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高新区妇幼保健院治疗烤瓷牙牙齿治疗种植牙多少钱成都牙齿正畸拖槽多少钱Fallen gingko nuts that stink of vomit have provoked articles and editorials in South Korean newspapers as officials in the countrys capital grapple with how to get rid of them, it appears.最近韩国报纸上出现了不少关注掉落的银杏果臭气熏天的文章和社论,貌似韩国首都首尔的政府部门终于打算出手解决银杏果臭味扰民的问题。The gingko tree is famous for its spectacular yellow leaves in autumn which become a tourist attraction in some districts. The problem is that while Seouls thousands of gingko trees produce nutritious nuts that are tasty when cooked, acid in the husks produces a smell thats offensive to the noses of local residents, the Korea JoongAng Daily reports. With over 114,000 gingko trees in the city, one-in-10 being female trees which produce the nuts, the smell can be overpowering in the autumn months. The problem is made worse by the fact that the trees are city property, and picking the fallen fruit is theft, meaning they are left to rot in the streets, the Korea Herald says.银杏树因在秋天身披金黄叶片的景致而闻名,这成了某些地区吸引游客的亮丽风景。据韩国《中央日报》(JoongAng Daily)报道,首尔市内有数以千计的银杏树,结出的银杏果营养丰富,煮后食用相当美味。然而,银杏果的果壳中含有的酸散发的恶臭令市民苦不堪言。鉴于首尔街头有11.4万多棵银杏树,其/10为能够结果的雌树,到了秋天,恶臭难忍。《韩国先驱报》(Korea Herald)称,首尔的银杏树是城市公共财产,捡拾掉落的银杏果属于盗窃,因此市民只能任凭掉落的果实烂在街上,这使情况变得更糟。One solution to the problem is to transplant the female trees elsewhere, and this operation - starting in November - will cost up to 25bn won, and will initially concentrate on bus stops and areas where people congregate. However, the Herald argues, it would be better - and cheaper - for the no-picking law to be lifted so that ;the public will appreciate a chance to gather some berries... since they are prized delicacies of the season.; As it is, the city employs 446 people to shake the trees and collect the nuts before they start to smell.解决方案之一是将雌银杏树移栽到其他地方。该工程将于11月启动,耗资50亿韩元(约合1.4亿人民币),并先集中处理公交车站等人群聚集处的银杏树。不过,《韩国先驱报》辩称,更有效也更经济的方案是取消严禁私自捡拾银杏果的规定。如此一来,“市民将感激政府给予了捡银杏果的机会,因为银杏果是美味的时馐。”目前,首尔政府聘用46人负责在果实未散发出臭味前摇动果树,收集银杏果。Its an issue thats not unique to Seoul. Last year, Japanese officials handed out nuts to residents, but admitted that the smell is the price to pay for such a beautiful autumnal display. Kim Bong-ho of the University of Seoul agrees: ;Ecologically, nutritious fruits tend to smell bad,; Kim said.银杏果臭味扰民的问题并非首尔独有。去年,日本政府官员向市民分发银杏果,却也承认,这种臭味是收获如此美不胜收的秋景所必须付出的代价。首尔大学的金奉镐(Kim Bong-ho)同意这一说法,金奉镐表示:“从生态学角度讲,营养丰富的果实往往气味难闻。”来 /201510/403541成都中医药大学附属医院看前牙后牙种植牙怎么样好吗 A new attributed to the Islamic State is warning of a Paris-style attack on Washington.一个ISIS组织发布的新视频警告说,将要对华盛顿实施对巴黎那样的袭击。The , appearing on social media Monday, threatened all countries involved in military operations against the militant group, saying they will suffer the same fate as France.这则星期一出现在社交媒体上的视频威胁所有参与打击ISIS组织的国家说,它们也会遭遇法国一样的命运。The person speaking in the specifically singled out the U.S. capital city. ;To all the countries that participated in the crusader campaign in a day soon or later, they all will face a day just like what France faced,; the person in the said. ;Now we demolished France in their own backyard in Paris, we swear by the order of God we will destroy America in their own heart in Washington.;在视频中说话的人特别指出了美国首郀?他说,“所有参加十字军战役的国家们,迟早有一天将面临与法国一样的日子……现在我们在法国自己的后院巴黎捣毁了他们,我们以神的旨意发誓将在美国的心脏华盛顿摧毁美国。”VOA cannot independently verify the authenticity of the . The FBI Monday maintained ;there is no specific or credible threat to the ed States.;美国之音目前不能实这则视频的真实性。美国联邦调查局周一依旧表示,“没有明确或可信的针对美国的威胁”。来 /201511/410672Ukraine was bracing itself for more upheaval on Sunday after its two easternmost regions held referendums on self-rule that some fear could presage a break-up of the country.周日,乌克兰最东边的两个地区举行了自治公投,这将使乌克兰动荡局势加剧。一些人担心,这可能预示着乌克兰即将分裂。Separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk held the vote despite a call from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for a delay to allow time for talks with Kiev. The Ukrainian government appealed for a boycott, saying secession would lead to economic chaos.尽管俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)呼吁推迟公投,为与乌克兰政府的会谈留出时间,但顿涅茨克州和卢甘斯克的分裂分子还是如期举行了公投。乌克兰政府呼吁抵制公投,称分裂将引发经济混乱。Analysts said the political and business elite of eastern Ukraine would use the results of the vote to demand greater autonomy, their ultimate aim being a loose federal structure that devolves maximum power to the regions.分析人士表示,乌克兰东部地区政商两界的精英将利用此次公投的结果,要求扩大自治权,他们的最终目标是建立一个宽泛的联邦结构,将权力尽可能多的移交给这些地区。But others think that the two regions could break away from Kiev’s rule, turning into an independent but Moscow-backed statelet similar to Transnistria, which seceded from Moldova in the early 1990s.但还有一些分析人士认为,这两个地区可能会摆脱乌克兰政府的统治,变成类似于德涅斯特河沿岸共和国那样的独立但得到俄罗斯持的小国。德涅斯特河沿岸共和国于上世0年代初脱离尔多瓦。Voters were asked whether they endorsed Donetsk and Luhansk’s declaration of self-rule. An official tally was not expected until Monday evening, but anecdotal reports from polling stations suggested a large majority in favour.选民们被问到他们是否持顿涅茨克州和卢甘斯克的独立声明。预计官方结果将在当地时间周一晚间公布,但来自投票站的坊间报告显示,大部分选民持独立。来 /201405/296873绵竹市人民医院超声波洗牙好不好

成都治疗全瓷牙费用China’s crude oil imports rose above 7m barrels per day for the first time in December, reaching record levels as plunging international prices allowed the world’s largest importer to fill strategic and commercial reserves.中国去年12月的原油进口量首次突破每00万桶,达到创纪录水平,全球最大石油进口国借国际油价大幅下降之机充实战略和商业储备。International crude prices are near six-year lows, revisiting levels last seen in the wake of the global financial crisis. While price controls over transport fuels limit the boost to the Chinese economy, the drop has presented an unusual opportunity for China to increase reserves of crude oil at relatively little cost.国际原油价格目前接近6年低点,回落至全球金融危机之后跌入的低谷。尽管针对运输燃料的价格管制限制了中国经济得到的提振效果,但油价下跌带来了不寻常的机会,让中国以相对较小的代价增加原油储备。China imported 7.15m bpd in December, bringing its full-year crude imports to a record 308m tonnes, up nearly 10 per cent on the year. Some of that additional demand reflects economic growth and new refineries coming on line but most is probably going into tank farms, say market watchers.12月,中国的石油进口量达到每日715万桶,使全年原油进口量达到创纪录.08亿吨,同比增长近10%。市场观察人士表示,一部分新增需求反映了经济增长和新的炼油厂陆续投产,但大部分额外进口很可能进入了储备基地的油罐。Over the course of 2014 Chinese crude imports averaged 6.2m b/d, up 530,000 b/d or 9.6 per cent on 2013, when the growth rate was 5 per cent.2014年期间,中国原油进口量平均为每日620万桶,比2013年日进口量增3万桶,增.6%013年的同比增幅%)。China is the world’s biggest oil importer and its strategic reserve programme has long been a matter of conjecture, although the country has pledged greater transparency over its stock builds.中国是世界最大的石油进口国,其战略石油储备计划一直是外界猜测对象,尽管中国已承诺提高有关储备量的透明度。In November, Beijing announced for the first time the status of the first phase of commercial storage facilities, but the pace at which the second and third phases are being completed and filled was not announced.去年11月,北京方面首次公布国家石油储备一期工程的情况,但没有说明二期和三期工程的建设或注油进度。New commercial storage facilities plus an estimated 101m barrels of new strategic petroleum reserves (SPR) operated by the three state oil companies will lift China’s crude demand by about 150,000 b/d in 2015, according to Argus Media estimates. In 2014, China is reckoned to have added 100m barrels to its stockpiles.根据能源数据公司阿格斯传Argus Media)的估计,新建的商业储备设施,加上三家国有石油公司运行的估.01亿桶的新建战略石油储SPR),将015年中国原油需求提升大约每5万桶。据估计014年期间中国增加了1亿桶石油储备。Analysts had expected a jump in December crude imports because Chinese buying accelerated in October as the oil price rout gathered pace.分析师此前就预计12月份原油进口量会大幅增长,因为随着油价崩盘提速,中方0月份加快了购买步伐。Chinaoil, the trading arm of China National Petroleum Corporation, went on a huge buying spree, snapping up millions of barrels of Middle East crude as global oil prices slumped.中国石油天然气集团公CNPC)下属的贸易公司——中联油(Chinaoil)掀起一股购买狂潮,趁着全球油价暴跌,大举买入数以百万桶计的中东原油。It bought more than 20m barrels of Dubai, Oman and Upper Zakum grades many of them from Unipec, the subsidiary of Chinese state oil company Sinopec. Most of these cargoes arrived in December.该公司买000余万桶迪Dubai)、阿Oman)和上扎库Upper Zakum)的原油,其中有很多货来自中国国有石油公司中石Sinopec)的子公司联合石化(Unipec)。大部分货物已在12月交付。“The increase in December imports is also mirrored in the number of very large crude carriers heading to China, which picked up sharply from end-September, averaging a record high 76 in November,said Amrita Sen, chief oil analyst at Energy Aspects, a consultancy.2月进口量的增加也反映在开往中国的超大型油轮的数量上,这个数字从9月底开始大幅上升,1月达到平6艘的新高,”咨询机构Energy Aspects的首席石油分析师阿姆里塔#8226;Amrita Sen)表示。Chinese import data can be “lumpyon a monthly basis but tend to rise more smoothly on a quarterly basis, cautions Thomas Hilboldt, Asian oil and gas analyst with HS in Hong Kong. “Will the January numbers be as shockingly headline-generating? The probability is not. You have to absorb it at some point.”汇HS)常驻香港的亚洲石油和天然气分析师托马#8226;希尔伯特(Thomas Hilboldt)告诫称,中国的月度进口数据可能比较波动,但季度数据往往显示出比较平稳的上升态势。月份的数据会同样令人吃惊、成为头条新闻吗?从概率来看不会这样。你总得在某个时候消化掉那么多石油。”来 /201501/354491成都口腔医院洗牙费用贵不贵 Russian President Vladimir Putin waves as he leaves a Ukrainian crisis peace summit in Minsk, Belarus. After hours of talks, Russia and Ukraine reached a deal for a cease-fire in eastern Ukraine.俄罗斯总统普京在离开白俄罗斯明斯克市的乌克兰危机和平峰会时挥手。一个小时的会谈之后,俄罗斯和乌克兰在乌克兰东部达成停火交易。A new cease-fire is set to begin Sunday in eastern Ukraine, in a deal after 16 hours of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. The leaders of France and Germany helped broker the deal, which calls for a buffer zone free of heavy weapons. News of the temporary peace emerged along with a new international aid plan for Ukraine.在历6个小时的俄乌和平谈判之后,俄乌双方达成一项交易,该交易使乌克兰东部于周日实现新一轮停火。法德领导人帮助安排这次交易,该交易要求设立一个无重武器的缓冲地带。临时和平的消息还伴随一项新的援助乌克兰的国际计划。As has been the case in Ukraines nearly yearlong conflict with separatists, the new arrangement established by Russias President Vladimir Putin and Ukraines President Petro Poroshenko leaves some important issues unresolved.由于乌克兰和分裂分子有将近一年的冲突,所以由俄总统普京和乌克兰总统普罗申科缔结的新约定中还是遗留了一些重要的问题未解决。NPRs Corey Flintoff brings us these details that emerged from the talks in Minsk:NPR的科釷弗林托夫从明斯克为我们带回这次会谈的一些细节:;The immediate issues in these talks were stopping the fighting, establishing a security zone between the two sides, and pulling their heavy weapons out of each others range. The long-term issues are whether Ukraine will officially recognize the areas where separatists have declared independence, and give those regions power in the central government.;会谈的当务之急是停止战斗,在冲突双方之间建立一个安全区,把重武器拖出双方射程之外。长期问题是乌克兰官方会不会要求分裂分子已经宣布独立的地区,会不会在中央政府里给予那些地区权力。German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande acknowledged that more work remains to be done, even as they celebrated the temporary peace deal.德国总理默克尔和法国总统奥朗德甚至在庆祝这次临时的和平交易之时,也是清楚还有很多工作要做的;This is a relief for Europe and a fine example of what France and Germany can do for peace,; Hollande said.奥朗德说:“这个(结果)可以宽慰欧洲了。同时也为法德能为和平做什么树立了一个范例。;We have now a glimmer of hope,; Merkel said, adding, ;I have no illusions, we have no illusions.;默克尔则继续说:“我们现在有一缕希望之光。我没有幻想。我们也没有幻想。”The cease-fire, which would begin after midnight Saturday night, does not resolve the status of a transport hub called Debaltseve, which sits between two cities controlled by the separatists.这次停火于周六午夜时分开始,不会解决被称作“Debaltseve;的转运中枢的状态。这个转运中枢位于两座被分裂分子控制的城市之间。After a recent burst of fighting, insurgents and Russia are calling for the Ukrainian troops in the city to surrender, saying theyre surrounded. Ukraine doesnt see it that way.在最近一次冲突爆发之后,叛乱者——和俄罗斯——要该城的乌克兰军队投降,并称他们已经被包围了。不过乌克兰不这么看待这个问题。The apparent breakthrough comes as Ukraine, faced with a Russian-backed insurgency and a deep recession, has agreed to preliminary terms on an aid package that would bring some billion to bolster its economy. That effort was led by the International Monetary Fund, which will contribute nearly half of the money in what would be a four-year deal.目前的突破是由于乌克兰面对俄罗斯持的叛变和一轮强烈的经济衰退,已经同意初步的包含一揽子援助协议的条款。该援助将会为经济带来大00亿美元的持。这份成就要归功于国际货币基金组织,因为它要为这份四年的交易贡献一半的钱。来 /201502/359816彭山县人民医院口腔美容科

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