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  • It#39;s no secret that Christmas is a stressful time.圣诞节是一个充满压力的节日,这并不是什么秘密。But scientists say the season#39;s hectic schedule and excesses of festive eating can wreak havoc upon hormones, driving even the sanest person slightly cuckoo come Boxing Day.但科学家们发现繁多的节日安排和不规律的节日饮食会导致荷尔蒙分泌紊乱,让最理智的人也变得疯狂起来。Writing in the Journal of Neuroendocrinology earlier this year, the University of Edinburgh#39;s Mike Ludwig, predicted that come December, ;it is inevitable that, once again, we will again totally surrender to the effects of our Christmas hormones.;今年早些时候,爱丁堡大学的迈克;路德维格(Mike Ludwig)在《神经内分泌学杂志》撰文预测道:到了十二月,;我们会不可避免的再一次成为圣诞荷尔蒙作用的俘虏。;He goes so far as describing their effects as ;traumatic.;他甚至将这种作用定义为;创伤性的;。Just how much those ;Christmas hormones; take hostage of our bodies is described by Dr Robert Lustig from the University of California at San Francisco.加州大学旧金山分校的罗伯特;勒斯蒂格(Robert Lustig)士向我们介绍了;圣诞荷尔蒙;对身体会产生何种程度的影响。He told A#39;s Good Morning America that the season is fraught with hormonally-driven behaviour ; driving irrational actions and thoughts.在荷尔蒙的影响下,我们会产生不理智的思想和行动。在A电视台的早安美国节目中,他这样说道。;Certainly, it brings out the best and worst of us in every which way,; said the neuroendocrinologist and professor of paediatrics. He says a potent mix of cortisol, serotonin and dopamine are at play over the holiday season.按照这位神经内分泌学专家和儿科专家的说法,;圣诞荷尔蒙会让我们最好的一面和最坏的一面都展现出来。;这其实是我们体内的皮质醇, 血清素和多巴胺在作怪。While the togetherness of Christmas - ultimately what the day is all about ; fosters surges in the happiness hormone, serotonin, the build up is characterised by high levels of stress, or cortisol.圣诞节家人团聚的幸福感会使血清素水平升高,伴随而来的高度紧张感又会使得皮质醇水平升高。We seek quick contentment fixes in food, for example, which boost dopamine levels temporarily.从食物中获取的快速的满足感,会使多巴胺水平短暂上升。And the more that dopamine is triggered, the larger the amounts of food that are needed to feel the hormone#39;s pleasurable effects ; which leads to over-eating, peaks and troughs of insulin and sugar highs and lows.多巴胺水平越高,我们就需要越多的食物来维持多巴胺带来的愉悦感;;这样的暴饮暴食会导致胰岛素和血糖水平忽高忽低。In the meantime, high stress levels see rises in blood pressure, suppression of the immune system and increased sugar production, he told the show.与此同时,高度紧张感会使血压升高,免疫系统受抑制,血糖水平上升。It#39;s only to be expected that mood swings ; and arguments ; may ensue.可以预料,情绪波动和争吵会随之而来。It#39;s perhaps no surprise, then, that close to 70 per cent of Americans say they are fatigued by Christmas, says the American Psychological Association.这样看来,美国心理协会称有近七成美国人在圣诞期间感到身心疲惫就不足为奇了。Some comfort, though, can be taken in another finding by the American Psychological Association, as cited by GMA, that almost 80 per cent of Americans feel positive and happy around the holidays.令人欣慰的是,在早安美国节目所引用的该协会另一项调查中,有近80%的美国人称他们在节日期间感到快乐。Rather than let the holiday#39;s excesses defeat and traumatise, the secret is to make the most of your companions, family and friends over the period, suggests Dr Lustig.勒斯蒂格士建议,想要远离节日的挫败和失落感,秘诀是与朋友和家人一起过圣诞。;Happiness has nothing to do with money. It has nothing to do with food,; he told the show#39;s site.;快乐与金钱无关。快乐与食物无关。;;The best is to have a community and to be happy with what you#39;ve got.;;重要的是和大家一起,并能知足常乐。; /201112/165278。
  • This partly explains the huge rise in debt, as people aim to compensate for stagnating incomes by borrowing. 这在一定程度上解释了债务大幅增长的原因:人们寻求通过举债来弥补增长日趋停滞的收入。 So what is to be done? First, we must convince ourselves that there is something called the good life, and that money is simply a means to it. To say that my purpose in life is to make more and more money is as insane as saying my purpose in eating is to get fatter and fatter. But second, there are measures we can take collectively to nudge us off the consumption tmill. 那么,我们该做些什么?首先,我们必须让自己相信,所谓的幸福生活是存在的,金钱只是过上幸福生活的一种手段。有人说生活的目的就是要变得越来越有钱,这与声称吃饭的目的是要变得越来越胖一样荒谬。其次,我们可以共同采取一些措施,使自己免于陷入无休止的消费。 One is to improve job security. Government should restore the full employment guarantee. This does not mean guaranteeing everyone a 40-hour a week job. Government should gradually reduce the maximum allowable hours of work for most occupations, guaranteeing a job for everyone who wants to work that amount of time. 一是提高就业保障。政府应该恢复充分的就业保障。这并不意味着要确保所有人都有一份每周40小时的工作。政府应该逐步降低大多数工作岗位的工作时间上限,确保每一位想在此上限内工作的公民都有一份工作。 At the same time it should institute an unconditional basic income for all citizens. This would aim to improve the choice between work and leisure. Critics say this would be a disincentive to work. That is precisely its merit in a society which should be working less and enjoying life more. 与此同时,政府还应为所有公民制定一个无条件的基本收入下限。此举的目的是改善工作与休闲之间的选择。批评人士称,这将降低人们的工作积极性。但在一个工作时间应当更少、享受生活时间应当更长的社会里,这一效果恰恰是此举的价值所在。 Third, government should reduce the pressure to consume by curbs on advertising. We aly have curbs to guard against specific harms: it would not be a big jump to recognise that excessive consumption is itself harmful – to the environment, to contentment, to any mature conception of the good life. 第三,政府应该通过限制广告来减弱消费的动机。我们已经出台了一些限制措施来防范具体的危害,因此,让人们认识到过度消费本质上有损于环境、满足感和成熟的幸福生活观,并不会是多难的事情。 Underpinning these measures would be a steeply progressive consumption tax, with a top bracket of, say, 75 per cent. This would be a tax on what is spent, not on earnings. It would reduce the pressure to consume, finance basic income, and encourage private saving for old age and infirmity. 对这些措施形成撑的将是累进幅度很大、最高一档税率达(比方说)75%的消费税。这将是一种对出、而非收入征收的税。它将减弱消费动机,为基本收入提供资金,并鼓励个人为应对年老体衰而储蓄。 All these proposals are open to criticism. However, unless we take a collective decision to get off the consumption tmill we will never get to the point of saying ;enough is enough;. And if we don#39;t do that, we will go on wondering what all that extra money was for. 上述这些提议可能会招致批评。但是,如果我们不能共同决定摆脱无休止的消费,我们就永远说不出;适可而止;这个词。而如果我们做不到这一点,我们就仍会纳闷多挣那么多钱意义何在。 /201207/189872。
  • 1991 年,老布什考虑任命乔布斯为出口委员会的一员,因此命令FBI 作一次背景调查,美国联邦调查局(FBI)9日披露一份191页档案,涉及已故苹果公司创始人史蒂夫;乔布斯的背景调查。乔布斯在业界获称;创新天才;。而随着档案的公布,他的个人品格遭受质疑。You#39;ve heard about things going on your permanent record? Steve Jobs had one, too.了解自己的档案上有些什么内容吗?乔布斯(Steve Jobs)也有一份档案。The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Thursday made public a background check on the Apple co-founder that took place in 1991. The agency assembled the investigation because Mr. Jobs was being considered for a presidential appointment by George H.W. Bush to the President#39;s Export Council, which advises on international trade. Mr. Jobs was appointed to the position that year.美国联邦调查局(Federal Bureau of Investigation,简称FBI)周四公开了一份针对苹果公司(Apple)这位联合创始人的背景调查报告。调查是在1991年进行的,FBI之所以调查乔布斯,是因为时任总统老布什(George H.W. Bush)可能会提名他进入总统出口委员会(President#39;s Export Council)。这个委员会的职责是为总统提供国际贸易方面的咨询。乔布斯当年获得了这个任命。The Wall Street Journal/FINS.com requested the file through the Freedom of Information Act.《华尔街日报》和FINS.com通过《信息自由法》(Freedom of Information Act)申请获得了这份文件。In the 191-page document, friends and associates describe him as profoundly talented, creative and hardworking. But his many faults are also acknowledged including the fact that he neglected his daughter for the first several years of his life and that his management techniques were considered by many to be abusive.在191页的文件里,乔布斯的朋友和同事说他特别有天赋和创造力、工作努力,但他的很多缺点也是公认的,比如早年间曾忽略了自己的女儿。另外,很多人认为他在管理上态度恶劣。Two individuals, who were acquainted with Mr. Jobs, said he was ;strong willed, stubborn, hardworking and driven, which they believe is why he is so successful.;文件显示,两位与乔布斯认识的人说,他意志坚决、固执、工作努力、有动力,他们认为这些是他如此成功的原因所在。Another source said she was reluctant to discuss Mr. Jobs, because she had ;questions concerning his ethics and morality.; The woman, who said that she and Jobs had ;experimented; with drugs together in the past, also described him as ;shallow and callous.; His success as head of Apple, she said, had given him an ;enormous amount of power; and ;caused him to distort the truth at times to get his way.; Despite this, she recommended him for the government position.另一个消息源说,她不愿意谈论乔布斯,因为她对乔布斯的道德人品存在怀疑。这位女子说她以前曾跟乔布斯一起;体验;毒品,还说乔布斯浅薄无情。她说,乔布斯担任苹果负责人取得的成功给了他很大的权力,导致他有时扭曲事实为所欲为。虽然如此,她还是推荐乔布斯进入出口委员会。A Palo Alto, Calif.-based man who identifies himself as a former ;good friend; of Mr. Jobs said that while he was ;basically an honest and trustworthy person, he is a very complex individual and his moral character is suspect.; Mr. Jobs ;alienated a large number of people at Apple, as a result of his ambition.;加州帕洛阿尔托一位自称是乔布斯昔日好友的男子说,乔布斯基本上是一个诚实可信的人,但他个性复杂,品性有问题。他说,乔布斯因为他的野心,疏远了苹果公司中的很多人。The file also reveals that Jobs received top secret security clearance from the Department of Defense for work he was doing in connection with Pixar. The clearance was effective between November 1988 and July 1990. It#39;s unclear why Jobs was given the clearance.文件还显示,乔布斯因为与动画制作公司皮克斯(Pxiar)相关的工作,从国防部得到了查询绝密内容的许可。这一许可的有效期是1988年11月到1990年7月。不清楚乔布斯为什么得到了这一许可。The question of whether Mr. Jobs, who had admitted to drug use in his youth, still used drugs while at Apple comes up frequently in the file. It appears nearly everyone interviewed believed he no longer used drugs.乔布斯曾经承认年轻时使用过毒品。文件中反复提及了乔布斯任职苹果期间是否仍使用毒品的问题。从文件中看,几乎所有受访者似乎都认为他没有再使用毒品。An interview subject from International Business Machines said that he never ;witnessed any illegal drug usage or alcohol abuse by the appointee; and said Mr. Jobs ;seemingly lives within his financial means and he never witnessed any examples of an extravagant lifestyle having been practiced by Jobs.一位来自国际商业机器公司(International Business Machines,简称:IBM)的受访者说,他从未看到乔布斯有过任何非法使用毒品或酗酒行为。这位受访者还说,乔布斯的生活似乎从未超出财力所限,他也从未见到乔布斯挥霍无度的情形。An unnamed female source said Mr. Jobs ;drank only a little wine and did not use any kind of illegal drugs.; However, ;in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Mr. Jobs may have experimented with illegal drugs, having come from that generation,; the report says.一位未具名女性消息源说,乔布斯只喝一点红酒,不使用任何非法毒品。但调查报告说,上世纪60年代末和70年代初,乔布斯可能体验过非法毒品,毕竟他是那一代人。Other aspects of the Steve Jobs narrative are referenced in the file, including his pilgrimage to India and his resulting interest in Eastern religion. One person whose name is redacted says that Mr. Jobs ;had undergone a change in philosophy by participating in eastern and/or Indian mysticism and religion. This change apparently influenced the Appointee#39;s personal life for the better.;文件还提到了乔布斯的其他方面一些事情,比如去印度朝圣并因此对东方宗教产生兴趣。一位名字被涂掉的人士说,乔布斯通过参加东方和/或印度秘教、宗教,在人生哲学上出现了变化,这种变化可能给他的个人生活带来了有利影响。The person suggests that Mr. Jobs#39;apathy toward money and material possessions were manifest in the early 1990s when the investigation was conducted. Mr. Jobs lived a ;spartanlike and at times even monastic existence,; the person told investigators.这位人士提到,乔布斯对金钱和物质财富不感兴趣的性格在90年代早期(也就是调查进行的时候)就已经很明显。这位人士对调查人员说,乔布斯生活非常简单,有时候甚至就像一个清修者。 /201202/171510。
  • Whether you are trying to impress that special someone on your first date, or you're just trying to look (and smell) more pleasant when you leave for the office or the local pub, proper grooming is crucial for making a good impression. If you're in the dark about proper grooming habits, like a lot of guys out there, you have nothing to fear. Just this list of 10 essential grooming tips for men to help you look more polished and presentable, while still having a masculine appearance: 无论你想让自己在与心爱之人的第一次约会上给她留下深刻影响,或是只想让自己去咖啡馆或酒吧时看起来(或闻起来)更好一些,合适的装扮都决定着你在别人眼中的印象。如果你像许多人一样仍对如何正确装扮一头雾水,那你不必害怕。只要阅读下面10条建议,便可让你更加亮眼漂亮,而不失男子气。1. Trim Nose Hairs 修剪你的鼻毛 Protruding nose hairs are never, ever acceptable. They cannot be used to enhance appearance, and are just flat-out unsightly. Invest in a pair of nose hairs trimmers or tweezers and make sure you always keep those puppies where they should be - in your nose! Specialized nose clippers are also available for that quick, nose hair trim. 突出的鼻毛永远是不可容忍的。它们无法提高外观,却只能让你变得无比难看。买一副鼻毛修剪器或者小镊子可以确保让你的“小宠物”呆在属于它自己的地方——你的鼻子里。专业的鼻毛修剪器更是可以快速修剪。2. Take Care of Your Eyebrows 注意你的眉毛 Eyebrow maintenance is not restricted to women only. While you want to avoid thin, feminine eyebrows, you do want to keep them somewhat cleaned and polished. Consider a little plucking and trimming to keep them inline and straight while keeping them full and masculine. And in case you were wondering, they're called "eyebrows," not "eyebrow." Always make sure there are two of them before heading out, not just one. 修眉可不仅限于女性。如果你想避免又细有娘的眉毛,而又想保持积分干净和优美。那么考虑下稍微拔蚀并修剪,以保持它们呈线形而又挺直,同时不失饱满和男子气概。如果你感到奇怪,那是因为眉毛有两条,请确保两条都修饰到了,不要厚此薄彼。3. Take Care of Your Lips 注意你的嘴唇 While most men feel awkward when it comes to applying anything to their lips, they need to remember: lip balm is not lipstick. Preventing chapped lips is important for proper grooming and will help prevent your lips from crusting and bleeding. If you're afraid it will make you look too feminine, just avoid the glittery and ultra-glossy variety. 当大多数男人需要做到唇部的表情时,他们总是很尴尬的,他们需要记住:唇膏不是口红。防止嘴唇干裂对于合理的装扮来是是非常重要的,它能防止你的嘴唇结硬皮或流血。如果你害怕那会让你看上去很娘,那就避免闪光类和极端光泽类的唇膏。4. Groom Your Ears 装扮你的耳朵 Men often overlook their ears during their regular grooming session. Ear hairs, ear wax, dry skin and build-up in and around the ears should all be taken care of as a part of your grooming regimen. Pay special attention to your ears right after having your hair cut because there will definitely be unsightly hair trimmings inside and around your ears that your barber is likely to miss. 男人们在日常装扮中经常会忽视掉耳朵。在装扮准则中,耳毛、耳垢、干皮以及耳朵边缘的沉积物必须要注意。尤其在理发后更是应当注意你的耳朵,因为由于你理发师的忽略,肯定会有不雅的头发屑在里面或在周围。5. Brush and Floss Regularly 定期刷牙并用洁牙线剔牙 Most men know that brushing their teeth is important. The problem is, many are guilty of not knowing how to brush properly. And flossing? Flossing is probably skipped by the majority of men out there. Just remember that the plaque between your teeth can cause bad breath as well. 很多人都知道刷牙很重要。但问题是,很多人不知道如何正确刷牙。至于牙线,更是被很多人忽视。一定要记住牙之间的蚀斑也能引起口臭。 /201109/155601。
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