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2018年11月21日 21:41:03 | 作者:QQ报 | 来源:新华社
These days, nearly every movie that hits the multiplex is a modernized version of some previously existing feature film. (Hollywood may not call it a straight up remake, but that#39;s not really their style.) But is the trend to rehash old films all that new? A closer look at history reveals... not really.这些天,几乎每一部轰动影院的电影都是一些先前已有的故事片的现代化版本。(好莱坞可能不会称之为重拍,但这不是他们的风格。)但是这一趋势势必将所有的老电影都翻新?仔细看看历史所揭示的…不一定的。Since the drawn of cinema, producers have been going back to old ideas for inspiration, twisting the plots of movies into brand new ones. With major brands being repurposed time and time again (a move that#39;s kept the horror genre alive for the past decade) and the window of time necessary to let the original stew dwindling (we#39;re looking at you Spider-Man!), the remakes that flood theaters are obvious callbacks. The ;remake; aspect is can even be part of the appeal — ;See BLANK, now new and improved with 21st century technology!;自从电影院产生,制片人一直在回到旧片寻找灵感,改编情节使其成为全新的电影。随着主要名片一次又一次地翻拍(在过去十年里此举一直使得恐怖题材鲜活如初)和所需的时间空隙让原版的担忧减少(我们在期盼着你,蜘蛛侠!),那些涌入影院的翻拍是明显的召唤。“翻拍”部分甚至可以成为部分的吸引力——“看看空白,现在21世纪的技术都是全新和改进的!”That said, there are plenty of remakes that don#39;t wear their source material on their sleeves. The reasons are a plenty: maybe their roots are half a century old, from overseas, or weren#39;t terribly good to begin with. Knowing that it#39;s time to embrace the ;remake; in a positive light, Hollywood.com took a look back at some of the lesser known redos in a gallery we like to call...那就是说,很多翻拍作品都不会全部遵循原来的剧本。原因很多:也许他们根植于半个世纪之前的历史,来自海外,或不太好的开始。知道现在是时候以积极之态拥抱“翻拍之作”了,好莱坞网站在一个我们喜欢回忆的图库中回顾了一些不太知名的重拍作品…… /201211/207141China is putting the heat on foreign auto makers.中国正在对外国汽车制造商施压。On Wednesday, Volkswagen said it would recall more than 380,000 vehicles following a critical report from China#39;s powerful state-run television broadcaster last week alleging problems with the transmissions in some of its most popular models. A VW spokesman said it was too early to estimate costs, though some analysts said the recall could run as high as 8 million.周三,大众汽车(Volkswagen )宣布,它将召回逾38万辆汽车。此前中国影响力很大且具有官方背景的一家电视台上周报道,大众汽车生产的部分最受欢迎的车型存在变速箱问题。大众汽车发言人说,现在估计成本还为时过早。但一些分析师表示,此次召回的成本可能高达6.18亿美元。China Central Television this week broadcast separate complaints claiming luxury autos made by BMW , Audi and Daimler reduced cabin noise and absorbed vibration with materials it said emitted fumes that were harmful to consumer health. CCTV#39;s reports cited test results conducted by Beijing University of Chemical Technology that showed traces of asphalt.中国中央电视台(CCTV)这周另外又播出了多位消费者的投诉,称宝马汽车公司(BMW )、奥迪(Audi)和戴姆勒公司(Daimler )生产的豪华汽车所使用的降噪减震阻尼片会散发出对消费者健康有害的异味。央视的报道引用了北京化工大学(Beijing University of Chemical Technology)的检测结果,结果显示这种材料含沥青残余。The state-owned broadcaster kept up the drumbeat on Wednesday, parking a reporter outside a Mercedes-Benz auto facility in Beijing. #39;We will wait outside the company until they have a sincere attitude,#39; she told viewers.央视周三继续跟进,派出一位记者守候在梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)北京工厂的门外。这位记者告诉观众:我们将在该公司门外等候,直到他们展现出真诚的态度。A spokesman for Daimler, which owns the Mercedes-Benz brand, said it immediately began a probe in the matter, but defended its China-made cars saying they use only imported damping materials that comply with regulations world-wide.拥有梅赛德斯-奔驰品牌的戴姆勒公司发言人说,该公司立即对此事展开了调查。但这位发言人仍然对该公司在中国生产的汽车辩护,称他们只使用符合全球监管规定的进口阻尼片。BMW and Audi, which is owned by Volkswagen, said they launched their own probes following the complaints. BMW said it applies uniform standards to its auto production world-wide. An Audi spokesman said a laboratory test on Wednesday found no emissions that would impact health.宝马和大众汽车旗下的奥迪称,在接到投诉之后他们已经展开了各自的调查。宝马公司表示,其全球范围内的汽车生产都适用统一标准。奥迪的一位发言人表示,周三进行的实验室检测没有发现会影响驾车人健康的排放物。The broadcasts were tied to an annual consumer rights day on Friday that has become a major event in China and has been used to target foreign brands ranging from Apple Inc. to McDonald#39;s Corp. in ways that reflect government policy. CCTV hasn#39;t only broadcast reports on foreign brands; this year it also took issue with autos made by domestic manufacturer, Jianghuai Automobile Co.上述节目均同上周五的国际消费者权益日有关。央视在这一天播出的晚会已经成为中国国内关注的主要事件。晚会针对的国外品牌从苹果(Apple Inc.)到麦当劳(McDonald#39;s Corp.),不一而足。其批评的方式反映的是政府政策。央视不仅播出针对国外品牌的报道,今年它也瞄准了国内汽车制造商江淮汽车(Jianghuai Automobile Co.)的产品。The focus on cars comes amid signs of frustration from Chinese officials over the dominance in the world#39;s largest auto market of foreign brands, which enjoy a reputation for quality here.官方媒体关注汽车质量的同时,有迹象表明中国官员对国外品牌在中国这一全球最大的汽车市场占据主导地位感到不悦。在中国,国外汽车品牌享有质量好的声誉。In December, amid a new government push for austerity amid rising concerns over official corruption, China#39;s president and new Communist Party top official Xi Jinping told government officials to use homegrown auto brands, noting, #39;officials in foreign countries mostly use cars produced by their own countries unless they don#39;t have production,#39; according to official media.去年12月,中共新一代领导人在外界对官员腐败问题的担忧不断升级的背景下主张厉行节约。据官方媒体报道,中国国家主席兼中共中央总书记习近平要求政府官员坐自主品牌轿车。他说,很多外国领导人都坐自己国家生产的车,除非没有生产。In January, Chinese industry officials renewed calls to consolidate China#39;s diffuse auto industry to create three to five major competitors and develop homegrown brands for Chinese drivers.今年1月,中国业内官员再次呼吁对中国分散的汽车产业进行整合,培育三到五家有竞争力的主要汽车厂商,并为中国车主研发自主品牌轿车。#39;There is a lot of resentment of the fact that the Chinese cannot compete with foreign auto makers,#39; said Greg Anderson, chief executive of political risk and business strategy consultancy Pacific Rim Advisors, and author of a recent book on China#39;s auto industry. #39;Foreigners have to be perfect or else the Chinese media is y to pounce,#39; he added.政治风险和商业战略咨询公司Pacific Rim Advisors的首席执行长安德森(Greg Anderson)说,很多人对中国车企无法同外国汽车制造商竞争的事实存有不满。外国汽车品牌最好做到完美无瑕,否则中国媒体随时准备调查报道。安德森最近出版了一本有关中国汽车业的新书。McKinsey amp; Co. partner Axel Krieger said global auto makers should take the increased scrutiny by authorities as a sign of Beijing#39;s wishes. #39;Foreign auto makers need to be a bit more thoughtful about how they can contribute to China,#39; he said. #39;It#39;s not just about companies making profit. It#39;s about industrial policy─about helping China build its automobile industry.#39;麦肯锡公司(McKinsey amp; Co.)合伙人柯明逸(Axel Krieger)说,全球汽车制造商应该将中国有关部门日益加大的审查力度视作北京就自己的愿望发出的一个信号。他说,对于自己能给中国带来什么贡献的问题,外国汽车制造商应该考虑地更周全一些。它们想的不该仅仅是如何赚取利润,还应该关心产业政策,即如何帮助中国建立其汽车产业。More than 15.5 million cars were sold in China last year, up 7% from the year before. Foreign brands accounted for 70% of sales, with Volkswagen and General Motors Co. GM +3.91% nameplates among the top-selling brands. The government has set a goal of boosting domestic-brands#39; market share to 40% by 2015.去年中国市场上共售出了超过1,550万辆汽车,较上一年增长了7%。外国品牌占中国国内汽车销量的70%,其中大众和通用汽车公司(General Motors Co.)属最畅销品牌行列。中国政府设定了目标,欲到2015年将本土品牌的市场份额增至40%。But only Japanese brands have disclosed weaker year-over-year sales than the domestic brands in recent months as a territorial dispute between Beijing and Tokyo soured consumers on Japanese cars and prompted some potential buyers to fear their cars could be vandalized or they could be harassed or even attacked.这几个月来,只有日本品牌的同比销量增速弱于中国国产品牌,原因是中日领土争端让中国消费者对日本车感到不快,也令一些潜在买家担心,怕买了日系车后遭破坏,或受到骚扰甚至攻击。Many of China#39;s auto makers have seen strong profit and sales gains, but that is due in large part to joint ventures with foreign-based companies like GM and VW. China#39;s largest auto maker SAIC Motor Corp., 600104.SH +4.03% which has manufacturing ventures with GM and VW, posted a 12.4% year on year sales gain to 4.14 million vehicles in the first 11 months of last year.中国国内的很多汽车制造商利润和销售收入都很强劲,但这在很大程度上要归功于那些与通用汽车和大众等外国厂商建立的合资企业。分别与通用和大众合资的中国最大汽车生产商上海汽车集团股份有限公司(SAIC Motor Corp.)去年前11个月销售了414万辆汽车,同比增加12.4%。China is the largest market for the Volkswagen, with around one in five vehicles sold in the country belonging to the German auto maker. In 2012, the company reached sales of 2.2 million vehicles last year, up 24.8%. Globally it sold around 9.3 million vehicles in the same period. Operating profit at its two Chinese joint ventures jumped 42% last year.中国是大众的最大市场,这里卖出的每五辆车中就约有一辆为这个德国汽车厂商制造。2012年,大众在华汽车销量达到220万辆,增加了24.8%。同期,该公司在全球售出了约930万辆。大众的两家在华合资企业去年运营利润大增42%。Volkswagen this month said it plans to nearly double its annual manufacturing capacity in China, aly its largest market, in the next five years to 4 million vehicles. It has said its two Chinese joint ventures would spend nearly billion through 2015 on production and technology expansion. Its robust sales in the country and other emerging markets have helped it largely escape the brunt of Europe#39;s shrinking auto market.大众本月说,打算在未来五年将该公司的在华年产能增加约一倍,达到400万辆。中国目前已是大众的最大市场。大众说,旗下的两家中国合资企业到2015年将在生产和技术扩张方面出近130亿美元。由于中国和其它新兴市场的强劲销售业绩,大众基本上没有受到欧洲汽车市场萎缩的冲击。Volkswagen on Wednesday said it would recall 384,181 vehicles with seven-speed double-clutch transmissions beginning on April 2. Spokesman Christoph Ludewig said the recall would involve changing the electronics in the control unit of the transmissions of recalled cars. John Zeng, a director at LMC Automotive Consulting (Shanghai), estimates such replacement work would cost between 3,000 (about 0) yuan and 10,000 yuan a vehicle.大众周三说,将从4月2日起召回384,181辆配备七速双离合变速箱的车辆。发言人路德维希(Christoph Ludewig)说,将更换召回车辆的变速箱机电单元。据艾尔西汽车市场咨询(上海)有限公司(LMC Automotive Consulting (Shanghai))总监曾志凌估计,这类更换费用每辆车大概在人民币3,000元至10,000元之间。For the other German brands, CCTV cited tests on damping materials in six models, including the Mercedes-Benz C series, E series, BMW 3 series, BMW 5 series, Audi A6 and Audi Q5. One Mercedes-Benz owner named Jin told CCTV that a pungent odor in the car led him to suffer from dizziness, stinging eyes and a sore throat.央视还提到,对梅赛德斯-奔驰C级和E级轿车、宝马3系和5系、奥迪A6和Q5等其它德国品牌旗下六种车型的阻尼材料进行了测试。一位金姓奔驰车主对央视记者说,车内刺鼻的气味让他举得头晕,眼睛刺痛,嗓子也疼。Still, analysts said it could take much more than the broadcasts to hurt the reputation of foreign brands in China.尽管如此,分析师仍说,这些报道远不足以伤害外国品牌在中国的声誉。#39;In spite of growing complaints about Volkswagen#39;s gear boxes, it is still the largest passenger car maker in China,#39; said LMC Automotive#39;s Mr. Zeng.曾志凌说,虽然有越来越多关于大众变速箱的投诉,但大众仍是中国最大的乘用车制造商。On China#39;s voluble Twitter-like microblogs, which serve as a national forum for conversation in a country with tight media restrictions, a number of people expressed skepticism about the reports.微上有很多网友对上述报道表示质疑。在媒体受到严格限制的中国,微为中国民众提供了一个展开话题讨论的全国性平台。#39;Consumers of Mercedes and BMW are rich people,#39; said one, posting under the name Sincerity with Regret. #39;Could CCTV pay more attention to the disadvantaged groups in China, such as farmers, and expose more about the companies that cause thousands of farmers to get cancer?#39;一位网友说,奔驰和宝马的消费者都是富人,央视就不能多关注一下中国农民这样的弱势群体吗?就不能多曝光那些导致数千名农民患癌的公司吗?Another blogger wrote: #39;I am more concerned with the low-end cars that Chinese civilians buy, and what is the material they use in these cars? I hope that CCTV doesn#39;t avoid such issues.#39;另一位网友在微上写道,我更关心中国百姓买的低端车,这些车里用的是什么材料?希望央视不要回避这类问题。 /201303/231691

Hundreds of youth have torched cars and attacked police in four nights of riots in immigrant suburbs of Sweden#39;s capital, shocking a country that dodged the worst of the financial crisis but failed to solve youth unemployment and resentment among asylum seekers.据外国媒体5月23日报道,瑞典首都斯德哥尔移民区连续四天晚上爆发骚乱,数以百计的年轻人焚烧汽车、袭击警察。骚乱震惊了瑞典。Violence sp from the North to the South of the city on Wednesday as groups of youth pushed throughStockholm#39;s suburbs casting stones, breaking windows and setting cars alight. Police in the southern Swedish city of Malmo said two cars had been set ablaze.22日,暴力行动由北向城市南部蔓延,成群年轻人穿越市郊,投掷石头,打碎窗户,点燃汽车。瑞典南部城市马尔默的警察透露,有两辆汽车被点燃。Local media said a police station office was set on fire in the southern suburb of Rgsved, where several people were also detained. No one was hurt and the fire was quickly put out.当地媒体报道称,斯德哥尔南郊拉格斯维德的警察局起火,有几个人被拘留。不过,火势很快被扑灭,也没有人员伤亡。The attackers have awaited nightfall before setting out, defying a call for calm from the country#39;s prime minister and damaging stores, schools, a police station and an arts and crafts centre in the four days of violence.攻击者无视瑞典首相呼吁冷静,在夜幕降临后出动。在四天的暴力行动中,一些商店和学校遭到破坏、一个警察局和一所工艺美术中心也被殃及。;I think there is a feeling that we need to be in more places tonight,; said Towe Hagg, spokeswoman forStockholm police. One police officer was injured in the latest attacks and five were arrested for attempted arson.斯德哥尔警察局女发言人特维·黑格说,“我感觉,今天晚上我们需要在更多的地方。”在最近的袭击中,一名警官受伤,5人涉嫌纵火未遂被捕。Selcuk Ceken, who works at a local youth activity centre in Hagsatra, said between 40 and 50 youths threw stones at police and smashed windows, then ran off in different directions. He noted the people were in their 20s and seemed well organized.在哈格塞特拉青年活动中心工作的塞尔丘克·切肯说,四五十名青年向警察投掷石头,砸碎窗户,然后四散而逃。他注意到,那些人20多岁,似乎组织有序。他还说,“很难说他们为什么这么做。也许是怨恨法治部门,也许因为不满个人处境,例如失业或没有住处。”;It#39;s difficult to say why they#39;re doing this,; he said. ;Maybe it#39;s anger at the law and order forces, maybe it#39;s anger at their own personal situation, such as unemployment or having nowhere to live.;本月,警察杀死一名在赫斯比郊区手持砍刀的69岁男子,引发对警察暴行的职责。骚乱似乎源自此事,并从赫斯比蔓延到斯德哥尔其他贫穷郊区。The riots appear to have been sparked by the police killing of a 69-year-old man wielding a machete in the suburb of Husby this month, which prompted accusations of police brutality. The riots then sp from Husby to other poor Stockholm suburbs.社会组织Megafonen创始人拉米·哈米斯说,“我们看到社会日益分化,社会和经济差距越来越大。这里的人正在受到最严重的打击。我们存在制度上的种族歧视。”;We see a society that is becoming increasingly divided and where the gaps, both socially and economically, are becoming larger,; said Rami Al-khamisi, co-founder of Megafonen, a group that works for social change in the suburbs.;And the people out here are being hit the hardest ... We have institutional racism.;The riots were less severe than those of the past two summers in Britain and France but provided a reminder that even in places less ravaged by the financial crisis than Greece or Spain, state belt-tightening is toughest on the poor, especially immigrants.此次骚乱虽然没有过去两年夏季英国和法国骚乱那么严重,但是提醒世人即使在遭受金融危机打击比希腊或西班牙小的国家,对穷人,尤其是移民来说,紧缩政策也极其难熬。;The reason is very simple. Unemployment, the housing situation, disrespect from police,; said Rouzbeh Djalaie, editor of the local Norra Sidan newspaper, which covers Husby. ;It just takes something to start a riot, and that was the shooting.;“原因非常简单:失业、住房情况、警察无礼。”当地报纸编辑鲁兹贝赫说,“引发骚乱只需要干点事情,那就是开。”IDENTITY CHECKS身份检查Djalaie said youths were often stopped by police in the streets for unnecessary identity checks. During the riots, he said some police called local youths ;apes.;鲁兹贝赫说,警察经常在街上拦住年轻人,进行无必要的身份检查。在骚乱期间,有些警察称当地年轻人“大猩猩”。The television pictures of blazing cars come as a jolt to a country proud of its reputation for social justice as well as its hospitality towards refugees from war and repression.汽车燃烧的电视画面震惊了这个以社会公正、善待难民著称的国家。司法大臣比阿特丽斯·阿斯克说,“我理解住在这些郊区和赫斯比的许多人担忧、不安、愤怒和关切的原因。社会排斥引发许多问题,我们理解。”;I understand why many people who live in these suburbs and in Husby are worried, upset, angry and concerned,; said Justice Minister Beatrice Ask. ;Social exclusion is a very serious cause of many problems, we understand that.;实行以福利著称的“瑞典模式”几十年之后,自上世纪90年代以来,斯德哥尔一直在削减政府角色,不平等迅速增加,甚于何发达的经合组织成员。After decades of practicing the ;Swedish model; of generous welfare benefits, Stockholm has been reducing the role of the state since the 1990s, spurring the fastest growth in inequality of any advanced OECD economy.虽然平均生活标准依然在欧洲高居榜首,多届政府未能有效减少青年长期失业和贫困问题,移民社区最受影响。While average living standards are still among the highest in Europe, successive governments have failed to substantially reduce long-term youth unemployment and poverty, which have affected immigrant communities worst.经合组织的数据显示,瑞典约15%的人口出生在国外,这些人的失业率高达16%,而瑞典本地人失业率为6%。Some 15 percent of the population are foreign-born, and unemployment among these stands at 16 percent, compared with 6 percent for native Swedes, according to OECD data.赫斯比青年失业率为6%,是斯德哥尔平均失业率的两倍。Youth unemployment in Husby, at 6 percent, is twice the overall average across the capital.The left-leaning tabloid Aftonbladet said the riots represented a ;gigantic failure; of government policies, which had underpinned the rise of ghettos in the suburbs.《瑞典晚报》(Aftonbladet)称,骚乱体现了政府政策的“巨大失败”。As unemployment has grown, the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party has risen to third in polls ahead of a general election due next year, reflecting many voters#39; worries that immigrants may be partly to blame.随着失业率的增长,反移民的瑞典民主党在明年大选前的民调中已跃居第三位,反映了许多选民的担心,而移民可能是部分原因。ASYLUM NUMBERS RISING难民增加While many of the immigrant population are from Nordic neighbors closely tied to Sweden by language or culture, the debate has tended to focus on poor asylum seekers from distant war zones.许多移民来自在语言或文化上都与瑞典关系密切的北欧邻国,穷苦的战争难民成为争论焦点。Out of a total 103,000 immigrants last year, 43,900 were asylum seekers, almost 50 percent up from 2011. Nearly half of these were refugees from fighting in Syria, Afghanistan or Somalia, and will get at least temporary residency.瑞典去年移民总数为10.3万,其中4.39万人是难民,比2011年几乎增加了50%。这些人中将近一半是来自叙利亚、阿富汗或索马里战区的难民,至少将得到临时居住权。Among 44 industrialized countries, Sweden ranks fourth in the absolute number of asylum seekers, and second relative to its population, according to U.N. figures.联合国数据显示,在44个工业化国家中,在入境难民的绝对数量上,瑞典排名第四。Policing in Stockholm has aly been the focus of controversy this year, with allegations that police were picking out darker-skinned immigrants for identity checks in subway trains.今年,斯德哥尔警察行为已成争议焦点,有人指控称警方在地铁上对肤色较黑的移民进行身份检查。 /201305/241307

Mi Lan loves to buy clothes from Taobao. It saves time and sometimes you can find really amazing bargains.米兰(音译)喜欢在淘宝上买衣。这既节省时间,有时你也会发现真正的惊喜折扣。After a recent online shopping spree, Mi took photos of some of her most satisfying purchases and uploaded them to a lifestyle forum on Tianya.cn. The 25-year-old hadn’t expected it would be the beginning of a nightmare.在最近的一次淘宝血拼之后,米兰用照片拍下一些自己最为满意的购物成果,并将它们上传到天涯社区的生活论坛上。25岁的她没有想到这将是噩梦的开始。The comments Mi received were mean. “You call this fashion? How old are you? 50?”, one entry. Another accused Mi of advertising for these clothes: “Get out of here with your ugly goods! Don’t waste people’s time!” Yet another comment questioned Mi’s financial situation, saying the clothes looked cheap but that even poor people should have a better fashion sense.米兰收到的都是些刻薄的话语。一条写道:“你把这叫做时尚?你多大了?50岁吗?”;还有人指责米兰是在为这些衣打广告:“带着你那些难看的衣滚出去!不要浪费人们的时间!”;而更有甚者质疑米兰的经济状况,表示这些衣看起来很廉价,就连穷人也比这些有时尚品味。“I just wanted to share my online shopping experience,” said a deeply mortified Mi, who deleted her photos from the website the next day. “But now I’ve lost confidence in my image. None of my friends told me before that I dressed in bad taste. Why are people so nasty online?”对此,米兰十分伤心,第二日她便删除了网站上的所有照片。她说:“我只想分享一下自己的网购经验,但现在我对自己的形象彻底丧失了自信。从没有朋友说我穿衣品味很差。网友们为何如此恶毒?”Why? We used to think that people are rude online because hiding behind anonymity, we feel like we can get away with anything. But since the rise of social networking sites, we are not as anonymous as we used to be.为何会这样?我们过去认为网络暴民的产生是因为有匿名作掩护,我们认为自己可以为所欲为。但在社交网络崛起之后,我们也不再是匿名用户了。Still, rudeness prevails. Sina’s Weibo, for example, requires users to register with their real identity, yet people do not shy away from using harsh words whenever they disagree with each other. It is worse with pundits and so-called “public intellectuals”, some of who might even resort to personal attacks. Politeness and good manners do not get you noticed on micro blogs, opinionated and provocative words will.而“网络暴行”依旧十分普遍。例如,新浪微要求用户实名制注册,而当人们出现意见分歧时,仍是恶语相向。而对于一些权威人士已经所谓的“社会公知”而言,这一现象更甚,他们中的一些人甚至会采取人身攻击的方式。微上想赚眼球,靠的不是礼貌与礼节,而是那些自以为是、煽动性的言论。Losing self-control难以自制Scientists and researchers have tried to find out why we misbehave when using social networking sites. According to a Wall Street Journal article, recent research suggests that browsing social networking sites lowers our self-control.科学家以研究人员试图解密我们为何在使用社交媒体时会胡作非为。《华尔街日报》的一篇文章称,最新研究显示浏览社交网站会降低我们的自控能力。This is because most of us present an enhanced image of ourselves on Facebook or Weibo. This positive image–and the encouragement we derive from positive comments–boosts our self-esteem.这是因为我们中的大多数人在Facebook或者微上都呈现出一个放大的个人形象。这种积极形象以及我们从正面中获取的鼓励,使我们变得自满。But when we have an inflated sense of self, we tend to show poor self-control. It’s a bit like drinking: alcohol might make us feel good, but too much booze impairs our judgment and makes us lose our self-control.而当我们自我膨胀时,往往会表现是极差的自制力。这有点像喝酒一样:酒精有可能让我们感觉良好,但狂饮无度就会破坏我们的判断力,令我们失控。Keith Wilcox, assistant professor of marketing at Columbia Business School and co-author of the study, explains: “You feel good about yourself so you feel a sense of entitlement. And you want to protect that enhanced view, which might be why people are lashing out so strongly at others who don’t share their opinions.”进行这项研究的哥伦比亚大学商学院市场营销学助理教授凯斯#8226;威尔克斯解释说:“因为自我感觉良好,所以你觉得理所当然。而且你想保护这种良好形象,这或许就是人们如此猛烈地抨击和自己观点不一样的人的原因吧。”We’re also less inhibited online because we don’t have to see the reaction of the person we’re addressing. Many people forget that they’re speaking out loud when they communicate online, especially when posting from a smartphone. “You are publishing but you don’t feel like you are,” says Sherry Turkle, professor of social studies of science and technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US. “So what if you say ‘I hate you’ on this tiny little thing? It’s like a toy. It doesn’t feel consequential,” she told The Wall Street Journal in an interview.我们在网上肆无忌惮,是因为我们不必看到说话对象的反应。很多人在线交流时,忘记了自己这是在公开场合发表言论。特别是使用智能手机时。麻省理工学院科技社会学研究教授雪莉#8226;特克表示:“你在公开发表言论,但自己可能没意识到。”她在接受《华尔街日报》采访时表示:“所以如果就因为件小事,你说‘我恨透你了’,那又如何呢?这就好比一件无关紧要的东西,没什么大碍。”Many social networking sites promise us a place where we are going to make friends. “If you get something hurtful there, you’re not prepared. You feel doubly affronted, so you strike back,” Turkle says. Thus starts the vicious circle.很多社交网站都承诺给我们一个交友平台。雪莉#8226;特克说:“一旦你在那受到伤害,便会觉得措手不及。你会感觉受到了双重侮辱,所以会无情地反击。”这样一来便启动了恶性循环。 /201212/212590

Peter was telling a friend that he had just lost his job.皮特告诉他的朋友他刚刚丢掉了工作。;Why did the foreman fire you?; the friend asked in surprise.“为什么领班会开除你?”朋友诧异地问。;Oh,; Peter said, ;you know how foreman are. They stand around with their hands in their pockets watching everybody else work.;“哦,”皮特说,“你知道领班是什么样的人。他们总是把手插在口袋了,站在旁边看其他人工作。”;We all know that,; replied his friend. ;But why did he let you go?;“我们知道是这样。”朋友回答说。“但是为什么他会让你走?”;Jealousy,; answered Pete. ;All the other workers thought I was the foreman.;“嫉妒。”皮特回答。“其他所有的工人都认为我是领班。”

When you have an audience with the President of the ed States, it#39;s worth making an impression - a concept that this little boy appears to have fully grasped.如果有机会见到美国总统奥巴马,那你无论如何得给他留下个深刻的印象——这一理念被这个小男孩诠释的淋漓尽致。The toddler, who has not been identified, dropped to the floor of a cafe, for some attention-grabbing kicking and flailing while President Obama held an informal meeting on Thursday.这名宝宝的身份尚不明确,本周四奥巴马总统举办一个非正式会议时,他为了引起总统注意,躺在了咖啡馆的地板上——手舞足蹈摆出各种古怪动作。Obama, who was meeting with college students and graduates alongside Education Secretary Arne Duncan, appeared not to have noticed the antics at Magnolia’s Deli amp; Café in Rochester, New York. A woman sitting with a stroller at a table opposite the high-powered group appears to be the boy#39;s mother as she laughs at his antics.奥巴马当时正在纽约州罗彻斯特一家咖啡馆,和教育部长阿恩邓肯会见一些大学生和毕业生,并没有注意到这个孩子的滑稽举动。一个坐在他们对面桌子带着手推车的女人应该是男孩的妈妈,被他逗得哈哈大笑。Official White House photographer Pete Souza posted the picture on Twitter on Thursday with the words: #39;A young boy plays as Pres Obama lunches with college students and their parents in Rochester, NY.#39;白宫官方摄影师皮特·索萨周四把这张照片发到了推特上,并配上了以下文字:“美国总统奥巴马在纽约州罗彻斯特一家咖啡馆与当地大学生及学生家长进行交流时,一名小男孩在一旁玩耍。”As his motorcade made its way from Buffalo to Syracuse, the President stopped off in Rochester to have lunch at a restaurant with a small group of college students, recent graduates and their parents. He then made another pitch for his college affordability proposals to a crowd of high school students, parents and educators at Syracuse’s Henninger High School.从布法罗到雪城的行进过程中,总统中途在罗彻斯特的一家饭店和在读大学生、应届毕业生以及他们的父母共进午餐。他之后还为压低大学学费的计划,在雪城的亨宁格高中会见了一批高中生、家长和老师。Obama is touting a new program that will rate colleges by the expected income of their graduates, compared against the cost of tuition. Obama says the plan will help parents and students make better-informed decisions about higher education.奥巴马正在进行一个新项目,这个项目将会把大学按照它们毕业生的预期收入排名,而不是学费。奥巴马说这项计划会帮助家长和学生在挑选学校时掌握更多的信息。But the proposed overhaul faced immediate skepticism from college leaders who worry the rankings could cost their institutions millions of dollars, as well as from congressional Republicans wary of deepening the government’s role in higher education.但是这一议案却遭到了学校领导们的质疑,他们担心排名会花费太多钱,同时国会中的共和党人也担心这会增强政府在高等教育中扮演的角色。The president, speaking to a student-heavy crowd of 7,000 at the University at Buffalo, said he expected pushback from those who have profited from the ballooning cost of college. But he argued that with the nation’s economy still shaky and students facing increasing global competition, making college affordable is #39;an economic imperative#39;.总统在布法罗的一所大学内,面对7000名学生表示他希望那些从大学中盈利的人们不会得逞。但他也说美国的经济现在仍不景气,学生们面临着全球竞争,使大学人人上得起是“经济回复的迫切需求”。#39;Higher education cannot be a luxury,#39; Obama said during the first stop on the tour through New York and Pennsylvania. #39;Every American family should be able to get it.#39;“高等教育不应该是个奢侈品,”奥巴马在从纽约到宾夕法尼亚之旅第一站时说。“每个美国家庭都应该能够拥有它。” /201308/254237

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