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Lesson One第一课General Procedure一般程序G:Id like to check out.旅客:我想结账离店R:Have you settled bill?接待员:您结账了吗?G:No.Id like to do that now.旅客:还没有,我想现在结账R:You can settle your bill at the Finance Department on the fourth floor.接待员:您可以在四楼的财务部结账G:Okay.Ive paid my bill.旅客:好了,我已经结完帐了R:Would you like some help with your luggage?接待员:您需要帮忙提行李吗?G:I think I can do it myself if I can borrow your trolley.旅客:要是能借用一下你们的行李车,我想我自己就行R:Certainly.Just a moment,please.Ill get it you.接待员:当然可以请稍等,我去给您拿行李车Lesson Two第二课Setting Bill the Night bee Leaving客人在离店的前一天晚上结账C:Finance Department.出纳员:你好,财务部G:Hello,this is Mr.Lister in room .旅客:你好,我是房间的Lister先生Ill be leaving early tomorrow morning.我准备明天一早离开这里,So Id like to come down sometime today to settle my bill.所以我想今天下楼结账C:Very good.We are here until 8:00.出纳员:太好了我们将一直工作到晚上8:00We will have to disconnect your IDD line at 5:30 this afternoon,我们将在下午5:30分时切断您房间的国际长途电话线so it would probably be more convenient you to settle your bill after 5:30请在5:30分以后再来结账更方便一些,if you have any overseas calls you need to make today.如果您今天还需要打越洋电话G:Okay.Ill come down around 7:30 then,is that okay?旅客:好的那么我7:30左右下来,可以吗?C:That fine.Well have your bill y.出纳员:好的我们将准备好您的帐单G:Hello.Im Mr.Lister from room .旅客:你好,我是房间的Lister先生C:Good evening,Mr.Lister.出纳员:晚上好,Lister先生We have your bill y,here you are.我们已经准备好您的帐单了,给您That will be the total,it is 36 yuan.总计是36元G:Okay.Here you are.旅客:好的给你C:(counts it)Four fifty yuan.Here your change.出纳员:(数钱)共是50元,这是找给您的零钱,Please check it.And here your receipt.请您点清这是给您的收据Please remember to turn in your room key to the receptionist.请记住将房间的钥匙交给前台接待员G:I will.Goodbye.旅客:我会的再见C:Goodbye,Mr.Lister.We hope to see you.出纳员:再见,Lister先生希望您再次光临G:Thank you.Bye now.旅客:谢谢再见Lesson Three第三课Guest Checks out Without Notifying Cashier in Advance客人结账离店没有预先通知出纳员G:Hello.Im leaving this afternoon.Id like to settle my bill.旅客:你好,我今天下午准备离店,我想现在结一下我的帐单C:May I have your room number,please?出纳员:请问您的房间号码?G:9.旅客:9C:Just a moment,please.出纳员:请稍等,Let me print up your bill...Your rental is $我把您的帐单打出来......您的房租是美元G:How much is the room per day?旅客:请问日租金是多少?C:.Plus % management fee.出纳员:0美元,再加上%的管理费You were here days,so that a total of $.您共住了天,所以共是美元Lesson Four第四课Well-wishing祝愿R:Excuse me,sir.Did you remember to return your key?接待员:对不起,先生,请问您的钥匙退了吗?G:Oh,Im sorry!I almost got. Here you are.旅客:对不起,我差点儿就忘了,给您Thanks all your help.谢谢您的帮助,By the way,you were all so kind to me and my family.顺便说一下,我们对我和我的全家真是太好了R:It was our pleasure.接待员:不必客气We hope you enjoyed your stay with us.我们希望您在这里和我们一起度过的时光非常愉快 35

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Transfer patents 专利转让A: Wed like you to provide us with a technical licence to improve our present products and develop new ones.我们想要你们提供一项技术许可来改进我们现有的产品并开发新产品B: I hope we can satisfy your requirements. Well guarantee that machine and technology are of advanced world levels, and the technology provided is integrated, precise and reliable.希望我们能够满足你的需要我们将保机器和技术是世界先进水平,所提供的技术是全面,精确,而且可靠的A: What right will the license grant to us?这项许可给予我们什么权力呢?B: It will grant rights of both manufacture and sales of our products.给予生产和销售我们的产品的许可A: Does the license include the patent?这项许可包括专利吗?B: Yes, it does.包括A: How long will you allow us to use the patent?你们将允许我们专利多长时间?B: 3 years. In 3 years you should keep confidential all the technical inmation and know-how offered by us.三年,三年内你应该对我们提供的一切技术信息和专有技术保守秘密A: Certainly. But you should also guarantee the ownership of the patent, know-how and technology.当然,但是你们也应该保专利,专有技术和工业技术的所有权B: If any third party disputes your rights to use them, you should bear the full responsibility.如果发生任何第三者争议我们使用它的权利,你们应当承担全部责任A: All right.可以B: How do we settle the disputes if there are any of them between us?如果我们之间出现争执如何解决?A: All disputes and differences of any kind arising from the execution of this contrast shall be settled amicably by the parties, or shall be submitted to the Council Promotion of International Trade arbitration.在执行本合同期间产生的所有争执和分歧,应由双方自行友好解决,否则应该提交国际贸易促进委员会仲裁B: We agree with you.我们同意;satisfy one requirements;是;满足某人;的要求,需求的意思;;be of advanced world levels;是;具有世界先进领先水平;的意思;;arise from;是;由于,产生于;的意思,例如:Mistakes that arise from a basic misunderstanding. (基本上是出自误解的错误) 9733


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