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四川成都哪家医院种植牙最便宜邛崃牙齿矫正医院One of the first discoveries of the space age, made in 1958, was that the Earth is surrounded with a doughnut-shaped field of highly charged particles. It was named the Van Allen radiation belt, after its discoverer, U.S. space scientist James Van Allen.人类进入太空时代以来的首批探索成果之一,即是1958年对于地球周围高能电磁场的发现。该磁场随后被命名为范艾伦辐射带,以纪念其发现者、美国空间科学家詹姆斯·范·艾伦。But not much was known about it until NASA launched two probes in 2012. Scientists say the data they sent back to earth is very exciting.然而,在2012年美国航空航天局发射两颗专门探测器之前,人类对于此区域还知之甚少。科学家称,由探测器传回地面的数据,足以令人振奋。Space weather can be as unpredictable as the weather on earth. Periodic eruptions on the sun#39;s surface eject huge clouds of highly charged protons and electrons.宇宙气象与地面气象一样难以预测。太阳表面的周期性爆发,释放出大规模、高电荷的质子与电子。Some of them reach the earth and cause spectacular light displays like the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.其中有一些可以传送到地球,引起像北极光这样光影奇观。When the clouds of charged particles are unusually strong, they can knock out power grids, disrupt communications and even damage electronic equipment.当这些带电粒子异常强大之时,他们会影响电网、中断通信、甚至损坏电子设备。But most of the time they get trapped by the earth’s magnetic field in the so-called the Van Allen radiation belt.但大多数情况下,它们都会被地球自身的磁场所阻拦,而后者被人们称之为范艾伦辐射带。Nevertheless, they can still inflict damage, says NASA’s program scientist, Mona Kessel.不过,美国航空航天局的项目科学家莫娜·凯塞尔说,仍然会有一些破坏。;We also have a lot of satellites that fly through that area - communications satellites, navigation satellites - and so we need to understand what it is that the effects are, because the effects can be quite dramatic, ; said Kessel.凯塞尔说:“我们有许多卫星飞过那个区域,通讯卫星、导航卫星等。因此我们必须弄清楚影响是什么,因为这些影响可能会很大。”To learn more about space weather, NASA in 2012 launched a pair of satellites built by Applied Physics Laboratory. Called Van Allen Probes, they were to explore the mysterious belt. At first researchers expected only quantitative data, says project scientist Barry Mauk.为了更好地了解宇宙气象,美国航空航天局于2012年发射了一对名为范艾伦号的探测器。探测器由应用科学实验室所研制,用以探索这片神秘区域。参与此项目的科学家巴里·莫克说,一开始他们只想得到一些定量数据。“I was skeptical we would find anything surprising. In fact, we found tremendous surprise. We found new structures that we never anticipated, ; said Mauk.应用物理实验室项目科学家巴里·莫克说: “刚开始我对于我们是否能够有特殊发现持怀疑态度。实际上,我们后来有许多惊人的发现。我们发现了我们预料之外的结构形态。”The Van Allen Probes discovered that, instead of two layers, the belt has an occasional third layer of charged particles and that they sometimes form zones called ‘zebra stripes’. The probes also found how the electric and magnetic fields additionally energize the particles.范艾伦辐号探测器发现,除去已知的两层结构,该地带还偶有第三层带电粒子存在。而它们有时会形成所谓“斑马条纹”的区域。探测器还发现了电场和磁场是如何作用于这些粒子的。Mauk says measurements gathered by the two probes will help scientists develop computer models for creating space weather forecasts.莫克说两个探索器所收集的数据会帮助科学家开发出电脑模型,以预测宇宙气象的变化。“If I see something at the sun, some flare or something, and I can measure the magnetic field on the sun - there are remote ways of doing that - I can now predict how will the radiation belts respond to that, ; he said.莫克说: “如果我观察到太阳的活动,比如表面爆发,我就可以测量太阳上的磁场,这是远距离的测量方法。现在我可以预测辐射带对于太阳活动的反应。”And that, he says, may lead to sending the astronauts to their vaults or powering down the communication and navigation satellites while this effect passes by.他说,在此基础上,在这些影响来临之时,可以让宇航员返回座舱,或者是中断通信和导航卫星等。;And then we also just want to understand it because it#39;s a very dynamic part of our whole space, above the earth, our electromagnetic space, ; said Kessel.NASA项目科学家莫娜·凯塞尔说:“我们想了解这些是因为这是整个宇宙空间十分活跃的一部分,即在地球之上的,我们的电磁场空间。”Scientists say better understanding of the Van Allen radiation belt will help us prepare for potential surprises from our own sun.科学家称,对于范艾伦辐射带的更好了解有助于我们做好准备,预防太阳活动带来的潜在影响。 /201408/321140新都区口腔医院 Chinese phone maker Xiaomi Inc. emerged three years ago from nowhere to become one of the top-selling brands in China#39;s competitive smartphone market on the strength of its top-shelf specs and cheap prices. As of this year#39;s first quarter, Xiaomi had 11% of China#39;s smartphone market share, on par with Lenovo Group and trailing only Samsung Eelctronics, which commands some 18% of the market, according to data from research firm Canalys.三年前白手起家的中国手机制造商小米公司(Xiaomi Inc)如今已经成为中国竞争激烈的智能手机市场上最畅销的品牌之一,它制胜的关键是高配置与低价格。研究公司Canalys的数据显示,截至今年第一季度,小米手机在中国智能手机市场的占有率已经达到11%,与联想集团(Lenovo Group)不相上下,仅仅落后于三星电子(Samsung Eelctronics),后者在中国市场的占有率大约为18%。But along the way the company#39;s products got a reputation for feeling a bit...well, cheap. More than one reviewer has cited a flimsy, plastic feel to earlier models, though other features have gained praise.不过,小米产品一直以来给人的感觉是不够高贵。尽管小米手机的不少特点获得了称赞,但不止一名人士认为之前几代小米手机塑料感强,不够结实。Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun appears to have been ing his reviews. On Tuesday he unveiled the latest version of his flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi 4, at a typically raucous presentation before fans. While he touted its more powerful battery and faster Qualcomm processor, he lingered particularly on the fact that the new phone#39;s housing contains much more metal than earlier models, giving it a higher-quality feel.小米公司董事长雷军似乎一直在阅读对小米手机的。周二他以一贯热闹的方式向粉丝推出了最新的旗舰智能手机小米4。在强调更加强大的续航能力和更快速的高通(Qualcomm)处理器的同时,他特别提及新小米手机的外壳比之前的型号包含更多金属材质,显得更有质感。The phone#39;s frame is made of stainless steel, he said, joking that it should be called the #39;kitchen knife.#39;雷军称,小米4的边框是不锈钢材质,他还调侃称,应该称之为“菜刀”。Mr. Lei said Xiaomi went to the same companies that made the metallic-framed Apple iPhone to see what they could do for him. During his presentation, he showed his audience a of the phone#39;s frames getting bent, smoothed, washed and tested before emerging as a finished product. He also showed the raw components themselves, holding a phone frame into the air.雷军表示,小米去了为苹果(Apple)的iPhone生产金属边框的几家公司,询问能给小米生产出什么样的边框。雷军在介绍小米4时向观众展示了这款手机的边框在成为成品前变弯曲和平整以及水洗和测试的视频。他还手拿小米4的金属边框,展示原材料本身。Specwise, the phone looks aimed at the same market as Apple Inc.#39;s iPhone, Samsung Electronics Co.#39;s Galaxy line and HTC Corp.#39;s One line. The five-inch phone features a high-definition screen, a 2.5-gigahertz Qualcomm processor and a battery that Mr. Lei said was bigger than the models offered by rivals. The new phone will cost 1,999 yuan (8) for a basic model with 16 gigabytes of memory and will be available later this month. A 4G version for China Mobile will be available in September.从参数来看,小米4似乎要和苹果公司的iPhone、三星电子的Galaxy系列以及宏达国际电子股份有限公司(HTC Co., 2498.TW, 简称:宏达国际)的One系列手机抢夺市场。这款大小为5英寸的手机配备高分辨率的屏幕、2.5GHz高通处理器以及据雷军称超过竞争对手机型的续航能力。16G版小米4的售价为人民币1,999元(合258美元),将在本月晚些时候上市。中国移动(China Mobile) 4G版要到9月份才能推出。Other draws for potential users include a new function that maps out the branches of endless recorded customer-service phone trees, allowing a user to quickly tap the place he or she wants to go when calling companies that cooperate with Xiaomi on the service. And in an Apple-inspired #39;one more thing#39; moment -- punctuated with an image of the English phrase appearing on a screen behind Mr. Lei -- the company also unveiled a 79 yuan bracelet that can connect to the phone and offer features such as a vibration function that can also act as an alarm clock.小米4还有一项能吸引潜在用户的新功能,即在拨打运营商电话时,可以将语音菜单翻译为文字,用户通过触屏操作选择务内容,可迅速接入自己所要选择的那项务。受苹果公司“最后时刻意外惊喜”桥段的启发,小米公司在周二的发布会上还推出了售价为人民币79元的小米手环,这款设备能连接到小米4,而且具备震动等功能,可当闹钟用。 /201407/314827成都口腔医院洗牙费用贵吗

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成都牙齿矫正Six months after a jury awarded Apple (AAPL) .05 billion in its landmark patent infringement suit against Samsung, the judge in the case finally sorted through the paperwork and issued what amounts to a split decision.六个月前,苹果(Apple)在“世纪专利大战”中大获全胜,陪审团裁决三星(Samsung)付赔偿金10.5亿美元。日前,负责此案的法官终于完成文书工作,发表了一项非一致性决定。In a 27-page order released Friday, Judge Lucy Koh vacated 0 million of the original award and ordered a new trial to sort out how much Samsung should pay for 13 devices where the jury#39;s math is in dispute.上周五公布的判决书长达27页,法官高兰惠减免了三星4.5亿美元的赔偿金,同时要求重新审理,以确定陪审团存在争议的13款设备,三星究竟应该付多少赔偿金。;When a Court detects an error in the jury#39;s damages verdict,; she wrote, ;the Court has two choices: the Court may order a new trial on damages, or the Court may reduce the award to a supportable amount.;高兰惠写道:“一旦法院发现陪审团的损害赔偿裁定有误,有两种方案可供选择:法院要求对损害赔偿重新审判,或者直接将赔偿金降至合理水平。”On Friday she did both, reducing Apple#39;s award to cover 14 of the devices at issue and ordering a new trial on the other half.高兰惠上周五同时采纳了两种方案,将苹果获得的赔偿金减到只覆盖14款侵权的三星设备;而对另外13款三星设备则要求重新审判。Apple can now demand that Samsung pay the nearly 0 million of the award that the judge let stand, plus whatever the court decides to add in terms of interest and supplemental damages from Samsung#39;s sales.苹果现在即可要求三星赔偿法官所裁决的6亿美元,外加法院所持的其它赔偿,例如利息以及源自三星营收的补充赔偿。But since the case is headed for an appeals court, both the new damages trial and the 0 million check may have to wait.不过,由于两家公司仍可对案件提起上诉,无论是新的审判还是6亿美元赔偿看来都还要等上一段时间。FOSS Patents#39; Florian Mueller, as usual, has the most detailed analysis.FOSS Patents网站的专利专家弗洛里安·穆勒照例给出了最详细的分析。The full ruling, via AllThingsD.完整判决书请参阅科技客AllThingsD。 /201303/228830 成都牙齿正畸需要价格彭州口腔种植什么价格



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