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After the mealRich: Are you going to watch the Indy Five Hundred on TV this weekend?Taylor:Im not really into racecar driving.Rich: You were when we were in high school. That, and baseball.Taylor:Yeah, well, times change. Look at you-youre a father now. You cant say that you havent changed.Rich: True, but I still have to watch my baseball. The season in full swing now.Taylor:I mean, I know spring training over, but Im just not into all that.Rich: Hello? Is the real Taylor in there?参考译文:餐后李奇:你这周末要看印地安拿波里五百大赛车的电视转播吗?泰勒:我其实对赛车兴趣不大李奇:我们高中时,你倒挺有兴趣的除了那个外,还有棒球泰勒:对呀,时空背景变了看看你——你现在是个爸爸了你可别说你都没变李奇:的确,但是我还是非看棒球不可现在球季正打得火热呢泰勒:我是说,我知道春季训练已经结束了,但我就是对那些不感兴趣李奇:哈啰,真正的泰勒在里面吗重点词汇:Indy Five Hundred印地安拿波里五百大赛车Indy是美国印地安那州首Indianapolis 的简称,这个「印地安拿波里五百大赛车」是全球最知名的年度赛车盛事racecar 则是指赛车场上的「赛车」Ive never seen the Indy Five Hundred race.我从未看过印地安纳波里五百大赛车That and....除了(刚刚说的)那个,还有…My wife6 is here. That, and my job, will keep me in Taiwan.我老婆在这除了这之外,还有我的工作,都会将我留在台湾 36566

The Big Game大场面比赛It was December 18. It was snowing. It was the day of the Big Game. The Big Game was a football game. It was a football game between two high schools. One high school was in Smallville. One high school was in Grandville. The Big Game was the game of the year. Everyone went to the game. Everyone wanted their team to win. Everyone wanted the other team to lose. The record between the two teams was even. Smallville had won 0 games. Grandville had won 0 games. This was the 81st game. The two mayors made a bet. The mayor of the losing town had to shovel snow. He had to shovel snow off the other mayor’s driveway. He had to shovel snow off the other mayor’s sidewalk. The Big Game ended in a tie. The final score was to . Both mayors were happy.这天是月18日下雪今天有“大场面”比赛它是一项足球比赛是两所高中的足球比赛一所在斯莫威尔一所在格兰德维尔“大场面”比赛是年度赛事所有人都会观看比赛持自己的球队并希望对方球队输球两球队记录不相上下斯莫威尔赢了0场格兰德维尔也赢了0场这是它们的第81场比赛两市市长打了赌输的一方市长要扫雪扫除对方市长的私家车道以及对方市长的人行道这场比赛以平局首场比分为比两名市长都很高兴译文属原创,,不得转载

Liset:I should never have gotten on this boat.里斯特:我就不应该上这条船Were going to sink. I know it!我们要沉船了我就知道会这样!Mark:Calm down. The water is a little rough today, but there nothing to worry about.马克:冷静一点今天的水势有些不平静,但没有什么可担心的You have your life jacket on, right?你已经穿上救生衣了,对吧?Liset:Oh my God, water is splashing into the boat.里斯特:哦,我的上帝,水溅进船里了We need to start bailing right now!我们现在得马上舀水了!Mark:Dont be ridiculous. That just a little sea spray.马克:别小题大做这只是小浪花而已Sit down and relax.坐下,放松Liset:Look out! There another boat over there!里斯特:当心!那里还有另一条船!Mark:It just passing by.马克:那船只是路过We might feel its wake, but were not going to capsize. I promise you that.我们可能会感到它的存在,但我们不会翻船的我向你保Liset:How long do you think we can survive adrift on the water?里斯特:你认为我们在水面上漂着能活多久?Mark:We are not going to sink. Im telling you.马克:我们不会沉船的我明确的告诉你Liset:I wonder how long well be marooned on an island.里斯特:我想知道我们会被困在一个岛上多久I hope to see my family again someday.我希望有一天再次和我的家人团聚Mark:All right, were return to the shore.马克:好了,我们正返回岸边It clear that youre not enjoying this.很明显,你没有乐在其中Liset:I didnt know wed be sailing in the middle of a squall.里斯特:我不知道今天会在这种鬼天气下出航Mark:There a gentle breeze today, that all.马克:今天只是风有些温和,仅此而已Im sorry I didnt wait a completely calm day to take you out on your first boat ride.我很抱歉,你的第一次乘船出海,我应该等到完全风平浪静的一天才带你出去Liset:My first and last!里斯特:这是我第一次也是最后一次! 6

You know the storyline, as been told and retold like in the 1997 movie Titanic. And you may have seen images like these, the wreckage of a disaster that killed more than 1,500 people when the ship that had been touted as unsinkable hit an iceberg and sunk. Its wreckage was found more than seventy years later, in 1985. But how much do you know about them, the people on the ship that set sail from Southampton England with massive publicity on April th, 19, heading New York?This is who they were: their names, professions, ages, what class tickets they had, at which stop they would have disembarked. The original handwritten passenger list has been published the first time, by the website findmypast. com. The site says it was allowed to scan the list kept in Britain's National Archives. It includes survivors who have told their stories over the years. It was a beautiful ship; it was too good to go down. The thirty-four-page list does not include those who boarded in France, such as the legendary Molly Brown. The website says that list was lost, or never collected by British authorities. But there are well known figures including the Countess of Rothes, who survived along with her cousin and maid, and a couple who helped inspire the movie, Henry Morley and Kate Phillips, they were eloping to New York and registered under the name Marshall. The list does not include the ship's crew. All those who died are being remembered Sunday in a ceremony at Southampton, the spot where the voyage began nearly a century ago. Joshua Levs, CNN, Atlanta. 17

70  Bungee -- Just the Thrill  Would you pay lots of money to fall off a 0-foot high platm, held only by an elastic cord around your waist or ankles? It may sound crazy, but lots of people do it. Bungee Jumping, as it is called, is gaining as much popularity as it is gaining controversy and criticism.  Bungee has quite an old origin. The idea of this way of jumping comes from the ancient ritual ;Gkol; permed in the Pentecost Island in the Pacific Archipelago of Vanuatu. The legend says that in the village Bunlap a man had a quarrel with his wife and she ran away and climbed a tree where she wrapped her ankles with vines. When he came up to her, the woman jumped from the tree and so did her husband not knowing what his wife had done. So he died but the woman survived. The men of Bunlap were very impressed by this permance and they began to practice such jumps in case they got in similar situation. This practice transmed into a ritual rich yam harvest and also proving manhood.  Bungee jumping as a sport started in New Zealand, probably in the 1970s. People attached thick elastic cords, called bungees, to their bodies. Then they jump off bridges or high buildings, falling fast through the air until the cord caught them, and then bounced back up and down a few times until coming to a stop.  Modern bungee jumping is usually done in a parking lot and people jump from a platm at the top of a crane. You can have bungees tied to your waist or ankles. There a large air cushion at the bottom that is supposed to catch you if the bungees break or if something goes very wrong. People who bungee jump say the thrill is like no other thrill. ;You have a feeling of accomplishment,; says one. ;It beats a roller coaster ride,; says another. One happy customer says, ;just a second you feel like youre going to die. It amazing.;  But there are many customers who are less than satisfied. In fact, more than a dozen people have got killed in bungee jumping accidents last year in the U.S.A. and Canada and many non-fatal accidents have been reported. This has promoted many countries and U.S. states to pass bans on bungee jumping. Many U.S. states are also passing laws imposing strict safety requirements on bungee jumping business.  Despite the dangers of bungee jumping, people still line up and pay lots of money to experience the death-challenging thrill. One couple even ended their wedding night by bungee jumping together in Atlantic City. The groom said, ;When Im flying through the air holding my wife in my arms and knowing she trusts me 0 percent, that is what love is all about.; 18683

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