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  • 新东方美国口语学习革命[王强主讲] Lesson 10暂无文本 /200606/7400
  • Prosperity. The first era of the internet, the internet of information,繁荣。互联网的第一个时代,信息的互联,brought us wealth but not shared prosperity, because social inequality is growing.带给我们财富,但是没有共享繁荣,因为社会变得日趋不平等。And this is at the heart of all of the anger and extremism and protectionism and xenophobia and worse而这是所有的愤怒和极端主义的焦点,还导致了贸易保护主义,仇外心理等that were seeing growing in the world today, Brexit being the most recent case.现在我们见到的现象。英国脱欧就是最近的例子。So could we develop some new approaches to this problem of inequality?我们能否针对这不平等的问题想出一些新的解决方案?Because the only approach today is to redistribute wealth, tax people and sp it around more.因为现在唯一的方法就是财富的再分配,征税来减小贫富差距。Could we pre-distribute wealth?我们能否对财富进行预先分配?Could we change the way that wealth gets created in the first place by democratizing wealth creation,我们能否从源头上改变财富的创造方式,通过民主化来进行财富创造,engaging more people in the economy, and then ensuring that they got fair compensation?吸引更多的人参与经济,并确保他们得到平等的报酬?Let me describe five ways that this can be done. Number one:我将有五点使其可行的方案。第一点:Did you know that 70 percent of the people in the world who have land have a tenuous title to it?你们知道世界上70%的土地所有者只是拥有一个脆弱的名头?So, youve got a little farm in Honduras, some dictator comes to power,你在洪都拉斯有个小农场,当独裁者上台,he says, ;I know youve got a piece of paper that says you own your farm,他说:;我知道你有一张纸明你拥有你的农场,but the government computer says my friend owns your farm.;但是政府的计算机显示我的朋友拥有你的农场。;This happened on a mass scale in Honduras, and this problem exists everywhere.这种事在洪都拉斯屡见不鲜,而这一问题也非常普遍。Hernando de Soto, the great Latin American economist,伟大的拉丁美洲经济学家埃尔南多·德·索托,says this is the number one issue in the world in terms of economic mobility,把它列为经济流动性方面世界头号问题,more important than having a bank account,比起拥有一个账户更重要。because if you dont have a valid title to your land,因为倘若你对你的土地没有有效的所有权,you cant borrow against it, and you cant plan for the future.你就无法用它来借贷,你就无法计划于未来。So today, companies are working with governments to put land titles on a blockchain.所以现在,公司正在与政府合作将土地所有权置于区块链中。And once its there, this is immutable. You cant hack it.一旦放置完成,它将不再改变。你不能破解它。This creates the conditions for prosperity for potentially billions of people.这样就为数亿人的繁荣创造了可能的条件。201704/501915
  • 032 cooking Words Utensils bowl pan mix plate knife fork spoon chopsticks stir boil fry chop cut Slice raw vegetable meat ingredients cooker hotplate oven grill spices add heat Simmer bake Beginner A: do you like cooking? B: I love it. I really enjoy creating a meal from various ingredients and watching my friends enjoy it. It gives me a real sense of satisfaction. Do you enjoy cooking? A; I don’t like it. It takes up too much time and I really hate having to clean up after the meal. I can’t stand doing the washing up, drying up, and putting all the dishes and cutlery away. B; you can ask the guests to help. My guests usually insist on doing the washing up. I just have to remind them where everything goes. A: so, what kind of dishes do you usually make? I know you like Italian food. B: Italian, Indian, and Chinese. I’ve only recently started cooking Chinese meals and I need some more practice. A; do you find it hard to get ingredients for Chinese food? B: not at all. You can find most of them at supermarket. The ingredients are usually the same as in western food. The way that the food is prepared is the big difference, not the ingredients. A: how long does it take you to cook a meal for five or six people? B; obviously, it depends on what I’m cooking, but I ‘d say it generally takes about one and a half hours. Intermediate A: hi. You said that you might need some help with preparing dinner. What would you like me to do? B; thanks for coming over to help. I really appreciate it. First, could you peel the vegetables? I’ve put them all in the skin and there’s a peeler. A: Ok, I’ll peel the vegetables and you chop them. I’m terrible at chopping vegetables. I always seem to chop them into pieces that are either too big or too small. … wow! You can chop vegetable really quickly, just like professional chefs on TV! B; after you’ve chopped the vegetables, could you fry the meat in a little oil? Just use a very small amount of oil. Fry the meat until it is cooked, then we’ll add some spices to flavor it. A: which spices are you going to add to the meat? B; these ones here. The one on the left is very spicy, so we must be careful about how much we add. A: yes. We don’t’ want everyone to burn their mouths and have a drink gallons of water! OK. I’m really to do the meat. Should I cook it over a low flame? B; cook it over a high flame, so that it will be y quickly. Keep stirring the meat around the frying pan. Don’t let the meat stick to the bottom of the pan. A; right. What are you doing over there? B; I’m mixing the sauce. It’s my specialty. I make it according to my own secret recipe! /200705/13131
  • And so I do what I have to do and because of honor and righteousness. 于是我做了我必须做的事为了荣耀和正义I cut everybody in line And now, there is carry-on baggage being thrown at the back of my head. 我插队到每个人的前面这时 有人把行李箱扔过来 砸到我的后脑勺上Its not mothers day but Im being called a mother And I lean at the counter. 这一天不是母亲节 但却有人管我叫大妈我不顾一切 把身子倾往柜台And I say maam, I want flight 2222 going to San Francisco. 我说女士 我要飞往旧金山的2222次航班Please give me my ticket And the woman looks at me, she goes, sir. 请把票给我那位女士看着我说 先生I dont know if youre aware but that flight leaves in six minutes and probably closed the door aly. Im sorry sir you cant get on that plane. Its. 您可能没意识到 但航班将在6分钟后起飞舱门可能已经关闭 我很抱歉先生 您不能登机 这是Impossible This woman did not know my mother. 不可能的这位女士肯定不认识我母亲So I put my hand on my hip and I said you know some my mama told me, aint no such thing as impossible. 于是我把手插到腰间我说 你知道吗 我妈妈教过我 没有什么是不可能的And then let me tell you I dont care if youre Irish, if youre Italian, if youre Korean, if your Columbian. 而且让我告诉你我不管你是爱尔兰人 意大利人 韩国人 还是哥伦比亚人If youre New Jerseyan sometimes youve got to get ethnic on people. 只要你是新泽西人有时 你就需要跟人们讲种族的道理And so I put on my hand on my other hip and I said and my grandmama told me. 于是 我把手插到另外一侧的腰间我说 我奶奶教过我That black people have been making a way out of no way for a long time Im going to get on that plane, maam. 很久以来 黑人一直都是在没有道路的地方 走出自己的道路我要上这趟飞机 女士And so at this point she must have known my aid, because she rolls her eyes too. 这时她肯定是认识我的助手 因为她也朝我翻白眼And she says you can go ahead and try, she hands me my ticket Well, at this point, I throw my bag over my shoulder. 她说 那你自己去试试吧 她把票递给我这时 我把行李袋背在身后And I start sprinting through that airport jumping over bags, dodging people, running through the airport like a man from a. 然后在机场飞奔跳过行李袋 闪避人群 就像一个广告中Commercial, we dont talk about anymore The older people get that joke a lot better than the younger ones. 冲过机场的人一样 我们不再讲这个了老一辈对这个笑话的了解 要比年轻人更好And I get about 25 yards from the gate and theres this woman putting the combination on the door. 在我离大门只有25码的地方我看到有位女士正在按密码关门201611/476797
  • 90 numbers words numbers amount count hundreds thousands millions dozen couple pair double triple quadruple first second third fourth add plus minus deduct multiply divide roughly approximately equal several phrases third time lucky have sixth sense in seventh heaven be second nature at the eleventh hour once bitten twice shy first impressions last beginner a; what’s the area of your country? B: it’s not very big. It’s a little over half a million square kilometers. A; that sounds quite big! How many people live there? B; there are about 30 million people in my country. Most of them live in the north. A: what’s the average income? B; that’s the really hard to say. I think most people earn about two thousand dollars a month, if you convert the money from our currency into dollars. A; so your country is fairly rich. B: I think we are richer than most countries, but not as rich as countries in western Europe. Our biggest problem at the moment is unemployment, which is roughly 8%. It has doubled over the last four years. A: unemployment in my country is a fraction of that. Intermediate A: what’s “pi”? B: that’s the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, I think. A; I see. What is that ratio exactly? B: it’s approximately 3.14, but the number continues forever. What’s the diameter of your circle? A: it’s 10 centimeters, so the circumference should be 31.4 centimeters. B; ok. My next problem is to convert 10000 british pounds into us dollars. What’s the exchange rate at the moment? A: according to the newspaper, the exchange rate is 1.85 dollars to the pound. B: that means that 10.000 pounds will buy me 18.500 dollars. A: what’s the next question. B; fractions. What’s a quarter and an eighth? That’s three-eights. Easy. The next question is “what are prime numbers?”. A: I can help you there. Those are numbers that cannot be created by multiplying two whole numbers, apart from the number itself and 1, together. B; so, 1,2 and 3 are prime numbers, but 4 isn’t because 2*24. A: exactly. Anything else? B; how many seconds in an hour? 60 seconds multiplied by 60 minutes equals 3600 seconds altogether. A: you’ll be a mathematician one day. /200706/14075
  • 网络社交英语口语 48:眉目传情 Sue: So, let's start with the basics...1) flirting...苏: 那我们就从基本的开始……眉目传情…… Rose: I'll feel stupid.柔丝: 我会觉得自己好蠢。 Sue: Try it out on me. Give me the "look"… with the "eye"…苏: 你拿我当对象试试。抛媚眼做个表情给我看…… Rose: What look? Like this?柔丝: 什么表情?像这样子吗? Sue: You look like 2) Mickey Mouse! Don't look so happy.苏 你看起来像米老鼠!别那么高兴。 Rose: But I like him, so why should I look sad?柔丝: 可是我喜欢他啊,何必哭丧著脸? 语言详解 A: Does Bruce like you? 鲁克喜欢你吗? B: I think so. He's always flirting with me. 我想是吧。他老是跟我打情骂俏。 【Let's start with the basics. 先从入门开始】 循序渐进才是脚踏实地,稳中求胜的做法。好比老师在教导同学们的时候,便是从基本原则先开始讲授,由浅入深,一步步地带领着门生一窥其中的奥秘。 A: I can't believe you're going to teach me how to ice-skate! 没想到会是你教我滑冰!B: Let's start with the basics: falling. 我们先从基本的开始学:摔跤。 1) flirt (v.) 打情骂俏,调情2) Mickey Mouse 米老鼠,这里指脸上带着天真愉快表情的人 /200708/16816
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