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How To Handle The End Of A Job Interview面试结束时如何收场Debra Davenport (Executive Professional Mentor, Licensed Career Counselor amp; Employment Agent) gives expert advice on: How do I handle the end of the interview?黛布拉·达文波特是一名高管职业顾问,职业咨询师和猎头,她将告诉大家在面试结束时如何收尾。How do I handle the end of the interview?我会怎么做呢?The end of the interview is where you really have the oppurtunity to shine, and the best way is to wait for that employer to ask you ;do you have any final questions for me?; This is a great, great moment in the interview because you get to lean forward look them squarely in the eye give them a great smile and say may I have the job? Best way in the world to end that interview they wont be expecting that question and many times many times Ive had clients come back and say you know what, they said yes right there and then. So use that question and that moment to your advantage; its the only time. Youll get it.其实结束的时候恰恰也是可以闪光的时候。最好的办法就是等面试官说“最后没有没有什么问题?”这时是一个好机会,因为你可以向前,面带微笑询问“我可以得到这份工作吗”好多面试官都会很诧异,然后好多客户反馈回来的消息看,他们竟然真的答应了。不妨试试吧。Thanks for watching How To Handle The End Of A Job Interview For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Going For An Interview.谢谢收看本期“面试尾声”教程,我们下期节目再见。201208/193032I believe the ed States has and hopefully will continue to have some of the great thinkers in terms of entrepreneurship.美国一直就不乏具有创业精神的伟大思想家相信将来还会不断出现We are a nation of open-mindedness.我们是一个思想开放的国家I think we love new things.我觉得我们喜爱新鲜事物I think we love to try new things.我们喜欢尝试新鲜事物Weve sacrificed our blood and treasure for just about every great thing in America美国的每一次巨大变革 我们都为之牺牲过生命和财富whether its been on an overseas battlefield不管是在海外战场or something as seemingly mundane as the Hoover Dam.还是像胡佛水坝这样看似平凡的事情Over the centuries there has been a lot of adversity,过去的几个世纪里 艰难险阻不断and we have usually triumphed.我们总能凯旋而归Were a country that is always prepared to fight back.我们是一个随时准备迎难而上的国家Its just part of the American character.这就是美国精神的一部分This country reacts very well under pressure.这个国家越是承受压力 越是表现出色It goes through these pressurized times她经历过那些重压下的日子and then comes out stronger than before.并且变得比从前更强大So I suppose you could say the most defining characteristic is our dynamism,你可以说我们最突出的特点是我们的活力and equally important we are an optimistic people.我们还是个乐观的民族 这一点同等重要We are a people who believe the future is our friend.我们是一群相信未来的人Everybody was created equal.人人生而平等Its in the Declaration of Independence.这是《独立宣言》里说的All men are created equal.所有人都是生而平等的That really gives voice to the whole American experience.美国的整个历史正说明了这点We still have racial difficulties,我们仍然有种族问题we still have disadvantaged people,仍然有贫困人口but the unique thing about America and its diversity and its people,但美国的多样性及其人民的独特之处就在于is that we are always moving forward.我们总是在不断前进And were always dealing with problems,not ignoring them.我们总是在解决问题而不是忽视问题Questioning your country and constantly going back and examining the beauty of it and the flaws,质疑你的国家并不时地回顾她的美好与不足I think that makes a patriotic American.我觉得这才是一个爱国的美国人Thats real American character in my mind.在我看来 这才是真正的美国精神I mean, the frontiers that weve conquered is kind of amazing.我们所征的疆域可以称得上令人瞠目In a relatively short period of time在一段相对较短的时间里Americas helped to transform the world.美国在帮助世界变革From few fragile footholds, in just 400 years短短400年间 美国从几个脆弱的小据点America has grown into the most powerful nation on earth.已经成长为全世界最强大的国家Born from the enterprising experiment,and piety of the first settlers,脱胎于伟大的尝试和第一批移民的虔诚forged by revolutionary passion and high ideals,成型于革命的与远大的理想driven by a thirst for innovation and technological change,在渴求创新和科技进步的驱使下a nation drawn from across the world.整个国家采世界精华本节目到这期就全部结束了,谢谢各位的持... /201305/238343

VideoJugs beauty expert shows you how to care for your eyes. This should become an important part of your skincare routine in time, so watch VideoJug to learn how to do it properly.VideoJug美容专家教给你怎样护理双眼。这是皮肤常规护理的重要部分,所以请仔细观看VideoJug的视频来学习怎样恰当做好眼部护理工作。Step 1: Soothing eye pads1.敷药棉Soak cotton wool pads in rosewater or eye make-up remover. Close your eyes and place the pads across each one. This will calm the tissue and reduce puffiness and irritation.用玫瑰水或眼部卸妆水浸湿棉垫,闭上双眼,把棉垫敷在眼睛上。这样可以使眼部组织放松下来,减少肿胀和刺激。Step 2: Eye cream2.涂抹眼霜Eye cream should be applied morning and evening after cleansing. Use a blob of eye cream or gel the size of a grain of rice.Use your ring fingers to ensure you dont press too hard, as these are your weakest fingers. Apply the cream with sweeping movements around the eye or by pressing gently underneath the eye. Dont apply right up to the eyelashes, as the cream will absorb and move through the skin to where it is needed. After applying, pinch your eyebrows to relieve any tension.眼霜应该在早晚洁面后使用。使用米粒大小的一滴眼霜。使用无名指来涂抹,确保不会太用力,因为无名指是最无力的手指。沿着眼睛的曲线涂抹 ,或者在眼睛下部轻轻按压。不要涂在睫毛上,因为眼霜会被吸收并转移到需要的地方。涂抹眼霜后,揉一下眼球,释放任何紧张感。Thanks for watching How To Care For And Protect Your Eyes感谢收看“怎样护理和保护双眼”视频节目。 /201210/202529

No, honey glazing or smoke curing wont help your hamstrings. But regular stretching can make them choice cuts of meat.蜂蜜抛光和烟熏并不能帮助你的腿筋。但是经常做伸展运动却可以让你更加健康。You Will Need你需要A step台阶Comfortable clothing舒适的装Steps步骤If you have been inactive for a length of time, or if youve had any recent surgery or physical problems, particularly of the muscles and joints, please consult your doctor before you start a stretching or exercise program.如果你已经长时间没有运动,或者如果最近做了手术或者身体出现问题,尤其是肌肉和关节问题,开始任何伸展运动或锻炼计划之前一定要向医生咨询。Step 1 Place heel on step1.脚后跟放在台阶上Stand in front of a step, shift your weight to your slightly bent left leg, and place your right heel onto the step. Keep your right knee slightly bent.站在台阶前,重心缓缓转移到稍微弯曲的左腿上,右脚后跟放在台阶上。右腿膝盖稍微弯曲。You can also do this with a rock, a ledge, a chair thats against a wall for stability, or your desk at the office—use anything thats stable and at a comfortable height.你也可以在岩石,暗礁,或者靠墙放置比较稳定的椅子上做,或者办公桌前——任何比较稳定,高度舒适的物体都可以。Step 2 Bend amp; straighten2.弯曲,伸直Bending at the hips and keeping your back straight, bring your torso forward and straighten your right leg until you feel a comfortable tension.臀部弯曲,保持背部挺直,躯干向前伸,伸直右腿,直到感觉到舒适的拉伸感。Step 3 Hold leg3.撑住腿部Hold your leg with both hands for support.用双手握住腿部,起到持作用。Step 4 Hold stretch4.坚持Hold the stretch for 10-30 seconds. If it hurts, back off a bit or you may actually tighten the muscles you want to stretch.这个动作保持10-30秒钟。如果感到疼痛,身体稍微向后缩回一点,或许你确实拉伸到了想要伸展的肌肉。Step 5 Press further amp; hold5.加强伸展Press slightly further into the stretch—again, it shouldnt hurt—and hold for up to another 30 seconds.稍微加大伸展幅度——保在不疼痛的情况下——再坚持30秒钟。Step 6 Come to a stand6.站立Carefully straighten your torso, remove your right foot from the step, and come to standing.小心地拉直躯干,右脚从台阶上拿下来,站立。Step 7 Repeat on left leg7.左腿重复动作Shift your weight to your right leg, place your left heel onto the step, and repeat the stretch on your left leg.将重心转移到右腿上,把左脚后跟放在台阶上,左腿重复伸展动作。Step 8 Come to a stand8.站立Carefully straighten your torso, remove your left foot from the step, and come to standing. And the best part? Totally kosher.小心地拉直躯干,将左脚从台阶上拿下来,站立。最好的程度就是当你感觉到舒适的时候。Medieval knights aimed their blows at the backs of their enemies legs in order to ;hamstring; or cripple them.中世纪的骑士经常试图攻击敌人双腿后部,企图让对方变瘸。视频听力栏目译文属。201305/237620

Monsters? Yes, they are a danger. Here is a public safety information film for residents of cities everywhere about how to minimise the discomfort and inconvenience of a Monster Attack. 怪物?是的,它们非常危险。这是一部在怪物来袭时城市居民如何才能将不安和不便减到最小的公共安全信息电影。When evacuating city, avoid bridges, thoroughfares and trains. 当从城市撤离时,避免桥梁,道路及火车。Instead, you should escape using back streets, or your personal helicopter.相反,你应该逃回街道,或干脆动用您的个人直升机。Remember, you can always deploy the army, and even commission a giant robot. If this fails to work, summon the citys ancient protector, who will destroy the monster in a dramatic fashion. 记住,你总是可以动用军队,甚至让巨型机器人登场。如果这还不行,那就召唤这个城市的远古守护者,英雄总是在关键时刻出场戏剧性拯救世界。 Good luck dealing with the monster attack. 祝君在遭遇怪物时好运。165283

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