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B. Keywordscolor-developing, contestants, oven, Celsius, Fahrenheit, rain, ball.Vocabularydarkroom, pit one wits, corner.In this section, Youre going to hear someone tuning in a radio across five radio stations at a given time.Below is an extract from a program guide the five radio stations.Listen carefully and identify which station is broadcasting which program, write the numbers in the proper brackets in the order you hear them.And we have a caller on Line now, Mr Jackson from Bolton, who I believe, wants to talk to Norman about setting up a darkroom, Are you there, Mr Jackson?Er, yes, Well, actually, it about color-developing at home, really.So, there we are. Our four contestants are y and waiting, here in the studio, to pit their wits against each other and the mighty Oxd English Dictionary.And one of them will be going through, after today round, to do battle in the first semi-final, in three weeks time.And after about minutes, on a medium heat at the bottom of your oven, it should come out with the cheese nicely melted and browned over those slices of egg on the top.Next week Ill be giving you some tips about freezing your summer fruit the winter. So, I hope you can join me. Until then, goodbye.Weve got a high of 9 degrees Celsius, 8 degress Fahrenheit, with rain closing in from the west and that should be covering all of our area by lunch time.So, if youre out this morning, youd better take an umbrella with you.OKeefe played a brilliant match. He headed a corner from Rainer, just two minutes bee the final whistle, which bounced off the postand had the ed goalkeeper, Stevenson, in a bit of a panic a few moments, bee the new boy, David Briggs, came through, like lightning, to clear the ball out of the area. ed : Villa 1. 55

The second-hand car market is heating up. From luxury brand to online traders, everyone is vying a share of this emerging market. Our reporter Huang Rui takes a closer look.听力文本:The new car sales volume of Mercedes-Benzes from January to October rose 5 percent year-on-year. Despite its stellar permance in new car sells, the company has entered China's premium used-car market with full ce. With its StarElite Pre-Owned Program, Mercedes-Benz aims to become a champion in the second-hand car market. Christian Schr?ter is a senior manager of Mercedes-Benz China Ltd."In the U.S., there are 77 percent of old cars sold, pre-owned cars. And also in Europe, this rate is significantly higher than two-thirds of the market. In China, currently it's just percent, so that we see the same development as in other markets also coming to China."The company says second-hand cars sold under its StarElite program will be less than four years old and have fewer than 0 thousand kilometers on their odometers.It also will provide buyers free routine maintenance cars that have been driven thousand kilometers or less. "We are offering certified cars, and we are offering customers—new customers—entry into the world of Mercedes-Benzes."The company plans to open 30 StarElite pre-owned car sales centers in China next year. Japanese carmaker Nissan is also entering the lucrative market. It has invested 5 million yuan to build the biggest secondhand car trading center in China. The trade volume of second hand car increased by 3 percent in the first three quarters of the year compared to the same period last year. As the market second-hand cars grows in China, many wonder what can be done to improve it.A professional second-hand car website called 51 Autos recently started an online bidding service. It allows car owners to price their used vehicles and lets potential buyers bid against each other.Li Haichao, President and CEO of 51 Auto, says:"With the launch of our platm, we can have more transparency and fairness in the trade. We can reduce irregularities in the market, and hence dispel the doubts of many customers. It will certainly boost the market."Industry analysts say although the second-hand auto market is still in its infancy in China, many car companies will compete ferociously to get a piece of the pie. China Drive, this is Huang Rui. 93

Apollo ; Famous Americans – Soapy Smith; certainly versus definitely versus surely; to have a crush on (someone) versus to be in love with (someone); out on a limbWords:missionto launchastronautmoduleto transmitquarantineconmanto cheatsmooth talkermilitiacorruptcommitteecertainlydefinitelysurelyto have a crush on (someone)to be in love with (someone)out on a limb 5


  Count unexpected laughter,数数未曾期待的笑声,Count undeserved grace,数数不期而至的礼遇,Count Passion and Love and Dreams yet to be born,数数你拥有的和爱,还有将要萌生的梦想And bow your head and say thank you,然后,低下头,说声谢谢吧Now count the lives who still need your light,现在,数数需要你给予光明的生命,The hungry, the sick, the helpless,那些饥饿,生病,无助的人们Count the children who will die today数数今天就要离开这个世界的孩子们and imagine if with the breath of your body想想只要你一息尚存,you could help just one.你能帮助他们,哪怕就一个Turn your face to the sun,面朝太阳吧,And know yourself as a child of the light.你要知道你是光明之子You are the Goodness that cannot be extinguished,你就是拿不会消之的美善,The love that burns through the darkest night.那燃烧在漆黑之夜的爱And perhaps,或许,In turning在转身的一瞬,You will see what I have seen,你会看到我所看到的那一面,that this day where everything seemed wrong,看起来一切都不正常的日子was not your curse,并不是我对你的发难,It was your gift,其实是生活给你的馈赠,Your chance...是你的机遇To find inside yourself a gotten thank you,去你的内心寻找那个被你忘记的谢谢,To smile in the face of the grim suppressors,去微笑着面对充满挫折的生活,To stand in the heart of the glowering darkness从弥漫的黑暗中站起来,and turn your face to the sun.面朝太阳吧 76660。

  Ask an American: Starving Artist; as a matter of fact, process versus procedure, to haggle Words:to make a livingdiversitystimulushard to beat to make itto collaborateto interactgatekeepersdensitydynamismto cease to existto push (someone) outas a matter of factprocessprocedureto haggle 37778

  75  French in English  There is no doubt that today English is one of the most important and richest of the world languages. Probably the most significant factor ing the latter quality was the Conquest of England by the Normans more than 900 years ago. The conquering Normans spoke French. Most of the inhabitants of the conquered nation spoke varieties of Anglo-Saxon of Germanic origin.  Of course, the Normans were stronger than the local inhabitants politically and naturally their language became the language of the King court. It also became the language written documents, together with Latin, and was generally regarded as ;more literary; and somehow ;better; than the language of the common people. In spite of apparently being ;worse;, however, the language of the ordinary inhabitants of England, and especially the language spoken by the inhabitants of the central part of the country, did not die out. centuries, the two languages continued to exist side by side.  Besides this invasion French has influenced English in several others ways. First, France had its renaissance earlier than England and was a wealthier country than England many centuries, so England borrowed many words and phrases cooking, fashion, and arts from France. Second, French became the official language of diplomacy, so that many words and phrases law, war, and travel came into English. These days, French has lost status because the ed Nations has five official languages, not just one: English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.  The individual most responsible bringing English and French together (and one of the greatest writer in English literature) was a customs official who lived in the late fourteenth century named Geoffrey Chaucer, whose Canterbury Tales is one of the most extraordinary works in English, practically created, or at least made acceptable, a new language, which was a combination of the more elegant French and the cruder but more powerful Germanic elements.  Since Chaucer time the two languages have been woven closer and closer together, ming the single language that we now know as English. However, even today, vestiges of the differences survive, words of French or Latin origin still tend to occur more frequently in mal written English than in spoken English. This naturally means that, Spanish speakers, it is often easier to understand written English than spoken English. You can find evidence of this in this paragraph. Go through it and underline the words which are similar to words in Spanish. It is virtually certain that these will be words of Latin (or Greek) or French derivation, and probably they were brought to England by William the Conqueror and his men long ago. 18688

  练习题:Listen to the phone calls.Identify who they are looking .听电话问答,并找出该电话所找的人1.Wilie Mart Wiliam Smith Wilson Smith Winston Video.Henry Carter Henry Graham Henry Jackson l Henry Homer3.Jaime Yang Jennifer Chou Janis Chou Jennifer Yang.Matthew Mrs. Morgan Dr. Wang Mrs. Wang5.Mr. Carson Mr. Brown Brown Carson Brian Smith 31tm^1vN,~(t8(#N5FZ,GlrP,^ltqKfGZBPkDyqIt is winter. The sky is usually gray. The sun is not big. The sun is not warm. The sun is never high in the sky. It’s always low in the sky. The shadows are long. In the morning they are long. In the afternoon they are long. The shadows are cold. The wind blows. The wind blows almost every day. Sometimes it is a strong wind. Paper blows everywhere. It is always a cold wind. People wear heavy jackets. People stand with their hands in their pockets. People blow on their hands to keep their hands warm. You can see people’s warm breath. When they breathe, you can see their warm breath. Their breath is like steam from a teapot. Everyone is cold in the winter.*ioKtXp7|)ZHG]AnjJXKo[QR[PN]w^@SV9mB[cZ.^~%FiviwnuL)

  Ask an American: student exchange programs; begs the question; face value; at the time versus thenWords:to test (one) limitsTV productionwrestlingchoirto come down hereto host (someone)faminedroughtto take (one) placeybegs the questionface valueat the timethen 136367


  -pgto9H6KIp6~~a,(RUpCTh0wqzuIlB,Russia Launches The First Space StationRussia launches the first modules of the MIR space station into orbit around the earth.In 1986, Russia launched the first of several modules of the MIR space station into orbit around the earth.It was the first permanently inhabited space station and was assembled by connecting several modules, each launched separately from 1986 to 1996.The space station could support as many as six crew-members at any one time.These included not only Russians but astronauts from several other countries, among them the USA and Afghanistan.The MIR space station continued to orbit the earth until March 3, 01.mxS%N68xW8CjLJpL)-w+g1I~fA3!bJd.C[uSJtL#C98H!Q.ij[5cDXK0zpAQ 3895

  The military helicopters are bringing in the last of the stranded villagers now some of their relatives and friends, who have been waiting here days, there is relief. others though, there is the anguish of not knowing."Help us, please save my children, I have been waiting four days aly." Says this woman.At her tent, anger, especially at local officials."They said it was safe and we didn't need to evacuate. Now there is not even a road to get back." He says.And the man, who is the focus of much of the national blame is President Ma Ying-jeou, often confronted by angry survivors as he toured the disaster zone."How do you respond to people who blame you and your government, and say listen this was just all too slow to begin with, and then, when it did get underway, it just wasn't enough.""Now, we certainly, I will take full responsibility, whatever the blame is, because, after all, I am the president of this country."But President Ma says the slow start was because of bad weather, heavy rain left helicopters grounded."Once the weather is good, in one day, that is the th of August, we were able to evacuate 518 people. It's a record."But there was outrage last week, when he blamed local officials."They were not fully prepared."So now he's seen comting the grieving, apologizing, promising to do better. But as he opened the weekend baseball game, he was booed and jeered. Protesters demanded his resignation."We'll find out, not only to correct the mistakes, but also may try to punish the people who are responsible."As the rescue operations slowly wind down, the focus will soon shift to rebuilding lives and commies. Taiwan's embattled president told me that simply repairing all the damage from Typhoon Morakot could take up to a year. John Vause, CNN, Cishan, Taiwan.Anguish: severe pain, mental suffering or unhappiness 剧痛,极度痛苦,苦恼Tears of anguish filled her eyes.她双眸噙满了伤心的泪水.Embattled: an embattled person, organization etc has many problems or difficulties 被困扰的,境艰难的,危机四伏的 81889


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