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Honesty is the best policy. —Aesop, ancient Greek fabulist诚实是最好的策略——伊索,古希腊寓言作家Personality is to man what perfume is to a flower. —C.C.Schwab, American businessman人品之于人,犹如芳香之于花——C.C.施瓦布,美国实业家Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark. —Tagore, Indian poet信念是黎明之前、天还没亮时就能感觉到光明的鸟——泰戈尔,印度诗人Character is the first and last word in the success. —Orison Marden, American writer品德是成功的决定因素——奥里森·马登,美国作家The more a man knows, the more he is inclined to be modest. —Henry Fielding, English novelist懂得越多的人就会越谦虚——亨利·菲尔丁,英国小说家 1993.The day was when I did not keep myself in iness thee; and entering my heart unbidden even as one of the common crowd, unknown to me, my king, thou didst press the signet of eternity upon many a fleeting moment of my life.3 那天我没有准备好来等候你,我的国王,你就像一个素不相识的平凡的人,自动地进到我的心里,在我生命的许多流逝的时光中,盖上了永生的印记And today when by chance I light upon them and see thy signature, I find they have lain scattered in the dust mixed with the memory of joys and sorrows of my trivial days gotten.今天我偶然照见了你的签印,我发现它们和我遗忘了的日常哀乐的回忆,杂乱地散掷在尘埃里Thou didst not turn in contempt from my childish play among dust, and the steps that I heard in my playroom are the same that are echoing from star to star.你不曾鄙夷地避开我童年时代在尘土中的游戏,我在游戏室里所听见的足音,和在群星中的回响是相同的 6

Patricia: Okay, we’re nearly done setting up the neighborhood party. I got some nametags with “father,” “mother,” and “kids” printed on them, with a space people to write their names. It’ll be easier people to introduce themselves and make friends. 好,我们基本上布置好了邻里聚会了我准备了些名字卡片,上面印着爸爸,妈妈,孩子,下面还空着空让他们写上自己的名字这样人们互相介绍和交朋友就更容易了Ed: The nametags are a good idea, but we have to keep in mind that in this day and age, there are a lot of unconventional families. We won’t just have nuclear or traditional families coming. 好主意,但是我们得记住在现在这个年代,有很多非常规家庭我们不只有三口之家或者传统意义上的家庭Patricia: I don’t see how that makes a difference. 我觉得这也没什么Ed: Don’t you? What if we have same-sex families? We need to be y to hand out two “father” or two “mother” nametags. There are also a lot of stepfamilies with more than one set of parents. 真的吗?如果有同性恋家庭来呢?我们需要准备两张爸爸卡片或者两张妈妈卡片还有很多离异家庭不只有两个家长Patricia: Well, the men are all “fathers” and the “women” are all mothers – that’s simple. I still don’t see the problem. 嗯男人都是爸爸,女人都是妈妈,这么简单还是没问题呀Ed: What if the children are being raised by grandparents? Some of the men could be grandfathers and some of the women grandmothers. 如果孩子是被爷爷奶奶养大的呢?有些男的是爷爷,有些女的是奶奶Patricia: Okay, we might have some of those families. 好,可能会有这样的家庭Ed: And don’t get that some parents are divorced or are single parents. Their current partner may not be their spouse. It wouldn’t be appropriate to give them “father” or “mother” nametags. We might even get foster families, in which case, the nametags may not be applicable at all. 别忘了有些家庭离婚了,也有单亲家庭他们现在的伴侣可能还不是配偶给他们爸爸妈妈的卡片不合适也可能会有寄养家庭,这种情况,卡片一点都不合适Patricia: I give up. get I ever brought up these nametags. I’ll get blank ones with nothing on them. 我了个去,你赢了就当我啥也没说我给他们一张白卡片算了Ed: That’s a good idea. Given the complexity we live in today, choosing simplicity might be the way to go! 好主意,鉴于我们生活在一个复杂的时代,一切从简是王道! 580

Lisette: Youre the new kid on the block, arent you?莉莎特:你是新来的员工,对吗?Danny: Yeah, it my first day.丹尼:是的,今天是我第一天上班Lisette: Im Lisette.莉莎特:我叫莉莎特Danny: Im Danny. Nice to meet you.丹尼:我叫丹尼很高兴认识你Lisette: Youre lucky to be starting on the day shift. When I started working here umpteen years ago, I had to work the graveyard shift two years bee I got the day shift.莉莎特:你很幸运,刚来就能上白班多年前我刚进来工作时,必须先上两年晚班才能改为白班Danny: I guess I am lucky, but I wouldnt mind working any shift, even double shifts, once I get up to speed. My wife and I are expecting our first child and we need to save up.丹尼:我想我是很幸运,但只要熟悉了新工作,我倒不介意上白班还是晚班,或者是两班倒我妻子和我打算要第一个孩子,所以我们得攒钱Lisette: Oh, yeah? Congratulations! Well, there are always people who want time off and need someone to cover them. You can usually pick up extra hours and shifts that way. Sometimes, there even overtime, but the veteran workers get first dibs.莉莎特:哦,是吗?恭喜!总是会有人请假,总需要别人来顶替他们的工作你可以多干几个小时,或者顶别人的班有时甚至会加班,不过资深的员工优先Danny: I can understand that. Well, if you ever need anybody to cover you, just give me a shout.丹尼:我明白如果你需要有人顶替你的工作,喊我一声就行了Lisette: All right, Ill keep it in mind. Maybe I can help you save up a diaper or two.莉莎特:好吧,我记住了也许我能帮你攥出一两片尿布钱原文译文属!

Rafael: Go away and stop following us. Our club is boys only.尔:走开,不要再跟着我们了我们俱乐部只收男孩Hannah: But I want to join.汉娜:但是我想加入Rafael: You do, huh? Did you know that to join our club, you have to go through an initiation?尔:真的想吗?你知道吗?加入我们俱乐部要经历一种仪式Hannah: Okay, Ill do that. What do I have to do?汉娜:好吧,我愿意我必须怎么做呢?Rafael: You have to endure weeks of hazing. Well be putting you through your paces to make sure youre club material.尔:前几个星期,你必须经受别人的欺负我们会不断让你突破自己,看你适不适合这家俱乐部Hannah: Im willing to do that. I can do anything you boys can do. Watch me!汉娜:我很乐意那么做我能做任何你们男孩能做的事等着瞧吧!Rafael: Im not so sure. If you want to be one of the guys, youll have to do everything we tell you to do, even if you dont want to.尔:这我就不那么肯定了如果你想成为其中一员,就必须做我们指定的任何事情,即使你不愿意Hannah: Everything?汉娜:任何事?Rafael: Yeah, everything. If we tell you to eat dirt, you have to eat dirt. If we tell you to stand outside in the rain, you have to do that, too. Get the picture?尔:是的,任何事如果我们让你吃土,你就得吃土如果让你站在外面淋雨,你也得这么做能想象那种场景吗?Hannah: Yeah, Ive got the picture.汉娜:是的,我想象得出来Rafael: If we tell you to pull a prank, you have to do it. If we tell you to streak, you have to do that, too.尔:如果我们叫你恶作剧,你就必须恶作剧如果我们让你裸奔,你也得去裸奔Hannah: You cant be serious. That really crosses the line.汉娜:你没开玩笑吧这真的越界了Rafael: We decide what crosses the line and what doesnt. See? I knew youd be too chicken to join our club.尔:我们来定义什么是越界,什么没有越界明白吗?我就知道你很胆小,进不了咱们俱乐部Hannah: Youre right. I dont want to join any club where the members are stupid enough to do all of those things. Im starting my own club—one where you dont have to humiliate yourself to get in.汉娜:你说对了我不屑于加入一个人人都这么愚蠢的俱乐部我要创办我自己的俱乐部——一个不用为了加入而去羞辱自己的俱乐部Rafael: Suit yourself. I knew you werent club material.尔:随你便我就知道你不是那块料Hannah: Thank goodness that!汉娜:是啊,谢天谢地!原文译文属! 189861

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