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襄阳看泌尿科哪家医院最好襄阳中心医院祛痘专家A face peers over the edge several hundred feet above me. It is a grown man gripped by a morbid elation as he looks down on a sheer drop to the rocks, the beach — where I am standing — and the sea.一个成年男子站在几百英尺高的悬崖边缘往下看,峭壁之下是巨石,是沙滩,还有大海,我站在下面,看着他沉浸在病态的喜悦之中。What he can’t see from his perch is that he is resting on an overhang, a lump of chalk protruding over thin air and a very long drop. At any minute, the ground might simply give way, as this famous English beauty spot has had a habit of doing since time immemorial.但他看不见自己正站于一大块向外突出的白垩岩上,巍巍高耸的峭壁之上空气稀薄,那块岩石随时都有可能垮塌,自古以来在这个著名的英国景点可没少发生这种事。What happens next, though, is a more recent phenomenon.接下来这个男人要进行一项如今风靡全球的活动。Slowly a hand comes in to view and it is holding — what else? — a selfie-stick. Click. Moments later, the man has retreated back from the brink and moved on.他慢慢地伸出了一只手,拿着一个什么东西?哦,自拍杆,咔哒!过一会儿他从悬崖边退了回去,继续上路了。How much longer can it be before a new category is added to the list of verdicts available to a coroner? In addition to ‘accident’, ‘misadventure’ and ‘open’, there will soon be a new pronouncement: ‘death by selfie’.估计过不了多久,在验尸官开具的死亡鉴定类型上除了“事故”、“意外”、“存疑”以外,又会多上一条新判决了,那就是“自拍死”。Last year, it was reported that the number of people killed by sharks around the world had, for the first time, been overtaken by the number of those killed while snapping themselves on a phone (and in a record year for shark attacks, too).去年,有报告称全世界“自拍死”的人数有史以来第一次超过了被鲨鱼袭击而死的人数(并且这年的鲨鱼袭击事件也创了新高。)Pretty soon, no doubt, someone will kill two birds — and themselves — by taking a selfie with a shark moments before they are chomped to death.很快,我们就会看到这样的新闻,有人为了与鲨鱼一同自拍而葬身鲨腹,这可就是两种死因都占全了。But the number of narcissistic fatalities just keeps on rising. Last month alone, there were at least 15 selfie-related deaths.这种自恋导致的死亡人数还在不断攀升,仅上个月就有15起与自拍相关的死亡案例。Leading the world in this idiocy is India, where selfie-cide is almost a daily occurrence.而印度可以算是这种蠢事的多发之地,几乎每天都有“自拍死”的事故。In Britain, we have got off fairly lightly thus far. But if it is going to happen anywhere, it could easily be here, on the Sussex coast.英国到目前为止还未有太多自拍致死的案例,但现如今这类事件已遍布世界各地,谁能说萨塞克斯海岸不会是下一个案发地呢?For this six-mile cliff-top between Newhaven and Beachy Head — a stretch of corrugated peaks and troughs known as the Seven Sisters — has become so popular with selfie-seekers that the locals are about to take pre-emptive action.在纽黑文和比奇角之间,有一片波澜起伏的山脉,绵延长达六英里,这里的七悬崖已经成为自拍爱好者们十分青睐的景点,当地人听闻也都纷纷抢先一步前去游览。Lately, we have seen images of jaw-dropping stupidity as daredevil walkers — mainly young men, it seems — creep to the edge of these chalk faces in considerable numbers for that must-have selfie.近来在新闻上我们常能看见一些让人跌破眼镜的图片,这些冒失鬼——多是年轻人——成群结队来到悬崖的边缘只为了一张“这辈子一定要拍”的自拍照。Last summer, a local photographer captured a row of irresponsible people sitting at the site, with their feet dangling over an edge which is not even there any more.去年夏天,一个本地摄影师在该景点拍下了一张照片,一群人坐在悬崖边缘,他们的腿在空中晃来晃去,但那块崖石现在已经不知所踪了。In another shot, a man is sitting on a chalk overhang which aly has a very obvious fault line running down the side.另一张照片中,一个男人坐在一块突出的白垩岩上,但这块岩石已经出现了明显的裂纹,很有可能会滑落。It is purely down to luck rather than judgment that no one has been sitting on these chunks of rock when the ground has given way. For erosion is a fact of life here.目前还未有人坐在上面刚巧遇上岩石崩塌的情况,这不是因为判断力好,纯粹是走运,因为风化侵蚀是当地十分正常的自然现象。‘Very often, you come here in the morning and see a great pile of chalk and rocks on the beach,’ says Molly, a volunteer in the National Trust visitor centre. ‘But with two tides a day, it gets washed away, so people don’t see it for long.’“你早上来到这儿,很有可能会在沙滩上看见一些白垩岩粉末与石块,”英国国民托管组织游客中心的志愿者莫莉说,“只不过因为每天两次涨潮,这些石块都被海水带走了,所以人们往往看不见这些痕迹。”And in recent years, for reasons which are not entirely clear, there has been a run of particularly hefty falls. Indeed, as Molly points out: ‘The Seven Sisters have now become eight.’近年来,已经有数起崖壁垮塌事件发生,原因尚不清楚。并且如莫莉所说:“七悬崖现在不只是七座而是有八座悬崖了。”That’s because one stretch of cliff has had such severe falls either side of a grassy promontory that it has now created an extra peak.那是因为其中一处悬崖的石体数次坠塌落在长满草的海角周围,从而产生了一处新的陡崖。The worst cliff-fall in living memory occurred during a storm in the winter of 2013-2014 when several yards fell into the sea at once. But these episodes are by no means restricted to extreme weather.最严重的一次崖体坠落,发生在2013年到2014年那个暴雪肆虐的冬天,长达几英里的山崖岩石全部发生滑落,但这种小插曲绝不仅仅是极端天气导致的。A German woman with two young children welcomes the idea of a fence but then wonders whether it would be wise to bash poles into ground that is aly unstable.一位育有两个孩子的德国妈妈认为这里应该装上护栏,但转念一想,如果这块岩石本来就不稳固,插上护栏杆又有什么意义呢? /201609/468698中航工业三六四医院治疗盆腔炎多少钱 Buying a designer handbag is a huge investment, and no-one wants to splash the cash only to find it’s actually a fake. But as the market for luxury carryalls has grown - so has the market for knock-offs.购买奢侈品牌包包可谓是下血本的买卖,没有人想花一大笔钱却买个假货。但随着奢侈品牌包包市场的发展,A货市场也日益壮大。As counterfeiters become more savvy, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell a genuine from a phony, with many of today’s bogus bags looking almost identical to the real thing.由于仿冒者变得越来越精明,许多的冒牌包包又与真货别无二致,因此越来越难以区分真假名牌包包。While the idea of a knock-off might conjure images of cheap, plastic and obviously-fake bags, many of today’s styles even come complete with mock serial tags and authenticity cards. So how do you separate the chic from the sham?虽然提起冒牌货,人们的脑海中会浮现出廉价、塑料和明显冒牌货的景象,但现今很多的冒牌包包甚至都含有虚假序列号和真伪品牌标志卡。所以如何才能区分真假呢?Luckily, luxury consignment site The RealReal’s company director of authentication, Graham Wetzbarger, is on hand. Speaking to Racked, he shares his top tips for verifying the authenticity of two of the most widely knocked-off bags around from Chanel and Louis Vuitton.幸运的是,奢侈品牌寄售网站The RealReal公司的认总监格林汉姆#8226;威特兹伯格亲自为我们排忧解惑。提到Racked,格林汉姆就香奈儿和路易威登这两个冒牌货最多的品牌,分享了他鉴别真伪的方法。Louis Vuitton Monogram Bag路易威登经典Monogram BagWhen validating this iconic bag you would assume that your first port of call would be the monogram, but according to Wetzbarger, many counterfeit manufacturers have perfected the pattern so this isn’t always a dead give-away.当鉴别这一标志性的包包时,你首先想要鉴别的可能会是monogram标牌,但据威特兹伯格所述,很多A货生产商都已完善了生产模式,所以这招并非一直适用。Instead, check for the date code on the inside of the bag which should be stamped on a small leather tag; this denotes when and where the piece was made.但是,你可以检查包包内的日期代码,这个日期代码应该印在一个小皮革标签上;这就说明了包包的生产日期和生产地。Alternatively, the vachetta leather Louis Vuitton uses for its straps and handles isn’t treated so if you’re buying second hand it should have developed a slight patina. Also make sure to check for impeccable stitching and that the zippers are stamped with the brand name.还有,路易威登包包的肩带和手提处使用的皮革面料并没有处理,所以如果你买的是二手包,应已出现一点点的铜绿色。还要确保检查缝合处,看看有没有瑕疵,此外,真包的拉链上还印有品牌名。Chanel Flap Bag香奈儿Flap BagThe best place to start with a Chanel is the double-C logo. On legitimate bags, the right-facing C should cross over the left-facing C at the top, and under the left-facing C on the bottom.首先可从双C标志着手判定真伪。真包的双C标志应是面向右边的C在上下部与面向左边的C交叉。Some older bags might also be stamped with an additional notation but, if it’s marked with an ‘R’ enclosed in a circle, it’s a definite fake. Another tell-tale sign is the quilting which should line up perfectly on all sides, even over the back pocket. The underside of all hardware should be stamped with ‘Chanel Paris’ too.老一点的包可能还有一个额外的符号,但如果双C交叉的圆圈内还含有‘R’字,那一定是假货。另一个可鉴别的地方就是针线,所有的缝合处都应整齐划一,即使是包包的后兜也是如此。所有拉链或吊坠的底面也应该印有‘Chanel Paris’的标志。If you’re still not convinced, check for a tiny hologram sticker inside that’s printed with two small Chanel logos and a seven-to-eight digit serial number.如果你还不放心,那就检查一下包包内部与两个香奈儿标志印在一起的小全息图贴纸,再查看7到8位的数字序列号。译文属 /201612/484697襄樊铁路中心医院白带异常多少钱

襄阳市第一人民医院缩阴Vague Texts Every Woman Has Sent to a Guy每位女生都给男生发过这些含糊其辞的短信Every woman has been there. You#39;re lying on the couch in a blissful Netflix coma when suddenly you#39;re hit with block after block after block of run-on texts from a guy. You try to politely eject yourself, but they#39;re not getting the message. You keep sending the same smiley emoji and nothing else, but. They. Keep. Sending. Links.每位女生都经历过这样的事。你躺在沙发上,幸福的看着Netflix上的喜剧,突然你就被一个男生的短信轰炸打断了。你尽量礼貌的回复,但他们却没有明白内涵意义。你继续发着同样的表情,除此之外再无其它。但他们却继续给你发短信、链接。Basically, texting is the worst and no one should ever do it, but since everyone does, here are a few of the vaguest, all-too-familiar texts every woman has definitely sent a guy who is just not getting it.总的来说,发短信最糟糕了,任何人都不该发短信,但既然每个人都发的话,下列就是一些每位女性都发过的最为模糊且大致一样的短信,但男生们就是不懂。Text: ;haha;短信内容:;哈哈;Translation: ;I need this chat to end aly.;含义:;赶快终止这段对话吧。;By responding to a stream of ;jokes; about Kim Kardashian with variations of ;ha; ;hahahaha; and the ever-powerful ;haha,; this is an attempt to bore the texter in question into fading away. Like a road possum playing dead, I#39;m just hoping this conversation will hop in its Hummer and drive out of my life forever.用;哈;;哈哈哈哈;和最有力的;哈哈;等各种变体来回复对方发送的有关金·卡戴珊的一系列;笑话;,就是为了让对方感到无趣,不要再发短信了。就像装傻一样,我希望这段对话能赶紧终止。Text: ;lol;短信内容:;大笑;Translation: ;Your sense of humor is GIFs of people getting hurt and trash-talking everyone, and I feel like I#39;m cringing my way into a bleak abyss.;含义:;你的幽默感就是人们受伤的动图,以及不断讲废话的动图,我感觉自己正在陷入一个黑暗的深渊。;Similar to ;haha;, but with a stronger undercurrent of vitriol.与;哈哈;一样,但杀伤力更强。Text: ;lmaoooo;短信内容:;大笑;Translation: ;I genuinely liked this and want you to not mistake this for an #39;lol#39;!;含义:;我真的很喜欢这个,希望你不要以为我只是#39;大笑#39;!;You actually did send an A+ dog meme, but I#39;m with people right now. But I want you to know that you did a great job - my friend asked me why I cracked a smile while she was in the middle of venting about her roommate. So nicely done! Gotta go now though! 实际上你还发了一个A+的模因,但现在我和其他人在一起。但我想让你知道你做的很棒--在我朋友向舍友发泄时,我大笑了一声,她问我为什么要笑。干得真漂亮!但现在我必须得走了!Text: ;wow!;短信内容:;哇!;Translation: ;I have no idea what to say!;含义:;我完全不知道该说什么!;You just sent me a link on the difference between true craft beer and craft beer posers. I#39;m no t sure why you did or how you even feel about it yourself, so I will go with the very safe ;wow!; and work with whatever you say next. Unless it was meant for a different girl all along, in which case, BYE.你只是给我发了一个有关真正工艺啤酒和工艺啤酒装饰差别的链接。我不知道你为什么要发这个给我,也不知道你对这个链接有什么想法,所以我就说个安全词;哇!;,然后看你会发什么。除非你至始至终都是想给另一个女孩儿看,但如果是这样的话,那就再见! /201701/488351襄阳中心医院是国有的吗 襄阳第一人民医院盆腔炎多少钱

襄阳市子宫肌瘤手术需要多少钱To get a sense of the remarkable growth of the Chinese contemporary art market, look no further than the artist Zeng Fanzhi.想对中国当代艺术市场的飞速发展有所了解,看看艺术家曾梵志就够了。Mr Zeng, 51, has seen his work bring in the second-highest price for a living Chinese artist, according to Artnet. 根据Artnet报道,51岁的曾梵志的作品创下了在世中国艺术家作品的第二高价。In 2013, his 2001 tribute to Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper sold for .3 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, setting what was then a record auction price for a work by a contemporary Chinese artist.2013年,他2001年创作、向莱奥纳多#8226;达#8226;芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)《最后的晚餐》(The Last Supper)致敬的作品在香港苏富比以2330万美元成交,创下了中国当代艺术作品在当时的拍卖纪录。Last weekend, the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing unveiled Zeng Fanzhi: Parcours, a major retrospective that runs through Nov. 19上周末,曾梵志:散步展在北京的尤伦斯当代艺术中心揭幕,这场大型回顾展将持续到11月19日。The exhibition covers nearly three decades and features works central to the artist’s oeuvre, including his early Hospital series, which Mr Zeng painted based on memories of a hospital where he used the toilet because he did not have one at home. 展览涵盖了曾梵志近30年的作品,其中包括他的核心创作,比如早期的协和医院系列,在这个系列里,他凭借记忆绘制出一个医院的场景,因为家里没有厕所,他需要到那家医院解决内急。It includes his Masks series, which depicts well-dressed urbanites wearing white masks, a commentary on China’s rapid social transformation in the mid-1990s, and his haunting, thicket-filled abstract landscapes. 还有他的面具系列,描绘了若干衣冠楚楚的都市人,脸上戴着白色的面具,影射了20世纪90年代中期中国飞速的社会变革。此外还有他那些令人难忘、灌木丛生的抽象风景画。And, for the first time in China, the show displays Mr Zeng’s most recent works — a series of ink on paper — which signal a shift by the artist toward an engagement with ancient Chinese painting.展览还在中国首次展出了曾梵志近期的一系列水墨画,标志着这位艺术家开始涉足古老的中国绘画这一转变。In an interview, Mr Zeng discussed traditional Chinese culture, China’s art market and mixing politics and art.在采访中,曾梵志谈了中国传统文化、中国艺术市场以及艺术和政治的融合。Your latest works on paper suggest a turn toward traditional Chinese culture. 你最新的纸上作品表明你在转向中国传统文化。Why the shift?为什么?This shift came about for several reasons. For example, I like designing gardens, and to do that, you have to have a certain appreciation for the natural beauty of things like stones and plants. 这个转变有好几个原因,比如说,我喜欢设计花园,做这项工作的时候,你得懂得欣赏石头和植物这些自然事物的美。Emperor Huizong’s painting Listening to the Qin is the most beautiful painting from the Song dynasty. 宋徽宗的《听琴图》是宋朝最美的画。For more than 10 years, I’ve been observing the beauty of the pine tree in that painting. 十几年来,我一直在观察这幅画里那棵松树的美。And when I travel to Japan and elsewhere, I now pay special attention to the pine trees. 现在去日本之类地方旅行时,我会特别注意松树。So it’s a combination of studying paintings and observing the real world.所以这是把绘画研究和对现实世界的观察结合起来。Over time, I began to realize that traditional things have their own beauty. 随着时间流逝,我开始意识到,传统事物有它们自身的美。Perhaps it also has to do with my age. 或许这也和我的年龄有关。When you reach a certain age, you naturally begin to turn to a spirit of introspection.到了一定的年龄,你自然而然就会有一种反省精神。What does the motif of the branches signify in your large-scale abstract landscapes?你的那些大幅风景画里那些树枝是什么意思呢?People in the West initially thought of it as a type of expressionistic brushwork. 西方人一开始觉得这是一种表现主义的手法。Early on, I, too, thought of it like this. 早年间我也是这么想的。But later I began to think of the branches as being related more to traditional Chinese calligraphy. 但到了后来,我开始认为这些树枝和中国传统书法关系更大。So when painting, I would pay special attention to the rhythm and the spirit of the brush stroke with the belief that each stroke has its own movement and its own internal beauty. 所以画画的时候,我会特别注意笔触的节奏和神韵,相信每一笔都有自己的运动和内在之美。It’s different from Western expressionism, not because Western expressionism is superficial, but it is characterized more by an external view of the brush, whereas calligraphy has more to do with the internal state of mind.这和西方的表现主义是不同的,不是因为西方的表现主义肤浅,而是因为它更多以笔触的外观为特征,而书法则与内心境界关系更大。Looking back at your career through this retrospective, is there a particular period of time that you feel nostalgic about?通过这次回顾展回望你的艺术生涯,有没有哪个特定阶段是你特别怀念的?Not really. 并没有。Each of the works represents my life and feelings at that particular time, and all of the stages are closely linked. 每件作品都代表着我在那段特定时期的生活与情感,所有阶段都是密切相连的。For example, I went from doing large-scale abstract landscape paintings to making small works on paper. 比如,我是从绘制大幅抽象风景画转向绘制小幅纸上作品的。All of these stages have a certain element of contrast.所有这些阶段都含有一种对照的成分。If you look at my earlier works, there are also big differences. 如果你观察我的早期作品,就会发现很大的不同。There are three early paintings in the show that I drew when I was in the third year of university. 这次展览上有我的三幅早期作品,当时我还是大学三年级的学生。My teacher told me not to paint like this. 老师告诉我不要这样画。Look at your paintings, the teacher said, you didn’t use any color. 那个老师说,看看你的画,你根本没用上任何颜色。According to them, you had to paint according to very strict guidelines. 他们说,你得按照非常严格的指导方法来画。The colors had to represent what the subject really looked like in real life. 色必须表现事物在现实生活中的本来面目。But I didn’t want to follow these guidelines. 但是我不想按这些指导方法走。I thought if I did, I would be fenced in by them and there would be no way to explore creativity through my feelings.我觉得如果这么的话,就被它们困住了,就不能按照自己的感受去探索创作。So at that time, color wasn’t that important to me. 所以那时候,色对我来说并不重要。If you look at those early works, they seem a little dark. 如果你注意我的早期作品,就会发现它们有点黯淡。I used a lot of black paint and the people seem very gray.我使用了很多黑色颜料,上面的人看上去非常灰暗。In the beginning, most of the collectors who bought your work were foreign. 一开始,很多购买你作品的收藏家都是外国人。Then you started to see more interest from Chinese collectors. 然后才开始有更多中国收藏家对你感兴趣。Can you describe this shift?你能谈一下这种变化吗?I first moved to Beijing in 1993. 1993年我搬到北京生活。The people who bought my works back then were mostly Western, like people who worked in the foreign embassies or taught at universities.那时候买我作品的大都是西方人,比如在外国使馆工作或者在大学里教书的人。Then, around 2004 and 2005, we started to see more and more Chinese people buying art. 后来,大约是在2004到2005年,我们看到越来越多的中国人都在购买艺术品。I remember it very clearly because before no one was buying and for 10 or so years the prices for our works hadn’t changed at all. 我记得非常清楚,因为之前没有人买艺术品,大约十年的时间,我们的作品价格都没变过。We didn’t really know these new Chinese collectors, and we couldn’t tell if they actually liked the art.我们不怎么了解这些新的中国藏家,也不知道他们是不是真的喜欢艺术。But then, starting around 2007, we started to see a lot of people flipping works. 但在后来,大约是从2007年开始,我们看到很多人都来看作品。At first I thought the buying was good, but when the market began to overheat, I went on alert. 起先我觉得有人买艺术品是好事,但后来市场变得过热,我开始警惕起来。I didn’t sell to a person who wanted to buy 20 of my paintings because I was suspicious.如果有人说想买我的20幅作品,我是不会卖给他的,因为我会觉得可疑。And then what happened?然后发生了什么?Then, in 2008, there was the financial crisis and all of a sudden a lot of galleries in China closed. 后来,2008年发生了金融危机,突然之间,中国的很多画廊都关门了。Some people had bought so many paintings. 有些人之前买了太多的画。One person even bought 100 paintings from one artist.有个人甚至买了一个艺术家的100幅画。After having gone through 2008, most of the artists here have matured. 熬过2008年之后,大多数中国艺术家变得成熟起来了。The art market is something you can’t mess with. 艺术市场不是闹着玩的东西。Just take it one step at a time, develop slowly, and honestly work together with galleries to sell works to people who actually like art and not to people who are trying to speculate on art. 要一步一步走、慢慢发展,要老老实实地与画廊合作,把作品卖给真正喜爱艺术的人,而不是那些想靠艺术投机的人。Now that we’ve worked with a lot of international galleries and museums, artists here pretty much get it. 现在,我们和许多国际画廊与美术馆合作,这里的艺术家们都很明白这一点了。It’s not like 2007 anymore. 现在和2007年完全不同了。We needed this time to mature.我们需要这段时间变得成熟起来。Do you ever feel pressure either to avoid or to engage with politics in your work?你是否曾有在作品中回避或加入政治题材的压力?I think every artist chooses his or her own way of expression. 我认为每一个艺术家都会选择自己的表达方式。I personally choose to create works on subjects that I am interested in. 我个人选择创作那些自己感兴趣的题材。I won’t make works on subjects that I’m not interested in just to appeal to more people.我不会为了迎合更多人而创作自己不感兴趣的题材。But it doesn’t mean that I’m not paying attention to society either. 但是这并不意味着我不关注社会。For example, in my early Hospital works, I was very interested in basic issues of humanity. 比如,在我早期的协和医院系列里,我对人性的基本问题非常感兴趣。I pay attention to society and to the lives of people around me. But I won’t make something just for the sake of being provocative.我关注社会,也关注身边人的生活,但我不会为了引起争议而刻意创作什么。 /201609/468700 襄阳治疗男科医院襄阳妇幼保健中医院是公立的



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