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1.Thank you for comforting me when I'm sadLoving me when I'm madPicking me up when I'm downThank you for being my friend and being aroundTeaching me the meaning of loveEncouraging me when I need a shoveBut most of all thank you forLoving me for who I am 2.Love is more than a word,it says so much.When I see these four letters,I almost feel your touch.This only happened sinceI fell in love with you.Why this word does this,I haven't got a clue. 3.Sweet heart,My thoughts are deep into youFrom the moment that I wake upAnd to the whole day throughHappy Valentine's Day 4.Thank you for standing behind meIn all that I doI hope you're as happy with meAs I am with you 5.If I could save time in a bottlethe first thing that I'd like to dois to save everyday until eternity passes awayjust to spend them with youif I could make days last foreverif words could make wishes come trueI'd save everyday like a treasure and thenagain I would spend them with you 6.To sweet heart or friend,words can mean much.Valentine heart to heart,conveys a loving touch. 7.You're always there for meWhen things tend to go wrongIt's that faith you have in meThat make sour love strong 8.It's your loving and your caringAnd knowing that you're nearThat gentle touch you haveMake my troubles disappear 9.A better love I couldn't ask forWith your sweet and gently wayAnd knowing that your love for meGrows more everyday 10.We share so much togetherAnd you always pull me throughThank you for standing behind meIn all that I do /02/62300在这篇文章里,我依旧注重了实用英语的介绍,帮助你们在工作和生活中更加简洁地道地表达自己。想再次重申对是,虽然我介绍了大量的俚语,习语,并不表示我鼓励你们花大量精力去学习。以我的经验,正确又能让人明白的简明实用的英语是最重要的。在工作中,有时候掌握一些大词也是非常关键的。还有一定的词汇量和对于不同口音的熟悉对于你听懂、看懂全世界各地非英语国家的稀奇古怪的英语也会大有裨益。而俚语和习语可以当成纯粹的兴趣。本文的对话和句子来自Gossip Girl第二季第四集的第12到15分钟。1. Rufus: What brings you down here, Lily?Rufus:哎呀,你怎么来了Lily: Oh, I just thought it would be nice to, um, to say hello, maybe catch up.Lily:哦,我就想过来问声好,叙叙旧什么都。Rufus: Actually I was on my way out.Rufus: 太不巧了。我正要出门呢。Lily: Of course. I should have called first. You’re busy with work and–Lily: 没关系。我应该先打个电话的。你要忙工作的,而且……Rufus: No, I just…"Repo Man" is playing at the Sunshine. You know how I love my Harry Dean Stanton.Rufus::不是啦,Repo Man正在Sunshine上演呢。你知道我多么喜欢我的Harry Dean Stanton。Lily: Playing hooky?Lily:翘班?Rufus: Yeah, don’t tell anyone.Rufus: 是啊,别跟人说。1) What brings you down here就是我们中文所说的“那阵风把你吹来了”,“今天怎么有这雅兴啊”,英文里,为了表示对来客的到来表示欢迎和惊喜,可以说“what a pleasant surprise”,相当于 “哎呀,你怎么来啦!真没想到会在这里见到你。”2) Catch up Catch up with someone的意思是“和某个有段时间没见面的熟人见面,看看最近他们都做了些什么”,差不多就是“聊聊天,叙叙旧”,我们可以体会一下,catch的原意是“追赶”,这里由于你们很久没见,对于对方发生什么事情你很久没了解了,这个时候为了keep posted,你就要“迎头赶上”去获取对方的消息。而我们平时所说的I’ll catch up with you later 或者I will catch you later,可以用来替代I will see/talk to you later,也正是源于此。Catch up on the news/gossip 的意思是 “获知最新的消息”。我们平时所说的“补觉”则是“catch up on sleep”,在特定语境下,你只要说 “just go get some sleep”或者 “get some Z’s”,也差不多。3) I should have called first. 这是虚拟语气。不做详解,造几个例句让你慢慢体会可能更好: 1. I should have killed that scumbag in the first play. (now he comes back to compromise my plan) 2. You shouldn’t have disclose our company’s secret to her last time. Now rumors sp all over the China branch. 3. I should have known she only cared about my money (obviously you are devastated and regret for not knowing that earlier).4) Play hooky?Play hooky (BrE play truant)是“翘课,逃课,旷工(翘班),不参加一些会议,活动”等意思。这里指的是Dan的爸爸Rufus正事不干溜走去看Repo。例句:I played hook today and did not go to work.事实上,play hooky 还有“爽约(to not keep an appointment)”的意思。例句: I don’t want to see her today, ‘cause I look like ---- today. So I think I will just play hooky. I don’t have time for the sales meeting today, so I think I’ll just play hooky.读大学的时候曾经看过一部片子叫“翘课天才”,英文名叫“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ”,这里day off的实际意思并不是指“逃课”,而是休息一天,不用去上班,可能是你今天轮休啊,或者今天放假啊,生病了啊。如果是请病假,还可以说take a sick leave, 请事假可是说take a casual leave 或者take a compassionate leave,如果是准假则是“be given a leave of absence”。综上所述,play hooky几乎可以用于任何表示你不参加某活动的情况。对应的英式英语是play truant。说到play,突然想到了我们平时说上海杭州的女生很“俏皮”,英文对应的说法是“play hart-to-get”。什么叫hard to get 呢?《肖申克的救赎》里面,坏蛋想Andy给他BJ,Andy严词拒绝,坏蛋说了句:hart to get,也就是“很难搞定”,“很难上”的意思。从词源上分析,俚语中,hook有depart hastily的意思(匆匆离开),比如:We’d better hook for home. 俚语中有 “hook it”则有“to run away, depart, flee”的意思,这个hook it也就等于play hooky。例句:He hooked it when he saw the truant officer.(查课员,通常来自可怕的教导处。)而我们平时所说的 “逃课”,还可以说skip class,而如果是上课的时候偷偷从后面或者窗户溜出去,则叫bunk off school。(By Vincent from www.englishvincent.com 有删改) /200811/56251C: I've got some great news for you!K: did you get the position you wanted?C: yes, I'll be promoted to department manager.K: I'm so glad to hear that. Congratulations! C: thank you. Actually, I could not believe it at first. You know, there're so many outstanding people in our company. Many of them are qualified to fill that position.K: sure, but you really did great and outperformed the others. You deserved it! C: thank you very much.K: you always have unique ideas and you're such a good team leader.C: I appreciate it very much. You've been doing great. I expect to see you be promoted pretty soon.K: that's nice of you to say so. I'll try my best. When will you start at the new position?C: next week.K: so by then, you'll be in charge of the whole department?C: absolutely. /201003/99348

ALEX: Can I help you?SHERRY: Yes, I need to buy a computer for this semester.I was told it is cheaper to buy computers here.ALEX: Well, you heard right.You can get an excellent deal on a new computer here.We have great discounts for students.SHERRY: I don't know much about computers.But I know I want a desktop computer with a lot of memory. And I need a printer.ALEX: Well, first let's consider your computer.Here, for example, is a system I highly recommend--the Power Macintosh G3.It comes with 64 megabytes of total memory.SHERRY: Is that a lot? Sixty-four?ALEX: Yes, it is. It should be enough for any student needs you might have.What department are you in?SHERRY: History.ALEX: Well, so you will mostly be using word processing, for writing papers.I recommend the Corel Word Perfect program for word processing.We can talk about software later. Let's talk about your hardware first.We have a special deal on right now.I should tell you about it, as it only goes until next Tuesday.If you buy one of these fifteen-inch color monitors with a Power Macintosh G3,you can actually get 30 percent off the usual sale price.SHERRY: Thirty percent?ALEX: Yes.SHERRY: Wow. That's really good.And you think this is really a good system for a graduate student?ALEX: Yes. It's an excellent system. SHERRY: Hmm. Hey, wait. This has an Apple on it. Is this an Apple computer?ALEX: Yes, it's a Macintosh. It's Apple. Macintosh and Apple are the same thing.SHERRY: I don't want Macintosh. I want PC.ALEX: I'm sorry, but our university computer center only sells Macintosh equipment.SHERRY: What? Are you serious?ALEX: Yes.SHERRY: But nobody uses Macintosh!ALEX: That's not true.Most of the students and professors in the university here use Macintosh.They find it is better for writing and word-processing,and that is what students mostly do. May I ask where you're from?SHERRY: Yes, I'm from Taiwan.ALEX: Well, I know that in most Asian countries Apple is not very popular.But here in America, especially in universities and publishing companies,Apple is very commonly used.SHERRY: But I need a computer that can handle writing in Chinese.ALEX: There are several Chinese writing programs you can use with Macintosh.Chinese is no problem for Apple. SHERRY: Hmm.I think I should ask some of my friends for advice before I make a decision.I'm sorry.ALEX: No, don't be sorry. It's reasonable to ask your friends.But believe me, most of the students here in the university--Asian students included--most of them use Apple.SHERRY: Well, thanks for your advice. I will probably come back later.ALEX: You're very welcome. Here is my card, if you need any help. /200812/57878

资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句Eat up! 大家尽情享用吧!喷倒老美Bill过生日,很多好友来为他庆祝生日,大家做了很多美味的菜。Bill切完蛋糕后,他对大家说:“Thank you for your coming. Now enjoy the food. Eat up!”想聊就聊Tom: Today is your birthday. First of all, happy birthday to you!汤姆:今天是你生日,首先祝你生日快乐。Bill: Thank you for coming. We will have dinner outside. Eat up!比尔:谢谢你能来,等会我们去外面进餐,大家尽情享用吧!知识点津在短语eat up中,含有“吃光”和“尽情享用”的意思,这是主人请客人用餐时常说的话。 /201012/121946

《剑桥常用英语》,。,。。在信息化时代的今天,英语已经渗透进我们生活的方方面面,而且使用频率越来越高。如果有一部较为全面的生活常用英语教材,那么,我们的学习、工作将会方便很多。《剑桥常用英语》就是专为大众常用而精编的英语教材。它全面、通俗易懂,是现代生活中的良师益友,有了它,就拥有了方便、高效和快捷! /200804/36208

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