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英语场景口语:老百姓的父母官不可否认,目前政府部门中确实有一些贪官污吏,使该清理一下门户了。【口语要素1】Let’s clean house.作为老百姓的父母官,应该时刻想着全心全意为人民务。【口语要素2】Serve the people heart and soul.作为干部,首先要保守自己的清白。【口语要素3】Keep your nose clean.不要用你的职权来压人。【口语要素4】Don’t try to throw your weight around.更不要作个利欲熏心的政客。【口语要素5】Don’t be a power-hungry politician. /200604/6682。

  • VOA流行美语 100: a blast / lighten upLarry去Florida渡假一个星期。李华现在正开车去飞机场接他。今天李华会学到两个常用语:a blast 和lighten up。LH: 嗨, Larry,我在这里!LL: Hi, Li Hua, how are you? Thank you for coming to pick me up.LH: 没事!Florida怎么样? 玩得好吗?LL: Oh man, I had a blast! My friends in Miami took a few days off, just to hang out with me. We did nothing but hang out on the beach and go partying every night!LH: 哟,你那个在Miami的朋友还请了几天假陪你玩呀!那你肯定玩得很痛快。嗨,Larry, 你刚才说 I had a...什么来啦?LL: I said I had a blast. "To have a blast" means to have a great time. If something was a blast, that means it was a lot of fun.LH: Blast 不是“爆炸”的意思吗?怎么 "to have a blast" 又成了玩得特别高兴!哎哟,学英文真不容易! 得了, Larry, 你玩得痛快,我可是花了整整一个星期帮Jones教授来准备下学期的课呢!LL: Yeah, well, I tried to get you to come along. You would've had a blast too.LH: 对,你是请我一起去了,但是我不能去。我得工作,要不然下学期学费哪儿来呢?不过,昨天Rick过生日,我晚上去他的party 了...LL: Well, too bad I didn't come back a day sooner... his parties are always a blast.LH: 对,每次Rick 开party,大家总是玩得很痛快。昨天晚上我早上三点才回家。我走的时候还有好多人在那儿呢!大家都玩疯了!LL: Sounds like you had a blast. What about you? Li Hua, your birthday's today. Are you going to celebrate?LH: 嗯,生日也不是什么大事嘛。我在中国的时候从来不过生日的。LL: Aww, whatever. I think everyone should have a blast on their birthday!******LH: 唉,时间过得真快,我都已经25岁了,四分之一个世纪呐!可我还在这儿念书,还没有一个正式的工作...LL: What? Lighten up, Li Hua! You're in your mid-twenties! You have plenty of time to decide what you want to do!LH: 什么?你叫我lighten up? 你是说我要减轻体重?你在胡说什么吗?LL: Hey! I'm not talking about weight here. To lighten up means to relax, to be less serious.LH: 噢,lighten up就是要放松,不要太认真的意思!哎哟,不行,我可不能lighten up,我得考虑我的前途呐,我毕业以后干什么 - 是要回国还是呆在这儿...LL: Like I said, Li Hua, you seriously need to lighten up. Stress makes people gain weight.LH: 行,行,行,我想办法放松。嗨,Larry,你好象是很轻松,没什么压力,那你肚子怎么会这么大呢?LL: Watch it, Li Hua! I'm tired of you making fun of me. You know I've been working hard to lose weight recently...LH: "Lighten up, Larry!" 别跟我生气,我只是开玩笑嘛!我只不过是想举个例子。我这么说lighten up,对不对?LL: Yeah, you're right. But don't you mention my belly again!LH: 好了,好了,你家到了! Larry,我今天不想出去玩了,咱们明天再见吧!LL: Wait, Li Hua, can you help me with this bag?LH: 那么两个小包你都拿不动呀? 得了得了,我帮你拿这个包吧!(Sound of many people yelling "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!")LH: 哎哟,我的天哪!你们给我举行生日party都没让我知道!啊呀,你们真是太好了!怪不得Larry 你非要我帮他拿包进来呢!LL: Looks like you've lightened up aly. See? I told you you'd have a blast tonight!LH: 那么多人给我过生日,我当然很高兴呀!谢谢,谢谢。Thank you so much!今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语。一个是to have a blast, 意思是“玩得很痛快”。李华学到的另一个常用语是lighten up。这是指“放松,别太认真”。 /200602/3175。
  • Let me explain.下面我来解释一下。One of the things that characterizes extroverts is they need stimulation.外向性格的人的一大特征,就是他们需要刺激。And that stimulation can be achieved by finding things that are exciting:这种刺激可以是令人兴奋的事:loud noises, parties and social events here at TED -- you see the extroverts forming a magnetic core.比如巨大的声响、热闹的聚会和TED这样的社交事件——你会发现外向者会形成一个磁性的内核。They all gather together. And Ive seen you.他们会聚集到一起。所以我才会在这里遇见你们。The introverts are more likely to spend time in the quiet spaces up on the second floor,而内向的人更喜欢上到二楼,找个安静的地方待着,where they are able to reduce stimulation -- and may be misconstrued as being antisocial,以减少外界刺激--这样做可能会被误认为不喜欢社交,but youre not necessarily antisocial.但其实这并不绝对。It may be that you simply realize that you do better when you have a chance to lower that level of stimulation.也许你只是单纯地知道自己在外界刺激较低的时候状态更好。Sometimes its an internal stimulant, from your body.这也包括内在刺激,来自你的体内。Caffeine, for example, works much better with extroverts than it does introverts.比如说,咖啡因有时候对外向的人比内向的人更有效。When extroverts come into the office at nine oclock in the morning and say, ;I really need a cup of coffee,;当外向者早上9点走进办公室说,“我需要一杯咖啡。”theyre not kidding -- they really do.他们没开玩笑--他们是真需要。Introverts do not do as well, particularly if the tasks theyre engaged in --内向者就不会这么做,尤其是当他们正在干的活儿——and theyve had some coffee -- if those tasks are speeded, and if theyre quantitative,而且他们已经喝过咖啡了--如果这些活儿很急,而且有量化标准,introverts may give the appearance of not being particularly quantitative. But its a misconstrual.内向者会表现得好像,这些活儿没有特别的量化标准。但这是一种误导。So here are the consequences that are really quite intriguing:因此我们能得出一些,非常有趣的结论:were not always what seem to be, and that takes me to my next point.我们经常会表里不一,这就引出了我下一个观点。201608/462085。
  • Lets take a final example thats prominent in contemporary political debate: same-sex marriage.最后再举一个例子,一个当代政治的热点话题:同性婚姻There are those who favor state recognition only of traditional marriage between one man and one woman,有些人只持传统婚姻,一男一女and there are those who favor state recognition of same-sex marriage.有些人同时持同性婚姻How many here favor the first policy:在座有多少人属于前者?the state should recognize traditional marriage only?各州应该只允许传统式婚姻?And how many favor the second, same-sex marriage?有多少人持后者,同性婚姻?Now, put it this way:这么说吧,What ways of thinking about justice and morality underlie the arguments we have over marriage?我们对于婚姻形式的争论体现了哪些关于公正伦理的价值观呢?The opponents of same-sex marriage say that the purpose of marriage, fundamentally, is procreation,反对同性婚姻的人说,婚姻的根本目的是传宗接代and thats whats worthy of honoring and recognizing and encouraging.传宗接代才是值得尊重、认可和鼓励的价值本质And the defenders of same-sex marriage say no,赞成同性婚姻的人说procreation is not the only purpose of marriage;繁衍后代并非婚姻的唯一目的what about a lifelong, mutual, loving commitment?大家都忘了长相厮守、白头偕老、相濡以沫了吗?Thats really what marriage is about.那才是婚姻的真谛So with flutes, with golf carts,所以,无论是分配笛子,高尔夫球车and even with a fiercely contested question like same-sex marriage, Aristotle has a point.还是尖锐的同性婚姻话题,亚里士多德有一点说得很有道理Very hard to argue about justice如果不首先讨论社会组织的目的,without first arguing about the purpose of social institutions以及值得认可和称道的价值理念and about what qualities are worthy of honor and recognition.是很难讨论公平公正的So lets step back from these cases and see how they shed light现在让我们反思这些案例,看看能从中得到什么启发on the way we might improve, elevate, the terms of political discourse in the ed States, and for that matter, around the world.来帮助我们提升改进美国乃至世界的政治辩论状况There is a tendency to think现在有这样一种倾向,that if we engage too directly with moral questions in politics,认为如果我们直面政治方面的道德问题thats a recipe for disagreement,就很容易产生观点上的分歧,and for that matter, a recipe for intolerance and coercion.从而导致偏狭与排异,并相互强加观点给对方So better to shy away from, to ignore, the moral and the religious convictions that people bring to civic life.所以最好是避开那些宗教及道义方面的大命题It seems to me that our discussion reflects the opposite,我觉得我们的讨论明事实恰恰相反that a better way to mutual respect一个更好的互相尊重的方式是is to engage directly with the moral convictions citizens bring to public life,是直面日常生活中所涉及的伦理道德问题rather than to require that people leave their deepest moral convictions outside politics before they enter.而不是要求人们在讨论政治问题时回避他们最深层的道德信仰That, it seems to me, is a way to begin to restore the art of democratic argument.在我看来,这是复兴我们失落了的民主辩论艺术的一种方式Thank you very much.非常感谢大家201607/453046。
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