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成都市新桥医院看即刻种植牙植骨全口缺失多少钱成都做口腔医院哪家好It#39;s a limited resource I guess.还真是抢手货啊What the scientists did was to科学家所做的recreate the drinking opportunities offered to monkeys on the island就是在受控的环境中but in a controlled environment.重演猴子在岛上喝酒的情况They monitored the monkeys by a collar它们颈部安有特殊装置so they knew exactly how much was being drunk可监控酒精的摄入量and what different effects it was having.及其产生的不同效应You can see this animal climbing up into this chamber.这只爬进了进去They are sippers.它们在吸吸管But they#39;re all free to choose whether to have alcohol or not.喝不喝完全取决于它们自己吗?Exactly.没错This male here is repeatedly coming up and wants to drink this alcohol.这只雄猴想喝酒 所以不断地往上爬Do you see different types of behaviour once they#39;ve had alcohol or not?它们饮酒后 你有看到不同的行为特征吗Some animals become relaxed有的猴子变很放松or appear to become sedate或者很安静even clumsy.甚至很笨拙Some of these guys are running around like crazy有的猴子疯狂地飞奔playing doing dangerous things.嬉打 甚至做出危险动作They become disinhibited.它们变得肆无忌惮They do things you don#39;t typically observe in these monkeys做一些平时少见的事because they#39;ve had this dose of alcohol.就是因为饮用了这么多酒精The guy who looks like he#39;s swinging on the lampshade up there would die.在灯罩上荡秋千的那只 真是凶多吉少 Article/201506/382939成都牙齿畸矫多少钱 UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these inventions was made during the Middle Ages?以下哪项发明是在中世纪出现的?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出来吧!Was it the mechanical clock, eyeliner, Tesla coil or aqueduct?是机械钟、眼线膏、特斯拉线圈还是沟渠?You#39;ve got three seconds. Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The only one of these inventions made between the years 500 A.D. and the Renaissance was the mechanical clock.以上从公元500年到文艺复兴时间段内的发明只有机械钟。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your Shoutout.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Modern-day science might have just learned something from Middle Ages medicine. 现代科学可能从中世纪药物里学到了点儿什么。;Bald#39;s Leechbook,; a medical textbook dating back to the 900s, has a recipe for an eye ointment -- garlic, onion or leeks, wine and part of a cow#39;s stomach. 追溯到9世纪,一本名为Bald#39;s Leechbook的英国古籍记载了一种眼膏的做法,成分有蒜头、洋葱或葱头、红酒和牛胃的一部分。Researchers at the University of Nottingham in the U.K. recently decided to test this out as an antibiotic. 英国诺丁汉大学的研究者最近决定将其作为一种抗生素进行试验。They almost couldn#39;t believe the results.他们几乎不敢相信这个结果。You#39;ve heard us talk about super bugs lately -- bacteria that are hard to kill with modern antibiotics. 大家可能还记得我们曾谈论过超级细菌,一般的抗生素难以杀死这种细菌。MRSA is an example. 金黄色葡萄球菌就是其中一种。And shockingly, the 1,000-year-old eye remedy destroys MRSA.令人震惊的是,这种来自1000年前的古偏方杀死了金黄色葡萄球菌。 /201504/369275Hulk#39;s Smashing Special Effects: The Avengers 浩克了不起的特效:复仇者联盟Dr. Banner, your work is unparalleled, and I#39;m a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster.Banner士,你的工作是无与伦比的,而且对于你失去控制变成一个巨大的绿色狂怒怪物的方法,我可是个大粉丝。Thanks.谢啦。One of the really successful design decisions in the beginning was to incorporate Mark into the Hulk. And there was a lot of debate back and forth on whether, you know, the Hulk should look like Mark, but I think having that semblance of Mark Ruffalo, having the eyes and the area on the face where you feel like you can see him in there really grounds the character in reality.一开始,把Mark融入浩克里面是其中一个非常成功的设计决策。而前前后后有很多的争论关于是否,你知道,浩克应该看起来像Mark,但我认为拥有Mark Ruffalo的外观,拥有眼睛和脸部范围,在那里你感觉像是你可以在那看到他真的把这角色建立在真实的基础上。Once the film was edited, and we knew exactly what the Hulk shots were gonna be, ugh, he came up here with Joss, and we set up cameras that represented...here is where the film camera was, and here#39;s a bunch of witness cameras. And we gave him a space to work in and let him run through every performance on the film. We sort of did a rough calculation and figured out the Hulk is somewhere between eleven hundred and sixteen hundred pounds. And so, that kind of character, that kind of mass, is gonna react very differently than Mark does. And I think that#39;s where using Mark#39;s performance and combining that with the incredible animation that#39;s done here, that#39;s where the artistry happens in the interpretation of how that performance needs to be augmented to become the Hulk.当影片被编辑过,而且我们完全知道浩克会往哪边出拳,他跟Joss出现在这边,而我们设立摄影机代表...这是主摄影机所在,而这里是一堆侧拍摄影机。而且我们给他一个在里面工作的空间并让他排练电影中每一个演出。我们有点像是做了一个粗约的计算并发现浩克大约在一千一百磅到一千六百磅之间。(约五百到七百二十五公斤)所以,那样的角色,那样的质量,将会表现得跟Mark所做的很不一样。而我认为那就是使用Mark的演出并和出自这里的不可思议的动画结合所在,也是诠释那表演需要如何被强化成为浩克的艺术效果发生之处。When he#39;s unleashed, he can fly, you know, he can jump huge distances, he can smash things. We wanted to make sure that he was able to do all those things and still have sort of a human believable, you know, locomotion to him. The first layer is getting the animation nailed. Then on top of that we had a whole process of simulation. So there#39;s a muscle and bone structure under his skin that preserves the volume as he#39;s moving. On top of that there#39;s a dynamics part of it, which is a simulation that happens once the animation is done. That gives you the kind of jiggly parts of it, and I think one of the great decisions on this Hulk, was that he#39;s not...he#39;s not super cut all the time.当他被释放出来,他可以飞行,你知道,他可以跳超远,他可以粉碎东西。我们想要确保他可以做所有那些事情并仍然有某种人们可以相信的,你知道,他的运行方式。第一层是固定动画。然后在那上面我们有一个完整的模拟过程。所以当他在移动的时候有肌肉和骨骼架构在他的皮肤下面维持体积。在那之上有个动态的部分,是个在一做完动画就产生的实境模拟。那给你它的某种不稳定部分,而且我认为其中一个对这浩克做的最棒的决定,是他不是...他不是永远都超级有线条。We then have a cloth simulation on top of that, which we typically use for shirts and pants, but it actually works really well when it#39;s constrained to give us all the little fine wrinkles in the skin. And on top of that, there was a very thin layer of ugh, skin simulation that we did, just to get that final level of ugh, movement to the skin that, you know, is so hard to re-create it.然后我们在那之上有一种布料模拟,我们一般是用在衬衫和长裤上,但当它被限制用来产生我们皮肤里面所有的微小细部皱纹,它实际上效果很好。而且在那之上,有一层非常薄的,我们做的皮肤模拟,只是为了达到那一个最高等级的,皮肤的动作。那个,你知道,是非常难重建的。Making sure that we were accurately getting...getting the performance that Joss was looking for, and also making him look real, that last fifteen percent ended up being a huge challenge for us.为了确保我们是很准确的做到...做到Joss所想要的演出,并也让他看起来真实,结果那最后的百分之十五变成我们的一个巨大挑战。Hulk! Smash!浩克!粉碎吧! Article/201506/378925遵义市妇幼保健院治疗拔牙多少钱

成都蛀牙要多少钱成都市牙科医院 If you have a friend who sometimes acts more like an enemy, you may have a frenemy on your hands. These guidelines will help you sort it out.如果一个朋友有时的表现更像敌人,或许他就是友敌。下面的指引会帮助你鉴别出这样的朋友。You Will Need你需要Self-awareness自我意识Honest appraisal诚实的评价Steps步骤STEP 1 Gauge their reactions1.衡量他们的反应Notice how they react when you have good news. Do they seem genuinely happy for you, or do they respond with barbed comments and backhanded compliments?注意一下当你有好消息的时候他们如何反应。他们真诚地为你感到高兴,还是尖刻的和讽刺挖苦的赞扬?STEP 2 Assess their supportiveness2.评估他们的持Assess their supportiveness. Do they sabotage your self-improvement efforts -- perhaps even egg you on to be self-destructive? A true friend has your best interests at heart.评估他们的持。他们是否会妨碍你的自我提高——甚至鼓励你自我破坏?真正的朋友心中总是记着你的最佳利益。STEP 3 Misery loves company3.不幸需要陪伴Ask yourself if your misery attracts their company. Frenemies like you best when you#39;re at your worst.问一下自己,你的不幸是否吸引到他们的陪伴。当你处于最糟糕的状态时,友敌最喜欢你。STEP 4 Note how you feel around them4.注意和他们在一起时自己的感受Note how you feel after you#39;ve spent time with them: Good friends are uplifting; frenemies leave you feeling annoyed with them or bad about yourself. Or both.注意一下和他们在一起之后自己的感受。好的朋友是使人开心的;友敌会让你对他们感到气愤,或者对自己感到糟糕。或者两者皆有。If you both cancel plans more than you keep them, you might be frenemies.如果你们两人之间取消计划的次数多于遵守计划的次数,你们或许是友敌。STEP 5 Note how you behave around them5.注意在他们身旁时自己的行为Note how you behave around them. Do they bring out the best or worst in you? Frenemies do the latter.注意在他们身旁时自己的行为。他们会激发你内心最好的一面还是最糟糕的一面?友敌是后者。STEP 6 Examine your own conscience6.审查自己的良知Examine your own conscience. Do any of the preceding bad behaviors apply to the way you treat any of your pals? If so, my friend, you yourself could be a frenemy!审查自己的良知。你是否以上述这些坏的行为对待其他任何一个朋友?如果是这样的话,我的朋友,或许你自己就是一个友敌!The word ;frenemy,; which originated in 1977, was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2009.“友敌”这个词源于1977年,由韦氏大辞典2009年收录。 Article/201502/360726龙泉驿区单颗缺失多颗缺失半口缺失哪家医院好

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