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郫县牙套去哪里医院好四川省瓷嵌体一般需要多少钱With the week-long National Day Holiday drawing to an end, we decided to check into some of the food people in China have been sampling as part of their time off work.随着十一长假的结束,我们决定看一下人们在空闲之余都搜索了哪些美食。Using Baidu Trend Indexes, we#39;ve compiled the 8 top foods people are searching for on the Internet.利用百度指数,我们给大家整合了搜索最多的位居前八名的美食。Sichuan food has ranked at the top of the list of the most-searched among people in China.八大菜系中的“川菜”最让大家朝思暮想,整体搜索最高。It is followed by foods from the provinces of Hunan, Guangdong, Shandong, Anhui, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu.紧随其后的热门菜系依次是湘菜、粤菜、鲁菜、徽菜、闽菜、浙菜、苏菜。;Double Cooked Pork Slice;第一道“回锅肉”When it comes to Sichuan dishes, most foodies in China appear to gravitate toward ;Double Cooked Pork Slice.; It is also one of the most favorite Chinese dishes for foreigners.这道四川美食香辣可口,不仅在国内广受欢迎,外国小伙伴也这么说噢!;Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers;第二道“剁椒鱼头”Those craving Hunan food, or Xiang cuisine as it#39;s known, the ;Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers; is quite popular for its fresh and spicy flavors.与川菜一样,湘菜也是以“辣”来收大家的心,例如这道“剁椒鱼头”——鲜嫩的鱼肉佐上红红的辣椒,仅从外观就令人食欲大开。;Boiled Shrimp;第三道“白灼虾”Guangdong, or Cantonese food as it#39;s sometimes known, is probably most renowned for its ;Boiled Shrimp.;广东菜以清淡、精致见长。是不可多得的一道美味,和其它粤菜一样,很受大家欢迎。;Braised Pork Intestines in Brown Sauce;第四道“九转大肠”;Jiuzhuan Dachang; or ;Braised Pork Intestines in Brown Sauce; is a highly recommended dish in Shandong. While the translation in English may leave some people a bit thrown off, the taste will keep you coming back. It combines sour, sweet, fragrant, spicy and savory flavors.这道菜原本名为“红烧大肠”,是山东一道很有名的菜。尽管英译名可能让人有点不太感冒,这道菜工序复杂,炸熟大肠后得加入清汤与盐、糖、绍酒等各类调味料烹煮,最后转小火煨透,口感鲜美、绵长。;Red-braised Fermented Mandarin Fish;第五道“臭鳜鱼”This is a must-try for anyone who wants to sample cuisine from the eastern Chinese province of Anhui. Compared to the rest of China, cooking styles in Anhui rely less on fried or stir-fried dishes. Locals will most often use braising or stewing techniques. The Red-braised Fermented Mandarin Fish; has a pungent odor, much like stinky tofu. However, those who can get past that will enjoy a rich flavor that is very unique.这道菜是安徽东部的一道人人必吃的经典菜。和中国其他地方作菜方法不一样,这道菜不依赖于油炸,或者大火炒,而是利用蒸和炖。这道菜的味道有点臭,和臭豆腐一样的;怪;味道,但是这道菜闻着臭,吃起来香,风味独到。;Buddha Jumps over the Wall;第六道“佛跳墙”The name of the dish sounds like something out of a children#39;s book.这道菜的名字很有趣,仿佛是出自儿童读物。However, ;Buddha jumps over the wall; is actually a fresh seafood made in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian. Legend has it that this dish is so irresistible that Buddha himself jumped over a wall to get a taste of it. It is one of the most highly rated delicacies in Fujian. It#39;s made from 18 pricey ingredients, including shark fin, abalone, sea cucumber, ginseng and scallops. All of these ingredients are simmered together for hours using premium Shaoxing rice wine as the braize.其实,“佛跳墙”得名于“坛启荤香飘四邻,佛闻弃禅跳墙来”。相传是一位秀才在闻到这道菜后一时兴起吟的,佛跳墙可谓是福建的一道珍馐,佛跳墙的原料有几十种之多,包括鱼翅、鲍鱼、干贝、海参等一起,加上绍兴酒一块蒸上多个小时。;West Lake Fish;第七道“西湖醋鱼”The province of Zhejiang is rich with fish and rice. The food there combines fresh ingredients, rich with color to create an edible work of art. The dish known as ;West Lake Fish; is very popular.浙江省是一个鱼米之乡,那里的食物新鲜,食材丰富,每一道菜都是一份可食用的艺术品。其中,“西湖醋鱼”最受欢迎的一道菜。;Sweet and Sour Ribs;第八道“糖醋排骨”There is still some debate about the origin of ;Sweet and Sour Ribs; or ;Tang Cu Paigu; in Mandarin. Some say it originated in Guangdong. Others claim the dish was first popularized in Jiangsu. Regardless, it remains a popular dish in China, and is also one of the more well-known Chinese dishes in other parts of the world.关于“糖醋排骨”的属地,众说纷纭。事实上,沪、浙、川、苏四个菜系中都有这个菜,而每个菜系的做法都略有不同。作为标准吃货,咱们只要知道,它是一道极好的下酒菜就行啦!而且它在海外也极其受欢迎噢! /201510/403831成都种一颗牙价位 Learn Spanish? Finally quit smoking? Become a better cook? Whatever you#39;ve decided to achieve next year, you know all too well that you#39;re probably going to fail, and that list of beautiful, aspirational goals is staying unfulfilled. Sorry.想要学好西班牙语?下定决心彻底戒烟?希望厨艺有所进步?不管来年的目标是什么,你再清楚不过了,这些目标很可能都不会实现。那一个个怀揣着美好希望和满腔斗志的目标终究还是“目标”,无法实现。多么遗憾!For this very reason some people forgo making any resolutions altogether, so we#39;re here to help - this year you might actually have a chance, with help from a few tricks of the mind.正因如此,一些人干脆打消了制定目标的念头。但不用着急,本文会和大家分享几个“小窍门”,让实现目标成为可能。British psychologist Richard Wiseman has done several surveys on willpower - in 2007 he tracked the success of 3,000 people#39;s New Year#39;s resolutions, only to find that a mere 12 percent of them managed to achieve what they had set out to do. He looked into what the successful people were doing differently, and, based on their experience, devised a list of tips for others who want to stop failing miserably.英国心理学家理查德·怀斯曼做过很多关于意志力的调查。2007年,他对3000人进行了追踪调查,统计他们新年目标的实现情况,结果仅有12%的人完成了自己之前制定的目标。他又对成功实现目标的人做了进一步调查,发现了一些与众不同的方法,最后他通过实验得出了几条建议,来帮助那些一度无法实现目标的人。Before we get into the list, it turns out the number one thing to stop relying on is your own willpower - that#39;s basically the worst approach to keeping a resolution, and is the reason why so many of us never start exercising more, continue eating all that fried chicken, and still can#39;t speak a word of French.在学习这些“窍门”之前,你要意识到无法实现目标的“罪魁祸首”就是依赖于意志力,这可以说是最差劲的办法。想想你为什么无法加强锻炼,无法抗拒炸鸡的诱惑,无法说出一句法语,症结就在于此吧。What should you be doing instead? As Wiseman explained on his blog back in 2013, your goals should be small and manageable, you should document your success, tell others about your intentions, and, importantly, not beat yourself up for failing. Here#39;s the complete list of Wiseman#39;s advice:那么,你应该怎么做呢?早在2013年怀斯曼就在客上给出了:目标不必太大,要在能力范围内,而且应该记录下目标实现的过程,告诉别人你要做什么,最重要的是,不要被失败击倒。下面是怀斯曼给出的十大建议:1) If possible, make only one resolution - changing a lot of things at once is more difficult.尽可能只制定一个目标。一次性做太多改变是相当困难的。2) Think about your resolutions in advance, and spend some time to reflect on them.提前想好目标,然后花点时间好好地反复考虑。3) Don#39;t re-visit past failures, but focus on new resolutions instead.不要执着于之前的失败,而要专注于当下的目标。4) Focus on what you really want - don#39;t just go with what#39;s trendy.认准真正想要的,不要随波逐流。5) Break your goal into manageable, concrete steps with specific deadlines.将目标细化成一个个可达到的小目标,在规定时间内完成相应任务。6) Go public - tell your friends, family, social networks about your goals, which will increase your fear of failure and also garner support.开诚布公,把目标告诉朋友,家人以及社交圈,这样会增加对失败的惧怕,同时得到他们的持。7) Create a checklist focusing on how much better your life will be once you#39;ve achieved your goals.一旦达成目标,列一张清单,展现现在的生活中好的改变。8) Whenever you make progress on the steps towards your goal, give yourself a small reward.只要取得了离目标更近的进步,哪怕一点点,都应给自己一点奖励。9) Document your journey - charts, spsheets, journals and other means of tracking your progress will keep it concrete.记录目标实现的过程:用图表,电子表格,日记等等记录下这段经历可以将目标具体化。10) Don#39;t beat yourself up and quit if you sometimes revert to old habits - treat it as a temporary setback.即使时常会犯老毛病,不要气馁,将它看成是暂时的挫折。Good luck in 2016!祝君2016年梦想成真! /201512/419047成都新桥口腔美容医院口腔科

四川省哪家医院种植牙效果最好四川成都口腔门诊排名 You can now swipe your way to a BFF after dating app Bumble announced it has released a function that allows users to look for friends as well as lovers.最近,一个名为“大黄蜂”的手机App出台了新功能——用户只消用手指一滑,就可以找到恋爱对象和朋友。The app, which was launched by a group of former Tinder employees in December 2014, previously enabled women to approach men - but not the other-way around - for potential dates...but has now added a similar function for finding new friends.这款手机应用诞生于2014年12月。它的设计者们曾在另一交友应用Tinder工作过。之前,女性可以用这款应用认识男性,反过来则不行。如今,设计者们给它加入了交友的新功能。Bumble#39;s founder, Whitney Wolfe, 26, has extended the app#39;s dating function to allow users to adopt the #39;friend mode#39;, meaning you can swipe right on pictures of anyone you#39;d like to be gal pals with.现年26岁的“大黄蜂”创始人惠特尼·沃尔夫将App原有的约会功能加以拓展。使用者可以采用“朋友模式”。在此模式下,如果遇到感兴趣的人,你只要将对方的照片向右滑动就可以相互认识啦。Bumble, which has more than 500,000 users in the UK, was designed to appeal to women in response to Tinder which its creators believe is full of #39;creepy guys#39; and #39;cheesy pickup lines#39;.在英国,“大黄蜂”拥有的用户超过了五十万。其设计者认为,Tinder上充斥着各种“变态的家伙”和“厚颜无耻的搭讪”。而“大黄蜂”改进了这一点,目的是吸引更多女性朋友。The app instead allows women to message men first and its creators claim its female-freindly approach makes it safer and users are #39;will never receive unwanted messages#39;.“大黄蜂”让女性可以先给男性发信息。设计者表示,这种女性优先的方法更为安全。它让使用者们“再也不会收到讨厌的信息了”。#39;It#39;s almost easier to find a date than it is to find a friend,#39; Wolfe said on CBS This Morning on Monday.沃尔夫周一在CBS电视台的晨间节目《This Morning》中说:“好友难觅,找约会对象甚至都比找朋友更容易。”She said the move is a response to a demand for a platonic dating function from users.她表示,新功能的推出是为了满足用户对纯精神交友的需求。#39;We have an incredible user base, and so many of them were using this app to find friends. And they#39;ve been requesting a feature for — #39;Hey, I#39;m in a relationship, but I love Bumble. I still want to be able to use it.#39; #39;“我们有着惊人的用户数量。很多人都用这款App找朋友。他们一直在要求增加新功能——‘尽管我已经有恋爱对象,但我喜欢“大黄蜂”。我仍然希望能够使用它。’”Finding friends works the same way as finding a date on the app. Users can swipe right on the people they are interested in and if there#39;s a match, the two can start chatting. If no message is exchanged within 24 hours, the connection disappears from both users#39; messages.在这款App上,找约会对象和找朋友的操作方法是一样的。如果对某人感兴趣,使用者可以将对方头像向右滑动。若双方都对彼此感兴趣则配对成功,接下来就可以开始聊天了。如果在24小时内没有互发信息的话,那么这两个人的连接就断开了。However, detractors have criticised the fact that the app only allows users to #39;friend match#39; with members of the same sex.不过,也有人批评“大黄蜂”只让用户和同性会员进行“朋友配对”。 /201603/431561攀枝花市中心医院口腔

眉山市中医院牙齿正畸矫正价格;You must marry!;“你必须结婚!”It#39;s a phrase many single Chinese are steeling themselves to hear from well-meaning but busybody relatives during the Lunar New Year holiday, which begins on Feb. 7.春节期间,中国众多单身男女将从善意但爱管闲事的亲戚们那里听到这句话。今年春节假期从2月7日开始。So great is the social pressure to marry that the phrase ;bihun!; or ;must marry,; is a meme here, a joke, even. Not marrying and producing offspring is considered unfilial and Chinese society traditionally views the unmarried as less than full adults. That places unbearable pressure on people who have been unlucky in love and especially on young women, for whom the pressure to marry may begin as young as 20, the legal marrying age for women.结婚的社会压力太大,使“逼婚”在中国成了一个热词,甚至成为人们的谈资。按照中国社会的传统,没有婚姻的人生是“不完整”的,不结婚和不生娃就是“不孝”。这给情路坎坷的单身族带来不可承受之重,尤其是年轻女性,对她们来说,结婚压力在刚达到20岁的法定婚龄时就开始了。Reflecting all that, ;bihun; has given rise to a thriving matchmaking industry for singletons who may prefer to rent a partner for the holiday to deceive their relatives rather than face the badgering. It even provided the theme for a popular 24-part television series, ;Renting a Girlfriend to Go Home for New Year.;因此,“逼婚”成就了“男女友租赁”这一红火行业,他们为想租个“恋人”回家过年的人务。这些单身族宁可欺骗亲戚,也不愿听家人唠叨。很受欢迎的24集电视剧《租个女友回家过年》素材就来源于此。This year, a group of like-minded friends decided to push back and paid for an ad extolling singlehood to go up on Thursday at the busy Dongzhimen subway station in Beijing, where it can be seen by millions over the month it will be there.今年,一群志同道合的年轻人决定回击。他们掏钱制作了一个广告赞扬单身的好处。本周四该广告投放在人流熙攘的北京东直门地铁站,未来一个月数百万人会看到。Only one, though. At 38,000 renminbi, for a 3-by-4.5-foot ad, the group of about 10, who include students, artists and civil society workers who met via social media, cannot afford more, said Coby, 27, a nongovernmental worker who, fearing the impact on her private life if her Chinese name were published, asked to be identified only by her English name.但广告只有一幅,因为1米*1.5米的广告需要3.8万元人民币,这个由学生、艺术工作者和社会工作者通过社交媒体结识的小组约有10人,只能负担这么多。27岁的小组成员、社会工作者“科比”接受电话采访时,担心个人私生活收到影响,要求不透露中文姓名。;We#39;re just a few friends who got together before Spring Festival,; as Lunar New Year is also called, ;and just thought, the pressure is too much. It#39;s at its worst at this time. It#39;s so big!; Coby said in a telephone interview. ;So we thought we#39;d put up an ad in the subway where a lot of people would see it.;她说,“几个朋友春节前聚会,只是觉得压力太大了,春节期间尤其糟糕。压力山大!所以我们觉得或许能在地铁站登个广告,让很多人看到它。”Making that happen involved submitting designs to an advertising company, which vetted them with the local branch of the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau. 这需要向广告公司提交设计方案,还需要北京工商局的审核批准。The company and the officials rejected an initial design that showed a defiant young woman with her hands crossed above her head in a ;no!; gesture, the sun shining fiercely behind her, the characters for ;bihun; crossed out on her T-shirt.广告公司和相关官员没有同意该小组提交的初稿。初稿设计中, 一名面露挑衅神色的年轻女性双手交叉于头上,摆出“不”的姿势。阳光从她身后直射而来,身穿的T恤衫上写的“不婚”被打叉。No reason was given, said Xiong Jing, another member of the group.小组另一名成员熊晶(音)说,具体原因不得而知。;So we chose a gentler design,; Coby said.科比说,“所以我们选择了更温和的设计方案。”Here#39;s the final product:下面是终版广告:It s:文字:;Dear Daddy, Mommy, don#39;t worry.亲爱的爸爸妈妈别担心,The world is so big.世界那么大,There are so many different ways for people to live.人生有很多种,Singletons can also be very happy.;单身也可以很幸福。And this is followed by a hotline for singles.下面还有一条给单身族的热线电话。 /201602/425689 A few years ago, my wife and I considered buying a boat. We both grew up water-skiing on the lakes here in Utah, and some of my best memories involve being on the water. I was talking about this with my friend Eric, because he has a boat, and he introduced me to his “cost per units of fun” concept.几年前,我和妻子考虑买一条船。我们都是从小就在犹他州的湖上滑水,我最美好的记忆也都和水有关。我的朋友埃里克(Eric)有一条船,我和他聊起这个主意,于是他就向我介绍了他的“单位享乐成本”理念。“Over the years,” he said, “I’ve looked back carefully at the things we’ve done that have been the most fun for our family. Above all else has been our trampoline. It cost us considerably less per unit of fun than anything else I could think of. In second place were our motorcycles. Then way down on the list, like a long way down behind motorcycles and trampolines, was the boat.”他说:“我仔细回想一家人这么多年来做过的最有意思的事情,发现最开心的就是玩蹦床。我们在它上面花费的‘单位享乐成本’比任何东西都少。其次是我们的托车。这个单子再往下排,托车和蹦床之后很多名才能轮到船。”Now, whether you agree with that hierarchy or not (or their particular choices or tastes), the concept itself is extremely cool. We have seemingly unlimited options for fun, which is great. But we all have limits on the time, energy and money we have. Even if you are a millionaire retired at age 40, there are still only 24 hours in a day. We are constantly faced with decisions on how we spend these limited resources. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are doing those calculations all the time. We all are.好吧,不管你同不同意这个顺序(或者说他们的选择和品位),这个概念本身还是挺酷的。我们似乎有无穷无尽的享乐方式,这很棒。但我们的时间、精力和金钱都是有限的。就算你是百万富翁,40岁就退休,但你一天也仍然只有24小时。如何运用这些有限的资源?我们一直需要做出取舍。不管有没有意识到,你都是随时随地在做这样的计算。我们大家都是这样。Consider something as basic as dinner. I used to really like going out to eat. I thought it was fun. But over time, I found that taking our four children out to dinner wasn’t always the most fun. Making dinner at home, especially on a Friday or Saturday night when everybody was around and involved, now that was awesome. We spent years going out to eat before we did this back-of-the-napkin calculation based on what my friend had mentioned about the calculation of cost per unit of fun.就拿晚饭这么基本的事情来说吧。我过去确实很喜欢出去吃。我觉得这是一种乐趣。但是随着时间推移,我发现,带着四个孩子出去吃饭并不会总那么开心。现在我发现,在家做晚饭才是很棒的事情,特别是星期五和星期六的晚上,大家可以欢聚一堂。很多年来,我们都是出去吃,如今有了朋友的这个“单位享乐成本”计算公式,我们可以草草计算一下。Here’s how the formula works. You start by putting the total amount you are spending in the numerator. Then, in the denominator, goes a guess of the units of fun you get from the activity. Now, I realize that is totally subjective because there is no standard unit of measurement for fun. But we’re not going to let that get in the way. Just make a guess. In the end, the only measure of fun that matters is your own, so your guess will work just fine. But to make it a little easier, we are going to use a scale from one to 10, with one being the least fun and 10 being the most fun.这个公式是这么算的。先拿你为某件事花的钱的总数当分子。然后再估算一下你从这个活动中得到多少个单位的乐趣,拿这个数字当分母。我知道这太主观了,能获得多少单位的乐趣根本就没有可以量化的标准。但是别让这个妨碍你。就是估计一下。到头来,唯一能够衡量乐趣的标准还是你自己的感受,所以你自己估计一下就很好。如果要简单一点,你可以使用从1到10的分级,1代表最没乐趣,10代表乐趣最大。Let’s go through this calculation together with the dinner example. First, we start with the cost. We’ll assume a meal out with the family costs 0. In this case, we would put 0 in the numerator. Then, we’ll just take a guess at the units of fun. Over the years, we’ve discovered that for us, eating out is about a four. What we have, then, is 0/4, or . So eating out costs us per unit of fun.让我以晚餐为例演示一下这个计算式。首先是成本。我们假设全家人一起出去吃一顿饭要花100美元。所以我们就拿100美元当分子。然后,我们要评估一下乐趣单位。这么多年来,我们发现,对于我们来说,出去吃饭的乐趣等级相当于4。所以我们就可以用100美元除以4,得出25美元。于是,我们外出吃饭的“单位享乐成本”就是每单位乐趣25美元。Now, let’s compare that with making dinner at home. Typically, eating in costs a little less, like . So becomes our numerator. For us, eating in is a really fun experience, like a nine out of 10. So for our unit of fun, we use nine, and /9 equals .89.下面要把它同在家做饭的单位乐趣成本进行对比。一般来说,在家做饭花的钱要少些,大约是80美元。所以就用80美元做分子。对于我们来说,在家吃饭真的是很开心的体验,如果最高标准是10,那就大概相当于9。所以我们用9来做分母,单位享乐成本就是80美元除以9,合8.89美元。There’s a huge difference between .89 per unit of fun and . The calculation made our decision much more clear. Eating at home costs us considerably less per unit of fun.8.89美元的单位乐趣成本和25美元的单位乐趣成本相差真不是一星半点。这个计算让我们更加明确了自己的决定。在家吃饭让我们大大节约了单位享乐成本。This formula has its shortfalls. It’s not great for comparing a drive in your ,000 car with going to the free concert at the park. It may not even be valuable in that situation. But I’ve found it to be an incredibly useful tool for comparing similar activities. It doesn’t really matter what number you come up with. The point is to use the formula to help gauge which activity or purchase will give you the most bang for your buck. And the boat did not win out in our family, since we decided we valued other forms of outdoor activity much more.这个公式也有缺陷。要比较开着价值5万美元的车出去兜风和去公园参加免费音乐会,用这个公式就不容易比出来。但我发现,如果用来比较类似的活动,这个公式是个非常方便的工具。最后得出的数值其实无关紧要。重点是使用这个公式来帮助你评估一项活动或一项购买是否能带来最佳性价比。最后我家没有通过买船的方案,因为我们觉得还是其他形式的户外活动更重要。Try using this formula in your day-to-day decision making and actually think it through. Pull out a napkin, put a value in the numerator and make a guess at the denominator. If you are like me, and everybody else I have ever talked to about this, I bet you will find examples where you say, “Wow, I spend a lot of time on that, and I don’t even really like it.”试试在日常生活决策中应用这个公式,并且认真思考吧。拿出一张草稿纸,把价格写下来当分子,再评估一下分母。如果你和我一样,我猜你肯定会发现这样的例子,“天哪,我花了那么多时间在这个事情上面,我其实根本就不喜欢它。”我和不少人聊过这个话题,他们也是这样的。That will give you the information you need to start making different decisions, and you can start minimizing the cost per unit of fun on the things you like to do as we roll into a new year.这种方式能让你得到有用的信息,帮你做出不同选择,这样一来,在新的一年里,你就可以做你喜欢做的事情,把单位享乐成本降到最低限度。 /201601/422179川北医学院附属医院看即刻种植牙植骨全口缺失多少钱中国人民解放军成都军区总医院牙齿矫正牙齿美白怎么样好吗



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