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Listen to me, please.请听我说。You#39;re like me, a Homo sapiens.你跟我一样是智人。A wise human.一个有智慧的人。Life, a miracle in the universe, appeared around four billion years ago, and we humans only 200,000 years ago.生命是宇宙的奇迹。出现于约四十亿年前,而我们人类只有二十万年历史。Yet we have succeeded in disrupting the balance...但是我们却破坏了。that is so essential to life on Earth.地球生命赖以生存的平衡。Listen carefully to this extraordinary story, which is yours, and decide what you want to do with it.请细听这个不寻常的的故事,你的故事。然后决定你应该做什么。These are traces of our origins.这是我们的起源的轨迹。At the beginning, our planet was no more than a chaos of fire, formed in the wake of its star, the sun.最初 我们的星球不过是一个浑沌的火球。伴随它的恒星-太阳诞生而形成的。A cloud of agglutinated dust particles, similar to so many similar clusters in the universe.一团粘聚的尘埃颗粒。就像宇宙里面许多类似的星云。Yet this was where the miracle of life occurred.然而生命的奇迹就在此诞生。Today, life- our life-is just a link in a chain of innumerable living beings...今天 我们的生命是地球上无数生物形成的生命链中的一环。 Article/201409/329539Home Mortgage Rates Spike, Prices and Sales Up An improving economy is good news for homeowners, but not for homebuyers.New sign this morning is that housing market is heating up. Home sales have aly shown another monthly spike this morning. Good news for home owners. Also growing with those buyers could get burned. Here with financial contutor Betty, you know the tough news for buyers not only the prices goanna up, that mortgage is spiking too.You said it, George, the national associate of realtor is expected to show that home sale’s grown by about 1.5 percent in July. That’s reversal. From the declining June, so, right now, if your home is a castle, you’re making money of it. In the 20 big cities, home prices have gone by about 14 percent. So two things are goanna happening here, or adding new jobs and those low interests rates but as you just said, George, they’ve gone up in last three months of 30-year, fixed mortgage has increased by over 1 percentage point. So, if you got mortgage on 20,000 dollars house 20 percent down, your mortgage paying would be increased by over 100 dollars a month. That’s 1,300 dollars a year. It’s interesting because oddly enough because the economy is doing so well, the Federal Reserve says, we may actually take the training wheels off this economy. We’ll pull back on stimulus that’s causing interests to rise. We’re goanna get a better idea how the fed is thinking because later today they’re goanna release the transcript of their last policy meeting. But don’t panic yet right a minute, interest is historically low and the demand is so high that the economy is saying any slowdown is like to be temporary. /201308/253963

宇航员常说:在太空中,没有什么问题能够糟糕到你无法让它变得更糟。如何应对复杂情况下的危险和恐惧?已退役的克里斯·哈德菲尔德上校为我们生动地描绘了太空中所能碰到的最糟糕的情况。他的亲身经历告诉他,应当为最坏情况做好准备,无论是在宇航任务还是在现实生活中都应该如此。他还以蜘蛛作比,诠释了他的这一感悟。 Article/201409/325292

So, how did you get involved, uh, with personal computers?你是怎么与个人计算机结缘的?Well, I ran into my first computer when I was about 10 or 11. 我第一次见到计算机是10或11岁And it’s hard to remember back then but I’m, I’m no fossile now, I’m no fossile很难回忆当年的情景,我可不是故作老成So when I was 10 or 11, that was about 30 years ago and no one had ever seen a computer. 大约30多年前,见过电脑的人不多To the extent they’d seen them, they’d seen them in the movies.即使见到,也是在电影里And they were really big boxes with...For some reason they fixated it on the tape drives, as being the icon of what the computer was, or flashing light somehow. 那时电影里的计算机都是装有开盘机的大柜子,闪闪发光And, so nobody had ever seen mysterious, very powerful things that did something in the background. 真正了解计算机功能和原理的人不多And so to see one and actually get to use one was a real privilege back.有机会接触计算机的人更是寥寥无几And I got into NASA Ames Research Center and I got to use a time sharing terminal. 我有幸在NASA Ames研究中心见到一台And so I didn’t actually see a computer but I saw a time sharing terminal. 那还不是一台完整的计算机,只是一台分时共享的终端机And in those days it’s hard to remember how primitive it was. There were no such things as a computer with a graphics display. 设备非常简陋,连显示器都没有It was literally a printer. It was a teletype printer with keyboard on it.只是一台带键盘的电传打印机So you would keyboard this commands in and you would wait for a while, 你在键盘上输入指令耐心等待and then things would go ;tatatatatata;, and it would tell you something else.然后它会哒哒哒地输出结果But even with that, it was still remarkable, especially for a 10-year-old, 即便如此这玩意也太奇妙了,尤其是对十岁的男孩而言that you could write a program in BASIC, let#39;s say, or FORTRAN.你可以用Basic语言或Fortran语言编写程序And actually this machine would sort of take your idea, 机器接受并执行你的设想and it would sort of execute your idea and give you back some results. 然后把结果告诉你And if they were the results you predicted, 如果结果和设想的一样your program really work, 说明程序见效了and it was incredibly thrilling experience. 这太让人激动了So I became very err.... captivated by computer.我完全给计算机迷住了 /201306/242794

They are making objects that are less about physically changing the world than about exploring the order and the patterns that they see in it. In short, they are making art. Why? Why do all modern humans share the compulsion to make works of art? Why does man the toolmaker everywhere turn into man the artist?他们进行物品创造的目的,再也不仅仅是为了纯粹的从物理上去改变周遭的世界,而更是为了去探索他们在大自然中观察出来的众多规律与模式。简而言之,他们在创造艺术。为什么呢?为什么所有现代人类有这种创造艺术品的通性?为什么全球范围内原来是工具创造者的人类变成了艺术创造者的人类?Our two reindeer represent the oldest piece of art in any British art gallery or museum, and it#39;s alarmingly delicate. We keep it in a climate-controlled case and we hardly ever move it, because with any sudden shock it could just crumble to dust. It was made during the end of the last Ice Age, around 13,000 years ago. And it#39;s a sculpture carved from the tusk of a mammoth - it must have been towards the end of the tusk, because it#39;s slim, slightly curved, and it#39;s about eight inches long.我们这件双驯鹿展品代表着任何英国艺术画廊或物馆馆藏的最古老艺术品,它却是如此惊人地脆弱。我们一直把它保存在严格控制气候变化的展示台里,几乎不曾移动过;因为任何突然震动都可能使它瞬间崩溃,化为一地尘埃。这艺术品成型于最后一次冰河时期,大约一万三千年左右,一件雕刻在猛犸象牙上的雕塑作品。肯定利用的是象牙的接近尾端部分,因为其型状纤细、略呈弧形;它约八英寸长。The two reindeer swim closely, one behind one the other, and the sculptor has brilliantly exploited the tapering shape of the tusk. The smaller, female reindeer is in front with the very tip of the tusk forming the tip of her nose; and behind her, in the fuller part of the tusk, comes the larger male.这对游水中驯鹿紧紧相随,一前一后;而且雕塑家极巧妙地完全利用了象牙尾端逐渐变细的特点。雌鹿在前,象牙细细的尖端构成了它的鼻子尖;紧随其后的是雄鹿,身型较大,就占据了型状较粗的象牙主体部分。Because of the curve, both animals have their chins up and their antlers are tipped back, exactly as they would when swimming - and along the undersides, their legs are at full stretch, giving a marvellous impression of streamlined movement. It#39;s a superbly observed piece - and it can only have been made by somebody who has spent a long time watching reindeer swimming across rivers.因为这象牙天然的曲线,这对动物都仰着下巴,鹿角翘向背部,游水的神态活灵活现;顺着下面两侧的边缘,它们四腿充分伸展,栩栩如生地重现出流线型运动之感。这艺术确是精确入致观察的结晶。只有花费很长时间观察过驯鹿游水过河的人,才能创造出这件艺术品。And it#39;s probably no coincidence that it was found by a river, in a rock shelter at Montastruc in central France.而它出土于法国中部 Montastruc河畔边的一处岩石庇护处,这点也可能不是巧合。This carving is an amazingly realistic representation of the reindeer who, 13,000 years ago, were roaming in great herds across Europe.这雕塑品逼真而惊人地重现了一万三千年前驯鹿群的姿态,成千上万,浩浩荡荡,游遍欧洲大陆。The continent at this time was far colder than it is today; the landscape consisted of open, tree-less plain, rather like the landscape of Siberia now and, for human hunter-gatherers in this unforgiving terrain, reindeer were one of the best hopes for survival. Their meat, skin, bones and antlers could supply pretty well all the food and the clothing you needed, as well as the raw materials for tools and weapons.当时的欧洲大陆远比现代更加冷寒;主要地貌是一空旷无限、寸木不生的辽原,与现代的西伯利亚景观颇为相似;对于作为狩猎采集者的远古人类而言,在这种严酷无情的地形中,驯鹿便是其生存最大希望之一。它们的肉、皮毛、骨骼与鹿角给你提供了可避寒、可裹腹的衣食,同时还是制作工具与武器的原材料。只要你能捕猎到驯鹿,一切都会好起来的。As long as you could hunt reindeer, you were going to be alright. So, it#39;s not surprising that our #39;homo sapiens#39; artist knew the animals very well, and that he chose to represent them.因此,我们的“智人”艺术家对驯鹿的一切了如指掌,而且选择将这种动物运用到艺术品中去,也就不足为奇了。 Article/201403/279340

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