在2015年期间销售下跌了13%(按不变汇率计算)。其未来已经受到评估;基于在美国上市的高尔夫球具公司卡拉威(Callaway)的估值,泰勒梅应该能卖得8亿欧元。然而,虽然有足够多的正当理由出售泰勒梅,但它只占阿迪达斯销售的5%,所以处置这块业务对利润率的影响有限。出售另一个业绩表现不佳的业务部门锐步(Reebok)效果会更大,但锐步的销售和利润至少还在增长,而且跟整个集团更不可分。More durable results would come from cutting running costs. Gross margins at Adidas are similar to US rivals but at the operating level margins are lower. Assuming that its higher marketing spend (14 per cent of sales) is sacrosanct, that leaves about 4.9bn of other costs. Adidas says they will fall this year. They need to: they were 29 per cent of sales in 2015, compared with 22 per cent at Nike.更加耐久的结果将来自削减运营成本。阿迪达斯的毛利润率跟美国同行相似,但运营层面的利润率更低。假设其较高的营销出(相当于销售的14%)神圣不可侵犯,那就只能对余下的大约49亿欧元其他成本动手。阿迪达斯称这部分成本今年将会下降。它们必须得减少:它们相当于2015年销售的29%,而耐克(Nike)的这个比例是22%。Another long-term problem lurks in Mr Rorsted’s in-tray: North America. The rate of sales growth there last year was half that of Latin America and a third of European and Chinese levels. Profit fell two-fifths and Adidas has lost its number two spot in the US, the world’s biggest market, to Under Armour.罗思德还面对另一个长期隐患:北美市场。去年那里的销售增长是拉美市场的一半,欧洲和中国市场的三分之一。利润下跌了五分之二,而且阿迪达斯在世界第一大市场美国被Under Armour夺去了第二大的位置。The bad news is that the sheer size of the US market means Adidas would need to take a lot of market share in places like China to offset continued attrition in the US. The good news is that operational gearing means small improvements in sales there would provide a strong boost to profit.坏消息是,美国市场的庞大规模意味着,阿迪达斯可能需要在中国这样的地方夺得大量市场份额,才能抵消它在美国不断失去的地盘。好消息是,经营杠杆意味着,即使是小幅的销售好转也能强有力地提振利润。Mr Rorsted’s labours will be made easier by Adidas’s forecast 10 to 12 per cent sales growth this year (helped by major sporting events). But his record has not gone unnoticed. Since his appointment was announced, Adidas shares have risen 18 per cent, beating the Dax, and the valuation gap with Nike has narrowed. Two activist investors have been given supervisory board seats. No pressure, then.今年阿迪达斯的销售增长预期为10%-12%(得益于大型体育盛会),这让罗思德的活儿轻松了些。但他的职业记录并未被市场错过。自从他上任的消息公布以来,阿迪达斯的股价已上涨了18%,跑赢Dax指数,跟耐克之间的估值差距也缩小了。两名维权投资人获得监事会席位。看来没什么压力了。 /201603/430508德阳市第二人民医院口腔专科成都市哪家医院烤瓷牙价位最低




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