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成都儿童可以洗牙吗四川省中医药研究院中医医院看前牙后牙种植牙怎么样好吗Have you ever witnessed somebody who is so confident and fluent in conversations that it’s actually really impressive? How do they do it?你是否遇过自信满满、谈笑风生的社交达人,给人印象尤为深刻?他们是怎么做到的呢?We all know people who are beloved by everyone and seem able to make friends wherever they go. Some regard them with admiration tinged with a bit of envy, then shrug their shoulders and figure those people are just born with that special “something”. It might be surprising to learn that being popular is a skill that can be learned like any other.我们都遇到过人见人爱的家伙,他们到哪儿似乎都能交上朋友。有人对他们既羡慕又嫉妒,最后耸耸肩觉得他们或许天生就有“万人迷”的本领。其实,“人见人爱”也是一种可以学习的技能哦!Just as you wouldn’t expect to wake up one morning knowing how to play the piano, the key to success in making friends is setting goals and developing a game plan. Use these seven tips as the framework on which you build your skill set.就像你不可能一觉醒来就变成钢琴高手一样,交朋友也需要设定目标、循序渐进。请参考以下7个贴士,训练自己成为社交达人吧!1. Be interested, not interesting关注他人,而非以自我为中心A widesp misconception is that popular people are the ones talking about their latest promotion or exciting vacation they took or wild party they attended. Hearing the occasional interesting story is fine, but most people become bored or resentful listening to these blow-by-blow accounts. It’s far more effective to take a genuine interest in the lives of others and get them talking about themselves. And remember that no word sounds as magical as one’s own name. Addressing people by name makes them feel special.常见的错误想法是:受欢迎的人总在谈论自己最新升职、快乐假期或热辣派对。偶尔听听有趣故事也还不错,但若一直听别人呱啦炫耀,多数人会感到厌烦抵触。更有效的办法是:真正对他人生活感兴趣,多让别人开口讲话。而且请记住:世上最美好的词就是自己的名字。所以,常称呼他人姓名,让他们觉得自己特别。2. Be positive –but not too positive积极乐观,但也别做过头Think about people you’ve known who expect the worst from everyone and everything and aren’t shy about speaking up. Not much fun to be around, are they? This doesn’t mean you have to be constantly sping false rays of sunshine. That’s nearly as annoying as eternal pessimism. Have a clear-eyed and honest attitude and people will come to value your opinions as trustworthy.想想身边那些口无遮拦的家伙,总是扫人兴搅浑局,真没趣,是吧?你无须总是假装给点阳光就灿烂,这种做法和无休止的悲观一样惹人厌烦。保持镇定诚恳,别人自然会信赖你。3. Be charitable to others善待他人Gossiping about friends and co-workers may gain you an audience, but it’s superficial and temporary. Those who indulge their pettier instincts trashing others aren’t the ones you want in your circle. Eventually even those people will realize that you’re just as likely to be talking about them in the same way and they’ll steer clear. It also translates as weakness and insecurity, trying to build yourself up by tearing others down. Take the high road and you’ll be seen as fair-minded.背后议论朋友和同事虽能赢得同盟,但却非常肤浅短暂。相信你也不喜欢和爱八卦的人做朋友。最后这些人甚至会发现,他们自己也会这样被人八卦,只好灰溜溜避开。八卦其实是一种软弱和不安的表现,八卦的人试图通过诋毁他人来膨胀自己。正直做人,别人会认为你比较公正。4. Be helpful and dependable帮助他人,值得信赖If someone you know needs assistance that you’re able to provide with a minimum of inconvenience, offer it. The key term here is “minimum of inconvenience”. Doing favors for others that involve more time and trouble than they would for the person themselves comes across as desperation. Giving aid when you’re truly in a position to do so communicates a sincere interest in the welfare of others. As a side note, be sure to follow up on any commitments you make. The damage to your reputation is doubly harsh if people can’t count on your word.如果身边有人向你求助,而你又确实方便帮忙,那就帮吧。当然,前提是这没有给你造成“一丁点不便”。同样的困境,帮助他人要耗费更多时间和精力。若你真的方便帮忙,对他人而言,那就是诚挚的关怀。另外,帮完后别忘了关注后续进展。要是没能帮成,那你的名誉可就岌岌可危了。5. Be a “matchmaker”做“媒人”If you’re heading to the movies with a friend, invite another film-loving pal to come along. Love sports?Assemble a group to attend the big game. Spearhead gatherings at your home or a fun venue such as a wine bar, inviting at least a few people who are new to the group. Keeping your social network interconnected has a circular effect where you’re perceived as having many friends, thereby gaining you even more. Don’t forget your manners during impromptu meetings, either. When out with a friend, many people make the mistake of failing to introduce them to others they may encounter. By doing so you run the risk of coming off as socially inept at best and rude or uncaring at worst.跟朋友去看电影时,顺便叫上其他爱看电影的朋友。喜欢运动?那就叫上一帮人组织一场比赛吧。主动请人来家里小聚,或去酒吧找找乐子,每次在圈子里介绍几个新人。保持自己的社交圈活络具有循环效应:别人会认为你有很多朋友,结果你也确实交上越来越多的朋友。当然,重要聚会上一定要举止得体。和朋友外出时,很多人都会犯错,不把朋友介绍给遇到的人,结果情况好的话,会被人看作“社交无能”,刻薄点的话,会被认为“粗鲁无礼”。6. Be your (best) self做(最好的)自己Yes, it’s a cliche you’ve heard a million and one times, but ideas become cliches by standing the test of time. Insincerity is a huge turn-off and no matter how great of an actor you are, the pretense will catch up with you. The most attractive people, both physically and mentally, are the ones who are clearly comfortable in their own skin. Accepting and embracing your own unique qualities radiates a healthy confidence that’s magnetic to others.没错,这已是说过无数次的陈词滥调了,但别忘了:陈词滥调好歹也经得起时间考验。虚伪非常惹人讨厌,而且不管你装得多么像模像样,总有一天会被拆穿。外貌和心灵上最有魅力的人,往往都是坚持自我的人。接受并拥抱自己独特的个性也说明你很自信,而自信总能吸引他人。7. Be self-aware有自知之明Periodically step outside yourself to evaluate how you come across to others. Don’t mistake this for being overly concerned with their opinions of you. Taking stock of the image you project shows a healthy respect for yourself as well as for them. Another factor to consider is your body language. You may not even realize that you’re wearing a perpetual frown or creating a stand-offish posture with crossed arms and lack of eye contact. It’s a simple concept, but it can make a big difference with how comfortable people feel around you.常从局外人角度反省自己和他人的关系。这并不表示你太介意他人对你的看法。反省自己的形象说明你尊重自己和他人。另外,你还应注意自己的肢体语言。或许你一直没发现,自己常常皱着眉头、胳膊交叉抱胸、少有眼神接触。肢体语言并不难懂,却很能影响他人对你的感觉。As you work on developing your social skills, keep in mind that these tips center around the saying, “To have a friend, be a friend.” If you let that advice guide your actions, you’ll develop that charisma that makes people want to be around you while also staying true to your own values and principles.当你努力培养社交技能时,请记住:这些建议都是为了“交朋友”。如果你听从建议并采取行动,不仅能拥有人见人爱的魅力,还能同时保持自己的价值和原则。 /201311/263195成都做全瓷牙多少钱 While many students are hot on playing computer games or exercising outside, Wang Chen, 20, prefers sitting quietly in an empty classroom with his peers. The only sound is when a playing piece is moved on the wooden board. They are playing weiqi, called “Go” in English.许多学生都热衷于电脑游戏和户外运动,而20岁的王琛却喜欢和同伴们坐在空荡荡的教室下围棋。教室里安静得只能听见棋盘上棋子移动的声音。英文中,围棋的名字叫“Go”。Compared with the busy sports ground, it seems a bit dull, but Wang and his peers enjoy an intense brain workout.尽管与喧嚣的操场相比,这种场景看上去有些乏味,但是王琛和伙伴们却很喜欢进行这种高强度的“脑力劳动”。Wang, a junior majoring in economic news at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, is an amateur seventh-degree master player – the highest degree amateur players can attain.王琛是一名来自上海财经大学经济新闻系的大三学生。作为一名围棋业余爱好者,他已经达到了业余7段——这已是业余围棋选手的最高段位。This July, he won the International University WEICHI Tournament 2013 in Shanghai, which saw competitors from 54 universities around the world, including Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.在今年7月在上海举办的2013世界大学生围棋邀请赛中,王琛一举夺冠。该赛事云集了来自全球54所高校的选手,其中包括哈佛大学和麻省理工学院。“I was familiar with my opponent and we were equally matched, but I was still surprised about the result. I had hopes to win first place, but when it came true, I couldn’t believe it,” says Wang.王琛说:“我很了解自己的对手,我们水平相当。但比赛结果仍让我感到意外。夺冠是我的梦想,但当梦想成真时,一切都难以置信。”Giving up放弃,为了华丽的开始Wang began studying weiqi when he was 7 years old. “I was a quiet boy and my parents thought weiqi would help develop my logical thinking ability,” he says.王琛7岁时便就开始学习围棋。他说:“我生性好静,父母觉得围棋有助于培养我的逻辑思维能力。”He began to attend the Chinese Rank Promotion from the age of 10. Thousands of children take part in it every year, but only the top 20 are accepted to become professional players. It was a great source of pressure for Wang.他从10岁起就开始参加中国围棋段位赛。尽管每年有成千上万的小选手前来参赛,但是只有前20名选手有资格被授予职业初段称号。这让王琛倍感压力。“I failed for nine years, and then I gave up. I entered university and became an amateur player,” says Wang.王琛说:“在连续九年冲段失败后,最终我选择了放弃。后来我上了大学,成了一名业余围棋选手。”Another path另辟蹊径The tempo of playing weiqi on campus was slow, which gave Wang more time to explore his skills.在校园里下围棋的节奏很慢,这让王琛有更多的时间探索技巧。Wang now sees playing weiqi as a hobby. He is the captain of the weiqi team on campus, which has five members. He organizes them to research the latest formations once a week.现在,王琛将下围棋看作是自己的一门爱好。他是校园围棋社团的社长,旗下有5名成员。在他的组织下,社团成员每周都会摆次棋,探讨最新的布局阵型。“Different trends and new styles emerge all the time and we discuss how to deal with them,” says Wang. “I really enjoy this pressure-free way of playing weiqi .”他说:“五花八门的玩法和样式总是层出不穷,而我们需要讨论如何应对。我的确很喜欢这种毫无压力的围棋玩法。”Independence独立What this hobby brings Wang is not only a sense of achievement, but also independence.围棋这门爱好不仅为王琛带来成就感,同时也让他学会独立。He has won 10 national and international championships, which have brought the young student a handsome sum of money. When he won the national amateur competition in 2011, he received 100,000 yuan in prize money.他先后在国内外赛事中10次夺冠。对于一名青年学生来说,奖金收入十分可观。2011年,他在全国业余围棋比赛中夺冠,获得10万元奖金。With awards from contests, Wang covers his expenses and tuition fees all by himself.王琛用所得的奖金,付了在校期间的所有学费和个人开销。Lonely hobby注定孤独Wang is busier than most of his peers. A look at his calendar shows that he had attend competitions in Guizhou and Taiwan at the end of August, after attending an international competition only this July. But Wang admits he has little in common with his classmates.王琛比大多数同龄人都要忙。从他的日程表来看,七月刚刚参加完国际围棋大赛后,紧接着八月末他又奔赴贵州和台湾参加两场比赛。但是王琛也承认自己和同学没什么共同语言。“I feel a bit lonely sometimes,” he says. “Whenever I lose, there’s nobody with whom I can share the pain.”他说:“有时,我感到有些孤独。每当失败时,伤痛无人诉说。”Wang says his next project is to promote weiqi among his peers on campus.王琛说,他的下一个计划就是在校内向同学推广围棋。“Many young people in China don’t understand this kind of sport and I want to promote it,” says Wang.王琛说:“国内的许多年轻人都不了解围棋,所以我想大力推广这项运动。” /201309/255517My husband, Clay, does the laundry. He also cooks a mean dinner and manages our 7-year-old#39;s schedule with the seamless precision of the Blue Angels.我丈夫克莱(Clay)负责洗衣。他晚餐做得也不赖,另外,他还负责安排我们七岁女儿的日程表,精准度甚至可以媲美“蓝天使”特技飞行队(Blue Angels)。Clay loves what he does, and he#39;s proud that he does it all so well. But, he also concedes, it comes with a price.克莱喜欢他现在所做的事情,并且对自己能够这么胜任颇感自豪。但是,他也承认,为此他付出了一些代价。Clay resents the perception that some people (including some ers) have that he is henpecked, or that he doesn#39;t contribute enough to the family. He has at times felt isolated among stay-at-home moms, or shunned by the dads who find his situation odd, or threatening.克莱非常反感一些人(包括一些读者)把他看作“妻管严”,或认为他没有为家庭做出足够的贡献。在全职妈妈们的圈子里,他时常会感到孤单,他还会被那些认为他的家庭角色尴尬或具有威胁性的爸爸们拒之千里。Amid all the talk of women ;leaning in; to their careers, Clay says that he would like to hear more stories about men who are leaning into their families, as he did after shutting down his contracting business when the housing market collapsed nearly three years ago.有关女性“投身于”事业的讨论称得上铺天盖地,克莱说,他希望看到更多讲述男性献身家庭的故事。差不多三年前,在房地产市场暴跌后,克莱关闭了自己日益不景气的公司。此后,他便承担起照顾家庭的重任。So for Clay, this is one of those stories.因此,对克莱来说,他的故事便是一个这样的故事。Clay never anticipated being a stay-at-home father. Seeing his business succumb despite his best efforts to keep it going was sad and stressful for both of us.克莱从未想过自己会成为一名全职爸爸。尽管他使出了浑身解数,但仍未能保住自己的公司,这对我们两个人来说都是既伤感又沉重的一件事情。But when I was offered a promotion, he encouraged me to take it, even though it involved frequent travel and would require him to become a full-time parent. Our daughter was 4 years old at the time, and he felt he could do the greatest good for the family by being there for her—and for me.但是,当我得到了一次升迁机会的时候,他却鼓励我接受这个机会,尽管新岗位需要频繁出差,而这要求他不得不成为全职爸爸。我们的女儿那时候四岁,克莱觉得最有利于这个家庭的选择就是陪伴在她身边──也陪伴在我身边。Although society has progressed in its acceptance of stay-at-home fathers, Clay feels that outside of larger urban areas, including in parts of our small town, traditional attitudes remain more entrenched.尽管社会在接纳全职爸爸方面已经取得了一些进步,但是克莱感觉到,在大城市以外,包括我们所居住的小镇上的某些地方,传统观念仍然根深蒂固。;My pat reply to #39;What do you do?#39; is that #39;Laura earns our income and I try to do most everything else, #39; ;he says. ;Sometimes, depending on who#39;s listening, the #39;everything else#39; feels weak.;克莱说,“对于别人‘你现在做什么工作?’的问题,我总是熟练地回答‘劳拉(Laura)负责赚钱,而我则尽量去完成大多数剩下的事情。有的时候,取决于聆听对象,‘剩下的事情’听起来苍白无力。”Early on, he felt isolated as most of the other parents he would meet in preschool were women. If he wanted to set up a play date with another child, he would give the mother his email address and phone number, but felt odd asking for contact details in return, as he didn#39;t want her to think he was hitting on her.克莱在女儿的学前班遇到的大多数家长都是妈妈们,因此在开始的时候,他感到有点孤单。如果他想帮女儿和另一个小朋友安排个一起玩耍的时间,他就得给这个小朋友的妈妈留下自己的邮箱地址和电话号码;但他觉得如果是反过来向她要联系方式就有点奇怪,因为他不想让她产生自己在向她示好的误解。He was also careful about where play dates would occur, especially after an unpleasant experience at the house of one of our daughter#39;s classmates. When the child#39;s father came home unexpectedly, the mood suddenly turned tense, even though my husband was just sitting while the kids played in front of them.克莱对于约定女儿和小朋友玩耍的地点也很谨慎,特别是有次他在女儿的一个同学家有过不愉快的经历之后。那天,当这位同学的爸爸意外提早回家时,气氛顿时变得紧张起来,尽管我丈夫只是坐在那儿看孩子们在大人们面前玩耍而已。;Perhaps he was just having a rough day, but I would never have greeted a guest in my home with the cold surprise that he greeted me with, ; Clay says. ;It#39;s a standout memory, but not in a good way.;克莱说,“可能是他那天过得很糟糕吧,但是我无论如何也不会在自己家里像他那样用冷漠不解的眼神来问候客人。那是一次让人难以忘怀的回忆,不过并不是什么美好的回忆。”Generally, Clay says, he finds that women seem more sympathetic, or at least less critical of his role. He has rarely if ever heard a female acquaintance crack a joke about his role as a stay-at-home parent.一般来讲,克莱说,他发现女性更富同理心,或者说至少较少地讽刺他的家庭角色。他几乎没有被女性朋友开过“全职奶爸”的玩笑。;Is this because many if not most of them have been the primary caregiver of their children and held a full- or part-time job?; he wonders. ;Is it because, on average, a man#39;s sense of self is more deeply embedded in his career or earning power?;他问道,“难道是因为很多母亲──如果我们不说大多数母亲的话──一直都是家里为小孩付出更多的那个人,并且还同时做着一份全职或兼职的工作?”“或是因为,一般来讲,男人的自我感受更深地植根于他们的职业和赚钱能力之中?”He felt this contrast earlier this year when he attended an open house at our daughter#39;s school. Only a handful of fathers attended, and they all spent a good part of the time by themselves talking about their jobs. He found himself gravitating to the mothers.今年早些时候,他在参加女儿学校组织的家庭招待会时就感受到了两性之间的这种差异。只有为数不多的爸爸参加了这次活动,他们大部分时间都在聚在一起对自己的工作高谈阔论。他发现自己身不由主地被妈妈们吸引了过去。;The moms seemed more engaged in the event itself, more focused on chatting with teachers, viewing student work and touring the school, ; Clay says, even though many of them hold jobs outside of the home. ;It was a window into issues of gender identification and role playing.;克莱说,“妈妈们似乎对活动本身更为投入,她们更关心与老师们交流、欣赏学生作品和参观校园”,尽管她们中的很多人在家庭之外也有自己的工作。“这个窗口投射出了男性和女性对性别身份和所扮演角色的看法。”After nearly three years as a stay-at-home dad, Clay also says that he has gained more confidence in his role and has fewer regrets. ;I like being a househusband and a homemaker, ; he says. ;I enjoy folding clothes and mowing the lawn. I didn#39;t realize that, as a result of this, I would start to think more deeply about how cultural stereotypes originate and, more interestingly, why some people are loath to challenge them.;在做了将近三年的全职爸爸后,克莱还说,对于他的角色,他已经收获了更多自信,也少了些踌躇。他表示,“我喜欢当‘家庭主夫’并料理家务”。“我喜欢叠衣、给草坪除草。我以前并没有认识到,这段经历可以让我对文化固有观念是如何形成的以及为什么有些人会墨守成规开始进行更深入的思考。”He has forged friendships with other stay-at-home parents. At the same time, he has come to appreciate the time and freedom. It has allowed him to focus on things he enjoys, including projects around the house, like repainting our kitchen and bathroom or replacing the faucet.他还与其他全职家长建立起了友谊。与此同时,他也开始享受时光和自由。这让他有精力关注自己喜欢的事情,包括和房子相关的工程,比如重新粉刷我们的厨房和浴室、更换水龙头等。;Nothing feels quite as right as plying a trade that I know inside and outside on my own house, ; he says.他说,“没有什么比经营自己家房前屋后的事儿更让人觉得心旷神怡了。”These days, Clay#39;s occasional doubts tend to revolve around whether he#39;s ;doing enough; and whether I ;secretly resent; him.这些天,克莱偶尔会纠结于是否他已经“做得足够多”以及是否我“暗自怨恨他”这两个问题。Straight answer? I don#39;t, although there have been moments when I have envied Clay#39;s freedom. But I am also grateful for the tremendous amount of work he puts into our home and family, and I feel lucky that I have married a man who sees the big picture and supports my career.我实事求是的回答是什么?我不怨恨他,尽管有一些时候,我深羡他的自由。但同时,我对他为家庭所付出的大量辛勤劳动心怀感激,并且对自己嫁给了这样一个能放眼全局、持我事业的丈夫而深感幸运。Life is a narrative, and we are editing as we go along. As circumstances change, we will adjust. We realize that the most important thing isn#39;t what one of us is leaning into. It#39;s that we remember that we can always lean on each other.生活是故事,由我们在生命长河中慢慢书写。周围的环境在变,我们也在调整。我们认识到,最重要的事情并不是我们俩人中的谁投身于家庭谁投身于事业,而是我们知道我们永远都能互相依靠。 /201307/247388绵阳市第三人民医院看补牙镶牙四环素牙怎么样好吗

成都种一颗牙得多少钱Make 2013 the best year ever for you and your pet by including him in your resolutions. In the new year, make sure both you and your pet are healthy, and spend as much quality time as you can with your best pal.在下新年决心时,顺便也给你的宠物制定一下吧,让2013年成为你和宠物过得最好的一年。在新的一年里,确保自己和宠物都非常健康,尽可能地花时间去和宠物相处。If you#39;re both aiming to shed a few pounds, then tackle that exercise and diet regimen together. Who knows? Maybe having a furry partner will allow you to finally stick to your resolutions.如果你和宠物都想减肥,可以一起运动和注意饮食。谁知道呢?也许有个毛茸茸的伙伴陪着你,你会坚持完成新年决心的。Get Active!动起来!I#39;m sure just about everyone has ;exercise more; on their list of new year#39;s resolutions, but don#39;t forget about your pet! If you#39;ve overindulged in the past year, then your best friend has probably followed suit (he looks up to you, after all). Take your dog along on your regular jogs, and incorporate him into recreational sports.我知道每个人在新年决心的清单上都会写着“多做运动”,但是也不要忘记了你的宠物!如果你去年过度宠爱你的宠物,它可能也会学你的样子(毕竟它以你马首是瞻)。平常慢跑时把带在身边,和它一起做休闲运动。Give your cat toys that encourage more active play, and carve out more time in your day to play with her. Including your pet in your resolution to work out more will be twice the fun, with twice the results.给你的猫咪准备一些玩具,让她更活跃,每天抽出更多的时间陪她一起玩。让你的宠物参与到“多做运动”的新年计划里,你会得到双倍的乐趣和双倍的收获。Veg Out健康饮食If you plan on cutting down on junk food and eating healthier in the new year, then put your pet on the same regimen. Exercise is only half the battle. A healthy diet is crucial for your pet#39;s well-being.如果你计划新的一年少吃垃圾食品、健康饮食,你可以让宠物也这样做。锻炼身体只是成功的一半,健康饮食对你宠物的发展而言非常关键。If that means shelling out a few extra bucks on quality food, it#39;s worth it knowing that that could mean a few extra years on your friend#39;s life.虽然说这样做,你可能就需要多花些钱来提供高质量的食物,但是这也意味着你的爱宠会多活几年,这样想想一切就很值得了。Check It体检Regular checkups keep you healthy and give you peace of mind, so do the same for your pet. In addition to a general physical, you can take care of everything from heartworm prevention to yearly vaccinations at the vet.定期检查身体会让你保持健康并且安心,所以也为你的宠物体检吧。除了普通的身体检查外,还可以每年去找兽医接种预防心丝虫。As your pet ages, new ailments and conditions may occur but stay under the radar, so that#39;s all the more reason to get him regular checkups. Make 2013 your pet#39;s healthiest year yet.宠物慢慢长大时,也许会出现新的疾病或情况,而你可能没有注意到,所以你需要带它定期做检查。让2013年宠物的身体最健康!Unplug and Cuddle离开电子设备,抱抱宠物吧!You#39;re a gadget addict, and you know it. It#39;s OK; we all are. But this year, make a conscious effort to plug in less and cuddle more. You know how your cat is always making herself comfortable right on your laptop and blocking your view? There#39;s a reason for that: she just wants your attention! So the next time your cat gets between you and your screen, prove that your screen isn#39;t getting between you and your cat. Close your laptop, and give her some snuggle time.你对电子设备上瘾,你也知道。这没什么,我们都是这样的。但是今年,让我们有意识地少用电子设备,多给它们一些拥抱吧。你的猫咪总是舒地坐在你的笔记本上,挡住你的视野。她这样做是有原因的:她想吸引你的注意力!所以下次当你的猫坐在你和屏幕中间时,去明一下给它看:你的屏幕并不能挑拨你和猫咪之间的关系。关上笔记本,给她一些依偎的瞬间吧。Give Him the Brush-Off给它刷牙Make 2013 the year to finally tend to your pet#39;s dental hygiene. Just like your own pearly whites, his teeth need to be brushed too. Not only does poor dental hygiene cause bad breath (what is that, a biscuit from 1982?), but it could also cause more serious problems like oral bacteria and gum disease.让2013年成为注意宠物口腔卫生之年吧。要想让宠物拥有像你那样洁白如珠的牙齿,得给它刷牙才行。不注意口腔卫生不仅会让口气差(是1982年的饼干味吗?),而且还会导致严重的问题,如引起口腔中的细菌和牙龈病。In the new year, get him a pet toothbrush and toothpaste (never human products), and make brushing part of his daily routine or at least two to three times a week. And make an appointment for a checkup with the pet dentist while you#39;re at it!在新的一年里,给它买个宠物牙刷和牙膏(别给它买人用的产品),让它每天都刷牙,或一周至少刷两到三次。还可以和宠物牙医预约,为宠物检查牙齿。Teach an Old Dog New Tricks教它们点新花样If you#39;ve had your dog for a while, then chances are he#39;s grown bored with his daily routine. Spice up his playtime and outdoor runs with a few new tricks. New tricks will stimulate your pooch#39;s brain and make him sharper, better behaved, and more engaged.如果你养已有了一段时间,它很可能已经厌倦了日常的活动。教几个新的把戏,让它在游戏时间和室外的活动时更加活跃。新的把戏会刺激宠物的大脑,让它更聪明、表现地更好、更积极地参与。If you have a new dog or one that just won#39;t behave, then sign up for a local training class. Going through a guided training course together will be quality bonding time, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment and your dog brand-new manners!如果你刚有了一条或你的不懂规矩,你可以在本地报一个培训班。一起去上引导性的培训课程是极好的交流机会,会让你有一种成就感,并让你的爱犬礼仪有加!Give Back向它们伸出援手Any pet owner knows that it feels great to be able to care for a pet, so why not maximize that rewarding feeling by helping homeless animals who may not get regular care?只要养过宠物的人都知道,能够照顾宠物的感觉有多棒。为什么不去帮助那些没有得到照顾的无家可归动物呢?这样会让那种感觉最强。Sign up at your local animal shelter or Humane Society to see how you can volunteer. Lending a hand to animals in need not only brightens their day, but it could also save a life.去当地的动物收容所或动物保护协会注册一下,看看你能帮上什么忙。向陷入困境中的动物伸出援手不仅能够让它们开心,有时甚至还会挽回它们的生命。 /201302/224747成都口腔医院看牙龈出血牙齿松动价格 Former first lady Pat Nixon donned a bright red knee-length coat when she accompanied husband Richard Nixon on his historic trip to China in 1972.美国前第一夫人帕特·尼克松(Pat Nixon)1972年陪同丈夫理查德·尼克松(Richard Nixon)进行历史性访华时,她穿的是一件鲜艳的红色及膝大衣。More than 40 years later, Andrea Catsimatidis, the buxom wife of Nixon’s grandson Christopher Nixon Cox, also wore red─a racy crimson number on a Beijing walkabout Friday.40多年过后,尼克松的外孙克里斯托弗·尼克松·考克斯(Christopher Nixon Cox)携夫人卡齐马蒂迪斯(Andrea Catsimatidis)访问中国。上周五,身材姣好的卡齐马蒂迪斯身着深红色上衣在北京四处游览。Photos of the striking 23 year-old who is visiting China with her husband to commemorate the elder Nixon’s 100th birthday ─ have appeared all over Chinese media, including on the front page of the state-owned China Daily, generating buzz among Chinese social media users and turning Ms. Catsimatidis into somewhat of an Internet sensation.容貌出众、年仅23岁的卡齐马蒂迪斯的照片登上了中国各大媒体的版面,其中包括官方媒体《中国日报》(China Daily)的头版。同时也引来中国社交媒体用户的一片议论,卡齐马蒂迪斯无意间在中国走红网络。卡齐马蒂迪斯此次陪同丈夫来华是为了纪念尼克松总统百岁诞辰。Mr. Cox, 34, is bemused about the buzz, but hasn’t come to grips fully with it yet. “Maybe I should bone up on my Chinese to know what they are saying,” he said in a telephone interview from the eastern city of Hangzhou.中国网民的议论令今年34岁的考克斯感到困惑,他尚未完全理解中国网民在说些什么。在中国东部城市杭州接受记者电话采访时他说,或许我应该抓紧学习中文,好搞清楚他们在说些什么。Perhaps not. While one user of the Twitter-like microblogging service Sina Weibo suggested the duo looked like the bride and groom at their own wedding, others were less restrained. “I admit my mind is in the gutter,” wrote one microblogger. “The first time I looked, all I saw was…”或许不用。虽然一位新浪微用户表示两人看上去就像婚礼上的新郎新娘,其它用户就没有这么含蓄了。一位微用户写道,我承认我的想法有点脏,可是第一次看到照片时,我心里想的全是……The couple have frequently come under public scrutiny in the U.S. Ms. Catsimatidis is the daughter of Gristedes supermarket chain owner John Catsimatidis. They met in 2008 and married in 2011.这对夫妻在美国也经常受到公众关注。卡齐马蒂迪斯是连锁超市Gristedes所有人约翰·卡齐马蒂迪斯(John Catsimatidis)的女儿。两人于2008年相识,2011年结婚。Mr. Cox said the couple is not fazed by reactions in China, and says his wife is enjoying this, her second visit, to the country. “She loves Beijing. People have been very warm and hospitable to her,” he said. “We’re all ambassadors for the U.S.”考克斯说,中国民众的反应并没有令他们难堪。他说他妻子对第二次中国之行非常满意。他说,她喜欢北京,这里的人热情好客,我们都是美国的“大使”。Mr. Cox also said the excitement around his wife hadn’t detracted from the key finding of his trip: that China increasingly wants to engage with the U.S.考克斯也表示,外界因他妻子产生的兴奋并没有令他此行一项重要发现的价值降低:中国日益希望同美国接触。As evidence, he points to the welcome he has received from high-level officials, including a banquet for around 175 people at the Great Hall of the People, where he met with former foreign minister and State Councilor Yang Jiechi.他说自己受到中国高级官员的欢迎就是一个据,其中包括在人民大会堂举行的约有175人参加的宴会。在宴会上他见到了前外交部长、国务委员杨洁篪。Mr. Cox believes the new government led by Xi Jinping wants to take relations with Washington to new heights. “This is part of China’s natural progress to grow on the world stage as an ascending power,” he said. “It’s encouraging.”考克斯相信习近平领导的新一届政府希望将中美关系推向新的高度。他说这是中国作为不断崛起的大国在世界舞台上自然成长的组成部分,这令人鼓舞。Mr. Cox, who has attended many Chinese banquets in the past he’s visited Beijing around 15 times so far─was expecting copious toasts. But President Xi’s antigraft touch was evident in the banquet’s relative absence of alcohol, he noted.考克斯迄今到过北京约15次,也参加过多次中式宴会。他原本以为此次宴会上也会有很多人向他祝酒。但他说,习近平主席的反腐倡议显然很有效果,此次宴会提供的酒水相对较少。“In honor of my grandfather they brought out Moutai,” he said. “The toast was important but they did not emphasize drinking.”他说,为了纪念我的祖父,他们拿出了茅台;敬酒是很重要,但他们并没有强调饮酒。Former President Nixon was fascinated by Moutai a throat-searing grain alcohol that bills itself as China’s national liquor ─ and reportedly went against aides’ advice by partaking in rounds of toasting, including with then Premier Zhou Enlai.美国前总统尼克松非常喜欢茅台。据报道他曾不顾助手阻拦执意多次向中方官员祝酒,其中包括时任中国总理的周恩来。茅台是用粮食酿成的烈酒,被称作中国的国酒。Mr. and Mrs. Cox’s trip is organized by the Nixon Foundation and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. After stops in Beijing and Hangzhou, they and an accompanying delegation of around 40 people will visit Shanghai.考克斯夫妇此行由尼克松基金会(Nixon Foundation)和中国人民对外友好协会组织。在北京和杭州停留之后,他们和一个约40人的代表团还将访问上海。Mr. Cox, a partner at consultancy and investment advisory firm OC Global Partners, LLC, finished third in the 2010 Republican primary for the New York’s 1st congressional district.考克斯是咨询和投资顾问公司OC Global Partners, LLC的合伙人,曾在2010年参加纽约第一国会选区的共和党初选,最终排在第三位。On whether he will run for political office in the future, Mr. Cox said “there might be something down the road.”在谈到未来是否还会竞选政界职位时,考克斯说,有这种可能。International trips, such as this week’s visit to China, and another to Africa last summer with former President Bill Clinton, were helpful in that they offered into insights into foreign policy and governing, he said.他说,国际旅行,比如这周访问中国,以及去年夏天和美国前总统克林顿(Bill Clinton)访问非洲对他很有帮助,因为这能让他更深刻地领悟外交政策和执政理念。To that, we might add protocol, too.除此之外,或许还可以加上外交辞令吧。 /201305/238590成都看口腔哪里最好

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