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Johnny Depp Hints at Possible Retirement Depp said he would like to focus on quieter pursuits. Dont get out the retirement party hats just yet. Johnny has three films in the works at the moment.We begin with Johnny Depp this morning. Is he retiring? A loss, that would beat the magic movie business, but Depp recently told a reporter in the UK that he is probably not too far away from ending his acting career. Depp says he would like to focus on quieter pursuits, but dont get out of retirement party house just yet. Johnny still has at least 3 films in the works at the moment. That will be a loss, though. He is the best of the best.And with an announcement as bold as a firework, Katy Perry let the world know the details on her new album yesterday. With 18 characters, 18 wheelers spotting cruise Los Angeles. The albums name is Prism. They will be released on October 22nd, boldingly written on the trailer. The twitter queen uses the medium to tell fans to tweet the pictures of truck they spotted. One of them, American Idol star Adam Lambert, who was excited just about the track. Perrys last album, if theres any indication, well, this one will do just fine. Teenager Dream made billboard history 5 NO.1 singles. Katy said LA not the last stop of the truck, keep eyes open, and tune in on to join me tomorrow. Katy Perry will be here.--Is she gonna be here with the truck? ...--I know the truck...but...--Great. --That would be great.Hey, finally just give you an idea of how hungry we are by this hour in the show. This guy can totally relate. He so wants to eat, but he just cant eat yet. Hes not allowed. He cant get there. He tries, he tries, and all over again he goes. The simple pleasure is in life. Right here is another that weve found for you this morning. This was always one of my favourite things to do as a kid. This guy can relate.--Oh!--Its gracious!--We thought we would...--Wait a second! You just embarrass the lead there. You did that as a kid?--You never slid down the stairs?--Head first?--Maybe thats my problem.--Thats talking so much.--Maybe thats an explanation. You never did this? You never slid down seriously?--I think there will be more ... as a kid... /201308/251667

The collection of small amber beads, for example, that were found with the cape, must have come from the Baltic-hundreds of miles away from Mold.与披肩一起出土的號拍珠便来自距莫尔德千里之遥的波罗的海。By studying these precious objects-gold, amber, and above all bronze-we can track a web of trade and exchange that reaches from North Wales to Scandinavia, and even to the Mediterranean.通过研究这些贵重的黄金、琥珀与青铜,我们能追寻到一个从北威尔士到斯堪的纳维亚,甚至远至地中海的贸易与交换网络。我们甚至能定位各种物品的原产地。The Mold Cape was buried only a matter of miles away from the largest Bronze Age copper mine in northwest Europe, the Great Orme.莫尔德披肩的出土地离青铜时代欧洲西北部最大的铜矿大奥姆山较近。The copper from here, and the tin from Cornwall, would have provided the ingredients for the vast majority of British bronze objects.来自此地的铜与来自康沃尔的锡为当时英国绝大部分的青铜制品提供了主要原料。The peak of activity at the Great Orme mine has been dated between 1900 and 1600 .大奥姆铜矿开釆的巅峰期应为公元 前一千九百年至公元前一千六百年。Recent analysis of the gold-working techniques, and the decorative style of the cape, dates the burial to this very period.通过对黄金加工技术及披肩装饰风格的分析,我们确定这一墓葬也属于同一时期。So we can only guess, but its likely that the wearers of this extraordinary object were linked to the mine, which would have been a source of great wealth, and a major trading centre for the whole of north-west Europe.因此,尽管我们只能猜测,但这件披肩的主人很可能与大奥姆铜矿有某种关联,因为铜矿会带来巨大的财富,同时,那里也是整个欧洲西北部的一个大型贸易中心。But was the gold for the cape also traded from far away? Heres Dr Mary Cahill, from the National Museum of Ireland:但用来制作披肩的黄金,是否也是从别的地方交易而来的昵?爱尔兰国家物馆的玛丽卡希尔士说:;It has been a huge question-where did the gold come from?黄金从何而来?这是个重大问题。We have learned a great deal about where the early copper sources are, but the nature of gold-especially if its coming from rivers and streams, and because the early workings can literally be washed away in one flood, for example-it means that its very, very hard to identify the sites.我们对早期的铜矿来源巳有 不少了解,但黄金的产地却很难追寻,尤其是黄金多为出自河流的沙金,早期的开采痕迹极易被洪水冲洗干净。201407/314881


  Before I continue with this presentation I would like to explain在我继续我的展示之前some terms associated with cancer. In this presentation我想要解释一些有关癌症的术语we will focus on risk. Risk is the likelihood of在这次展示里 我们将重点关注风险developing cancer based on lifestyle choices风险就是癌症基于and family history. Prevention is the生活方式选择和家族史的发展的可能性lifestyle choices an individual takes to预防就是一个人采取的生活方式选择reduce their risk of being diagnosed with cancer来降低被诊断患有癌症的风险and reoccurrence is the return of cancer复发是指治疗后癌症再次出现after treatment. This presentation will focus on这次展示将会重点关注ways to reduce risk.It is important to understand减低风险的途径the difference between pre menopausal breast cancer理解更年期前乳腺癌和更年期后乳腺癌and post menopausal breast cancer. Pre menopausal的区别是至关重要的breast cancer occurs in younger women更年期前患乳腺癌发生在年轻女性身上Often times the women who get this form of breast通常 患有这种乳腺癌的妇女cancer have a genetic predisposition and these cases都是遗传性的are typically more severe and harder to treat些病例通常很严重比较难治愈Post menopausal breast cancer is a more common form更年期后患乳腺癌在年纪较大的and occurs in older women. It is linked女性身上更为常见to a younger age at a womans first period and这和女人年轻时的初潮an older age at the start of menopause. Women also以及年老时的更年期初期有关have a higher risk for developing breast cancer女性也可能有更高的患乳腺癌的风险if they have no children or are older when they如果他们没有孩子或者年纪很大了才要孩子have their first child. There is also a strong link在中年或者更年期后患乳腺癌to obesity after mid life and post menopausal很容易肥胖breast cancer. This map shows incident rates of这张图展示了2007年breast cancer in females by state in 2007个州女性患乳腺癌的发生率The states colored in light green have the用浅绿色标记的州发生率最低fewest rates and those in dark blue have the highest蓝色州最高The numbers show that the states colored in数字表明浅绿色标记的州里light green, about 100 to 117 women per 100000每100000人里面有100-117位女性有乳腺癌have breast cancer, and the states colored with而那些深蓝色标记的州里dark blue have an incident rate of about每100000人里面有125-140位女性有乳腺癌125 to 140 people per 100000. In 2010 over在2010年200000 females and almost 2000 men were超过200000名女性和将近2000名男性newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The American被最新诊断患有乳腺癌institute for cancer research, a non profit美国癌症研究所是一个由世界癌症研究会organization with funding from the world cancer提供资金持的非营利性组织research fund gathered a panel of scientists to世界癌症研究基金会聚集了一批在科学家review research done on breast cancer risk and研究分析乳腺癌风险和体育活动的调查physical activity and published their report in 2007在2007发布了他们的报告They also looked at the effects physical activity had他们也在注意更年期前后on breast cancer risk before and after menopause and体育活动对乳腺癌风险的影响considered the difference between occupational and也在考虑职业活动和性活动之间的差异recreational activity. Many of these studies showed许多研究都强有力地明了convincing evidence that increased amounts of增强体育活动可以降低physical activity decreased the risk of breast cancer乳腺癌的风险This risk reduction was significant in这种风险的降低对于更年期后的女性来说post menopausal women but not in pre menopausal women有意义而不是更年期前的女性Next we will examine one specific research study with接下来我们会继续用相似的调查发现来观察similar findings.Physical activity and risk of一个更加具体的调查研究breast cancer among post menopausal women was护士健康研究组织2010年发布的研究包含a study done as part of the Nurse health study更年期后女性的体育活动和患乳腺癌的风险published in 2010. This multi year study examined这项多年研究明确地观察了这些护士的the relationships between lifestyle and disease of生活方式和患病之间的关系these nurses specifically this study was done to这项研究也观察了examine the associations of physical activity with更年期后的女性在体育活动breast cancer risk amongst post menopausal women患乳腺癌风险之间的联系The researchers were interested in the importance of调查者对于参与者生活中long term and recent activity in the lives of长期和短期活动的重要性也很感兴趣the participants. They also looked at the change他们也在注意活动参与者的in the participants activity and specific types of活动和具体活动类型的改变activity participants were involved in. Over 95000护士健康研究组织招募了post menopausal women were recruited from the nurses health study database.超过95000名更年期后女性201412/350691。


  He was very appealing to anybody whos ever been oppressed because of ethnic reasons or other reason.那些被压迫的人觉得他充满魅力,有民族自豪感的原因或者其他的原因。That time when Bruce was on the rise,we were looking for counter cultural heroes to fight the establishment.Its 40 years. Wouldnt have people forgotten him by now?No, I think a lot of cultures have picked him up as sort of their hero.布鲁斯展露锋芒的时候正是我们在寻找民族英雄来对抗压迫者的时候。过去四十年了,人们会不会已经忘记他了?不会,我觉得很多民族把他当做英雄看待。You had Muhammad Au. You had Malcolm X.You had the Black Panthers.You had a lot of radicalism going on.Bruce Lee represented that same kind of radicalism.我们有穆罕默德·欧,有马尔科姆艾克斯,我们有黑豹党员。有很多这种根本的改革主义,李小龙代表了这种改革主义。Bruce Lee emerges when America is having a very bad time in Vietnam and cannot beat the Viet Cong,these little yellow guys in pyjamas,so Bruce Lee speaks to that.当美国在越南碰壁,对于那些穿着宽松裤的,越共束手无策的时候,李小龙展露头角,他响应着这种精神。Anywhere you go,everybody is about Bruce Lee and rallies behind him.Hes the underdog.You dont have to start shouting political declarations to be culturally and politically significant.无论你走到哪里,每个人都因为李小龙得到极大的鼓舞,他也是处于劣势的,你不需要高喊你的政治宣言来体现你在政治和文化上的重要性。That Colosseum fight was very accurate.Taking nothing away from Chuck Norris,but I think Bruce Lee would be victorious.That fight scene gave Chuck Norris pretty much a career.那场罗马剧院的对抗很微妙。查克·诺里斯没损失什么,但我觉得李小龙是赢家。这个打斗场景让查克·诺里斯声名大噪。If they said Bruce could have beat Chuck Norris,Id say,;How much do you wanna bet?;I got a fistful of green backs in my pocket.如果有人说布鲁斯能打败查克·诺里斯,我会说,你想赌多少?我口袋里有得是钱。Chuck got chucked out right there in that movie.Thats one of my favourites.Boom. Guillotine choke in the 70s.Hello.Thats being ahead of your time.在那个电影中查克被好好收拾了,那是我最喜欢之一。70年代的颈锁术,那要早我好多年了。201312/269182




  So when we do the experiment, you actually can watch实验中 我们可以从屏幕上babys raw brain activity right on the screen.观测婴儿原始的大脑活动But later we process it to help us understand稍后 我们会对这些数据进行处理how much that baby is attending to any particular sound.来了解婴儿对每种声音有何种程度的反应Fifer found that Liliana is able to respond to her mothers voice菲弗发现莉莉亚娜对她母亲声音的反应in a way she doesnt to any other.与其他任何声音都不一样Hi, baby!你好 宝宝He believes the only explanation is他认为唯一的解释就是that shed been learning from her mother in the womb.她在子宫里就向母亲学习了Babies especially like to hear sounds that we call language婴儿特别喜欢的声音即我们所谓的语言and its those speech sounds that theyve heard就是他们在母亲子宫中that mother produced in utero所听过的那些声音that later theyll learn carry information那些声音所蕴含的信息thats going to be very important to them在那之后对他们非常重要but when theyre first hearing these sounds但他们第一次听的时候they dont have any real meaning并不明白其真实含义But its the quality of that voice, its the number of times they hear it,我们认为是他们所处环境中声音的音质its the rhythm, the cadence that theyre having some exposure to以及他们所听到的次数和声音的节奏韵律and we think thats whats affecting their early auditory system.影响着他们的早期听觉系统So, as soon as theyre born, they cue in on that particular sound.因此他们一出生就对特定的声音作出反应201412/347171

  Each year, enough water flows from the Tibetan plateau to fill the entire Yellow River, the mother river of Chinese civilization.每年充足的水从青藏高原流出,注入了黄河--中华文明的母亲河。Today in China alone, 300 million people depend on water from the Tibetan plateau.现如今仅中国就有3亿人依靠从青藏高原流下的水生活。With its profound effect on Asias weather and water systems, the Tibetan plateau helps to sustain almost half the worlds population.由于对亚洲气候和水资源体系的深远影响,青藏高原养活了差不多一半的世界人口。For the moment, at least. Close to the summit of Mount Everest, a forest of ice once covered much of the area. But now, thanks to climate change, much of it has gone.至少在现在就是这样。在接近珠穆朗玛峰峰顶的地方,冰层曾经覆盖过大部分的地域。 但是现在由于气候的变化,大部分冰层消失了。Within the next 30 years its predicted that 80% of the Tibetan glaciers could disappear.在接下来的30年里,预计西藏80%的冰川将会消失。In many ways, Tibets fragile environment is the barometer of our world. What happens to it today, in time, will affect us all.从许多方面来说,西藏脆弱的环境是世界生态的晴雨表。它今天发生了什么,迟早会影响到所有人。 /201404/283786

  But this dragon isnt a big one.但是这一只科多龙并不大At five foot, this dragon is just over half grown.约一点五公尺的身长 显示它还没有成年The really big ones live in land,真正的大龙住在内陆which is exactly where Kevin and Matt must go...凯文和麦特必须前往内陆to find a place where dragons and buffalo might meet.寻找科多龙与水牛 可能相遇的地方We could spend five weeks walking around all over the island...平常我们可能要 花上五个星期踏遍整座岛just trying to find dragons randomly coming across buffalos...只为了寻找科多龙 和水牛偶然相遇的机会but fortunately for us it is the dry season...还好现在是旱季and theres only one decent waterhole left on the island...全岛只剩下一个 可称得上是水坑的地方and both the dragons and the buffalo require water, obviously,科多龙和水牛都得喝水which brings them together.所以会来到同一个地方Kevin decides to wait here,凯文决定在此等候but after a few days with no sign of dragons,但是几天下来 他们没有发现科多龙的踪迹it looks like the wrong decision.也许他估计错误了Oh, here comes a buffalo.那里来了一头水牛You know this is about as, as exciting as the day gets. Look.我看情况会越来越刺激 看See that.看到了没201307/249466

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