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成都最好的假牙多少钱Must Every Little Girl Be the Princess? 每个小姑娘都得是公主吗?Even though women continue to advance in American society, many little girls still get stuck in a world of fairytale princesses and frilly pink dresses. That does not sit well with journalist Peggy Orenstein, who mused about her young daughter obsession with Disney princesses and predilection the color pink in a New York Times Magazine essay.在美国社会,虽然妇女们继续取得进步,可是小姑娘们仍然很容易迷恋于童话里的公主和粉红百褶裙新闻记者佩姬·欧伦史坦不喜欢这种现状,她在纽约时报杂志一篇文章里探讨了她小女儿对迪斯尼童话中公主的迷恋和对粉红色的偏爱She reflects on the overwhelming emphasis on this stereotyped ideal girls in a new book, ;Cinderella Ate My daughter.; Orenstein is at war with what she describes as our hyper-feminized girlie-girl consumer culture.她在一本名为《灰姑娘吃掉了我女儿的新书中,探讨人们为什么那么强调女孩儿这种程序化了的幻想欧伦史坦在跟她所说的过度女性化的娇娇女女孩消费文化开战;What is marketed to girls is this idea of pink and pretty. It fuses the idea of appearance with innocence,she and then presents the interest in appearance as being evidence of their innocence,; she says.她说:“向女孩推销的是这个粉红和可爱的观念,一种天真无邪的样子于是女孩儿们就去追求一种明她们天真的外貌”;But what happening is that girls are emphasizing the way they look more and more. So, were talking about makeup and provocative dresses and all of that kind of things.;“结果是,女孩们越来越看重自己的相貌所以,我们就在谈论化妆和具有挑逗性的饰,诸如此类的东西”;The American Psychological Association put out a report a couple of years ago that said that an early over-emphasis on appearance and play-sexiness can create a vulnerability in girls to the sorts of issues that we as parents worry about such as negative body image, eating disorders, depression and poor sexual choices,; she says.她说:“美国心理学会两三年前公布过一份报告说,早期过分强调相貌和性感容易使女孩在我们家长担心的那种事情上受到了伤害,比如对身体的负面看法、饮食絮乱、忧郁和性行为方面糟糕的选择”;The American Academy of Pediatrics just put out a warning to tis member physicians to be more on guard signs of eating disorders in children under because theyve been on the rise and under diagnosed.;“美国儿科学会刚刚对会员医生发出一个警告,要他们注意岁以下孩子饮食絮乱的现象,因为这种情况有上升趋势,但却很少被诊断出来”When girls define themselves by how they appear to others rather than by how they feel internally, Orenstein says, it sets them up disappointment.欧伦史坦指出,当女孩们以她们在别人眼中相貌如何而不是以他们内心如何感受来定义自己的时候,她们会因为失望而不安At the same time, Orenstein also says parents have the power to raise healthy, self-confident daughters. They can provide positive alternatives that counter the influence of the media to buy certain products and look a certain way.同时,欧伦史坦也认为,家长们是有能力培养出健康、自信的女儿的他们能够提供正面的东西,来反制鼓动人们买某些产品和装扮成某种样子的媒体影响;It not good enough just to say ‘no’ to the things coming at you. You have to find other things that are out there that you can say ‘yes’to, that are fun and joyfully connect your daughter to being a girl, that can broaden and enhance and create options your daughter and how she defines herself as a girl.;她说:“向冲着你来的东西说‘不’是不够的你还得找到你可以说‘是’的东西来,即那些有趣而且能把你的女儿愉快地跟做女孩联系起来的东西,让她有更多更好的选择” 396789四川省美白牙多少钱Google Way to Top谷歌的登顶之路Google is a world-famous company, with its headquarters in Mountain View, Calinia. It was set up in a Silicon Valley garage in 1998, and inflated(膨胀)with the Internet bubble. Even when everything around it collapased the company kept on inflating.Google是世界著名的大公司,总部设在加州的山景城它于1998年成立于硅谷的一个汽车修理厂,并随着网络泡沫迅速成长而不断发展即使是在它周围的公司一个个垮掉时,它仍然在继续发展壮大Google search engine is so wide-sp across the world that search became Google, and google became a verb. The world fell in love with the effective, fascinatingly fast technology.Google的搜索引擎遍及全世界,以至于“搜索”一词变成了Google,而Google变成了一个动词整个世界都为Google这个高效快捷的搜索技术而着迷Google owes much of its success to the brilliance of S. Brin and L. Page, but also to a series of tunate events. It was Page who, at Stand in 1996, initiated the academic project that eventually became Google search engine. Brin, who had met Page at a student orientation a year earlier, joined the project early on.Google的成功在很大的程度上要归功于谢尔盖·布林和拉里·佩奇的才华和一系列幸运事件正是佩奇于1996年在斯坦福大学发起这个最终成为Google搜索引擎的学术项目布林是在早一年的新生见面会中认识佩奇的,并在项目开始不久就加入进来They were both Ph. D candidates when they devised the search engine which was better than the rest and, without any marketing, sp by word mouth from early adopters to, eventually, your grandmother.当初设计这个搜索引擎时,他们俩个都是计算机士学位申请人而其搜索引擎没有经过任何市场推广却经大家的口口相传从早期的使用者最终传播开来Their breakthrough, simply put, was that when their search engine crawled the Web, it did more than just look word matches; it also tallied(统计)and ranked a host of other critical factors like how websites link to one another. That delivered far better results than anything else.简单地说,他们的突破在于:当他们的搜索引擎在网上搜索时,不仅仅是寻找相匹配的词语,它还会对许多其他关键因素进行统计和分级,例如,如何将网络彼此连接起来这样所呈现的结果要远远优于其他搜索引擎Brin and Page meant to name their creation Googol(the mathematical term the number 1 followed by 0 zeroes), but someone misspelled the word so it suck as Google. They raised money from prescient(有先见之明的)professors and venture capitalists, and moved off campus to turn Google into business.布林和佩奇本来打算把他们的搜索引擎命名为Google(数学术语:1 后面有0个零),但是人们误拼成了Google他们从有先见之明的教授和富有冒险精神的资本家那里筹集资金,将谷歌搬出校园转换成商业运营他们试图向其他搜索引擎公司出售他们的技术,但是没有一家能付他们提出的价格,于是他们自己成立了一个搜索引擎公司,也许早在这时幸运之神就开始降临Perhaps their biggest stroke of luck came early on when they tried to sell their technology to other search engines, but no one met their price, and they built it up on their own.他们试图向其他搜索引擎公司出售他们的技术,但是没有一家能付他们提出的价格,于是他们自己成立了一个搜索引擎公司,也许早在这时幸运之神就开始降临 3968The next morningLily:Morning, Mom. [coughs and sniffles]Mom:I made1 a doctor appointment you.Lily:No, Im fine. I dont need to see a doctor.Mom:Then I guess youre healthy enough to clean your room bee school.Lily:OK. Ill go see the doctor.Mom:Bundle3 up. It wet and rainy out there. Here some soup.Lily:Chicken soup again?Mom:Soup does the body good, sweetie. It what you need when youre under the weather.参考译文:隔天早上莉莉:妈,早安(咳嗽、吸鼻涕)妈妈:我帮你跟医生挂号了莉莉:不要,我很好我不需要看医生妈妈:那我想你已经健康到可以先清一清房间再去上学莉莉:好啦我会去看医生妈妈:多穿一点衣外面很潮湿,又在下雨这里有些汤莉莉:又是鸡汤?妈妈:亲爱的,汤对身体很好身体不舒时,最需要这个重点词汇:sniffle (v.)吸鼻子A: You sound so sick!你听起来病恹恹的!B: I have been sniffling all day.我一整天都在擤鼻子make a doctor appointment跟医生挂号Id like to make a doctors appointment.我想跟医生挂号Bundle up.穿多一点穿暖和一点Let bundle up, go out, and play in the snow!咱们穿暖和点,到外面去玩雪!something does the body good(某样东西)对身体好Stinky tofu really does the body good!臭豆腐对身体很好!under the weather身体不适A: You must really be under the weather.你一定是生病了B: I feel terrible5.我觉得很不舒 3650乐山拔牙多少钱

四川成都新桥口腔医院治疗牙列不齐双颌前突怎么样好吗眉山市妇幼保健院治疗地包天隐形矫正怎么样好吗Now you can own Tom Cruise The actor's likeness and other wax celebrities are up sale in CaliniaIf this were a party it would put the Oscars to shame, but, it's not, it's a warehouse in Newberry Park and these movers and shakers are neither moving nor shaking."Their heads of course are all made of wax," which makes sense when you realize these all mer headliners at the Hollywood Wax Museum. Over the years, as the museum fills up with new waxy celebrities. The old stars start piling up in storage.I want to share who's standing behind me of course, Micheal Jordan, Steven Seagal, Elizabeth Taylor, it goes on and on.But their storage room doesn't go on and on, so the folks at the wax museum are more or less holding a celebrity auction, only this time, you get to keep the celebrities, some of whom go back decades; just take a look at Kareem Abdul-Jabber's short shorts evidence. -The Hollywood Wax Museum opened in 1965 on Hollywood Boulevard, so a couple of the figures like Muhammad Ali,and Sammy Davis Jr. were made by high sky chief, one of our original sculptors in the 60s.-More than 0 of these wax figures are hitting the auction block, stars like Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt and John Travolta. These are guys who get million dollars film, and they could be yours just a fraction of that. What's up, Tom?-They are gonna start at about a thousand dollars an individual, as a group they'll probably start at about 8,000 dollars.Yep, unlike Yoko Ono , the auctioneers are not going to break up the Beatles, Ben Hossamp;Little Joe also come as a match set. And here is the beauty of it, these celebrities don't need to be pampered.-They're quite adorable ,you know , in fairly heated condition as well as cold conditions, dusting them making sure that they don't get nicked or cracked are the main ways to take care of them.With that kind of ease of use, you too can be a Hollywood handler, and be able to wax nostalgic from the comt of your own homeIn Newbury Park, Rob Hayes, A seven, Eye Witness News. 8Voice 1: But the other kind of perfectionist describes someone with a real problem. We may call them extreme perfectionists. These kinds of perfectionists cannot accept any kind of mistakes. They set impossible goals themselves. And, they can feel useless when they do not meet these goals. Doctor Rachel Naomi Remen was one of these people. She is now a recovering perfectionist. She said that she was never satisfied with what she did. It was just never good enough! Her expectations herself and others were just too high. She said,声音1:但是完美主义者还可以形容有问题的人我们称这些人为“极端完美主义者”这类完美主义者不能接受任何错误他们会为自己设定不可能实现的目标在达不到自己设定的目标时,他们就会感觉自己很没用瑞雀·娜欧米·雷门医生就是这类人现在她是一名“恢复正常的完美主义者”她说,以前她对自己做的事情从不满足做的永远都不够好!她对自己和其他人的期望太高了她说,Voice 3: I am a recovering perfectionist. Bee I began recovering, whatever I did was never good enough. It was the same people around me. I sat in judgment on life itself. Perfectionism is the belief that life is broken.声音3:“我是一名恢复正常的完美主义者在我恢复正常以前,无论我做什么我都觉得做得不够好我对我身边的人也是这种看法我坐在审判台上审判生活完美主义认为生活是破碎的”译文属 97新津县妇幼保健院烤瓷牙全瓷牙瓷嵌体多少钱Cellphone translator 手机翻译 Cellphone software provides bidirectional audio translation between English and Chinese Welcome to JaJah Paypal to translate m English to Chinese, press 1 to translate from Chinese to English, press …And it's really that simple--using your cell phone and software fittingly called Baybal from a Silicon Valley company called Jajah to translate your English phrases "please tame me to my hotel"into Chinese. Jajah CEO Trevor Healey showed us how dialing one number can make your Olympic trip to Beijing more talkative. The combination of three technologies, voice over IP technology,real time translation technology, and then voice recognition technology. It's not perfect yet, but it's new and enventually this--becomes of this. "I am sorry I have no watch" I spoke this morning to, actually one of the Irish athletes who said that taxi drivers in Beijing don't understand the Olympic Village.So it certainly immediately needed the market.And all you need is your cellphone to make the world a smaller place one conversation at a time.Skut Budman From N News. 参考中文翻译:手机软件提供英语汉语双向翻译功能欢迎来到JaJah Paypal,1从英语翻译到汉语,……这的确很简单——适合的应用你的手机和软件致电硅谷名为Jajah的公司,将英语短语“please tame me to my hotel”翻译成汉语JajahCEO向我们演示了怎样拨打一个号码就可以让你在奥运旅途中更健谈主要依赖于加载IP的语音技术,实时翻译技术和语音识别技术三项技术的结合现在该技术还不完美,但这是一项新技术,最终会向完美方向发展“I am sorry I have no watch”今天早上我对一个爱尔兰运动员说了这句话,他曾说北京的出租车司机不明白Olympic Village是什么意思所以,该技术存在广泛的市场你只要有手机就可以在谈话中让世界变得更小 57566成都牙科门诊哪家好

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