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听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):Michigans 1st Congressional District is huge - almost 25,000 square miles - and it is where, with the pending retirement of Republican Congressman Dan Benishek, former Marine Corps General Jack Bergman – a Republican – is facing former Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson.Bergman upset two establishment Republicans in the August primary and still hasnt mended fences with the local GOP. Well see if he can build the campaign organization and get-out-the-vote operation necessary to win. Republicans in the District say he hasnt yet.But, campaign organization is something Johnson knows - fundraising, door-knocking and get-out-the-vote-efforts are things he worked on as former Party Chair. Its Just Politics with Zoe Clark and Rick Pluta. The 1st District is considered one of the most competitive districts in the country - even though the Cook Political Report ranks it R +4.That means, all other things being equal, Republicans start with a four-point advantage.In other parts of the state, Republicans are fretting over whether Donald Trump will drag down the GOP ballot. But, in northern Michigan, Trump appears to be polling pretty well.Hillary Clinton, however, is quite unpopular. As is President Obama. Congressional Democrats were hoping that, with the right candidate, they might just have a chance to pick up this seat once Obama was no longer at the top of the ballot.But the Clinton name does not seem to add an advantage in the 1st. But thats likely a small comfort to Trump, because elections in Michigan are won and lost with the big population in southeast Michigan.But that does mean Hillary Clinton has to do that much better in metro Detroit to win Michigan.That is good news for northern Michigan Republicans and bad news for northern Michigan Democrats looking to draft off the top of the ticket on Election Day.But its not impossible for Ds to win. Democrat Bart Stupak held the 1st Congressional District seat for 18 years. Stupak is a former cop, pro-life and pro-gun rights.Lon Johnson fits part of that profile. He is a hunter and a gun-owner. But he is pro-choice. And he is closely associated with President Obama. He is married to Obamas former fundraiser, Julianna Smoot. Johnson even once granted a presidential request to play the Easter Bunny at the White House egg roll.There are plenty of political issues that could be argued, but it seems a lot of this campaign is focused on which candidate has the best claim to be a true northern Michigander.Johnson was raised in downriver Detroit and has an apartment in the city. Bergman has a place in the western U.P., but also has ties dating back ten years to New Orleans. Has a home in Louisiana. And he seems to like to winter there.Northern Michigan and the 1st Congressional District is a vast area but voters here want that local connection.But, like everywhere else, candidates dont entirely control their destinies. The top of the ticket can be decisive. Voters views of Trump and Clinton play a huge part in their fates.201609/467207

Britain英国NIMBYism and the election邻避主义与选举The anti-tarmac vote柏油碎石路反对者投票The Conservatives are getting squeezed over big building projects保守党在大型建筑工程上束手无策ON first glance, the constituency of Brentford amp; Isleworth, in west London, looks like a typical Conservative Party heartland. It is full of boutique shops and cafés. The back streets are lined with pretty Victorian terraced houses.乍一看,位于西伦敦的布伦特福德和艾尔沃思选区像是典型的保守党中心地带。这里的精品店和咖啡店星罗密布。后街是一排排漂亮的维多利亚连栋房屋。Yet Mary Macleod, the Conservative incumbent, has a fight on her hands to hold the seat. This is partly down to demographics. Along with plenty of middle-class residents the seat is dotted with council estates, and is also home to large Pakistani and Indian populations who have tended to vote for the Labour Party. But one of the biggest problems for Ms Macleod is not on the ground but in the air.然而保守党人玛丽·麦克劳德要想赢得这个地区的选票还得苦战一番。这部分与人口统计有关。连同大量的中产阶级居民,该中心地带散布着地方所属地产,同时也是倾向于为工党投票的巴基斯坦人、印度人的家乡。但麦克劳德面临的最大问题不在地面上而是在空中。Each day dozens of aeroplanes fly over the constituency, which is near Heathrow airport. And depending on the outcome of the Airports Commission, which was set up by the coalition government to look into airport expansion, and which will report after the election, even more could criss-cross over the area.该选区位于希思罗机场附近,每一天都有几十架飞机掠过其上空。联合政府设立了机场委员会来调查机场扩张情况,具体情况将在选举后进行报告,根据其结果,也许会有更多的飞机在这片区域上空穿梭。Ms Macleod first won the seat in 2010 with a majority of 1,958 by campaigning heavily against airport expansion. And although Heathrow is not the only issue worrying local voters, winning the seat could still hinge on how effectively the Conservative incumbent can distinguish herself from Ruth Cadbury, the Labour candidate, who is also against a bigger airport. Ms Macleods plight points to a larger problem for the Conservatives. Too often for comfort, well-meaning plans to improve the countrys roads, airports and railways clash with the NIMBYish instincts of their core supporters.2010年,麦克劳德以强烈反对机场扩建开展竞选活动,以1958的多数票赢得了席位。尽管希思罗机场不是当地选民唯一担忧的事,但麦克劳德的当选仍取决于这位保守党人在与同样反对建设大机场的工党候选人露丝·凯德波里相比时,能多有效地提高自己的辨识度。麦克劳德的困境指出了工党存在的一个更大问题。通常为了提高舒适度、意图良好的升级城市道路、机场和铁路等计划会触动邻避主义核心持者的敏感神经。The countrys infrastructure is creaking. Sir Howard Davies, who heads the Airport Commission, estimates that Heathrow is full to capacity while Gatwick, the other option for airport expansion, will be full by 2020. According to the World Economic Forum British roads rank a lowly 30th in the world for quality, just above Chile and Sri Lanka. David Cameron, the prime minister, acknowledges the problem. The Conservative Party manifesto, launched on April 14th, commits to previous plans to splash out 15 billion ( billion) on the road network and 38 billion on the railways over the next parliament. Mr Cameron also reiterated support for HS2, a shiny new 42 billion high-speed railway from London to Manchester.英国的基础设施正在咯吱作响。领导机场委员会的霍华德·戴维斯阁下预计希思罗容量已达到饱和,而机场扩建的另一选址盖特威克将在2020年达到饱和。根据世界经济论坛数据显示,英国道路质量在世界排名低至30名,仅略高于智利和斯里兰卡。大卫·卡梅伦首相意识到了这个问题。于4月14号发表的保守党宣言承诺要坚持原有计划,花费150亿英镑(220亿美元)在道路网建设上,下一届议会将花费380亿在铁路建设上。卡梅伦也重申了对HS2(花费420亿英镑新建的从伦敦到曼彻斯特的高铁)的持。Yet in doing so, Mr Cameron has infuriated many natural Conservative voters. HS2, which runs through a series of safe blue seats in Buckinghamshire, is particularly divisive. The railway is a “headache” on the doorstep, admits one Conservative MP seeking re-election, as he is often limited in how vocally he can oppose it. To add to Tory woes, the UK Independence Party, which scooped up six council seats in 2013 along the route, is making hay on the issue. It claims to be the “only” party against the “construction disruption” HS2 will bring (although the Green Party also opposes it).然而这样做,卡梅伦激怒了很多保守派选民。HS2虽在白金汉宫里赢得了一众议员的持,但特别有争议性。一保守党人承认,该铁路确实是家门口的“麻烦”,他正在试图重新当选,因为他能发出的反对之声是有限的。新晋的托利党敌人、2013年在沿线捞得了6个议会席位的英国独立党正借此事获取私利。它声称是“唯一”反对HS2带来的“建筑破坏”的政党(尽管绿党同样也反对HS2)。NIMBYs pose difficulties for any government, but particularly for Mr Camerons, which has often trumpeted the notion that it is investing in Britains infrastructure to levels not seen since the Victorian era. If economic growth is to be sustainable, then more infrastructure will be needed to support it. But if Heathrow is given the go-ahead for expansion, for instance, it will be “campaign, campaign and campaign again,” warns Barbara Reid, a local resident and former Conservative councillor. Getting Britain moving will require a big push from the next government—especially if the Tories win.邻避主义者给任何政府都带来了麻烦,但对卡梅伦政府来说尤其如此,它经常吹嘘在为英国基础建设投资上,其规模之大自维多利亚时代以来都十分罕见。如果经济增长稳定的话,就需要更多的基础设施来持。当地居民且曾为保守党议员的芭芭拉·瑞德警告,如果希思罗的扩建得到许可,它将演化成“竞选,竞选,再竞选”。要让英国继续前进需要下一届政府大力推一把——特别是托利党当选的话。译者:王颖 校对:石海霞译文属译生译世 /201504/372077Many insects hibernate or migrate during the winter, but honeybees are more like us, they bundleup and wait for spring.许多昆虫在冬天的时候冬眠或者迁徙,但是蜜蜂和人类一样,它们也把自己弄的暖暖和和的,等待春天的到来。When winter comes, honeybees form a ball deep in their hive to regulate the hive temperature.当冬天来临的时候,工蜂会在蜂巢的深处形成一个球来调节蜂巢的温度。This means they stay close together, vibrating their wing muscles to generate heat and keep thecenter of the hive around eighty-six to ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit.这就意味着它们挤在一起,震动他们的翅肌来增加热量,以至把蜂巢中心的温度控制在华氏86到85度。If the core temperature drops too low, the colony will die.如果中心温度降的太低,整个蜂群就会死掉。Bees also eat a lot of honey to stay warm, and the fastest way to kill off a hive if youre abeekeeper is to take out too much honey, too late in the season.蜜蜂也吃很多蜂蜜来保持热量,如果你是一个养蜂人,消灭一个蜂房最快的方法就是在深冬从蜂房中取出大部分蜂蜜。Healthy beehives have at leasttwenty-thousand bees, and thats a lot of mouths to feed.健康的蜂窝里面大概会有2万只蜜蜂,它们需要很多的食物来生存。Some bees on the outside of the ball will not stay warm enough and will die over the course of thewinter, but its for the good of the colony.一些靠近蜂球的蜜蜂会因为不能保持温暖而在漫长的冬天里死去,但是这也是为了整个群体的利益。(Fortunately, we humans have central heat.)(幸好我们人类有集中供暖)。With bees one always talks about the colony as a single entity.对于蜜蜂来说,我们经常把它们看成一个单独的个体,This is because each bee has avery specific role, but together they work as a unit.这是因为,它们每一个都有一个非常特殊的角色,但是它们作为一个整体工作。You could say each bee functions like a cell inyour body.你可以把单个蜜蜂的作用比作人身体中的一个细胞。Honeybees start out cleaning the hive and feeding larvae, but will progress to collectors and foragers, and even hive guardians.蜜蜂要从清理蜂巢和喂养幼蜂做起,渐渐地就可以去采集蜂蜜和食物,甚至成为蜂巢的警卫员。Honeybees try their best to keep the hive clean, so on a warm winter day, they clean house and fly a few hundred yards away to use the bathroom!蜜蜂不惜一切的保持巢穴清洁,所以它们会在冬天比较温暖的日子里清洁巢穴并飞到几百码以外的地方“洗澡”。This can be dangerous, though, because if itscolder out than they thought, the bees might not make it back.这样做是很危险的,因为天气比它们预计的更冷,这些蜜蜂可能会一去不返。 201410/338104As part of our MI Curious project, Philip Zoutendam asked this question:Whats the story of the Mormon kingdom that was on Beaver Island in the 1800s, and how does it affect the island today?Sarah Hulett boarded a ferry in Charlevoix and headed over to the island to find some answers. What she found was a story of murder, intrigue, and a Mormon population thats completely vanished.Who was James Strang?In the 1840s, James Jesse Strang was a lawyer in the Wisconsin Territory who converted to Mormonism just five months before Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon faith, was killed by a mob in Illinois.Smiths death created a crisis for the church, with a handful of people competing to succeed him. Brigham Young, of course, is the most well-known. But Strang produced a letter authored by Smith, postmarked days before Smiths assassination in 1844, which named Strang his successor. Strang also claimed an angel came to him ;to ordain him as ruler of Gods people,; according to Roger Van Noords book Assassination of a Michigan King. Strang said the angel directed him to an oak tree, under which were buried three brass plates covered in symbols that Strang translated with the help of stones the angel presented him.Brigham Young took his followers to Salt Lake City, where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is now headquartered.James Strang took his disciples first to Voree, Wisconsin. Then, in 1847, Strang reported hed had a vision, as Van Noord es here:;I beheld a land amidst wide waters, and covered with large timber, with a deep broad bay on one side of it.;That land was Beaver Island.A mission in the wildernessAccording to Van Noord, when Strang and his followers arrived on the island:The year-round residents included three white families, a handful of white men with Indian wives, and twenty or thirty other men who had families elsewhere. Most of the men were fishermen and the fishing business helped increase the number of men – and boys – on the island to about 100 in the summer. And on the northern side of the island, there were forty to fifty Indian families, predominately Chippewas, who also subsisted mainly through fishing.Over the next nine years, Strang would transform the island into a bustling outpost. He and his followers built roads and homes, and published a newspaper, The Northern Islander, ;which started out as a weekly, and became a daily,; says Joyce Bartels of the Beaver Island Historical Society. ;It was the only daily newspaper north of Grand Rapids at that time.;In the mid-19th century, the lakes were like an economic superhighway, and the Mormons made money selling cordwood to passing steamers.;The Mormons were very industrious,; says Rob Cole, an amateur historian born and raised on Beaver Island. ;They built many of the roads here that still exist today. They built a lot of the modern infrastructure of the island…. They cleared land for farming, they attempted to build water projects like canals and irrigation.;But there were also growing tensions between of Strang and his followers and the non-Mormons on Beaver Island.;There was a lot of resentment against Strang, there was a lot of suspicion,; says Cole. ;There was a lot of hostility toward the Mormon faith in the ed States at that time. It was still a fairly young religion, and it had what some would call somewhat theocratic tendencies.;Coronation of a kingIn 1850, Strang was crowned king in a coronation ceremony choreographed by a man in his inner circle whod been an actor. Strang ;supposedly wore a red robe and he had a cardboard crown,; says Joyce Bartels.Strang never apparently claimed sovereignty over anything but his church. But it appears his authority over islanders did extend beyond just his disciples.;Some of the Mormons did actually buy property, but a lot of it was consecrated for the church, and portioned out by Strang to the different [Mormon] families living here,; says Bartels.Strang also courted controversy among his own followers when he reversed his views about marriage and became – first covertly and later openly – a polygamist, eventually marrying five women.And it turns out, declaring yourself king can draw unwanted attention from the U.S. government.The same year as Strangs coronation, he was arrested and accused of treason and other crimes. A Navy vessel patrolling the Great Lakes, the USS Michigan, ferried Strang and some of his men to Detroit for a trial.Strang conducted his own defense.;Strang was a very charismatic speaker, apparently,; says Bartels. ;They were acquitted.;The episode seemed to bolster Strangs popularity. A few years later, he was elected to his first of two terms in the Michigan Legislature.Bartels says his victories at the polls also speak to the fact that Strang had built a formidable settlement on Beaver Island.;There were more people here to vote than in all the rest of the legislative district,; she says. ;There was very little settlement in the northern part of Michigan at that time. Charlevoix was just a few huts. It was called Pine River. And the main settlement was at Mackinac Island, St. Ignace, and St. Helena.;The end of a kingdomIn June of 1856, the USS Michigan – the same naval warship that took Strang to trial in Detroit – was again docked in the harbor at St. James.The story goes that Strang was invited to join the captain on the ship for dinner. And as he walked down the dock, two men shot him in the back and the head.Historian Rob Cole says its not clear just how involved the U.S. government was in the attack on Strang. But the two assailants and their families were whisked away on the USS Michigan.They were never charged with a crime. Strang died of his injuries in Wisconsin a few weeks after the attack.Beaver Island, then and nowSo, that answers the first part of Philip Zoutendams question. But what about the second part? How does this rather bizarre chapter from the middle of the 19th century affect the island today?Ill confess here that reporters often get ideas about the ;ideal; story before we actually set out to report and write it. And in this case, Id imagined finding the descendants of some of those Mormon families still living on Beaver Island.I was disappointed. Theyre gone. All of them.About 200 Mormons left the island when Strang was brought to Voree, Wisconsin to die. A mob drove the rest of his disciples off the island a couple weeks after that. They burned the Tabernacle and Mormon homes, and forced people onto boats with just the clothes they were wearing.But descendants of those Mormon families do make pilgrimages to the island.;Its common for them to go to the island. Probably quietly,; says John Hajicek, a Mormon historian whos working on a book about James Strang. ;I dont know that everyone gets off the boat and makes an announcement as to their religious faith. Theyre more curious about where the Mormons lived, and how they lived on the island.;Rewriting history?Hajicek says part of the reason the history of James Strang isnt better known is that the Irish families who settled the island after the Mormons were pushed off have, to some degree, rewritten its history.;Theyre big on trying to create a strong Irish heritage,; Hajicek says, and ;tried to erase the Mormon heritage; along the way.Its hard to see that thats the case today, what with a museum dedicated to that chapter of the islands history, and a big historical marker marking the site of Strangs assassination on the main drag of St. James (not to mention the fact that roads, lakes and St. James itself still bear the names from that era).But Rob Cole says there was a lot of hostility toward Strang by those who drove him off. And even though the Irish settlers who followed werent directly involved in that chapter, ;they were aware of what had happened, and they were Irish Catholics, and Strang was the leader of what to them was a new and strange and probably illegitimate religion.…;I would say there was kind of a lingering resentment toward them and dislike of that chapter of this places history,; says Cole.One example of that lingering resentment that persisted through generations, Cole says, was the renaming of the Beaver Hotel.The hotel, built in 1901, was purchased by Coles uncle, Everett Cole, in the 1930s.;He renamed it the King Strang Hotel,; says Cole, ;and it was not a popular decision on his part. There were still many people living here who were second and third generation Irish who were bitter about that whole era and thought it was crass of my great-uncle to rename the hotel that way.;But Cole says he thinks most modern-day islanders view the Strang period mostly as a historic artifact, and he says few, if any of them, still hang onto that animosity.Salt Lake City … East?Even if outright hostility toward Beaver Islands Mormons is a thing of the past, Mormon historian John Hajacek says theres still plenty thats misunderstood about Strang.Hajicek says the stories about Strang that hold the widest appeal focus on sex, power and greed. But he says Strang had some very progressive ideas, and they deserve a closer look.Hajicek says Strang was an abolitionist. He believed women and African-Americans should be allowed to hold the priesthood. He supported the rights of Native Americans. He was an environmentalist, who encouraged forest preservation.And Hajicek says Strangs controversial views on polygamy are misunderstood, too. Hajicek says unlike his rival, Brigham Young, Strangs take on polygamy allowed women to choose a reproductive mate.I ask Hajicek to imagine what Beaver Island might look like today had Strang lived.;Oh, I think a better question is what would all of Northern Michigan look like,; he said. ;Because James Strang was settling people on the mainland too, not just the island. And there was very rapid growth right then in 1856 for his movement.;Hajicek says maybe Beaver Island would look like a Manhattan west. Or a Salt Lake City east.201511/408744

Whats happening in Flint has some people wondering about whats happening in their homes.The Flint water crisis is highlighting the problem of lead exposure in kids.Lead can permanently lower IQ and cause behavior problems. Researchers have even linked children with elevated lead levels with a higher propensity toward crime later in life.Now, state officials are urging schools around the state to test their water for lead.But its also important to know whats going on at home.So with all eyes on water in Flint, you might be wondering whether you should have your tap water tested.Should I test my water?Public drinking water utilities are supposed to routinely test for lead under a rule in the Safe Water Drinking Act.Theyre supposed to go out and sample places in the system where they know lead can be a potential problem – those are places where, for example, water is delivered through an old water line made of lead.Your city is supposed to know where those lead service lines are ...Your city is supposed to know where those lead service lines are, so you can call your city and ask if they know whether theres a lead service line running to your house.In Flint, they might not be prepared to answer that question yet (the information is on index cards that they are trying to digitize). In Lansing, for example, you can give them your address and theyll tell you over the phone whether theres a lead service line running to your house.Its relatively easy, with a Google search, to find out what the lead tests show for your municipal drinking water supply.Water utilities typically manage the drinking water chemistry to control for corrosion in the pipes. It cuts down on the amount of lead that can leach from old pipes into your drinking water. Flint and state officials did not proactively manage for corrosion after the city switched its water supply in early 2014 - a pretty unusual situation.But even though the utility does tests in the system, the situation in your house can always be a little different. The plumbing and/or faucets in your house can contain lead, so ultimately, it never hurts to test your own water.How do I test for lead in water?I called up several cities in Michigan to see how they answered this question.In Grand Rapids, they referred me to the state.In Lansing, they referred me to the county health department. But they did offer to look up an address to see whether the home was serviced by a lead service line.In Ann Arbor, they assured me they test the water, that there are no lead service lines in the city, and offered a free lead test on the first sample.In Flint, youre supposed to be eligible for a free water test if you live in the city. When I called, they were busy, so I had to leave a message at the water plant.If you end up having to pay for it, a water lead test costs around or less. Check with your county or with this state lab for instructions on how to pull the sample.Lead paint is still the main concernIf you live in a home built in 1978 or earlier, you can assume theres lead paint in it somewhere.Heres how the EPA breaks down the risk of lead being in your home depending on when its built:The question is – do you have kids that can get exposed to it? You can talk to your kids doctor about testing them for lead exposure if you live in an older home.Mary Sue Schottenfels is the Executive Director of Clear Corps Detroit. The group helps homeowners clean up lead and other potential hazards in homes.She says the only real way to know where the hazards are in your house is to hire a professional.;To really properly test for lead, youve really got to test every component that either is deteriorating, like chipping and peeling paint, paint on a porch, paint on a railing, or is inherently a hazard like a window that goes up and down, or a door that bangs.;Friction on windows or door jambs can create lead dust – and that dust is one of the biggest ways kids can get exposed to unsafe levels of lead.Paul Haan is the executive director of the Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan. He said he once asked a lead assessment professional in Grand Rapids about lead and windows.;And I asked her, how often do you go into an older house thats still an older house, that hasnt been remodeled... and find a window that does not have lead-based paint on it? And she just looked at me with a blank stare and chuckled and said, that never happens,; Haan said.Haan said just about every pre-1950s house tested has lead-based paint on the windows.The other reason to hire a professional is that lead can show up in some surprising places – like bathtubs – old ceramic pots and pans – or the soil outside of your house.You can find a list of professional contractors who can do these tests on this state website.Its not cheap, but you can start smallWhole house lead evaluations like this can run 0 to 0. They use x-ray fluorescence tools to find the lead, and in the end, you get a full report of where the lead is in your house. This can be useful to avoid or fix potential hot spots, and to inform any future remodeling plans.But you can start small too. Lead testing kits from hardware stores can give you an indication of where lead might be – keep in mind that you might get false positives with those kits, or you might not find lead that is below other surfaces (like under several layers of non-lead paint).Another thing you can do is take individual samples yourself. You can send in individual soil samples, or you can get wipes that test for lead in your house.You might be able to get help from federal lead hazard reduction programsThere are several lead hazard reduction programs around the state.Depending on your circumstances, some of these programs will pay to clean up the lead in your house, some will ask you to contribute a little to the project, and some will do the work financed with a 0% loan on the house.With most of these programs, youll have to meet certain requirements.Your income has to be below a certain level.You have to live in an older home.You have to have a child in the house that is 5 years old or younger (they might want that child tested for lead).And you might have to show that the taxes are current on the house.To know the exact requirements in your area, follow the links below for more information:The State of Michigan - Lead Safe Home programDetroit – Clear Corps DetroitWest Michigan – Healthy Homes Coalition of West MichiganWayne CountySaginaw CountyGenesee CountyMuskegon CountyMost of the money for these lead abatement programs comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Money for the programs changes year by year, and counties, cities, and the state have to apply for the funds. The state of Michigan recently contributed .75 million to its lead abatement program.Right now in Michigan, these are the active lead remediation grants in the state:State of Michigan - ,410,000 - Lead Hazard ControlSaginaw County - ,000,001 - Lead Hazard ControlMichigan Dept. of Community Health - ,070,001 - Lead Hazard ControlGenesee County Health - ,070,000 - Lead Hazard ControlBerrien County Health Department - ,000,000 - Lead Hazard ControlSaginaw County - ,100,000 - Lead Hazard ControlCounty of Muskegon - ,100,000 - Lead Hazard ControlMichigan Department of Community Health - ,479,602 - Lead Hazard ControlWayne County - ,480,000 - Lead Hazard ControlCity of Detroit - ,525,371 - Lead Hazard Reduction DemonstrationCity of Lansing - ,728,605 - Lead Hazard Reduction DemonstrationSoutheastern Michigan Health Association - 9,995 - Healthy Homes DemonstrationYou might also qualify for a 0% development loanIf you dont qualify for a lead abatement grant program, you might still qualify for whats known as a ;community development block grant.;Typically, these are 0% loan programs to improve the housing stock in the city.Detroit has a new program called Detroits 0% Home Repair Loans program.To see whether your city or area offers these loans, check with your local community development office.And if you dont qualify for any of these programs, you can find a list of contractors who can do lead abatement work here.201510/403907

This week, violence and race have hit us in a way many of us have never seen.Violence and race, though, are not new. The Detroit Journalism Cooperative has been looking at the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Some of the core issues then are some of the issues were still struggling with today.Youve got to understand the history to really understand whats happened this week.One of the experts weve talked to over the past several months is Joe T. Darden. He researches urban social geography, residential segregation, immigration and socioeconomic neighborhood inequality in multi-racial societies.Today, Statesides Lester Graham asked him about the 1968 Kerner Report, which was issued by a presidential commission.President Lyndon Johnson asked the commission to determine why there had been so many racial uprisings and riots in 1967. It looked at grievances of black America and suggested remedies which went far beyond the Great Society programs Johnson launched.The report was largely ignored. Darden said thats evident today.Support for the Detroit Journalism Cooperative on Michigan Radio comes from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Renaissance Journalisms Michigan Reporting Initiative, the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.You can see all of our Detroit Journalism Cooperative coverage here.201607/453772

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