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Difficulties arise in the lives of us all.生活中困难在所难免What is most important is dealing with the hard times, coping with the changes, and getting through to the other side where the sun is still shining just you.最重要的是要挺过艰难的时刻,积极应对种种变故,冲破黎明前的黑暗,你终会看到只属于自己的灿烂阳光It takes a strong person to deal with tough times and difficult choices. But you are a strong person.只有强者才能勇敢直面困难时刻,做出艰难抉择而你正是这样一位强者It takes courage. But you possess the inner courage to see you through.要有勇气你拥有披荆斩棘的勇气It takes being an active participant in your life. But you are in the driver seat, and you can determine the direction you want tomorrow to go in.你必须在这场游戏人生中积极主动,而且你正在驾驭这场游戏,并决定着自己明天前进的方向Hang in there, and take care to see that you dont lose sight of the one thing that is constant, beautiful, and true 坚持再坚持,别让你的视野迷失了那不变的美好真理:Everything will be fine, and it will turn out that way because of the special kind of person you are.一切都会好转的,因为你是如此的与众不同So...beginning today and lasting a lifetime through;Hang in there, and dont be afraid to feel like the morning sun is shining just you.到生命的终点;;坚持住,不必怀疑,朝阳为你而升起 88四川新桥医院超声波洗牙好不好每个人迟早都会在一些人生重大事情上遇到挫折——无论它是工作、梦想,还是一份感情我相信,被法学院开除使我成了一名更好的法官它确实教我认识了人性的弱点,体会到给予人们第二次机会的必要性但失败也使我懂得,人生之路充满了未知的变数,要充分利用这些变数,你就不能让自己被一次挫折击垮,也不能让别人束缚你的手脚The Day I Flunked out of Law School The dean of the University of Colorado School of Law decided that I couldn’t return to classes next fall because my grades were too low. He said I would never make a lawyer.Even today words cannot describe my upset. I’d never really failed at anything significant.After all, the University of Colorado at Boulder was a Taj Mahal—the door to judicial clerkships and prestigious law firms.But I decided to try again and went to see Clifd Mills, the dean of Westminster College of Law—a poor man’s school with no tenured professors or law review.After ing my college transcript, Dean Mills let me enroll at Westminster, on one condition, that I repeat all my first-year classes, this time paying attention.“I’ll be looking over your shoulder,” he said.One door had closed. But others opened.Given a second chance, I worked much harder, becoming fascinated by the law of evidence.In my second year the professor who taught the course passed away. I was asked to take over—inconceivable at a law school like Boulder.Evidence became a lifelong specialty, and many years I taught classes on the subject judges, law students and practicing lawyers throughout the country. Meanwhile I worked days in the Denver City Attorney’s office as a clerk. It was anything but glamorous. But it led to a job as an assistant city attorney after graduation. I became a county judge at age , one of Denver’s youngest.Later I was elected as a district judge, and then appointed by the President to the federal judiciary as a U.S. district judge.And, ultimately, I did return to Boulder—to receive the University of Colorado’s George Norlin Award, and an honorary doctorate of law.Sooner or later everyone will fall short at something important to them—whether it be a job, a dream or a relationship.Flunking out of law school, I believe, made me a better judge, it certainly taught me about the frailties of the human condition, and about the need to give people second chances. But failure also taught me that life is a road with unpredictable ks and unexpected tomorrows.To take advantage of them, you can’t let yourself be destroyed by a defeat, or let others set the limits on your ability to achieve. 186四川洗牙要多少钱【勿讲中式英语】:我是“一个”中国人 -01-7 19::6 来源: 翻译:我是一个中国人 我的国籍:中国Chinese Style -- I am a Chinese. My Nationality:ChinaAmerican Style -- I am Chinese. My Nationality:Chinese点评:第一句译文是不地道的,正确的说法应该去掉不定冠词,或者说 I am a Chinese man在外国网站上注册时可以看到,选项(不能自己写)里面的国籍就是这么填的比如: Country of birth-出生国家,中国学生填‘P.R.China’ Nationality-国籍,中国籍学生填‘Chinese’ 应该回答的是CHINESE. 因为CHINA只能表明出生地.. 而CHINESE可以说明你是中国人 国人 一个 英语 nbspPurse-lied:愠怒的 -01-7 00:: 来源: a drawstring purse 看到上边这只漂亮的手提袋了吧?别误解,这可不是在打广告,而是提醒您看一眼——袋子拉拢时,袋口线缝处袋子皱巴巴的模样待会儿谈到的purse-lipped(满脸愠怒)可与这“皱褶”有直接关系据说早期英国居民的钱包采用的就是这种线拉式的设计,正是由这个皱皱的“褶边”, purse(小包;小钱袋)可以引申为purse(皱起;皱拢)看下面的例句:She pursed her lips with dislike.(她不高兴地噘着嘴巴)很明显,purse(“噘起”嘴唇)在这里是比喻意,指“某人不高兴;满脸愠怒”似乎不用再多做解释了,如果在阅读外文刊物时,您看到下面一句话——Snyder arrived-purse-lipped, prepared to scold. He scolded, and left, more purse-lipped than bee. ——大概不难理解purse-lipped的含义Purse-lipped在这里是“purse one's lips”相应的形容词形式,指“(因不同意某种观点或做法)而愠怒的、不高兴的”如果下次忘记了purse-lipped的含义,很好办,想一想钱袋子缝合处皱皱的褶边,您会发现,记单词原来不是件难事儿(英语点津陈蓓编辑) purse 高兴 lips 看到成都隐形牙套矫正多少钱

成都市武侯区人民医院治疗地包天隐形矫正怎么样好吗宜宾做口腔医院哪家好Kitty:赌注,头钱 -01-7 00::31 来源: 相信你一定有过这样的经历:和三五个好友围坐着一张小圆桌,每人从钱包里掏出三五块零钱放在桌子旁边,然后手里捧着一把扑克牌,思忖着今天谁能走好运把大家的赌注都赢到手英语中,“赌注”除了常用单词“stake”外,还可用“kitty”来表达千万别惊讶,这里所说的“kitty”和“Hello Kitty”中可爱的“Kitty”猫可没什么联系“kitty”(赌注)指在玩扑克或者其他牌类游戏时所有参与者所出的“赌资”,或者,赌戏结束后大伙儿从赢家手中抽出的、可供赌友们买点心的“头钱”“Kitty”(赌注)最早出现于19世纪,牛津英语字典认为其渊源可追溯到“kidcote”—— 英格兰北部方言“监狱”,其理由依据是,期间赌伴们下的所有“赌注”要被搁置起来,在输赢未定前,被“锁定”的“赌注”(kitty)就好像被关进了“监狱”(prison)更为可能的解释是,“kitty”和“kit”之间有着某种联系“Kit”是18世纪的英国俚语,意思是“一堆东西”或“聚集的东西”,比如,士兵的“行囊、背包”就叫做“kit bag”或者“kit and caboodle”如果您在欣赏影视片段,或者阅读相关文章时,听到、看到kitty,千万要记住它不是“猫咪”而是“赌注”或“头钱”请看下面一个例子:I can hardly believe that guy has won all the kitty from you three!(很难相信那个家伙把你们三个的钱全赢到手了)(实习生张睿 英语点津陈蓓编辑) kitty 或者 Kitty 英语365天交际口语详解(1):信任Part--对话详解及文化洗礼 -- :9:9 来源: 详解实用对话Expressing BeliefAmy:Graham, why are you always on the phone? with Jane?Graham:Because we are partners in our science lab?. Why are you so jealous?Amy:The other night when you came home there was lipstick on your right cheek. How do you explain that?Graham:My aunt Mary just flew in from Cleveland? and she laid? one right on my right cheek.Amy:Are you sure?Graham:Of course I am. I only love you, Amy.Amy:Okay, I’m sorry. I believe you.Graham:Why do you always accuse me like that?Amy:Because you are the most handsome boy at the university and I love you so much! I guess I just go crazy? sometimes. That’s all.Graham:Oh, Amy. I am the luckiest guy in the world.Amy:Why?Graham:Because I am loved by the most beautiful girl in the world!Amy:Oh. Graham. I love you so much and I really believe in our love.表示相信  艾米:格雷厄姆,你为什么总是和简打电话?格雷厄姆:因为我们是科学实验室里的搭档啊你干嘛这么猜忌啊?  艾米:前两天的晚上你回家的时候,你右脸颊上有个口红印,你怎么解释?格雷厄姆:我姑姑玛丽从克利夫兰乘飞机来了,是她在我右脸颊上留的  艾米:你确定?格雷厄姆:我当然确定了我只爱你,艾米  艾米:好吧,对不起我相信你格雷厄姆:你为什么总是那么指责我啊?  艾米:因为你是这所大学最帅的男孩,而我又那么爱你!我想有时侯我只是爱你爱得发疯了,就这些原因格雷厄姆:哦,艾米,我是世界上最幸运的人了  艾米:为什么?格雷厄姆:因为我被世界上最漂亮的女孩爱着啊!艾米:哦,格雷厄姆,我是那么爱你,我真的相信我们的爱情详细解说?“on the phone”意思是“在通电话”?“lab”是“laboratory”的简写形式,意为“实验室”?“Cleveland”指“克利夫兰”:美国俄亥俄州东北部的一座城市,位于伊利湖畔是一个货物进入港和工业中心? 动词“lay”的过去式及过去分词都为“laid”,意思是“贴,靠,放置”,例如:Lay your ear to the door. (把你的耳朵贴在门上)文中“one”指代“口红印”?“go crazy”相当于“go nuts”,意为“发疯”单 词? partner n. 合伙人, 搭档? jealous a. 妒忌的,猜疑的? lipstick n. 口红,唇膏? cheek n. 脸颊? lay v. 贴,靠,放置? accuse v. 谴责 详解 文化 对话 信任彭州市妇幼保健院看儿童口腔牙病牙周炎牙龈炎价格Oil Refining An important new industry, oil refining, grew after the Civil War. Crude oil, or petroleum -- a dark, thick ooze from the earth -- had been known hundreds of years, but little use had ever been made of it. In the 1850's Samuel M. Kier, a manufacturer in western Pennsylvania, began collecting the oil from local seepages and refining it into kerosene. Refining, like smelting, is a process of removing impurities from a raw material. Kerosene was used to light lamps.It was a cheap substitute whale oil,which was becoming harder to get. Soon there was a large demand kerosene. People began to search new supplies of petroleum. The first oil well was drilled by E. L. Drake, a retired railroad conductor. In 1859 he began drilling in Titusville, Pennsylvania. The whole venture seemed so impractical and foolish that onlookers called it "Drake's Folly".But when he had drilled down about 70 feet (1 meters), Drake struck oil. His well began to yield barrels of crude oil a day. News of Drake's success brought oil prospectors to the scene. By the early 1860's these wildcatters were drilling "black gold" all over western Pennsylvania. The boom rivaled the Calinia gold rush of 188 in its excitement and Wild West atmosphere. And it brought far more wealth to the prospectors than any gold rush. Crude oil could be refined into many products. some years kerosene continued to be the principal one. It was sold in grocery stores and door-to-door. In the 1880's refiners learned how to make other petroleum products such as waxes and lubricating oils. Petroleum was not then used to make gasoline or heating oil. 595成都牙医医院

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