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甘孜藏族自治州镶牙去哪里医院好成都哪家牙科医院比较好In July 2012, the Presidential election was kicking into high gear, the Olympics were about to begin, and most people thought it was a matter of time before shares of Apple hit ,000.2012年7月份,美国总统选举步入高潮,伦敦奥运会即将开幕,而大多数人都认为苹果(Apple)股价涨到1,000美元只是一个时间问题。Google (GOOG), meanwhile, was just muddling along. After doubling during 2009, its stock had been ting water around 0 a share for three and a half years. Apple (AAPL), too was trading around 0 a share, but the iPhone 5 was coming and the company Steve Jobs built seemed to have the wind at its back.与此同时,谷歌(Google)股票可谓“虚度光阴”。在2009年股价翻倍之后,谷歌股票在随后三年半的时间里一直徘徊在600美元上下。去年7月份,苹果股价也处于600美元左右,但iPhone 5即将推出,而乔布斯缔造的苹果公司似乎正一帆风顺。Oh, how things have changed since then. Apple#39;s stock has fallen 29% since mid-July. And Google? It#39;s gained 46%, pushing past the 0 milestone while Apple languishes near 4 a share. Apple is tussling with investors over whether to pay more dividends, while Google rallies merrily on.哦,自那以后,情势发生了多大的变化啊。 自去年7月中旬以来,苹果股价已经下跌了29%。而谷歌呢?它的股价上涨了46%,突破了800美元大关,而苹果却趴在424美元附近。苹果正在与投资者就是否增加派发股息的问题进行争斗,而谷歌股票则在欢快上涨。There has been a lot of discussion over Apple#39;s decline in recent months, and comparatively less about Google#39;s corresponding rise. But the difference in between the two boils down to this: Apple is increasingly seen as coming off one of the greatest runs in the history of Silicon Valley. And Google may just be at the start of one.近几个月以来,人们对于苹果股价下跌展开了许多讨论,而相对而言,对于谷歌相应的上涨却较少讨论。但两者之间的这个差异可归结为这点:苹果创造了硅谷历史上科技公司业绩增长最辉煌的一个阶段,但现在人们越来越倾向于认为,这个阶段已经结束,而谷歌可能正处于这样一个阶段的开始。That is the new image of Google after two quarters of impressive earnings and more signs that the company is laying plans for long-term growth. ;Looking at the consumer technology world over the next 10 to 20 years, we believe Google is far and away the best-positioned company,; wrote Gene Munster, an influential tech analyst at Piper Jaffray.这就是谷歌在连续两个季度获得不俗业绩——而且有更多迹象表明该公司正在制定长期发展计划——之后给人留下的新形象。“展望未来一二十年的消费科技领域,我们认为谷歌无疑是占据最佳优势的公司,”投资派杰(Piper Jaffray)颇具影响力的科技产业分析师吉恩?蒙斯特写道。Munster pointed not to search or other advertising, which still accounts for 87% of the company#39;s revenue, but to new ventures that have yet to hit the market, like Google Glass and self-driving cars, which he called one of Google#39;s ;biggest opportunities in the next 10 years.;蒙斯特话中指的并不是搜索或其他广告业务(这部分业务在谷歌的营收中仍占据87%的份额),而是指那些还没有投入市场的新开发项目,比如谷歌眼镜和无人驾驶汽车——他称后者为谷歌“未来十年最大的机遇之一。”Compare that with Apple, which is seeing its share of the smartphone and tablet market erode over time as lower-margin, lower-cost Android rivals sell more products, and as Apple responds with its own lower-margin products like the iPad Mini.与此相比,苹果看到自己在智能手机和平板电脑领域的市场份额正在随着时间的推移而逐渐缩水,同时那些低利润、低成本、采用安卓移动操作系统的竞争对手则提高了产品的销量,而且苹果也在推出迷你iPad等自己的低利润产品予以反击。Although Apple infamously holds its cards close to its vest, it#39;s working on its own new products -- some that could create an entirely new category like the rumored iWatch. Apple is also taking time to create a new TV device. Such new products could offer Apple new areas of growth -- the iWatch alone could produce billion in revenue -- and beef up the company#39;s profit margins to levels that would impress investors again.虽然苹果素来以守口如瓶著称,但我们知道,它正在开发自己的几款新产品——有些可能会形成一个全新的产品类别,比如传闻中的智能手表iWatch。此外,苹果还在投入时间开发一款新的电视产品。这样的新产品可为苹果提供新的增长领域——仅iWatch就可产生60亿美元的营收,而且可把该公司的利润率提升到再次给投资者留下深刻印象的水平。For now, however, sentiment is against Apple and strongly in favor of Google. This week, more analysts have joined the Google ,000 club, citing other factors that could propel the stock higher in the coming year. Jeffries amp; Co. argued that a four-digit price is possible, given improvements in the Motorola handset business and non-search areas such as YouTube and commerce initiatives. Perhaps more encouraging, clickthrough rates on mobile ads are rising, Jeffries analyst Brian Pitz wrote.然而,目前投资者并不看好苹果,相反却强烈看好谷歌。上周,更多的分析师认为谷歌股价将会上涨至1,000美元,他们认为其他一些因素可能会在未来几年内推高谷歌股价。投资杰富瑞公司(Jeffries amp; Co.)认为,考虑到托罗拉手机业务的业绩改善、YouTube等非搜索领域以及电子商务计划,谷歌股价可能会上涨至四位数。或许更令人鼓舞的消息是,移动广告的点击率正在持续攀升,杰富瑞公司(Jefferies)分析师布莱恩?皮兹如是写道。How deserved is this reversal of fortune between Apple and Google#39;s stocks? Perhaps not as much as the stock charts might suggest. For much of the three years when Google was trading around 0 a share, it was subject to speculation that, first, it couldn#39;t thrive in the era of Facebook (FB), and then later uncertainty around the new CEO Larry Page. The effectiveness of Page#39;s bold steps are only now becoming apparent to investors.苹果和谷歌股票之间的这种运势逆转有多少合理的成分呢?实际情况或许并不是股票走势图可能展现出来的模样。过去三年谷歌股票徘徊于600美元附近的大部分时间里,人们一直存在如下的猜测:首先,谷歌无法在以Facebook为代表的社会化媒体时代实现繁荣发展,之后人们对谷歌联合创始人拉里?佩奇出任首席执行官的表现没有把握。对于投资者而言,佩奇实施的一系列大胆举措直到现在才显现出其预期效果。Apple, meanwhile, was riding a multi-year wave of bullishness and strong earnings growth that was driven by the iPhone and iPad. Those two products took years to conceive, design, and execute into the products we know. One thing that is certain about Apple -- it#39;s not sitting quietly counting its pile of cash. It#39;s trying to design new category-defining products. The real question is whether those products will resonate with consumers the way the iPad has.与此同时,苹果已被投资者持续看涨多年,而且在iPhone和iPad的推动下,它的盈利增长表现强劲。这两款产品经过了多年的构思、设计以及执行,才形成我们如今所知道的产品。对于苹果,我们可以确定一件事,那就是它不会静静地坐在那里,数着自己积累起来的巨额现金。这家公司正在设法设计自创类别的新产品。真正的问题在于,这些产品是否会像iPad那样,得到消费者的认可和共鸣。In other words, there are real, fundamental changes going on at both of these companies, but the effects of those changes are greatly enhanced in the stock performance. Just as Google was underappreciated two years ago, so Apple could be today. Just as Apple was revered with blind bullishness then, so Google is at risk of being overvalued if it does reach ,000 too quickly.换句话说,这两家公司都正在发生着一些实实在在的根本性变化,但这些变化的影响正在各自的股票表现中被显著放大。正如两年前谷歌失宠那样,苹果今天可能也是如此。正如那时那些盲目乐观的投资者极力推崇苹果那样,如果谷歌股价过快上涨到1,000美元的话,它现在就面临着股票估值偏高的风险。That doesn#39;t mean Google is doomed or that Apple is set to rebound quickly. Both of these companies are going to have, at different times, their fallow periods as well as their blowout earnings reports. Both are going to keep working on projects that will offer growth for investors with a long-term focus.并不是说谷歌在劫难逃,也不是说苹果股价马上就会反弹。这两家公司都将在不同的时候经历无所作为的低谷时期以及盈利报告大幅超预期的高潮时期。这两家公司都将注重于长期发展策略,继续开发为投资者提供增长前景的项目。But for now, consider that Google is trading at 18 times its expected earnings this year, double the ratio for Apple. That shouldn#39;t surprise anyone, but it also suggests that the recent reversal of fortunes making financial headlines today are priced into both of these tech giants. What is much less certain is where they will both be in a year or so from now.但现在,考虑到谷歌目前股价已达到其今年每股预期收益的18倍,是苹果的两倍。这个数字不应该有任何人会感到意外,但它同时也表明,这两家公司最近成为财经头版新闻的运势逆转已反映在这两家科技巨头的股价上。现在难以确定的是,一年左右的时间之后,这两只股票各自又会处于什么价位。 /201303/229675成都口腔医院钴铬合金烤瓷牙费用大概多少 The computer hacker collective Anonymous has distanced itself from WikiLeaks, claiming the whistleblowers#39; site has become too focused on the personal tribulations of its founder, Julian Assange.电脑黑客组织匿名已经疏远了维基解密,并声称该解密网站已经太专注于其创始人朱利安#8226;阿桑奇的个人磨难。A statement posted on the Anonymous Twitter account, Anonymous IRC, described Wiki Leaks as ;the one man Julian Assange show; after the website began asking users to pay for access to millions of leaked documents.一份声明发布在匿名者的Twitter帐户,即匿名者IRC,在网站开始要求用户付数以百万计泄密文件的访问费用之后,把维基解密描述为“朱利安#8226;阿桑奇一个人的表演”。;The idea behind Wiki Leaks was to provide the public with information that would otherwise be kept secret by industries and governments. Information we strongly believe the public has a right to know,; said the statement on behalf of Anonymous.“维基解密背后的理念是向公众提供被行业和政府保密的信息。我们强烈认为公众有权知道这些信息。”匿名者在声明说。;But this has been pushed more and more into the background, instead we only hear about Julian Assange, like he had dinner last night with Lady Gaga. That#39;s great for him but not much of our interest. We are more interested in transparent governments and bringing out documents and information they want to hide from the public.;“但是这已经越来越被推向了背地,相反我们只听到关于朱利安#8226;阿桑奇的信息,比如昨晚他与Lady Gaga共进晚餐。这对他而言很棒,但不是基于我们的利益。我们对透明的政府以及他们想隐瞒公众的文件和信息更有兴趣。”Anonymous has long been one of WikiLeaks#39;s most loyal and vocal allies.匿名者是维基解密长期以来最忠实最畅所欲言的盟友之一。WikiLeaks said it is funded entirely by donations from members of the public. The site angered some users on Thursday after it made a donation page automatically appear before it allowed access to leaked documents. Some users are unable to view WikiLeaks material unless they choose to donate money to the site. WikiLeaks said on Twitter that the move was an attempt to counter what it called ;high costs in military courts;.维基解密说它的经费完全来自公众捐款。在允许访问泄密文件之前它制作了一个自动捐赠页面,周四该网站激怒了一些用户。有些用户无法查看维基解密的材料,除非他们选择捐钱给该网站。维基解密在Twitter上说此举是试图对抗它所谓的“高成本军事法院”。In the statement, Anonymous told its 285,000 followers that WikiLeaks was an ;awesome idea ruined by egos; and claimed the site had abandoned the ideals of freedom of expression.在声明中,匿名告诉他285,000名追随者,维基解密是一个“被自我摧毁的极棒的点子”,并声称该网站已经放弃了言论自由的理念。The group added: ;We have been worried about the direction WikiLeaks is going for a while. In the recent month the focus moved away from actual leaks and the fight for freedom of information further and further while it concentrated more and more on Julian Assange. It goes without saying that we oppose any plans of extraditing Julian to the USA. He is a content provider and publisher, not a criminal.;该组织补充说:“我们一直在担心维基解密一时将走向何方。最近一个月重心从实际解密和进一步争取信息自由中转移,越来越多地集中到朱利安#8226;阿桑奇身上。不用说,我们反对任何引渡朱利安回美国的计划。他是一个内容提供者和发行商,而不是一个罪犯。”The dispute could starve WikiLeaks of potentially newsworthy leaks in the future, as some of the site#39;s recent disclosures – including the cache of Strat for emails – are alleged to have come from Anonymous.这次争议可能会消解维基解密未来潜在的新闻价值,正如网站最近披露的一些东西,包括国际情报公司Stratfor存储器上的邮件,据称是来自匿名者。 /201210/203662成都新桥牙科医院治疗烤瓷牙牙齿治疗种植牙多少钱

成都市镶烤瓷牙大概是什么价位On the same day that Apple jolted the tech world with the announcementit will manufacture some Mac computers in the U.S., another piece of tech news slid by largely unnoticed: Two of Apple#39;s Taiwanese suppliers were also planning to bring jobs home.就在苹果(Apple)宣布它将在美国生产部分Mac电脑这一令科技界震惊的消息那一天,当天的另一则科技新闻却基本未引起外界的注意,这则消息是:苹果的两家台湾供应商也计划将部分就业岗位转移回台湾。Apple#39;s announcement has made bigger waves because Apple is Apple, and because outsourcing has long been a big headline-grabber in the U.S. But it#39;s also been bigger because, rather than trumpet their decision the way Apple has, the two Taiwanese companies -- Catcher Technology Co. and Largan Precision Co. -- haven#39;t sought the limelight.苹果的这则声明之所以能引起更大的反响,既是因为苹果毕竟是苹果,也是因为业务外包一直是美国媒体大肆报道的消息。但还有一个原因就是,宣布将回迁部分就业岗位的可成科技(Catcher Technology Co.)和大立光电(Largan Precision Co.)原本就没打算像苹果那样大张旗鼓地宣传其回迁部分生产业务的决定。The announcement that Catcher and Largan planned to invest in new factories in Taiwan that will create some 3,800 jobs over the next few years came not from the companies, but from Taiwan#39;s government, which approved the companies#39; investment plans on Dec. 6.宣布可成科技和大立光电计划在台湾投资设立新工厂、并以此在未来几年创造约3,800个就业岗位这一消息的不是这两家公司,而是台湾政府。12月6日, 台湾政府批准了这两家公司的投资计划。This was supposed to be the first coup in a new Taiwanese sweetener program to lure businesses back home. But both Catcher and Largan -- which maintain operations on both sides of the strait -- have declined to make any on-the-record comments to China Real Time or other publications and have expressed their desire to avoid media attention. A Catcher official said that #39;moving back#39; was a mislabeling, as the company will continue to operate factories in China, despite expanding its Taiwan operations.两家公司在台湾投资设厂的计划有望成为台湾政府在出台新的优惠措施以吸引本地企业回流方面的首批成果,但可成科技和大立光电都拒绝向“中国实时报”栏目和其他出版渠道就此事发表正式,并表示他们不希望媒体关注此事。这两家公司在台湾海峡两岸都有业务。可成科技的一名管理人士说,称该公司将业务“回迁”台湾是一种错误的说法,因为尽管它将扩大自己在台湾的业务,但可成科技仍将继续在中国大陆开设工厂。The difference between the two #39;onshoring#39; stories illustrates how Taiwan#39;s manufacturing woes, though similar in some ways to the U.S.#39;s, are in other ways more complicated. Taiwan#39;s tech companies -- which have largely moved production to mainland China for cost reasons over the past few decades -- have to juggle delicate and sometimes conflicting relationships with governments on both sides of the strait, along with the interests of their big-brand foreign customers.苹果和这两家台湾公司在处理将业务回迁本土一事上有如此不同的态度,这说明美台两地制造业所面临的困境有其不同之处。台湾制造业所面临的困难虽然在某些方面与美国相似,但在其他一些方面却更为复杂。台湾的科技企业在过去几十年里已经基本上将其生产业务迁移到了中国大陆,以降低成本,但他们却不得不同时拿捏好与海峡两岸的政府以及与他们大牌海外客户的商业利益间的微妙关系,而且这些关系有时还彼此存在矛盾冲突。With wages rising across China and growing labor unrest threatening operations at mainland factories, Taiwan sees an opportunity to try to convince its #39;salmon to swim back home,#39; as local media have put it. Officials at Taiwan#39;s Industrial Development Bureau, which announced Catcher#39;s and Largan#39;s factory plans, said they didn#39;t know of any companies willing to discuss their participation in the program.由于中国各地的工资都在上涨,而中国大陆日渐增多的劳工骚乱事件也在威胁着当地工厂的运营,台湾从中看到了说本地企业将业务回迁台湾的机会,台湾当地媒体将这种回迁称之为“大马哈鱼洄游”。台湾经济部工业局的官员们说,他们不知道有哪些台湾公司愿意谈论他们参与台湾政府吸引本地企业回流的计划。宣布可成科技和大立光电回台湾投资设厂计划的就是台湾经济部工业局。Hui-Ying Chen, deputy director of the IDB#39;s industrial policy division, said Taiwanese companies returning to invest often want to stay low-key, possibly to avoid accidentally offending clients or the local governments they work with. She said that since many of these companies continue to run factories in China, they likely want to avoid saying anything that might come off as negative toward the business environment there. Moreover, Taiwanese upstream suppliers tend to hold a strong belief that any publicity is bad publicity.该局产业政策组副组长陈慧英说,返回台湾投资的台湾企业常常希望保持低调,这可能是为了避免无意中冒犯到客户或他们与之打交道的地方政府。她说,由于这些台湾企业有许多仍在中国大陆经营有工厂,他们或许希望避免发表任何可能会被解读为对大陆当地商业环境持负面看法的言论。此外,台湾的上游供应商往往都坚信,任何形式的公众关注都不是好事。#39;When they call for information, they will leave their telephone number, but often they won#39;t even tell us what industry they are in,#39; she said. #39;Although they want to invest in Taiwan, many don#39;t want their names announced.#39;陈慧英说,当台湾企业向经济部工业局有关部门咨询信息时,他们应该留下自己的电话号码,但他们甚至连自己属于哪个行业都不愿透露;虽然他们希望投资台湾,但他们不希望自己的名字被宣布出来。Taiwan#39;s new reinvestment incentives began last month, with an aggressive goal of more than doubling the returning investment from overseas Taiwanese businesses to 200 billion New Taiwan dollars (US.89 billion) over the next two years. Companies need to meet certain requirements, such as producing critical components or marketing products under their own brand.台湾新推出的再投资优惠措施于上月出台,其雄心勃勃的目标是,未来两年内使海外台湾企业重回台湾本土进行的投资增加一倍以上,达到新台币2,000亿元(合68.9亿美元)。企业要享受这些优惠措施需要满足几个条件,如在台湾生产重要零部件以及用自有品牌进行产品营销等。The big lure is that returning companies can increase the proportion of foreign workers they hire to 40% of their work force from 30%, says Ms. Chen. Companies often cite a paucity of domestic blue-collar workers as a barrier.陈慧英说,这些新优惠措施的一大诱人之处是,返回台湾进行投资的企业可以将企业内外籍劳工占员工总数的比例由目前的30%提高到40%。台湾企业常常说,本地蓝领工人不足是妨碍他们在台湾投资的一个因素。The measure has been controversial, though, especially among unions, who say that this opens the possibility of importing cheaper labor and disadvantaging domestic workers. Taiwan currently has the same minimum wage for foreign and domestic blue-collar workers, but business groups have been advocating separate wage tracks.但这些优惠措施也引发了争议,特别是工会人士的不满,他们说这些措施为台湾引进较为廉价的外籍劳工创造了可能性,而这种做法对本地劳工不利。目前台湾的本地蓝领工人和外籍蓝领工人都适用相同的最低工资标准,但台湾的商业团体一直建议政府让这两个群体分别适用不同的最低工资标准。The incentives have also drawn some criticism from economists such as Kenneth Lin, economics professor at National Taiwan University, who says the island needs to incentivize automation instead of cheap labor if it wants its companies to move up the value chain. Stan Shih, doyen of Taiwan#39;s tech industry and founder of the island#39;s largest computer company Acer, also recently warned that Taiwan has to make sure the manufacturers it lures back produce high-value products.这些优惠措施也招致了台湾大学经济学教授林向恺等经济学家的批评。他说,如果台湾希望自己的企业沿着价值链向上攀升,它需要采取措施鼓励这些企业提高自动化水平,而不是使用廉价劳工。台湾科技业资深人士、台湾最大电脑企业宏碁股份有限公司(Acer)的创办人施振荣最近也警告说,台湾必须确保它吸引回来的制造商将生产高价值产品。Acer Chairman J.T. Wang had a more positive appraisal. Local media ed him as saying at a recent tech event that the focus on reinvestment was the #39;most correct thing#39; Taiwan#39;s government has done in five years.但宏碁董事长王振堂对这些优惠措施却有较为积极的评价。台湾当地媒体在报道中援引他最近在一个科技界活动中的话说,将关注点放在吸引台湾企业回台再投资上是台湾政府五年来干的“最正确的事”。 /201301/222101自贡人工植牙的费用 Apple苹果公司Its stock may have come back down to earth, but Apple is still one of the most beloved brands in the world. Every launch of a new product is eagerly awaited. The company had tremendous success last year with the launch of the iPhone 5 as well as the iPad mini, which helped drive record sales in the year#39;s final quarter.苹果公司(Apple)的股票或许已经重新回落到现实水平,但苹果品牌依然是全球最受喜爱的品牌。它每一款新产品的发布都能激起消费者热切的期待。公司去年发布了iPhone 5和iPad mini,都取得令人瞩目的成功,公司在去年最后一个季度的销量也得以创下新的纪录。Google谷歌公司The search giant seems to be successfully adding hardware competency to its software dominance. It unveiled a host of exciting new products last year at CES. This year, one of the most anticipated releases will be for the recently patented Google Glass eyewear. It is expected to be available for under 00 to ordinary consumers.搜索巨头谷歌(Google)在软件优势的基础上成功强化了硬件能力。它在去年的消费类电子展(CES)上推出了一系列激动人心的新产品。而今年,它最令人期待的产品之一非谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)莫属。这款产品最近已经获得了专利认可,预计将以1,500美元的价格向普通消费者出售。Amazon亚马逊公司The world#39;s leading e-commerce company made a lot of investments last year that are expected to payoff in 2013. It went head to head with Apple#39;s iPad with the release of the Kindle Fire HD, which is now the #2 ranked tablet in the market. The company is also expected to improve its product delivery times with the opening of several fulfillment centers across the country as well as in South America.亚马逊(Amazon)已经成为全球领先的电子商务公司,去年进行了大量投资。 2013年,这些投资预计将带来回报。它以苹果iPad为竞争对手,推出了Kindle Fire HD,目前在平板电脑市场中位居第二。此外,亚马逊将在美国和南美地区开设多个运营中心,预计将改善公司的产品交付时间。IBMIBM公司The tech solutions company gave a better than expected outlook for 2013 on the back of increased growth in emerging markets such as Brazil, India and China. It also announced a new suite of mobile products for its business customers and an expanded relationship with ATamp;T to increase its presence in the mobile market.随着巴西、印度和中国等新兴市场的发展,科技解决方案公司IBM在2013年的前景将好于预期。此外,这家公司针对商务用户推出了一系列新型移动产品,还通过加深与美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)的合作,扩大了公司在移动市场的影响力。Microsoft微软公司There was an underwhelming response to the latest version of Microsoft#39;s flagship product, Windows 8. However, analysts believe it is only a matter of time before consumers get used to the new interface and its presence across multiple platforms. The company also continues to perform well with its Office and Xbox products.虽然微软(Microsoft)最新推出的旗舰产品Windows 8反响平平,但分析师认为,这只是个时间问题,消费者很快就会习惯这种新的操作界面及其跨越多重平台的应用能力。此外,它的Office与Xbox产品表现依然抢眼。Intel英特尔公司The world#39;s leading chip manufacturer is finally making a push into segments other than PCs by announcing a range of products designed to accelerate its presence in other personal electronic devices. It recently launched its high-speed, low power Atom processor aimed at the smartphone and tablet market.全球领先的芯片制造商英特尔(Intel)终于将注意力转移到了PC以外的其他市场。为了加快建立公司在其他个人电子设备领域的影响力,它发布了一系列新产品。近期,这家公司发布了针对智能手机与平板市场的高速、低耗凌动(Atom)处理器。Accenture埃森哲公司With a loyal client base that includes more than 3/4th of the Fortune Global 500, the global consultancy continues to enjoy healthy growth, generating net revenues of US.9 billion for the fiscal year 2012. It also remains one of the top companies to be employed at, spending over 0 million each year on employee training and development.凭借忠诚的客户基础,其中包括四分之三的《财富》全球500强公司(Fortune Global 500),跨国咨询公司埃森哲(Accenture)继续保持着健康增长。2012财年,这家公司的净收入达到了279亿美元。此外,埃森哲也是最受欢迎的用人单位之一,公司每年用于员工培训与发展的开超过8.5亿美元。eBayeBay公司Perhaps taking cues from Pinterest, the company recently launched a brand new homepage containing a highly visual, personalized feed of products specifically tailored for the user. The redesign comes on the back of eBay#39;s remarkable recovery that had its stock up by 70% in the last year, beating out other ecommerce giants such as Amazon.或许是受到照片分享网站Pinterest的启发,这家公司最近推出了全新的主页,其中包括专为用户量身定做的高度可视化、个性化产品概要。在此之前,eBay经历了强劲的复苏。去年公司股票上涨了70%,远胜其他电子商务巨头,例如亚马逊。FacebookFacebook公司The social media has managed to stabilize after a disastrous IPO last year and recently unveiled its latest product, the ;Graph Search; feature that will allow users to search for results in their friends#39; online activity. Analysts say the new feature could compete with sites such as Yelp and LinkedIn in terms of comparative searches.经历去年灾难性的IPO之后,这家社交媒体网站终于恢复稳定,并在最近发布了最新产品“社交图表搜索(Graph Search)”。这项功能允许用于搜索好友的在线活动。分析师称,这个功能在比较式搜索方面可以与点评网站Yelp和商务社交网站LinkedIn等网站相媲美。Cisco思科公司It#39;s all about the cloud at Cisco and it#39;s made several acquisitions to compete in that market. The company recently unveiled several products from its Quantum software portfolio that will enable users to process data across their mobile and wireless networks.思科(Cisco)将重点放在云技术领域,为了加强在云技术市场的竞争,还进行了多笔收购。思科最近推出了Quantum软件产品组合中的几款新产品,用户可以通过这些产品跨越移动与无线网络来处理数据。 /201303/230334四川省牙齿矫正哪家最便宜

成都烤瓷牙氧化锆多少钱President Barack Obama has urged the US communications regulator to ban internet “fast lanes” and reclassify broadband service as a public utility, sparking outrage among cable and telecoms groups.巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)总统敦促美国电信监管机构禁止设立互联网“快车道”,并将宽带务重新定义为公共务,此举激起有线电视和电信企业的强烈不满。Mr Obama weighed in for the first time with specific recommendations for the Federal Communications Commission, which is revising its definition of “net neutrality” – the principle that all internet traffic be treated equally.这是奥巴马首次介入此问题,并对联邦通信委员会(Federal Communications Commission,简称FCC)提出明确的建议。FCC正在修改“网络中立”原则(即所有互联网流量都应得到同等对待)的定义。His intervention follows a flood of opposition to the agency’s latest proposals, which have prompted 4m comments to the FCC. Its plan would allow internet service providers to charge services like YouTube to reach customers at higher speeds, though only on “commercially reasonable” terms. That sparked uproar among consumer groups and companies like Netflix, another target of such charges.此前,FCC最新的建议招致抗议浪潮,收到的留言和多达400万条。该机构的方案将允许互联网务提供商对YouTube等务收费,以便让这些务以更快的速度到达消费者,尽管这样做必须按照“合理的商业”条款。这激起了消费者团体和Netflix等企业的强烈愤慨,Netflix是此类收费的另一个目标。Joining consumer groups and technology companies like Google and Facebook, Mr Obama said there should be a ban on paid prioritisation that would technically allow internet service providers to charge content companies like Netflix for a higher-speed service.奥巴马站在了消费者团体和谷歌(Google)、Facebook等科技企业一边,表示应该禁止“收费优先”,“收费优先”将允许互联网务提供商对Netflix等内容商收费,以换取为后者提供更快速度的务。“Simply put: no service should be stuck in a ‘slow lane’ because it does not pay a fee,” Mr Obama said. “That kind of gatekeeping would undermine the level playing field essential to the internet’s growth.”“简言之:任何务都不应因为没有交费而被卡在‘慢车道’里,”奥巴马表示,“这种收取买路钱的行为将损害对互联网的发展至关重要的公平环境。”His comments triggered a sell-off in shares of cable companies, which are among the biggest providers of broadband internet.他的言论引发了一轮有线电视股抛售,这些企业是宽带务的主要提供者。Comcast, the world’s biggest cable operator, fell 4.3 per cent, while Time Warner Cable was off 5 per cent. Comcast is seeking regulators’ approval for a takeover of TWC.世界最大有线电视运营商康卡斯特(Comcast)的股价应声下跌4.3%,时代华纳有线(Time Warner Cable)股价下跌了5%。康卡斯特正在争取监管者批准其收购时代华纳有线。Comcast, whose executives have been prominent donors to Mr Obama, and telecoms groups such as Verizon have vigorously opposed the president’s idea that the FCC should reclassify consumer broadband service as a public utility.康卡斯特和Verizon等电信企业都强烈反对总统关于FCC应将消费者宽带务重新定义为公共务的想法。前者的高管一直是奥巴马的重要金主。 /201411/341780 MOBILE game designer surnamed Su had spent more than five hours by 11:30pm last night waiting in the queue in front of a China Telecom outlet in Shanghai, waiting for the debut of iPhone 5 at midnight.一位姓苏的移动游戏设计师到昨晚11点半已经在上海的中国电信门口排队超过5个小时等待iPhone 5在午夜时分的发布。Su was at the head of the queue which had more than 200 Apple fans, who were waiting in the rainy winter night for the latest iPhone 5.苏在有超过200名苹果粉丝们的队伍前面,他们一直在下雨的冬季夜晚等待最新的iPhone 5。It was the first time that new iPhone sales started at midnight in a dozen outlets of China Telecom and China Unicom, Apple#39;s carrier partners on the Chinese mainland.这是第一次新iPhone开始在午夜十几家中国电信和中国联通的门店销售,苹果在中国大陆的运营商合作伙伴。;I like the new iPhone 5, with super mobility and enhanced chip providing fast response,; Su said.“我喜欢新的iPhone 5,具有超强的机动性且加强的芯片能提供快速响应,”苏说。He came to the outlet around 6pm and planned to buy a black 32GB iPhone 5 for himself and a 16GB model for his girlfriend.他大概下午6点就来到这门口,计划给自己购买一个黑色的32 GB的iPhone 5,给女朋友买一个16 GB的裸机。The iPhone 5 features a 4-inch Retina display with 18 percent more pixels, a quicker new A6 chip and a camera supporting a new panorama function.iPhone 5有一个4英寸的Retina显示屏使像素高了18%,更快的A6芯片以及相机持新的全景功能。The smartphone sells from 5,288 yuan (US0) for a 16GB model, 6,088 yuan for 32GB and 6,888 yuan for 64GB without contracts. China Telecom sells the phone with a monthly package starting from 49 yuan while China Unicom is offering it with a monthly rate starting from 66 yuan.这款智能手机销售从5288元人民币(合840美元)的16 GB裸机,6088元的32 GB版以及6888元的64 GB版。中国电信销售这部手机带有每月49元起的套餐,而中国联通提供的是月供66元起。China Unicom also started sales in several outlets, including the flagship store in Lujiazui in the Pudong New Area. At least 300,000 people have booked the new iPhone 5 through the telco#39;s website and hotline.中国联通也开始在一些门店销售,包括在浦东陆家嘴的旗舰店。至少30万人已经通过电信的网站和热线预订了新iPhone 5 。Apple will officially start sales of iPhone 5 at 7am today, according to the company.苹果今天早上7点将正式开始销售iPhone 5,根据该公司。Customers can#39;t buy an iPhone 5 without reservation due to Apple#39;s new online reservation system.如果没有在苹果新的在线预订系统上预定,顾客将不能购买iPhone 5。China is now the company#39;s second-biggest regional market behind the US.中国现在是该公司仅次于美国的第二大区域市场。Even if Apple has many fans, the market share of iPhone is limited in China, the world#39;s biggest mobile phone market.即使苹果有很多粉丝,但在中国这个世界上最大的移动电话市场上iPhone的市场份额是有限的。At the end of the third quarter, Apple#39;s share was only 7 percent, ranking No. 6 in the domestic market behind Samsung and Lenovo, according to IDC, a US-based IT research firm.在第三季度末,苹果的份额仅为7%,在国内市场排名第6,在三星和联想之后,根据IDC的数据,一家美国信息技术研究公司。 /201212/214287自贡市妇幼保健院直丝弓自锁隐形矫正多少钱四川省口腔医院洗牙多少钱



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